Tuesday, 11th October 2016

World News

Inside Jeremie, Haiti, devastated by Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

ME: Man killed by Tulsa cop had PCP in his system (CBS News)

Trump lashes out at the Republican Party (CBS News)

US election: Trump lashes out at Republican chief Paul Ryan (BBC)

Jill Soloway on Donald Trump, Locker Rooms and Toxic Masculinity (Time Magazine)

White House will respond to Russia hacks (CNN)

Leopards and pumas are BREEDING in the British countryside, expert says, as newly released data shows more than one big cat sighting is reported to police every week (Daily Mail)

Cat fends off German Shepherd in a hilarious bathroom boxing bout (Daily Mail)

Russia's Vladimir Putin cancels Paris trip amid differences over Syria (Fox News)

British aristocrat's daughter killed in Philippines' war on drugs (Daily Mail)

China, Russia consider joint defense response to U.S. missile shield (CBS News)

The black man claiming to be Bill Clinton's love child likens his treatment by the former first couple to the child of a master and SLAVE who is banished by the wife - Hillary Clinton (Daily Mail)

State trooper shoots, kills man in N.C. floodwaters (CBS News)

Matthew Blamed for Six More Deaths in North Carolina (NBC News)

That's a very fashionable feline! Tiny kitten that was saved from Hurricane Matthew is adopted, as pictures of it wearing a warm SWEATER made from a sock took the internet by storm (Daily Mail)

We need demonstrations outside Putin's embassy to help stop the war in Syria, Boris Johnson tells MPs as he warns imposing a no-fly zone would mean shooting down RUSSIAN planes (Daily Mail)

The eye-opening reason why this veteran is carrying a skeleton (CBS News)

EU students WILL get student loans worth up to £28,000 after Brexit even though many do not pay them back, ministers admit (Daily Mail)

Galaxy Note 7 owner claims he was told to turn handset off but would still be charged bill (Daily Mail)

Fears grow in Haiti over cholera after Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

North Carolina rescuers pull hurricane victims to safety (CBS News)

Trump reverts to bare-knuckled campaigning (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ethiopia admits death toll in excess of 500 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brussels urged to beef up counter-propaganda unit amid Russia and ISIS threat (Daily Express)

Trump comments prompt outpouring of womens assault stories (CBS News)

Have YOU ever felt dizzy when you stand up? Why you could be more at risk of dementia... (Daily Mail)

GoFundMe Group Will Pay Your Legal Fees If You Tattle on Trump (NBC News)

Moment intruder is tackled by police INSIDE the grounds of Buckingham Palace (Daily Mail)

Top Republicans bail on Trump (CNN)

Russia protests UN's anti-Trump comments (CNN)

Hurricane Matthew leaves "Katrina-like" situation in North Carolina (CBS News)

Obama weighs in on Trump tape (CNN)

Hillary Clinton Steps Up Republican Outreach in Wake of Donald Trump Video Scandal (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin Cancels Paris Trip Amid Differences Over Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hurricane Nicole re-forms in Atlantic, aims at Bermuda (Fox News)

Putin calls off Paris trip over Syria tensions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why It's Seriously Dangerous to Take Your Anger Out at the Gym (Time Magazine)

Turkey blasts Clintons Syria proposal: "Isnt America our ally?" (CBS News)

Boris Johnson: Russia risks becoming pariah over Syria bombing (BBC)

Chilling YouTube clip of bound and gagged woman sparks missing teen cold case fears (Daily Star)

Woman, 70, defenestrated, beaten, killed by son: police (CBS News)

Here's Why Big Cities are Healthier (NBC News)

Female ISIS fanatic wanted to runaway to Syria to become suicide bomber (Daily Star)

'Guys' attitude is chin up, crack on, now let's talk about sport': Depressed man wrote a heartbreaking Facebook post urging others to talk about mental health just days before he died (Daily Mail)

