Thursday, 1st September 2016

World News

Drugmakers may face more legal action over opioid epidemic (CBS News)

First Zika-carrying mosquitoes found in Miami Beach (CBS News)

Why Italy's Fertility Day ? is backfiring (CBS News)

Why ISIS No. 2 leaders death would be a "temporary win" (CBS News)

Teacher struck off for spending the night with a pupil put on a display of unity with husband (Daily Mail)

Mexicans Scorn President for Inviting Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Spokesman’s Death Will Have Islamic State Turning to Its ‘Deep Bench’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Vestager Lights A Fire Under Corporate Tax Avoidance (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Penge crash kills pedestrians as police chase stolen car in London (Daily Mail)

Heroic ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller STAYED with evil jihadis so teen sex slave could escape (Daily Express)

Melania Trump sues Daily Mail (CNN)

Why Google Might Make a Big Change to its Android Strategy (Time Magazine)

Venezuelan Opposition Floods Streets Demanding Referendum to Recall President Maduro (Time Magazine)

Early Challenges Hit Brazil's New President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

African Elephant Population Dropped 30 Percent in 7 Years (New York Times - Paywall)

Massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of NZ and sparks fears of a tsunami (Daily Mail)

Venezuelans March in Capital to Press for Vote on President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

People Are Going Nuts Because Rihanna's New Tattoo May Reference Drake (Time Magazine)

Dallas Police Chief Brown Stepping Down (NBC News)

Parents shocked about what happened to babys body after death (CBS News)

Eight Takeaways From Donald Trump's Immigration Extravaganza (Newsweek Magazine)

Colin Kaepernick Criticized for Socks Depicting Police as Pigs (Time Magazine)

Brazil's new leader inherits all the same problems as its ousted president (CNN)

We can't go out' Poles live in fear after man was battered to death by thugs (Daily Star)

Andrea Yates Still Grieves For' 5 Children She Drowned 15 Years Ago, Lawyer Says (Time Magazine)

Why Disney Decided to Make Moana the Ultimate Anti-Princess (Time Magazine)

7.1 quake strikes off New Zealand (CNN)

Dallas Police Chief David Brown Announces Retirement (Time Magazine)

Alaska police: All passengers killed in midair collision of two planes (CBS News)

Watch Mandela's First Known TV Interview Vowing to Fight Racism (NBC News)

The touching photograph of a police officer cradles a baby after both her parents overdosed (Daily Mail)

Pe a Nieto scrambles to curb Trump fallout (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mexican president calls Trump's ideas 'a threat to the future of Mexico' (Los Angeles Times)

Powerful quake off north-east New Zealand coast (BBC)

West Midlands anti-terror police given more time to question suspects (BBC)

Danish ISIS 'sympathiser' charged with attempted murder for shooting police on a drug raid (Daily Mail)

Photos show the Syrian children burned by 'napalm bombs' in air strike that killed 25 (Daily Mail)

Why theres "nothing to suggest" Russia killed ISIS leader (CBS News)

Pakistan admits ISIS is active in the country (Daily Mail)

Pensioner strips off to showcase her age-defying physique in VERY racy pictures (Daily Mail)

Study in Contrasts: Trump Strikes Different Notes in Mexico, Arizona (NBC News)

EU chief Donald Tusk FINALLY admits Brussels is 'detached from reality' (Daily Mail)

Blackheath murder suspect arrested by London police over Oliver Dearlove's death (Daily Mail)

Sergio Aguero: Man City contest FA violent conduct charge for Winston Reid elbow (BBC)

Memo from Jerusalem: As Trump vs. Clinton Captivates World, Netanyahu Is Unusually Silent (New York Times - Paywall)

Why is Obama visiting tiny Pacific island? (CNN)

Disgusting moment a man finds a 'creature' inside a can of Heinz Baked Beans (Daily Mail)

Florida Finds Zika Virus Trapped In State's Mosquitoes For First Time (Time Magazine)

Will Hermine Be Florida's First Hurricane in 11 Years? (NBC News)

Has ISIS Really Banned Football Referees in Syria? (Newsweek Magazine)

Female truck driver crushed to death at a scrap yard (Daily Mail)

Yazidi girl held captive by ISIS with Kayla Mueller 'tried to persuade her to escape' (Daily Mail)

