Sunday, 25th September 2016

World News

Charles Osgood, family man (CBS News)

Hundreds Killed in Aleppo in Fresh Fighting (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Patient with rare heart condition dies after asking doctors to turn off her pacemaker in the UK's 'first assisted dying' case (Daily Mail)

Jose Fernandez of Miami Marlins, killed in Florida boating accident (Daily Mail)

Charles Osgood, music man (CBS News)

Tristram Hunt Tears Into Jeremy Corbyn At Labour Party Conference (Huffington Post)

The one thing Trump brings to the debate stage (CNN)

Kate looks every inch the glamorous young royal as she and Wills leave Prince George and Princess Charlotte with their nanny while they enjoy a day in Vancouver (Daily Mail)

Pippa Middleton's hacking investigators arrest 35 year old man (Daily Mail)

Hungarian Authorities Launch Manhunt After Homemade Bomb Injures 2 Police Officers (Time Magazine)

Bibi meets The Donald in NYC and tells him a thing or two about building a wall while Trump promises Netanyahu he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital if he is elected (Daily Mail)

Russia threatened with war crimes probe over Syria (CBS News)

Hilary Benn urges Labour MPs to 'stay and fight' (BBC)

Trump Would Recognize Jerusalem as Israels Capital (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn's right hand man refuses to apologise for Tory MP jibe (Daily Star)

Wash. state shooting suspect zombie-like ? at arrest (CBS News)

ISIS claims Baghdad bombings that killed 8 (CNN)

4 wounded in shooting in Swedish city of Malmo (Fox News)

Four wounded in mass shooting as gunman 'escapes in Audi' (Daily Star)

Policy Gap: Clinton Brings Details, Trump Broad Vision to Debate (NBC News)

Ed Miliband calls for Labour to 'stop being the party of Remain' and accept Brexit (Daily Express)

Tears for Jo Cox: Eddie Izzard wells up during Labour speech dedicated to the late MP as the party is urged to 'heal its divisions' in her memory (Daily Mail)

Team Trump retracts debate invite for Bill Clinton's ex-mistress (CNN)

Poll: Clinton, Trump virtually tied (CNN)

Archaeologists discover preserved skeleton of a Roman man in a quarry in Dorset (Daily Mail)

6 kids killed by barrel bombs dropped from helicopters (CNN)

Ed Miliband heckled by Labour member as he tells the party NOT to campaign for a second EU referendum (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Shooting in Malmo leaves several injured after armed gang 'fire 20 shots' (Daily Express)

Last-Ditch Bid To Delay Extra NEC Places Foiled By Labour Conference (Huffington Post)

Tracey Swann killed in a house blaze months after she protested against fire station close (Daily Mail)

Trump meets with Netanyahu (CNN)

Countryfile One Man and His Dog winner announced (BBC)

Vitriol Overpowers Diplomacy as U.N. Meets Hastily on Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Does this footage prove The Anguished Man is the world's most haunted painting? (Daily Star)

Is this man the future of tennis? (CNN)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to Each Meet With Benjamin Netanyahu (Time Magazine)

Miami Marlins ace Fernandez killed in boating accident (CBS News)

New developments in fatal Charlotte police shooting (CBS News)

Syria conflict: US accuses Russia of 'barbarism' in Aleppo (BBC)

Prince Charles leads memorial to fallen police officers (BBC)

US accuses Russia of 'barbarism' in Syria (BBC)

Hungarian police officers in stable condition after blast (Fox News)

Jeremy Corbyn Sings 'Another One Bites The Dust' And It Is Excellent (Huffington Post)

Trump Lags Romney's 2012 Numbers With White Voters (NBC News)

Russian and Syrian jets bomb Aleppo camp retaken by rebels (Daily Mail)

Watch: Moving Tribute To Murdered Labour MP Jo Cox From Her Colleagues (Huffington Post)

At least 23 civilians killed in Aleppo as UN holds emergency meeting over Syria (Fox News)

West ramps up Syria pressure on Russia (Financial Times - Paywall)

Inside house in Austria where Natascha Kampusch was kept a sex slave for eight years (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Campaign Now Says Gennifer Flowers Will Not Attend the Presidential Debate (Time Magazine)

Muslim teacher is suing school after she was sacked for objecting to video of 9/11 being shown (Daily Mail)

