Wednesday, 22nd June 2016

World News

New gambling record: Betting on outcome of Brexit vote (CBS News)

Louisiana sheriffs deputy shot and killed during street stop (CBS News)

Archaeologist: "Exciting find" made on North Carolina island (CBS News)

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is a "world-class liar" (CBS News)

Daring South Pole rescue plane survives frozen 1,500-mile trip (CBS News)

Democrats hold Congress 'sit-in' protest to force gun control vote (BBC)

Euro 2016: Republic of Ireland stuns Italy (CNN)

Politicians Make Final Pledges as Brexit Campaign Enters Last Day (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nigel Farage pulls out of Channel 4's EU referendum debate just an hour before it was due to start (Daily Mail)

House Democrats hold sit-in protest over gun control video (Guardian)

Italy 0-1 Republic of Ireland, Euro 2016 RESULT: Robbie Brady header puts Martin O'Neill's side into last-16 against France (Daily Mail)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's sprawling desert mansion complete with swimming pool and ZOO is found abandoned amid claims the ISIS leader is on the run after U.S. airstrikes (Daily Mail)

Akala: focus on fear of others insults British people's intelligence video (Guardian)

Forward, forward , flip! Ukrainian tank topples over and lands on its roof as soldier tries to guide it onto the back of a lorry - and is nearly killed in the process (Daily Mail)

REVEALED: As Brussels chief rules out any reform, here are seven EU promises Cameron broke (Daily Express)

US election: Donald Trump attacks 'most corrupt' Hillary Clinton (BBC)

NATO chief weighs in on the Brexit debate (CBS News)

David Cameron got the 'maximum' from his EU renegotiation (Daily Mail)

Horrific video 'shows soldiers burying a man alive in Ukraine' (Daily Mail)

David Cameron accused of misleading voters over Turkey bid to join EU (Daily Express)

Read Hillary Clinton's Speech Attacking Donald Trump's Economic Policies (Time Magazine)

Singer killed by Taliban, police say (CNN)

Latest launch shows North Korea's missile program could be advancing (Fox News)

BREAKING: British drug smuggler Melissa Reid arrives back in UK (Daily Star)

Euro 2016: Ronaldo back to best, but ... (CNN)

British politicians make final appeals before Brexit vote (Fox News)

EU referendum live 'The Britain I love is better than this,' Gordon Brown says (Guardian)

How the world would change the UK votes for Brexit (Daily Mail)

How the UK could remain in the EU even if it votes to leave (Fox News)

House Democrats Hold Sit-In to Try to Force Gun Control Vote (NBC News)

EU Referendum: Is this the worst spelling error ever? (Daily Star)

Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons And Waitrose Shoppers Reveal Voting Intentions For EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on EU referendum trail (Daily Mail)

Brexit: Why Nigel Farage is The Fishermans Friend (Newsweek Magazine)

No skinny dipping please, I'm British | Peter Bradshaw (Guardian)

Europe considers implications of Brexit (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU referendum 2016: What CAN you do at a polling station? (Daily Express)

British woman accused of slashing ex-husband, trying to pull out his intestines (Fox News)

Election watchdog BAN free croissants plan to urge us to vote Remain (Daily Express)

Spanish Leader Faces Second Vote Since December (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea Missile Launch Portends Growing Capabilities (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jeremy Corbyn makes final referendum pitch to Labour voters (Guardian)

FINAL EU DEBATE LIVE: Paxman chairs as Brexit camp give last push before Referendum (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Nigel Farage pulls out of EU referendum debate hours before Brits go to polls (Daily Star)

ISIS militants push back in Syria, Iraq and Libya (Fox News)

EU referendum: Final push for votes on last day of campaign (BBC)

David Cameron makes final plea for Britain to vote to remain in the EU (Guardian)

WATCH: The seven most BIZARRE moments of the EU referendum campaign (Daily Express)

Iain Duncan Smith accuses David Cameron of EU 'colluding' over Turkey membership (Daily Mail)

