Friday, 7th October 2016

World News

Powerful Hurricane Matthew on Caribbean track toward Jamaica (Fox News)

Hurricane closes Disney World for 4th time ever (CBS News)

1 million households without power as Hurricane Matthew hammers Florida (CBS News)

Hundreds dead in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew hits island (CBS News)

Hurricane help: Best ways to lend a hand after the storm (CBS News)

Hurricane knocks out power in large parts of Florida (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew takes aim at Georgia next (CBS News)

U.S. helicopters arrive in Haiti amid fears over soaring casualties (CBS News)

Could Hurricane Matthew affect the 2016 election? (CBS News)

Floridians are sharing their unique views of Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthews intense wind, rain move up Florida coast (CBS News)

Man defends Facebook Live video of heroin-overdosed couple (CBS News)

Kennedy Space Center "dodged a bullet" from Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

Social media shares sights and sounds of Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

HURRICANE LATEST: 'It's going to get a lot worse' (CNN)

Florida under water: Entire towns are submerged by Hurricane Matthew's devastating flash floods as Georgia and the Carolinas wait their 'turn' (Daily Mail)

Arson? Get the evidence for us, police tell fire crews: Force claims it is 'too busy' to attend couple's home which was petrol-bombed as they slept (Daily Mail)

Hillsborough police chief sues to get his job back (Daily Mail)

'Worst' Still Possible as Hurricane Roars Up Fla. Coast (NBC News)

Hurricane Matthew pummels Florida's coast; first US death reported (CNN)

Terrifying videos show Hurricane Matthews waves crashing into Palm Coast home's patio (Daily Mail)

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to end his nation's 52-year civil war (Los Angeles Times)

Woman has HILARIOUSLY dramatic reaction to spotting massive spider at home (Daily Star)

Hurricane Matthew batters dedicated journalists as storm continues (Daily Mail)

Tree murderers! Residents' fury as police order council to chop one down to stop youths throwing apples at cars (Daily Mail)

Chicago Proposal Would Require Police to Use Least Amount of Force Necessary (Time Magazine)

Shock claims Hurricane Matthew 'latest in weather engineering warfare' (Daily Star)

Killer Hurricane Matthew hits Florida (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nobel Peace Prize Lands on a Divided Colombia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti dead reach 800 as south awaits aid (BBC)

Bloke cracks up after driving past larger than life woman standing naked in street (Daily Star)

President Obama and Macklemore Discuss the Dangers of Opioid Addiction in New Documentary (Time Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew Devastates Mobile Homes in Florida: We Just Didn't Know It Was This Bad' (Time Magazine)

These Are the 5 Votes That Will Matter for the World in 2017 (Time Magazine)

Where Hurricane Matthew hit hardest: Hundreds dead in ravaged Haiti (Los Angeles Times)

Haiti Relief Efforts Step Up as Higher Death Toll Feared (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Azerbaijan man films woman as he follows her down an escalator (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew hits Florida leaving 340,000 without power on first impact (Daily Mail)

Doncaster man shook his partner's baby to death shortly after finding out it was not his (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew damages homes and floods streets in Florida (CBS News)

Hurricane Death Toll Passes 800 in Impoverished Haiti (NBC News)

How foundation, bronzer and eyeshadow could be adding years to your face (Daily Mail)

Canada police force investigates switched-at-birth cases (Fox News)

Obama urges caution for those in Hurricane Matthews path (CBS News)

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Did Hurricane Matthew cause a sharknado? Snap of shark pushed inland sparks Twitter storm (Daily Star)

SHUT IT The average Brit only gets 47 mins of peace a day (Daily Star)

Israel tattoo convention sees fans from all over the world come to get inked (Daily Mail)

Disney World closes down for only the 4th time as Hurricane Matthew makes landfall (Daily Mail)

Albania: Police destroy 2.4M marijuana plans since June (Fox News)

