Tuesday, 4th October 2016

World News

Powerful Hurricane Matthew on Caribbean track toward Jamaica (Fox News)

Batten down hatches and prepare your boat for Matthew (CBS News)

Deadly Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in Haiti (CBS News)

What made Hurricane Matthew so strong? (CBS News)

Contraceptives May Increase the Risk of Depression (Newsweek Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew could devastate Haiti (CBS News)

Kim Kardashian 'was tailed by two men days before robbery' (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew: 4 dead in DR (CNN)

Will El Faro's Replacement Sail Into Hurricane Matthew? (NBC News)

Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall in Haiti (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

STATE OF EMERGENCY: Million to be evacuated as Hurricane Matthew heads to South Carolina (Daily Express)

Bridge Collapses as Hurricane Barrels Into Haiti (NBC News)

Trump Foundation under fire for fundraising concerns (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew: Category Four storm pounds Haiti (BBC)

Colombian president meeting rival Uribe in bid to save peace (Fox News)

U.S. begins prep, evacuations for Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

Tyson Fury: I took cocaine to help deal with depression (BBC)

Nick Clegg calls for boycott of Russian World Cup over Syria bombing (Daily Star)

Hurricane Matthew Lashes Haiti, Dominican Republic (NBC News)

Donald Trump's Art of the Deal Co-Author Donated $55,000 in Royalty Checks to Charity (Time Magazine)

Video shows teen shot by police was armed (CNN)

Syria gets new anti-missile system (CNN)

GOP backs away from Trump -- again (CNN)

Lagerfeld chastises Kim Kardashian for flaunting her diamonds (Daily Mail)

IMF predict UK will be fastest growing major economy post Brexit (Daily Mail)

High Court rules Jermaine Baker police officer can retire (BBC)

Hurricane Matthew, one of the strongest Caribbean storms in nearly a decade, hits vulnerable Haiti (Los Angeles Times)

Trump campaign plans to focus on Clinton, not taxes (CBS News)

Holyrood to get sweeping new powers from Brexit (Daily Express)

Will hurricane hit the US? (CNN)

'Direct Hit': U.S. Braces as Hurricane Matthew Edges Closer (NBC News)

Nick Clegg says British teams should boycott 2018 World Cup over Russia's involvement in Syria (Daily Mail)

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Plans Evacuation Order Ahead of Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Trump under fire for tax returns, PTSD comment (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew: Killer 145mph storm set to bring DEVASTATION to Brit resorts across US (Daily Star)

Murdered in Benidorm: Grandfather was 'brutally killed with hammer before police COVER UP' (Daily Star)

Jacob Rees-Mogg Wants a "Hard White" Brexit "With A Runny Yolk" (Huffington Post)

Hurricane Matthew lashes Haiti (Fox News)

Powerful Hurricane Matthew roars across Haiti, threatens southeastern US (Fox News)

Kim Kardashian Paris heist robbers were not caught on CCTV (Daily Mail)

Brazil's Infamous Prison Massacre Stirs Controversy 24 Years Later (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hurricane Matthew drenches Haiti and could hit Florida on Wednesday (Daily Mail)

Kerry Faults Russia For Prolonging Syria Conflict (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hurricane Matthew: Flash-flooding in Haiti (BBC)

How Paris Fashion Week Reacted to Kim Kardashian Being Robbed at Gunpoint (Newsweek Magazine)

Amber Rudd promises we won't have to wait until Brexit to curb immigration (Daily Mail)

The WHITE ghettos that blight South Africa: 20 years after the fall of apartheid, how it is now white people who live in squalid camps (Daily Mail)

Theresa May insists UK economy can withstand Brexit turbulence (BBC)

Theresa May pledges to seize back 'control' of Britain borders from the EU (Daily Mail)

Kerry says Russia prolonging Syria conflict (Financial Times - Paywall)

Russian embassy in Syria shelled again; Moscow blames U.S. policy (CBS News)

Man killed best friend with 'one punch' in 'silly' row (BBC)

Iran says 12 militants killed in clashes in Kurdish region (Fox News)

Alan Rankin found dead in Benidorm 'was murdered before police covered it up' (Daily Mail)

Maria Sharapova drugs ban reduced from two years to 15 months on appeal (BBC)

Brexit economy: Shares soar but the pound hits a 31-year low (Daily Express)