Intoxicated N.M. woman dies car surfing, police say (CBS News)

Stephen Port murder trial: Man 'awoke sore and naked' at flat (BBC)

Donald Trump Says He's Freed From Shackles' of Established Republicans (Newsweek Magazine)

In Mulan remake, love interest was to be played by white man (CNN)

China unveils fire-fighting robots designed to reach hazardous areas firefighters can't get to (Daily Mail)

Nasa bosses back Barack Obama's plan to get to Mars by the 2030s (Daily Mail)

Clown hunters vow to TAKEOUT' pranksters with BB guns, catapults and fists' in WAR game (Daily Star)

Senator backs Trump saying grabbing a woman's genitals is not as sex attack (Daily Mail)

Mummified Buddhist monk dead for 89 years seen wandering around museum' (Daily Star)

Great British Bake Off Tom and his wife tweet about smuggling fougasse into the cinema (Daily Mail)

Woman pleaded with Tinder date before death (BBC)

Benefits Street: Lee Nutley found dead in Stockton house (BBC)

Myanmar Forces Pursue Militants After Attacks on Police (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Teenage mother arrested over death of her 2-year-old daughter in Stoke-on-Trent (Daily Mail)

Driver, 38, was nearly DECAPITATED when ladders fell off van in front and smashed through her windscreen (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Thinks a Lot of Things Are Phony, Rigged, Politically Motivated Hoaxes (Time Magazine)

Boris Johnson calls for PROTESTS outside Russian embassy over Syria war (Daily Express)

Has Trump been finished for weeks? (CNN)

Syria: UK says Russia risks 'pariah' status (CNN)

Chubby school governor, 36, persuaded underage girls he was Olympic swimmer to get them to perform sex acts he watched online (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's New Ad Attacks Hillary Clinton's Health (Time Magazine)

Boris Johnson Calls for Protests at Russian Embassy over Syria Strikes (Newsweek Magazine)

Bailey Gwynne death 'may have been avoided if teachers were told about knife' (Daily Mail)

London police make arrest after creepy clown incident (Fox News)

Fear of cholera epidemic grows in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew (CBS News)

EXPLICIT VIDEO: Woman caught performing oral sex act in broad daylight on train (Daily Star)

NBC producer urged to release Trump footage that sees him allegedly use the 'N-Word' (Daily Mail)

South Africa Universities Shut Down After Violent Clashes Between Students, Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Newspapers Are Wrong To Get Rid Of Photographers (Huffington Post)

The Apprentice's Karthik Nagesan strips off on Instagram for naked shower selfies (Daily Mail)

MPs face sleaze probes if their second jobs get in the way of duties to constituents (Daily Mail)

Little girl survives building collapse in arms of dead parents (CBS News)

Girl found wrapped in dead parents' arms in China collapse (Fox News)

Police Land Rover spray-painted silver by vandals. (BBC)

Johnson calls for protests against Russia (BBC)

Boris Johnson Encourages Public To March On Russian Embassy Over Syria Bombing (Huffington Post)

Russia relaxes ban on imports of Turkish fruit (Fox News)

Sarah Parish and husband James Murray reveal how daughter's death inspired them to build hospital (Daily Mail)

Oxford schoolgirl rape e-fits issued by police (BBC)

Vladimir Putin cancels visit to Paris after Francois Hollande insists they discuss Syria (Daily Mail)

Did they call 999? Police officers had to be rescued by firefighters when they became trapped in a lift in their own headquarters (Daily Mail)

Benefits Street's Lee Nutley found dead (Daily Mail)

Shocked passengers sit alongside a DEAD BODY after diabetic passenger dies during flight home from holiday in Turkey (Daily Mail)

Gareth Southgate slashes £500k off of his £3.2m home over 'tax avoidance' probe (Daily Mail)

What's mine is yours! Jabu the elephant plucks cap off tour guide's head and puts it on his own before returning it in cheeky stunt (Daily Mail)

