Friday, 23rd September 2016

World News

Why are protests violent in Charlotte but not Tulsa? (CBS News)

New details on deadly Fla. tiger attack (CBS News)

Charlotte mans wife releases video of deadly encounter (CBS News)

Charlotte shooting video released, but what does it show? (CBS News)

Foreign hacker who aided Islamic State gets 20 years in U.S. (CBS News)

Charlotte police chief: Well eventually release the Keith Scott shooting video (CBS News)

The real face of beauty: Acid attack victim takes turn on catwalk to raise awareness (CBS News)

5-year-old Charlotte boys response to police protests goes viral (CBS News)

Watch: Charlotte police shooting video released (CBS News)

Crafty eagle struggles to fly off with rabbit found lying on garden path (Daily Mail)

Cell phone video shows lead-up to Charlotte shooting (CNN)

How Paul Hollywood became the star of The Great British Bake Off (Daily Mail)

Syria conflict: US-Russia plans 'must be saved' - Lavrov (BBC)

Georgia woman rushes out of bed and opens fire on three armed burglars (Daily Mail)

Manchester woman is robbed by two females before man raped her near crown court (Daily Mail)

Yahoo hack saw EIGHT MILLION British users had their personal data stolen (Daily Mail)

UK: British warplanes bomb IS to support Iraqi push on Mosul (Fox News)

FBI "Top Ten Most Wanted" fugitive nabbed after 17 years on the run (CBS News)

Teen chain gang chases and beats man to death (Daily Express)

JAN MOIR says Great British Bake Off is truly cooked after Mary Berry stays with BBC (Daily Mail)

Dramatic video shows little girl pulled from rubble after airstrike (CBS News)

Suspect arrested in shooting death of Charlotte protester (CBS News)

Russia or Syria allegedly bombing volunteer 1st responders (CBS News)

Bombing Campaign in Syria Kills Dozens, Demolishes Buildings (New York Times - Paywall)

US continues 'hunt' for senior Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan 15 years after 9/11 (Fox News)

Do YOU get agonising period pain? You're not alone: More than half of women say it can be so painful they struggle to work (Daily Mail)

Border police are scared to stop and search: 70% drop after blast over racial 'profiling' (Daily Star)

Fearless woman runs downstairs and SHOOTS at three armed burglars in shocking CCTV (Daily Star)

WATCH: 'Don't shoot him' Shocking moment police gun down black man in North Carolina (Daily Star)

Video emerges of N Carolina shooting (BBC)

Paris nudists could get their own dedicated spot where they can strip off (Daily Mail)

South London woman forced into a house and raped in horror attack (Daily Mail)

British Muslim 'Lured to her death by mum and sister' in 'honour killing' (Daily Star)

Ecuadorian transgender man Fernando Machado gives birth to baby (Daily Mail)

Kate Middleton and Prince William set off for Canada visit with TWELVE staff (Daily Mail)

A fountain filled with rubber ducks, a chef to prepare George's favourite food and a totem pole: Inside the 13-bedroom stately home where Princess Charlotte and her brother will stay on their Canadian tour (Daily Mail)

Russia jails decorated space engineer Vladimir Lapygin for seven years for treason (Daily Mail)

Bruce Springsteen reveals secrets of years of 'merry psychosexual carnage' (Daily Mail)

Man Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Charlotte Protester (NBC News)

Baby found dead in hot car after NASA worker 'forgot to drop them off at childcare' (Daily Star)

Woman is thrown off easyJet flight to Barcelona for swearing and hurling abuse at other passengers including her own mother (Daily Mail)

Dramatic Footage Shows Syrian Girl's Rescue From Rubble (Time Magazine)

How to knock pounds off your face in an INSTANT (Daily Mail)

US aircraft 'shot down by ISIS' in Syria (Daily Express)

Tattoo fans show off their weird and wonderful creations at London convention (Daily Mail)

Dog demands belly rub from a woman and won't let her pet it anywhere else (Daily Mail)

