Tuesday, 26th July 2016

World News

ISIS knifemen film themselves murdering French priest in Normandy attack (Daily Mail)

Democrats set for historic nomination of Hillary Clinton (BBC)

Priest killed in ISIS-inspired attack (CNN)

Clinton to become first female nominee from major party (CNN)

California Man Arrested After Touching' Justin Timberlake, Authorities Say (Time Magazine)

About 20 pct of Russias Olympic team barred from Rio (CBS News)

Unmarked police car in London on emergency call injures two when it crashes into diners (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump pledges to destroy ISIS and blames Obama for creating sick jihadis (Daily Express)

Brit beauty who died during Pakistan holiday 'was killed for marrying outside family' (Daily Star)

First lady electrifies crowd (CNN)

Dash cam video shows Cleveland police shoot dead a prisoner who opened fire at officers (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis condemns 'all forms of hatred' following ISIS murder of French Catholic priest (Daily Mail)

Beauty queen stabbed by mum with steak knife as she slept (Daily Star)

Analysis: ISIS war on Christianity (CNN)

Essex builder who strangled his partner to death is found guilty of murdering another woman (Daily Mail)

Cornish town begs police chiefs not to move their popular beat bobby Mike Friday (Daily Mail)

German security guard tells of moment he turned away ISIS Ansbach suicide bomber (Daily Mail)

Man accused of murdering Mr Scotland bodybuilder two weeks before victim's wedding (Daily Express)

Isis terror spreads to Normandy (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bill Clinton embraces his role (CNN)

Priest 'Assassinated' in Church Terror Attack (NBC News)

Unpopular Hollande faces new test after latest attack in France (CBS News)

ISIS terror warning: London and Washington NEXT to be attacked, jihadists claim (Daily Star)

Democrats Set to Nominate Hillary Clinton for President (NBC News)

Clinton Backers to Michelle Obama: We Want More (NBC News)

Watch Bill Clinton Speak at Four Decades of Democratic Conventions (Time Magazine)

Kentish Town restaurant diners struck by unmarked police car (BBC)

Hillary Clinton Set to Receive Historic Nomination (Time Magazine)

Mass Killing in Japan Shocks a Gentle Nation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bradford woman Samia Shahid's Pakistan death 'was murder' (BBC)

Natalie Wood's sister reveals she's received death threats to lay off Robert Wagner (Daily Mail)

CCTV 'shows Japanese knife attacker Satoshi Uematsu' (BBC)

Driver arrested after teen 'cyclist knocked over and killed in hit-and-run' tragedy (Daily Mail)

India Chipchase: Murder suspect kept newspaper clippings of women who looked like exes (Daily Star)

ISIS suicide bomber warns Europe will be blitzed with car bombs in beyond-the-grave video (Daily Star)

English churches given £2.4million to protect themselves from attack (Daily Express)

Roger Federer to miss Rio Olympics (CNN)

ISIS Says Its ‘Soldiers’ Attacked Church in France, Killing Priest (New York Times - Paywall)

The Tragic History Behind Michael Jordan's Statement on Police Shootings (Time Magazine)

French church where jihadis slaughtered priest was on an ISIS 'hit list' (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN on ISIS' attack on a Normandy Catholic church and immigration (Daily Mail)

Priest murdered during Mass in terror attack on Catholic church in France (Fox News)

Normandy nun escaped before ISIS jihadis beheaded priest Jaques Hamel (Daily Mail)

Teen girl, 14, dies after being raped for SECOND time by SAME man on bail (Daily Star)

Known ISIS jihadists were allowed to murder priest Jacques Hamel in France (Daily Mail)

Dad Behind Pro-Donald Trump USA Freedom Kids' Plans to Sue Campaign (Time Magazine)

Rio 2016: Russian drug cheats will still be at Olympics, say whistleblowers (BBC)

Nighttime "Pokemon Go" session traps man in mud pit (CBS News)

Jacques Hamel, 85, a Beloved French Priest, Killed in His Church (New York Times - Paywall)