This Stork in Florida Wanted Nothing to Do With Hurricane Matthew So It Hid in a Bathroom (Time Magazine)

Why U.S. life expectancy lags behind other wealthy nations (CBS News)

See How Hurricane Matthew Hit the U.S. (Time Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew May Kill After It's Gone (NBC News)

Hundreds killed by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (CBS News)

Cocaine-fuelled groom on his stag night is chased by police who Taser him at wheel (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Victims Take to Social Media to Shame Price Gougers (NBC News)

President Obama Lifts Economic Sanctions on Burma (Time Magazine)

California woman sues gynecologist for leaving 2-inch metal tool in her body for 11 weeks (Daily Mail)

After Hurricane Matthew, Devastation in Southern Haiti (New York Times - Paywall)

Why I'm Rejoining Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet (Huffington Post)

Oxford police investigating the rape of a schoolgirl didn't launch child rescue warning (Daily Mail)

"Life-threatening inundation" feared from Matthew on SE coast (CBS News)

Storm surge, flooding concerns in Florida (CBS News)

Angela Merkel will ban EU migrants from claiming unemployment benefits for 5 years (Daily Mail)

Eye Closer: Hurricane Matthew threatens millions (CBS News)

Storm chaser describes Hurricane Matthew scene (CBS News)

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour's former nanny jailed for 8 and half years in drugs case (Daily Mail)

More than 800 reported dead as Haiti starts long cleanup after Hurricane Matthew (Fox News)

Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, Misspells Colombia In Nobel Peace Prize Tweet (Huffington Post)

Wolverhampton father accused of shaking baby to death 'threatened to sue hospital ' (Daily Mail)

Bolton accountant scoops Britain's Best Lawn' title after years of trying (Daily Mail)

Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, Is Awarded Nobel Peace Prize (New York Times - Paywall)

Buckingham Palace arrest: Man held 'after scaling gate' (BBC)

Man arrested after scaling Buckingham Palace gate (Fox News)

Hurricane Matthew: Does this vid of red flashing lights prove aliens caused killer storm? (Daily Star)

Man Arrested After Climbing Buckingham Palace Gate, Held In Custody For Trespassing (Huffington Post)

Mid-air brawl that saw a ten-year-old child hit with a wine bottle during flight to Alicante was sparked by stag do taunting passenger for his MAN BUN (Daily Mail)

Sri Lankan man who wanted to 'suicide bomb' a train couldn't board train 'without a ticket' (Daily Mail)

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos wins the Nobel Peace Prize (Daily Mail)

Hospital phones man to him his mother has died before realising they spoke to wrong person (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew: Pilot Tim Gallagher flies into storm's eye (BBC)

Flights between UK and Florida are cancelled or delayed as 'monster' Hurricane Matthew hits the Sunshine State and President Obama declares a state of emergency (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew could hit Florida TWICE, experts warn (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew: 572 Reported Killed in Haiti (Newsweek Magazine)

Met Police launch hate crime probe after 'extremist Islamic booklets' were handed out (Daily Mail)

10 Years on From the Murder of Russian Journalist Anna Politkovskaya, What Has Changed? (Newsweek Magazine)

1961 photo of man who looks like Matt Damon sends the internet into a spin (Daily Mail)

The World Reacts to Juan Manuel Santos Winning the Nobel Peace Prize (Time Magazine)

British paraglider SAVED from death after getting tangled in power lines (Daily Star)

Thousands of flights, trains canceled due to Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

Florida governor: "Act responsibly," take care of yourself and family (CBS News)

Facebook user trolls scammer posing as a single woman on the social media site (Daily Mail)

Instagram fitness challenge goes wrong after woman hits her head on ceiling fan (Daily Mail)

Shock and grief as Calif. woman killed in Ethiopia is mourned (CBS News)

Why Hurricane Matthew Hit Haiti So Hard (Time Magazine)

Georgia prepares for Hurricane Matthew flooding (CBS News)