Great British Bake Off fans call for James Martin to star in BBC's new baking show (Daily Mail)

SHOCK PIC: 'Scared' woman snaps ghost out on a jog' (Daily Star)

Plus size model Paola Torrente slams Miss Italy contestants' who say she's 'too fat' (Daily Mail)

Footage Shows Fatal Encounter Between N.C. Cops, Keith Scott (NBC News)

See the video (CNN)

Six Shows and Films to Watch This Weekend on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu (Newsweek Magazine)

Wife of Charlotte Shooting Victim Releases Video of Police Encounter (Time Magazine)

Man moves halfway across the world for a woman he met as an avatar in a virtual reality game (Daily Mail)

Charlotte After Police Shooting: Why All the Unrest (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria conflict: Aleppo pounded as military presses offensive (BBC)

George Osborne admits freedom of movement won't survive Brexit (Daily Mail)

Bank of England's Mark Carney must quit for fuelling Brexit fears claims Lord Nigel Lawson (Daily Mail)

Eye Closer: Violent protests in Charlotte over police shooting (CBS News)

Make-up artist who was tormented by bullies for years because of a red birth mark on her cheek reveals how she finally found the confidence to stop covering it up after falling in love (Daily Mail)

Charlotte: Protesters encircle police HQ, jail (CNN)

British tourist goes berserk in Ibiza 'after taking drug flakka' (Daily Star)

Norwegian man held captive in a jungle by Filipino Islamic extremists is freed (Daily Mail)

162 bodies retrieved after migrant boat capsizes off Egypt (Daily Mail)

US troops may join battle for Mosul (CNN)

Jo Cox Widower Brendan Condemns Nigel Farage And Brexit 'Breaking Point' Poster (Huffington Post)

EU's Schulz: UK government was unprepared for Brexit vote (Fox News)

The Latest: France: We'll keep fighting for Syria cease-fire (Fox News)

Man Confesses to Murder That His Identical Twin Brother Was Convicted of a Decade Ago (Time Magazine)

France: We'll keep fighting for new cease-fire deal in Syria (Fox News)

Eye Opener at 8: Tulsa cop charged in shooting of unarmed black man (CBS News)

Charlotte police under mounting pressure to release video (BBC)

Charlotte Mayor Says Video of Keith Scott Shooting Should Be Released (Time Magazine)

Clinton off the trail, preparing for presidential debate (CBS News)

What to Know About the History Behind the British Royals' Visit to Canada (Time Magazine)

Naked woman 'masturbating in street' spat at paramedics (Daily Star)

Oxygen levels in ancient oceans could explain mystery of why early animals evolved 550 million years ago (Daily Mail)

Cop charged over shooting of black man (CNN)

Prostitutes as young as 16 in Ibiza who were beaten with brooms are freed by police (Daily Mail)

Star Wars-like holographic TV is coming: BBC tests display it says will bring its shows to life (Daily Mail)

Life after death: Man who 'died TWICE' in SHOCK revelation about heaven (Daily Express)

Tulsa cop involved in shooting of unarmed man turns herself in (CBS News)

Charlotte protesters demand to see police shooting video (CBS News)

Man arrested before Paris attacks admits smuggling weapons (Fox News)

Heartbreaking memory for mother of man killed by Charlotte cop (CBS News)

Al Capone letter written in Alcatraz prison for his son Sonny shows mobster's soft side (Daily Mail)

Queen's Brian May equates Japan's killing of dolphins with slavery and witch-burning, and says animals have feelings too (Daily Mail)

Lawyer is suing Emirates after nine-hour flight seated next to an obese man (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener: Tensions remain high in Charlotte (CBS News)

Death toll from rebel attack in eastern Congo rises to 10 (Fox News)

Incredible moment a hit-and-run driver reverses into a pensioner and gets out to see her lying prone in the road - before jumping BACK in and speeding off (Daily Mail)

Reunited after 72 years (Daily Mail)

Bleat this: Man who lived as a GOAT for 3 days and a scientist who put trousers on rats win spoof Nobel awards (Daily Mail)