Cute video shows polar bear ducking and diving as it mimics tourist at Dutch zoo (Daily Mail)

Little Ellie Butler told her grandparents she wanted to live with them for 'millions and millions and millions of years' before she was given back to the father who killed her (Daily Mail)

Euro 2016: Iceland 2-1 Austria highlights (BBC)

UK divided on eve of historic EU referendum (CNN)

Fallujah: Progress Against ISIS Reignites Hope for Relatives and Survivors of Iraq War (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Tries to Reset Race With Clinton Attack (NBC News)

Trump: Clinton 'has perfected the politics of personal profit' video (Guardian)

Why Some People in Scotland Really Hate Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Shocking video shows man climbing London's Tower Bridge smoking cigarettes (Daily Mail)

Medical plane on daring South Pole rescue mission makes first stop with patients (Fox News)

Euro 2016: Hungary 3-3 Portugal highlights (BBC)

EU foolish' to erect UK trade barriers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mob violence in lawless Paris as video shows 'woman tourist' viciously attacked (Daily Mail)

Would Brexit Cause Higher Mobile Roaming Charges? (Newsweek Magazine)

David Cameron accuses Michael Gove of having lost it' in EU referendum battle (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump accuses Clinton of 'deadly foreign policy' campaign live (Guardian)

Euro 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo flick breaks Euros record (BBC)

South Africa protests expose ANC rifts (Financial Times - Paywall)

The referendum race goes down to the wire: On the final day of campaigning, pollster admits its too close to call as its last survey finds Leave on 45% and Remain on 44% (Daily Mail)

Rescue flight leaves South Pole evacuating sick US worker (Daily Mail)

Trump tries to turn ire back on Clinton (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK's Trump moment (CNN)

Watch Beyoncé and Serena Williams Dance In Official Sorry' Video (Time Magazine)

Denial then panic: how the EU misjudged the British mood (Guardian)

Here's Why Tesla Is Getting Creamed By Wall Street Today (Time Magazine)

Thousands worldwide commemorate killed British lawmaker (Fox News)

'Brexit' Vote Will Change Europe, No Matter the Outcome (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Scottish neighbors taunt Trump with Mexican tricolor (CBS News)

House Democrats Stage Sit-In' to Demand Vote on Gun Control Bill (Newsweek Magazine)

Euro 2016: Brilliant Zoltan Gera goal for Hungary stuns Portugal (BBC)

Brexit Breaks Internet in 24-Hour Dash to the Finish (Newsweek Magazine)

£12k-a-year TV scrounger wants UK to remain in EU so he can get EVEN more in benefits (Daily Star)

European Central Bank preparing for Brexit (Daily Express)

Three Lions' fans fork out £17k to see England's do-or-die' match in Euro 2016 (Daily Star)

EU CANNOT go on like this: German finance minister admits Brussels MUST change (Daily Express)

Daily Star readers back Brexit as Boris Johnson says Leave 'on verge of winning' (Daily Star)

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Poll puts Leave SEVEN POINTS ahead of Remain hours before referendum (Daily Express)

Why is lightning killing so many Indians? (BBC)

The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know (BBC)

Jo Cox Memorial: Outrage After Planes Flying Brexit Banners Pass 'Repeatedly' Over Event (Huffington Post)

EU referendum: Juncker in 'out is out' warning to UK (BBC)

Risky attempt to rescue sick worker at South Pole underway (CBS News)

Essential Brexit guide giving 20 reasons why you should choose to leave EU (Daily Mail)

France Limits Labor Bill Protests Amid Euro 2016 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Children With Dyslexia And Reluctant Readers Are Inspired By Liz Pichon's Unique Books (Huffington Post)

Betting on Britain's high-stakes EU vote breaks record (Fox News)

US and Japan request urgent UN meeting on North Korea launch (Fox News)

North Korea Missile Launches Prompt U.N. Security Council Meeting (Newsweek Magazine)

Norway sees migration soar but says it's better outside the EU (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clintons Personal Record and Policies (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Attacks Clinton as 'World-Class Liar' (NBC News)