Russia sends more air defense missiles to Syria (Fox News)

Theresa May says she doesn't mind that people focus on her distinctive footwear (Daily Mail)

Thousands of failed asylum seekers to be returned to Afghanistan after it signed an EU deal to take back its migrants (Daily Mail)

Girl killed picking up bomb she thought was a toy (CNN)

US has put down its cards and walked away from Syria (CNN)

Kris Jenner visited Kim Kardashian moments after daughter was robbed at gunpoint in Paris (Daily Mail)

Hungary may amend constitution to block migrant resettlement (Fox News)

Lagerfeld Chides Kardashian For Flashing Jewelry (NBC News)

Liam Fox Says EU Nationals Are Key Negotiation 'Card' In Brexit Talks With Europe (Huffington Post)

Moldova official says Russia meddling in presidential race (Fox News)

Hurricane Matthew Pummels Haiti With Fierce Winds and Rain (New York Times - Paywall)

Afghan Taliban press attack on Kunduz; 12 police die in south (Fox News)

'Social media made Kim K a target' (CNN)

The moment Welsh Tory leader mistakes Brexit with his favourite meal of the day (Daily Mail)

Austrian presidential hopeful meets US Trump backer (Fox News)

Trump campaign manager on GOP nominees taxes, poll showing Clintons lead (CBS News)

Clinton slams Trump over his leaked tax documents (CBS News)

Trump confronts questions after tax returns leaked (CBS News)

Wells Fargo whistleblower says she flagged fraud years ago (CBS News)

Former Colombian President Who Fought Peace Deal Holds Key to Its Future (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Britain will NOT grovel to Brussels: Theresa May vows UK will not play 'supplicant' to EU (Daily Express)

U.S. braces as Caribbean battered by deadly Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

Eye Opener: Devastating hurricane pummels the Caribbean (CBS News)

12,800 police officers suspended (CNN)

Amid Growing Tensions In The Balkans, A Museum For Peace Is Born (Huffington Post)

Google Doodle Marks 434 Years of the Gregorian Calendar (Time Magazine)

Hampshire police search for Ena Sharples-lookalike who approached a boy in her car (Daily Mail)

US: 'Patience with Russia has run out' (CNN)

British Vogue Real Women Issue Inspired By PM Theresa May (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia claims its embassy in Syria was shelled (Fox News)

Thousands turn out for funeral of Bradford boy who killed himself because of bullying (Daily Mail)

Calm down America: Brexit doesn't mean Trump (CNN)

Art dealer killed 'over rare Wind in the Willows book' (BBC)

BREAKING: Explosion in London evacuation and 'major police action' (Daily Star)

Brexit fears send pound to new low (CNN)

Tatt's a long sentence: Face tattoo coke-dealing gang caged for 147 years (Daily Star)

'Stop Hate Crimes By Guaranteeing EU Migrant Rights' Ex-Cabinet Minister Tells Theresa May (Huffington Post)

Cyprus returns remains of Greek soldiers killed in accident (Fox News)

David Davis Says 'Whole Government' Will Be Blamed If Brexit Goes Wrong - Not Just Brexiteers (Huffington Post)

Ambush kills soldier in Mali; 2 UN peacekeepers killed (Fox News)

Turkish police raid Kurdish TV station after order to stop broadcasting (Fox News)

NRA mocks Kim Kardashian for her support of gun control after her French armed burglary (Daily Mail)

Senior Tories urge PM to exploit Hollande & Merkel elections to achieve best Brexit deal (Daily Express)

West Midlands Policeman who groped a female passenger in his patrol car jailed for 4 years (Daily Mail)

JAILED: Warped perv police officer sexually assaulted woman in patrol car on duty (Daily Star)

Haiti Braces for Catastrophe as Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall (New York Times - Paywall)

Kim Kardashian feared she was going to be raped during Paris robbery (Daily Mail)

Ayotte 'Misspoke' By Calling Trump a Role Model (NBC News)

Trump Organization Did Business With Iranian Bank Linked to Hamas and Hezbollah (Newsweek Magazine)

Kanye West is reeling after Kim Kardashian was bound and held at gunpoint in Paris (Daily Mail)

Dubai signs deal with ride-booking company Careem (Fox News)

Thunderstorms on the edge of space may be causing loss of GPS signals (Daily Mail)