Police cannot tell if body found in a Derbyshire lay-by is a man or a woman (Daily Mail)

Why nobody wants to host the Olympics (CNN)

CCTV captures moment an 80-year-old man is catapulted into the air by a speeding car (Daily Mail)

EXPOSED: US plot to add Turkey to hated EU trade deal AFTER it is signed off by Brussels (Daily Express)

Police officer who 'masturbated in car' claims he was merely trying to stay awake (Daily Star)

Russia Resumes Bombing of Aleppo Says Monitoring Group (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin Snubs France After Syria 'War Crimes' Comments (NBC News)

Heirloom pocket watch owned by two war heroes is stolen in house raid (Daily Mail)

BBC defends itself against racism allegations after Tameka Empson is voted off Strictly (Daily Mail)

Arsenal: Arsene Wenger Must Fend Off Juventus Interest In Star Player (Newsweek Magazine)

Furious commuters face chaos as Southern trains kicks off strike (Daily Mail)

Wheelchair-bound woman raped by refugees at Sweden asylum center, police say (Fox News)

Donald Trump Says He's Taking the Shackles Off' His Campaign (Time Magazine)

Why Dragon Quest Builders' Is a Worthy Minecraft Alternative (Time Magazine)

London tattoo artist risks blindness to get her eyeballs injected with ink (Daily Mail)

Cute moment elderly woman gets husband back when he dances with younger woman to rap song on crowded train (Daily Mail)

Teenager, 18, becomes the first to be fined and get a criminal record after his 'Killer Clown' stunt outside a school backfires (Daily Mail)

Airstrikes, shelling across Syria kill at least 14 (Fox News)

Pictures of girls on their day off goes viral for X-rated reason (Daily Star)

How One Woman Tried to Save Ukraine From Economic Collapse (Time Magazine)

Would Russia or the US win a World War? Defence experts give verdict on their arsenals (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Battles to Keep Republican Support After Paul Ryan Abandons Him (Time Magazine)

Doctor Who to get Mr Men makeover (BBC)

World War 3 warning: US branded 'REAL THREAT' to Russia and China (Daily Star)

Why data is key in the fight for gender equality (CNN)

Samsung kills off Galaxy Note 7 (CNN)

Missing teenager Kathleen Harkin is found dead in the River Tay in Perth (Daily Mail)

Wheelchair-bound woman 'gang-raped by six migrants' after she asked to use loo (Daily Star)

Bailey Gwynne death: Pupil stabbing death was 'avoidable' (BBC)

No release for 'Apprentice' Trump tapes (CNN)

Mom Explains Why She Killed Her 2 Kids: I Gave Them a Choice' to Live or Die (Time Magazine)

Fear Of Disclosing Symptoms To Doctors' Receptionists Puts People Off Seeing Their GP (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump insulted Emily West's appearance on The Apprentice (Daily Mail)

Watch: FIFA President Gianni Infantino's Advice for Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese parents found dead shielding daughter in rubble of collapsed building (Daily Mail)

Pregnant Essex woman Hannah Dalton vomited 20 times a day (Daily Mail)

Watch: Labour MP Makes Moving Tribute To Jo Cox In Syria Debate (Huffington Post)

Chilling last pics of tourist who fell to her death 'while trying to escape Tinder date' (Daily Star)

Seth Meyers Belittles Donald Trump as The Pervert on the Bus' (Time Magazine)

Derren Brown makes woman eat GLASS live on stage during Miracle show (Daily Mail)

Greek police stop 18 Syrian refugees trying to enter Albania (Fox News)

Turkish man commits suicide live on Facebook after girlfriend breaks up with him (Daily Mail)

Teenage sweethearts, 14, 'ate ice cream and tea cakes after stabbing dinner lady and her daughter, 13, to death in their throats "so they couldn't scream for help"' (Daily Mail)

