Wednesday, 7th September 2016

World News

Deaths after alleged chlorine gas attack on civilians (CBS News)

Mexican presidents close adviser resigns in fallout over Trump visit (CBS News)

Coast Guard searching for woman who went overboard from cruise ship (CBS News)

Authorities hope wall will cut off access point for migrants (CBS News)

Obama meets with Philippine president despite "SOB" slur (CBS News)

Apple launches of waterproof and wireless iPhone 7 with NO headphone jack kicks off (Daily Mail)

US election: Trump pledges big US military expansion (BBC)

Erdogan Says Turkey Would Join U.S. to Fight ISIS in Raqqa, an ISIS Bastion in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama honors victims of American bombings in Laos (CBS News)

Florist is stunned after his image was used to illustrate ISIS magazine article (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: China Censors Critic’s Discussion of Family Planning Policies (New York Times - Paywall)

UFC star Miesha Tate carries girl with broken arm down mountain (CBS News)

Video shows men chasing after strange 'glowing' figure at gas station in Peru (Daily Mail)

Clinton and Trump Each Face Hurdles on Commander-in-Chief Issues (NBC News)

MP has awkward Sharon Stone moment as she sits down behind Theresa May at PMQs (Daily Mail)

Web vigilantes snag would-be paedo who arranged to have sex with 11-year-old girl (Daily Star)

Father reports teacher to police 'for assault' after she 'removed daughter's earrings' (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Discuss Military Issues at Commander-in-Chief Forum (Time Magazine)

Death toll in crash of Mexico police helicopter rises to 5 (Fox News)

Mike Pence Says Obama Was Born in Hawaii: I Accept His Birthplace' (Time Magazine)

Analysis: Why use chlorine bombs in Syria? (CNN)

Woman falls overboard on cruise (CNN)

Preacher Choudary brainwashed up to 600 Brits into going to Syria for ISIS (Daily Star)

Trump's ISIS plan slammed (CNN)

Didcot Power Station Search Locates Body Of One Of Two Men Missing Since Collapse, Police Say (Huffington Post)

The REAL reason why women are freezing their eggs revealed (Daily Mail)

Reepham man four pieces short after building the world's largest jigsaw (Daily Mail)

Flint man appears in court accused of murder of teen schoolgirl 40 years ago (Daily Mail)

Mexican cabinet official out after Trump visit (CNN)

Leicestershire mother left paralysed from chest down starts the Great North Run (Daily Mail)

Flybe air stewardess wins sex discrimination case after the airline over post baby flexible rota (Daily Mail)

Pressing Asia Agenda, Obama Treads Lightly on Human Rights (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows children oblivious to the imposters in home (until the wi-fi goes down) (Daily Mail)

Why Tetris is still popular, generations later (CBS News)

Mexico's Finance Minister Resigns After Trump Visit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man accused of plotting to raid Wayne Rooney's mansion to plead not guilty (Daily Star)

Sick ISIS terror thugs 'are forcing children to join them on the front line by threatening to RAPE them if they say no - and then abusing them anyway' (Daily Mail)

Grandma Moses Didn't Start Painting Until Her 70s. Here's Why (Time Magazine)

Police warned hundreds of illegal raves are springing up this weekend after Fabric closure (Daily Express)

Mexico’s Finance Minister Resigns After Trump Visit (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows sisters aged five and six being run over by speeding motorist in Russia (Daily Mail)

Son of Equatorial Guinea's president to face trial in France (Fox News)

A Woman Brought Her Blind Son With Autism to a Field to Die, Police Say (Time Magazine)

Sri Lanka shows how to end malaria (CNN)

Obama and Philippines' Duterte, who swore about and promised to curse him, briefly meet (Los Angeles Times)

'ISIS will be DESTROYED in 30 days' Donald Trump reveals masterplan to defeat death cult (Daily Star)

Why US should worry about Duterte (CNN)

Mexico minister resigns over Trump visit (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama and Duterte appear to make nice after nasty outburst (CNN)

Asean, China Plan Hotline to Avoid South China Sea Clashes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch horrific moment man jumps headfirst from top of six-floor building (Daily Star)

Fewer teens pregnant, but it's not down to less sex (CNN)

Trump vows to boost US military strength (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama Meets With Filipino Leader Despite Outburst (NBC News)

Kent State Opens First Gluten-Free Campus Dining Hall (NBC News)

