Thursday, 2nd June 2016

World News

Trump reacts to Clintons speech on Twitter (CBS News)

Hillary Clinton says Trump is "unfit for presidency" (CBS News)

1 dead after Blue Angels jet crashes in Tennessee (CBS News)

Angela Merkel warns if Britain leaves the EU we won't get a 'good result' (Daily Mail)

Man who killed 3 women, put them in bags gets death sentence (Daily Mail)

Student Soraya Bouazzaoui who put David Cameron in his place in EU debate (Daily Mail)

Three soldiers dead and six missing after army truck overturns in Texas creek (Guardian)

Flooding in Germany and France continues as Paris closes the Louvre after the Seine bursts (Daily Mail)

Prairie Home Companion Host Garrison Keillor Suffers Brain Seizure (Time Magazine)

Video shows moment Indian lions cool off at watering hole in Gir Forest National Park (Daily Mail)

Mexican teen 'stabbed his mother and grandmother to death then gouged out their eyes' (Daily Mail)

Fossilised stem cells from first giant rainforest show how trees grew (Daily Mail)

Dashcam video shows moment car ploughs into side of van at 50mph in Scotland (Daily Mail)

Arrests in burning death of Pakistan woman who refused marriage proposal (CBS News)

Angela Merkel says she hopes Britain will remain in the EU (Guardian)

Salim Alaradi leaves UAE for Canada after being detained nearly two years (Guardian)

Twitching Cameron ADMITS the EU drives him CRAZY' during first TV referendum grilling (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Giant panda shows off 'miracle' baby (BBC)

David Cameron gets a mauling from voters over immigration, Project Fear and 'waffling' during first referendum TV debate as he warns leaving EU would cripple Britain (Daily Mail)

Video shows 'newborn baby' being tossed around like a rag doll in Indian ceremony (Daily Mail)

Blue Angels Pilot Believed Dead After Crash in Tennessee (NBC News)

Priory condemned for 'neglect' over death of girl, 14 (Daily Mail)

Why Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Speech Wasn't the One She Needed to Give (Time Magazine)

Man, 44, is found dead just days after arrest on suspicion of child grooming having been caught on camera by vigilante 'paedophile hunter' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump wins Paul Ryan's backing (Financial Times - Paywall)

British Prime Minister David Cameron: Leaving the EU Would Be Foolish (Newsweek Magazine)

Germany Charges 4 Syrians in Plot to Attack Düsseldorf (New York Times - Paywall)

Apple iPhone 7 Plus leak reveals a 'supercamera' with two lenses (Daily Mail)

Turkey warns Germany it has made 'an historic mistake' over Armenian Genocide (Daily Mail)

Prince William flies to the aid of a heart attack victim in Cambridgeshire (Daily Mail)

Cameron accused of Brexit 'scaremongering' during furious public backlash on EU debate (Daily Express)

Muhiddin Mire tapped out his Oyster card at Leytonstone station after attack (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton: Trump Not Someone Who Should Ever Have the Nuclear Codes' (Newsweek Magazine)

Germany Calls Armenian Massacres a Genocide (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nigel Farage says Cameron's Remain bid is 'in trouble' after 'very poor' EU debate showing (Daily Express)

The incredible image that shows how global warming is turning the Arctic green (Daily Mail)

Prince's death WAS caused by opioid overdose (Daily Mail)

Paul Ryan endorses Donald Trump (CNN)

Driver who fled the scene is hunted by police after two men are killed and two badly hurt when cars on the M5 smashed into vehicles caught in an earlier accident (Daily Mail)

Clinton calls Trump 'dangerously incoherent' as Ryan endorses live (Guardian)

Parents of Britain's worst paedophile Richard Huckle begged police to take him away (Daily Mail)

Germany Arrests Terror Suspects, Fueling Migrant Debate (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EU referendum: David Cameron grilled on Sky News live (Guardian)

Clinton takes on Trump in foreign policy speech (CBS News)

