Tuesday, 1st November 2016

World News

How voters feel about renewed FBI email investigation (CBS News)

Campaign gameplans one week before election (CBS News)

How black voters could sway the election (CBS News)

Eye Opener: FBI director under fire (CBS News)

Reports: FBI looked into Donald Trumps ties to a Russian bank (CBS News)

Tension grows between Clinton campaign and FBI (CBS News)

Donald Trump gains edge in latest poll (CBS News)

Wife begs judge to let her turn off her husband's life support after motorbike crash (Daily Mail)

Boy arrested by police over sex assaults of 2 6-year-old girls at Legoland (Daily Mail)

Clinton has 1 week to make Trump unacceptable again (CNN)

President Obama Makes Spirited Case for Hillary Clinton in Ohio (Time Magazine)

Sweden declares World War 2 hero Raoul Wallenberg dead 71 years after mysterious disappearance (Daily Mail)

FBI probes Trump-Russia ties (CNN)

Clinton Caught Between Key Allies on Dakota Pipeline (NBC News)

Princess Beatrice spotted with mystery man at Heidi Klum's Halloween Bash (Daily Mail)

Mosul battle: Moment troops enter outskirts of city (BBC)

Rare glimpse inside Mosul (CNN)

After U.S. Vote, Expect Hardening on China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Heartwarming video shows Iraqi lieutenant reunited with family (CNN)

Parents Accused of Injecting Children With Heroin Called It Feel-Good Medicine': Police (Time Magazine)

FBI Releases 17-Year-Old Records From a Bill Clinton Presidential Pardon Investigation (Time Magazine)

Mosul battle: Iraqi special forces enter city limits (BBC)

Female ISIS supporter in Germany screams 'Allahu Akbar' while attacking police with knife (Daily Mail)

US election poll tracker: Who is ahead - Clinton or Trump? (BBC)

Donald Trump now LEADS Hillary Clinton in latest national tracking poll (Daily Mail)

Irish weather presenter 'struck by lightning' during live broadcast in Halloween prank (Daily Mail)

What Women Are Telling their Therapists About Election Stress (Time Magazine)

Clinton and Alicia Machado Make Case Against Trump (NBC News)

FBI withholding explosive information' on Donald Trump shock claim (Daily Star)

Don't call me again! Chair of troubled child abuse inquiry tells MPs NOT to distract her by hauling her in front of their committee as she admits one in six staff have QUIT (Daily Mail)

Trump Campaign Bets on Late Push in Democratic States (NBC News)

Croydon mass stabbing: Man, 22, killed in Halloween bloodbath (Daily Star)

Opinion: Conspiracy theories are driving hatred of Clinton (CNN)

Could Mosul sandstorm hand advantage to ISIS? (CNN)

New poll: Trump, Clinton race is tightening (CNN)

Move Halloween to Saturday? There's a Petition for That (Time Magazine)

Strangers help man recover songs from wife who died in childbirth (CBS News)

One Week Before Election, 2016 Early Vote Outpaces 2012 (NBC News)

Furious Lincolnshire mother says police have done nothing to find stolen £650 pug (Daily Mail)

Trump and Pence Team Up to Pledge Obamacare Repeal (NBC News)

FBI Now Releasing Documents About Bill Clinton and Marc Rich (Newsweek Magazine)

Hollyoaks': Joe Roscoe Dies In Shock Twist, As Halloween Spooktacular Draws To A Close (Huffington Post)

The best and worst celebrity Halloween costumes of 2016 revealed (Daily Mail)

Death penalty for paedophiles if their victims under 13, says John Rees-Evans (Daily Mail)

Angela Merkel under more pressure as it's revealed migrants committed 142,500 crimes in Germany (Daily Mail)

Police officer faces new trial in cannibalism killing case (CBS News)

Mark Zuckerberg's Entire Family Went Full Viking for Halloween (Time Magazine)

How FIVE separate FBI cases are probing virtually every one of Clinton's inner circle (Daily Mail)

British father, 34, who was facing jail in Greece over a holiday car crash 13 years ago will not be extradited after a judge threw out his case because of 'appalling delays' (Daily Mail)

Three members of Somali sex gang who trafficked British schoolgirls jailed for 32 years (Daily Mail)

