Tuesday, 18th October 2016

World News

Father cries as tots "agonizing" hot car death detailed (CBS News)

Autopsy: Maine woman found buried with bottle of perfume and "apologetic" note (CBS News)

Fisherman shows off 14-pound "sea monster" catch (CBS News)

N.C. man sentenced for pulling off Muslim womans headscarf on flight (CBS News)

Statue of naked Hillary Clinton leads to tussle in NYC (CBS News)

ISIS set fire to oil wells near Mosul - just like Saddam's troops in 1991 (Daily Mail)

Ched Evans could take libel action against Gloria Hunniford and ITV (Daily Mail)

How Donald Trump Changed the Meaning of Gaffes (Time Magazine)

Liberation of Mosul 'could take two months' (CNN)

The Chinese woman who terminated her baby to save her brother (Daily Mail)

Apple to finally unveil new MacBook Pro machines - and could kill off the USB port (Daily Mail)

NASA investigating monstrous meteor that could wipe life off the face of the Earth (Daily Express)

Jim Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White wrote multiple suicide notes before death (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Villagers flee from ISIS (CNN)

EU 'should be prepared for returning jihadists' if ISIS is driven out of Mosul (Daily Mail)

Capture of Mosul could cause terror surge in Europe, top official warns (Fox News)

Nasa research claims rising sea levels may have been underestimated at 25% (Daily Mail)

Tensions Emerge Among Allies in Mosul Fight (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fall of Mosul Would Mean End of ISIS 'Caliphate' in Iraq: General (NBC News)

Man Attacked Woman With Frozen Chicken After She Wouldn't Flirt With Him, Officials Say (Time Magazine)

West Midlands Police release footage showing inside Birmingham brothel Libra (Daily Mail)

Married At First Sight returns to our screens (Daily Mail)

In Mosul, residents report new terrors by ISIS as Iraqi forces near (Fox News)

Syria's first lady Asma Al-Assad rejected 'multiple offers' to flee the war-torn country (Daily Mail)

Reporters notebook: Trump and Giuliani, a New York story (CBS News)

Russia's bombing pause in Aleppo may be an effort to dial down the tension with U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

Hilary Benn And Kate Hoey Battle Over Key Brexit Select Committee (Huffington Post)

Tower ? film looks at America's first mass shooting (CBS News)

Woman screams in pain as she's caned for breaking Islamic law on holiday island (Daily Star)

Iranian American father and son sentenced to 10 years in prison in Iran, report says (Los Angeles Times)

David Cameron and Theresa May snapped in voter's selfie in ex-PM's Witney constituency (Daily Mail)

Conjoined twins open their eyes for the first time after successful separation surgery (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Proposes Term Limits for Congress (Time Magazine)

Why Donald Trump Is Wrong About Rigged' Elections (Time Magazine)

The lives of girls and women held as Islamic State slaves may be at risk in the battle to free Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Muslim woman refuses community service order saying she needs husband's permission (Daily Express)

Channel 4 defends streaming the battle for Mosul on Facebook Live (Daily Mail)

Michael Moore Is Releasing a Surprise Documentary About Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Family of Surbiton woman who died of ovarian cancer take legal action against GP (Daily Mail)

Melania Trump: From schoolgirl to aspiring first lady (CNN)

Violent killer Stuart Brownhill serving life for murder on the run caught chatting up a woman (Daily Mail)

Why I Fear America Could Enslave Black People Again (Time Magazine)

In Mosul, residents report new terrors as Iraqi forces near (Fox News)

Mosul battle: EU 'should prepare for returning jihadists' (BBC)

On the front line with troops chasing ISIS away from Mosul (CBS News)

Syria First Lady Asma Al-Assad 'rejected offer of asylum' (BBC)

Syrian First Lady Says She Refused Offers of Asylum (NBC News)

US election 2016: Stop whining, Obama tells Donald Trump (BBC)

Read President Obama's Remarks Telling Donald Trump to Stop Whining' (Time Magazine)

Colleagues Corroborate People Writer's Story of Being Attacked By Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump Jr: 'They're all fat. Ugly' (CNN)

Obama: Trump 'whining before the game's even over' (CNN)

Former security agent said Clinton "blatantly disregarded" protocol (CBS News)