Why soccer legend Pele joined the military (CNN)

Air scare at Newark after man threatens to shoot up terminal with machine gun and claims bomb on board British Airways flight (Daily Mail)

US House Speaker Ryan to vote for Trump (BBC)

Clinton in attack on Trump's temperament (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cameron: leaving the EU would be 'self inflicted wound' on UK video (Guardian)

Hillary Clinton: Trump is too dangerous and unstable to have the nuclear codes (Guardian)

Outraged resident shames dog poo offender by posting video on Facebook (Daily Mail)

Read Hillary Clinton's Speech on Donald Trump and National Security (Time Magazine)

Russian Whistleblower businessman 'linked to money laundering by Interpol' was found dead in 'possible assassination' (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton Tears Into Donald Trump on Foreign Policy, Temperament (Time Magazine)

Harambes death spotlights "bigger picture" for gorillas (CBS News)

Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit for presidency, says Clinton video (Guardian)

Woman on "kill list" in UCLA shooters home found dead (CBS News)

EU In Or Out? Debate: David Cameron Defends 'Brexit' War Claim As Europe Was A 'Bloodbath' (Huffington Post)

Clinton: Trump Presidency Would be 'Historic Mistake' (NBC News)

Why Paul Ryan Endorsed Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Paul Ryan Says He Will Vote for Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Beyoncé Took Time During Her Concert to Compliment Two Women's Afros (Time Magazine)

Factory Records' Alan Wise dead 'of a broken heart' months after the death of daughter (Daily Mail)

House Speaker Paul Ryan: 'I'll Be Voting' for Trump (NBC News)

Colombia police rescue dogs from troubled neighborhood (Fox News)

Moose gives birth in Anchorage parking lot video (Guardian)

Video shows otter stuff its face with tasty snack as fast as it can (Daily Mail)

V-2 rockets strewn in woodland, towns flooded and sunken ships: Haunting pictures by British soldier reveal the trail of destruction in Nazi Germany after the war (Daily Mail)

ISIS 'terror plot': 3 arrests in Germany (CNN)

In Or Out: Watch David Cameron Grilled Live On EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Footage shows BA 'threat' plane search (BBC)

Trump flip-flops on Japan nukes (CNN)

Woman found dead in Minnesota was on UCLA shooter's 'kill list' video (Guardian)

Toddler Finley suffered from rib fractures and historic bleeds to both eyes weeks before his death (Daily Mail)

South Carolina man comes home to discover two snakes dangling from his ceiling (Daily Mail)

Rare Marilyn Monroe video footage shows actress meet the Queen in 1956 (Daily Mail)

David Cameron to face TV questions on EU (BBC)

Is Gorilla's Death a Distraction From Other Tragedies? (NBC News)

Police officer Jeffrey Davies accused of raping two women (Daily Mail)

Mind Warehouse's YouTube video shows what would happen if humans disappeared (Daily Mail)

The Real Reason Behind the Furor Over the Gorilla Police Investigation (Time Magazine)

Best-selling celebrity biographer of David Bowie, Patrick Swayze and Arnold Schwarzenegger falls to her death from balcony of apartment overlooking Thames (Daily Mail)

Teen 'angel' suffers fatal heart attack at Brit holiday resort after pool dive (Daily Star)

Suspected Cop Shooter Believed Dead Inside Home (NBC News)

The £4M scratch: Pub man takes break and hits card jackpot (Daily Star)

Donald Trump thinks he can turn California into a red state (CBS News)

Jakarta mother finds CCTV video showing evil nanny slapping and shoving her baby (Daily Mail)

Neighbour from hell Zoe Clune attacked woman before assaulting a police officer (Daily Mail)

Revealed, the 10 best foods to eat for clear skin - and why people prone to flare-ups should avoid sugar and dairy (Daily Mail)

EU backs sharing economy in boost for Uber and Airbnb (Guardian)

