Friday, 27th May 2016

World News

Parents of woman shot by immigrant file wrongful-death suit (CBS News)

AP: Bridge collapse survivor linked to ISIS in Syria (CBS News)

Survivors Recount Horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (New York Times - Paywall)

Henry Heimlich performs technique named for him in emergency for the FIRST TIME (Daily Mail)

Sanders camp says Trump is 'chickening out' of debate politics live (Guardian)

British woman killed in horror Thailand speedboat crash was on honeymoon (Daily Mail)

David Cameron softens stance on Donald Trump after Muslim ban row (Daily Mail)

Sydney harbour lights up for festival - video (Guardian)

Trump suggests U.S. should bomb Libya (CNN)

Trump says he will not debate Sanders (CNN)

EU DO want a United States of Europe and the PROOF is the EURO, blasts Lord Owen (Daily Express)

Obama: Memory of Hiroshima Bombing 'Must Never Fade' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

VIDEO: Dr Heimlich saves choking woman (BBC)

Dashcam Video Captures Cop Dodging a Falling Tree (Time Magazine)

'You're dead, ha ha' Foolish murderer brags about dead teenager in sickening video (Daily Star)

Police Offer Safe Internet Purchase Safe Zones' Near Their Stations (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese man kicks his ex-girlfriend in the head after she broke up with him in video (Daily Mail)

Dog appears to have something on her mind as she ARGUES with her owner in video (Daily Mail)

Family of raccoons are marshaled into their tree house by mom in video (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Says No, He Won't Debate Bernie Sanders (Time Magazine)

Dozens of Isis fighters killed in Iraqi forces' assault on Falluja, US says (Guardian)

Trump Now Says Sanders Debate Would Be 'Inappropriate' (NBC News)

Dr. Heimlich, at 96, Uses His Maneuver to Save Woman (NBC News)

Donald Trump and Marco Rubio Are Playing Nice (Time Magazine)

Python bites man in a VERY painful place (CNN)

US Special Forces fighting with Kurds in Syria are 8 miles from ISIS capital Raqqa (Daily Mail)

Secret plan for EU army set to be revealed after Brexit vote (Daily Star)

Rare orca sighting in Gulf of Mexico caught on video (CBS News)

Why Hollywood wants this man (CNN)

Dr. Heimlich takes action when Ohio woman starts choking (CBS News)

News Analysis: French Unions Clamor for Workers’ Rights, and Relevance (New York Times - Paywall)

FDA approves first drug-oozing implant to control addiction (Daily Mail)

Costa Coffee customer breaks his arm diving out of first floor window (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn faces backlash after snubbing key First World War commemoration (Daily Mail)

Man stung by bees 1,000 times dies (CNN)

Andy Burnham Says EU Debate Is Dominated By 'Bollocks' In Sex Pistols Reference (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Top ISIS commander and 70 militants wiped out in US airstrikes (Daily Express)

Plans for an EU army are being 'kept SECRET from British voters' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Says Henry Kissinger Backs His Foreign Policy Stance (Time Magazine)

I felt wonderful': Dr Heimlich on using his manoeuvre to save woman's life - video (Guardian)

'Start of moral awakening': Obama's historic Hiroshima visit bittersweet (Guardian)

US airstrike kills ISIS commander in Fallujah (Fox News)

Chinese couple cause outrage stripping off for raunchy souvenir photos (Daily Mail)

Family fly out to be at bedside of British man in a coma after fall in Magaluf (Daily Mail)

Did BGT contestant Richard Jones rip off America's Got Talent star? (Daily Mail)

Britain's first baby gorilla born by C-section discovers how to smile in image (Daily Mail)

British woman killed after Thai boat packed with tourists capsizes (Daily Mail)

Watch Tony Hawk pull off tricks in zero gravity aboard the 'vomit comet' plane (Daily Mail)

The impact of Obamas historic speech in Hiroshima (CBS News)

GoPro attached to a cheetah to capture the world's fastest land animal in video (Daily Mail)

How Harmony of the Seas' first trip became a PR disaster (Daily Mail)