Spanish woman Lina Alvarez gives birth at 62 (BBC)

Trump still pushes "rigged" election claims amid campaign woes (CBS News)

PICTURED: Woman stabbed to death in broad daylight attack 'involving up to 11 men' (Daily Star)

Police Group Apologizes for Law Enforcement's History as Face of Oppression.' Read the Speech Here (Time Magazine)

Tunnels and booby traps complicate march on Mosul (Financial Times - Paywall)

ISIS fighters taunt allied forces in new video as they patrol the streets of Mosul (Daily Mail)

Mosul Today: Iraqi army advances as Turkey tensions rise (Fox News)

How Omega 3 Fats May Improve Fertility (Time Magazine)

Iran jails American businessman and his dad for 10 years (CBS News)

Moby-Dick Was Published 165 Years Ago. Dive in Right Here (Time Magazine)

Syria First Lady says she refused offer to leave the country (Fox News)

The Big Question in the Battle for Mosul Is What Comes After (Time Magazine)

Enfield teen jailed for 2 years for stealing a car with children inside while on drugs (Daily Mail)

If you have been burgled don't call us: After a police chief says the crime won't be investigated if the windows were left open, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN laments the new breed of top officers (Daily Mail)

Sexual Assault Survivors Protest at Trump Tower (Time Magazine)

Conservative aide arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Parliament' (Daily Mail)

Buhari mocked for comments on first lady (CNN)

'Stop whining' - Obama blasts Trump vote-rigging claim (BBC)

How the First Farmers Changed History (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudi Prince kicks Russian oligarch off £300m yacht after buying it on the spot (Daily Mail)

Rise of vigilante mobs in Thailand as woman is slapped for 'insulting' the late king (Daily Mail)

Leaked emails reveal how Clinton world spins (Financial Times - Paywall)

Residents in ISIS stronghold: 'We want life back to normal' (CNN)

Staffordshire bull terrier-pitbull cross mauled father-of-three to death at home (Daily Mail)

Wigan parents celebrate high court damages for son born with birth injuries 47 years ago (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener at 8: More FBI documents released on Clinton (CBS News)

RNLI lifeboat shown battling through waves to rescue 5 kayakers off the coast of Dorset (Daily Mail)

London cyclist is cut up and knocked off his bike by a moped in shocking footage (Daily Mail)

EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie's childhood nanny claims the actress is unfairly demonizing Brad Pitt and using her children as weapons against him - just as her mother did with her father, actor Jon Voight (Daily Mail)

The Battle for Mosul Won't End With Ouster of ISIS (NBC News)

France: Mosul operation essential to prevent new IS attacks (Fox News)

Pictures show full horror of Aberfan Junior School disaster 50 years ago (Daily Mail)

Ched Evans may sue Loose Women (BBC)

Lauren Goodger is investigated by police over claims she was in a fight at Sugar Hut (Daily Mail)

Spanish doctor aged 62 shows off her newborn baby girl as she leaves hospital (Daily Mail)

Met Police hunt man who tried to rip hijab off a Muslim woman on Oxford Street (Daily Mail)

Why Listening to Music Before Bed Can Beat Insomnia (Newsweek Magazine)

Melania Trump to give prime-time interview since her husband's sexual assault claims (Daily Mail)

'We don't want to go back': 100 Chibok schoolgirls refuse to leave their Boko Haram captors after two years in captivity (Daily Mail)

Teen left paralysed after falling off ex-boyfriend's mother's horse sues for £3million (Daily Mail)

Saudi Police Arrest Man For Cross-Dressing On Snapchat (Newsweek Magazine)

Police chief leader sorry for historical racial abuse (CBS News)

Controversies that raise questions about Clinton campaign (CBS News)

Trump says if he wins, he could visit Putin before inauguration (CBS News)

Why an Iran-Saudi Arabia Conflict Is More Likely Today Than Ever Before (Newsweek Magazine)

Melania Trump defends husband amid sex assault allegations (CBS News)

Banker Robert Entenman died 'when his humidifier was switched off after surgery' (Daily Mail)

The Kylie Jenner effect! Why we can't get enough of superfood pomegranates (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener: Trump ramps up claims of "rigged" election (CBS News)