Why are opioids so addictive? (CNN)

Why are the French on strike ... again? (CNN)

Where Did Dogs Come From? There May be Two Answers. (New York Times - Paywall)

You're ok for money, what if I took some off you?' IDS clashes with Salmond over EU bill (Daily Express)

'What came first, WW3 or the global Brexit recession?' Cameron left squirming on EU debate (Daily Express)

Man seen chatting to women in Camden before he was stabbed to death in knife attack (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Says He Will Reopen Trump University After Lawsuit (Time Magazine)

Home catches fire during standoff with suspect in police shootings (CBS News)

Why are German Turks demonstrating against their government? video (Guardian)

Death of 17-Year-Old Highlights Struggle to End Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt (Newsweek Magazine)

TV star Ayo Adesina tracks down burglar himself after police fail to act (Daily Mail)

Woman on UCLA shooter's 'kill list' found dead in her Minnesota home (Guardian)

Iain Duncan Smith Defends Vote Leave's Claim EU Costs Britain £350m A Week (Huffington Post)

Venezuela police repel rare protest near presidential palace (Fox News)

Arizona Mom Stabs Her 3 Young Sons to Death (Time Magazine)

Al-Shabab: Who Was the Garissa Attack Ringleader? (Newsweek Magazine)

Royal Navy officer cadet admits climbing back into bed with man she alleges raped her twice while she was 'too drunk to consent' (Daily Mail)

German Vote on Armenian Genocide Riles Tempers, and Turkey (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Two people arrested on suspicion of murder after boy, 2, dies in Dorset (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Two arrested in Dorset on suspicion of murdering two-year-old boy (Daily Star)

Dozens of women assaulted at Germany gig (CNN)

MERKEL'S THREAT: German leader says Britain 'won't get a good deal' out of the EU (Daily Express)

'We've lost all our dough' Boris tackles EU funding debate on visit to biscuit factory (Daily Express)

'Kanye West's stylist friend pushed me into a room, pinned me to a mattress and raped me as I said no' says high school student in new attack claim against Ian Connor (Daily Mail)

Foreign voters HAVE been wrongly sent polling cards for the EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Why America Needs Finance That Works for Business (Time Magazine)

Woman on UCLA Shooter's Kill List' Found Dead in Minnesota (Time Magazine)

Trump used 'fraud' university to pocket millions, New York attorney general says (Guardian)

Prince's Cause Of Death Was 'Opioid Overdose', Says Law Enforcement Official (Huffington Post)

3 Syrians Arrested in Germany Over Alleged ISIS Plot (NBC News)

Tests confirm Prince died of opioid overdose, police official says (Guardian)

VIDEO: Five drown at home in Europe floods (BBC)

Corbyn and Irish Diaspora: all hands to EU pump (Channel4)

EU referendum live: Merkel says UK will lose out if it leaves EU (Guardian)

Police arrest three men and foil ISIS plot over Dusseldorf terror attack (Daily Mail)

Inquest finds neglect by the Priory contributed to teen's accidental death (Guardian)

Baby boy in China on the verge of death after being abandoned and attacked by insects (Daily Mail)

England will need a new home every 6 MINUTES without Brexit, Liam Fox claims (Daily Mail)

Mark Cuban questions whether Trump is a billionaire (CBS News)

Isis at real risk of losing territory for first time since 'caliphate' declared (Guardian)

Europe floods: why has the rain been so intense? (Channel4)

Britains First Plastic Banknote Features Winston Churchill (Newsweek Magazine)

'Go and play in Panama you thief!': Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi is jeered as he arrives at court to give evidence for the first time over £3.2million tax fraud charges in Spain (Daily Mail)

Clinton rips Trump ahead of foreign policy speech (CBS News)

Russian woman stabbed to death 'after infecting one of her partners with HIV' (Daily Mail)

East Cowes man and 6-year-old girl die after incident at house on Isle of Wight (Daily Mail)