ISIS jihadi who laughed about buying 'blue-eyed' teen sex slaves in sick video captured (Daily Star)

Alexander Economou 'said he wanted woman who falsely accused him of rape behind bars' (Daily Mail)

Rafa Nadal out of French Open (CNN)

World's first ghost on camera? Shopkeeper who died decade ago FILMED roaming round store (Daily Express)

Brit lad dies in horror motorbike accident abroad after falling off 650ft-deep gorge (Daily Star)

Swindon man charged with killing another man who died during sex game gone wrong (Daily Mail)

Passing doctors in Greenwich save the life of man shot in the chest and arm (Daily Mail)

Marsie Taylor becomes first woman to get Legion d'Honneur (Daily Mail)

Muslim policeman who made a hoax 999 call for ISIS attack is jailed for 7 years (Daily Mail)

Researchers find sea sponge off Hawaii that could be thousands of years old (Daily Mail)

Brexit donors revealed as EU Leave campaign receives millions MORE than Remain (Daily Express)

Online dance craze sweeps police departments across U.S. (CBS News)

Cumbria man rescued from bin lorry after falling asleep in a wheelie bin (Daily Mail)

German Christian church holds Islamic funeral for teen killed fighting for ISIS (Daily Mail)

Mitcham woman horrified to find overgrown graveyard (Daily Mail)

Why Doctors Are So Worried About the New Superbug (NBC News)

Week in Review: Mayhem outside Donald Trump rally (CBS News)

Dr Henry Heimlich uses Heimlich manoeuvre for first time at 96 (Guardian)

Picture of Jimmy Carr meeting the Queen sets off an epic internet Photoshop battle (Daily Mail)

Armed police forced to intervene at Gatwick Airport after 'passengers fight at gate' (Daily Mail)

A Brief History of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton's Friendship (Newsweek Magazine)

Champions League final: Why Madrid rules (CNN)

Isis surprise attack wins Syrian rebel territory (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israeli Christian wins first 'Miss Trans Israel' pageant (Fox News)

Seventh Heaven! Iowa Septuplets Head Off to College (NBC News)

Woman in Brexit debate immigration row blames EU as she struggles for council house (Daily Mail)

British gent who ruled on the French Riviera (CNN)

Man with reported ties to Montreal Mafia gunned down (Fox News)

Video shows moment cargo flies off truck and nearly takes motorcyclist's head off (Daily Mail)

Louisiana Blue Lives Matter' Law Makes Attacks on Police a Hate Crime (Time Magazine)

New Images Show U.S. Forces Near Fight Against ISIS (NBC News)

Warwick University study shows touts use sites like StubHub to make huge mark-ups (Daily Mail)

Ariana Grande scores first UK number one (BBC)

'Mass rape' video shocks Brazil (BBC)

Marco Rubio Says He Will Vote for Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Potentially SERIOUS antibiotic-resistant SUPERBUG detected in US for first time (Daily Express)

World Cup for unrecognised states kicks off in Abkhazia (Guardian)

Camera captures lightning in slow motion - video (Guardian)

Bees sting man hundreds of times in fatal attack (CBS News)

Hiroshima Survivor Cries, and Obama Gives Him a Hug (New York Times - Paywall)

British man gave up life in London to live among a flock of GOATS (Daily Star)

Sex trafficking survivor sets world triathlon record (CNN)

Mars Is Shaking Off an Ice Age, New Research Shows (NBC News)

REVEALED: The only place in the world where asylum seekers are BANNED (Daily Express)

Salmond urged to quit EU campaign (BBC)

Obama shares emotional embrace with Hiroshima survivor (CNN)

'My most hated man joining my favourite club' (BBC)

Injured Nadal pulls out of French Open (BBC)

Brexit MP Peter Bone goes to war with Remain campaigner over EU migrants (Daily Mail)

EU Imposes Fresh Sanctions on North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EU campaigns 'misleading voters' (BBC)

Brazil police hunt for more than 30 suspects in gang rape after Twitter video (Daily Mail)