Expert reveals why we get conjunctivitis and how to get rid of it (Daily Mail)

A Rebel Against The Chastity Belt (Huffington Post)

What U.S. allies are up against in the methodical battle for Mosul (CBS News)

Fifteen Years After 9/11, Afghanistan Finds Itself at a Major Crossroads (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump is becoming a bore (CNN)

Larry Flynt Offers $1M for 'Scandalous' Trump Recording (NBC News)

Antimatter sail propulsion spacecraft could reach 'Earth's twin' in 84 years (Daily Mail)

Mystery as six people found dumped next to corpse with hands CHOPPED OFF (Daily Star)

Want to beat insomnia the natural way? Listen to Ed Sheeran or Coldplay: Drifting off to your favourite music 'provides a sense of security' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Groper' Costume Auctioned to Raise Money for Syrian Refugees (Time Magazine)

Former People Reporter Who Accused Donald Trump of Assault: We Cannot Be Silent Anymore' (Time Magazine)

Pervert doctor jailed for nearly eight years for sedating 12 female patients and taking more than A MILLION photographs of them with sex toys (Daily Mail)

Hamas sentences alleged spy to death (Fox News)

Iraq Forces May Target Civilians Fleeing Mosul: Watchdog (NBC News)

Abuse victim Esther Hoad gets school taxi driver who attacked her 40 years ago put in jail (Daily Mail)

How the Tobacco Industry Uses Third-Parties to Lobby Against Plain Packaging Laws (Newsweek Magazine)

Women Stage Nationwide Blockades Against Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Body cam video captures fierce gun fight with ISIS fighters and Kurdish soldiers in Mosul (Daily Mail)

WISE WORDS: Michelle Collins On Overcoming Her Best Friend's Death And Her Incredible Sixth Sense (Huffington Post)

'Rigged' Election: Inside Trump's New Battle Cry (NBC News)

Ron Howard Describes Donald Trump As 'WWF Wrestler Plugging Next Match' (Huffington Post)

Stunning babe taunts ice hockey player by pressing her naked boobs against penalty box (Daily Star)

Prankster who wore a wedding dress on first dates films her suitors' priceless reactions (Daily Mail)

Belgian terror police question 15 in ISIS recruitment probe after raids across country (Daily Mail)

Newcastle men arrested over stabbing of Jodie Wilkinson which led to her death (Daily Mail)

Chelsea Clinton arrives to Hollywood and Broadway stars perform for Hillary fundraiser (Daily Mail)

Why Hillary Clinton is Playing in Arizona (Time Magazine)

Great British Bake Off set recreated for hamsters (BBC)

Why the African Union Can Now Reach Its Full Potential (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Cant Read This Arabic Billboard Erected to Infuriate Him (Newsweek Magazine)

Reddit users reveal why they cheated on their partners in honest online confessions (Daily Mail)

Bolton couple bought £55k Porsche seized by police who said it belonged to someone else (Daily Mail)

Savers see returns slashed as inflation rises to highest in two years (Daily Mail)

Why Trump's talk of a rigged vote is so dangerous (CNN)

The Battle Against ISIS in Mosul Could Lead to an Independent Iraqi Kurdistan (Newsweek Magazine)

Bake Off set recreated for hamsters by pet owner (BBC)

Kim Kardashian Paris robbery 'concierge' warned of hotel's failures 6 YEARS ago (Daily Mail)

Why one expat can see beyond Trump's personal flaws (CNN)

Former Italian premier Monti comes out against referendum (Fox News)

Iran sentences Iranian-American, his father each to 10 years (Fox News)

Joanna Lumley Can Even Make Donald Trump Sound Sexy (Huffington Post)

Why your coffee could cost more (BBC)

Richard Ayoade rumours he may present Channel 4's Bake Off leaves fans in turmoil (Daily Mail)

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Terrifying Impunity of Brazil’s Riot Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Denials Are 'Rape Myths and Stereotypes 101' (NBC News)

Donald Trump Twitter Bot Announces Candidacy for President (Newsweek Magazine)

Final David Bowie Recordings Receive First Play (Newsweek Magazine)

Nick Boles Threatens To Walk Off BBC Daily Politics Over Tory Leadership Questions (Huffington Post)