5,000 women take to the streets to demand an end to Brazil's 'culture of rape' blamed for a horrifying attack by 33 men on a 16-year-old girl (Daily Mail)

Heavy Rains Cause Floods in France and Kill 9 in Germany (New York Times - Paywall)

EU Referendum Brexit Effect On Housing And First Time Buyers Disputed (Huffington Post)

Sea forces farce: Police searching for people smugglers in the Channel sold a£350,000 specialist boat for just £80,000 two years ago (Daily Mail)

Boy, 8, has EVERY bone in his face broken to stop his brain from being squashed - and can now breathe normally for the first time (Daily Mail)

Referendum voting papers sent to EU nationals by mistake (Guardian)

Slain UCLA Professor Was a 'Brilliant' Father of Two (NBC News)

Police Identify UCLA Gunman (Time Magazine)

Baby swapped at birth returns home (BBC)

Yusuf Islam Interview: 'Donald Trump Didn't Happen By Accident' (Huffington Post)

REVEALED: Brexit debate has BLURRED party lines as shocking map shows a Britain DIVIDED (Daily Express)

Germany Foils Suspected ISIS Cell Planning Suicide Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

UCLA Shooter Had Kill List, Police Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Poll Shows Clinton With Foreign Policy Advantage (NBC News)

Don't fall for 'lesser of two evils' argument (CNN)

Two suspended after London 2012 retests (BBC)

Erica Jong: Why I trust Hillary (CNN)

Why Trump is the next Walter White (CNN)

ISIS plot to bomb Europe FOILED after jihadi confesses to police (Daily Express)

Turkey recalls its ambassador to Germany after vote to recognize Armenian genocide (Los Angeles Times)

Merkel says she hopes UK stays in EU (BBC)

Police Release ID of Shooter in UCLA Murder-Suicide (NBC News)

Girl, Six, Found In 'Pool Of Blood' Next To Her Dad's Body Pictured For The First Time (Huffington Post)

Germany defies Turkey over 'genocide' (BBC)

Green Flag survey shows a third of Brits are too SCARED to hire a car abroad (Daily Mail)

Merkel and Erdogan relations at BREAKING POINT as Germany accuses Turkey of genocide (Daily Express)

Britons on alert in holiday hotspot as police swoop on ISIS terror cell plotting attack (Daily Express)

World's first penis transplant patients heads home after 3 surgeries (Daily Mail)

New York couple horrified to discover a dead body wrapped up in a shower curtain (Daily Mail)

Best photographs of the day: floods in Germany and a Belgian panda (Guardian)

Katie Hopkins EU Referendum Intervention Persuades Young People 'Not To Vote' (Huffington Post)

Turkey recalls ambassador after German MPs' Armenian genocide vote (Guardian)

Blundering Corbyn vows to veto TTIP trade deal threatening NHS - but EU rules say he CAN'T (Daily Express)

Trump Unleashes Withering Personal Attack on Clinton (NBC News)

Watch: Five Dead as Floods Sweep Bavaria (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman's horrifying find in time capsule' freezer sparks police probe (Daily Star)

M5 Accident Sees Two Dead In Junction 8 Crash And Several Others Injured (Huffington Post)

New footage shows Leytonstone knife attacker Tasered by police video (Guardian)

Britney Spears Vintage Video Answers Question: Can The Star Really Sing? (Huffington Post)

El Salvador baby swap parents Richard Cushworth and wife Mercedes return home with son Moses (Daily Mail)

Staggeringly drunk driver tries to fake police breathalyser test and fails miserably (Daily Star)

El Salvador baby swap: son now home with rightful parents video (Guardian)

Footballer Jordan Burndred died of a heart attack after jumping into a pool in Turkey (Daily Mail)

Japan's Tax Delay Shows 'Abenomics' Is Sputtering (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Here's How Clinton Will Attack Trump in Major Policy Address (NBC News)