Canadian PM Trudeau dodges cultural appropriation police despite headdress costume (Fox News)

'Dad of the year' hands out sweets to plane passengers on Halloween (Daily Mail)

Kent Police issue efit for a burglar that looks like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (Daily Mail)

Ronda Rousey Says Next UFC Fight Will Definitely' Be One of Her Last (Time Magazine)

See Hillary Clinton With Her Biggest Fans: Young Girls (Time Magazine)

Hampstead man is STRANGLED by masked thug in shocking CCTV footage (Daily Mail)

Pakistani Opposition Leader, Imran Khan, Calls Off Protest (New York Times - Paywall)

China debuts new stealth fighter jet (CBS News)

Woman doesn't know where to look when man gets 'massive erection' on bus (Daily Star)

F*** off back where you come from' Manchester man filmed in vile racist rant (Daily Star)

Manchester tram passengers turn on man who is hurling racist and homophobic abuse (Daily Mail)

Clinton lead shrinks after new email probe (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mosul battle: 'Fierce resistance' from IS (BBC)

Iraqi Forces Breach Mosul City Limits, Heralding Complex Phase in Campaign (New York Times - Paywall)

Loyal Republican Paul Ryan Casts Vote for Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Devoted couple who faced being forced to live apart after 70 years together are told they can stay in the same care home after a U-turn by social services (Daily Mail)

Iraqi special forces battle into Mosul outskirts (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Attacks Obamacare as Race With Hillary Clinton Tightens (Time Magazine)

Mayor sells off his own office (CNN)

Sienna Miller, Domhnall Gleeson and Lily James join forces for Burberry's Christmas campaign (Daily Mail)

Oldham police hunt for teen girl 'snatched from Royton street and bundled into a car' (Daily Mail)

Pentagon fears killing civilians from the air as battle for Mosul intensifies (Los Angeles Times)

From erupting volcanoes to clear blue seas and zebras under the sunset: Stunning pictures from around the world make the shortlist of the National Geographic nature competition (Daily Mail)

Police criticised over wrong-way M1 death crash (BBC)

Filippo Corsini dies of 'catastrophic injuries' after he was dragged under lorry (Daily Mail)

Will new FBI email investigation slow Clintons momentum? (CBS News)

Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin responds to FBI investigation (CBS News)

First mass in years held in Iraqi church after ISIS driven out of town (Fox News)

UAE police call in Muslim cleric to tackle cursed melon' found covered in magical markings' (Daily Mail)

Florida man arrested after throwing his glass eye at hospital workers (Daily Mail)

Iraqi forces battle to wrest city from 2 years of ISIS rule (CNN)

Having one egg a day 'reduces the risk of having a stroke by 12%' finds US study (Daily Mail)

Iraqi army faces fierce resistance from Islamic State as it launches its long-awaited assault to reclaim Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Hillary Clinton and public trust (CBS News)

Flight attendant dresses up as flaming Samsung Note 7 smartphone for Halloween (Daily Mail)

UCL Students Hold Halloween 'Die In' To Protest University's Investment In Fossil Fuels (Huffington Post)

Trump Fan Denies 'Jew-S-A' Chant, Report Says Otherwise (NBC News)

Would YOU tell someone off for littering? We're just as unlikely to reprimand others over minor offences as major fly-tipping (Daily Mail)

Mad Max' bikers fight battles with police in Halloween night of terror (Daily Mail)

Watch Hillary Clinton Get Grilled by Elementary School Students (Time Magazine)

Trump tax theory: How he dodged $1B (CNN)

Father died after rushing into the sea off Camber Sands to rescue a teenager (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Calais migrant caught just miles off UK coast in INFLATABLE KAYAK (Daily Express)

Sheffield Man 'Cuts Off Toe With Bolt Cutters And Eats It' (Huffington Post)

New Questions on Old Donald Trump Stories (Time Magazine)

Report: FBI says no evidence of Russia links to Trump campaign (CBS News)

'F*** off back where you came from' Man hurls racist and anti-Semitic abuse on tram (Daily Express)

Heidi Klum arrives at her annual Halloween party with five lookalikes in prosthetics (Daily Mail)

Drunk husband faces three years in prison after making false bomb threat at airport to stop his wife leaving Kyrgyzstan (Daily Mail)