Dementia sufferer, 86, 'weighed less than four stone when she was found dead in her own urine with a rotting bedsore after appalling care home negligence' (Daily Mail)

Hotel manager is quids in after bank gives him £150 of new fivers from first batch off the presses which he is now selling on eBay for £1,200 (Daily Mail)

Meet the 13-year-old girl who's Chief of Police (CNN)

Tooting woman attacked by Asian man who forced her into a building and raped her (Daily Mail)

'No Water, No Antibiotics': Haiti Begs for Hurricane Aid (NBC News)

Ken Bone's Jimmy Kimmel Interview Shows Why the Internet Loves Him (Time Magazine)

Putin Cancels France Trip After President Hollande Accuses Russia of War Crimes in Syria (Time Magazine)

Listen to spooky noises from Jupiter: Emissions from the planet's auroras give off haunting sounds (Daily Mail)

Haiti: Hurricane Matthew by the Families Who Survived it (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Insulted a Country Singers Skin on The Celebrity Apprentice (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Columnist: Trumpism After Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Why this grass is hiding an ancient secret (CNN)

Woman pretends she's been hit by car and gets EXACTLY what she deserves (Daily Star)

Private Eye Donald Trump Cover Gives Obama 'Hope' Meme A Disturbing 2016 Makeover (Huffington Post)

Laura Bates Praised For Dismantling 'Banter' Claims About Donald Trump's Groping Comments (Huffington Post)

Brooklyn DA's Death Hits Exoneration Movement Hard (NBC News)

2 nations, 1 island, life and death differences (CNN)

Moment man named West Wild Hogs lured girl, 4, away after 'snatching tot from her bed' (Daily Star)

Woman Arrested for Trying to Extort Money From Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (Time Magazine)

Riot police patrol South African campus after protests (Fox News)

Newcastle Police issue warning over bad batch of 'legal highs' including Spice (Daily Mail)

Exclusive: Morgan Tsvangirai on Why Robert Mugabe Must Retire to Save Zimbabwe (Newsweek Magazine)

Man caught having sex in hotel cupboard fled naked after punching guard (Daily Star)

Brian Cox SHOCK CLAIM: We haven't met aliens because they're DEAD and humans are NEXT (Daily Express)

Motorist to face trial over cyclist's death after Britain's first crowdfunded prosecution (Daily Mail)

NATO Scrambles Jets 20 Times in a Week Over Russia Baltic Airspace Violations (Newsweek Magazine)

Ex-producer of The Apprentice claims there are 'FAR WORSE Donald Trump tapes' (Daily Star)

Receptionists 'put people off seeing doctor' (BBC)

Tinder Trial: Selfies Of Gable Tostee And Warriena Wright Before She Fell 14 Floors To Her Death (Huffington Post)

Putin cancels France visit after Hollande accuses Russia of war crimes (CNN)

Dead man's wife makes shock discovery about him after reading his obituary (Daily Star)

AP EXPLAINS: Why Ethiopia is under a state of emergency (Fox News)

British man jailed for raping his son from the age of six in Ireland (Daily Mail)

Chuka Umunna On Why Calling Remain Voters 'Liberal Elite' Is 'Divisive And Wrong' (Huffington Post)

Spain: Police arrest 2 pro-Islamic State jihad suspects (Fox News)

British man may face 'involuntary manslaughter' charge after killing migrant in Calais (Daily Mail)

Ten bits of bad driving you might not know you can get penalty points for (Daily Mail)

ISIS Confirms Death of Media Emir Abu Mohammad Al-Furqan (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Singing 'Time Of My Life' Is As Good As You'd Hoped (Huffington Post)

Receptionists 'Put People Off Visiting GP' By Asking To Discuss Symptoms (Huffington Post)

PIERS MORGAN: The night Bill Clinton and his loose zipper let Trump dodge the bullet (Daily Mail)

Singapore's Raffles Hotel to get face lift in late 2017 (Fox News)