Student with facial paralysis is set to smile for the first time in 24 YEARS after surgery which will give her a happy expression (Daily Mail)

Mary Berry quits Great British Bake Off as Paul Hollywood confirms Channel 4 move (Daily Mail)

Terence Crutcher's Police Shooting Death Ruled a Homicide (Time Magazine)

Protests in Charlotte turned violent for a third night (Daily Mail)

Four things the royals will be showing off in Canada (CNN)

Channel 4's £75m Great British Bake Off buy has to be TV's worst ever deal (Daily Mail)

How world failed Syria this week (CNN)

Third night of protests in Charlotte mostly peaceful (CBS News)

Sexy badass MMA fighter totally destroys man during training brawl (Daily Star)

CCTV video shows man pulling out a KNIFE and chasing his attackers in Birmingham (Daily Mail)

Consultancy firm director Robert Croucher jailed for attack on Uber driver (Daily Mail)

Horror as young woman forced into house and raped as she walked to her car in London (Daily Star)

Historic catch: Shark babies off Long Island (CNN)

In Falkland Islands, some say Argentina-UK thaw not worth it (Fox News)

US opens African American museum after 100 years (CNN)

Kurdish separatists say their campaign in Iran will go on (Fox News)

Watch: All The Political Leaders Jacob Rees-Mogg Has Backed Since Brexit (Huffington Post)

Bake Off contestant Ruby Tandoh launches attack on Paul Hollywood (Daily Mail)

The answer Chancellor Philip Hammond gave when asked who's in charge of Brexit (Daily Mail)

Hilarious video of eager baby pandas compete to be fed by their keeper (Daily Mail)

British sparkling wine costs rocket with our fizz more expensive than France and Italy (Daily Express)

Sex offender caught on courtroom video trying to attack a prosecutor with a piece of metal charged with terrorism and attempted murder (Daily Mail)

Joey Barton reveals epic brawl with Man City star that could have got him DEPORTED (Daily Star)

They STILL don't get it George Osborne leads establishment stitch-up to water down Brexit (Daily Express)

Arch-federalist Schultz issues THREAT to VETO Brexit deal if he doesn't get what HE wants (Daily Express)

Father caught on CCTV drowning his 3-year-old daughter is jailed for 100 years (Fox News)

Turkey's President Blames Assad for Aid Convoy Attack (NBC News)

Hols dad left with 100 swollen bug bites oozing pus after British Airways flight (Daily Star)

'The world's most mysterious book' may not contain a secret code after all (Daily Mail)

Britain and the West fuelled ISIS by failing to act against Assad in Syria in 2011 (Daily Mail)

US Rep Robert Pittenger says Charlotte protesters 'hate white people' (Daily Mail)

All British troops hounded over alleged abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan will have legal costs as Defence Secretary pledges crackdown on 'patently false' claims (Daily Mail)

Woman HAMMERS car window after forgetting keys but what happens next gives her a hilarious (Daily Star)

'I'd be wary of Bake Off mark two' (BBC)

Celebrity 'babymoon' trend sparks rise in expectant British parents travelling like stars (Daily Mail)

Plain-clothed police officers fire shots at EACH OTHER in Brazil (Daily Mail)

Shocking moment young woman holding crying baby starts punching passengers (Daily Mail)

More than half of Labour supporters who backed Brexit now abandoned the party (Daily Mail)

Kenyan police accused of executing 3 women after attack (Fox News)

George Osborne: Theresa May Must Opt for a Soft Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

Eggheads CJ de Mooi tweets as Dutch police admit they don't know who victim is (Daily Mail)

Facebook 'overestimated' video viewing time (BBC)

Debate Preparation Shows Gulf Between Campaigns (NBC News)

Police Let Charlotte Protesters Rally Through Curfew (NBC News)

X-ray shows man stabbed in his eye piercing his BRAIN miraculously survives (Daily Mail)