Why Even a Donald Trump Presidency Couldnt Scale Back Climate Action (Newsweek Magazine)

Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes off New Zealand (Fox News)

Watch Live: Georgetown President Addresses New Initiative for Slave Descendants (Time Magazine)

YouTube 's PewDiePie faces backlash after joking he had joined ISIS (Daily Mail)

Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of Turkish History (New York Times - Paywall)

'Monster' who raped four women in a week told police his victims 'should be grateful' (Daily Mail)

Groom misses his wedding after being arrested for running down a police officer on his stag (Daily Mail)

Mom, man accused of throwing 4-year-old off bridge learn punishment (CBS News)

Michelangelo may have concealed symbols for female anatomy in Sistine Chapel (Daily Mail)

Hereford Police hunt two men who attempted to kidnap a girl before fleeing in a van (Daily Mail)

Violent Protests Flare in Brazil as New President Sworn In (NBC News)

Second largest creature on Earth snapped lurking off UK coast (Daily Star)

Zimbabwe police ban protests in capital for next 2 weeks (Fox News)

VP nominee Tim Kaine responds to Trumps Mexico trip (CBS News)

Why High GOP Primary Turnout May Not Yield an Advantage (NBC News)

Cavan murder-suicide teen Liam Hawe's final text revealed by police in Ireland (Daily Mail)

How Would Trump Actually Handle ISIS? (Newsweek Magazine)

Now THAT'S a road runner! Bizarre video shows man riding an OSTRICH speed past cars stuck in traffic jam (Daily Mail)

Venezuela protests: Demand vote to recall President (CNN)

Clinton criticizes Trump for "failed" Mexico diplomacy (CBS News)

How Did Donald Trump Influence the U.K.s Brexit Vote? (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Workplace Culture Must Change in Order to End Maternity Discrimination (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump promises border wall, deportations in immigration speech (CBS News)

Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket EXPLODES on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral - two days before it was due to send Facebook's first satellite into orbit (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Man in van tries to snatch girl, 9, from the street in sick abduction (Daily Star)

Accrington man died of a heart attack after NHS 111 call handlers failed to send ambulance' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump takes two different tones on immigration (CBS News)

Eye Opener: Tough talk from Trump after Mexico president meeting (CBS News)

Shocking moment ISIS fighters CHEER as a suicide car bomber blows himself up as he drives into a Syrian town (Daily Mail)

American Bulldog Snatched From Owner's Garden And Stabbed To Death (Huffington Post)

Cambridge teacher diagnosed with anxiety was actually bleeding to death from a tumour (Daily Mail)

British Airways resumes flights to Iran for first time since 2012 (Daily Mail)

Tony Blair Claims Brexit May Never Happen (Huffington Post)

Japanese rice wine sak is to be brewed in Britain for the first time (Daily Mail)

Apple chief Tim Cook says EU ruling on multi-billion tax bill is 'maddening' (Daily Mail)

Are First Dates' Tom and Olivia the most awkward couple ever? (Daily Mail)

First Pictures Of Woody Allen's Amazon Prime TV Series 'Crisis in Six Scenes' (Huffington Post)

Eamonn Holmes quits Sky News breakfast slot after 11 years (Daily Mail)

Father and ballet teacher report each other to police in row over daughter's dancing (Daily Mail)

EasyJet throws model Helen Stephens off flight to Greece after having epileptic fit (Daily Mail)

Jews Favor Clinton Over Trump by More Than 2-To-1, New Poll Shows (Newsweek Magazine)

First Day Of School: Before And After Photos Capture The Reality Of Back To School For Kids (Huffington Post)

New ISIS footie laws allow teams to get revenge on dirty-tackle stars (Daily Star)

Fatal Beating of Polish Man Fuels Debate Over Xenophobia in Britain (New York Times - Paywall)

Aunt and nephew named as victims of south London police chase crash (BBC)

GRAPHIC PICS: Shocking massacre of 19 cows killed with one lightning bolt (Daily Star)

Sauciest Bake Off episode yet as BBC ramps up the innuendo (Daily Mail)

First Read: Trump Makes Support for Mass Deportation Clear (NBC News)

Aerial shots show Burning Man party after brutal dust storms pass (Daily Mail)