Kansas man Lawrence John Ripple 'robbed a bank because he preferred jail to his wife' (Daily Mail)

Bristol boy Awais Ali's mother releases images from racially motivated attack (Daily Mail)

Leicester thug who attacked Ayub Lambat and threatened to cut off his penis is jailed (Daily Mail)

Phyllis Schlafly Loved the Same American Myths that Donald Trump Does Today (Time Magazine)

Scene of alleged chlorine attack targeted again; 7 dead (CNN)

MMA fighter Marcus Kowal switches off his 15-month-old son's life-support (Daily Mail)

Police escort for Syrian refugee Benone beach trip (BBC)

Barack Obama DID meet with Filipino leader Rodrigo Duterte after he apologized (Daily Mail)

Wife of Slain Baton Rouge Police Officer Is Pregnant With His Child: He Left Us a Very Special Gift' (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Proposes Larger Military With Less to Do (Time Magazine)

Timelapse video shows the world's biggest tide arriving at Canada's Hopewell Rocks (Daily Mail)

Coast Guard Searching For Woman Who Fell Off Carnival Cruise Near the Bahamas (Time Magazine)

ISIS IN ITALY: Jihadis launch twisted magazine as flag flies from home (Daily Express)

Girl, 15, is kneed and kicked to the floor by another teenager in a horrific daylight attack outside a supermarket (Daily Mail)

Parents of Leyton reveal why they let Channel 4 film (Daily Mail)

Great British Bake Off star Mary Berry calls on government to teach kids learn how to cook healthy meals (Daily Mail)

Air China Tells Tourists To Avoid London Areas Where Pakistani, Indian And Black People Live (Huffington Post)

A Duterte Grenade in Washington's China Strategy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mexican finance minister who played a key role in Trump visit resigns (Los Angeles Times)

President Obama Meets Informally With Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte After Insult (Time Magazine)

Dallas Morning News Endorses Democrat for President for First Time in 75 Years (Time Magazine)

'Angelina Jolie' of Kurdistan dies while battling ISIS (Daily Mail)

Trump Mexico visit: Luis Videgaray quits as finance minister (BBC)

Amazon's new delivery DRONE is seen in action for the first time (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Embraces His Daughter Ivanka, Starts Photoshop Battle (Huffington Post)

ISIS fighters threaten kids with rape in new sick low as terror sickos bid to boost ranks (Daily Star)

Air China condemned for in-flight magazine's racist advice (Daily Mail)

Mexico govt: Treasury minister resigns after Trump visit (Fox News)

Mark Carney says Bank of England actions staved off UK recession (BBC)

Prosecutors: Man with knife attacks Brussels police officers (Fox News)

Clinton rips Trump on ISIS, behavior and businesses (CBS News)

Trump compares Clinton email saga to Watergate (CBS News)

Video shows London bus driver PLACING BETS on his phone as he drives (Daily Mail)

Man who spends his life with a 'really beautiful' silicone sex doll plans to propose (Daily Mail)

Video shows 'billions of moths' invading Chinese county of Nan before dropping dead (Daily Mail)

'Our actions helped!' Mark Carney rejects charge he 'over-egged' dire warnings about Brexit by claiming the Bank's plans headed off a recession (Daily Mail)

This Is Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much (Huffington Post)

LG unveils the first phone to ship with Google's new Android (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Moment Merkel gets slapped down in her own parliament after interrupting speech (Daily Express)

Eye Opener: Clinton and Trump sling mud (CBS News)

School puts up to 70 pupils in isolation on the first day of term for wearing the wrong uniform - including too-tight trousers (Daily Mail)

Apology call for Air China magazine London race slur (BBC)

Jobless dad whines about £15k-a-year council home and turns down five-bedroom house (Daily Star)

Newlywed couple sues their wedding videographer after footage of drunken groom failing to get the garter off and performing 'sexually suggestive' acts in front of guests went viral (Daily Mail)

President Obama Nominates First Muslim as Federal Judge (Time Magazine)

Woman charged for tripping migrants (CNN)

Caught on video: 6-year-old girl grabs axe-wielding man in dad's store (Fox News)

Doctors in Syria Tend to Scores of Victims in Gas Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Soviet Pop Megastar Prays For Gentleman' Trump to Win (Newsweek Magazine)

Car packed with explosive gas cylinders and left near Paris's Notre Dame 'belonged to radicalised French woman who wanted to join ISIS' (Daily Mail)