John Kerry Criticizes Russia, Saying It ‘Turned a Blind Eye’ on Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

White House Warns of Syria 'Actions' if Russia Won't Talk (NBC News)

The First-Ever Vice-Presidential Debate Was 40 Years Ago. Here's What Happened. (Time Magazine)

Rebecca Hall on Playing Christine Chubbuck, the Journalist Who Killed Herself Live on Air (Newsweek Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall In Haiti (Time Magazine)

How the French DIDN'T cover Kim Kardashian's robbery: Le Parisien was the only national newspaper to run the story on its front page (Daily Mail)

No evidence linking killer Halliwell to other murders, leading police chief says (Daily Express)

Colonel Richard Kemp says Theresa May is a PM who finally stands up for our military (Daily Mail)

Kim Kardashian 'does not blame' her bodyguard Pascal Duvier for her robbery ordeal (Daily Mail)

Theresa May announces human rights laws will be suspended on battlefield (Daily Mail)

How could Donald Trump have avoided tax? (BBC)

Trump a Business Genius? Tax Experts Disagree (NBC News)

Syrian forces backed by the Russians advance against rebels during intense street battles in Aleppo just hours after the UN abandoned peace talks (Daily Mail)

Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris shows city is unsafe' Presidential hopeful claims (Daily Express)

The people Donald Trump has offended (CNN)

Is Putin preparing for WW3? Russia begins evacuation of FORTY MILLION PEOPLE in huge drill (Daily Express)

Russia Practices Pre-Emptive Missile Hits on West (Newsweek Magazine)

'We DON'T have a plan' Brussels hatchet man admits EU has 'no vision' for Brexit talks (Daily Express)

Kim Kardashian Made Herself a Target With Stream of Social Media Boasts: Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson and David Cameron settle their Brexit row over whisky in Jerusalem (Daily Mail)

Ben Needham police search team demolish Greek farmhouse (Daily Mail)

NASA video shows Hurricane Matthew sweeping across the Caribbean (Daily Mail)

Turkey Suspends 12,800 Police From Duty After Failed Coup (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Columnist: Chappatte on Colombia’s Failed Peace Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

PETER OBORNE believes new Chancellor Philip Hammond is the most 'invisible' in 25 years (Daily Mail)

Danny Baker reveals he has beaten cancer six years after his diagnosis (Daily Mail)

Brexit means breakfast for Welsh Tory leader Davies (BBC)

Pound To Euro Exchange Rate Drops Again After Brexit Date Announced By Theresa May (Huffington Post)

Temperature of Earth Reaches Highest Level in 115,000 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

South African police fire stun grenades as students protest (Fox News)

Pence preps for Trump clean-up (CNN)

Kardashian robbery (BBC)

Rise in selfie requests a surprise for Theresa May (BBC)

Khloe Kardashian looks visibly upset as she returns to LA with a security guard (Daily Mail)

Poll: Clinton's Lead Over Trump Unchanged After Debate (NBC News)

Tory MP tells PM: Give EU 'take it or leave it' offer & Brexit will take LESS than 2 years (Daily Express)

Huge police search for missing three-year-old in town centre ends (Daily Star)

Chinese shoppers take advantage of dropping pound amid Brexit fears (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew path update: Latest storm track, weather models, maps and forecast (Daily Express)

Will Hurricane Matthew hit the US? Latest forecast for Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, more (Daily Express)

Theresa May Under Fire For Hinting NHS Doctors From Overseas Only Welcome Until 2025 (Huffington Post)

Ben Needham Police To Demolish Farmhouse In Search For Missing Toddler (Huffington Post)

Was the £8.5m Kim Kardashian heist an inside job? (Daily Mail)

Theresa May Quizzed About Shoes On Good Morning Britain, Points Out People 'Don't Focus On Boris Johnson's' (Huffington Post)

The Grand Tour' Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond And James May Take James Corden On The Ride Of His Life During Racing Quiz (Huffington Post)

Theresa May Told Off By Five-Year-Old Girl For Not Helping 'Millions' Of Homeless People (Huffington Post)

Trump tries to defend his taxes (CNN)

Chris Grayling's Train Platform Pledge Shows Just How Absurd The Brexit Debate Has Become (Huffington Post)

Grandma branded 'illegal immigrant' despite living in UK for 48 years wins right to stay (Daily Express)

