Sunday, 30th October 2016

World News

Quake collapses centuries-old buildings in Italy (CBS News)

Poll shows tightening race between Clinton and Trump (CBS News)

Unlikely FBI will determine relevance of emails before Election Day (CBS News)

Police: 5 shot at Halloween party by "Freddy Krueger" (CBS News)

Rattled Italy hit with strongest quake in 36 years (CBS News)

US election polls show Hillary Clinton's 12 point lead shrinks down to just ONE POINT (Daily Mail)

Car With Amazing Patched-Up 'Peephole' Window Was Unsurprisingly Pulled Over By Police (Huffington Post)

Now ISIS hides bombs inside teddy bears and toy trucks: Barbarians using improvised devices to target children as forces close in on Mosul (Daily Mail)

With new allies, ISIS outnumbered 4-to-1 in Mosul (CBS News)

FBI Obtains Warrant for Newly Discovered Emails in Clinton Probe (NBC News)

Raising my children will cost £1million (not to mention 10,950 hours of lost sleep): One mum-of-four was brave enough to tot up all the expenses (Daily Mail)

World Cup ISIS plot BUSTED: Cops smash jihadi plan for footie bomb terror (Daily Star)

A window into heaven... and hell: As another battered Iraqi town is liberated from the evil clutch of ISIS, Christians celebrate their first mass in two years while the Battle for Mosul enters its third week (Daily Mail)

Huma Abedin sends lawyers to meet FBI as she pleads ignorance over Weiner's emails (Daily Mail)

IS claims killing of Algerian police officer (Fox News)

Hillary's nightmare scenario: Weiner's laptop holds 650,000 emails, thousands of them from Clinton's private server, and a search will take WEEKS. Democrat faces an ongoing FBI probe even if she's elected (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage Should Be A Pariah For Supporting Trump (Huffington Post)

Trump Gives a Grateful Shout Out to ... Anthony Weiner (NBC News)

He's running the war against ISIS (CNN)

Clinton Camp Enlists Democrats for War With Comey (NBC News)

More than HALF of female police officers have hidden tattoos despite ban on body art (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump fires off arrows at a New York archery range after defying brand boycott (Daily Mail)

Iran-Trained Shiite Militias Join Fight for Mosul (Newsweek Magazine)

Clinton Staying 'Focused' as Campaign Pushes Back on FBI (NBC News)

Turkey on alert for cloud of ACID RAIN after ISIS set fire to Mosul sulphur plant (Daily Mail)

Italy quake: Aerial footage of devastation (BBC)

Clinton emails: Officials advised FBI not to reveal inquiry (BBC)

DOJ Urged FBI Not to Make Clinton Email Twist Public (NBC News)

Cult leader's daughter may upend South Korea presidency (CBS News)

New polls show tight Clinton-Trump race (CNN)

Police have strip searched more than 5,000 children in past two years (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Clinton may be linked to 'THOUSANDS' of e-mails in new FBI probe (Daily Express)

Italy hit by strongest earthquake in over 30 years (CNN)

FBI Seeking Warrant for Newly Discovered Emails (NBC News)

Armed police on London Tubes will make public feel 'LESS secure' warns former Met commander (Daily Mail)

Someone Dumped Manure Outside a County Democratic Party Headquarters in Ohio (Time Magazine)

Russian submarines are spotted in the IRISH Sea as three of the stealth craft navigate through UK waters in the latest provocation by Putin's navy (Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia Says It Has Arrested ISIS Suspects Plotting Attacks (NBC News)

Bake Off champion Candice Brown to serve up her own show (Daily Star)

Polls: Clinton Leads Trump in N.C.; Dead Heat in Florida (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton Campaign Turns Up Pressure on FBI Director James Comey (Time Magazine)

Why FBI Director Comey jumped at chance to reopen Hillary Clinton email investigation (Daily Mail)

FBI heads letter "deeply troubling" (CBS News)

Grand Tour horror: James May claims he nearly died on car show (Daily Star)

Powerful quake strikes central Italy (CBS News)

ISIS uses human shields in Mosul fight (CNN)

EU finally signs free trade deal with Canada after SEVEN YEARS of talks (Daily Mail)

Spanish police who killed' British holidaymaker in Ibiza warned a witness You'll be next' (Daily Mail)

Shiite militias join Mosul push as bombs rock Baghdad (Fox News)

Hilarious photos reveal what children REALLY get up to when their parents aren't around (Daily Mail)

Pence Demands Clinton Aide Release Her Emails (NBC News)