Opinion: When the Barbarous Brits First Quit Europe (New York Times - Paywall)

EU imposes more airplane, shipping sanctions on North Korea (Fox News)

The Inventor Of The Heimlich Manoeuvre Just Used Technique For The First Time, Aged 96 (Huffington Post)

Brazil police issue warrants in gang rape of teenage girl (Fox News)

Five bombers who targeted World Cup fans sentenced to life in prison (Fox News)

Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of French Open, Citing Wrist Injury (Time Magazine)

Fighteningly accurate video portrays London Underground lines as people (Daily Mail)

In Hiroshima, Obama calls for world without nuclear weapons (CBS News)

Barack Obama becomes first serving US President to visit Hiroshima (Daily Mail)

Why a Third Party Can't Win in 2016 (Time Magazine)

Brazil Gang Rape Images Posted To Twitter, Prompting Police Hunt For More Than 30 Men (Huffington Post)

Obama: Why an Apology Is Necessary (Huffington Post)

Why Afghanistan Still Needs Foreign Aid (Huffington Post)

Let's Debate the EU - Without the Politicians (Huffington Post)

Iron Man is closer as Vladimir Putin's scientists reveal 'Ivan the Terminator' (Daily Mail)

In historic visit to Hiroshima, Obama calls on the world to morally evolve (Los Angeles Times)

Commons committee which grilled EU referendum campaigns slams BOTH main groups (Daily Mail)

Who wrote Obama's Hiroshima speech? (Guardian)

More Than Just Punctuation Marks: Why Periods Really Matters (Huffington Post)

London: Tech for Good Capital of the World (Huffington Post)

Eton schoolboys sent down a Scottish coal mine in 1961 on video (Daily Mail)

Nick Jonas Discusses New Album Last Year Was Complicated' And Why He'd Love To Collaborate With Kanye West (EXCLUSIVE) (Huffington Post)

David Cameron: 'I would meet Donald Trump if he visits UK' video (Guardian)

Medics and civilians flee northern Aleppo amid surprise Isis attack (Guardian)

Vivid Sydney kicks off with Opera House bathed in colour in pictures (Guardian)

Could French fuel strikes affect travel? (BBC)

MPs' report condemns 'misleading' EU referendum campaigns (Guardian)

Utterly terrifying video shows ghost floating toward CCTV camera (Daily Star)

Watch: Jose Mourinho's First Interview as Manchester United Manager (Newsweek Magazine)

G7 summit: Obama makes historic visit to Hiroshima as it happened (Guardian)

Something's Up Between Trump and Rubio (NBC News)

Moment drunk man starts chatting to his own REFLECTION while stumbling around (Daily Mail)

Drunk man refuses to back down in tense supermarket showdown with his own reflection (Daily Star)

M25 dashcam footage shows lorry sidesweep a Mercedes before ramming it (Daily Mail)

Video shows daredevil teetering on the edge of 385ft London skyscraper Centre Point (Daily Mail)

Derby soldier racially abused police who came to arrest him for girlfriend assault (Daily Mail)

Relationship expert reveals why women are always attracted to 'versions of their fathers' (Daily Mail)

Murray reaches French Open last 16 (BBC)

On a diet ready for summer? Why not try a delicious deep-fried ball of WATER? (Daily Star)

French soldier reportedly stabbed by two men who criticized airstrikes in Syria (Fox News)

Donald Trump Doesn't Go Over Well in Vote Down Under (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Africa Can't Afford to Give Up on Somalia's Peacekeeping Force Yet (Newsweek Magazine)

Spooky CCTV footage shows 'ghostly' figure drift past clothing rack (Daily Mail)

The video that shows why you should never drink on an empty stomach: Lack of food leads to alcohol being absorbed TWICE as fast (Daily Mail)

This young refugee is dying: What will the world do for him? (CNN)

Why Ronaldo is the ultimate challenge (CNN)

Obama has 'failed to deliver on nuclear disarmament promises' (Guardian)

Slovakian woman found guilty of killing British millionaire (Guardian)

Why did U.S. bomb Hiroshima? (CNN)