Now George Osborne's Northern Powerhouse minister QUITS the government amid complaints Theresa May is dismantling ex-Chancellor's legacy (Daily Mail)

Rhode Island Man Guilty in ISIS Plot to Behead Conservative Blogger Pamela Geller (Newsweek Magazine)

Man Who Was Filmed Drowning Stepdaughter in Hotel Swimming Pool Sentenced to 100 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Driver admits killing woman who was returning from son's wedding (BBC)

'I've waited eight years for justice... and now this': Agony of Scarlett Keeling's mother as two Indian men are CLEARED over rape and killing of her teenage daughter on a beach in Goa (Daily Mail)

British universities prepare to open campuses in Europe after Brexit (Daily Mail)

Women's Running Magazine Features Woman In Hijab On Front Cover For First Time (Huffington Post)

Strictly Come Dancing': Lesley Joseph Vows Not To Let Her Age Hold Her Back As Live Shows Begin (Huffington Post)

Toilet trouble! Woman using a portable loo at a beer festival is shocked as security pick it up and MOVE it to let an emergency vehicle onto the site (Daily Mail)

Arsenal: Why Africa's Richest Man Wants to Buy Premier League Club (Newsweek Magazine)

Man banned from having sex unless he gives police 24 hours notice has restriction reduced (Daily Express)

'Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice' Future Is Unknown To Host Jo Brand (Huffington Post)

The Latest: Greek police arrest Afghan as migrant smuggler (Fox News)

GRAPHIC VID: White man stripped and beaten by Charlotte rioters as tensions boil over (Daily Star)

Indian court acquits suspects in death of British teenager (Fox News)

Passenger SUES airline over 'hellish' flight 'ruined' by OBESE man spilling into his seat (Daily Express)

Sexual Harassment Rampant at National Parks, Officials Say (NBC News)

'A massacre is inevitable': Punishing siege drags on for two Shiite villages in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Regional elections may help breach Spain's political impasse (Fox News)

Retailing giant C&A pandered to the Nazis during World War Two (Daily Mail)

Russia holds separate joint war games with India, Pakistan (Fox News)

U.K.'s Economic Resilience Adds Wrinkle to Brexit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Met Police admit files on 13 unsolved murders have vanished and victims' families remain unaware (Daily Mail)

Portuguese police probe the alleged rape of a British holidaymaker on the Algarve (Daily Star)

Anti-terror police cut back on airport stop and searches (Daily Mail)

Bomb kills 3 police in Thailand's troubled south (Fox News)

Bloke creates functional REAL LIFE Transformer using BMW in mind-blowing video (Daily Star)

Hundreds protest in Charlotte as curfew imposed (CBS News)

I'm A Bisexual Man - It's Awesome (Huffington Post)

Labour's Kezia Dugdale sees red as tax vote shambles lets SNP off the hook (Daily Express)

Brexit Voters Are Deserting The U.K. Labour Party: Poll (Newsweek Magazine)

Scarlett Keeling's Mother Slams Police As Verdict Due Over Beach Rape And Killing Of British Schoolgirl In India (Huffington Post)

Intense bombing campaign targets Syria civil defense centers (Fox News)

Yahoo Hacked With 500 Million Accounts Stolen In 'State-Sponsored' Attack (Huffington Post)

Pakistan police submit charges in UK woman's murder case (Fox News)

U.K.'s Johnson Sees Brexit Formally Starting Early Next Year (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Teenager Robbed By Two Women Before Being Raped By Man In 'Horrendous' Attack In Manchester (Huffington Post)

The Tale of the Tape: When Should Police Shooting Videos Be Released? (Time Magazine)

Phoenix police chief: 3 officers resign after forcing teen to eat marijuana (CBS News)

Tulsa Police Officer Charged With Manslaughter For Terence Crutcher Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Police chief: 3 people found dead at plant in Athens, Tenn. (CBS News)

Sweet video shows three-year-old girl encouraging her dad as he tries to style hair (Daily Mail)

Theresa May slaps down Boris saying 'We leave the EU when I SAY we leave' (Daily Express)