Now Labour drafts in John Bishop to help them win (Daily Mail)

Fuel tanker continues to burn off Mexico's Gulf coast (Fox News)

Inside the Finals Hours of Debate Prep for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Boko Haram leader's video boast days after Nigerian military claimed he had been killed (Daily Mail)

1 Man Killed in Shooting Near University of Illinois Campus (Time Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn REFUSES to rule out MPs getting sacked by his disciples (Daily Mail)

Corpse Of Girl, St Innocence, 'Opens Her Eyes' In Freaky Video (Huffington Post)

Kuwaiti armed with hunting rifle shoots an Egyptian, Syrian (Fox News)

Shooting reported at University of Illinois campus (CBS News)

Prince George Shuns Justin Trudeau As Royal Tour Of Canada Kicks Off (Huffington Post)

RAF drone pilots involved in an attack which killed 62 Syrian troops are to be cleared (Daily Mail)

U.N. Security Council to Meet as Battle for Aleppo Intensifies (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria war sees no end as Russia and Syrian government continue blitz in Aleppo (Daily Express)

West slams Russian actions in Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israel's Netanyahu to Meet With Clinton and Trump (NBC News)

Activist in South Korea Dies of Injuries From Police Water Cannon (New York Times - Paywall)

Keith Scott Video Release Doesnt Slow Charlotte Protesters (Newsweek Magazine)

Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez, 24, Killed in Boat Crash (Newsweek Magazine)

Len McCluskey Says Media Attacks Jeremy Corbyn Because It Fears He Can Win Election (Huffington Post)

Unpredictable Trump looms over US debate (Financial Times - Paywall)

UK Labour leader Corbyn says he plans no purge of critics (Fox News)

Writer who mocked ISIS killed outside court (CNN)

Trump Has Demonized the Latino Community (Newsweek Magazine)

Police Arrest 'Zombie-Like' Suspect in Mall Shooting (NBC News)

Terrifying 'knocker' SCAM: Police issue warning as door-step gangs target YOU in your home (Daily Express)

Miami Marlins Pitcher Jos Fern ndez Killed in Boat Crash (Time Magazine)

Charlotte police chief says Keith Scott was a 'lethal threat' when he was shot dead (Daily Mail)

Three Adults Found Dead in Home After Child Calls Police (NBC News)

Washington Mall Shooting Suspect Was Zombie-Like' During Arrest (Time Magazine)

Gareth Bale protected by armed police as his fiancee's cousin 'disappears with a suitcase of £1million' (Daily Mail)

'Zombie' man in custody over mall killings (CNN)

Washington mall shooting suspect is arrested after manhunt (Daily Mail)

Syria conflict: Russia 'may have committed war crime' - Johnson (BBC)

Katie Hopkins RIPS Clinton supporter apart and says Trump win will be America's own Brexit (Daily Express)

Neil who? John Prescott mocks former Labour leader Kinnock over Corbyn comments (Daily Express)

Why this might be the last police video from North Carolina you'll ever see (CNN)

British aid worker Sarah Gayton will marry Syrian refugee after they fell in love (Daily Mail)

Corbyn urged to act over online abuse of Labour MPs (BBC)

Jeremy Corbyn says he doesn't understand why MI6 needs to recruit more spies (Daily Mail)

Labour leadership: Corbyn vows to give 'more power' to activists (BBC)

Mother-of-three, 26, 'abducted and raped by a gang of six migrants from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain after her drink was spiked' (Daily Mail)

Exclusive: More Than Two Thirds Of The Public Prefer May And Hammond To Corbyn And McDonnell (Huffington Post)

Keep your rosaries off my ovaries! Thousands march through streets of Dublin in protest at Ireland's abortion ban (Daily Mail)

Triumphant Jeremy Corbyn's peace talk is just cheap, writes BLACK DOG (Daily Mail)

DAN HODGES: Moderates are scrambling back aboard the good ship Jeremy Corbyn (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Chaotic moments before cops shoot 'armed' black man but can YOU see the gun? (Daily Star)

Labour leadership: No truth in Jezza v Chuka, says Umunna (BBC)

Labour Under Corbyn Is Not The Labour I Joined - I've Submitted My Resignation (Huffington Post)

Hungary bombing: 'Someone wanted to murder our officers' say police (Daily Express)