Bernie Talks Debating Trump and Overtaking Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Newsweek Magazine)

Sanders Talks Debating Trump and Overtaking Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Newsweek Magazine)

Moose Breaks Into Bank and Is Shot Dead By Police After Making Getaway (Newsweek Magazine)

Angry man confronts 'beggar' after spotting him getting into 2014 Toyota pick-up (Daily Mail)

Crafty octopus makes a home for itself out of a flip-flop and a spoon on video (Daily Mail)

National Spelling Bee co-champions lift trophy together video (Guardian)

Police officer who sent hoax bomb threat to his own force JAILED (Daily Express)

"Big Momma" charged with running heroin factory and using her son to drop off drugs (Daily Star)

North Korea dismisses Barack Obama's historic Hiroshima visit (Daily Mail)

Mad Men props to be auctioned off to fans by ScreenBid in all its 1960s glory (Daily Mail)

6 Startling Stats About the Hiroshima Bombing (NBC News)

Palestinian 'Spiderboy' eyes world record (CNN)

Iraq police officer smiles for the camera while stopping an ISIS SUICIDE BOMBER (Daily Mail)

Two-year-old girl sobs with joy as she sees her unborn sister in ultrasound video (Daily Mail)

French protesters disrupt airport; gas shortages ease (Fox News)

This Is Why Memorial Day Is a Three-Day Weekend (Time Magazine)

Mourinho confirmed as Man Utd manager (BBC)

How a woman is made: Sara Pascoe and Laura Bates - Guardian Live event (Guardian)

Video shows exactly what happens when a boomerang cuts through the air (Daily Mail)

Cash-strapped police force at centre of string of explosive allegations 'spent £250,000 trying to fight claims of love triangle involving three senior officers' (Daily Mail)

Super-Bad Superbug Found for First Time in U.S (NBC News)

F1 showpiece on French Riviera (CNN)

EU launches effort against 'grey economy' of undeclared work (Fox News)

EU committing $645 million to Colombia's peacebuilding (Fox News)

'Their Souls Speak to Us': Obama Visits Hiroshima (NBC News)

Descendants welcome the return of M ?ori heads to New Zealand video (Guardian)

Read The Full Text of President Obama's Speech In Hiroshima (Time Magazine)

Moment driver appears to shout racist abuse at an older white woman who had slowly crossed the road in front of his car at a retail centre car park (Daily Mail)

Obama: Hiroshima memory must not fade (BBC)

Boris Johnson And Vote Leave Slapped Down For 'Misleading' Voters About Cost Of EU Membership (Huffington Post)

Barack Obama Makes History With Visit to Hiroshima, Pays Tribute to Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

The Chinese factory mass producing Donald Trump masks in pictures (Guardian)

WW3 warning: Putin urged to launch nuke off British coast by top Russian politician (Daily Star)

'Once-A-Day' Sunscreens Wear Off In Hours And Leave Skin At Risk Of Sun Damage, Watchdog Warns (Huffington Post)

The EU border debate shadowed by history (BBC)

U.S.-Led Coalition Bombards ISIS With 150 Air Strikes Near Syrias Raqqa (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S.-Led Coalition Bombards ISIS With 150 Airstrikes Near Syrias Raqqa (Newsweek Magazine)

Barack Obama in Hiroshima: 'the memory must never fade' video (Guardian)

GB's Adams wins world flyweight gold (BBC)

ISIS takes over six villages near Turkish border, forcing hospital to evacuate (Fox News)

BREAKING: French soldier fighting for life after being 'stabbed by two men over Syria' (Daily Express)

Obama making history at Hiroshima (CBS News)

Spain gets EU consent to spend $2.4BN on shutting coal mines (Fox News)

BBC EU debate voter boldly asks Victoria Derbyshire on a DATE on live TV (Daily Mail)

Sanders fuels prospect of Trump debate (CNN)

BBC debate sees Brexit voter demand answer on where EU migrants will live (Daily Mail)

Son of a Russian Oligarch films high-speed police chase as he races round Moscow (Daily Mail)