Boy, three, was crushed to death when his cousin accidentally reversed his tipper truck over him, inquest hears (Daily Mail)

Wheelchair-bound woman is gang-raped by 6 refugees at Swedish asylum centre (Daily Mail)

What Do I Tell My Children in a War Zone? (New York Times - Paywall)

Gay marriage dead in Australia? (CNN)

Man possessed by mask (CNN)

Tensions Flare as Republicans Clash Over Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Has Samsung killed off the Galaxy Note 7? Firm finally confirms it is 'halting sales' (Daily Mail)

'I heard a crack' Man rushed to hospital after breaking penis during spirited sex sesh (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Once Fired a Celebrity Apprentice Contestant For Locker Room' Talk (Time Magazine)

Underground library gave hope in war (CNN)

TRUMP TAPES: UK producer issues statement amid pressure on Trump footage and N-word claims (Daily Express)

Thigh and mighty: Woman gives pervert an almighty beating after he repeatedly strokes her leg on Chinese underground (Daily Mail)

Vietnamese man rushed to hospital after 'breaking his penis' trying new sexual position (Daily Mail)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners told to turn off device (BBC)

Army Corps holds off on resuming Dakota Pipeline work (CBS News)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Told To Turn Off Their Phone Immediately Following Fires (Huffington Post)

LA mom 'thrown out of an apartment window to her death by her 41-year-old son' pictured (Daily Mail)

England rugby: Why is judo part of the new training format? (BBC)

Giants Walk Off Against Cubs in 13-Inning Thriller To Stay Alive (NBC News)

German man is caught halfway across the Channel trying to get to Britain on a PADDLEBOARD (Daily Mail)

Woman Who Accused Spitzer of Assault Is Arrested: Sources (NBC News)

BREAKING: M4 motorway CLOSED as horror crash leaves one person dead (Daily Express)

Gable Tostee's flat where his Tinder date Warriena Wright fell to her death (Daily Mail)

10/10: N.C. residents in need of rescue in wake of Hurricane Matthew; No Bone about it: Audience member won second debate (CBS News)

Cool off World's most beautiful bathhouses (CNN)

Indian Police Charge Parents of Girl Who Died Following a 10-week Religious Fast (Time Magazine)

Paul Ryan: I will no longer defend Trump (CBS News)

3 dead in shootout near tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro (Fox News)

Poll: Clinton holds double-digit lead on Trump (CBS News)

Haitis death toll grows after devastating hurricane (CBS News)

The Hour is Coming:' Why Evangelicals Must Drop Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

NYC Girl Scouts push to get statues of women in Central Park (CBS News)

Hours-long shootout with police in Rio kills 3 (CBS News)

Evacuations ordered in N.C. in Matthew aftermath (CBS News)

Why it's so hard to solve the Indo-Pakistan dispute in Kashmir (Newsweek Magazine)

Newspaper headlines: 'Blows, woes and axes' for Rooney and Trump (BBC)

Students Clash With Police in South Africa Over the Escalating Cost of Education (Time Magazine)

Palm Springs residents mourn two slain police officers (CBS News)

Paul Ryan all but admits that Trump tape threatens GOPs majorities (CBS News)

Trump remains defiant despite GOP defections (CBS News)

30 Dead as Floodwaters Keep Rising in Matthew's Aftermath (NBC News)

Turn this phone off NOW (CNN)

Trump Leads Base Into Battle as GOP Civil War Breaks Out (NBC News)

Matthew floodwaters trap thousands in N.C. (CBS News)

Cadbury reveals some of the cringe-worthy Milk Tray Man hopefuls (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Dismisses His Locker Room Talk' As Normal. Athletes Say It's Not (Time Magazine)

The U.N. Appeals for Aid For Haiti, Nearly a Week After Hurricane Matthew Hit (Time Magazine)