Iceland backs traditional party over Pirates (Financial Times - Paywall)

Watch: Aftereffects of latest powerful earthquake in Italy (CBS News)

Saudi Arabia Arrests Suspects Linked to Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Northern Italy road bridge collapsing under lorry and kills a pensioner in disturbing video (Daily Mail)

James Comey: FBI chief at loggerheads with Clinton camp (BBC)

Rape victim whose attacker partied with Hollywood stars slams police for destroying DNA (Daily Mail)

Photographs show how a baby orangutan was chained to a wall for a YEAR in Indonesia (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton with JLo endorsement concert in Florida (Daily Mail)

Nick Clegg Says Despite Brexit, UK May Have To Continue To Pay Into EU Budget (Huffington Post)

Central Italy Struck by Powerful Quake, Flattening Buildings (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Podesta: Clinton Learns From Mistakes, Unlike Trump (NBC News)

Trump and Clinton tarnished by flaws (CNN)

Iceland election: Pirate Party triples seats (BBC)

Full video: Donald Trump rallies in Arizona (CBS News)

South Korean graft scandal deepens as aides quit (Financial Times - Paywall)

East London hit-and-run caught on CCTV leaves woman and two children badly injured (Daily Mail)

Clinton campaign boss turns up heat on FBI in email row (CNN)

ISIS savages CRUCIFY prisoners in pure evil torture in front of terrified crowds (Daily Star)

Police Say Powder Thrown at Metropolitan Opera May Have Been Human Ashes (Time Magazine)

US military operating kill drones from UK soil' and could be breaking international law (Daily Mail)

UK families have had children taken into care over fears they were being radicalised (Daily Mail)

Clinton campaign berates FBI over email probe (Financial Times - Paywall)

Obama' urges everyone to vote for Donald Trump but it's not all it seems (Daily Star)

Italy quake: Norcia tremor destroys ancient buildings (BBC)

In Iowa, Obama Voters Go For Trump (NBC News)

Mail On Sunday Story On CBBC Transgender Show Slammed As Transphobic (Huffington Post)

ISIS claims responsibility for Germany stabbing that killed teen (Fox News)

Iraqi Forces Capture ISIS-Held Towns Around Mosul (Newsweek Magazine)

UK official offers support for Bank of England governor (Fox News)

Michael Gove's 11-year-old son 'was found wandering corridors of B&B after ex-minister 'left him alone for SIX HOURS to party with celebrities' (Daily Mail)

What Will Happen to ISIS When Its Territory is Recaptured? (Newsweek Magazine)

HOT cheerleader making waves as American Football touches down in UK (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Asda in meltdown as EVERY card machine in UK supermarket fails (Daily Express)

Italy rocked by strongest earthquake to strike the country in 36 years (Fox News)

Video appearing to show Loch Ness monster swimming in the water (Daily Mail)

Trump rally-goer yells anti-Semitic chant (CNN)

Dom Joly quizzed by police after paying on a train with a note smeared in white powder' (Daily Mail)

Man at Trump Rally Shouts 'Jew-S-A' at Media (NBC News)

UK to STAY in single market? Business sec lets slip PM's Brexit negotiating strategy (Daily Express)

Italy Shaken by Powerful 6.6-Magnitude Quake (NBC News)

Thousands of refugees flee Mosul as ISIS murders 250 civilians who refuse to be human shields (Daily Mail)

Earthquake Claims Ancient Basilica But No Lives Lost in Italy (Newsweek Magazine)

UK told Nissan it wants tariff-free trading for motor industry, Clark says (BBC)

Harrowing Scenes from the Front Line as Kurds Battle ISIS (NBC News)

ASDA card machines break down across UK as customers face shopping HELL (Daily Star)

Italy Hit by Strongest Earthquake in 35 Years (Time Magazine)

Clinton blasts FBI over emails reveal (CNN)

Clarkson fears his 'new Top Gear' show will be sued by the BBC (Daily Mail)

Police investigate weapons found near Serb PM's family home (Fox News)

Iceland’s Prime Minister Resigns, After Pirate Party Makes Strong Gains (New York Times - Paywall)

South Koreans demand president to resign (CNN)

Powerful Earthquake Hits an Already Rattled Italy (New York Times - Paywall)

Italy hit by strongest quake in 35 years, no deaths reported (Fox News)

South Korea Presidential Aides Resign Over Influence Scandal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Italy quake: Prayers in Norcia town square (BBC)

Why is ISIS forcing people into Mosul? (CNN)