Michael Howard on Brexit: The EU is Doomed, Even if Britain Votes to Remain (Newsweek Magazine)

Michael Howard on Brexit: The EU Is Doomed, Even If Britain Votes to Remain (Newsweek Magazine)

Here's how YOU can win £50million - the amount Britain gives up to EU every day (Daily Express)

British woman is killed when her quad bike veers into a ditch during holiday to Turkey when local drivers were driving aggressively behind them (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Woman forces robber to strip naked after failed hold-up (Daily Star)

At Hiroshima Memorial, Obama Says Nuclear Arms Require ‘Moral Revolution’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Rochdale man denies killing religious leader (Guardian)

Uganda: 7 Convicted of 2010 Al-Shabab World Cup Bombing (Newsweek Magazine)

Brussels fears Brexit will be THE END' of EU due to devastating domino effect (Daily Express)

The Latest: UK ready to deploy 5th ship off Libya (Fox News)

Royal Navy ship to patrol off the coast of Libya in battle against ISIS arms-smugglers (Daily Mail)

Bernie Sanders Is In Favor Of A Very Interesting' Debate With Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

SAS take the to the skies over London in anti-terror helicopters after ISIS warning (Daily Mail)

Leaked security video shows terrifying killing potential of captured ISIS car bomb (Daily Star)

Obama Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Hiroshima (Time Magazine)

Spanish man quits job to kayak around the Mediterranean with sailor dog Nirvana (Daily Mail)

Obama Becomes 1st U.S. President to Visit Hiroshima (NBC News)

UK households were £12 better off in April than a year ago (Daily Mail)

Sydney woman shares horrific pictures of infected skin after botched eyebrow wax (Daily Mail)

'The ninja life chose me': Man does backflip to prove fat people are sexy (Daily Star)

Barack Obama says memory of Hiroshima 'must never fade' (Guardian)

Free the world from the fascist EU' Australians urge Britons to strike a blow for freedom (Daily Express)

Op-Ed Columnist: Chappatte on Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima (New York Times - Paywall)

Police deleted biometric profiles of at least 100 potential terror suspects (Guardian)

Stunning yoga babe shows off impressive flexibility in addictive video footage (Daily Star)

Putin Declares Russia an Ally to Islamic World (Newsweek Magazine)

Muslim Mob Attacks Christians, Parades Naked Elderly Woman (NBC News)

David Cameron urges UK to 'listen to our friends' over EU membership video (Guardian)

BY THE NUMBERS: The atomic bombing of Hiroshima (Fox News)

Thai Man Attaporn Boonmakchuay Bitten By Python While On The Toilet (Huffington Post)

EU REFERENDUM: Meddling G7 countries claim Brexit would pose serious risk' to growth (Daily Express)

Ministers Need to Be Clear That Communities Stand to Benefit From EU Solidarity Fund (Huffington Post)

BBC Question Time Ipswich Audience Applauds Woman For Slamming Tory Cuts During Brexit Debate (Huffington Post)

'No room for Islam' Slovakian PM sparks Brussels upset - weeks before taking EU presidency (Daily Express)

G7 Summit: Obama to Make Historic Visit to Hiroshima (Newsweek Magazine)

Victoria Derbyshire reveals her mastectomy scar in candid video diary (Daily Mail)

David Cameron Denies He Secretly Wants The UK To Leave The EU (Huffington Post)

British woman among three killed after speedboat capsizes in Thailand (Guardian)

Campaign catchup: Trump effect reaches Australia (Guardian)

David Cameron Congratulates Donald Trump For Winning Republican Presidential Nomination (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump: I would end Paris climate deal video (Guardian)

Furious woman whose sick mum can't get a council house due to migrants SILENCES pro-EU MPs (Daily Express)

Record number of jobless EU migrants in Britain (Daily Mail)

Do YOU have Netflix face? How binge-watching your favourite TV shows is making you look older (Daily Mail)

TOM UTLEY: Why every pupil needs oddball teachers like my opera-singing maths master (Daily Mail)

800 terror suspects' DNA and fingerprints wrongly destroyed by police (Daily Mail)