Larry Sanders: My Brother Bernie Is The One To Beat Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Regularly eating after 8pm can add two inches to your waistline claims Chile scientists (Daily Mail)

Bizarre footage shows Indian man with a 62FT-LONG dreadlock that he threads through his roof and coils around his body like rope (Daily Mail)

Syrians suspected of planning ISIS attack arrested in Germany (Fox News)

Three Syrians arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning terror attack (Guardian)

Pro surfer who lost an arm in near-fatal shark attack beats world number one (Daily Star)

Overwhelming case to stay in EU - Corbyn (BBC)

Syrians suspected of planning IS attack arrested in Germany (Fox News)

Germany angers Turkey with genocide vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

First Openly Gay Army Secretary: 'This Is So Important' (NBC News)

Mark Rutte vows war against Britain if Brexit vote toughens immigration rules (Daily Mail)

Glasgow police officer performs 'I Will Survive' in bar after dealing with disturbance (Daily Mail)

PICTURED: First photos released of Disney-mad girl, 6, who died in alongside father (Daily Express)

Facebook sticks by Gawker attack funder (BBC)

Vote Leave in housing appeal to young (BBC)

Video shows burglars smash into a Enfield home and steal £160,000 of cash and jewels (Daily Mail)

Michael Gove claims EU rules forced him to let criminals and terror suspects into Britain and warned he is powerless to stop it without Brexit (Daily Mail)

Parents 'asked police to take abuser son' (BBC)

Two dead in five-vehicle M5 crashes (BBC)

Local council installs racehorse crossing but SACKS lollipop man (Daily Express)

Jeremy Corbyn says it's not racist to worry about immigration as he slams David Cameron's Remain campaign but tells people to vote for In anyway (Daily Mail)

News Guide: German vote recognizing Armenian genocide (Fox News)

First two Slovenian 'dragon eggs' hatch (BBC)

Sweden Convicts Man of Plotting ISIS-Inspired Suicide Bomb Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Gooseberry Mesa video shows cyclist nearly fall off a cliff in Utah (Daily Mail)

Runaway car smashes through home of young mum and her two-year-old daughter (Daily Express)

Alton Towers Smiler Crash Victims Speak Of Horrendous' Accident On First Anniversary (Huffington Post)

Amber Heard pictured after Johnny Depp assault' shows actress's bruised eye (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Clarkson to host first Amazon live studio audience in South Africa (Guardian)

Sinkholes and landslides follow flooding in France and Germany video (Guardian)

Susanne Bier could be the first female director of a James Bond film (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Try to keep your eyes on screen as man has MATCH removed from inside ear (Daily Star)

George Osborne joins Alistair Darling to slam Vote Leave for its Brexit plans (Daily Mail)

Duchess And Duke Of Cambridge Send 'Thank You' Cards From Princess Charlotte After First Birthday (Huffington Post)

'Big Brother' 2016 House Revealed In First Look Pictures, Ahead Of New Series (Huffington Post)

Sweden sentences man to 5 years for preparing bomb (Fox News)

Pro-Brexit economist calls on UK to rid itself of EU 'protectionism' (Daily Express)

Romanian man 'strangled girlfriend to death in airport row' (Daily Star)

Pakistan: Woman Burnt to Death for Rejecting Marriage Proposal (Newsweek Magazine)

A Cuban dissident able to travel for the first time praises new U.S. ties and warns of hazards (Los Angeles Times)

Fart attack: Internet cafe owner evicts stubborn customers with nuclear egg trump (Daily Star)

El Salvador: British man and wife in baby swap ordeal take son home (Guardian)

Niger Delta Avengers Claim Two More Attacks on U.S. Company's Oil Wells (Newsweek Magazine)

Police stop truck carrying 2 tiger skins from Thai temple (Fox News)

Germany helps refugees bridge language gap (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Loses Golf Tournament to Mexico as Sponsors Withdraw (Newsweek Magazine)