'Child migrant' who said he was 16 when he came to the UK from the Calais Jungle boasts of being 22 on a dating website and has a beard on his LinkedIn profile (Daily Mail)

Horror hit and run footage show woman and kids flung into air like rag dolls (Daily Star)

Labour council blasted as 'hypocrites' for not housing migrants they brought to UK (Daily Mail)

BHS set to return to the High Street' after Qatari-based company owned by Janet Jackson's husband bought part of the firm and considers re-opening UK stores (Daily Mail)

German Police Examine Islamic State Stabbing Claim (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Did Trump the Candidate Tarnish Trump the Brand? (NBC News)

Francois Hollande says Britain must 'do its part' to settle migrant children (Daily Mail)

Quora Question: How Would Donald Trump Affect Military Affairs? (Newsweek Magazine)

Pirate Party grabs seats in Iceland's parliament, but not full control (Fox News)

Greg Clark: No Tariffs For UK Car Industry Key To Brexit Talks (Huffington Post)

Trump mocks Miss Universe with ORGASM joke as he showcases 'lesson in revenge' (Daily Express)

Italy earthquake latest forecasts: Will there be aftershocks from today's earthquake? (Daily Express)

An Iraqi band of brothers: They watch 'American Sniper' and play 'Call of Duty' - and they're out to recapture Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Italy quake: House collapse caught on camera (BBC)

Dawn of the Sexbots: Is new TV show Westworld's future where tourists romance robots just a sick fantasy? No, soon we will buy androids who talk, touch and even feel (Daily Mail)

Calais 'child migrant' who said he was 16 to come to UK claimed he was 22 on dating site (Daily Express)

X Factor': Honey G Steals The Show Again (But For Mixed Reasons) (Huffington Post)

STOP rocking the Brexit boat Leave campaigner calls for europhiles to quit knocking UK (Daily Express)

Frightened residents flee Italy quake in Norcia (BBC)

'Acid Test' Looms After ISIS Defeat in Mosul (NBC News)

Central Italy rocked by powerful earthquake (Financial Times - Paywall)

'The Past Will Not Let Me Sleep': One South Sudan Refugee's Shares His Harrowing Journey (Huffington Post)

South Korean Protesters Call for President to Step Down (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Francois Hollande Says UK Authorities Must 'Do Their Part' To Settle Calais 'Jungle' Refugee Children (Huffington Post)

The Latest: Rescuers search collapsed buildings in Italy (Fox News)

6.6 magnitude tremor shakes Italy (CNN)

Shallow quake hits central Italy (CNN)

Woman at Center of South Korean Presidential Scandal Apologizes Amid Public Furor (New York Times - Paywall)

Icelands Pirate Party lags far behind incumbent (CBS News)

US report: Afghanistan's road system years from viability (Fox News)

BREAKING: Huge earthquake smashes central Italy (Daily Star)

Powerful quake rattles central, southern Italy (Fox News)

How the International Community Has Failed South Sudan (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Italy (Daily Express)

Moldovans elect president for 1st time in 20 years (Fox News)

Newspaper review: Clinton probe dominates front pages (BBC)

L.A. homeless woman posts video protecting Trump Walk of Fame star (CBS News)

ISIS forces Mosul civilians to form human shields in battle for city (Daily Mail)

Celtic supporters troll Police Scotland after force tweets picture of seized booze (Daily Mail)

10/29: FBI investigation takes center stage in presidential campaign; Shelter dogs let loose for a run (CBS News)

Ukrainian riot police called to prevent a rally in support of legalising marijuana (Daily Mail)

Mosul's liberators accused of using white phosphorus shells as Iraqi troops close net on Isis (Daily Mail)

Attorney general, FBI director at odds over Clinton letter (CBS News)

Put it all out on the table': Hillary ramps up her war with FBI director Comey (Daily Mail)

The 5:2 party dress diet: Follow our slimming special to lose a stone in six weeks - just in time for Christmas! (Daily Mail)

Why the Clinton Campaign Is Banking on Black Millennials (NBC News)

Dem Senators Ask FBI to Clarify New Emails in Clinton Case (NBC News)

New York's Metropolitan Opera halts show over powder sprinkle (BBC)

Shiite Militias Join Mosul Battle (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump Brings Up Weiner for First Time Since FBI Letter (NBC News)

Donald Trump slashes Clinton's poll lead even before latest email scandal (Daily Star)

Shock Nissan report reveals 42,000 British jobs were at risk: Bombshell document reveals tens of thousands of people would have been left unemployed if Japanese car giant had pulled out of the UK (Daily Mail)