Drunken man falls onto railway track and brave man pulls him to safety in Bryansk, Russia (Daily Mail)

Driver narrow escapes death by taking cover under his own train at Kyle Beck (Daily Mail)

Italy's worst earthquake in 30 years adds to cracks in Rome's Colosseum (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton tweets Election Day guide (Daily Mail)

Man in Sherffield chopped off his big toe with bolt cutters and ATE it at Wilko's (Daily Mail)

US launches floating 'golf ball' secret weapon off the coast of North Korea (Daily Mail)

China and Malaysia sign naval co-operation deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Democrats scold FBI over Clinton-related email investigation (CBS News)

Abroad in America: As U.S. Election Approaches Its Climax, Ask a Question (New York Times - Paywall)

"Special forces have stormed in" to ISIS stronghold (CBS News)

Iraqi troops enter the heart of ISIS's 'caliphate' for the first time in two years (Daily Mail)

Iraqi forces enter Mosul city limits, gaining ground in ISIS fight (Fox News)

Australia and Indonesia Discuss Joint Patrols in South China Sea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Wealthy farmer's son has 'no moral entitlement' to his home of 20 years (Daily Mail)

Kosovo police official released from Serbian jail (Fox News)

Man admits burying his mother in her backyard, prosecutors say (CBS News)

Are these the laziest Halloween costumes EVER? (Daily Mail)

Asset Bubbles Threaten China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

New Hillary Clinton Ad Highlights Donald Trump's Remarks About Women (Time Magazine)

12 Years With José Mourinho: Rob Beasley on His Special Relationship With The Special One' (Newsweek Magazine)

Presidential Election Polls for November 1, 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

German police accused of DISCOURAGING teen from reporting migrant attack (Daily Express)

Watch Live: President Obama Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Ohio (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton massaged Huma Abedin's shoulders at intimate Chappaqua get-together (Daily Mail)

Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton and the Legacy of Powerful First Ladies (Time Magazine)

Tinder date 'posed as man and raped another woman' (Daily Star)

Sweden on the brink? Police force pushed to breaking point by violence amid migrant influx (Daily Express)

Jose Mourinho: Man Utd boss hit with second FA charge in a week (BBC)

London stabbing sees one man killed and two seriously injured in Croydon (Daily Mail)

More than 150 Tory MPs APPROVE Keith Vaz's appointment to Justice Committee despite Labour MP facing a police probe into rent boys scandal (Daily Mail)

Watch: Barack Obama Dances to Thriller, Sings Purple Rain for Halloween (Newsweek Magazine)

Video captures extreme bungee jumpers with hooks buried under SKIN leaps from tower (Daily Mail)

Australia and China to Share Information on Money Laundering (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iraq Troops Enter ISIS-Seized City for 1st Time in 2 Years (NBC News)

Clinton insists voters have made up minds on email issue (CNN)

The terrifying issue for women in Election 2016 (CNN)

Accurate model predicts big Clinton win (CNN)

Barack and Michelle Obama perform Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' at White House Halloween party (Daily Mail)

Rescuers race to find 15 trapped after mine blast in China (Fox News)

Mosul And The Plight Of Women (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Takes Slim Lead Over Hillary Clinton In One Poll as Presidential Race Tightens (Newsweek Magazine)

Sinosphere: A Toddler Dies as Her Mother Checks Her Phone, and China Wrings Its Hands (New York Times - Paywall)

Paul Ryan: I Voted for Trump (NBC News)

Did Donald Trump write Trump Tower? (Daily Mail)

Shock vid as teen gang blast police van with fireworks in explosive attack (Daily Star)

Halloween bike 'ride out' closes Kirkstall Road, Leeds (BBC)

German police seize weapons from anti-government extremists (Fox News)

British troops get training from Lithuanian forces on how to counter Russian propaganda (Daily Mail)

Report: Donald Trump Took Advantage of Controversial Tax Loophole (Time Magazine)

Battle for Mosul: Iraqi troops come under sustained fire (BBC)

The FBI, the 2016 Election and the Confidence Deficit (NBC News)

Halloween Hayride Crash Kills 3, Seriously Injures 7 (NBC News)

The Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton not running for WH (CNN)

Boring sex' leads to first girl into their family for more than 100 years (Daily Express)

