Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

World News

2016 Rio Olympics odds: Who are the gold medal favorites? (CBS News)

Indonesias top court considering whether to make gay sex a crime (CBS News)

California bus crash death toll down from 5 to 4 (CBS News)

Couple win £25K in legal victory over South Gloucestershire council over tree cutting (Daily Mail)

The Modern Mumma Mel Watts breaks down after trolls slam her over sex comments (Daily Mail)

Pentagon Says ISIS Recruiter Survived Airstrike in 2015 After All (New York Times - Paywall)

London machete-wielding thieves are foiled after a police tip-off (Daily Mail)

Horny Brits to order oral sex with their coffees at London's first 'fellatio cafe' (Daily Star)

Exclusive: Trump camp in turmoil (CNN)

What Police Might Not Know About an Autistic Man (Time Magazine)

Republicans 'actively' exploring plots to DITCH Donald Trump after erratic week (Daily Mail)

Video shows strangers working together to save woman from jumping off Minnesota bridge (Daily Mail)

Former ISIS fighter reveals he was sent back from Syria to carry out 'wave of attacks' (Daily Mail)

See What's Inside Microsoft's Reimagined Xbox One (Time Magazine)

Foreign leaders long refrained from commenting on U.S. elections. Then Trump came along. (Los Angeles Times)

Pipe bomb explodes under police cruiser (CBS News)

Analysis: Trump Not the First to Claim Voter Fraud (NBC News)

Gang of Somali drug dealers arrested in a dawn raid by police who used a CHAINSAW to slice open the front door (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016: Swarm of killer jellyfish spotted just metres away from Olympic swimming venue (Daily Star)

Danish Muslims offer to bury ISIS terrorist refused a religious funeral by French Islamic leaders after he killed 85-year-old priest (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's top aide denies reports of campaign turmoil (BBC)

'I don't want to die I have kids!': Bodycam footage shows cop pleading and wrestling with a wanted sex offender who pulled a gun on him (Daily Mail)

Police say 'honour killing victim' was strangled (BBC)

Police Raid Rio's Favelas in Security Operation Ahead of Olympics (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kelloe village, Co Durham is locked down as police hunt knifeman who killed a man (Daily Mail)

Nigeria clamps down on money transfers (CNN)

Indonesia considers whether to make gay sex illegal in case brought by Islamic activists (Daily Mail)

Here are 7 Republicans Voting for Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump Expands Battleground States - For Both Candidates (NBC News)

NYPDs Bill Bratton: Trump "scares the hell out of me" (CBS News)

Brit mum appeals on Facebook to track down holiday lover but it backfires massively (Daily Star)

Conservative Party donor REFUSES knighthood after being 'nominated by David Cameron' (Daily Mail)

Now for the Twitter-lympics! Teams do battle on social media for the funniest Rio posts with 'dancing moobs', naked Gollum', Usain Bolt joking around... and the miserable Russians moaning about (almost) EVERYTHING (Daily Mail)

Mike Pence Endorses Paul Ryan as Rumors Mount of a Trump Campaign Intervention' (Newsweek Magazine)

Amina Al-Jeffery: 'Locked up' woman must be allowed home (BBC)

Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Indiana Store for Wearing Veil (NBC News)

Yale Has One Big Chance to Move in the Right Direction on Race (Time Magazine)

President Obama Commutes Sentences for 214 Federal Prisoners (Time Magazine)

$11-a-night hotel in Rio's slums where Olympics fans will get a taste of favela life (Daily Mail)

Nicaragua's President Picks Wife as Running Mate (NBC News)

Cumbria man cannot sell his flat to move into dream home after Land Registry blunder (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump asked 3 times in 1 hour why U.S. doesn't use its nuclear weapons (Daily Mail)

American Interest in the Olympics Is at an All-Time Low. What Gives? (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS announces new Boko Haram leader (CBS News)

Hollande: Trump 'retching feeling' (CNN)

ISIS slaughter pregnant woman and abduct her 4 children after trying to flee Iraq (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016 Olympics opening ceremony will be 'a bargain-basement' says Fernando Meirelles (Daily Mail)

D.C. Transit Officer Charged With Trying to Assist ISIS (NBC News)