Germany: Fight against IS won't increase security threat (Fox News)

Clinton email case: What we've learned (CNN)

Iraqi Civilians Fleeing ISIS in Mosul Face Torture and Death in Revenge Attacks: Amnesty (Newsweek Magazine)

Newborn baby put up for sale on eBay in Germany is daughter of refugees newly arrived in the country who now face police investigation (Daily Mail)

ISIS positions in Mosul hit by RAF missile (Daily Mail)

Patent reveals improved EmDrive design that may one day take humans to Mars (Daily Mail)

After Losses in Syria and Iraq, ISIS Moves the Goal Posts (New York Times - Paywall)

Men behaving badly: Why annoying plane passengers are most likely to be self-centred, infrequent flyers and... MALE (Daily Mail)

Bournemouth's Zara clothing store shunned woman breastfeeding in changing rooms (Daily Mail)

Pennsylvania anorexic teen beats eating disorder to spare sweetheart pain of her death (Daily Mail)

Go Inside the Battle to Force ISIS From Mosul (NBC News)

French civil servant who hasn't worked for 10 years still paid more than £3k PER MONTH (Daily Mail)

Saudi police arrest Snapchat star for dressing like a woman in online posts' (Daily Mail)

Mosul battle: Iraqi troops 'ahead of schedule' in bid to retake city (BBC)

Poll: Clinton Maintains Solid National Lead (NBC News)

Diane Abbott Defends Lily Allen, Blasts Media For Backlash Against Calais Apology (Huffington Post)

Russian mother jumps to her death with her son after husband 'oinked' at her (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson loses closest aide as Downing Street REFUSES to sign off on his appointment (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Busty woman gets boob kissed by gameshow host on live TV (Daily Star)

Russian warlord may have been killed because he knew too much about downing of MH17 (Daily Mail)

'Top Gear' Team Reunites, As Matt LeBlanc Posts First Picture With New Team (Huffington Post)

Weapons Malfunction Thwarts Gunman's Attempt to Kill Two California Police Officers (Time Magazine)

Kurdish Forces Hold Position Near Mosul After Capturing Villages from ISIS (Time Magazine)

Mosul battle causes ONE MILLION to flee Iraqi city as troops force ISIS out (Daily Mail)

Police Arrest Islamic Militant' for the Killing of Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger Nazimuddin Samad (Time Magazine)

Woman Sparks Parenting Debate After Suggesting 'Secret Signal' To Stop Toddler Tantrums In Public (Huffington Post)

Theresa May insists she still backs Chancellor Philip Hammond over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Ben Needham's mother broke down in tears when shown the item belonging to her son as death declared an accident (Daily Mail)

Emirati police holding 3 foreigners trying to sell artifacts (Fox News)

EU Commissioner Warns of ISIS Influx on Continent As Iraq Steps Up Mosul Offensive (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman 'kept calm' during bath ordeal (BBC)

Police Arrest Man After Suspected Rape In U.K. Parliament (Newsweek Magazine)

The Latest: Iraqi special forces delay their push on Mosul (Fox News)

Kurds pause in Mosul offensive after securing handful of ISIS-held villages (Fox News)

Here's Why Rodrigo Duterte Could Be Making a High-Profile Visit to China (Time Magazine)

Gordon Semple Murder Accused On Trial For Allegedly 'Strangling And Dismembering' Police Officer (Huffington Post)

British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers may have been SACRIFICED by Satanists (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Ramps Up Rigged Election Allegations (Newsweek Magazine)

Battle for Mosul: RAF fighters and drones take out ISIS as ground forces move in (Daily Star)

Ben Needham's Toy Police Car Found During Kos Excavation (Huffington Post)

Not All U.K. Muslims Are Against the Prevent Counter-Terrorism Strategy (Newsweek Magazine)

Spalding teen who 'knifed dinner lady and her daughter to death was driver behind plot' (Daily Mail)

Kurds pause in Mosul offensive, say Iraqi army will advance (Fox News)

Parliament Alleged Rape Sees Man Arrested By Metropolitan Police (Huffington Post)

10/17: FBI releases more notes from Clinton email investigation; Wash. H.S. football team adopts anthem protest over inequality (CBS News)