Destructive winds as Hurricane Matthew hits Florida (CBS News)

Iranian woman jailed for an unpublished story she wrote about women being stoned to death (Daily Mail)

Enner Valencia 'fakes injury and flees police' during World Cup qualifier (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti storm disaster kills hundreds (BBC)

Hurricane Matthew kills hundreds in Haiti, batters the Bahamas (CBS News)

REVEALED: Why YOU only get just 47 minutes of silence a DAY (Daily Express)

See the Path of Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Nobel Prizes for peace talks are usually shared by 2 sides (Fox News)

Florida Voter Registration Decision Could Hurt Clinton (NBC News)

See What It's Like to Fly Into Hurricane Matthew (NBC News)

Solihull woman died of an overdose after mistakenly believing she would be sent to prison (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew: Live updates as MONSTER storm to rival SANDY still set to smash US (Daily Star)

Disgraced DJ Chris Denning jailed for 13 years for string of sexual assaults on boys (Daily Express)

Insurers Forecast Possible $30 Billion Loss From Hurricane Matthew (Newsweek Magazine)

The Only Way Is Essex's Bobby Norris On Why He's Ditched The Skimpy Marbella Swimwear (Huffington Post)

Colombian leader wins Nobel Peace Prize (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew reaches Florida's coast (CNN)

CBS News crew members killed in Iraq, remembered 10 years later (CBS News)

The average woman consumes '146,000 unintentional calories every year' (Daily Mail)

'Utterly depraved' paedophile Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning jailed for 13 years (Daily Star)

Desmond Tutu announces on his 85th birthday that he would like the option of an assisted death (Daily Mail)

Cliff Richard poses Dubrovnik after saying he will sue BBC and police over house raid (Daily Mail)

DJ Chris Denning jailed for 13 years for child sex offences (Daily Mail)

Durham mugger takes on 85 year old man only to realise he was a former boxer (Daily Mail)

Brother of suspect in Brussels police stabbings charged (Fox News)

Hurricane Matthew Pummels Florida with Heavy Rain and Wind (Time Magazine)

Pokemon Go fan who was beaten to death 'had rowed with his girlfriend on Facebook' (Daily Mail)

Ex-Prem star's sex tape: Mystery brunette reports sex tape leak to police (Daily Star)

Girls Spend 40 Percent More Time on Chores Than Boys Around the World (Newsweek Magazine)

Ukip's Neil Hamilton calls for POLICE PROBE into Steven Woolfe altercation (Daily Express)

What It Looks Like to Fly Through Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Colombia and FARC Look to Save Their Peace Accord (Time Magazine)

Polish Community in Lancashire Aren't Reporting Crime, Police Fear, After Victim Didn't Come Forward (Huffington Post)

Facebook Activates Safety Check for Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Brother of suspect in Brussels police stabbings also charged (Fox News)

Knife-wielding masked man followed children to school in latest 'Killer Clown' incident (Daily Express)

Hurricane is future of climate change (CNN)

Malaysian magicians change costumes 18 times in 1 minute to set new world record (Daily Mail)

Why's he won Nobel Peace Prize? (CNN)

Swedish Woman Gives Birth Using Mom's Uterus (NBC News)

How humans have been walking the dog for 7,500 years (Daily Mail)

The best way to ask for a beer around the world (and the perfect snack to eat with it) (Daily Mail)

Blood spattered over London's Oxford Street after bus hits woman (Daily Star)

Why Russia has been ramping up hostile action (CNN)

New York's Dead Rabbit declared the best bar in the world (Daily Mail)

Fearless park ranger releases hundreds of snakes from giant bag of death (Daily Star)

Kim Kardashian jewellery robbers were all white, middle-aged men, French police reveal (Daily Mail)

Colombian President Is Surprise Nobel Winner (NBC News)

Russian lorry driver swerves to avoid ghost-like man on road (Daily Mail)