Roger Federer to miss Rio 2016 Olympics and rest of season with knee injury (BBC)

2 South Carolina Soldiers Killed Defending Woman at Bar (NBC News)

Black Lives Matter Mothers to Address DNC (NBC News)

Malawi police arrest HIV-infected man who was paid to have sex with more than 100 girls (Daily Mail)

Video of a deaf 3-month-old baby from Perth hearing a rattle for the first time (Daily Mail)

Sanders may nominate Clinton -- source (CNN)

Why are women always encouraged to have vaginal births when there are risks? (Daily Mail)

France church attack: Priest killed by two 'IS soldiers' (BBC)

Video of Chinese firefighter leaping to save a suicidal man who faints due to heat stroke (Daily Mail)

HIV-positive man called 'Hyena' who is paid to rape hundreds of teenage girls arrested (Daily Star)

Russian "fingerprints" left behind on DNC hack (CBS News)

Manchester abduction alert after 'white van man tried to snatch terrified 11-year-old boy' (Daily Star)

Kegworth car crash killed father days before Christmas after being distracted using WhatsApp (Daily Mail)

One of the ISIS knifemen who beheaded French priest was a convicted terrorist (Daily Mail)

Democratic Convention Beats Republicans in the Ratings on First Night (Time Magazine)

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on church and killing of elderly priest in France (Los Angeles Times)

Wolverhampton husband Paul Abbott bludgeoned his wife to death (Daily Mail)

U.S. to Support Talks in South China Sea Dispute (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

19 killed in Japan knife attack (CNN)

Residents: Oil militants attack Lagos suburb, battle police (Fox News)

Photos: Relentless Heckling Marks First Night of Democratic National Convention (Newsweek Magazine)

Bull charges at man during Mexican festival and is thrown 10ft into the air (Daily Mail)

Father has both his feet and right hand amputated after going to hospital with man flu (Daily Mail)

Man thrown off flight for 'drunkenly belching at fellow passengers' (Daily Star)

Fury as woman is caught performing sex act on man outside Halfords in front of two kids (Daily Star)

French Priest Killed in Hostage Attack Claimed by ISIS (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bangladesh Police Kill Nine Suspected Extremists in Dhaka Raid (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Michelle Obama's DNC Speech Matters (NBC News)

Woman goes on quest to find her dead son's organs after they were transplanted following his untimely death aged 25 - and discovers his heart went to her own family member (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics 2016: Eight more Russian athletes are banned from Games (BBC)

Boyfriend launches attack on girlfriend as their three-week old baby lay just feet away (Daily Mail)

An Impala escapes death from wild dogs and hippo only to be snapped up by a crocodile (Daily Mail)

Horror as man is shot at a shopping centre in Sweden (Daily Mail)

Refugee hacked to death in Calais 'Jungle' in vicious fight between 200 UK-bound migrant (Daily Mail)

Japan knife attacker reportedly wrote all disabled 'should cease to exist' (Fox News)

Will there be a terror attack in Britain? Fears over terrorism after ISIS attacks abroad (Daily Express)

Was Kylie Jenner too young to get fillers? Surgeon reveals best age to go under the knife (Daily Mail)

Clinton v Trump: who's in the lead? (Financial Times - Paywall)

Knife Attacker Wanted to Rid Japan of the Disabled, Authorities Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Women Who Helped Make Wolf Whistling A Hate Crime Have Now Been Bombarded With Sexist Abuse (Huffington Post)

FBI investigating DNC email hack as Trump pushes back (CBS News)

Michelle Obama champions Hillary Clinton during DNC speech (Daily Mail)

DNC Election Confessions: Bernie Fans Come to Terms (NBC News)

Rare mass killing raises questions about security in Japan (Fox News)

Fiancéee of Scottish bodybuilding champion who was stabbed to death in broad daylight reveals they were due to marry in two weeks (Daily Mail)

Uganda's Top Police Official Summoned Over Torture Allegations (Newsweek Magazine)