Jacamo Criticised For Tweet Stating 'Real Men Have Balls, Not Man Bags' (Huffington Post)

Why N Korea is delighted with US election (CNN)

Jamie Oliver Insists We Shouldn't Write Off Channel 4's Great British Bake Off' Just Yet (Huffington Post)

A South Korean Man Adopted by Americans Prepares for Deportation (New York Times - Paywall)

David Walliams dresses as Trump for Jonathan Ross' Halloween party (Daily Mail)

David Attenborough Suggests Shooting Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Halloween rampage: 200 masked bikers surround and attack police in Birmingham (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Edges Ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Tracking Poll (Time Magazine)

Rugby Union stars among three men questioned by police after allegations of sex attack (Daily Mail)

2 kids among 3 dead in Halloween hayride tragedy on Miss. highway (CBS News)

Man Bought Kitten With 'No Mummy' To Comfort Wife Who Suffered A Miscarriage (Huffington Post)

Pakistan's opposition leader calls off 'million men' march (Fox News)

BREAKING: Police swarm on coaches in central London in huge anti-immigration raid (Daily Express)

Clinton camp blasts FBI's 'blatant double standard' (CNN)

Heidi Klum Just Won Halloween By Going Out As Herself (With A Little Help From Five Clones) (Huffington Post)

Election Day concerns complicate Philadelphia transit strike (CBS News)

German woman attacks police with box cutter, IS flags found (Fox News)

Stranger Things Halloween Sketch Addresses Barbs Fate (Newsweek Magazine)

Spewing, weeing and Harley Quinns: Boozy lasses cause Halloween CARNAGE in Birmingham (Daily Star)

Iraqi forces launch assault on Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

FBI Looking Into Foreign Business Ties of Ex-Donald Trump Aide Paul Manafort (Newsweek Magazine)

China flexes military muscle with new TOP SECRET spy plane weapon (Daily Star)

PIERS MORGAN: Huma Abedin, Hillary and Bill Clinton ONLY people to blame over email scandal (Daily Mail)

Trump Supporter Denies Yelling 'Jew-S-A!' at Media (NBC News)

China Shows Off Latest Military Innovations at Air Show (Time Magazine)

Premium bonds are 60 years old today - are you a winner? (Daily Mail)

Dr Essam Aly is struck off after he took on private work without telling NHS bosses (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Launches Harsh New Attacks Against Hillary Clinton (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton Campaign Accuses FBI of Jaw-Dropping Double Standards (Newsweek Magazine)

Ex Sky Sports host Richard Keys pokes fun at Jamie Redknapp five years after THAT moment (Daily Star)

Iraqi Leader Abadi Warns ISIS in Mosul to Surrender or Die (Newsweek Magazine)

Scientists uncover 'sustained relationship' between Trump Organization and Russian bank (Daily Mail)

David Walliams' Donald Trump Steals The Show At Jonathan Ross's Halloween Party (PICS) (Huffington Post)

British banker who killed two Hong Kong prostitutes had sex with transsexuals, surfed gay websites for black men and told bosses he had HIV to justify time off work (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Explosion at Alabama gasoline pipeline leaves one dead and dozens injured (Daily Express)

What happens when you IGNORE clothing care labels? One brave volunteer threw her woolens in the washing machine to find out (with some very upsetting results) (Daily Mail)

The Uber app you use won't work in China (CNN)

President Obama Kicks Off a Week of Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio (Time Magazine)

ME sufferer: 'I was off school for a year' (BBC)

Japan protests China's drilling activity in East China Sea (Fox News)

Explosion at Alabama Gas Pipeline Kills One (Time Magazine)

US election 2016: Clinton camp blasts FBI 'double standards' (BBC)

Zayn Malik Reveals He Suffered From An Eating Disorder At Height Of One Direction Fame (Huffington Post)

Two years of hell' ISIS sex slave reveals torture at hands of jihadi fighters (Daily Star)

Confidante of South Korea's President Detained Under Emergency Regulations (Time Magazine)

Starbucks Kicks Off Holiday Season With New Meaningful Green Cup (Time Magazine)

Police respond to shooting in parking lot of Clinton Library in Arkansas (CBS News)

State media: 13 dead, more than a dozen missing in China coal mine blast (CBS News)