As Thailand mourns his passing, one woman faces justice for 'insulting the monarchy' (Daily Mail)

Colbert to Obama: No promotions in 8 years (CNN)

Police officer in Virginia saves life of 1-month-old baby girl (CBS News)

Why Hitler's birth house will be razed (CNN)

Iraq Forces Advance to Edges of ISIS-Held Mosul (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS jihadis spray paint prisoners before blasting them to death in heinous execution clip (Daily Express)

US election: Donald Trump accusers telling lies, says Melania (BBC)

Iraqi refugee living in Houston pleads guilty to trying to help ISIS (CBS News)

Vietnam braces for Typhoon Sarika as death toll rises to 31 (Fox News)

On the ground with Kurdish forces fighting to retake Mosul (CBS News)

Battle over Aleppo remains stalled (CBS News)

Billy Bush and NBC strike a deal over his exit after lewd Trump tape (CBS News)

Clinton Shifts Message, Eyes Congressional Takeover (NBC News)

Trump keeps pushing voter fraud allegations (CBS News)

Police Group Apologizes for U.S. Law Enforcement's Role in Historical Mistreatment' of Minorities (Time Magazine)

Why is this the world's best bar? (CNN)

The heartwarming reason why a N.M. boy asked his mom to pack 2 school lunches (CBS News)

ISIS spray paint target on captive before blasting him in head in sick execution video (Daily Star)

More 'Rigged' Talk In Trump Ethics Reform Speech (NBC News)

Fight for Mosul: ISIS digs in for long battle (CNN)

'The result is inevitable' Battle for Mosul will lead to CRUSHING ISIS defeat, experts say (Daily Express)

At the Mosul Front: Traps, Smoke Screens and Suicide Bombers (New York Times - Paywall)

Battle for Mosul Tests Obama Strategy to Shift Fight’s Burden From U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Official urged FBI to unclassify Clinton email (Financial Times - Paywall)

Melania Trump Defends Donald Trumps Access Hollywood Comments as Boy Talk (Newsweek Magazine)

New info on Clinton email case (CNN)

Drug driver is jailed after killing a woman on her way home from sister's funeral (Daily Mail)

Thais run out of black clothes after the death of King Bhumibol (Daily Mail)

Mothers who are overweight before becoming pregnant can rob their baby of up to 17 years of life (Daily Mail)

Arizona paper gets death threats for endorsing Clinton (CBS News)

Mouse eggs created from skin cells produce healthy offspring for the first time in 'fertility breakthrough' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Worse Than Watergate' (Time Magazine)

Kurdish fighters enter ISIS territory, starting push to Mosul (CBS News)

Chief: Armor wearing gunman tried to assassinate Calif. police officers (CBS News)

Battle begins with car bombs, gunfire (CNN)

US forces get ever closer to danger in Mosul (CNN)

BBC and the police have tainted my life forever says Sir Cliff Richard (Daily Mail)

NICK BOLES: Why even Remain voters like me find MiliClegg's attempt to block Brexit so utterly nauseating (Daily Mail)

'They couldn't care less' Farage says people will STILL vote Trump despite allegations (Daily Express)

Would YOU know what to do in a life or death situation? (Daily Mail)

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Diane Abbott took phone call during moving Hillsborough film shown at Woman of the Year awards (Daily Mail)

The battle to retake Mosul (CBS News)

Calais police say demolition of the migrant camp may happen as soon as Wednesday (Daily Mail)

Iraq forces and ISIS exchange gunfire (CNN)

A journey through 'hell': First wave of migrant children from Calais arrives in Britain (Los Angeles Times)

FBI, State: No Quid Pro Quo on Clinton Email (NBC News)

Atomic-sized 'MRI scanners' may lead to new drugs (Daily Mail)

MRI-friendly device can provide relief from back pain for up to 25 years (Daily Mail)

Coronation Street' Spoilers: Bill Roache Discusses New Age For The Barlows, Following Anne Kirkbride's Death (Huffington Post)

REVEALED: Quarter of Brits think Donald Trump is possessed by the DEVIL (Daily Star)

Muslim woman lashed 23 times for breaking Sharia law by being 'close' to her boyfriend (Daily Express)

Diving teams to search lake after woman found dead in Surrey (Daily Express)