British medical student who starred in ISIS video used to drink beer and smoke marijuana (Daily Mail)

Crawley Police return POPPERS to shop after Twitter users point out laws (Daily Mail)

Elite Singles reveals the most unexpected first date deal-breakers (Daily Mail)

YouTube video of couple making stop-motion of pregnancy is adorable (Daily Mail)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: on the trail of the world's most wanted man video (Guardian)

Obama ready to visit Hiroshima but will not apologize for atomic bomb (Daily Mail)

Inside the hunt for Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Guardian)

Asian man screams White Mother******' at old woman in furious racial road-rage (Daily Star)

5/26: Trump hits delegate mark for GOP nomination; Star Wars brings tourism boom to ancient island (CBS News)

French museum turns into giant kaleidoscope (CNN)

'WHITE Mother*****': Asian man hurls abuse at old woman' in furious racial road-rage rant (Daily Express)

Australian party leader says some Trump views 'barking mad' (Fox News)

Times Readers’ Advice for Obama in Hiroshima: Focus on a Nuclear-Free Future (New York Times - Paywall)

Iraq troops retake key town from ISIS (CNN)

BBC EU Debate descends into FARCE as audience member argues EU benefits her MOBILE BILL (Daily Express)

Fingerprints and DNA of '800 terror suspects' DESTROYED due to police blunders (Daily Express)

Police arrest rapper over New York concert shooting (Guardian)

Family members remember POW killed in Hiroshima (CBS News)

Obama's Hiroshima Visit Reopens a Door Closed for 70 Years (NBC News)

Seven Convicted of 2010 World Cup Bombings in Uganda (Time Magazine)

EgyptAir flight 804: French navy ship joins search amid report of signal detected (Guardian)

Family shares story of American POW killed by Hiroshima blast (CBS News)

Clinton finds her voice against Trump (CNN)

N.H. man pleads guilty to kidnapping, raping teen he held captive (CBS News)

Brussels plans to create EU army 'being HIDDEN from British voters until AFTER referendum' (Daily Express)

Inside Barack Obamas Historic, Controversial Visit to Hiroshima (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese laundry soap ad shows man "washed" from black to Asian (CBS News)

Obama Ready to Face Historic, Haunted Ground of Hiroshima (Time Magazine)

Thai toilet snake gives man nasty shock (BBC)

Hiroshima: What Obama won't say (CNN)

Where Hiroshima could happen again (CNN)

Hope and hype of Hiroshima can't conceal Obama's dismal record on nuclear disarmament (Guardian)

Donald Trump hits delegate count needed for Republican nomination live (Guardian)

Revealed: the report on the Great Barrier Reef that Australia didn't want the world to see (Guardian)

BORIS V JUNCKER: Top Tory lashes out at EU for DAMAGING Britain as WAR OF WORDS heats up (Daily Express)

Tinchy Stryder's SnapChat video reveals party antics of guests at wedding bash (Daily Mail)

Rare video shows Hiroshima right after atomic bomb (CBS News)

French unions oppose Hinkley Point (BBC)

Rising Stars study shows parents are 'bribing children with sweets' to get them reading (Daily Mail)

Pro surfer fights off shark during contest in South Africa (CBS News)

Nadal's landmark win at French Open (CNN)

VIDEO: EU young voters debate - in 90 seconds (BBC)

Why I wrote about my wife's miscarriage (BBC)

Beaches of Dunkirk lined with film extras to recreate World War II evacuation (Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Sadako and the paper cranes of Hiroshima (BBC)

David Blunkett gives his backing to staying in the EU (Daily Mail)

Mac on... the impact of French strikes on the Bank Holiday weekend (Daily Mail)

Tarot card reader kept murderer talking for an hour while waiting for police (Daily Mail)

Thousands of Migrants Rescued Off Libya’s Coast in One Day (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Microsoft and Facebook Are Building a Super-Fast Trans-Atlantic Cable (Newsweek Magazine)

Migrants Drown as Boat Sinks Off Libyan Coast (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