Rochdale woman beaten on her doorstep after finding a man urinating outside her house (Daily Mail)

Wedding cancelled after bride-to-be filmed kissing man 'she had just met' (Daily Mail)

Tulsa shooting: Manslaughter charge for police officer who shot black man (BBC)

1,200 cases of 'abuse' by British soldiers to be ditched as shamed law firm collapses (Daily Mail)

Adelaide woman finds a deadly snake curled up in her ugg boots (Daily Mail)

Two women and a man sought over Manchester robbery and rape (BBC)

Brexit booze boost as Britain 'could develop hangover-free alcohol' (Daily Star)

Live updates: Protestors defy Charlotte curfew (CNN)

'I'm too ill' Woman on £25k benefits leaves viewers FUMING for RIDICULOUS housing demands (Daily Express)

Johnson: Brexit talks 'probably' to begin in early 2017 (BBC)

Brexit to allow Britain to develop HANGOVER-FREE alcohol, report claims (Daily Express)

Chief says N.C. police shooting video wont be released (CBS News)

Ai Weiwei's lawyer sentenced to 12 years (CNN)

Tulsa cop charged in shooting death of unarmed black man (CBS News)

Midnight curfew imposed in Charlotte as chaotic riots enter third night (Daily Express)

Syria war 'haunts' Obama (CNN)

Sources: Accused NYC, N.J. bomber may have cased neighborhood (CBS News)

Question Time audience member BLOWS AWAY pro-EU panelists with perfect defence of Brexit (Daily Express)

Australian woman finds eastern brown snake in ugg boot (BBC)

Syria announces new offensive in wake of cease-fire collapse (CBS News)

Brit troops accused of war crimes 'not entitled to legal aid' (Daily Star)

Peru Amazon leaders acquitted of killing police during clash (Fox News)

Indonesian men say they were enslaved on Hawaii-based fishing boat (CBS News)

Aleppo: Inside Bashar al-Assads New Offensive in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Protester shot during Charlotte riots dies in hospital (Daily Star)

Strong earthquake hits off Japan, causes no apparent damage (Fox News)

As Violence in Syria Again Soars, One Neighborhood Relents (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Theresa May demands an end to human rights lawyers hounding British troops (Daily Mail)

Syrian Government Forces Say They Will Begin Operations in Rebel-Held Parts of Aleppo (Time Magazine)

ISIS video shows 'Cubs of the Caliphate' being brainwashed into fighting (Daily Mail)

Charlotte Protests Continue For a Third Night (Time Magazine)

First-time buyers in the South-east wait up to 7 years longer to buy a house (Daily Mail)

Isle of Man Election 2016: History made as five women elected to House of Keys (BBC)

Theresa May ready to ditch Tories' lavish Black and White Ball (Daily Mail)

Violence rips through Charlotte after police shooting (CBS News)

Obama Puts Syria at Arm’s Length as Carnage Drags On (New York Times - Paywall)

GET ON WITH IT: Nigel Farage tells Theresa May to 'hurry up' and deliver Brexit (Daily Express)

Man Shot in Head During Charlotte Protests Has Died, Police Say (Time Magazine)

'Outrageous and penny-pinching' British troops accused of war crimes 'not entitled to lega (Daily Express)

We're wealthier and healthier than ever but also more STRESSED: Report on nation's well-being shows people are living longer but unhappier lives (Daily Mail)

Man Shot in Keith Scott Protests Dies (NBC News)

Charlotte shooting: Family says video is unclear (CNN)

Candy brothers flog their £9.7million private jet to pay off loan - but they've still got the yachts and supercars to relax in (Daily Mail)

Lawyers sues airline for making him sit next to an obese man (Daily Star)

CHARLOTTE RIOTS: Protester shot dead during violence over Keith Scott killing by police (Daily Express)

US admits to impasse over Syria fighting (Financial Times - Paywall)