UN: ISIS genocide of Yazidis in Iraq "ongoing" (CBS News)

First-ever cop arrested on charge of supporting ISIS (CBS News)

Trump claims funds boost as unrest rises (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Has Offended Most People This Week And It's Only Wednesday (Huffington Post)

First U.S. cop arrested for aiding ISIS (CNN)

Riot police drag PRIEST out of church just days after ISIS slaughter Father Jacques (Daily Mail)

ASAPScience breaks down the male and female orgasm (Daily Mail)

One million illegal immigrants to stay in UK as 'we don't have resources to deport them' (Daily Star)

Scotland Yard reveal counter-terrorism police (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics Tourism Runs Into Hurdles (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Extra Armed Police And How The Danger From Islamist Extremists Compares To Historical Terror Threats (Huffington Post)

Reddit user who has a girlfriend with 2 vaginas opens up about their sex life (Daily Mail)

South African Vote Could Unsettle ANC​ (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rio Olympics 2016: 12 Things That Show The City Isn't Quite Ready For The Games (Huffington Post)

Rio Olympics 2016: Andy Murray to be Team GB flag bearer (BBC)

Cops launch sex attack probe after girl, 14, found unconscious with 'no memory' of attack (Daily Star)

Clinton Raised $90 Million in July; Trump Raised $80 Million (Time Magazine)

You won't BEElieve it! Brave daredevil strips down completely NAKED before trying out beekeeping - and he walks away without a single sting (Daily Mail)

Sick Romanian who spent 20 years in prison still allowed into UK before raping woman (Daily Star)

Hull mother charts her pregnancy with time-lapse video of her growing belly being inflated (Daily Mail)

Olympic-sized woes plague Rio (CBS News)

All 300 aboard are rescued, one firefighter dead after Emirates jetliner crash-lands in Dubai (Los Angeles Times)

Police launch search after girl with brain injuries from horror hit-and-run goes missing (Daily Star)

Armed French police start cross-Channel ferry patrols (BBC)

Pope Francis Slams Donald Trump's Notions of Radical Islam' (Time Magazine)

U.K. Prepares for Possible Terror Attacks With More Armed Police (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Allies Plot Trump Intervention Amid Turmoil (NBC News)

Phelps to carry U.S. flag during opening ceremony in Rio (CBS News)

Syrian activist group says new video shows evidence of banned weapon being used on civilians (Daily Mail)

China Opens a Terrifying Glass Walkway Along the Side of Tianmen Mountain (Time Magazine)

Putin to Meet South Korea's President To Discuss Energy and North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

Man found dead on Blackpool beach as passer-by makes gruesome discovery (Daily Star)

Do armed police make you feel safer? (BBC)

NYPD chief Bill Bratton on why Trump "scares" him, resignation (CBS News)

Fighting Zika, one brain at a time (CNN)

Are costs of the Olympics worth it for host cities? (CBS News)

Rio 2016 Olympics: The Zika Factor Whos In and Whos Out? (Newsweek Magazine)

Police arrest man and woman in murder probe after van 'deliberately' chases and runs over father-of-three in travellers' site 'feud' (Daily Mail)

UK judge says Saudi man must let daughter return to Britain (Fox News)

U.K. Woman in Alleged 'Honor Killing' Was Strangled: Cops (NBC News)

Man Arrested After Getting Violent Over a Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Too Much Cheese (Time Magazine)

Serena Williams releases playful dance video as she prepares for Rio Olympics (Daily Mail)

Watch: Donald Trump Ejects Crying Baby From Rally (Newsweek Magazine)

New map shows ISIS has become a truly global terror group (Daily Mail)

Village lockdown: Man stabbed in 'chest and stomach' sparking huge manhunt for knifeman (Daily Star)

Faversham Police hunt sex attacker after girl is found unconscious at roadside (Daily Mail)

Gabriel Jesus: Man City sign Brazilian winger from Palmeiras (BBC)

Russian man becomes a 'father' of 11 after marrying an older woman (Daily Mail)

Michael Phelps Will Literally Be Glowing at the Olympics Opening Ceremony (Time Magazine)

US election 2016: Republican divisions grow over Trump (BBC)

Sir Ian McKellen fears being caught short on stage in new play (BBC)