Saudi man jailed for 10 years and given 2,000 lashes for admitting he is ATHEIST (Daily Express)

Over To You: Why Active Engagement With Young People Should Be A Priority (Huffington Post)

Apple chief Tim Cook's Irish tax claims examined (BBC)

This shocking progression from lad to meth-head would put anyone off drugs (Daily Star)

Now manufacturing defies gloomy post-Brexit forecasts with figures for August showing the biggest rise in activity for 25 YEARS (Daily Mail)

Budget carrier FlyDubai narrows loss in first half of 2016 (Fox News)

Opinion: Why she deserves sainthood (CNN)

Trump Invested in Safe States, Lagged on Battleground Staff (Newsweek Magazine)

Hola From Mexico City: Introducing HuffPost Mexico (Huffington Post)

Acer unveils the curved Predator laptop 21, the world's first with rounded screen (Daily Mail)

Assisted living facility cook raped resident, 78, police say (CBS News)

Video of quick-thinking passerby helping Chinese police catch fugitive by sticking out leg (Daily Mail)

Andrea Yates 'Grieves' Children 15 Years After Shocking Crime (NBC News)

Mexico President Rebuffs Trump: I Told Him We Aren't Paying for the Wall (NBC News)

Israeli Ethiopian Soldiers Refuse To Serve After Police Chiefs Swipe at Community (Newsweek Magazine)

You're not on this planet' Donald Tusk rants at Euro elite...wonder who he's on about? (Daily Express)

GOP Hispanics Dump Trump After Immigration Speech (NBC News)

Trump Recommits to Mass Deportation in Fiery Speech (NBC News)

Trump Vows Deportations and Stands by Wall Plan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

New Trump hat: 'Make Mexico Great Again' (CNN)

Florida Faces Its First Hurricane in More Than a Decade (Time Magazine)

'Mexico will pay. 100%:' Trump raises heat on immigration (CNN)

Kaine Slams Trump's 'Diplomatic Amateur Hour' in Mexico (NBC News)

Oliver Dearlove Murder: Arrest After Blackheath Victim Was Killed By Single Punch (Huffington Post)

Gabon: Opposition Leader Says Two Killed After After Disputed Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Contributor: Why Is Turkey Accusing Me of Plotting a Coup? (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump insists Mexico WILL finance controversial border wall (Daily Mail)

Jose Mourinho: Why Manchester United Manager Fears First Meeting With Pep Guardiola (Newsweek Magazine)

Man fears leaving home after accusation he is a paedophile even though girlfriend is 32 (Daily Express)

Soldier killed in clash with Kurdish forces in Turkey (Fox News)

Apple chief Tim Cook says tax ruling 'maddening' (BBC)

'Hundreds Of Thousands' Of Poles May Leave Britain, Says Poland's Deputy Prime Minister (Huffington Post)

It's been a bad month for ISIS (CNN)

Flying first and business class has become cheaper due to plummeting oil prices (with fares from London to New York slashed by 37%) (Daily Mail)

Mother Jade from Bury St Edmunds on benefits won't date a man unless he has a job (Daily Mail)

Hamilton woman evicted after neighbours alert police to her having sex outsider front door (Daily Mail)

Could we soon all be using QUANTUM PCs? Google may be on the verge of a breakthrough (Daily Mail)

British woman who was mowed down and killed in Ibiza by driver high on cocaine (Daily Mail)

Eamonn Holmes to leave Sky News Sunrise after 11 years (BBC)

Trump 'Misled' Us on Immigration Plan: Key Latino Backer (NBC News)

Brazilians Riot as New President Is Sworn In (NBC News)

100-Year-Old Man Holds Dying Wife's Hand In Final Act Of Love (Huffington Post)

Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls 13bn Tax Ruling Maddening' (Newsweek Magazine)

GBBO's Mel Giedroyc is praised as she fronts show without Sue Perkins for first time (Daily Mail)

Freemen of Gloucester will drive sheep through city centre for first time in centuries (Daily Express)

Cameron and Corbyn's EU referendum campaigning backfired as it persuaded people to vote FOR Brexit... and Donald Trump helped too (Daily Mail)

What happens when ISIS loses a city (CNN)

Eamonn Holmes Quits Sky News 'Sunrise' Role After 11 Years (Huffington Post)