World Crises Push Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Off U.N. Center Stage (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron's 'rehabilitation revolution' may not succeed in reducing reoffending rates (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Suspect Leave Bomb in N.Y., Passerby Kicking Bag (NBC News)

Father John O'Neill from York is no longer forced to tell police 24 hours before he has sex (Daily Mail)

Great Ormond Street Hospital report shows number of children swallowing batteries is rising (Daily Mail)

Man shot in Charlotte during protests (Financial Times - Paywall)

E-type 1964 Jaguar which has been left to rust for 40 years is worth £150k (Daily Mail)

3 Phoenix Cops Resign After Forcing Man to Eat Marijuana (Time Magazine)

Syria conflict: Army declares offensive in eastern Aleppo (BBC)

Syria regime announces new Aleppo offensive as truce collapses (Fox News)

No 'Definitive' Evidence N.C. Man Pointed Gun at Cops: Chief (NBC News)

Finance job vacancies in England 'fall after Brexit vote' (BBC)

Britain in 'strong position' over EU to negotiate Brexit as May told to cut ties NOW (Daily Express)

Still more good Brexit news: EU needs us much more than we need it, new report (Daily Express)

First-time buyers wait seven years longer to get house in some parts of Britain (Daily Express)

White female police officer charged with manslaughter after shooting unarmed black man (Daily Express)

Second World War hero reunited with little girl he saved in Holland 72 years ago (Daily Express)

World's ultimate weapons: Futuristic arms locked and loaded ready for World War 3 (Daily Star)

Question Time: Liz Kendall Told To Join Bake Off As She Rules Out Joining Shadow Cabinet (Huffington Post)

Astronomers peer 10 billion years into our universe's past using ALMA telescope (Daily Mail)

Newspaper headlines: Mary Berry quits Bake Off and Yahoo hack (BBC)

At Least 3 Dead in Shooting at Tennessee Factory, Police Say (Time Magazine)

Scottish sea cadets have been stranded at sea off Singapore for weeks after the company they were training with went bankrupt (Daily Mail)

Attack on Yahoo hit 500 million users (BBC)

US military confirms mustard attack (CNN)

Welsh police burst in on publican as he showered naked in his luxury hotel room (Daily Mail)

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: This is the Home Service. Mr Churchill has been arrested for war crimes (Daily Mail)

Outrage as ANOTHER police officer would consider Muslim police wearing burkas (Daily Star)

RAF fighters INTERCEPT Vladimir Putin's nuke bombers flying off British coast (Daily Star)

UN extends Syria chemical weapons investigation (Fox News)

Incredible story of woman given life by German coach killed in Rio (Daily Mail)

Police Officer Who Killed Terence Crutcher Charged with First-Degree Manslaughter (Time Magazine)

Woman whose right breast grew to be TWICE the size of the left undergoes 'high-risk' surgery to fix her uneven boobs so she can finally show off her cleavage in a swimsuit (Daily Mail)

Britain could leave the EU in under two years in fast-track deal, says Boris Johnson as he rejects claims that the Government has no plan for Brexit (Daily Mail)

Pence: End Talk of 'Institutional Racism' Among Police (NBC News)

LeBron James Is Spending His Offseason Developing TV Shows (Newsweek Magazine)

Videos emerge of protesters attacking white bystanders in Charlotte (Daily Mail)

Charlotte Police Wont Release Fatal Shooting Video to Public (Newsweek Magazine)

Fernando Machado, the transgender man who gave birth (BBC)

You ain't seen nothing yet' Farage warns bitter Remainers against betraying Brexit vote (Daily Express)

Professed Hit Man Tempers Claims of Rodrigo Duterte’s Role in Philippine Killings (New York Times - Paywall)

Footage 'shows warplanes attack Aleppo' (BBC)

BBC announces Southern Rail strike over footage of Charlotte riots (Daily Mail)

Charlotte police chief: Video does not 'definitively' show pointed gun (BBC)

Great British Bake Off: Ex-boss criticises Channel 4 (BBC)

French-American honored for helping thwart 2015 train attack (Fox News)