'Big Brother' 2016 Set For Two Houses Twist, With 'The Others' Living In New Extension (Huffington Post)

PICTURED: Tragic Disney-mad girl, 6, and dad found dead with two dogs (Daily Star)

EU Referendum Starbucks Democracy Cafes Helping Young People Debate The Issues (Huffington Post)

Billionaire Blasts Trump in Spanish-Language TV Ad (NBC News)

Temple to face charges over dead tigers (BBC)

EU Plans to Side-step European Court Ruling on Live Animal Exports (Huffington Post)

Poland downplays EU criticism as merely an 'opinion' (Fox News)

EU looks to open UK borders to 7MILLION MORE people as SERBIA makes bid to join by 2020 (Daily Express)

Thai Officials to Charge Tiger Temple Over Bodies of 40 Dead Cubs (Newsweek Magazine)

Vigilantes punch mentally ill asylum seeker and chain him to a tree after he threatened a shop worker with a bottle in Germany and now face police probe (Daily Mail)

Man City sign Gundogan from Dortmund (BBC)

UCLA students were forced to use their belts and chairs to secure the doors during terrifying murder-suicide gun attack (Daily Mail)

A wheelie bad idea: Man nearly falls off CLIFF while fooling around on his bike (Daily Star)

VOTE LEAVE to SAVE Europe' Now French commentator says EU would be BETTER OFF without UK (Daily Express)

Warnings From Turkey As Germanys Parliament Faces Armenia Vote (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkish anger as German MPs prepare to vote on Armenian genocide (Guardian)

Shark attack witness: 'heroic guys stayed in water' to help surfer who lost leg video (Guardian)

Man beats wife's would-be rapist to death (CNN)

Man tries to negotiate with two snakes having sex dangling from ceiling of his home (Daily Star)

OECD claimed of EU Referendum bias over Brexit comments about economy hit (Daily Mail)

The Death of Liam Fee Is a Feminist Issue (Huffington Post)

Gunman Fatally Shoots Special-Needs Man Walking to Park (NBC News)

PGA moves from Trump course ... to Mexico (CNN)

Terrifying moment monster wave bigger than two houses smashes into ship (Daily Star)

Shots Heard at Mogadishu's Hotel Ambassador Day After Al-Shabab Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama Jumps Into 2016, Blasts Trump Proposals as 'Crazy' (NBC News)

Fight for Falluja: Why it matters (CNN)

German Parliament to vote on Armenian 'genocide' motion (Fox News)

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is a 'fraud' out to 'scam America' video (Guardian)

WATCH: A young boy was loving his first rollercoaster ride until it went BACKWARDS (Daily Express)

T in the Park reveller left with 6 metal plates in his face after festival attack (Daily Mail)

Two people dead after multiple-vehicle collision on M5 (Guardian)

UCLA on lockdown after gunman shoots at least two people dead (Daily Mail)

Google's New Doodle Celebrates Lotte Reiniger, One of the First Animated Filmmakers (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Two dead and one seriously hurt following horror motorway smash (Daily Star)

Armed man arrested after trying to scale a fence at Los Angeles Airport (Daily Express)

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Is Too friendly With North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

Two dead and third with serious injuries in four car motorway pile-up (Daily Express)

Hillary Clinton to Deliver Policy Speech Aimed at Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Five dead in Germany and France floods (BBC)

Donald Trump is 'fraud' out to 'scam America', says Hillary Clinton (Guardian)

Axe programmes about baking and home renovations to make way for shows about the arts, says former BBC chief (Daily Mail)

Dead Heat in California: Clinton, Sanders Tied in Poll (NBC News)

How Will ‘Brexit’ Vote Go? Monty Python May Offer Clue (New York Times - Paywall)

France, Germany and Austria hit by fatal flash floods (Guardian)

Meet the man saving Yazidi slaves from ISIS (CNN)

Trump is heading to Britain (CNN)

Couple moving into NYC apartment find dead body (CBS News)