Love Productions REFUSES to make Comic Relief Bake Off in one last blow before beloved BBC show moves to Channel 4 (Daily Mail)

Mosul offensive gets surprising new allies (CBS News)

Mad professor Ed looks a total fright: After last week's horror show, Balls and Katya show some real chemistry (Daily Mail)

The great Brexit cuppa calamity: UK boss of Typhoo Tea warns of the 'disastrous' impact of Leave vote - as the price of imports leaps by a scalding 50% (Daily Mail)

Did James Comey make the right move publicly reopening the Clinton case? (CBS News)

The woman who was strip-searched by police aged 12 (BBC)

Ipswich sex worker murders 10 years on (BBC)

ISIS IN RETREAT: Desperate al-Baghdadi calls for masked terror battalion to protect Mosul (Daily Express)

'You're next': Ibiza police who 'killed' tourist threatened British woman (Daily Star)

Two 'lovely' children killed in horrific Birmingham fire (Daily Star)

Volunteers and specially trained police join search for missing French student (Daily Express)

Jubilant Trump says Hillary 'has nobody to blame but herself' after the FBI reopens probe into emails found 'on Anthony Weiner's "wherever"' and claims 'she didn't care' if her server risked national security (Daily Mail)

Only ONE police officer is on duty for every 10,000 residents at night - when the most serious crimes are being committed (Daily Mail)

FBI probe into Hillary Clinton could open the White House door to Donald Trump (Daily Express)

Freeing the innocent: British sniper hero tells of fight to defeat Islamic State (Daily Express)

US election: Clinton campaign condemns FBI email move (BBC)

Joe Biden: FBI Should Release Emails For Whole World to See (Newsweek Magazine)

Justice Dept. Urged FBI Not to Make Clinton Email Development Public (NBC News)

Parents slam 'damaging' BBC sex change show aimed at six-year-olds (Daily Mail)

Female police officer involved in a 'best of breasts' row with a colleague QUITS the force - but is set to join a neighbouring constabulary (Daily Mail)

Will Ferrell to campaign for Hillary Clinton (CNN)

Biting alien Harlequin ladybirds riddled with STDs swarming UK in their millions and could kill of native bugs (Daily Mail)

Clinton and Trump react to FBI email action (BBC)

Fact Checking Everything Said About the FBI Email Review (NBC News)

Clinton Slams FBI Chief's Email Probe as 'Deeply Troubling' (NBC News)

Iceland's anti-establishment Pirate Party eyes power in a snap election (Daily Mail)

US election: FBI's Clinton emails move defended by Comey (BBC)

This Is What the FBI Director Needs to Do Now About Hillary Clinton Emails (Time Magazine)

Trump wipes out Clinton's seven point lead as she loses steam in polls carried out BEFORE the FBI announced it was reopening emails investigation (Daily Mail)

Clinton Camp: No Real Explanation on Why Comey Sent Letter (Newsweek Magazine)

US election: FBI probe into Clinton emails - what we know (BBC)

Police officer shot in the line of duty dies (CNN)

OPINION: FBI chief should quit (CNN)

A School Police Chief Turned the Tables on a Pair of Creepy Clowns While Out Jogging (Time Magazine)

Little Mason Robinson dresses up as Donald Trump for Halloween (Daily Mail)

Iraqi Christians Return as Islamic State Retreats (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Calais 'Jungle': France urges UK to take more children (BBC)

FBI Director James Comey Under Fire After Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Announcement (Time Magazine)

German police say 4 injured in stabbing in Frankfurt (Fox News)

Christian priest pelted with stones by children shouting 'Allahu Akhbar' (Daily Express)

Populist Wave Likely to Lift Iceland’s Pirate Party (New York Times - Paywall)

Hamstead house fire: Children named as brother and sister (BBC)

A History of the Hillary Clinton Email Controversy (NBC News)

A Police Officer's Wife Faked a Robbery and Blamed Black Lives Matter, Authorities Say (Time Magazine)

Who's the FBI Director in the Controversial Clinton Probe? (NBC News)

Turkey bans pro-Kurdish party leader from travelling abroad (Fox News)

Warning paedophiles could dress up as 'killer clowns' for Halloween to molest children (Daily Mail)

Birmingham children killed when father torched their family home (Daily Mail)

Seeking Clues to ISIS Strategy in Corpses and Cellphones Left in Kirkuk (New York Times - Paywall)

Diamond Trading Couple Jailed For Laundering £50m For Gangsters In Just two Years (Huffington Post)

South Koreans Demand Presidents Resignation in Influence Scandal (Newsweek Magazine)