BBC EU debate: Britain should accept more migrants from Commonwealth, Ukip MEP says (Daily Express)

Leaving EU 'could cause catastrophic worker shortages' (Guardian)

Boris: Voting to stay in the EU means 'kissing goodbye' to controlling immigration (Daily Express)

Jailed at 67, woman who stole £166k from bosses (Daily Express)

Why are women banned from Mount Athos? (BBC)

Barack Obama calls for end of atomic weapons as he makes emotional visit to Hiroshima (Daily Express)

REVEALED: Why homebuyers would rather invest in a property they can renovate (Daily Express)

Change of tune, Dave? Cameron CONGRATULATES Trump on becoming Republican nominee (Daily Express)

Russia 'pushing EU to brink of war': Putin poses 'existential threat' to Europe, says Nato (Daily Express)

Lord Sugar was NOT the first choice to host The Apprentice (Daily Express)

Tom Hiddleston and Camilla meet again weeks after first giggly encounter (Daily Express)

Tasmanian woman raped in front of her boyfriend in Samoa needs help with legal costs (Daily Mail)

America, Welcome to the Post-Antibiotic World (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump has enough Republican delegates to clinch GOP nomination (Daily Mail)

Trump clinches GOP nomination (CNN)

Chile police say 2 churches burned in Mapuche conflict zone (Fox News)

Corey Feldman's Claims Show Why Sex Crimes Should Have No Statute of Limitations (Time Magazine)

Trump puts fossil fuels at US energy core (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pete Doherty pal's inquest disrupted as man arrested (Daily Star)

Canadian Police Shut Down Dozens of Unlicensed Marijuana Dispensaries (Time Magazine)

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Says Season 7 Is Going to Make the World Explode' (Time Magazine)

Audience wins first EU debate on social media (BBC)

New satellite imagery shows Chinese drone on contested island (Fox News)

World's first cannabis gym that lets members work out stoned to open in San Francisco (Daily Mail)

Video shows how women's lingerie styles have evolved over the last 100 years (Daily Mail)

Does Donald Trump Need A Ground Game to Win? (NBC News)

Bernie Sanders May Debate Donald Trump Before California Voting (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Pledges to Rip Up Climate Agreement (NBC News)

EU naval force rescues refugees from sinking ships video (Guardian)

Hiroshima survivor's hunt for PoW victims (CNN)

Boris Johnson trades invites to 'see the reality' with EU president (Guardian)

Donald Trump Promises to Accomplish Complete American Energy Independence' (Newsweek Magazine)

Toronto police raid and shut down dozens of marijuana dispensaries (Guardian)

Donald Trump celebrates delegate win, mocks Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren video (Guardian)

AP: Donald Trump wins enough delegates to clinch Republican nomination (CBS News)

Fighter jets go down off North Carolina coast (CBS News)

First DNA from ancient Phoenician shows European ancestry (Daily Mail)

Okinawa Murder Case Tests U.S.-Japan Ties Before Obama Visit (New York Times - Paywall)

BBC EU Referendum Debate Sees Young People Criticise 'Petty' Campaigning (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump has a woman problem -- x 3 (CNN)

'Who in the world wants Trump to win?' (CNN)

Trump wins enough backers for nomination (BBC)

British Woman Dies In Koh Samui Speedboat Accident In Thailand (Huffington Post)

At UN climate talks some worry about Brexit, Trump impacts (Fox News)

In Hiroshima, Obama visit stirs warm but complex feelings (Los Angeles Times)

Girl screaming on out-of-control hoverboard smashes into wall in video (Daily Mail)

Man puts metal knife in his mouth and touches taser against it in video (Daily Mail)

French Tax Officials Turn Hungry Eye to McDonald’s (New York Times - Paywall)

Serena Williams bursts water balloons and hits moving targets in trick-shot video (Daily Mail)

Indian man has 366 flag tattoos and all his teeth removed for world record (Daily Mail)

Hitler, Stalin, ISIS leader quotes published in yearbook (CBS News)

U.S. Commandos Work With Syrian Fighters in Push Toward ISIS Stronghold (New York Times - Paywall)