Torch arrives in Rio (CNN)

Schizophrenic woman developed narcolepsy after getting the swine flu vaccine killed herself (Daily Mail)

Woman takes snap of a duck but it REALLY isn't what it seems (Daily Star)

History Of The Olympics Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Sports Of The Games? (Huffington Post)

Olympic athletes including Usain Bolt's ex-girlfriend pose naked ahead of Rio 2016 (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Is Clueless, Disastrous and Scary on Harassment Issues (Time Magazine)

UN hasn't registered 11,000 South Sudanese for food aid (Fox News)

Amber Hill is a hard-as-nails contender for Rio 2016 gold (Daily Mail)

ISIS Says New Boko Haram Leader Promises No Attacks on Mosques (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Supporters Keep Their Friends Close (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS Proclaims New Leader' for Boko Haram: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Washington, D.C. Transit Officer Charged With Supporting ISIS (Time Magazine)

North Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles, one landing close to Japan (Fox News)

Britain Bombs Saddam Palace Used by ISIS as Foreign Fighter Base in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

More armed police set to protect London, say Met chief and mayor (BBC)

Shopper caught taking a photo up the short dress of a woman in a supermarket (Daily Mail)

Brazil escort wants to use Rio Olympics to find a boyfriend (Daily Mail)

Italy ready to allow strikes on ISIS in Libya from its bases (Fox News)

Dame Judi Dench to read a poem at the Rio Olympics' opening ceremony (Daily Mail)

Blackpool man admits illegally possessing extreme pornography and child sex images (Daily Mail)

Police officer charged with attempting to supply materials to ISIS (Daily Star)

British woman was strangled in 'honour killing' in Pakistan (Daily Mail)

Radical Islamist Al Said Qasim Hashem jailed for 12 years for child sex offences (Daily Mail)

How you can wear one dress to three separate weddings (Daily Mail)

Why hosting the Olympics is a "terrible idea" (CBS News)

Passengers sprint down runway after Emirates plane crash lands at Dubai International Airport (Daily Mail)

A golden retrieval: Dramatic moment firefighters winch up Indie the dog who disappeared down a 65ft mine shaft and survived alone for two days (Daily Mail)

Disgusting video shows moment man has giant cyst on back popped after 30 years (Daily Star)

Panic erupts at a Spanish resort when a flash mob is mistaken for ISIS attack (Daily Mail)

Hundreds more armed police patrol London in bid to confront terror (Fox News)

Donald Trump Claims Campaign Unity Amid GOP Restiveness (Newsweek Magazine)

François Hollande Says Donald Trump Makes You Feel Like You Want to Retch' (Time Magazine)

Philippine police shoot dead 6 bodyguards at mayor's house (Daily Mail)

A few things Trump has totally changed his mind on (CNN)

Meet the man who beat Phelps (CNN)

What To Do If You Think Your Teen Is Being Recruited by ISIS (Time Magazine)

GOP Reels After Unprecedented Day From Trump (NBC News)

Turkish man nearly hangs himself when a protest goes dramatically wrong (Daily Mail)

22-year-old Brit dies fighting ISIS in Syria (CNN)

Cocaine ring squaddie spared jail because of army service after acting as drug middle man (Daily Star)

More armed police patrol London to counter terror threat (CBS News)

Tipsy woman failing at work out shows why you don't go to the gym drunk (Daily Star)

America's Got Talent stunt gone wrong as flaming arrow strikes man in the throat (Daily Mail)

China Sentences Hu Shigen, Democracy Advocate, to 7 Years in Prison (New York Times - Paywall)

Legal Age For Being Alone At Home: NSPCC Issues Advice To Parents About Kids' Safety (Huffington Post)

A Comparison: The Modern and Ancient Olympics (Newsweek Magazine)

What to Know About the Ancient Olympics (Time Magazine)

Burundi government rejects UN police force, says not needed (Fox News)

U.K. Police Investigating Abduction Attempt of Serviceman in Aldershot (Newsweek Magazine)

Sex swap firefighter up for top gong as woman of the year (Daily Star)

China Is Going to Build Zimbabwe's New Parliament (Newsweek Magazine)