Former book-keeper accused of raping and murdering barmaid 'kept newspaper clippings of women who looked like his ex-girlfriends in his squalid home' (Daily Mail)

Man dies rescuing dog from wildfire, neighbor says (CBS News)

ISIS turns to encryption to elude western intel agencies (Fox News)

Indian teen raped, raped again, then killed (CNN)

#Issuetheinvoice: Women Demand Repayment From Men, But Is This A Triumph For Feminism? (Newsweek Magazine)

Former Olympic champ among canoeists to get Rio bans (CBS News)

Dozens of Russian athletes banned from Rio so far in doping scandal (Fox News)

Terrorist Attack In UK Is 'Highly Likely' Tribunal Hears (Huffington Post)

Elderly man threatened by bailiffs over parking ticket because he mistyped registration number (Daily Mail)

Bexhill man who stabbed his ex-partner at least 23 times is jailed for 24 years (Daily Mail)

China to adopt new app rules to monitor user accounts (BBC)

Paul Simon is mocked after shaky DNC performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water (Daily Mail)

Bernie Sanders pleads with supporters not to protest at the DNC (Daily Mail)

Cecile Richards: Tim Kaine Is An Incredible Ally for All Women (Time Magazine)

Pizza Hut job applicant pulls knife of staff members after being told manager was too busy (Daily Mail)

TalkSPORT's Georgie Bingham's stalker faked his own death in a bid to meet her (Daily Mail)

Japan knife attack leaves several dead and injured in Sagamihara centre for the disabled (Daily Mail)

Watch Stephen Colbert Rush the Stage at the DNC (Time Magazine)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child First Review (Newsweek Magazine)

Bold cameraman nearly melts to death by lava bombs on the edge of volcano (Daily Star)

Police smash car windows and use pepper spray to arrest car chase woman (Daily Star)

Israeli Tourist Gang-Raped in Northern India, Police Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia's judo squad allowed to compete at Rio 2016 Olympic Games despite doping scandal (Daily Mail)

Netherlands men top height table at just under 6ft while Guatemalan women are shortest (Daily Mail)

Malawi man arrested after describing sex with young girls (Fox News)

Watch first lady's full speech (CNN)

German man jailed for sexually abusing and murdering 2 refugee children (Daily Mail)

Obama and Clinton To Leave Legacy of Promoting Womens Rights Worldwide (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Undermines Everything Veterans Have Fought For (Time Magazine)

Erdogan to meet with Putin for the first time since flap over downed fighter jet (Fox News)

Why Trump will never be presidential (CNN)

Bill Clinton faces "high wire act" as he makes case for his wife (CBS News)

Police Reunite Traveler With Lost Turtle at NYC Bus Station (NBC News)

Tenerife police hunt for British man in connection with 'attempted double murder' (Daily Mail)

From a woman who performed a Caesarean on herself to a man who tried to remove his own adrenal glands, would YOU perform self-surgery if your life depended on it? (Daily Mail)

Russia Offers 'Four-Letter' Response to DNC Hack Claim (NBC News)

Woman mauled to death by tiger in animal park (CNN)

Too cute to bear! One-month-old twin cubs meet the public for the first time at Macao Giant Panda Pavilion (Daily Mail)

Why Experts Are Sure Russia Hacked the DNC Emails (NBC News)

Poll: No Post-Convention Bounce for Donald Trump (NBC News)

No surprise who's got his own emoji for Rio 2016... (CNN)

Olive Branch? Senior Sanders Aide Joins Clinton Campaign (NBC News)

Eva Longoria hits out at Donald Trump as she praises her veteran father (Daily Mail)

Vietnam says it prefers bilateral talks with China on SCS (Fox News)

Islamic State Attacks in Europe: A Rough Guide to ISIS Lone Wolves (Huffington Post)

Man Dances Enthusiastically At Wedding, Absolutely Stacks It Amid Boogying Guests (Huffington Post)

Kerry discusses DNC email hack with Russias top diplomat (CBS News)