The Latest: Hurricane warning issued for the Bahamas (Fox News)

U.S. Suspends Talks With Russia Over Syria Cease-Fire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

AP WAS THERE: 40 years ago, young Thai protesters massacred (Fox News)

New Zealand police 'on the beat' (BBC)

Turkey Suspends More Than 12,000 Police for Connections to Exiled Cleric' (Time Magazine)

Theresa May: Net migration will be SLASHED by tens of thousands as Brexit gives us CONTROL (Daily Express)

Jonathan Cheban and LaLa Anthony rush to Kim Kardashian's side in NYC (Daily Mail)

Colombia: Fight to rescue peace deal (CNN)

6 Years After Quake, Haiti Braces for 40 Inches of Rain (NBC News)

Kris Jenner flanked by security after Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in Paris (Daily Mail)

Deadly Hurricane Matthew pounds the Caribbean (CBS News)

Philip Hammond warns Tory Conservative Party conference that Brexit will be a rollercoaster (Daily Mail)

Northern Ireland REBELS: Remainers launch legal bid in Belfast to BLOCK Brexit (Daily Express)

Haiti's Southwest Braces for the Fury of Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Arsenal: Arsene Wenger Wants New Deal For Star Defender As Pep Guardiola Circles (Newsweek Magazine)

Matthew Likely a 'Humanitarian Disaster' in the Making for Haiti (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Clash Over Tax Allegations (Newsweek Magazine)

U.N. Security Council begins negotiations on new Syria resolution (CBS News)

Colombian President and FARC Rebels Launch Bid To Rescue Peace Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Egypt: Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader killed in shootout (Fox News)

Kim Kardashian Arrives Back In New York After Paris Robbery, Amid Claims It Was An Inside Job' (Huffington Post)

Space station captures hurricane images (BBC)

Egypt Says Two Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Have Been Killed in a Shoot-Out (Time Magazine)

PIERS MORGAN: Kim Kardashian should fire AWOL bodyguard (Daily Mail)

The 7 mystery gut problems your doctor may not spot (Daily Mail)

10/3: Donald Trump defends his use of tax code; Uganda success story: From elementary school dropout to chess master (CBS News)

Turkey suspends 12,800 police officers from duty (Fox News)

LAPD chief defends 2 fatal weekend police shootings (CBS News)

Trump Supporters See 'Good Business' in His $916M Loss (NBC News)

Powerful Hurricane Matthew threatens Haiti (BBC)

Visitor to New Mexico national monument killed by falling tree (CBS News)

Awesome power of Hurricane Matthew revealed in stunning video from space (Daily Star)

Syria ceasefire IN TATTERS after US suspends talks with Russia as tensions boil over (Daily Express)

Newspaper headlines: Soldiers' legal action, doctors' training, Kardashian robbery and Chinese shoppers (BBC)

Trump comes out fighting on tax (Financial Times - Paywall)

GOP Senator Says Trump Is a Role Model, Then Takes It Back (NBC News)

Colombia's Rebels Are Left in Limbo as Peace Deal Flounders (Time Magazine)

Florida zookeeper killed by tiger violated safety rules, state finds (CBS News)

Russia deploys advanced anti-missile system to Syria for first time, US officials say (Fox News)

Haiti's southwest hunkers down in night of fury from Matthew (Fox News)

GOT HIM Top jihadi killed in US drone strike (Daily Star)

Hurricane Matthew Targets Caribbean, and Maybe U.S. (NBC News)

US election 2016: Clinton rips into Trump over taxes (BBC)

Police getting creative to stop texting drivers (CBS News)

We will not WAIT: Home Secretary vows to crack down on European criminals BEFORE Brexit (Daily Express)

US suspends Syria talks with Russia (Financial Times - Paywall)

Haiti and Cuba in Hurricane Matthews path (CBS News)

Forecasting Matthew (CBS News)

Ferocious hurricane nears Haiti (CNN)

Nusra Front Says Drone Killed a Senior Leader in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia wants new UN resolution to ban extremist propaganda (Fox News)

U.K. Chancellor Plans Investment as Brexit Creates Business Uncertainty (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia to evacuate 40 million people ready for nuclear strike TODAY (Daily Star)

Russia builds huge underground shelters in Moscow as it prepares for NUCLEAR WAR with West (Daily Express)