NOAA pilots fly into Hurricane Matthew to asses storm in dramatic video (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew has exacerbated the debt we owe to Haiti (Newsweek Magazine)

Thousands of Florida residents ignore the millions who evacuated historic Hurricane Matthew to SURF and PARTY their way through the storm - led by Vanilla Ice! (Daily Mail)

Why the Second Debate Matters More (Time Magazine)

Japanese lawyers urge country to abolish death penalty (Fox News)

Man is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after two police officers are hit by a car in central London (Daily Mail)

McDonald's worker who ate more than 3,000 Big Macs over 12 years sheds 7 stone (Daily Mail)

'Incredibly Violent' Winds Hit Parts of Florida (NBC News)

German Hells Angels chapter president shot dead in clubhouse (Fox News)

The Future Of Education: The Best Learning Environments Give Students The Freedom To Explore The World (Huffington Post)

Peace In Colombia: So Close But So Far (Huffington Post)

Why your next statement purchase will come from here (CNN)

Why We Should Close America's Overseas Military Bases (Time Magazine)

Why Race is Still An Issue In Mental Health (Huffington Post)

Aerial Video Shows Hurricane Devastation in Cuba (NBC News)

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos As The White Helmets Are Also Praised (Huffington Post)

Kylie's fiance on why they won't marry just yet (BBC)

5 Things to Know About Nobel Peace Prize Winner Juan Manuel Santos (Time Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew causes more chaos across the Bahamas (Daily Mail)

Cheeki Rafiki yacht death charges to be brought (BBC)

Hurricane Matthew: You And Your Children Are Dead' Warns Fox News' Shepard Smith (Huffington Post)

Teen battered by thugs but police have not done anything - despite a VIDEO of the attack (Daily Mail)

Why Now Is the Time for Israel to Transform Ties With the Arab World (Newsweek Magazine)

Hells Angels president gunned down as shooter goes on the run (Daily Star)

Weather Channel host shows power of Category 4 Hurricane Matthew in this shocking clip (Daily Star)

Tennis world hit back at Sharapova over doping ban (CNN)

WATCH LIVE: NBC News Special Coverage of Hurricane (NBC News)

Former Real Madrid President Writes for Newsweek on Why La Liga's Elite Will Return to The Top (Newsweek Magazine)

Why the 'tough love' on Hurricane Matthew evacuation? (CNN)

Read Why the Nobel Committee Awarded Juan Manuel Santos the Peace Prize (Time Magazine)

Dundee man is caught on camera defecating on a grave's headstone (Daily Mail)

'Extremely Dangerous' Matthew Weakens to Category 3 Storm (NBC News)

Firefighter breaks WORLD RECORD for running half marathon in full kit (Daily Express)

Colombian president wins Nobel Peace Prize (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hurricane Matthew as Seen From Space (NBC News)

Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu celebrates 85th birthday (Fox News)

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Truce with FARC Rebels (Newsweek Magazine)

Cadbury's resurrect Milk Tray Man 50 years after his first ad (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Colombian President Santos unlikely peacemaker (Fox News)

WATCH LIVE: Radar Images of Hurricane Matthew (NBC News)

Here's why your old VHS tapes could be worth THOUSANDS and when to cash in (Daily Star)

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti's devastation from above (BBC)

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Wins the Nobel Peace Prize (Time Magazine)

Colombian President Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize for historic peace deal (Fox News)

Why We All Need Mentors (Huffington Post)

Thousands in Fla. lose power as Hurricane Matthew bears down (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew closes in on Florida (CNN)

Premier League striker fakes injury to flee police over unpaid child support claims (Daily Star)

Safety fears as Hurricane Matthew heads towards TWO nuclear reactors: Storm is also set to hit Cape Canaveral and Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort (Daily Mail)

Haiti crisis: At least 264 dead (CNN)

Widow of man who died after medics missed heart attack is suing NHS (Daily Mail)