Irish man and American woman publicly apologise and pay $60 fines after she performed a sex act on him in a busy Thailand street (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton Set to Be Named Democratic Nominee on Second Day of Convention (Newsweek Magazine)

Rio 2016: Jonnie Peacock in ParalympicsGB track and field team (BBC)

FIRST PICTURE: Baby-faced ISIS jihadi who slit Catholic priest's throat in Normandy church (Daily Express)

Normandy attack: Catholic church where priest was massacred was on ISIS terror 'hit list' (Daily Express)

Met Police chief's future in doubt over 'damning' Operation Midland report (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Hollande suspects IS in church attack (Fox News)

2 detained in Nice truck attack investigation (CBS News)

France siege: Church where priest, 84, throat slit found on ISIS jihadi's 'hit list' (Daily Star)

Three half-naked women scrap during back seat catfight as cabbie abandons car (Daily Star)

German police say shots fired at Berlin hospital (Fox News)

Democrats Pull Back From Brink on First Night of Convention (NBC News)

ISIS Suicide Bombing Sets Germany on Edge (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

France church attack: Priest killed near Rouen (BBC)

Before and after: How Rio has been transformed for Olympics (CNN)

Ranked: Tallest men and women by country (CNN)

Woman shares the VERY awkward message from a loved-up man she kissed in a bar (Daily Mail)

Ex-Employee Kills at Least 19 at Japan Facility for Disabled (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Latest: Hearses arrive at site of Japan knife attack (Fox News)

Japan knife attack: 19 killed at care centre in Sagamihara (BBC)

Sanders urges supporters to back Clinton (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russia offered not to send at least eight athletes with a doping history to Rio Olympic Games in bid to avoid blanket ban from the IOC (Daily Mail)

'F****** foreigner' Police launch probe after woman's racist rant is caught on camera (Daily Express)

Knifeman kills 19 at Japan care facility (Financial Times - Paywall)

Europe sees first Zika-related birth defect (CNN)

Cop Wounded, Man Fatally Shot During Gunbattle: LAPD (NBC News)

Food Standards Agency says raw eggs are safe for pregnant women to eat (Daily Mail)

Police set up UK's first eBay handover zone in Manchester as thousands fall victim to fraud and robberies online (Daily Mail)

Surrey sexy party host where man was killed moved to mansion after receiving £3.1m payout (Daily Mail)

'Drunken 53-year-old man is thrown off a Ryanair flight and arrested after BELCHING at a fellow passenger then collapsing onto a small child' (Daily Mail)

'Free fuel for women in bikinis': Petrol station blasted over shock offer (Daily Star)

Two Attackers, One Hostage Killed in Normandy Church (Time Magazine)

Two more men arrested in Nice attack (CNN)

Melbourne man writes bizarre note offering free dog walks (Daily Mail)

US election: Michelle Obama denounces Trump 'hate' (BBC)

'I had a knife to my throat' Brit trio taken hostage by knife-wielding pirates (Daily Star)

Half-naked Russian women brawl in the backseat of a taxi in China (Daily Mail)

Israel police raid arrests dozens of extremist soccer fans (Fox News)

Priest Killed After Normandy Church Knife Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Priest Killed After Hostages 'Taken By Men With Knives' At Church In Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray Normandy, France (Huffington Post)

Ten Killed in Somalia as Suicide Car Bomb Targets U.N. Mine Offices (Time Magazine)

Keep Your Mouth Closed: Aquatic Olympians Face a Toxic Stew in Rio (New York Times - Paywall)

Florida man hears his dead daughters heart beat inside boy who received a transplant (Daily Mail)

White House Offers Condolences After Mass Stabbing In Japan (Time Magazine)

Normandy church terror: ISIS knifemen slit throat of priest, 84, and take nuns hostage (Daily Express)

'To the German people, your country is killing you': Syrian suicide bomber - nicknamed 'Rambo' - appears in chilling ISIS video threatening that the West 'will never live peacefully' (Daily Mail)

France church siege: Priest has throat slit as cops kill knife-wielding ISIS jihadis (Daily Star)