EU Referendum Latest News: Michael Gove Apologises For 'Clumsy' Comparison Of Nazis And Economic Experts (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Pumps the Coal Industry for Campaign Cash (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit: How long will we be shackled to the EU if we vote to leave? (Daily Express)

Read Donald Trump's Speech Criticizing Hillary Clinton on Foreign Policy (Time Magazine)

3 Reasons Why Elon Musk Wants to Combine Tesla and SolarCity (Time Magazine)

Shocking leaked video shows soldier being buried alive (Daily Star)

Read Hillary Clinton's Speech Criticizing Donald Trump's Business Record (Time Magazine)

Tim Farron Raps John Barnes Tribute On EU Referendum Campaign (Huffington Post)

Brexit prompts 'unprecedented increase' in adultery and chlamydia in City workers (Daily Express)

The return of Project Fear: how hope got sidelined in EU vote (Guardian)

Operation Croissant Is France's Last-Ditch Attempt To Encourage Brits To Vote Remain In The EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

Major blow for Cameron as EU boss tells PM: There'll be NO more reform if you Remain (Daily Express)

Worker Tomas Suchy was killed by falling one-ton 'wall' of frozen fish (Daily Mail)

Teenage girls who climbed onto train tracks in South Wales told 'You could be killed' (Daily Mail)

Trump empire gets 17% of campaign cash (CNN)

EU Referendum: A View From Europe As 'Brexit' Vote Looms (Huffington Post)

The EU Referendum Campaign's Last Day Has Been Bonkers (Huffington Post)

Euro 2016: Sex-mad Euro Stacey wants to tackle lads even when there is no footie on (Daily Star)

Rare and risky South Pole medical rescue hits crucial point (CBS News)

New violence erupts on outskirts of South African capital (Fox News)

Why does it cost $8 for a coffee here? (CNN)

North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Shows Signs of Progress, Analysts Say (New York Times - Paywall)

It's James Bond vs. Batman's Butler in Brexit Battle (NBC News)

EU Approves Common Border Agency (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ukip Hemel Hempstead EU Flyer Is Peak Referendum (Huffington Post)

EU migration: Racist to complain? (CNN)

Hungary critical of EU agreement to extend Russian sanctions (Fox News)

REVEALED: The £44 MILLION EU museum vanity project YOU are paying for (Daily Express)

Leading Islamic association calls on Britain's Muslims to vote to REMAIN in EU (Daily Express)

Brexit in the making: Timeline of the road to the EU referendum (Daily Express)

Forget the polls...psychic Otto the Octopus uses powers to predict Brexit vote outcome (Daily Star)

Euro 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo throws reporter's microphone into lake (BBC)

EU Referendum map reveals the most and least Eurosceptic areas of Britain (Daily Mail)

Victoria and David Beckham back REMAIN ahead of EU referendum (Daily Mail)

Brexit spreads across Europe: Italy, France, Holland and Denmark ALL call for referendums (Daily Express)

Banks eye Frankfurt in case of Brexit (Financial Times - Paywall)

Will Tech Elites Join Peter Thiel in Supporting Donald Trump? (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch Live: Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton in Major Speech (Time Magazine)

Remain campaigner 'does not fear' migration from Turkey as she pushes for EU expansion (Daily Express)

Plane makes risky journey to south pole to rescue sick worker (Guardian)

UN says response to violence in its South Sudan camp marred by confusion (Guardian)

Donald Trump to Launch 'Full-Frontal Assault' on Clinton (NBC News)

Russian 'spy' gives view inside Kim Jong-un's North Korea (Daily Mail)

Politicians Make Final Appeals on Eve of Brexit' Referendum (Time Magazine)

Exclusive: Nato chief says UK staying in the EU is key to fighting terrorism (Guardian)

See extreme divide of rich and poor in South Africa (Daily Mail)

Furious voter brands Remain 'arrogant' over its 'negative' EU campaign (Daily Express)