Forecast: Florida could be hit TWICE (CNN)

A toddler's eye view! Two-year-old gives a fascinating glimpse into how he sees the world (Daily Mail)

Caribbean ravaged by Matthew (CNN)

Death toll from Hurricane Matthew soars in Haiti (CBS News)

'Everyone you know is dead... your kids die too': Fox News host Shep Smith under fire for VERY ominous broadcasts as Hurricane Matthew hits Florida (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew makes TV host totally lose it: It will kill you and everyone you know' (Daily Star)

Damien Hirst Gallery Wins RIBA Stirling Prize (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch: Matthew ravages Caribbean (CNN)

Ben Needham: Mother Kerry Tells Of Agony As Police Search For Son Buried In Rubble' (Huffington Post)

Why a quiet revolution is brewing in motorsport (CNN)

Why Trump will not attack Hillary over Bill's affairs (BBC)

Migrants attack police with fire extinguishers in escape from Spanish detention centre on the day EU launches new border force (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew's Death Toll in Haiti Climbs to 283 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Monster' Hurricane Matthew nears Florida (Financial Times - Paywall)

CHRISTOPHER WILSON explains why Charles's coronation will be one of the trickiest (Daily Mail)

'This Is Not Hype': Matthew Could Be 'Catastrophic' for Florida (NBC News)

Aerial footage shows Haiti villages leveled by Hurricane Matthew as death toll climbs (Daily Mail)

Flights from UK to US CANCELLED as Hurricane Matthew hits Florida (Daily Star)

'Nervous' Floridians Brave Hurricane Matthew at Bar (NBC News)

A look at possible successors to Palestinian President Abbas (Fox News)

10/6: Florida braces for Hurricane Matthew; Final preps for hurricane along Fla. coast (CBS News)

Georgia, Carolinas clearing out as Hurricane Matthew closes in on coast (CBS News)

'Budgie 9' man leaves Malaysia and urges cultural awareness (Fox News)

Women's Sport Week 2016: Hannah Cockroft on Paralympic prize money (BBC)

Florida man takes son surfing hours after governor's warning about Hurricane Matthew (Daily Mail)

Could Matthew Swing Around for a Second Punch? (NBC News)

Florida hunkers down as Hurricane Matthew roars along coast (CBS News)

Inside the National Hurricane Centers operations center (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew swirls up Florida coast (CBS News)

Florida feels Hurricane Matthew approach (BBC)

Slain CBS News crew honored in London ten years later (CBS News)

Nobel Peace Prize 2016: Winner to be revealed (BBC)

Hurricane Matthew: Watch live webcams of monster storm hitting U.S. (CBS News)

Florida transportation shut down ahead of Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew tears through Bahamas (CBS News)

Outer bands of Matthew hit South Florida (CBS News)

Daytona Beach prepares for Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

Canterbury lodger 'stabbed a mother and her partner to death in frenzied attack' (Daily Mail)

Scenes From the Aftermath of Deadly Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (Time Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew Makes Old Problems Worse for Haitians (New York Times - Paywall)

What to Know About Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew in photos (CNN)

The Death Toll From Hurricane Matthew in Southwest Haiti Jumps to 283 (Time Magazine)

Worst crisis in Haiti since quake (CNN)

'Time is up': Killer Matthew to hit Florida with 145mph in hours (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew leaves trail of devastation in Haiti, with hundreds dead (Los Angeles Times)

Hurricane Matthew tears through the Bahamas (CBS News)

Haiti devastated by Hurricane Matthew (CNN)

Storm Death Toll Climbs to 128 Across Caribbean (NBC News)

Hurricane Matthew: Hundreds Killed in Haiti as Florida Braces for Impact (Newsweek Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew Kills Hundreds in Haiti and Lashes Florida (Newsweek Magazine)

UC Davis Devastated Over Researcher's Death in Ethiopia (NBC News)

'This Is Not Hype': Matthew Could Be 'Catastrophic' for Florida (NBC News)