German who killed 2 young boys sentenced to life in prison (Fox News)

Indian girl, 14, dies in Srinagar hospital after being raped for the second time by the same man (Daily Mail)

French Police Detain Two More in Terror Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's war on illegal drugs has already killed 300 people (Daily Mail)

Spanish Hospital Registers Europe's First Case of Zika-Related Microcephaly (Newsweek Magazine)

Somalia: At Least 13 Killed in Double Suicide Bombing Near Mogadishu Airport (Newsweek Magazine)

Solar Impulse 2 plane circles globe for first time and returns to UAE (Daily Mail)

Hatred Behind Japan Attacker's Stabbing Rampage (Time Magazine)

Hate Crime Spike Prompts Police Review And £2.4m Fund To Boost Security At Places Of Worship (Huffington Post)

Michael Sandford's Mother Pleads For US To Return Son Accused Of Trying To Kill Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Scarborough man accidentally paid £44,000 instead of £446 spends it on drugs, jewels and a car (Daily Mail)

Dozens of pro-Sanders demonstrators cited by police near DNC (CBS News)

BREAKING: Suicide attack 'kills 12' at international airport (Daily Express)

British National Dubbed Jihadi Jack' Denies Fighting For ISIS in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Sarah Silverman Brands Bernie Sanders Supporters 'Ridiculous' At DNC (Huffington Post)

The Latest: Officials seek stronger border control, police (Fox News)

Dutch Men, Latvian Women Are the Tallest in the World: Study (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Revels in DNC Disunity: 'What a Mess They Have' (NBC News)

Michelle Obama Fires Up DNC With Rousing Speech (NBC News)

Past mass killings in Japan (Fox News)

Police in Bangladeshs capital say 9 suspected Islamic militants killed (CBS News)

Michelle Obama's Speech Backing Hillary Clinton At Democratic National Convention Brings Audience To Tears (Huffington Post)

Michelle Obama Delivers Electric Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton At Democratic Convention (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: Two more arrests made in connection with Nice attack (Daily Star)

A History of Mass Killings in Japan (Time Magazine)

Kerry says US neutral on SCS, wants China to follow laws (Fox News)

Donald Trump 'Is a Liar All of the Time': Al Franken (NBC News)

Bangladesh: Police Kill Nine Militants Plotting New Massacre After Dhaka (Newsweek Magazine)

Knife attack at home for disabled in Japan stuns neighbors (Fox News)

How to be a protester at the DNC (CNN)

Bangladesh Police Kill Nine Suspected Militants (Time Magazine)

10 Russian Athletes Have Been Banned From Rio Olympics in Swimming and Rowing (Time Magazine)

Knife Attack at Center for Disabled Kills 19 Near Tokyo (New York Times - Paywall)

US election: Sanders says Clinton must be US president (BBC)

7/25: DNC kicks off with division over emails; Two dozen large fires burning in the West (CBS News)

Michelle Obama hits out at Donald Trump (BBC)

Rio 2016: Smith and Carlos give Black Power salute (BBC)

France Denies Trying to Suppress Evidence in Nice Attack Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bangladesh Police Kill 9 Militants in Gun Battle (New York Times - Paywall)

China Scolds Indian Government for Expelling 3 of Its Journalists (New York Times - Paywall)

Several dead, dozens injured in knife attack in Japan (CBS News)

US will team up with Putin to crush ISIS if Trump elected (Daily Star)

Meet the First Openly Transgender Speaker at a Party Convention (Time Magazine)

The First Openly Transgender Convention Speaker Talks to TIME (Time Magazine)

CCTV footage captures pensioner luring girl to see rabbits' before launching sex attack (Daily Express)

Solar-powered plane completes first round-the-world journey (CBS News)

Meet the women destroying their men's libido with their hunger for a baby (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton's campaign claim Russia hacked DNC computers to help Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Sanders endorses Clinton as supporters cry and chant (CNN)

Chilling CCTV shows pensioner lure girl to see rabbits before launching sex attack (Daily Star)