SNOW IN THE UK: First sign of WINTER in Britain in stunning pictures (Daily Express)

Police Group Apologizes for Mistreatment of Minorities (NBC News)

Guantanamo detainee freed after 14 years (CNN)

Met police issue body cameras to its officers to cut down on stop-and-search controversies (Daily Mail)

Determination energizes Iraqi forces in fight to retake Mosul from Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Melania Trump Says Donald's Comments in Leaked Video Were Boy Talk' (Time Magazine)

Ex-boyfriend 'cut woman's nipples off with scissors' (Daily Star)

On the road to Mosul with Iraqi forces (BBC)

Two hundred walk out of Amy Schumer's Tampa show after Trump tear (Daily Mail)

'My reaction as an Arab is revenge': Brother of Syrian ISIS bomb plotter found hanged in German jail vows to come to Europe as a refugee to avenge his sibling (Daily Mail)

Mystery mourners pay tribute to WWII Battle of El Alamein hero Richard 'Dick' Norris (Daily Mail)

Trump supporters don't care he's lying (CNN)

Mosul and Aleppo: A Tale of Two Cities (Time Magazine)

Battle for Mosul remains fraught with risk (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iraqi Forces Attack Mosul, a Beleaguered Stronghold for ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

First Calais 'kids' arrive: Migrant asylum seekers supposedly aged 14-17 arrive in UK (Daily Star)

New hope against superbugs? (CNN)

Battle for Mosul as ISIS suicide car bomb detonates in attempt to ram Iraqi tank (Daily Mail)

See How Saturday Night Live's Second Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Parody Compares to the Real Debate (Time Magazine)

How our ancestors drove the spread of STIs: Researchers find they may have been hit with archaic form of HPV after breeding with Neanderthals (Daily Mail)

Watch This Police Officer Master Beyoncé's Formation' Choreography at a Pep Rally (Time Magazine)

Serbian woman is arrested on Malta after 2 elderly British men are found dead at her flat (Daily Mail)

See Why Battlefield 1' Makes World War I Great Again (Time Magazine)

Pentagon: Some US forces on the outskirts of Mosul (Fox News)

Plus-size model Rosie Mercado who lost weight has received DEATH THREATS from 'fat activists' (Daily Mail)

US airstrikes against ISIS in Libya doubled in less than a month (Fox News)

Silicon Valley Is Having a Hissy Fit Over Donald Trump (NBC News)

Villages Retaken as Bid to Free 1.5M From ISIS Rule Begins (NBC News)

Russian schoolgirl falls to her death after climbing over the ledge of a 17th floor balcony (Daily Mail)

Met Police officer caught on camera 'dragging teen girl while handcuffed' (Daily Mail)

WH spokesman: Trump 'snorted his way through' debates (CNN)

Battle to retake Mosul from ISIS underway (CBS News)

Former headmaster William Duxbury is jailed for five years (Daily Mail)

Official: Death toll at 23 in hospital fire in eastern India (Fox News)

Falmouth squatters keep home they've lived in for 13 years after 'they improved the property' (Daily Mail)

David Yarrow shows off amazing new animal photos in his book Wild Encounters (Daily Mail)

U.S. forces back Iraq armys major offensive against ISIS (CBS News)

Why Mosul Is Critical in the Battle Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman stuck in bath for four days 'saved by waitress' (BBC)

Clinton Spreading the Wealth, With Eye on Congress (Newsweek Magazine)

Carer 'stabbed his disabled partner to death before writing a letter to her corpse' (Daily Mail)

Why battle matters (CNN)

Why Nations Need to Control Their Borders (Newsweek Magazine)

Southend woman stuck in bath for four days (BBC)

Heather Longdon who was told her cancer was just a cold may never speak again (Daily Mail)

BBC Panorama's Jeremy Paxman On Trump V Clinton Previewed On Today Programme (Huffington Post)

Sweden rules that flying the ISIS flag is NOT a hate crime (Daily Mail)

UKIP's Steven Woolfe leaves party, makes police complaint (Fox News)

Devon conwoman is taken off a tagged curfew after less than 1 week to go on Mexican holiday (Daily Mail)

Muslim woman is caned 23 times in Indonesia for 'standing too close to her boyfriend' (Daily Mail)