Why Brexit Would Harm the U.K.-U.S. Special Relationship (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Looks to Brand Hillary Clinton as a Failure (Time Magazine)

EU referendum: Can you draw your opinion? (BBC)

BREAKING: EU to hold talks with Turkey over Brussels membership NEXT WEEK (Daily Express)

As the pound see-saws over Brexit vote should you buy holiday money today? (Daily Mail)

Brexit Could Be Death Knell for Londons Tech City (Newsweek Magazine)

Farage's final rallying call: It's us versus the Establishment - go and vote for Britain' (Daily Express)

Turkey Detains ISIS Suspects Over Plot To Attack Transgender Rally (Newsweek Magazine)

When we will know referendum result? (BBC)

Why this is the hot new investment (CNN)

Automated Twitter accounts threaten to influence Britain's EU referendum (Daily Mail)

The Latest: EU approves new border and coast guard (Fox News)

Italy's 5 Star Movement Calls for Euro Referendum (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Twin Mississippi politicians fight imminent anti-LGBT law video (Guardian)

How The 'Ground War', And Digital Targeting, Will Decide The EU Referendum Result (Huffington Post)

David Cameron insists immigration CAN be curbed within the EU (Daily Mail)

EU referendum: Footie stars may be booted out after Brexit vote, warns Premier League boss (Daily Star)

Euro 2016: Sexy TV presenter vows to strip if Italy go all the way (Daily Star)

EU referendum: are you in or out? live debate (Guardian)

Cyril The Squirrel Rescued From 'Death Row' in Woolwich, South London (Huffington Post)

Mystery Man Runs Pro-Immigration Brexit Ad In Newspaper (Newsweek Magazine)

Latest Brexit Polls: Remain And Leave Are Neck And Neck In EU Referendum Vote (Huffington Post)

Bodies of Nepalese guards killed in Kabul flown back (Fox News)

EU Referendum: Road Forward to Diversity and Solidarity (Huffington Post)

Boris Johnson says the EU would be 'insane' to punish us for Brexit (Daily Mail)

'Brexit will NOT solve immigration' Clegg tells voters not to be 'fooled' into leaving EU (Daily Express)

Euro 2016: England will not scare anyone - Alan Shearer (BBC)

Gun owners on why they oppose background checks video (Guardian)

Brits panic buying Euros ahead of looming Brexit vote - sales up 381% (Daily Star)

Jeremy Corbyn's friend blasts his EU turnaround after 40 YEARS of Brexit campaigning (Daily Express)

Will Brexit take the NHS to breaking point? cartoon (Guardian)

Euro 2016: Pub owner ordered to remove England flags for health and safety' (Daily Star)

What Does Your Name Say About Your Referendum Vote? (Newsweek Magazine)

Over half of FTSE bosses back Remain as they warn jobs ARE at risk if we go for Brexit (Daily Mail)

Why Brexit Would Be Good News for Refugees - More Control Means More Compassion (Huffington Post)

British Airways suspends flights to Sharm el-Sheikh INDEFINITELY amid terror fears (Daily Express)

Missile failures: Will N. Korea admit defeat? (CNN)

North Korea missiles 'a serious threat' after new tests (BBC)

Euro 2016: Pick the best starting XI of the group stage (BBC)

A look back at months of EU campaigning ... in minutes (BBC)

Why vote's so close (CNN)

Michael Gove compares anti-Brexit experts to Nazis in latest EU gaffe (Daily Star)

Germany Fires Oracle Koala After Failed Euro 2016 Predictions (Newsweek Magazine)

When Jeff Sessions Calls, Donald Trump Listens (Newsweek Magazine)

Why CEOs Are Becoming Political Figures (Time Magazine)

'When's he going to stop fibbing?' Brexit campaigner calls out PM over 'bullying' campaign (Daily Express)

Michael Jackson's secret underage sex closet revealed in Neverland raid video (Daily Mail)

Is It Racist To Complain About EU Migration? (Newsweek Magazine)