ISIS fanatics threaten lone wolf attacks on West after Abu Mohamed al-Adnani is killed (Daily Mail)

Milton Keynes driver crushed and killed boy, five, as he reversed into shared driveway (Daily Mail)

Saudi man jailed for 10 years and given 2,000 lashes for tweeting atheist beliefs (Daily Mail)

Ripped Bulgarian 'migrant hunter' wanted by ISIS shows off his £75K Mercedes (Daily Star)

Video: Trump Unveils 'Make Mexico Great Again Also' Hats (NBC News)

Exploding Batteries? $7B Wiped Off Phone Giant's Value (NBC News)

Over the water and into death (CNN)

Why Do We Say 'Pinch And A Punch' And 'White Rabbits' On The First Day Of The Month? (Huffington Post)

Tim Cook Calls Apple's 13bn Tax Row 'Total Political Crap' (Huffington Post)

Why Mother Teresa is no saint to her many critics (CNN)

Apple tax was just the start: Calls for superstate EU to seize ALL tax powers from members (Daily Express)

Oil-Price Drop Pushes Nigeria Into First Recession Since 2004 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Government Will Hit Air Pollution Targets 10 Years Late, Report Says (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump: Mexico Will Pay for the Wall' (Newsweek Magazine)

Over 2,000 children could face criminal records after being reported to police for sexting (Daily Express)

Trump Welcomes 'Angel Moms' to Stage in Arizona (NBC News)

Australian police capture cattle-eating crocodile (BBC)

Op-Ed Columnist: Pariahs for Donald Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

'A HUGE mistake' Bitter Remainer Ian McEwan thinks Britain may NEVER leave the EU (Daily Express)

8/31: Donald Trump meets with Mexicos president; FSU football star shares special lunch with middle schooler (CBS News)

Chris Brown shrugs off latest controversy in video after he was arrested (Daily Mail)

ISIS hack nine teens in half with chainsaws in grim death penalty (Daily Star)

Makayah McDermott Named As Child Actor Victim Of Penge Police Chase Crash (Huffington Post)

Five Reasons Donald Trumps Speeches Are More Effective Than You Think (Newsweek Magazine)

Fife man captured slapping and biting the head of his cat is jailed for 8 months (Daily Mail)

Uzbek TV figure reads independence speech for ill president (Fox News)

Hong Kong prepares for first big vote since 2014 protests (Fox News)

Pena Nieto Blasts Trump Hours After Meeting (Newsweek Magazine)

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says E.U. Tax Ruling is Total Political Crap' (Time Magazine)

Trump Shifts Back to Hardline Stance on Illegal Immigration (Newsweek Magazine)

Steve Irwin's letter to his parents before his death (Daily Mail)

Latinos respond to Trumps Mexico visit (CBS News)

Donald Trump: Mexico will pay for wall, '100%' (BBC)

Foreign criminals freed 10 years ago in border scandal still haven't been deported' (Daily Express)

Why is Zika surging in Singapore? (CNN)

Documentary follows police investigation into murder of Sadie Hartley (Daily Mail)

HANDS OFF OUR BUSINESSES: Calais mayor told GO HOME as she arrives in Kent to woo traders (Daily Express)

Trump, Mexican President discuss border wall in Mexico City (CBS News)

Trump promises to create US deportation task force to round-up and deport illegal migrants (Daily Express)

Trump pledges task force to deport 'illegal aliens' (CNN)

Highlights of Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech and Mexico Trip (New York Times - Paywall)

Kim Jong-un may launch ALL OUT ATTACK on West as they develop thousand tonne submarine (Daily Express)

Mexican president likely hurt by 'ill-advised' Trump meeting (Fox News)

Storm eyes Florida after gaining strength in Gulf of Mexico (CBS News)

Donald Trump Gambles on Immigration but Sends Conflicting Signals (New York Times - Paywall)

Read Donald Trump's Speech on Immigration (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Pivots Back to Hardline Immigration Stance (Time Magazine)

Former Atlanta police officer indicted in death of unarmed black man (CBS News)

Trump vows no amnesty' over illegal immigration (Financial Times - Paywall)

Editorial: Donald Trump’s Deportation Nation (New York Times - Paywall)

Afghan official says 2 killed in car bombing (Fox News)

Trump Sticks to Hard Line on Immigration in Arizona Speech (NBC News)