Trump Narrows Ad-Spending Gap (NBC News)

Eric the Cockatoo, a self-proclaimed 'f*****g legend', shows his softer side (Daily Mail)

Air China Magazine Warns Tourists to Avoid Ethnic Minority Areas in London (Time Magazine)

New Zealand man fed up with 'giant randy cat' looking for sex at night (Daily Mail)

What Donald Trump Thinks on Foreign Policy (Time Magazine)

US-trained police sniper Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov made 'ISIS minister of war' (Fox News)

First face transplant patient dies (CNN)

Supermarket horror as five-day-old baby is PUNCHED in the face (Daily Express)

Mystery of missing submarine is solved: HMS Tarpon is found off the coast of Denmark (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Police attacked by knifeman in terror-hit Brussels suburb (Daily Express)

Britain's first ever university computer EDSAC is getting a reboot (Daily Mail)

Video shows an impatient motorist drives along a CYCLE PATH to undertake riders (Daily Mail)

German police forces sets up 'migrant crime team' in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Daily Mail)

Clinton has almost every advantage, so why is she not streaks ahead? (CNN)

FIRST PICTURE: Tributes paid to couple who died after their car plunged 20ft into a lake (Daily Express)

China Vows to Strike Back Over Embassy Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

BATTLE AGAINST SEAGULLS: Restaurants serve newspaper with TIPS on how to avoid bird attack (Daily Express)

Obama Takes a Detour to Reconnect With Southeast Asia (New York Times - Paywall)

Car containing gas cylinders found parked near Paris' Notre Dame cathedral, police say (Fox News)

Muslim woman caught driving while using phone on the A27 motorway in the Netherlands (Daily Mail)

Why Apple's Stock Usually Takes a Dive on Launch Days (NBC News)

One reported dead, 100 injured in suspected chlorine attack in Syria (Fox News)

'Bionic' woman Claire Lomas starts Great North Run (BBC)

Trump ending press 'blacklist' (CNN)

Why the U.K. Must Take Japans Brexit Warning Seriously (Newsweek Magazine)

FIRST PICS: Amazon DRONE makes debut in test flight at secret location (Daily Star)

Merkel Urges Politicians to Tone Down Anti-AfD Language (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Paris Police Found Car Loaded With Gas Canisters (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cristiano Ronaldo: Why Zinedine Zidane Is Concerned About Real Madrid Star (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama pays tribute to victims of U.S. bombings during the 'secret war' in Laos (Los Angeles Times)

Philippines confronting China with photos of Chinese ships in disputed sea (Fox News)

Costa Brava tourists' shocked to discover snack vending machine also selling SEX TOYS (Daily Mail)

Turkey says 3 of its soldiers killed in ISIS attack (Fox News)

Donald Trump branded as a 'MANCHILD' who poses 'real danger' by Alex Salmond (Daily Express)

Trump Says Israel Will Be Destroyed Unless He Becomes President (Newsweek Magazine)

Ailes picked the wrong woman to mess with (CNN)

Donald Trump Wants Military to Hatch Plan to Stop ISIS in 30 Days (Time Magazine)

Nasa's asteroid-hunting spacecraft will blast off tomorrow (Daily Mail)

Fabric Closure: 10 Reasons Why Closing Club Is A Buck Passing' Answer To Drug Problems (Huffington Post)

Meet the man trying to build Africa's NBA (CNN)

Turkeys Secularists Face Anxious Future (Newsweek Magazine)

Police probing mysterious death of Ferguson protests leader (CBS News)

London woman Claire Edmead is helping her partner transition into a man (Daily Mail)

Paris Police Arrest 2 After Discovery of Car Packed With Gas Cylinders (Time Magazine)

Body of a man found floating in the water off the Kent coast by beach walker (Daily Mail)

US forces taunt ISIS in video showing fleeing Islamists blown up by a missile (Daily Mail)

Aldi security guard saw elderly man struggling to pay for bed sheet and gave him money (Daily Mail)

Venezuela clamps down on critical media (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cancer that killed world's first face transplant recipient wasn't caused by anti-rejection drugs (Daily Mail)

Chancellor Philip Hammond wins an £18BILLION windfall for his first major statement (Daily Mail)

Male model's career is ruined after his face is injected with WAX by Filipino transgender beautician in botched £8 nose job (Daily Mail)