Is It Racist to Complain About EU Migration? (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea carries out TWO missile tests but at one failed say South Korea (Daily Mail)

Judge who sent Ellie Butler back to the father who killed her REFUSES to apologise (Daily Mail)

Boris And Gove Are The 'Gravediggers Of British Prosperity,' Says Sir John Major (Huffington Post)

Dozens Killed by Lightning Strikes in India Amid Monsoon Thunderstorms (Time Magazine)

EU referendum: Trade curbs 'foolish' if UK votes Leave, says German industry (BBC)

Despite Losing Territory ISIS is Not Vanquished Yet, U.S. Officials Say (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea makes apparent progress with midrange missile (Fox News)

Game of Thrones: Why Women Will Rule Westeros When the Show Ends (Newsweek Magazine)

Japan condemns 'provocation' as North Korea tests two medium-range missiles (Guardian)

N. Korea fires two test missiles (CNN)

Daily Mail And Mirror Finally Reveal Which Side They're Backing In EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

Her Maj issues EU challenge: 'Give me three GOOD reasons to stay' (Daily Star)

Hilarious video shows golden retriever transfixed by football match on TV (Daily Mail)

Why Britain could have a great future outside a broken EU (Daily Mail)

British drug smuggler Melissa Reid released from prison in Peru video (Guardian)

EU Referendum: Break Up or Make Up? (Huffington Post)

Everything You Wanted To Know About The EU Referendum But Were Afraid To Ask (Huffington Post)

Yvette Cooper Death Threat Probe After Twitter Troll Told MP To Stop Sending EU 'Propaganda Emails' (Huffington Post)

EU referendum 2016: What happens if Britain votes against Brexit and stays in the EU? (Daily Star)

U.S. general: No strategy against ISIS (CNN)

Boko Haram Splinters With ISIS Over Child Suicide Bombers: U.S. General (Newsweek Magazine)

Queen asks dinner guests for 'three good reasons' why Britain should be in EU (Daily Mail)

Canadian Plane Lands at the South Pole In Risky Mission to Rescue Sick Worker (Time Magazine)

'Great British Bake Off' Winner Nadiya Hussain Criticised For 'Misrepresenting Bangladeshi Culture' (Huffington Post)

North Korea Fires 2 More Ballistic Missiles: Officials (NBC News)

Insult, provoke, repeat: how Donald Trump became America's Hugo Ch vez (Guardian)

Britain's immigration crisis: How leaving the EU could change this (Daily Star)

Brexit first week: What happens if Britain votes to leave the EU? (Daily Star)

Super-fit grandfather killed after being hit by a speed boat in idyllic Malta bay (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Leaders scramble in day before EU referendum (Fox News)

FTSE 100 Bosses Urge Britons to Reject EU Brexit' (Newsweek Magazine)

Euro 2016 Catch-Up (BBC)

FREXIT: Now Marine Le Pen promises France their OWN referendum from DECAYING' EU (Daily Express)

French cement firm LaFarge paid taxes to ISIS to protect its business in Syria (Daily Mail)

Rescue Flight Lands at South Pole to Evacuate Sick Worker (New York Times - Paywall)

UK business leaders ask workers to vote to stay in EU (Fox News)

EU landmarks lit up with pro-REMAIN messages as Europe makes desperate bid to sway Britain (Daily Express)

EU is not so sweet: UK sugar maker Tate and Lyle urges workers to BACK BREXIT (Daily Express)

Police launch inquiry into whether Ellie's younger sibling video was linked to mother (Daily Mail)

North Korea rebuked over missile launches (Financial Times - Paywall)

Believe in BRITAIN' Boris Johnson launches final Brexit push on eve of EU referendum (Daily Express)

Jaguar shot dead just hours after posing with Olympic torch in Brazil video (Guardian)

Donald Trump and the Mystery of His 'Mad Men' Ad Agency (NBC News)

Why Brexit Poses a Huge Risk to Charities and Volunteering (Huffington Post)

Euro 2016: Northern Ireland's agonising wait ends in last-16 joy (BBC)