Dramatic video shows Navy plane avoiding crash off aircraft carrier (CBS News)

Chicago mayor offers new civilian oversight plan for police (CBS News)

Hillary Clinton dismisses Donald Trumps trip to Mexico (CBS News)

NSPCC report found 2,000 children quizzed by police over nude selfies (Daily Mail)

Juncker's tax deals with Amazon and McDonald's leave EU chief facing embarrassment (Daily Mail)

Close call: Navy pilots recount avoiding crash off aircraft carrier (CBS News)

Donald Trump Vows to Remove Millions Living in U.S. Illegally (Time Magazine)

One in three people haven't seen a single police officer on UK streets in the last year (Daily Mail)

Rudy Giuliani and Jeff Sessions Just Wore Make Mexico Great Again Also' Caps at a Donald Trump Rally (Time Magazine)

If Pe a Nieto Was Trying to Distract Mexican Voters By Meeting Donald Trump, He Failed (Time Magazine)

Theresa May tells Cabinet to seize the opportunities' of Brexit and make it a 'success' (Daily Mail)

Britain will be one of the world's GREATEST trading nations post Brexit, Theresa May says (Daily Express)

Slain ISIS leader had powerful roles in terror organization (CBS News)

Trump Visit to Mexico a Result of Subtle Groundwork: Sources (NBC News)

Why Premier League transfer fees have topped £1bn (BBC)

Protesters Set Fire to Buildings as Gabon's President Ali Bongo is Re-elected (Time Magazine)

Latino voters react to Donald Trumps Mexico visit: "A political circus" (CBS News)

Poll: Trump trails Clinton (CNN)

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff removed from office by Senate (BBC)

FROZEN OUT: Sturgeon furious as Theresa May tells SNP boss 'WE will decide Brexit terms' (Daily Express)

'Mermaid thighs' is killing off the trend for dangerously skinny legs (Daily Mail)

Mexicans Accuse President of ‘Historic Error’ in Welcoming Donald Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

WATCH LIVE: Trump Delivers Speech on Immigration Policy (NBC News)

Brazil senate votes to remove President Dilma Rousseff (CBS News)

Editorial: Brazil’s Ousted President (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump's 'constructive exchange' with Mexican President (CNN)

Rousseff out as Brazil president (CNN)

Watch: Mass. man and son have close encounter with great white shark (CBS News)

Gang of teenage thugs who beat Polish man to death were like a 'pack of hyenas' (Daily Mail)

Syrian town Jarablus finally liberated from ISIS's evil grip after three years (Daily Mail)

Retreating ISIS fanatics try to burn down Iraqi town by flooding streets with oil (Daily Mail)

Earth's Oldest Fossils May Date Back 3.7 Billion Years (NBC News)

Donald Trump ducks clash on Mexico visit (BBC)

Donald Trump strikes a softer tone in Mexico but holds fast to his stand against illegal immigration (Los Angeles Times)

Enrique Pe a Nieto Says He Told Donald Trump Mexico Won't Pay for Border Wall (Time Magazine)

Russia's claim it killed ISIS leader 'laughable' (CNN)

BREAKING: Manhunt as two police officers and one civilian shot in Copenhagen (Daily Express)

US election 2016: Trump defends wall on Mexico visit (BBC)

BREAKING: 2 police officers, 1 civilian shot in Denmark (Daily Star)

Russia Says It Killed Senior Islamic State Official (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Watch Donald Trump's Speech in Phoenix, Arizona (Time Magazine)

Drivers dumbfounded after spotting man riding OSTRICH along busy motorway (Daily Star)

Ranjit Singh Power murder: Friend is wanted by police (BBC)

The Great Fire of London: Tomorrow marks 350 years since the devastating blaze (Daily Express)

FIRST PICTURE: Boy, 10, killed alongside aunt after car in police chase ploughs into them (Daily Express)

Britain will STOP European migrants travelling to the UK after Brexit, Theresa May vows (Daily Express)

First pictures of boy, 10, and aunt killed in Penge cop chase car crash (Daily Star)

Mexican president under fire over Trump meeting (CBS News)

Bake Off fans on the edge after Val drops her biscuits and offers them to the judges (Daily Mail)