Ross Kemp reveals why his new series takes him to meet Nazis in Mongolia (Daily Mail)

Apple Online Store Goes Down Ahead Of iPhone 7 Announcement (Huffington Post)

Ex-Everton player's best man goes on an epic journey to retrieve' his notes (Daily Mail)

Video raises questions about Israeli police shooting (Fox News)

Man admits killing in boy's cold case (CNN)

Paris: Man Held After Police Find Gas Cylinders in Car Near Notre Dame (Newsweek Magazine)

10 Reasons Why September Isn't Really Autumn (So Cheer The F**k Up) (Huffington Post)

What is the Human Rights Act? Why is the Government scrapping the Human Rights Act? (Daily Express)

South African Mayor Donates Luxury Car Fleet to Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Mutiny at school gates: Police called after 60 kids sent home for breaching uniform policy (Daily Express)

Trump Leads Clinton by 19 Points Among Military and Vets (NBC News)

Strictly star's agonising secret and the man she DUMPED to seek stardom: How Ukrainian Oksana overcame crippling illness and sacrificed her partner to get to the top (Daily Mail)

Malaysia finds Zika in pregnant woman (Financial Times - Paywall)

Op-Ed Contributor: Australia Needs the United States to Keep China in Check (New York Times - Paywall)

British Florist Shocked By Appearance in ISIS Propaganda Magazine (Newsweek Magazine)

China to assist Kyrgyzstan with embassy attack investigation (Fox News)

Indonesian man claiming to be oldest human in history says he is 'ready to die' (Daily Mail)

The Chinese Coast Guard is Involved in Most South China Sea Clashes, Survey Finds (Time Magazine)

4 convicts held in extremist attack in French prison (Fox News)

ISIS Fears Trigger New Era for Germany's Military (NBC News)

Fabric nightclub shut down (BBC)

House prices down £3,000 since June, Halifax reveals (Daily Mail)

US woman recovering in Thailand after fending off molester (Fox News)

Man arrested after baby girl 'punched in supermarket' (BBC)

Travellers Back From Zika-Affected Countries Should 'Practice Safe Sex Or Abstain For Six Months' (Huffington Post)

MH370 Pilot Sent 'Personal' WhatsApp Messages To Married Woman Days Before Plane Crashed (Huffington Post)

Defence chiefs sell off air fields and even their GOLF COURSES (Daily Mail)

Muslim bodyguard in Birmingham 'called woman in tight jeans a slut and Satan' (Daily Mail)

'The eye of God!' Astonishing cloud formation that looks like it is staring down on us is spotted over Kazakhstan (Daily Mail)

Head: Why I sent pupils home over uniform (BBC)

Brisbane woman suffers rare misophonia condition leaving her enraged by chewing sounds (Daily Mail)

Radio presenters accidentally find 'best man in Australia' during side-splitting prank vid (Daily Star)

Frimley man slaps cyclist's bottom during police chase in Surrey (Daily Mail)

Syria: Dozens Choke' After Regime Barrel Bomb Attack on Aleppo (Newsweek Magazine)

EU CANNOT guarantee security and prosperity: Attack by bloc's own finance bosses (Daily Express)

Why is Fabric London closing? Will the nightclub ever open again? (Daily Express)

Parents share hilarious before and after photos of their children's first day at school (Daily Mail)

Banks turn down student customers because of parents' postcode (Daily Mail)

U.K. Government Earns Donald Trump Comparisons for Calais Wall Pledge (Newsweek Magazine)

Backslide Or Double Down - How Should The Prime Minister Handle The National Living Wage? (Huffington Post)

It has beautiful weather, great food and wine and cutting edge culture... So why is Lisbon underrated as a city break destination? (Daily Mail)

EastEnders' Spoilers: Barbara Windsor Could Return As Peggy Mitchell, Despite Being Killed Off (Huffington Post)

American tourist breaks her back falling down cliff fleeing sex attacker in Thailand (Daily Mail)

Greg Rutherford was given a surprise drug test by the IAAF on first day of Strictly (Daily Mail)

4 dead in police helicopter crash (CNN)

Teacher paralyzed after falling from cliff trying to escape sex attack in Thailand (Fox News)

Blogger tries new beauty treatment that covers your entire face in thick orange paste (Daily Mail)

Turkey Says Three Soldiers Have Died in an Attack by ISIS in Syria (Time Magazine)