The Democratic Convention Has an Awkward First Night Telecast (Time Magazine)

North Yorkshire bride and husband killed in car crash returning from their wedding (Daily Mail)

Here Are 7 Things That Went Wrong on the Democratic Convention's First Day (Time Magazine)

Stepping in for weak ASEAN, Japan, Australia, US chide China (Fox News)

'Wouldn't it be nice if we got along?' Trump vows to form Putin alliance to crush ISIS (Daily Express)

Baby Born in Spain With Zika-Related Microcephaly is the First Known Case in Europe (Time Magazine)

Police: 55 cited for disorderly conduct near DNC (CBS News)

A Subdued Warren Makes Case Against Trump (NBC News)

The evolution of First Lady Michelle Obama (CBS News)

19 Killed, 25 Injured in Japan Stabbing Spree (NBC News)

Two killed in Fla. club shooting (CBS News)

Trump campaigns in Virginia on first day of DNC (CBS News)

Clinton campaign blames email hack on Russians (CBS News)

Michelle Obama Was the Real Star of the Democratic Convention's First Night (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton talks honesty on "60 Minutes" (CBS News)

Bangladesh police say 9 militants killed in raid in Dhaka (Fox News)

The Latest: Residents shocked by Japan knife attack (Fox News)

DNC Email Hack: Is Vladimir Putin Really Trying to Help Donald Trump? (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Would Consider Alliance With Russias Vladimir Putin Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Bernie Sanders Supporters Disrupt First First Day of DNC (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump rebrands 'Hillary Rotten Clinton' and says she has 'low energy' (Daily Mail)

Iran police arrest 150 boys and girls after birthday party in mixed-gender events crack down (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Takes the Lead Over Hillary Clinton in Latest Polls (Newsweek Magazine)

WATCH LIVE: All Eyes on Sanders' Supporters at Restless DNC (NBC News)

Rio 2016: Olympic village 'uninhabitable' (CNN)

Could Russia really be behind the DNC email hack? (CBS News)

Report: 15 dead, dozens injured in knife attack at disabled center in Japan (CBS News)

Moment a woman slips and grabs hold of a man's shorts on Fuzhou, China bus (Daily Mail)

Prince Harry Says He Regrets Not Discussing His Mother’s Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Surrey man dead and several injured after a private party (Daily Mail)

German Shepherd kicks off K-9 career with a sniff around the DNC (CBS News)

As ISIS Loosens Grip, U.S. and Iraq Prepare for Grinding Insurgency (New York Times - Paywall)

At least 19 killed, 20 injured in knife attack near Tokyo (Los Angeles Times)

Taking a brisk walk every day can cut heart disease risk in women under 50 by a quarter (Daily Mail)

Homicides in Mexico Rose in 2015 for First Time in Four Years (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Impulse' Flight Completes First Solar Round-the-World Journey (NBC News)

Solar-Powered Plane Completes First Round-the-World Flight (Time Magazine)

Japan: Knife-Wielding Man Kills At Least 15 at Disabled Center (Newsweek Magazine)

Japan: Knife-Wielding Man Kills 19 in Their Sleep at Disabled Center (Newsweek Magazine)

Eleven police officers and staff are under criminal investigation over their handling of child sex abuse allegations against late politician Lord Greville Janner (Daily Mail)

At least 19 dead, dozens injured in knife attack outside Tokyo (Fox News)

At Least 15 Killed in Japan Stabbing Spree: Reports (NBC News)

Donald Trump Does Not Have Any Business with Russia,' Says Spokesperson (Newsweek Magazine)

REVEALED: First pictures of ISIS-inspired bomber who injured 15 in Ansbach attack released (Daily Express)

Assange: 'No Proof' Hacked DNC Emails Came From Russia (NBC News)

Bernie Sanders' Press Secretary Calls for Supporters to Back Clinton (Time Magazine)

Iowa Police Stop and Point Guns at Student Playing Pok mon Go (Time Magazine)