If I don't change, I'll be in one of these caskets': Terrified Philippine drug dealers enter rehab program where they build coffins for the thousands killed in Duterte's war on narcotics (Daily Mail)

Bizarre moment in St Agnes that a naked bearded man busts a move on top of a police car (Daily Mail)

Student protesters face off with cops (CNN)

Matthew flooding kills 10, strands 1,500 in N.C. alone (CBS News)

'Straight off the Jeremy Kyle show': 'Wedding fair worker is forced to apologise after calling brides who she met at the event 'munters' (Daily Mail)

Samsung: Turn off your Galaxy Note 7 IMMEDIATELY (Daily Star)

Mac on... Donald Trump's infamous 'locker room' comments (Daily Mail)

Gordon Corera: Why US fears Russia is hacking election (BBC)

There Is No Room for Objectification of Women': Nancy O'Dell Addresses Donald Trump Tape (Time Magazine)

Man in Texas saves his brother and dog in N.C. via Twitter (CBS News)

Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia moves nukes to Europe border (CNN)

Court Extends Florida Voter Registration Deadline After Hurricane Matthew (Time Magazine)

Russian ambassador denies complaining about Trump criticism (Fox News)

Putin teams up with Turkey's ERDOGAN as threat of WAR between Russia & the West increases (Daily Express)

US death toll from Matthew climbs (CNN)

McDonald's customer pours his drink over woman 'fat shaming' a man waiting to order (Daily Mail)

Drunk thug caught on CCTV firing his gun at a bus after driver get his friend's FOOT caught in the door (Daily Mail)

Study finds many police break law on reporting police shootings (CBS News)

Outrage as picture of heavily pregnant woman standing on tube as men sit emerges (Daily Express)

Refugee centre attacked after wheelchair-bound woman gang-raped in horrific sex assault (Daily Express)

'Now I get f****** books' Russell Brand's fans no longer want sex (Daily Star)

Why we're terrified of clowns: Wave of scary encounters leaves Brits fearing the unknown (Daily Star)

Attack may push U.S. to reconsider support of Saudi Arabia-led air war in Yemen (Los Angeles Times)

What to Know About Donald Trump's Unaired Apprentice Tapes (Time Magazine)

Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless (CNN)

Baltic cod fishermen get better quotas than science wants (Fox News)

Woman forced into premature labour after being scared out of her wits by clown jumping out in front of her as spate of terrifying figures spreads across Britain and police warn pranksters they'll be arrested (Daily Mail)

Priebus Says RNC Will Stand by Its Man (NBC News)

US paint fighter jets in Russian colours' sparking shock Syria bomb theories (Daily Star)

Paul Ryan won't defend Trump (CNN)

Is there a crystal pyramid below the Bermuda Triangle? Conspiracy theorists say the structure exists - and it could explain why planes go missing (Daily Mail)

On Climate Change, Trump and Clinton Supporters Agree on Absolutely Nothing (Newsweek Magazine)

Nadia Murad, Yazidi Woman Who Survived ISIS Captivity, Wins Human Rights Prize (New York Times - Paywall)

Bill Clinton's bodyguard revealed the former president viewed women purely to be 'chased, dominated, conquered and graded on a scale of one-to-ten' - as Hillary slams Trump for doing the SAME THING (Daily Mail)

Clinton: Trump Attacked When He Should Have Apologized (NBC News)

GOP leaders condemn Trump on social media (Financial Times - Paywall)

Warren Buffett hits back at Donald Trump's claim he got 'massive deduction' by saying he has 'paid federal income tax every year since 1944' (Daily Mail)

Russia and Turkey agree gas pipeline deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

University Challenge Viewers Can't Get Enough Of Contestant Christopher Ducklin's Amazing Style (Huffington Post)

Floods Threaten North Carolina Residents in Hurricane Matthews Wake (Newsweek Magazine)

British MPs drop their support for Donald Trump after sleazy tape scandal (Daily Mail)