Fury at 'biased' BBC as Newsnight chooses pro-EU panel' to discuss impact of Brexit on UK (Daily Express)

The Queen's beancounters fear Brexit will mean the loss of Sandringham subsidies (Daily Mail)

Colombia Peace Deal Is Defeated, Leaving a Nation in Shock (New York Times - Paywall)

Egypt Says It Killed Senior Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Shootout (New York Times - Paywall)

Mexico: 2 suspects killed priest after 'falling out' (Fox News)

Colombia's President Santos tries to save peace deal (BBC)

"Some of us will die": Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti (CBS News)

Pentagon says Al Qaeda leader targeted in Syria airstrike (Fox News)

Southern Rail bosses tell staff they will be fired unless they agree to new deal (Daily Mail)

Mac on Kim Kardashian and the jewellery heist (Daily Mail)

LinkedIn founder hits Trump on tax returns (CNN)

U.S. Suspends Talks With Russia on Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

End NY fundraising, Trump foundation told (BBC)

Deep Scars and Complacency Defeated Colombia’s Peace Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Young Muslims who quit the faith 'live in fear of violent revenge': Support group says some have been warned they will be killed if they abandon their religion (Daily Mail)

Colombia has no Plan B after voters reject FARC peace deal (CBS News)

After defeat of the FARC peace deal, Colombians wonder what's next (Los Angeles Times)

Greek pensioners are tear gassed by police during protest against cuts (Daily Mail)

Syria conflict: US suspends talks with Russia (BBC)

Theresa May to unveil plans that will offer bigger protection for British troops (Daily Express)

May to announce plans to shield troops from future prosecutions under human rights laws (Daily Express)

Family of man who died on holiday believe that he was murdered and police covered it up (Daily Express)

U.S. breaks off diplomatic talks with Russia to end bloodshed in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Sturgeon put in her place as Ruth Davidson declares Scotland has NO VETO over Brexit vote (Daily Express)

Hurricane Matthew lashes Haiti and Jamaica with heavy rain (Fox News)

UN Security Council discusses new Syria resolution (Fox News)

How people are preparing for Hurricane Matthew (BBC)

Hunt for $10M robbers after Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint (CNN)

Hurricane alert: Monster Matthew wreaking havoc across Atlantic (Daily Star)

U.S. cuts off talks with Russia over Syria (CBS News)

Donald Trump Defends Leaked Tax Returns: I Have Legally Used the Tax Laws To My Benefit' (Time Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew tears through Caribbean (CBS News)

Mexican official: Canadian killed by driver during robbery (Fox News)

Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint during Paris Fashion Week (Daily Mail)

Putin suspends plutonium disposal deal with U.S. (CBS News)

U.S. Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Russia Over Syria (NBC News)

Brain training games may be a waste of time scientists say (Daily Mail)

John Redwood urges Theresa May to take Britain out of the EU within SEVEN MONTHS (Daily Mail)

Will Kim Kardashian thieves reveal intimate secrets stored on her stolen phones? (Daily Mail)

Philip Hammond: caution and wariness as Brexit edges closer (Channel4)

Kim Kardashian robbery: Paris police hunt armed attackers (BBC)

Hillary Clinton blasts Trump for losing nearly $1 billion in a SINGLE YEAR (Daily Mail)

Trump Implies Vets With PTSD 'Can't Handle' War (NBC News)

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Talks to Newsweek About his Trump Foundation Investigation (Newsweek Magazine)

N.Y. AG Orders Trump Foundation to Stop Fundraising (NBC News)

KATIE HOPKINS on the day Theresa May put the Great back in a free Britain (Daily Mail)

Saturn moon Dione may have a sea hidden under 60 miles of ice (Daily Mail)

21 Demonstrators Arrested Protesting California Police Shootings (Newsweek Magazine)

At least 4 killed as Hurricane Matthew starts lashing Haiti, Jamaica (Fox News)

Airstrike kills al-Qaida-linked commander in Syria (Fox News)

Hillary Clinton opens up SIX-point lead over Trump as his worst-week-ever takes its toll (Daily Mail)

Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint in Paris, Spokeswoman Says (New York Times - Paywall)

How Rudy Giuliani Is Out-Trumping Trump (NBC News)

'Sexual predator' PCSO, 43, who raped young girl while wearing his uniform is jailed for 24 years (Daily Mail)