British man found dead 'and semi-naked' in Costa Blanca resort (Daily Star)

Police hunt for Moroccan man who attacked a Spanish priest and threatened to kill him (Daily Mail)

Syrian refugee reveals torment after being lured to Lebanon for work but forced into sex trade (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016: Kohei Uchimura gets £3,700 Pokemon Go bill (BBC)

Michael Phelps to Carry Team USA Flag in Rio (NBC News)

Tesco worker swore at child for taking more than one item from 'Free Fruit For Kids table' (Daily Mail)

British woman dies after falling into a ravine on Pyrenees cycling holiday (Daily Mail)

Bodyform advert is the first one ever to show a real sanitary towel (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: China Reins In Communist Youth League, and Its Alumni’s Prospects (New York Times - Paywall)

Samia Shahid death: 'Honour killing' victim strangled, police say (BBC)

Dramatic video shows giant column of wind in bright hue ripping through rural China (Daily Mail)

Why being underweight 'drives up your risk of developing Alzheimer's (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016 Olympics: Lizzie Armitstead defends missed drugs tests (BBC)

Effort under way to allow Uganda president to rule for life (Fox News)

Romford Bus Pushchair Space Dispute Sees Woman Slapped Across The Face (Huffington Post)

Brit jets strike ISIS training camp (CNN)

'Gogglebox' Stars Apologise After Police Investigate ISIS Joke Caption On Facebook (Huffington Post)

Sarah Palin's son-in-law Dakota Meyer tells Donald Trump to say sorry to Khan family (Daily Mail)

French President Hollande Axes Ministerial Summer Break (Newsweek Magazine)

Nicaraguan President Names His Wife as His Running Mate (Newsweek Magazine)

Ipswich woman nearly 5 times drink-drive limit when she got behind wheel (Daily Mail)

South Africa's Schools, Like the Nation, Are Falling Short (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Poldark' Rape To Be Replaced By Consensual Sex Scene, Aidan Turner Reveals (Huffington Post)

France’s President Says Trump’s ‘Excesses’ Make People ‘Want to Retch’ (New York Times - Paywall)

From Eddie The Eagle To Jamaican Bobsled Team: The Greatest Olympic Underdog Stories Ahead Of Rio 2016 (Huffington Post)

The art-fanatic husband of Chairman Mao's grand-daughter has spent £175million becoming Sotheby's biggest shareholder as China becomes a major player in the art world (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics pollution problem worsens as raw sewage pours into Guanabara Bay (Daily Mail)

REVEALED: Teens having less sex because of the internet (Daily Star)

China PMIs: a tale of two surveys (Financial Times - Paywall)

US election 2016: Trump hits back at 'disastrous' Obama (BBC)

China blasts 'dark shadow' of U.S. (CNN)

Francoise Hollande says Donald Trump win could boost right-wing worldwide (Daily Mail)

Billionaire Michael Spencer sees peerage dream shot down for FOURTH time (Daily Mail)

Man revisiting old photos realises mysterious figure is stalking him (Daily Star)

Don't try this at home! Daredevil climber is slammed after being pictured swinging from famous Norwegian 'Troll's Tongue' rock (Daily Mail)

Leaders of South Korea, Russia to discuss North Korean nukes (Fox News)

South African ruling party faces challenge in elections (Fox News)

Stunning Argentine model claims sex with Lionel Messi was like bedding 'dead body' (Daily Star)

Armed Police On London's Streets Could Face Substantial Delays (Huffington Post)

Club rep admits she made a 'massive mistake' getting the word 'SIDE BOOB' tattooed on her breast in Crete just to impress a man she fancied (Daily Mail)

All you need to know about Rio (BBC)

London's police force puts more armed officers on streets (Fox News)

Younger Millennials Having Less Sex Than Their Parents (NBC News)

British Man Dean Carl Evans Killed Fighting Islamic State Militants In Syria (Huffington Post)

Cheryl Boone Isaacs Re-elected as Motion Picture Academy President (Time Magazine)

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega picks wife as running mate (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump: Obama is Worst President' in U.S. History, Maybe (Newsweek Magazine)

China scales back Communist Youth League (Financial Times - Paywall)

How the Olympics Will Save Rio de Janeiro (Newsweek Magazine)