Bringing Bill Clintons Victims' to the Presidential Debate Backfired on Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Who's in the right? Single woman on Tinder insists she's only attracted to tall men (Daily Mail)

Haitians desperate for help after Hurricane Matthew devastation (CBS News)

French leader may snub Putin over Syria "war crimes" (CBS News)

More Dead Sea Scroll fragments may have been discovered (CBS News)

Tiffany and Donald Trump duck each other's kisses after presidential debate (Daily Mail)

UN chief again urges UN to refer the Syria situation to ICC (Fox News)

Donald Trump's 2005 Remarks Put GOP Senate in Jeopardy (Newsweek Magazine)

Cholera Spreads in Haiti After Hurricane Matthew (NBC News)

Orgreave police 'told to use as much force as possible' (BBC)

UN chief says death penalty for terrorism often unfair (Fox News)

Trilobites: Jamaican Rock Iguanas Get a Shot at a New Home in the Wild (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Announces Plans for Permanent Naval Base in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump tape won't sway his base, but will it change our culture? (CNN)

'I hope you recovered from the death stare I gave you': Woman writes a VERY candid open letter to the man who called her autistic brother a 'retard' on a supermarket visit (Daily Mail)

Trump Told Russia Did Hacks Long Before Debate (NBC News)

Gable Tostee faces trial after tourist Warriena Wright fell to her death from Gold Coast apartment (Daily Mail)

Haiti devastated by Hurricane Matthew (CNN)

Father, 24, 'put his 18-week-old daughter in front of a scorching gas heater in a bouncy chair where she was found dead and covered in bruises and bite marks' (Daily Mail)

Russian girl who ran away to Syria says she was madly in love with Isis fanatic (Daily Mail)

Parents probed in teen daughters religious fasting death (CBS News)

Womens Equality Party: Why Fashion Must Break Away From the Tyranny of Thin (Newsweek Magazine)

Teenage woman and man are arrested on suspicion of murder in Stoke-on-Trent (Daily Mail)

Pence: I'll stick with Trump (CNN)

Syrian refugees capture terrorism suspect and hand him over to German police (Los Angeles Times)

Stalker in suburbia: Hooded man is caught on CCTV slashing the roof of terrified mother's car before filling it with milk and dead FISH and leaving nails under the tyres (Daily Mail)

What the Republican Party's Refusal to Denounce Donald Trump Will Cost (Newsweek Magazine)

Cheeky fox runs off with fisherman's phone after joining him for a snack (Daily Mail)

Birthday surprise for World War Two reporter, 105 (BBC)

Refugee captured by Syrians in Germany 'is probably linked to ISIS' say police (Daily Mail)

Court hears case of woman who apparently fell off balcony trying to escape Tinder date (Fox News)

Poll: After Trump Tape, Clinton's Lead Up to Double Digits (NBC News)

Ever had food poisoning? Why YOU could be more at risk of Crohn's disease (Daily Mail)

Israeli police question Arab lawmakers on money laundering (Fox News)

Watch: Ed Miliband Faces Off With David Davis (Huffington Post)

Haiti's Hurricane Death Toll Rises (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iranian slammed for shaking hand of German man who was actually female (Daily Mail)

Ben Needham's mother says confirmation he is dead would give 'closure' (Daily Mail)

Russian woman is rushed to hospital in Pattaya after being stabbed in the stomach by jealous former business partner after her new restaurant eclipses his (Daily Mail)

'Battle of Orgreave': Police 'had been relishing' clashes (BBC)

Russia announces it will turn its naval facility in Syria into a permanent base (Daily Mail)

A Haitian City Was Finally Prospering. Then Came Hurricane Matthew. (New York Times - Paywall)

John Oliver Explains Why Closing Guantanamo Is So Important (Newsweek Magazine)

Holly Willoughby's 'stolen' SUV found by police at husband Dan Baldwin office (Daily Mail)