Police chiefs welcome Sturgeon's plan to criminalise emotional abuse in relationships (Daily Express)

Clinton slams Trump over veterans (CBS News)

Is cauliflower the next health fad? From rice to mash and even pizza crusts, why people are swapping out carb-heavy foods for the white stuff (Daily Mail)

Turning down the screams at a Beatles gig (BBC)

Defiant Cheshire florist targeted by ISIS declares I'm not scared' (Daily Star)

'You can't hide' US coalition video shows it wiping ISIS jihadis off the face of the earth (Daily Express)

Obama administration acknowledges $1.7B transfer to Iran was all cash (CBS News)

Most humpback whales taken off endangered species list by feds (CBS News)

Murder Suspect Who Escaped North Vegas Police Recaptured (NBC News)

Australian man dies after shark attack while kitesurfing (CBS News)

British florist says 'I'm not scared' after ISIS use his picture in their sick propaganda (Daily Express)

Uighur group ordered China embassy bombing (Financial Times - Paywall)

Amy Schumer Says She'll Move to Spain if Donald Trump Wins the Election (Time Magazine)

Watch Amy Schumer Talk About Introversion, Sex and the Election (Time Magazine)

MoD just handed ISIS a hit list' of 20,000 British soldiers (Daily Star)

U.S. Capitol shows off new look (CBS News)

Trump and Clinton battle for electoral votes (CBS News)

Settlement reached in Fox News sex harrassment suit (CBS News)

Widow of fallen Baton Rouge police officer says she is pregnant (CBS News)

Clinton hits Trump on foreign policy (CBS News)

Minnesota man confesses to 1989 assault, murder of boy (CBS News)

China vetoed from becoming 2nd biggest Australia farm owner (Fox News)

David Davis SLAPPED DOWN by Theresa May for saying Britain may leave EU single market (Daily Express)

New ISIS Minister of War revealed: Meet 'The Tajik' (Daily Star)

Man swallows 110 bags of cocaine (CNN)

Rescue group reports chemical attack in Aleppo (CNN)

Mexico: Gunmen shoot down police helicopter, killing 4 (Fox News)

Donald Trump labels Germany and France 'a DISASTER' for their open-door immigration policy (Daily Express)

Samia Shahid's 'honour killing' ex-husband and father to face trial on murder charges (Daily Mail)

Anjem Choudary corrupted minds of children as young as FIVE into joining ISIS (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton Over FBI Report on Emails (Time Magazine)

W.H.O. Clarifies Advice on Sex and Pregnancy in Zika Regions (New York Times - Paywall)

Shocking poll shows majority of New Zealanders want to DITCH British Monarchy (Daily Express)

Here's Why Zika Funding Is Stalled in Congress (Time Magazine)

Canadian judge faces inquiry over handling of sex assault trial (BBC)

WHO urges men AND women to abstain from sex after traveling to Zika-infected region (Daily Mail)

Sydney woman wakes to find intruder licking her private parts next to her boyfriend (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama set to land lucrative book deal after he leaves the White House (Daily Mail)

US Open: Caroline Wozniacki through to face Angelique Kerber in semi-final (BBC)

Southern rail: Passengers face fresh strike delays (BBC)

Mothers reveal the hilarious ways they try to impress their children's teachers before the first day of school (Daily Mail)

Poll shows Trump inching ahead in near even race (CNN)

In Laos, Obama Seeks to Move Past Vietnam War Fallout (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Moment paedo snared as he tries to meet girl, 11, for sex (Daily Star)

Police Hunt Escaped Las Vegas Murder Suspect (NBC News)

Camilla Costa: Why Paralympic mood in Brazil is positive (BBC)

Christopher Halliwell killed prostitute and led police to remains now denies murder' (Daily Mail)

Defence chiefs are accused of giving ISIS a 'hit list' (Daily Mail)

Why Russia's most famous pop star wants a Trump win (BBC)

Suspected Bank Robber Killed After Arizona Police Pursuit (NBC News)

Stranger punches NEWBORN BABY in face in Tesco after mistaking her for DOLL (Daily Star)

German landlord could face prison after bottles of wine with pictures of Hitler on the label were discovered in a raid on his pub (Daily Mail)

Stockbroker accused of rape 'thought woman was crying due to size of his penis' (Daily Express)

Australian man dies after shark attack in New Caledonia (Fox News)