VIDEO: ISIS jihadis hiding out at Saddam Hussein's swanky palace SMASHED by RAF bombers (Daily Star)

Why Donald Trumps Chaotic Language Is So Tremendous (Newsweek Magazine)

Over a quarter of women feel so ashamed being naked they have sex with the lights off (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016: Can Jamaicas Yohan Blake Outrun His Friend, Usain Bolt? (Newsweek Magazine)

Chesire wedding descends into a mass brawl as groom's father assaults riot police (Daily Mail)

Women reveal how losing their virginity has affected their sex lives (Daily Mail)

British man shot dead fighting ISIS in Syria (Daily Mail)

China sentences longtime activist to nearly 8 years on subversion charge (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump Kicks Baby Out Of Virginia Rally, Internet Responds (Huffington Post)

N. Korea tests two missiles, says South (CNN)

Met police chief: Armed police in London 'round the clock' (BBC)

The transgender woman wanting to rejoin the Orange Order (BBC)

Donald Trump ejects crying baby (and its mother) from rally (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump hits back at 'disastrous' Barack Obama (BBC)

South Africa polls: the key questions (Financial Times - Paywall)

A Second Activist in China Has Been Jailed for State Subversion (Time Magazine)

Imgur photo shows muscular man with huge chest that has 'rude image' hidden within (Daily Mail)

Man held in China 'does not know he has baby' (BBC)

Woman accuses husband of chopping off her hands with machete (CBS News)

2nd legal activist sentenced as China reigns in critics (Fox News)

WATCH: Moment ISIS prank causes mass stampede at beer festival (Daily Star)

Most prominent cases in China by lawyers now in custody (Fox News)

Why millennials are having less sex (CNN)

Newspaper headlines: HIV drug, Olympics build-up and checkout criminals (BBC)

6 killed in Philippine police anti-drug operation (Fox News)

New 'Heat Map' Shows ISIS Branches Spreading Worldwide (NBC News)

8/2: Trump refuses to endorse Paul Ryan, John McCain; Ferris wheels rise in big cities (CBS News)

Leaked ISIS heat map' shows terror network growing worldwide (Daily Star)

RNC Chair 'Apoplectic' Over Trump Refusal to Endorse Ryan (NBC News)

Will No One Save the Yazidis From Extinction? (Newsweek Magazine)

San Diego man charged for murder of police officer (CBS News)

Police kill woman, 23, in shotgun standoff (CNN)

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Into Sea, South Korea Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Another Zika case reported in South Florida (CBS News)

President Obama says Trump "unfit" for presidency (CBS News)

North Korea fires ballistic missile into the sea, says South (BBC)

BREAKING: Rio 2016 Olympic swimming venue evacuated after suspicious package found (Daily Star)

Rio officials battling "security crisis" ahead of Olympics (CBS News)

North Korea Has Fired a Ballistic Missile Into the Sea, Says South (Time Magazine)

Syrian Swimmer Yusra Mardini, Refugee Olympians To Shine In Rio (Time Magazine)

China rejects accusations in Japan defense report (Fox News)

Trump 'is unfit to serve as president,' says Obama (CNN)

US election 2016: Trump unfit to be president - Obama (BBC)

Trump calls Clinton 'the devil' (CNN)

Mother of Brit accused to trying of kill Donald Trump says her son still watches Peppa Pig (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Asks Republicans to Back Him on Khizr and Ghazala Khan Controversy (Newsweek Magazine)

Ryan Challenger at Heart of Proxy War Between Trump and GOP (NBC News)

Japan Slams China Over Sea Strategy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Funeral to be held today for Father Jacques Hamel who was slaughtered by ISIS jihadis (Daily Mail)

Man Charged With Murder of San Diego Police Officer (Time Magazine)

Trump University Case: A Setback for Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential Nominee (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS claims it is waging 'holy world war' and threatens Pope Francis (Daily Star)

Pokemon Go hysteria leads to people taking risks and being mugged. But what is it? (Daily Mail)

Bystanders Dive Into Lake to Save Man in Sinking Car (NBC News)

FAU study suggests younger people have less sex than their parents (Daily Mail)