Bodies of man, six-year-old girl and two dogs found at Isle of Wight home (Daily Express)

There is NO DOUBT ISIS jihadis are targeting Euro 2016, Britain's top police chief warns (Daily Express)

Perth authorities catch and kill Great White Shark attack on surfer in West Australia (Daily Mail)

Royal Navy rape victim had orgasm during alleged sex attack (Daily Star)

Cop arrested for killing Florida man waiting for tow truck (CBS News)

Mystery Official Ordered Part of Iran Briefing Video Cut (Newsweek Magazine)

IRA Birmingham bombers could escape court while police could be charged writes STEPHEN GLOVER (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: Ding Zilin, Founder of Tiananmen Mothers, is Silenced by Chinese Police (New York Times - Paywall)

'Britain's worst paedophile' Richard Huckle admits scores of attack on children (Daily Mail)

UCLA murder-suicide shooting leaves two dead on campus (Guardian)

Unbelievable video shows 3 children fall out the back of a moving car in China (Daily Mail)

Indiana Man Charged With 3 Murders in Four-Day 'Purge' (NBC News)

Golf tournament move angers Trump (BBC)

Who Is the Judge Trump Keeps Bashing in His University Case? (NBC News)

Germany conflicted on how to handle Brexit (BBC)

Paul Simon on happiness, death and Donald Trump (BBC)

Parramatta training school sexual abuse case sees two men in their 70s arrested (Daily Mail)

Photo shows Space Station and Mercury simultaneously passing in front of the sun (Daily Mail)

At least 6 dead in al-Shabab attack on Somalia hotel (CBS News)

Isle of Wight police end investigation over skeleton as tests show it's 2,000 years old (Daily Mail)

Shabab Attack on Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, Kills Over a Dozen (New York Times - Paywall)

CCTV video at National Watch and Clock Museum shows timepiece falling from a wall (Daily Mail)

Gunmen kill at least 15 in attack on Mogadishu hotel (Guardian)

'It's dangerous that's why I like it' Helicopter flies over erupting VOLCANO (Daily Express)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Mother was a MILLIMETRE from death after dog tried to rip her throat out (Daily Express)

Therapy tricks the body into thinking cancer is an invading virus and mounts attack (Daily Mail)

UK weather feels colder than Christmas, despite being first day of June (Daily Mail)

Brazil protesters, police clash outside presidency office (Fox News)

Apple could only release major iPhone updates every THREE years instead of two (Daily Mail)

Video shows golfer falls backwards into pond after taking swing at edge of the water (Daily Mail)

Hilarious video shows excited toddler as vacuum cleaner blows her hair (Daily Mail)

Boston police chase massive deer galloping through streets (Daily Mail)

Two major al-Shabaab leaders killed in US airstrike and raid by Somali forces (Guardian)

Tilaurakot Journal: India and Nepal in Not-Very-Enlightened Spat Over Buddha’s Childhood Home (New York Times - Paywall)

London knife battle captured on video in front of Streatham cyclist and schoolchildren (Daily Mail)

Muslim-majority Mauritania man crushes 8 elderly women to death while handing money to poor (Daily Mail)

Thai Officials Find 40 Dead Cubs in Freezer at Tiger Temple (New York Times - Paywall)

First Residents Return to Fort McMurray After Wildfire (New York Times - Paywall)

Moose on the loose sprints through the streets in Massachusetts video (Guardian)

Why visitors stopped coming to this island (CNN)

Royal Troon to vote on women members (BBC)

Residents make first return to fire-damaged western Canadian oil city (Fox News)

"Nuestro amigo": Some Latinos see Trump as friend, ally (CBS News)

Two dead in apparent murder-suicide at UCLA video (Guardian)

Video shows Dr Pimple Popper pulls an EYEBALL-like cyst out of a man's back (Daily Mail)

Video shows elk charging tourist as she takes a photo (Daily Mail)