Police warn parents after three attempted abductions of young boys in just two days (Daily Express)

Adorable video shows 6-month-old kitten grooming owner's impressive beard (Daily Mail)

Incredible avalanche tumbles down a mountainside in India (Daily Mail)

Anjem Choudary Is Sentenced to Prison for Promoting ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Shocking video shows passengers in huge brawl on Carnival Glory cruise ship (Daily Mail)

Footage shows Aleppo 'chlorine gas attack' aftermath (BBC)

Essex police issue CCTV images of witnesses after man was 'murdered in a hate attack' (Daily Mail)

Man Admits to Kidnapping, Killing Minnesota Boy in 1989 (NBC News)

Baguley man arrested after a five-day-old baby was PUNCHED in the face (Daily Mail)

Connecticut Police Chief Resigns After Public Outbursts (NBC News)

The Honest Trailer for The Blair Witch Project Asks Why It Scared Everyone So Much (Time Magazine)

Why working class whites dig Trump (CNN)

Hartsdown Academy sends 60 children home on first day of term over incorrect school uniforms (Daily Mail)

Watch the incredible transformer drone that takes off like a quadcopter and flies like a plane (Daily Mail)

Nottingham mother beaten in random attack 'forced to wait 2 DAYS before police interview' (Daily Mail)

Isabelle Dinoire, woman who had the world's first face transplant dies from cancer (Daily Mail)

Police in Brazil arrest 2 suspected terror supporters (Fox News)

'Don' even think about it! Homeowner booby traps pro-Trump sign in front yard, sending a would-be thief to fall flat on her face (Daily Mail)

New sex guidelines for Zika prevention (CNN)

Metropolitan Police Backtracks On Spithoods After Outcry From Campaigners (Huffington Post)

Death of First Face Transplant Patient Is Reported in France (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Woman inflates a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in her living room (Daily Mail)

After EU, chaps! The 'Three Brexiteers' look to be getting on swimmingly after Cabinet meeting... but Theresa May slaps down Davis over claim UK is 'probably' quitting single (Daily Mail)

Aleppo Civilians Suffer Another Suspected Gas Attack (NBC News)

U.N. rights chief likens Trumps language to ISIS propaganda (CBS News)

Video of mutant piglet born with a 'penis' on its head in China (Daily Mail)

UN chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein compares Nigel Farage and Donald Trump to ISIS (Daily Mail)

Brock Turner Registers as a Sex Offender (NBC News)

Video shows giraffe in South Africa desperately trying to save her baby calf from lions (Daily Mail)

JonBenet Ramsey documentary debuts never-before-seen footage of Burke talking to police (Daily Mail)

Trump Dismisses Questions Around Donation Tied to AG (NBC News)

Malaysia Airlines MH370 pilot sent a WhatsApp message to a married woman 2 days before (Daily Mail)

Police find explosives, bomb materials in Northern Ireland (Fox News)

U.K. sentences radical Islamic preacher for supporting ISIS (CBS News)

Why Spain Endures Political Paralysis as Its Economy Powers Ahead (Newsweek Magazine)

London woman 'raped by City stockbroker' weeps as she denies consenting to sex (Daily Mail)

400-Year-Old Shakespeare Portrait May Be Cleaned for the First Time (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump supporters set up West Bank office (CNN)

Duterte regrets cursing Obama (CNN)

India's richest man offers free 4G to 1 billion (CNN)

Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon Both Face the Dilemmas of a Lifetime (Newsweek Magazine)

First face transplant patient Isabelle Dinoire dies in France (BBC)

Obama pledges $90M to clean up old U.S. bombs in Laos (CBS News)

UN official likens Trump's tactics to ISIS (CNN)

Creepy Clowns Spotted In South Carolina Confound Police (Huffington Post)

Duterte expresses regret for his Obama insult. But he's always had a way with words (Los Angeles Times)

WHO strengthens Zika safe sex guidance (BBC)

RI boy dies after passing police officer rescued him and his sisters from a house fire (Daily Mail)

Obama vows to tighten sanctions on North Korea after missile launch (Los Angeles Times)

Tokyo moves to help Manila counter China (Financial Times - Paywall)

ITT Tech Shutting Down All Its Schools (NBC News)

Is THIS the meal of the future? Scientists create the world's first gene-edited dinner (Daily Mail)

8 Reasons Why Reading With Your Child Is The Best Part Of The Day (Huffington Post)

Google's self-driving cars could soon detect the POLICE (Daily Mail)