Hartlepool man with MS stands up within days of having stem cell therapy in Mexico (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin's Bad Blood With Hillary Clinton (Time Magazine)

Video details countries where more than HALF of men and women are unfaithful to spouses (Daily Mail)

British men and women are getting TALLER but can you guess where the biggest people live? (Daily Express)

I want to get rid of the disabled from this world' Knifeman kills 19 in Japan care home (Daily Express)

EDINBURGH BOMB SCARE: Police arrest man after bomb squad investigates suspicious package' (Daily Express)

Turkey DOES want death penalty restored after failed military coup, Erdogan warns Germany (Daily Express)

Communists, environmentalists, Trump haters and Bernie backers - thousands protest at DNC in Philadelphia with just one group missing: Hillary Clinton supporters (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics 2016: Russian athletes are arriving, but how many will compete? (BBC)

Young girl praised after comforting a crying homeless man before giving him her allowance (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016: Swimming & rowing ban 10 Russians from Rio after IOC report (BBC)

If Hillary Clinton and the DNC can stab Bernie in the back can she be trusted in White House (Daily Mail)

Source: DNC was warned (CNN)

Knife-Wielding Man Kills 15 At Disabled Care Home In Sagamihara, Near Tokyo In Japan (Huffington Post)

Israeli tourist gang-raped in India, police say (CBS News)

Japanese news agency: 19 dead, 20 injured in knife attack (Fox News)

England striker Harry Kane and sexy WAG Katie Goodland expecting first baby (Daily Star)

Risk of sports stars or fans catching the Zika virus during the Rio Olympics is negligible, study shows as scores of athletes and leaders boycott the games (Daily Mail)

World's deepest underwater sinkhole discovered in the South China Sea (Daily Mail)

More Russian athletes barred from competing in Rio (CBS News)

The extra curse of the Angelina gene: Women who have their ovaries removed to slash the risk of cancer 'have a greater risk of dementia' (Daily Mail)

Man versus horse: the world's strangest marathon? (CNN)

Trump eyes Sanders voters after email leak (Financial Times - Paywall)

German bomber pledged allegiance to ISIS (CNN)

More than 1.6 MILLION pregnant women 'could get Zika before virus burns out' (Daily Mail)

Armenia: Gunmen at police station set police vehicle on fire (Fox News)

Prince Harry's regret over Diana's death (CNN)

LIVE: First Lady Michelle Obama says Clinton will never quit (CNN)

Delegates Boo Sanders Over Clinton Endorsement (NBC News)

Liverpool woman filmed spitting kicking and swearing at McDonald's doorman in racist attack (Daily Mail)

Now even pregnant women may benefit from statins: Drugs slash risk of deadly complication that affects 8% of mums-to-be (Daily Mail)

US Central Command denies ISIS claim it shot down a US warplane (Fox News)

China box office: Jackie Chan's 'Skiptrace' leaps to top spot (Los Angeles Times)

Rush On to Fix Rio Olympic Housing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS claims to have shot down US military jet over Iraq killing all on board (Daily Express)

Russia escapes blanket ban from Rio Olympics (CBS News)

Bernie Sanders Booed By Supporters For Urging Them To Back Hillary Clinton At Democrat National Convention (Huffington Post)

WADA 'disappointed' by IOC decision not to issue blanket ban on Russia ahead of 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (Daily Mail)

How ISIS attracts isolated people (CNN)

Diplomat's son posed as a Saudi Prince and threatened women who turned him down' (Daily Mail)

Feeling the Bern: Boos for Clinton (BBC)

New Zealand athlete: I was kidnapped in Rio by men in police uniforms (Fox News)

Embattled DNC Chair Won't Speak at Convention (NBC News)

'Jihadi Jack' insists he is not part of ISIS and went to Syria to study religion (Daily Mail)

Armed attack at Yemen border kills 5 Saudi border guards (Fox News)

'Jihadi Jack' Admits Missing Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, And Insists He Is Not An ISIS Fighter (Huffington Post)