Obama says Donald Trump is 'unfit' to serve as president after attack on Gold Star family (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Ignites New Tensions in GOP With Jab at Paul Ryan (Time Magazine)

Love-sick teenager is shut down by his ex-girlfriend's FATHER in text exchange (Daily Mail)

Meet the homeless NYC sisters turning heads at the Jr. Olympics (CBS News)

U.S. Strikes Help Libyan Forces Against ISIS in Surt (New York Times - Paywall)

Labour may bar one in four supporters from leadership vote (Daily Mail)

Editorial: In Libya, a New Front in the War on ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Two Turkish gangsters were caught after CCTV captured one of the killers in DIY shop (Daily Mail)

Rio 2016: Shakira, supermodels and muggings get ready for a wild opening ceremony (Daily Star)

Man charged after London cafe owner stabbed to death in broad daylight (Daily Star)

Maryland woman Korryn Gaines' last video of son before police officers shot her dead (Daily Mail)

No More Jokes: Obama Changes How He Talks Trump (NBC News)

Khizr Khan: I Feel Sorry for Republicans Who Support Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump Jokes That He 'Always Wanted' a Purple Heart (NBC News)

South Africans Head to Polls Amid Fierce Challenge to Party of Mandela (New York Times - Paywall)

Pope laments kids being taught gender is a choice (CBS News)

Rio 2016 Olympics: Sir Bradley Wiggins will not be Team GB flag bearer (BBC)

Uni student found dead in bedroom after performing extreme sex act on himself (Daily Star)

Popayan woman gets her leg stuck down narrow utility hole in Colombia (Daily Mail)

Where basic food costs one month's pay (CNN)

Delaware's Death Penalty Law Struck Down (NBC News)

British man 'killed fighting IS' in Syria (BBC)

Turkish president slams "the West" over coup response (CBS News)

U.N.: 60,000 flee South Sudan violence (CNN)

Body Count Rises as Philippine President Wages War on Drugs (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Won't Endorse Paul Ryan or John McCain in Primaries: I'm Not Quite There Yet' (Time Magazine)

Obama says Trump unfit to be president (Financial Times - Paywall)

Daylight Appears Between Chris Christie and Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Russian Military Helicopter Is Shot Down in Syria, Killing 5 (New York Times - Paywall)

Brazil Objects in Letter to Venezuela's Turn as Mercosur President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Video shows toddler ducks just in time to avoid being run over by a truck in China (Daily Mail)

Newcastle man and woman are arrested on suspicion of murder after a baby dies (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics face false start over unfinished stadia (Daily Star)

Dog survives being impaled on a tall iron fence in Gaston County (Daily Mail)

How Donald Trump Has Talked About Sexual Harassment (NBC News)

New Film Shows How a U.S. Rowing Team Beat Hitler at the Berlin Olympics (Exclusive Clip) (Newsweek Magazine)

Man convicted of Briton's murder in Italy seeks new trial (Fox News)

Turks Can Agree on One Thing: U.S. Was Behind Failed Coup (New York Times - Paywall)

Usain Bolt and Jamaican team stay in budget airport hotel to prepare for Olympics (Daily Mail)

1 text haunts this woman (CNN)

South China Sea: Warning sent to foreigners (CNN)

Attempted Abduction At Chorlton Waterpark Sees Eight-Year-Old Boy Fight Off Woman Trying To Pull Him Into Car (Huffington Post)

Trump at Rally: 'Get the Baby Out of Here' (NBC News)

Donald Trump Won't Be Getting Koch Brothers Money (Newsweek Magazine)

FBI accused Olga Komova of being a key player in mega-cyber crime scam (Daily Mail)

Traveller halts traffic at Sandbanks ferry crossing in protest at not being allowed on (Daily Mail)

UK weather continues to stay wet after half a month's rainfall comes down in 1 night (Daily Mail)

Team GB stars touch down in Rio and share images of them training and having fun (Daily Mail)

British Man Killed Fighting With Kurds to Capture Syrias Manbij From ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Georgia Triplet Bests Brothers to Swim for U.S. in Rio (NBC News)

Obama approves 30-day airstrike mission against ISIS in Libya (Fox News)

Donald Trump Just Kicked A Baby Out Of His Virginia Rally (Huffington Post)