Pardeep Kaur Murder Probe Sees Police Release CCTV Images Of Victim A Day Before She Disappeared (Huffington Post)

Shiite Militias Strike West of Mosul to Cut Off ISIS Retreat Routes (Newsweek Magazine)

Dozens of children are STILL wandering through the Calais Jungle (Daily Mail)

Is Robert Mugabe on his deathbed? UK planning for transition phase in Zimbabwe (Daily Express)

Child Refugees And The Arguments Against Accepting Them In The UK (Huffington Post)

PIERS MORGAN on what Hillary Clinton's email server leak means for Trump (Daily Mail)

Emeril Lagasse Doesnt Want To Watch Your Cooking Show (Newsweek Magazine)

5 Policies Trump, Clinton (Somewhat) Agree On (Newsweek Magazine)

On the front lines: Mosul in sight (CNN)

Do Not Resist' Documentary Puts Militarized Police Under Fire (Newsweek Magazine)

Swiss mother and boyfriend are arrested in Costa Blanca on suspicion of holding children prisoner (Daily Mail)

What You Need to Know About the Fight for Mosul (NBC News)

South Korean protesters call for president to step down (Fox News)

Police foil at least 10 terror plots in two years (Daily Mail)

Quora Question: When Did Donald Trump Lose Your Vote? (Newsweek Magazine)

'She is AWFUL': Nigel Farage SKEWERS Hillary Clinton as email probe gives Trump huge boost (Daily Express)

British woman killed after falling from a hot air balloon in South Africa (Daily Mail)

The Great British Brexit: Here's What The EU Referendum Stars Did After The Show (Huffington Post)

Duterte's China Overtures Appear to Bear Fruit in South China Sea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

FBI opens new probe into Clinton's emails (Financial Times - Paywall)

Feed your brain... and boost your memory and mood: Our life-changing series by a psychologist who's studied the effect of diet on mental powers for 20 years (Daily Mail)

Teenager was stabbed to death at 18th birthday party as he celebrated turning 19 himself (Daily Mail)

Washington elite speculate about a Trump presidency (BBC)

LGA say it will take 14 years to fix Britain's potholes (Daily Mail)

Life under Islamic State was strict and brutal, but some moments didn't seem so bad, Sunni Iraqis say (Los Angeles Times)

BBC signs Bake Off hosts Mel and Sue for primetime Saturday Night show (Daily Mail)

Man dies after being Tasered by police during late-night confrontation in Wiltshire (Daily Mail)

Temperatures will reach 17C in the UK despite it being the start of winter (Daily Mail)

U.N.: ISIS using tens of thousands ? as human shields in Mosul (CBS News)

Ad throws Trump under bus (CNN)

Chinese Vessels Leave Disputed Fishing Grounds in South China Sea (New York Times - Paywall)

Lessons of war: David Petraeus warns that a bigger challenge awaits after Islamic State is driven from Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Andrew Walker: How could the UK help Nissan? (BBC)

The narcissism of Donald Trump (CNN)

ISIS Kills More Than 200 as Battle for Mosul Intensifies (New York Times - Paywall)

Philippine Mayor Accused of Drug Links by Duterte Is Killed by Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Thai Man Will Serve Up to 5 Years for Attacking U.S. Tourist (New York Times - Paywall)

Reality Check: Is UK still the world's fifth biggest economy? (BBC)

Fence prolongs separation of fugitives from Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Outmanned ISIS deploying suicide bombers as forces close in on Mosul (CBS News)

American explains why he turned to ISIS (CBS News)

IS' battle plan for its defence of Mosul (BBC)

In the aftermath of Islamic State's retreat in Iraq: destruction, fire and toxic fumes (Los Angeles Times)

Captured battlefield cellphones, computers are helping the U.S. target and kill Islamic State's leaders (Los Angeles Times)

Saving children from life on the streets (CNN)

Women recount horror of life under ISIS (CNN)

Islamic State loyalists kill 26 Afghan civilians after kidnapping dozens, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State is stunning its adversaries with the ferocity of its counterattacks (Los Angeles Times)

What in the World: South Koreans, Seeking New Zest for Life, Experience Their Own Funerals (New York Times - Paywall)

Congress and State Department at odds over $55 million in aid for Honduras (Los Angeles Times)

Liberated civilians or militants in disguise? The challenge of freeing a village from Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS burns sulfur plant, causing toxic cloud (CNN)

A South Korean scandal with overtones of Clinton's emails (Los Angeles Times)

48 years of life on the streets (CNN)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)