Kim Kardashian Is Tied Up in $9 Million Jewelry Heist, French Officials Say (New York Times - Paywall)

How Donald Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China (Newsweek Magazine)

Kim Kardashian West robbery: How do you sell $10 million of her jewelry? (CNN)

Putin suspends deal with the U.S. on weapons-grade plutonium disposal (Los Angeles Times)

Vladimir Putin Calls On U.S. to Compensate Sanctions Losses or Risk Plutonium Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Kim Kardashian West robbed at gunpoint in Paris (CBS News)

Terror suspect was let out of UK by police after saying he was visiting women he had met on dating website (Daily Mail)

Colombia in turmoil over peace setback (Financial Times - Paywall)

Horrific moment race marshal is killed when rally driver loses control of his car and smashes into control tower (Daily Mail)

Brexit 'rollercoaster' warning as Hammond axes deficit target (BBC)

Paedophile who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl is jailed 8 years after victim killed herself (Daily Mail)

Who killed Pat the Peacock? Villagers left shocked by mysterious disappearance of bird that set up home there two years ago (Daily Mail)

Ben Monaghan with full facial tattoo and his gang are jailed for a total of 147 years (Daily Mail)

Pensioners try to topple police bus at Greece anti-cuts protest (BBC)

Eye Opener at 8: Hurricane Matthew rips through Caribbean (CBS News)

Six Months On From The Panama Papers, Here's Five Ways For Theresa May To Tackle Tax Dodging (Huffington Post)

Polands Human Rights Chief: Theresa May Must Reassure Poles Living in the U.K. (Newsweek Magazine)

Arundhati Roy to Publish First Novel in 20 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Pound slides to three-year low against euro as Theresa May promises quick Brexit (Daily Mail)

Cranford father watched helplessly as his son was killed by a car on a pedestrian crossing (Daily Mail)

Fat-shaming Trump might be a public service (CNN)

16 ISIS fighters are killed when faulty suicide vest goes off in Iraq (Daily Mail)

How to achieve peace in Colombia (CNN)

Apple may launch three new iPad Pro tablets in spring 2017 WITH headphones jacks (Daily Mail)

John Oliver Says Police Are Being Held Accountable Even Less Than We Realize (Newsweek Magazine)

What a Donald Trump EPA Will Look Like With Climate Change Skeptic Myron Ebell at the Helm (Newsweek Magazine)

Alec Baldwin kills it as Trump (CNN)

'Elena Ferrante' may never write again after reporter 'reveals' her true identity (Daily Mail)

Robert Reich: How Donald Trump Can Dodge Income Tax (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May told by little girl how to help the homeless people in passionate plea (Daily Mail)

Meteorite impact and forest blazes 56m years ago may have triggered our evolution (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew set to hit Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba (Daily Mail)

Europe's Ryder Cup team fans blame Brexit for British players poor showing (Daily Mail)

Pope Francis will fast-track sainthood for French priest killed by ISIS (Daily Mail)

Brexit impact: FTSE winners and losers since EU referendum (BBC)

Colombians reject deal to end 52-year FARC rebel war (Daily Mail)

Dozens killed during Ethiopia protest (Financial Times - Paywall)

Indian soldier killed in Kashmir attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Colombian voters reject peace deal with FARC rebels (CBS News)

Dutch journalist killed in Libya (CBS News)

Colombian voters reject peace deal between the government and FARC rebels (Los Angeles Times)

Jeroen Oerlemans, Dutch Journalist, Is Killed by ISIS Sniper in Libya (New York Times - Paywall)

‘Brexit’ Talks Will Start by End of March, Theresa May Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Fresh DNA evidence could help bring Birmingham pub bombers to justice more than 40 years after IRA atrocity (Daily Mail)

John Sweeney: The Syria images you won't see (BBC)

U.S. and Russia offer fierce words - but not relief - on Syria attacks (Los Angeles Times)

News Analysis: 15 Years in the Afghan Crucible (New York Times - Paywall)

How much do allies pay for U.S. troops? A lot more than Donald Trump says (Los Angeles Times)

It's been one year since Russia began bombing in Syria, and there may be no end in sight (Los Angeles Times)

Stolen Van Gogh paintings found after 14 years (CNN)

Missile tests may be practice for evading THAAD (CNN)

With Colombians set to vote on peace deal, a former president campaigns to kill it (Los Angeles Times)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)