Ollie Locke stabs crocodile to death on Bear Gryll's Celebrity Island 2016 (Daily Mail)

With Colombia’s Peace Deal in Doubt, a Battered Town Fears a Return to War (New York Times - Paywall)

Missiles land near U.S. ship as Yemens war stretches beyond borders (CBS News)

Family of baby whose head has swelled to twice its normal size has sold 'everything they own' in a desperate bid to get her treatment (Daily Mail)

Frying Pan Tower owner SUNBATHES during Hurricane Matthew on roof of Coast Guard station (Daily Mail)

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a Salvation Army carer was caught on camera stealing from a war veteran in his own home (Daily Mail)

Putin's War in Syria: Why Russians Don't Seem to Care About It (Newsweek Magazine)

Match Of The Day's Jacqui Oatley had to call police after receiving online threats (Daily Mail)

Cholera Crisis Looms as Haiti Death Toll Passes 1,000 (NBC News)

West Yorkshire man spots 'triangular-shaped UFO with red flashing lights' (Daily Mail)

Chinese man walks on treadmill sitting down while snacking and drinking wine (Daily Mail)

US: Missiles target warship off Yemen (CNN)

Venezuela's prisoners STARVE to death in jails amid economic collapse (Daily Mail)

Children in Need: Graham Norton to host following Terry Wogan's death (BBC)

'I'm passionate about selling this s*** to people who don't need it': Over champagne and lobster at an idyllic ski resort, postal fraud mafia boast how they rip off the elderly - with help from Royal Mail (Daily Mail)

Farage on obscene Trump remarks: 'People do talk like that' (BBC)

Teenager whose fragile skin falls off at the slightest touch is wrapped in a COCOON of bandages to prevent a deadly infection (Daily Mail)

What if you can't get over an ex-lover? (CNN)

CCTV shows men fleeing after taekwondo expert was shot dead in Bethnal Green (Daily Mail)

5 relatives accused of murdering South Korean woman during botched EXORCISM (Daily Mail)

Making art from bombs in Syria (CNN)

Matthew uncovers Civil War cannon balls (CNN)

Trump in 1993: 'It's Fortunate I Don't Have to Run for Political Office' (NBC News)

Decision 2016 Blog: Why Holder Thinks Americans Should 'Be Afraid' (NBC News)

Trump v Clinton: Sex, lies and videotape at US presidential debate (BBC)

Oxo dad soon to hit screens as middle-class British family get makeover (Daily Mail)

Video represents 'who Trump is' (BBC)

A Roar at a Funeral, and Yemen’s War Is Altered (New York Times - Paywall)

Man for all seasons (BBC)

Russia downplays moving missiles near Eastern Europe (CBS News)

Abroad in America: Donald Trump’s Loyalists Aren’t Fleeing the Latest Storm (New York Times - Paywall)

Will Putin get his way in neighboring Georgia? Elections test how far Russia radiates its power (Los Angeles Times)

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to end his nation's 52-year civil war (Los Angeles Times)

Russia and Syria should face war crimes probe for civilian attacks, Kerry says (Los Angeles Times)

Where Hurricane Matthew hit hardest: Hundreds dead in ravaged Haiti (Los Angeles Times)

Why Europe's getting more racist (CNN)

Hurricane Matthew leaves trail of devastation in Haiti, with hundreds dead (Los Angeles Times)

Here's what Hurricane Matthew looks like before slamming into the U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

Al Qaeda-founded rebel group's growth underscores U.S. challenges in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

East Aleppo turning into 'another Rwanda,' U.N. envoy for Syria warns (Los Angeles Times)

Iran, one of the world's top executioners, moves closer to relaxing the death penalty for drug crimes (Los Angeles Times)

Postcard From the Hajj: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Checking Mecca Off My Bucket List (New York Times - Paywall)

Postscript: One Year Later, a Tip About a Border Crossing Pays Off (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)