British troops MUST face investigation for war crimes in Iraq, insists Corbyn (Daily Express)

Johnson: 'Russian actions in Syria could be war crime' (BBC)

Cross-dressing man 'stole nine boxes of cigarettes from a County Durham Co-Op (Daily Mail)

North Carolina police releases footage of Keith Lamont Scott's shooting (Daily Express)

Pippa Middleton Alleged Photo Hack Sees Man Arrested In Northamptionshire (Huffington Post)

Jeremy Corbyn's 'Imminent' Reshuffle Will Take Place Without Shadow Cabinet Elections (Huffington Post)

Labour Party Conference 2016: Jeremy Corbyn 'Wishes Labour MPs Well' If They Face Reselection (Huffington Post)

Syria conflict: UN chief 'appalled' by Aleppo escalation (BBC)

Panicked Chukka Ummuna backtracks on freedom of movement as he begs Labour voters to STAY (Daily Express)

With Jeremy Corbyn As Leader, Labour Cannot Build A Country That Works For Everyone (Huffington Post)

Wash. mall shooting suspect in custody, police say (CBS News)

Bill Nunn, actor in Spike Lee and Spider Man films, dies (BBC)

Charlotte police release video of Keith Scott shooting (CBS News)

9/23: Family releases video of deadly N.C. police shooting; Farewell to Charles Osgood (CBS News)

Jordan writer in blasphemy case Nahid Hattar killed (BBC)

BREAKING: Two universities on lockdown after several injuries during shooting & stabbing (Daily Express)

Lord Parry Mitchell Quits Labour Over 'Violent Anti-Israel Views' Of Jeremy Corbyn's Allies (Huffington Post)

REVEALED: 'Submarine May' Cameron's name for PM as he begged her to 'come off the fence' (Daily Express)

Former Labour Cabinet minister Yvette Cooper was threatened with 'beheading' by vile internet trolls (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn Is 'Least Charismatic Leader Of The Left' But I'd Still Have Voted For Him Says Gary Younge (Huffington Post)

Prince George and Princess Charlotte 'sleep soundly' as Kate and Wills get on with the job (Daily Express)

Princess Charlotte and Prince George were 'super excited' about flying, gushes Kate (Daily Express)

Royal couple kicks off 8-day trip to Canada, with kids in tow (CBS News)

Newspaper headlines: May torpedoed Cameron and Corbyn vindicated (BBC)

Prince George and Princess Charlotte steal the show as Royal Family land in Canada (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Invites Gennifer Flowers to Attend Monday's Debate (Time Magazine)

Syrian Troops Advance Near Aleppo as Aerial Bombardment Continues (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

After cease-fire collapses, warplanes hammer Aleppo (CBS News)

Syrian army closes in on Aleppo rebels (CBS News)

BREAKING: Cops arrest shopping mall shooting suspect after five are killed (Daily Star)

Washington state mall shooting leaves 5 dead as police search for Hispanic gunman (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Burlington suspect captured by police after Cascade Mall mass shooting (Daily Express)

Syrian troops advance in Aleppo amid war's heaviest bombing (Fox News)

UN fears Aleppo catastrophe as the city's water is shut off (Daily Mail)

Charlotte Police Release Video From Keith Scott Shooting (NBC News)

Harry Potter author JK Rowling tells of her teenage years hitch-hiking to a hippy festival (Daily Mail)

Transgender man suing over law blocking name change (CBS News)

Pippa Middleton hack: Man arrested (CNN)

Labour's Chuka Umunna is tipped to challenge Jeremy Corbyn before the next election (Daily Mail)

Police release bodycam footage of Keith Scott shooting (BBC)

"He lit up a room": Funeral held for Ohio boy, 13, shot by police (CBS News)

Police accountability: Why body cam footage is not always released (BBC)

Charlotte police release dashcam and bodycam footage (BBC)

Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim split following 18 years of marriage (Daily Mail)

Videos Show Keith Scotts Fatal Encounter With Charlotte Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Corbyn Seeks to Unify U.K.'s Labour Party After Victory (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Wikileaks offers £20,000 for information on plot to take out Corbyn (Daily Mail)

Money launderer for 'El Chapo' gets 8 years in U.S. prison (Los Angeles Times)

How Donald Trump Could Legally Make Himself Richer In Office (Time Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn storms to huge victory in Labour leadership contest (Daily Star)