President Obama Says Conservation More Important Than Ever at Lake Tahoe Summit (Time Magazine)

UN test ban head: Israel should ratify treaty within 5 years (Fox News)

Great Brisith Bake Off contestants snap in biscuit week as Louise is eliminated (Daily Mail)

Bendingo woman Debra Wakefield experienced her FIRST orgasm during CHILDBIRTH (Daily Mail)

Why you may not recognize Clark Kent as Superman (CNN)

Former U.S. Commanders Take Increasingly Dim View of War on ISIS (Time Magazine)

Read Donald Trump and Enrique Pe a Nieto's Full Press Conference Statement (Time Magazine)

A nude brawl has erupted French nudist beach after a group refused to strip off and stared (Daily Mail)

ISIS says No. 2 commander killed in airstrike (CBS News)

With a top ISIS leader dead, will the terror group weaken? (CBS News)

Brazil's Senate ousts President Dilma Rousseff from office (Los Angeles Times)

Trump's Mexico visit stirs outrage: 'We don't want him' (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS execution square up close (CNN)

PewDiePie Suspended By Twitter for ISIS joke (NBC News)

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is kicked out of office (Daily Mail)

Brazil Senate Impeaches President Dilma Rousseff (NBC News)

Mexicans respond to Trump with jokes, jeers (CNN)

Memoir by Beach Boy Mike Love claims Dennis Wilson witnessed the psychopath shoot a man (Daily Mail)

Apple CEO fires back after EU tax ruling, and other MoneyWatch headlines (CBS News)

Tough economic outlook in Brazil after president removed (Fox News)

Burning Man revelers brave desert dust storms and continue to party through the haze (Daily Mail)

Ex-Greater Manchester police officer who found Dale Cregan's murder victims is dead (Daily Mail)

Jealous welder accused of brutally beating his ex to death after she slept with another man (Daily Mail)

Researchers reveal why Superman's disguise WOULD work (Daily Mail)

Danish EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has wins legion of fans over Apple tax evasion (Daily Mail)

Russia claims Vladimir Putin's army killed ISIS spokesman in Aleppo (Daily Mail)

Chris Brown accused of stand off by beauty queen who's 'wanted in New York' (Daily Mail)

Drunken man who broke into a woman's home thinking it was his sent her an apology (Daily Mail)

Woman and boy killed in police car chase (BBC)

'10,000 migrants saved off Libya coast' - Italy coastguard (BBC)

Thousands of Kansans May Be Barred From Voting (NBC News)

Saudi Arabia sentences man to 10 years in jail and 2,000 lashes for tweeting he was atheist (Fox News)

Does the Death of Abu Mohammad al-Adnani Spell the End for ISIS? (Newsweek Magazine)

Clinton Hits Trump's 'Photo-Op' Mexico Trip (NBC News)

What war? Sunbathers shrug off horrors (CNN)

Man who tried to kill Reagan looking for job (CNN)

President Dilma Rousseff Removed From Office by Brazilian Senate (Newsweek Magazine)

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May To Push For Migration Controls After Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

Princess Diana tributes pour in on Twitter on anniversary of her death (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's Strange, Surprise, Last-Minute Jaunt to Mexico (NBC News)

Irish cabinet split on Apple tax ruling (Financial Times - Paywall)

Closed for Business? Why Europes Apple Tax Demand Sets a Troubling Precedent (Newsweek Magazine)

Brazil senate votes to remove President Rousseff (Fox News)

Burning Man Conquers 30 Years in Dusty Nevada Desert (NBC News)

Russia Claims Credit for Killing Senior ISIS Leader in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Dilma Rousseff Is Ousted as Brazil’s President in Impeachment Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

Irish government vows to fight EU decision over Apple tax (Daily Mail)

Croatian woman punches man in the face during heated argument on street (Daily Mail)

U.S. Official Doubts Russia's Claim It Killed ISIS' No. 2 (NBC News)

Witness on Polish man Arkadiusz Jozwik's killing (BBC)

Trump bungles appeal to minorities (CNN)

Planned ISIS attack in Malaysia foiled, 3 detained, police say (Fox News)

WISE WORDS: The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon Reveals Why He Has To Ignore Negativity (Huffington Post)

How Donald Trump Made Race the Wedge Issue of 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

Eye Opener: Trump heads to Mexico in surprise trip (CBS News)