Why Charlotte exploded and Tulsa prayed (CNN)

Supermarkets set to shrink packets to hide price rises triggered by Brexit (Daily Mail)

Egyptian officials arrest crew members after smuggler's boat capsizes off Mediterranean coast, killing dozens (Los Angeles Times)

How One Man Unlocked the Sound of the Desert (NBC News)

Scandinavian fire epidemic: Arsonist attacks out of CONTROL' as vile thugs stone police (Daily Express)

Controversial weapon used in massive Aleppo attack, activists say (CBS News)

Shocking moment woman is killed by a tram in Moscow while on smartphone (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Horrifying moment sick thugs viciously kick frail elderly man in unprovoked attack (Daily Express)

Office for National Statistics' International Passenger Survey reveals how the UK's most popular holiday destinations have changed in the past 20 years (Daily Mail)

Peckham man stabbed in road rage attack in front of horrified Sports Direct shoppers (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson: Article 50 WILL be invoked in 2017 - but EU exit will NOT take two years (Daily Express)

Charlotte Police Video Of Keith Scott's Killing Doesn't 'Definitely' Show He Was Armed, Force Say (Huffington Post)

Police quizzed Pitt over incident (CNN)

Great British Bake Off: Mary Berry leaves but Paul Hollywood stays (BBC)

Death Toll Rises to 52 After Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Egypt (New York Times - Paywall)

Boy, four, is snatched off the streets by a stranger as his mother walked him home from school (Daily Mail)

Gigi Hadid LASHES OUT at man who tries to pick her up as she leaves Milan (Daily Mail)

SHOCK BREXIT CLAIMS: Boris Johnson ONLY backed Leave so he could be PM, says Alan Duncan (Daily Express)

Thousands who let strangers stay in their homes via Airbnb may be breaking law (Daily Mail)

West Yorkshire Police launch bid to return a wedding album found in a bin (Daily Mail)

Brexit Britain: A Foreign Student's Blues (Huffington Post)

6 questions to ask when you hire a police chief (CNN)

Charges dropped against British-Australian man in Dubai (Fox News)

As war resumes with vengeance, Assad still takes no blame (CBS News)

Leicestershire Police will consider letting officers wear burkas (Daily Mail)

Taliban bombmaker claims he was held illegally by British troops in Afghanistan even though they believed he was making lethal devices to kill soldiers (Daily Mail)

Hamas, Tamil Tigers May be Removed From EU Terror Blacklist (Newsweek Magazine)

Boy, 4, snatched off London street in sick attempted child abduction (Daily Star)

Extraordinary pictures by female war photographers on the world's deadliest front lines (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson 'Wanted To Lose Brexit Vote To Become Prime Minister', Sir Alan Duncan Claims (Huffington Post)

Man and woman are arrested for concealing a birth after baby's skeleton is found near railway line (Daily Mail)

More than half of Germans say they fear the rise of Islam in their country (Daily Mail)

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Committed To Gay Pardon Law (Newsweek Magazine)

Frozen in time: Fascinating 360-degree tour of the eerie Cypriot airport that was abandoned almost 40 years ago (Daily Mail)

Polish mother is ordered to return her son to his British father (Daily Mail)

Police accountability: Why body cam footage is not always released (BBC)

Fisherman Michael Robertson is followed by great white shark off Cockburn South (Daily Mail)

The 81-year-old woman pimping BMW's rides (CNN)

Mesmerising video shows skydivers playing 'hand tennis' 13,000 ft above the earth (Daily Mail)

Mortgage lending soars as banks enjoy a bumper summer and buyers defy Project Fear claims over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Palestinian Celebration of Munich Olympic Massacre Shows They Are Not Ready for Peace (Newsweek Magazine)

Baby owls bop their heads and 'dance' in bizarre but adorable video (Daily Mail)

UK economy is BOOMING after Brexit say three independent institutions (Daily Mail)

Turkey's Syria Intervention: A Sign of Weakness Not Strength (Newsweek Magazine)