Olympics 2016: Lego Builds Miniature Rio de Janeiro (Newsweek Magazine)

Report: Toxic gas dropped where Russian helicopter shot down in Syria (CBS News)

Czech Man Is Charged With Attempted Terrorism (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama Declares Trump 'Unfit,' 'Unprepared' to Be President (NBC News)

When is the Olympics Opening Ceremony? UK Time, Date and What To Expect (Huffington Post)

Police hunt motorist after a woman was 'repeatedly punched in her face in front of her son (Daily Mail)

Manchester police warn children after attempted abduction in Chorlton Water Park (Daily Mail)

India Chipchase father: 'I'll never walk India down the aisle' (BBC)

China puts activists, lawyer on trial for subversion (Los Angeles Times)

New York Police Commissioner to Resign: Source (NBC News)

15 Septum Rings That Will Make You Want To Get One (Huffington Post)

British teen breaks both arms zorbing down a ski-slope (Daily Mail)

Transsexual avoids jail for sex offences involving a child she committed as a man (Daily Mail)

Rio Olympics 2016: Football kicks off Games before opening ceremony (BBC)

Trump vs. Clinton: Who's in front? (CNN)

South Sudanese Minister Resigns, Says Peace Agreement is Dead' (Newsweek Magazine)

Couple molested a woman as they tried to entice her into a threesome (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton the DEVIL as he slams Sanders for making deal (Daily Express)

Team GB's best medal hopes fly to the Olympics in business class as others end up in economy (Daily Mail)

Rescuers Say Toxic Gas Dropped on Syrian Town Where Russian Helicopter Shot Down (New York Times - Paywall)

'ISIS' Facebook posts by Gogglebox stars leads to police investigation (Daily Mail)

Venezuela one step closer to presidential recall (CBS News)

France takes on radical Islamism: PM to SHUT DOWN mosques to wipe out 'poison' of jihadis (Daily Express)

Rio Olympics 2016 New Zealand journalist reveals the state of his shower (Daily Mail)

Australian Olympian Melanie Schlanger lifts the lid on Olympic Village ahead of Rio Games (Daily Mail)

Beaches, samba and caipirinhas: CNN's Guide to Rio 2016 (CNN)

Trump vs. Clinton: Russia's view (CNN)

Rio Olympics: Inside Brazil's Massive Security Operation (NBC News)

U.S. opens new front in Libya to defeat ISIS (CBS News)

Olympics on camera (BBC)

The Interpreter: Donald Trump Finds a Russian Policy He Won’t Defend (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIS in Libya (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia sustains its greatest loss in Syrian conflict as helicopter is shot down with five aboard (Los Angeles Times)

China Frees Wang Yu, Human Rights Lawyer, After Videotaped Confession (New York Times - Paywall)

Man arrested in $60M global email scam (CNN)

British Decision on Nuclear Plant Angers China and France (New York Times - Paywall)

West Midlands Police 101 call over 'poo in my garden' (BBC)

As ISIS Posts in Portuguese, U.S. and Brazil Bolster Olympics Security (New York Times - Paywall)

Taiwan's president expresses 'deepest apologies' for government's decades of abuse against indigenous people (Los Angeles Times)

Sinosphere: Taiwan’s President Apologizes to Aborigines for Centuries of Injustice (New York Times - Paywall)

This man tested 100 drugs on himself (CNN)

Woman trapped in car during flash flood (CNN)

Armed forces 'pacified' Rio's slums, but as Olympics approached, the gangs came back (Los Angeles Times)

As it builds a 123-story skyscraper, one of South Korea's most powerful companies faces a towering problem (Los Angeles Times)

Child brides sold for cows: The price of being a girl in South Sudan (Los Angeles Times)

Many GOP foreign policy experts see Donald Trump as unfit to be president (Los Angeles Times)

40 years after deadly quake, Chinese seismologists trying to figure out when the Big One will strike (Los Angeles Times)

Killed in a car accident, cremated, and then he returned: Mystery shrouds one man's disappearance in China (Los Angeles Times)

In a boost for Uber, China legalizes ride-hailing services (Los Angeles Times)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)

Sex trafficking survivor breaks world record (CNN)