'The worst thing imaginable': Kate McCann says her 'heart goes out' to Ben Needham's mother as Kerry prepares for the worst while police in Kos dig SECOND site (Daily Mail)

Women in Royal Canadian Mounted Police Get an Apology for Years of Harassment (New York Times - Paywall)

This Is What a Category 4 Hurricane Feels Like (NBC News)

Scorned Michigan woman shames ex by posting his booty text exchanges on Twitter (Daily Mail)

Some Florida Businesses Accused of Hurricane Price Gouging (NBC News)

Two-month-old boy 'shaken to death by dad' (Daily Star)

Star Trek's Anton Yelchin blamed for his own death by dealership which sold him the Jeep (Daily Mail)

California woman Victoria Vega claims she has EIGHT different personalties (Daily Mail)

Chester police break up fight in mosque in video of male worshippers arguing (Daily Mail)

WORLD ON THE BRINK: Russia warns it will SHOOT DOWN American jets amid fears of GLOBAL WAR (Daily Express)

London woman Claire Pringle lost her son to cot death at just four weeks old (Daily Mail)

British expat in Qatar Philip Cox fell to his death from his balcony (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew Truthers Claim the U.S. Government is Hiding Data (Newsweek Magazine)

Fulham pensioner's neighbour spends 60hrs cleaning her flat after 13 YEARS without washing (Daily Mail)

More than 260 reported dead in Haiti as extent of Hurricane Matthew damage comes into focus (Fox News)

Here's what Hurricane Matthew looks like before slamming into the U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

Most effective ways of losing weight and why it's more bad news for Bake Off fans! (Daily Mail)

Britons TRAPPED as hurricane Matthew leaves hundreds dead (Daily Express)

Why did the chicken cross the road? Frightened fowl baffles motorists on busy carriageway (Daily Express)

MAPPED: Where in the world an extra BILLION people will live by 2030 (Daily Express)

This will kill people' 24 hours to save lives as Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida (Daily Star)

Death Squads swoop on ISIS: Masked gunmen MASSACRE secret jihadi meeting (Daily Star)

Ben Needham: Police search new site on Kos for missing toddler (Daily Express)

Chuck Yeager blasts 'nasty, arrogant' Brits after being asked why he doesn't like them (Daily Mail)

Woman goes into labour on a bus in Argentina but police and driver help deliver baby (Daily Mail)

Chinese man forcing himself out of a metro train gets head stuck between the doors (Daily Mail)

L.A. Teen Shot by Police Was Holding Fake Gun and Left Farewell Note, Police Say (Time Magazine)

Italy has the highest proportion of youths living with parents in the world (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew leaves at least 283 dead in Haiti (BBC)

The Longest War in U.S. History Began 15 Years Ago. See Its Effect on One Veteran (Time Magazine)

How Matthew Could Cause $200 Billion in Damage (NBC News)

How to Convince People They Really, Really Need to Evacuate for Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Hurricane Matthew shows its devastating power in Caribbean (CBS News)

Tinder man who landed date with woman by using chat-up lines shares conversation online, (Daily Mail)

Why Doesn't Anyone Want to Buy Twitter? (Newsweek Magazine)

7 Firsts From Nobel Peace Prize History (Time Magazine)

President Obama Shortens the Sentences of 102 Drug Offenders (Time Magazine)

A Year Ago Tunisia Won the Nobel Peace Prize. But the Country Is Far From Peaceful (Time Magazine)

This Weather Phenomenon Makes Hurricane Matthew Much More Threatening (Time Magazine)

Sir cliff richard sues bbc and police over apartment raid coverage (Daily Mail)

Devastation in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew (Fox News)

Interactive map reveals free airline Wi-Fi passwords around the world (Daily Mail)

Kennedy Space Center braces for Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

World finance leaders seek to address anti-trade backlash (Fox News)