The Most Shocking Parts of the Trump University Sales Playbook' (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Amazon Echo, Not the iPhone, May be the Key to Internet's Future (Newsweek Magazine)

Kent lorry stopped by police reveals stowaway migrants from Albania (Daily Mail)

Putin targets west in social media attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Univ. Staffers Describe 'Fraudulent Scheme' (NBC News)

Trump University: the proving ground for Donald Trump's campaign pitch (Guardian)

Syria crisis: first aid convoy enters besieged Darayya since 2012 (Guardian)

Trump to visit Britain this month (CBS News)

Saudi Court Sentences 14 to Death in Attacks on Security Forces (New York Times - Paywall)

Hague tribunal continues trial of dead Hezbollah commander (Guardian)

Dad captures son's hilarious reaction to his first rollercoaster ride in Oklahoma City (Daily Mail)

Al-Shabab Ringleader of Garissa Attack Killed in Somalia (Newsweek Magazine)

Dozens of dead tiger cubs found in Thai temple freezer (CBS News)

Donald Trump backs Brexit and risks a new fight with David Cameron (Daily Mail)

US survey shows dramatic rise in acceptance of same-sex relationships (Guardian)

Why Third-Party Candidates Are Doomed At Least This Year (Newsweek Magazine)

Rio de Janeiro teen raped by 33 men relives her horrific attack on Brazilian TV (Daily Mail)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Supporters Pin Hopes on Lame-Duck Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

Tennis' first $100 million man (CNN)

EU Immigration And The UK: 8 Facts You Need To Know (Huffington Post)

How Major Parties Will Face the EU Referendum (Newsweek Magazine)

Video shows Carnell van driver in vicious road rage attack on the M5 Staffordshire (Daily Mail)

EU Triggers Legal Process to End Polish Court Standoff (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Young EU Campaigners Clash Over Fate Of Universities After Brexit (Huffington Post)

Letter From Europe: Drawing Lessons From the Scottish Referendum as E.U. Vote Nears (New York Times - Paywall)

Duterte's Inner Circle Shows Up in New Philippine Cabinet (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mali: Four Killed in Suspected Al-Qaeda Attack on U.N. Bases (Newsweek Magazine)

Renewable energy smashes global records in 2015, report shows (Guardian)

Trump lands in Britain after Brexit D-Day (Financial Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere: Chinese Prosecutors Investigate Beijing Police Over Death of Detained Man (New York Times - Paywall)

World's longest rail tunnel opens with theatrical parade video (Guardian)

Forty dead tiger cubs found in freezer at Thai temple (Guardian)

"Wise" Trump wins praise from unlikely source (CBS News)

Poland gets official warning from EU over constitutional court changes (Guardian)

Gorilla drags boy through water at Cincinnati zoo video (Guardian)

State of the Art: Why the World Is Drawing Battle Lines Against American Tech Giants (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject 'dull Hillary' (Guardian)

PLOS One study shows women use Facebook more than men to talk about their spouse (Daily Mail)

Trump attacks judge overseeing Trump University case video (Guardian)

Timelapse footage of supercell storm in the sky over Kansas video (Guardian)

Donald Trump duels with journalists: 'Is a question an attack?' video (Guardian)

Fight or flight: surprise attack on Falluja poses dilemma for Islamic State (Guardian)

Road signs hacked in Texas: 'Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard' video (Guardian)

World's longest rail tunnel to open in Switzerland video (Guardian)

Gorilla drags 4-year-old in shocking video (CNN)

Why Falluja matters (CNN)

As many as 900 migrants feared dead in a week of Mediterranean shipwrecks (Los Angeles Times)

Britain's vote on whether to remain in the European Union may rank as its most important decision in decades (Los Angeles Times)

Why we worry about flying (CNN)

Why is the U.S. arming Vietnam? (CNN)

Why this plant is worth $50 billion (CNN)

Kidnapped Tennessee Girl Returns Home (NBC News)

Why do victims have criminal records? (CNN)