Iraqi Special Forces Begin Assault on Mosul District (Time Magazine)

FBI Inquiring Into Ex-Trump Aide Manafort's Foreign Ties (NBC News)

See Taylor Swift Dressed Up as Deadpool for Halloween (Time Magazine)

Canadian newspaper says Montreal police tracked journalists iPhone (CBS News)

The Latest: Airstrikes hit Iraq's Mosul as fight intensifies (Fox News)

Stabbing suspect fatally shot by police outside Los Angeles courthouse (CBS News)

Clinton says "there is no case" when it comes to emails (CBS News)

NYC streets come alive for annual Greenwich Village Halloween parade (CBS News)

Former Soviet migr boasts of Trump links (Financial Times - Paywall)

Palestinian lawyer fights for women, one divorce at a time (Fox News)

South Korean man rams office: 'I came here to help her die' (Fox News)

U.S. authorities defend deportation of man adopted decades ago from S. Korea (CBS News)

Iraqi forces begin assault on Mosul district with artillery (Fox News)

10/31: Clinton says "there is no case" when it comes to emails; Mount Rushmore: A proud symbol of America (CBS News)

Orlando police release audio calls from Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen (CBS News)

Malaysia's PM hopes to improve his image with China trip (Fox News)

Metropolitan Police apologise over gay abuse investigation (BBC)

Trump faces new tax avoidance claims (Financial Times - Paywall)

New CCTV of girl, 14, who mysteriously disappeared in Blackpool 13 years ago (Daily Star)

Iraqi special forces poised to enter Mosul (CBS News)

President Barack Obama Talks Trump, Clinton and His Legacy on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Time Magazine)

The posters influencing the US election (CNN)

China official hints at scrapping party age limit (Financial Times - Paywall)

Questions surround re-opening of FBI investigation into Clinton (CBS News)

Attorney General who served under Bill Clinton says 'President Trump CAN change America' (Daily Express)

US Election 2016: Is this cake the sweetest thing to rise from a bitter campaign? (BBC)

Mount Rushmore celebrating 75 years (CBS News)

Donald Trump attacks as Hillary Clinton still leads in polls (CBS News)

Questions surround decision to re-open Clinton email investigation (CBS News)

13 Dead, 20 Missing in China Coal Mine Blast, State Media Says (Time Magazine)

US election daily dig: Spooked Clinton camp hits back (BBC)

Huma Abedin claims she never used laptop seized from Anthony Weiner by FBI (Daily Mail)

Millions Had Already Voted Early Before FBI Director James Comey Sent His Letter (Time Magazine)

Cops: Man gave bandages, rifle to Okla. manhunt suspect (CBS News)

Mosul battle: Iraqi PM Abadi urges IS to surrender (BBC)

Man on the moon: The epic journey of Apollo 11 (CBS News)

13 Dead, 20 Missing After China Coal Mine Blast (New York Times - Paywall)

La Presse says Montreal police tracked journalist's iPhone (Fox News)

The Latest: 13 dead, 20 missing after China coal mine blast (Fox News)

What Is the Hatch Act? And Other Questions in Clinton Email Case (NBC News)

Emma Watson puts an elegant spin on Halloween at Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards (Daily Mail)

Zayn Malik developed 'serious' eating disorder during One Direction days (Daily Mail)

Email probe may outlast election (CNN)

US election polls show Hillary Clinton maintain six point lead over Trump AFTER FBI bombshell (Daily Mail)

Johnson: Clinton could be impeached (CNN)

Democrats Accuse Donald Trump and GOP of Intimidating Voters in Four States (Time Magazine)

The police having transgender training (BBC)

FBI Winnowing Through Emails From Anthony Weiner's Laptop (NBC News)

Mac on... Reaction to Donald Trump groping allegations (Daily Mail)

White House REJECTS Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid attack on FBI's James Comey (Daily Mail)

FBI chief opposed statement' blaming hack on Russia (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Office's Jenna Fischer Tweets Photo of Kid Dressed as Dwight for Halloween (Time Magazine)

Muslim doctor who beat daughter over Halloween party banned from practice for a year (Daily Express)

Check Out Justin Trudeau and His Adorable Family in Their Halloween Costumes (Time Magazine)

Trump says Hillary Clinton is 'a terrible example' for American children to follow (Daily Mail)