The War on Drugs is a War on People (CNN)

'Fed up' woman whose Woking council house flooded '40 times is found hanged (Daily Mail)

Burglars tear off in getaway MOBILITY SCOOTER after robbing pharmacy in London (Daily Mail)

Horror attack in Ibiza as British father and twin sons are robbed and stabbed (Daily Mail)

Tense stand off between cyclist and FedEx delivery driver (Daily Mail)

Russian Votes From Syria Hint At Size of Military Deployment (Newsweek Magazine)

Oxford student accused of sex attack wields a home-made flamethrower (Daily Mail)

Hair-raising video of a base jumper in France who free-falls for almost a minute (Daily Mail)

Ai Weiwei's lawyer jailed for 12 years (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dalai Lama shows off amazing impression of White House hopeful to Piers Morgan (Daily Mail)

Bangladeshi farmer has spent 45 'happy' years with his wife and mother-in-law (Daily Mail)

MH370 investigators say debris washed up on Madagascar does NOT show evidence (Daily Mail)

Drunken woman is caught on camera hurling concrete block at front door of mother-of-one who complained about her partying (Daily Mail)

'Good Samaritan' comforts driver after crash - and then drives off in dented Ford Fiesta (Daily Mail)

Protesters shake Charlotte for second night (CNN)

Police Sex Abuse Case Is Bad News for Mexico’s Leader (New York Times - Paywall)

Popsicle Man Retires With $380k After Photo Goes Global (NBC News)

Hooded yob brutally kicks over a frail elderly man in 'unprovoked' attack recorded in late night London (Daily Mail)

Massachusetts woman lays on the ground in overdose as her daughter tries to wake her up (Daily Mail)

Chinese Court Sentences Ai Weiwei’s Lawyer to 12 Years for Fraud (New York Times - Paywall)

Shelling continues in Syria with cease-fire in tatters (CBS News)

Shell fired toward U.S. troops in Iraq may have contained mustard agent (CBS News)

The dangerous journey to escape rebel-held Aleppo in Syria (CBS News)

John Kerry Urges Grounding of Military Aircraft in ‘Key Areas’ of Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Shell Fired by ISIS at U.S. and Iraqi Troops May Have Contained Chemical Agent (New York Times - Paywall)

Arson at Belgian Forensic Lab May Set Back Terrorism Cases (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran Leader Says Politics Only Way to End Syrian War (NBC News)

Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Egypt, Killing at Least 42 (New York Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere: Hoping to Work in China? If You’re a Class C Foreigner, It May Be Tough (New York Times - Paywall)

Vancouver man with recurring cyst pops the lump with a fish hook and push pin (Daily Mail)

Kerry lashes out at Russia, calls for grounding of all aircraft over humanitarian routes in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Postcard From the Hajj: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Checking Mecca Off My Bucket List (New York Times - Paywall)

Ahmad Khan Rahami: What US investigators say about NY bomb suspect (BBC)

Longest lightning records may shock you (CNN)

This senator is the last major obstacle to the Philippines' war on drugs. She may end up behind bars (Los Angeles Times)

Russia Denies Any Role in Deadly Convoy Attack in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. suspends aid deliveries to Syria after deadly attack on humanitarian convoy (Los Angeles Times)

Syria aid convoy attacked (CNN)

Vladimir Putin is the man to watch at the UN as he deepens Russia's role in the Middle East (Los Angeles Times)

Postscript: One Year Later, a Tip About a Border Crossing Pays Off (New York Times - Paywall)

Global leaders pledge more help for refugees; critics say pledges are not enough (Los Angeles Times)

Waging war on Islamic State: The first step is to drop hundreds of boxes of leaflets (Los Angeles Times)

Norwegian man freed after a year in Philippine jungle says kidnapping was 'devastating' (Los Angeles Times)

Putin's party may have just won another victory, but its performance is underwhelming (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. says it carried out strike that may have inadvertently killed 60 Syrian soldiers (Los Angeles Times)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)