EU To Extend Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

N Korea conducts mid-range missile tests (BBC)

EU referendum: Leave and Remain clash in BBC Great Debate (BBC)

Jo Cox Killed Because of Her Political Views: Husband (Newsweek Magazine)

Michael Gove Makes Nazi Jibe At Economic Experts Warning Against Brexit (Huffington Post)

Polish football fans handcuffed by French police at Euro 2016 in Marseille (Daily Mail)

North Korea Fires 2nd Missile After Earlier Test Fails (New York Times - Paywall)

Police find body of missing British tourist Sam Alger in Viladecans, near Barcelona (Daily Mail)

Jaguar killed at Olympic torch event (CBS News)

Europeans living here have their say on Brexit vote (Daily Mail)

Turkey says David Cameron is their 'chief supporter' for EU membership (Daily Mail)

Countdown begins to EU D-Day: Brits braced for most important vote in modern times (Daily Star)

Leave and Remain clash in BBC's Great Debate video highlights (Guardian)

EU referendum: Horny Brits shun vote for Brexit BONKATHON (Daily Star)

Plane lands at South Pole to evacuate sick worker at US science station (Daily Mail)

Italy's Matteo Renzi calls on Britons not to make 'wrong choice' over EU (Guardian)

Don't vote remain for us Europeans do it for yourselves | Matteo Renzi (Guardian)

Dad of Briton accused of trying to shoot Donald Trump contacted US embassy before arrest (Daily Express)

What Donald Trump told CBS News about fundraising (CBS News)

Clinton: Trump will "bankrupt America" (CBS News)

FBI: Indiana teen planned to join ISIS (CBS News)

Lost in France: the Britons facing Brexit limbo (Guardian)

Senior figures set to criss-cross UK in final day of referendum campaign (Guardian)

Newspaper headlines: EU referendum 'too close to call' (BBC)

British tourist who vanished from Spanish nightclub found dead (Daily Star)

The most ridiculous moments of the EU referendum (BBC)

New migration woe: Now HUNDREDS of Brazilians 'fraudulently obtaining EU passports' (Daily Express)

Plane lands at South Pole for medical rescue mission (CBS News)

Britain's meal ticket? Food and drink at heart of referendum debate (Guardian)

Feds arrest Indianapolis-area teen accused of trying to join ISIS (CBS News)

Two Californian Men Convicted of Trying to Aid ISIS (Time Magazine)

Clinton portrays Trump as a con man (CBS News)

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is raising "blood money" (CBS News)

'Brexit' Campaigns Begin Final Push; Polls Suggest Vote Too Close to Call (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fuller Picture Emerges of Man Arrested at Trump Rally (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump: money raised by Hillary Clinton is 'blood money' as it happened (Guardian)

S. Korea: North Korea fires powerful new mid-range missile (CBS News)

Anjem Choudary backs Remain as EU 'stops prosecution of Islamists' (Daily Star)

Friend: Man who wanted to kill Donald Trump needs mental help (CBS News)

ISIS losing its grip on the Iraqi city of Fallujah (CBS News)

Tate & Lyle tells staff they should consider voting to leave in EU referendum (Daily Mail)

EU Referendum: How to vote on polling day (BBC)

Radical Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary for Remain as EU 'stops prosecution of Islamists' (Daily Express)

3 suspected ISIS suicide bombers arrested in Turkey (Daily Mail)

North Korea Just Launched Another Missile (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson and Ruth Davidson embrace after EU referendum debate (Daily Mail)

British drug mule expelled from Peru after prison release (Fox News)

EU referendum: More than 1,280 business leaders sign letter (BBC)

EU referendum: Tate & Lyle Sugars joins campaign to leave EU (BBC)

Donald Trump Has a History of Question Others' Religion (NBC News)

South Pole medical evac underway (CNN)

British car industry will 'thrive' outside EU, say Leave campaigners (Daily Express)

Many Pro-Government Troops in Libya Killed in Fight With ISIS for Surt (New York Times - Paywall)