Why Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Should Brace for Hurricane Matthew (Newsweek Magazine)

Top prize goes to this building (CNN)

Damien Hirst gallery wins Riba Stirling Prize (BBC)

Video Bradford police arresting teenage girl goes viral after claims they dislocated her arm (Daily Mail)

The Nobel Peace Prize: X People Who Definitely Won't Win (Huffington Post)

Simpsons fans go wild after woman recreates pink glazed doughnuts from the show (Daily Mail)

British driver makes obscene gesture at police officer after writing off Maserati car (Daily Mail)

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey rushed BACK to hospital in Glasgow under police escort (Daily Mail)

British man Tony Fisher makes then solves the world's smallest Rubik's cube (Daily Mail)

Indian police arrest 70 people accused of targeting Americans in tax scam (Fox News)

Pakistan sets mininum sentence of 25 years in prison for those convicted of 'honor' killings (Los Angeles Times)

See hurricane churn from space (CNN)

Syria shocks China in World Cup bid (CNN)

Thousands sign US chess champ's petition to strip Iran of world championship over hijab law (Fox News)

World Bank chief pleads for more capital (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran, one of the world's top executioners, moves closer to relaxing the death penalty for drug crimes (Los Angeles Times)

Hurricane Matthew In Haiti: We Must Leave No One Behind (Huffington Post)

West Midlands thug landed punch on 52-year-old woman and stole her bag (Daily Mail)

Motorcycle Bomb Near Istanbul Police Station Wounds at Least 10 (New York Times - Paywall)

German man was so DRUNK he cannot remember if his girlfriend agreed to marry him (Daily Mail)

Hurricane Matthew pounds Bahamas after devastation in Haiti (CBS News)

Man caught on camera forcing a woman into a car full of men in East Ham (Daily Mail)

Beaver Water World animals will be DESTROYED if charity can't find new home (Daily Mail)

'They were supposed to be my mates': Girlfriend of man killed in a car park fight reveals she 'knows his attackers' as police deny the murder was related to the Pokemon Go app (Daily Mail)

Murder squad detectives search a pub in the hunt for a father-of-one who vanished without trace 17 years ago (Daily Mail)

The Nobel Peace Prize: Who will win this year? (BBC)

Why wasn't a woman elected as UN secretary general? (BBC)

Police questioned 'gay serial killer Stephen Port over death of first victim' (Daily Mail)

Matthew gets stronger as it hits Bahamas, nears Florida (CBS News)

Everybody Was Affected: Haitians Grapple With Hurricane Matthew Destruction (Newsweek Magazine)

Man plays porn on giant video billboard (CNN)

This man compares himself to Hitler (CNN)

Thousands of Colombians march to salvage peace deal (CBS News)

Hurricane Matthew: Photos of the Destruction in Haiti (New York Times - Paywall)

Editorial: A New Voice for a Complicated World (New York Times - Paywall)

Colombian president meets with leader of campaign that defeated peace deal with FARC (Los Angeles Times)

Canadian Charles Margrave Taylor wins inaugural Berggruen Prize for Philosophy (Los Angeles Times)

California woman arrested for 'hitting cyclist while drunk' in Costa Mesa (Daily Mail)

Mark Broad: Why is globalisation under attack? (BBC)

Hurricane Matthew heads toward the U.S. after leaving a trail of destruction in Cuba (Los Angeles Times)

3 Makers of World’s Smallest Machines Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry (New York Times - Paywall)

2 Brussels Police Officers Are Stabbed in ‘Potential Terrorist Attack’ (New York Times - Paywall)

4 ways Brazil has changed since former President Dilma Rousseff was impeached (Los Angeles Times)

Hurricane Matthew pummels Haiti and Cuba on route toward U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

Editorial: President Duterte, the Wild Card in U.S.-Filipino Relations (New York Times - Paywall)

After defeat of the FARC peace deal, Colombians wonder what's next (Los Angeles Times)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)