Two Navy Fighter Jets Crash Off North Carolina Coast (NBC News)

Serbia under pressure from Russia over its EU goals (Fox News)

Mourinho and Man Utd agree deal (BBC)

French union leader takes aim at Hollande (Financial Times - Paywall)

World leaders focus on North Koreas nuclear threat during G7 Summit (CBS News)

World leaders rattled by Trump, says Obama (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tax fraud police search McDonald's French headquarters (Fox News)

Video footage shows tourist helping an elk shed its winter coat by hand (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump tells Jimmy Kimmel: I will debate Bernie Sanders video (Guardian)

Truman Gave No Apologies for Bombing Hiroshima (NBC News)

Crawley Police Forced To Apologise After Wrongly Seizing Poppers After Legal High Ban Came Into Effect (Huffington Post)

Muslims allegedly ransack Christian homes, strip woman in street (CBS News)

At least 16 arrested as protest against French labor law erupts in violence (Fox News)

Trump Hit the 'Magic Number.' So, What Does That Mean? (NBC News)

Police arrest man after remains of Mark Manning are found two years after he disappeared (Daily Mail)

Gorilla-suited pro-EU man 'assaulted' (BBC)

Queen of the Gipsies who left 52 grandchildren when she died with big send off (Daily Mail)

Riot police crack down on Paris protests against labour reforms (Guardian)

ISIS finds an opening into Europe (CNN)

Hereford police launch investigation into Queen's Arms pub where women hired male stripper (Daily Mail)

Do French workers really have it easy? (BBC)

EU Urged to Give Safe Passage as More Refugees Die In Mediterranean (Newsweek Magazine)

Why is France being racked by strikes and protests over its labour bill? video (Guardian)

Saudi man shoots doctor after he delivered wife's baby because he didn't want man to see her naked (Daily Mail)

Euro 2016: UEFA Planning Various Scenarios for French Strikes (Newsweek Magazine)

Brit woman killed in Thai speedboat horror at paradise holiday hotspot (Daily Star)

Obama Admits World Leaders ‘Rattled’ by Donald Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Police raided McDonald's French HQ in fraud probe days before searching Google's Paris base (Daily Mail)

San Franciscos New Apple Store Shows Little Think Different Spirit (Newsweek Magazine)

Video of rowdy kids destroying art at museum sparks outrage (Fox News)

'Where's Wally' model Charlene Whalley who taunted police on Facebook is convicted (Daily Mail)

Instagram Is Censoring Hashtags Such As #Lesbian, #Gays And #Bi, Here's Why (Huffington Post)

Why have France's labour reforms proved so contentious? (Guardian)

Muslim mob in Egypt strips 70-year-old Christian woman (Guardian)

Paris flat of ISIS extremist surrounded by French counter terror police (Daily Mail)

Obama can't endorse during the Democratic primary, so he's just pointing out how hard the job is instead (Los Angeles Times)

Watch: China Party Supply Factory Stockpiles Donald Trump Masks (Newsweek Magazine)

Man healing happily after prying penis from pythons jaws (CBS News)

As ‘Brexit’ Vote Nears, British Data Shows Increase in Immigration (New York Times - Paywall)

Julie Beards guilty of killing special needs woman who was drugged and raped (Daily Mail)

Video shows Newport criminal jumping out of moving car in high-speed police chase (Daily Mail)

Japan PM chastises Obama over American murder suspect (CBS News)

Scuffles and smoke bombs as protesters step up fight against French labour bill (Guardian)

At Hiroshima, Obama Faces Difficult Choices (New York Times - Paywall)

World Leaders 'Rattled' by Trump's 'Ignorance,' Obama Says (NBC News)

The moment lab test dogs saw sunlight for the first time (Daily Mail)

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts aerial video (Guardian)

Donald Trump Delegate Count Clinches GOP Nomination (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump reaches delegate count needed to clinch Republican nomination (Guardian)

Toronto expert claims technology and parents not saying 'no' is why children struggling at school (Daily Mail)

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