Will Brexit impact your 401k? (CBS News)

North Korea Tests 2 Mid-Range Missiles, Officials Say (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: North Korea launches two missiles capable of reaching US territory (Daily Star)

Video shows China bank staff being spanked (CBS News)

North Korea fires 2 suspected midrange ballistic missiles, officials say (Fox News)

Warmer winters play important role in EU emissions drop (BBC)

BREAKING: North Korea leader Kim Jong-un launches two missiles but BOTH fail (Daily Express)

Rob Watson explains what could happen after the EU Referendum. (BBC)

1,200 business leaders back remain in EU referendum vote (Guardian)

See highlights of BBC's EU Great Debate from Wembley (BBC)

BREAKING: Three ISIS suspects held over gay pride terror attack plot (Daily Star)

Indiana Teen Accused of Trying to Fly Overseas to Help ISIS (Time Magazine)

REVEALED: Taxpayers to fork out £29BILLION on schooling for children of EU migrants (Daily Express)

High power bills? The EU is to BLAME, says top energy analyst (Daily Express)

Euro 2016 cheat sheet: Croatia hit Spain (Financial Times - Paywall)

Indiana girl killed in summer camp lightning strike (CBS News)

Euro 2016: Northern Ireland join England and Wales in last 16 (BBC)

Clinton criticizes Trump on the economy (CNN)

Le Pen seeks mileage from Brexit debate (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Woos Evangelicals With Promise to Protect Religious Freedom (Newsweek Magazine)

Why These People Are Upset About Apple's Latest Updates (Time Magazine)

In Germany, fears that a British exit could be 'the beginning of the end of the EU' (Los Angeles Times)

One of Brexit's biggest donors is an ex-BNP member who has given £600,000 to Vote Leave (Daily Mail)

Croatia shocks Euro champion Spain (CNN)

South Korean news agency says North Korea fires new missile (Fox News)

Euro 2016: Wayne Rooney surprised at omission, Roy Hodgson defends selection (BBC)

Cameron: Brexit would be permanent (CNN)

Brexit would be act of 'self-harm': Juncker's OUTRAGEOUS plea for Britain to Remain (Daily Express)

WATCH: 'Can YOU name the presidents of the EU?' Andrea Leadsom savages 'undemocratic' EU (Daily Express)

Euro 2016: Tiny N. Ireland upsets odds (CNN)

BBC's Big Referendum Come Dancing Debate ends in a goalless draw (Guardian)

YouTube's viral hoax star Lonelygirl15 takes internet by storm with new video (Daily Mail)

Euro 2016: Who can qualify for the last 16? (BBC)

Carla Rom ra says SHE's French girl serenaded by Irish fans in Euro 2016 video (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson Uses Haggis Export Restrictions To Argue With Ruth Davidson At BBC EU Referendum Debate (Huffington Post)

Clinton slams Trump's economic plan and financial record video (Guardian)

British MP killed for her views: Widower (CNN)

'Why Brexit should worry Trump' (CNN)

BBCs Brexit Debate: Five Things We Learned (Newsweek Magazine)

EU Referendum: Davidson and Johnson close Great Debate (BBC)

Boris Johnson Accused Of Leading 'Project Hate' During Fiery BBC EU Referendum Debate (Huffington Post)

MSF says UN failed to protect civilians in South Sudan (Fox News)

Inmate charged with murder after child killer was killed in Long Lartin Prison (Daily Mail)

Escaped ISIS sex slave tells of horrors (CNN)

Winston Churchill wouldn't have wanted us to quit the EU (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson And Ruth Davidson Shouted At Each Other At BBC EU Referendum Debate (Huffington Post)

Netherlands drops case against man suspected of killing Isis fighters (Guardian)

George Soros says pound fall after Brexit would be bigger than 'Black Wednesday' (Daily Mail)

Watch nerdy fathers try on (and fall in love with) SKINNY JEANS in video (Daily Mail)

'cone-headed' skull from ancient Silla culture discovered in Korea (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson promises to apologise if Brexit ends in recession (Daily Mail)