MPs urge Theresa May to take advantage of EU's Apple tax ruling by attracting tech giants (Daily Mail)

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary urges Irish government to defy Brussels over Apple tax ruling (Daily Mail)

Liam Hall dies after being pulled from the sea off Sunderland (Daily Mail)

Greece Auctions Off Broadcast Licenses (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Last sighting of missing teen Veronica Sbircea shows her holding hands with man (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Vote nears on whether to remove Brazil president (Fox News)

Uzbek president's eldest daughter Gulnara Karimova hasn't been seen for two years (Daily Mail)

At least 1 killed after roadside bomb explodes in eastern Lebanon (Fox News)

Five Questions Theresa May Must Answer on Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

Here's Why the Mexican President Is So Unpopular (NBC News)

Heavily-pregnant Purbrook mother-of-two died after she fell off sofa (Daily Mail)

Yesterday, Outraged by Apple’s Tax Dodge. Today, by Its Tax Bill. (New York Times - Paywall)

Israel Police Chief Sparks Criticism After Saying Its Natural' To Suspect Ethiopians of Crime (Newsweek Magazine)

Seventy Years Old and Homeless in Hollywood (NBC News)

Why Banks Wont Brexit and London Will Remain a Key Finance Hub (Newsweek Magazine)

What Trump Never Mentions About U.S. Border Security (NBC News)

Why a modest pastor with a flag is so threatening to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe (Los Angeles Times)

British tourist is killed after plunging from the third floor of a Magaluf hotel (Daily Mail)

Couple on First Dates spark Twitter rage after diner is furious over splitting the bill (Daily Mail)

Woman, 29, who is accused with her friend of blackmailing England rugby union ace Danny Cipriani appears in court for the first time (Daily Mail)

Malaysia Foils ISIS Attacks on Eve of Countrys Independence Day (Newsweek Magazine)

Worcester man was dragged to court for being drunk and wearing traffic cone on his head (Daily Mail)

Cheshire man claims to have filmed a unique' UFO hovering above his home (Daily Mail)

First Pink Floyd Retrospective to Mix Sight and Sound at Londons V&A (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama Begins His Final Asia Trip as President (New York Times - Paywall)

Australian man stuns Gold Coast party-goers by using shoe of beer to wash down spider (Daily Mail)

La Vilavella man is gored in the neck and killed by a bull at a Spanish festival (Daily Mail)

Apple AirPod' Wireless Headphones May Accompany iPhone 7 (Newsweek Magazine)

Rape, drugs and one big wall: Trump on Mexicans (BBC)

Prosecutor Probes Trump Campaign CEO's Voter Record (NBC News)

Chinese paid to go away during first G20 (CNN)

Donald Trump will travel to Mexico on Wednesday to meet with President Enrique Pe a Nieto (Los Angeles Times)

Why are there flowers in space? (CNN)

Why Japan is going crazy for KitKats (CNN)

Senior ISIS Strategist and Spokesman Is Reported Killed in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

The kill list: Islamic State leaders taken off the battlefield (Los Angeles Times)

Why Islamic State's Abu Muhammad Adnani was much more than a spokesman (Los Angeles Times)

Speculation swirls that the man who ruled Uzbekistan with an iron fist for 25 years may be dead. Here's what might happen next (Los Angeles Times)

Chinese officials are carefully stage-managing the perfect backdrop as the country hosts its first G-20 (Los Angeles Times)

Why Apple's loss is the world's gain (CNN)

Trans-Siberian Trump (BBC)

Police in China Push for Trial of Tibetan Education Advocate (New York Times - Paywall)

How Trump can win the debate (CNN)

15 Philippine Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Abu Sayyaf Militants (New York Times - Paywall)

Apple and Ireland pledge to fight EU tax ruling (Channel4)

Why Iran is desperate for U.S. passenger planes, but can't have them (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico mourns Juan Gabriel, the singer known as 'El Divo de Juarez' (Los Angeles Times)

August 31, 1997: Princess Dianas death stuns the world (CBS News)

Rajini Vaidyanathan: Trolled for reporting on Trump (BBC)

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff: My impeachment threatens democracy (Los Angeles Times)

To understand life in rural South Sudan, talk to this man about his cattle (Los Angeles Times)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)