Gary Younge 'Wanted To Scream' Writing About America's Seven Kids A Day Killed By Gun Violence (Huffington Post)

Labour's victorious Left wing sharpen their knives as Corbyn wins again (Daily Express)

Labour in turmoil after Jeremy Corbyn wins leadership contest against Owen Smith (Daily Express)

San Francisco on lockdown as handgun weidling man in standoff with SWAT team (Daily Star)

Cops: Man "just started stabbing people around him" at house party (CBS News)

200 airstrikes pummel Aleppo (CNN)

Junior doctors call off strike action over concerns for patient safety (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour re-election is met with glee by Tories and GERRY ADAMS (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn celebrates Labour re-election as leader by gorging on a sandwich (Daily Mail)

Clever Buys shop worker spotted a man pooing on the pavement in city centre (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis meets grieving relatives and survivors of Bastille Day attack which killed 86 (Daily Mail)

Costa Blanca police arrest fugitive alleged British paedophile (Daily Mail)

Snapchat Launches Video Sunglasses and Becomes Snap Inc. (NBC News)

Police hunt gunman behind deadly Wash. mall rampage (CBS News)

Man arrested over Pippa Middleton iCloud hacking claims (BBC)

Junior doctors call off five-day strikes over contracts (BBC)

Charlotte Cops to Release Videos of Keith Scotts Shooting Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Fatboy Slim And Zoe Ball Split After 18 Years Of Marriage (Huffington Post)

Man arrested after Pippa Middleton iPhone private picture hack (Daily Star)

Charlotte to Release Keith Lamont Scott Police Shooting Video (Time Magazine)

Syrian Forces Tighten Siege of Rebel-Held Areas in Aleppo (New York Times - Paywall)

Watch Daredevils Dive Off Bridge in World Series (NBC News)

Back from the dead? A Catholic child saint who was stabbed to death by her father 300 years ago 'blinks' during tourist's terrifying footage (Daily Mail)

Labour leadership: Corbyn appeals for unity after re-election (BBC)

Lib Dem Press Office Pokes Fun At Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Leadership Victory (Huffington Post)

Charlotte Protests Stay Calm Amid Heightened Security (NBC News)

Man United cruise past shocked champions (CNN)

'Senseless Act': Hunt for Shooter After 5 Killed at Macy's (NBC News)

Air passenger finds man next to her has booked a seat for his DOLL (Daily Mail)

‘From Paradise to Hell’: How an Aid Convoy in Syria Was Blown Apart (New York Times - Paywall)

Ken Loach Backs Jeremy Corbyn As Chance To Stand Up To State's Abusive Behaviour' (Huffington Post)

Young Syrian boy injured in Aleppo airstrikes which killed his baby brother (Daily Mail)

The Interpreter: In Syrian War, Russia Has Yet to Fulfill Superpower Ambitions (New York Times - Paywall)

Joy as devoted couple married for 62 years are reunited after spending eight months apart because they couldn't get into the same care home (Daily Mail)

Meet the Man Role-Playing Trump in Clinton's Debate Prep (NBC News)

Spain: British man arrested in past child abuse case (Fox News)

University of Derby student bit off tongue of attacker who tried to rape her (Daily Mail)

Man killed at Los Angeles home rented by former talk show host (CBS News)

Snapchat is to launch £100 sunglasses with built-in video camera for users to film 10 second clips and upload them (Daily Mail)

Trump insults women in Clinton ad (CNN)

'British' trio are charged after police raid Bangkok passport gang and find dismembered body stashed in freezer (Daily Mail)

German Man Arrested for Alleged Islamic State Membership (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Serial sex attacker being hunted by police after striking four times in two days (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Syria believes it's on way to military victory (Fox News)

'Unelectable' Corbyn Gets Elected - Again (Huffington Post)

Spanish police arrest man in massive child pornography case (Fox News)

What celebs want to ask Clinton and Trump (CNN)

Rebels Lose Ground as Syrian Military Pushes to Aleppo (Newsweek Magazine)

Eye Opener: Deadly shooting in Washington state (CBS News)

Florida Zookeeper Killed by Tiger Had Screamed Into Her Radio for Help (Time Magazine)

Czech Man Zdenek Makar's Death See Arrest Of Three, Including Teenage Boy (Huffington Post)