Fox News Settles Gretchen Carlson Sex Harassment Suit Against Roger Ailes: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama faces world resistance (CNN)

Paris forced to open its first refugee centre in October (Daily Mail)

Ex-primary school headteacher, 48, is arrested on suspicion of grooming after he was confronted by 'Internet Interceptors' and accused of arranging to meet a boy for sex (Daily Mail)

Tel Aviv Journal: Guerrilla Art Exhibit Unmasks the Face of Terrorism (New York Times - Paywall)

Briton burned down New Zealand villa from 260 miles away after booby-trapping printer' (Daily Mail)

Keith Vaz, British Lawmaker, Quits Senior Post Amid Sex and Drug Scandal (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows Alaskan Malamute litter hear music for the very first time (Daily Mail)

Why a lively sex life is good for older women but not for men (Daily Mail)

ISIS Claims Suicide Bomb That Killed Nine in Central Baghdad (Newsweek Magazine)

UK's 'most hated man' jailed for ISIS support (CNN)

Man Allegedly Bulldozes Neighbor's House Amid Feud (NBC News)

Dead child's mother caught housesitting nurse having sex 'on foster daughter's clothes' (Daily Mail)

MMA fighter Marcus Kowal's son Liam dies after being mowed down in stroller by 'drunk' (Daily Mail)

Chinese Company’s Payment to Lawmaker Sets Off Furor in Australia (New York Times - Paywall)

Anjem Choudary accused of hypocrisy after photo shows him eating McDonald's (Daily Mail)

Police Arrest 9 at Black Lives Matter Protest at London City Airport Ends (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama opens historic visit to nation with rising importance to U.S. (CBS News)

Terror alert as armed police evacuate luxury Germany's Hotel Fuerstenhof in Leipzig (Daily Mail)

Post-bombings attack put down in Afghan capital, authorities say (CBS News)

Zack Porter whose face was glassed by drunk thug blasts attacker's soft sentence (Daily Mail)

Keith Vaz's brief encounter with young man at a London hotel (Daily Mail)

Dominic O'Connell: Sports Direct review - why now? (BBC)

Philippines president backs off crude comments about Obama (CBS News)

Obama Acknowledges Scars of America’s Shadow War in Laos (New York Times - Paywall)

Newlywed Pakistani man Kamran Ahmed raped a 12-year-old schoolgirl (Daily Mail)

PC Steven Walters faces jail after admitting two sex attacks against women while on duty (Daily Mail)

Remains of a German woman who disappeared 40 years ago are found in attic (Daily Mail)

A tourist-free side of China that few ever get to see (Daily Mail)

Philippine President 'regrets' Obama 'whore' jibe (BBC)

Liberal Sweden turns on migrants amid unprecedented rise in violence and sex attacks (Daily Express)

After Obama Cancels Talk, Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines Says He Regrets Slur (New York Times - Paywall)

Abroad in America: An Ugly Presidential Race Shows the World What It’s Missing (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama leaves G20 Summit without Syria ceasefire deal (CBS News)

Obama cancels meeting with Philippines president after crude comments (CBS News)

Reshma Qureshi: Model, campaigner, acid attack survivor (BBC)

Bets are off (BBC)

‘Gaps of Trust’ With Russia Bar a Syrian Truce, Obama Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Pandas removed from international endangered list, but China says they still face serious threat (Los Angeles Times)

Syria deadlock: Why can't US, Russia agree? (CNN)

New video of WWII shipwrecks off North Carolina coast (CNN)

New Dad Tells of Why He Must Return to Syria Horror (NBC News)

Clearwater woman charged with arson after 'setting fire to car she thought belonged to ex' (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: Shanghai Violin Competition Celebrates Isaac Stern’s Legacy in China (New York Times - Paywall)

In China, Obama struggles for elusive deal with Russia on Syria (Los Angeles Times)

We teach sex to kids -- why not money? (CNN)

Obama makes progress on climate change, the bright spot in his China policy (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. and China ratify sweeping climate deal and urge other nations to follow their lead (Los Angeles Times)

Why Uzbekistan matters (BBC)

Why do lithium batteries explode? (BBC)

New elephant study shows catastrophic decline in Africa (CNN)

Canadian teenagers sold for sex (CNN)

WHO revises sex guidelines for Zika prevention (CNN)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)