Russia's Yelena Isinbayeva hits out at country's doping scandal for Rio Olympics ban (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016: Is Putin Set to Snub the Olympics? (Newsweek Magazine)

Tiger mauls grandmother to death at Beijing safari park (Los Angeles Times)

Nice attack dims Hollande's fading hope (Financial Times - Paywall)

Isis claims German suicide bomb attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Clinton Skips DNC Flap at N.C. Appearance (NBC News)

Two Mexican mayors killed (CNN)

Hollyoaks' Spoilers: Six Weeks Of Summer Trailer Gives First Glimpse At Duncan James's Soap Debut (Huffington Post)

Sir Philip Green's yacht given 'two finger salute' by women in Malta over BHS scandal (Daily Mail)

Asian Bloc Finds Unity on South China Sea Dispute (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Women Explain Why Men Are Really Missing Out By Not Being Female (Huffington Post)

French police investigating Lons-le-Saunier crash to see if driver fell asleep at the wheel (Daily Mail)

ISIS fighters are captured trying to flee battlefield in Syria dressed as WOMEN (Daily Mail)

The world of ISIS attacks (CNN)

ISIS claims responsibility for suicide bomb outside German music festival (CBS News)

Prince Harry regrets not speaking about Princess Diana's death until 3 years ago (Daily Mail)

Germany Suicide Bomber Pledged Allegiance to ISIS Chief (Newsweek Magazine)

Protesters Descend on Philadelphia Ahead of DNC (NBC News)

Northampton man accused of murdering schoolboy escaped Britian and taunts police with photos (Daily Mail)

China Clamps Down on Online News Reporting (New York Times - Paywall)

Tandem Bank produces viral video of awkward first dates with actors asking 'personal questions' (Daily Mail)

Kids Bear Brunt of Record Afghan Civilian Death Toll (NBC News)

Brazilian police arrest last jihadi of ISIS cell that threatened attacks at Rio Olympics (Daily Mail)

ISIS suicide attack in Iraq kills 14 (Daily Mail)

At least 14 killed in suicide blast north of Baghdad (CBS News)

Northampton man 'who raped and murdered doctor's daughter once attacked another teen' (Daily Mail)

British man fighting for his life and another injured after being stabbed in Tenerife (Daily Mail)

New Zealand athlete Jason Lee 'kidnapped' in Brazil ahead of Rio Olympics 2016 (Daily Mail)

Pokemon Go's first master? (CNN)

Prince Harry: I Wish I'd Talked About Diana's Death (NBC News)

China sidesteps criticism over territorial expansion in South China Sea (CBS News)

London police on high-alert for events including Notting Hill Carnival over gang crime (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Columnist: Trump and the End of Truth (New York Times - Paywall)

Hello Giggles study reveals why women still look pregnant after birth (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: China Tiger Attack Kills Woman at Drive-Through Animal Park (New York Times - Paywall)

China president enforces online news ban (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rio prepares for Olympic threats (CNN)

Risking death to flee from ISIS (CNN)

IOC stops short of banning all Russian athletes from Rio (CBS News)

Police: Man carrying explosive device killed in blast in Germany (CBS News)

China unveils 'world's largest seaplane' (CNN)

Athletes' village at Rio Olympics are 'unliveable' (Daily Mail)

Syrian Refugee Arrested in Germany After Fatal Machete Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump threatens to pull US out of WTO (Financial Times - Paywall)

Munich Gunman Portrayed as Having Planned Attack for a Year (New York Times - Paywall)

Government flood warning in China was too little, too late, survivors say (Los Angeles Times)

The Interpreter: Terrorist or Disturbed Loner? Munich Attack Reveals Shifting Labels (New York Times - Paywall)

More than 170 dead in China flooding; many still missing (Los Angeles Times)

For 2nd time in 15 years, Tibetan Buddhist academy in China faces demolition order (Los Angeles Times)

Two in China receive kidney transplants, contract rabies and die (Los Angeles Times)

On a night of triumph, Donald Trump angers NATO allies and GOP foreign policy establishment (Los Angeles Times)

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