Hitlers Austrian Birthplace May Face Demolition (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraq launches Mosul offensive, but bombs slow progress (Fox News)

Memo From Nairobi: ‘Africa Rising’? ‘Africa Reeling’ May Be More Fitting Now (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump prompts soul searching for evangelicals (Financial Times - Paywall)

'I really' want to support Trump but I can't (CNN)

Uranus may hiding dark moons in its icy rings (Daily Mail)

The first day (CNN)

Amber Rudd Denies Misleading MPs Over Why Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Chair Quit (Huffington Post)

In China, Rodrigo Duterte and Philippines May ‘Pivot’ Away From U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Bake Off showstoppers re-created every week in miniature size (Daily Mail)

Police say father admits advertising infant daughter on eBay (CBS News)

Amber Rudd DENIES misleading MPs over reasons why Dame Lowell Goddard quit child sex abuse inquiry and suggests judge SHOULD give evidence to explain herself (Daily Mail)

Iranian woman Tala Raassi was sentenced to 40 lashes for wearing a MINISKIRT (Daily Mail)

Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall wins Woman of the Year Award (Daily Mail)

Mark Burnett And The Failure of Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Shocking moment a man slaps a woman across the face on NY subway (Daily Mail)

Israeli Police Arrest Palestinian Football Coach of Team That Posed With Image of Attacker (Newsweek Magazine)

Russian bride left distraught after her wedding gown is ripped off by car driving away (Daily Mail)

Half of Trump Supporters Believe Russia is Friend' to U.S.: Poll (Newsweek Magazine)

Analysis: Clinton Foes, Backers Feel Vindicated by Emails (NBC News)

How the battle for Mosul may unfold (CNN)

Muslim Americans: Trump can't kick me out (CNN)

Bill Clinton caught on tape joking that he wished he'd slept with more women (Daily Mail)

Vice President Joe Biden: Public Sexism Will Grow Under Hillary Clinton (Newsweek Magazine)

Supporters of woman involved in Ched Evans rape case in £50,000 GoFundMe appeal (Daily Mail)

World's first 'bridge' for quantum computers created which could lead to AI breakthrough (Daily Mail)

East Ukraine Rebels Vow No Mercy' After Commander Death (Newsweek Magazine)

U.K.'s May Has 'Right' to Trigger Brexit, Court Hears (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

GCHQ puzzle book backed by Kate Middleton pits you against Enigma code-breakers (Daily Mail)

Why this fire ladder appeared in China (CNN)

Why refugees in this West Bank camp are rebelling against the Palestinian Authority (Los Angeles Times)

Women battle Japan's 'salaryman' culture (CNN)

Trilobites: Kaakutja, Perhaps the First Known Boomerang Victim (New York Times - Paywall)

Jihadists GRAFFITI prisoner and blast him to death with shotgun for spray-painting anti-ISIS slogans before using drone to film mass execution of 'spies' (Daily Mail)

Leicestershire Police chief claims burglaries shouldn't be investigated if victims leave WINDOWS open (Daily Mail)

10 stars each pictured now and 10 years ago - but can YOU tell which is which? (Daily Mail)

Tricks and tips to getting a first class upgrade (Daily Mail)

North Korea: We're Prepared to Use Nuclear Weapons First (NBC News)

The long-awaited battle to free Mosul from Islamic State begins, but a humanitarian crisis looms (Los Angeles Times)

Village Mythologized by ISIS Is Recaptured, Syrian Rebels Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin fears a Clinton win (CNN)

Why thousands of Iraqi fighters have poured into Syria to aid Assad (Los Angeles Times)

All the Allegations Women Have Made Against Trump (NBC News)

Thailand begins a year of mourning after the death of its beloved king (Los Angeles Times)

In Thailand, longtime king's death opens country to political turmoil, instability (Los Angeles Times)

British lawmakers press May government for details on breaking from European Union (Los Angeles Times)

Fragile alliance against Islamic State frays as Turkish president scolds Iraqi leader: 'You are not my equal' (Los Angeles Times)

Postcard From the Hajj: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Checking Mecca Off My Bucket List (New York Times - Paywall)

Postscript: One Year Later, a Tip About a Border Crossing Pays Off (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman endures five years of slavery (CNN)