Clinton: Trump Would 'Bankrupt America' Like One of His Casinos (NBC News)

Dangerous South Pole rescue mission underway for sick contractor (CBS News)

Queen asks dinner guests: Give me three 'GOOD reasons' to stay in the EU (Daily Express)

'It can be OUR Independence Day' Johnson's rousing speech ahead of historic referendum (Daily Express)

Euro 2016: Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany highlights (BBC)

Meet the Colorado Christian High School Teacher Trying to Take Down Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Michael Gove Scores Own Goal, Saying Ex-England Footballer John Barnes Backs Brexit (Huffington Post)

David Cameron pleads with voters not to use EU referendum to punish him (Daily Mail)

Dutch the North Yorkshire Police dog nearly bowls over handler after reunion (Daily Mail)

Trump would bankrupt US, says Clinton (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trainer seen on video spanking bankers for poor performance (CBS News)

Brexit polls show Leave EU two points ahead but another gives Remain advantage (Daily Mail)

Swedish politician sparks outrage over South African hunting pictures posted online (Daily Mail)

Medical plane on daring rescue mission lands at South Pole (Fox News)

Left Wing Case for Brexit Rooted in Prejudice and Fear (Newsweek Magazine)

Jo Cox's Husband Brendan Says Labour MP Was Killed Because Of Her Strong Political Beliefs (Huffington Post)

How a Continental European in the UK Feels About the EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

Could Australia swing the UK's EU vote? (BBC)

EU Referendum Prompts Many People To Argue They Actually DON'T Want Their Country Back (Huffington Post)

Samantha Bee Takes Down the GOP, and It's Not Just Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Father branded a 'racist b******' for flying England flags from his car for Euro 2016 (Daily Mail)

Dangerous rescue mission for sick man at South Pole (CBS News)

Euro 2016: Cant We Just Be Happy With England? (Newsweek Magazine)

Taking on Isis in Iraqi Kurdistan: The Female Fighters of the Peshmerger (Huffington Post)

Germanys Finance Minister Has Sympathy for Brexit Case (Newsweek Magazine)

Frankie Boyle Imagines State Of Britain If 'Vote Leave' Win EU Referendum (Huffington Post)

Managing Uncertainty in the Workplace: A Potential Brexit Is Not the Only Change Employees Face (Huffington Post)

EU Referendum Rick Edwards Podcast Cuts Through The Confusion For Young People (Huffington Post)

Why Historic 'Brexit' Vote Matters for the U.S. (NBC News)

Am I Registered To Vote In The EU Referendum? How To Check Your Voter Registration (Huffington Post)

ECB prepares for Brexit contingencies (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israel: Teen killed by mistake (CNN)

Glastonbury 2016: The Headliners, Weather Forecast and Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

Posh and Becks on Brexit ... (CNN)

Southern California brush fires rage on amid heatwave video (Guardian)

Donald Trump Dismisses Fundraising Gap With Clinton Campaign (Newsweek Magazine)

Will Donald Trump's shakeup matter? (CNN)

Euro 2016: Ukraine's Presidential Spokesman Cheers for Beloved' Wales (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korean Defectors’ Detention Is Unlawful, Human Rights Lawyers Say (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS Calls for Recruitment of Portuguese Brothers Ahead of Rio Olympics (Newsweek Magazine)

Clinton trounces Trump in money game (Financial Times - Paywall)

How Ben Butler went on TV in publicity campaign to win back daughter he killed (Daily Mail)

John Oliver's ode to the UK and EU (CNN)

Op-Ed Contributor: Who Is to Blame for Brexit’s Appeal? British Newspapers (New York Times - Paywall)

South Korea to continue questioning North Korean 'defectors' (Guardian)

Orlando shows Isis propaganda challenge (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU to extend sanctions against Russia (Guardian)

Who's more godly, Trump or Clinton? Christian voters speak out video (Guardian)

Man grabbed policeman's gun at Las Vegas rally and said he wanted to kill Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

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