Vote for Stein is a vote for Trump (CNN)

Release the Tapes: Peaceful Charlotte Protesters Demand Shooting Video (Newsweek Magazine)

Egghead's CJ De Mooi grilled by police over alleged murder of German drifter (Daily Mail)

Body In Freezer Prompts Thai Police To Charge Man With British Passport (Huffington Post)

#GoodbyeLabour Turned On Its Head By Jeremy Corbyn Fans After Labour Leadership Election 2016 (Huffington Post)

Man detained at German airport for alleged IS membership (Fox News)

Corbyn Easily Wins Re-election, Calls for Labour Unity (Newsweek Magazine)

The Jeremy Corbyn Story: Profile of Labour leader (BBC)

UK left-wing party re-elects leader Corbyn (CNN)

UN: Nearly 2 million without running water in Aleppo (Fox News)

Jeremy Corbyn planning 'a lot of changes' (BBC)

'How To Leave The Labour Party' Is Most Googled Question Around Labour Party Conference 2016 (Huffington Post)

5 killed at US mall; gunman sought (CNN)

Labour Party Conference 2016 Sees Jeremy Corbyn Win Please Conservative Voters (Huffington Post)

Labour Party Conference 2016: Owen Smith Camp Mood Summed Up In BBC News Clip (Huffington Post)

Jeremy Corbyn Is Re-Elected as Leader of Britain’s Labour Party (New York Times - Paywall)

ISIS forces attack RAF jets dropping bombs over Syria and Iraq (Daily Mail)

Why Britain's Labour Party Is Facing GOP-Style Turmoil (NBC News)

BBC's John Simpson tells how a plate of kedgeree nearly killed me (Daily Mail)

Charlotte police shooting victim's wife releases footage of final moments (Daily Mail)

King Abdullah II explains why Jordan took millions of Syrian refugees (CBS News)

Meet the man called the Donald Trump of Russia (CBS News)

After a respite, Aleppo descends further into chaos (CBS News)

Kate Middleton and Prince William get a night off from the kids on Canada tour (Daily Mail)

Tattoo fans show off their weird and wonderful creations at London convention (Daily Mail)

Man Escapes Car 3 Days After Crash That Killed Girlfriend (NBC News)

Video of Charlotte Shooting Reveals Widow's Anguish (NBC News)

Syria's Aleppo rocked again by airstrikes; attacks illustrate failed diplomacy (Los Angeles Times)

Italian model suffered a miscarriage brought on by torment of sex video leak (Daily Mail)

Ted Cruz endorses Trump (CNN)

See wife's video (CNN)

FBI "Top Ten Most Wanted" fugitive nabbed after 17 years on the run (CBS News)

Dramatic video shows little girl pulled from rubble after airstrike (CBS News)

Russia or Syria allegedly bombing volunteer 1st responders (CBS News)

Baby, Young Girl Pulled Alive from Aleppo Rubble (NBC News)

Assad forces unleash new assault on Aleppo (Financial Times - Paywall)

Poll: Clinton ahead, Trump more honest (CNN)

Diplomats wonder how to prepare for Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

What royals will show off in Canada (CNN)

All the ways the world failed Aleppo this week (CNN)

'A massacre is inevitable': Punishing siege drags on for two Shiite villages in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Priest kidnapped in Mexico days after 2 abducted, killed (CBS News)

Efforts to shore up the Syrian cease-fire have faltered on all fronts (Los Angeles Times)

Egyptian officials arrest crew members after smuggler's boat capsizes off Mediterranean coast, killing dozens (Los Angeles Times)

What we know about the Charlotte officer (CNN)

Ai Weiwei's lawyer jailed for 12 years (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kerry lashes out at Russia, calls for grounding of all aircraft over humanitarian routes in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Postcard From the Hajj: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Checking Mecca Off My Bucket List (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. suspends aid deliveries to Syria after deadly attack on humanitarian convoy (Los Angeles Times)

Israeli military says Palestinian teenager killed after trying to stab soldier (Los Angeles Times)

Vladimir Putin is the man to watch at the UN as he deepens Russia's role in the Middle East (Los Angeles Times)

Postscript: One Year Later, a Tip About a Border Crossing Pays Off (New York Times - Paywall)

Norwegian man freed after a year in Philippine jungle says kidnapping was 'devastating' (Los Angeles Times)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)