Watch 'Thriller' Flash Mob at the White House Halloween Celebrations (NBC News)

Time for a new FBI director? (CNN)

Written off (BBC)

Hands off our children' fighting abuse in Pakistan (BBC)

Clintons are 'crime family' says FBI chief (Daily Star)

Only 1 in 10 car thefts are solved and police don't bother to investigate 80% of cases (Daily Express)

HALLOWEEN HORROR: Man knifed to death & three injured in frenzied stabbing spree in London (Daily Express)

Knife-Wielding Attacker Kills One Man And Injures Three Others In Croydon (Huffington Post)

How FBI boss called attorney-general's bluff before revealing Weiner breakthrough (Daily Mail)

Trump revels in investigation of Clinton aide's emails (CNN)

Keith Vaz's Election To Justice Committee Labelled An 'Utter Disgrace' (Huffington Post)

Preparing for Halloween Night Can Lead to Costume Anxiety (NBC News)

Milwaukee Police Department Fires Officer Who Shot Sylville Smith After Sexual Assault Charge (Time Magazine)

Bedworth man spotted walking with steak knife after man was stabbed in broad daylight (Daily Mail)

Father, 43, tells jury how he killed his partner by throwing a £1,000 imitation Faberge egg at her head after she told him she had been with another man (Daily Mail)

This Trick-Or-Treater Dressed as a Lame Duck Totally Won President Obama's Halloween Party (Time Magazine)

Trump lambasts Mosul 'success' (CNN)

Behind-the-Scenes of Google's Beloved Doodles for Halloween (NBC News)

GRAPHIC VID: Man ordered to clean up after pooing in neighbour's garden in horror clip (Daily Star)

WATCH: 'Hundreds' of bikers in 'mischief Halloween night on steroids' on busy city street (Daily Star)

Watch Barack and Michelle Obama Dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller' for Halloween (Time Magazine)

Election Day cyber attack? Silicon Valley worried (CNN)

Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Accepted Illegal Contributions (Time Magazine)

Fiendishly tricky Halloween puzzle features one of the Arctic animals hidden among the ghouls (Daily Mail)

The real reason Van Gogh sliced off his ear (CNN)

US election 2016: Trump hopes Clinton email 'motherlode' found (BBC)

Londonderry hosts 'biggest Halloween party' (BBC)

Poll: Clinton Maintains Lead Over Trump Despite FBI Letter (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton staffers knew FIVE YEARS AGO that Weiner was talking to underage girl (Daily Mail)

Trump Sued in 4 Battleground States for Alleged Voter Intimidation Efforts (Newsweek Magazine)

Secret film shows rare glimpse inside Mosul (CNN)

71 Years After He Vanished, Raoul Wallenberg Is Declared Dead (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Campaign Owes Pollster $767,000 (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch: Man pokes sleeping panda, gets wrestled down (CBS News)

Mosul battle: Travelling with Iraq's special forces (BBC)

Hillary Clinton Will Campaign With Gabby Giffords's Gun-Safety Bus Tour (Newsweek Magazine)

Boeing reveals 100 passenger plane that takes off like a helicopter (Daily Mail)

German police uncover extremist plot in own ranks (CBS News)

First NHS 'fixed rooms' to allow addicts to inject themselves under supervision (Daily Mail)

Violent girlfriend in Grimsby tortured man with an iron whenever he refused sex (Daily Mail)

John Kerry blasts Trump and Hillary Clinton for humiliating America during US election (Daily Mail)

Aoun's election as president ends Lebanon stand-off (Financial Times - Paywall)

Terrorists are getting guns from criminal gangs police reveal (Daily Mail)

Pakistani Police Clash With Backers of Opposition Leader Imran Khan (New York Times - Paywall)

'Juslim' girls are Halloween internet superheroes (BBC)

Clinton Campaign Chief's Interest In UFOs is Out of This World (NBC News)

Muslim heart doctor, 57, who beat his daughter and branded her a prostitute after she disobeyed him and went to a Halloween party is banned from practice for a year (Daily Mail)

Mosul battle: Iraqi forces near city's eastern outskirts (BBC)

Hilarious moment panda siblings in China fight for the same bamboo (Daily Mail)

Iraqi forces fear tough battles after quick gains (Financial Times - Paywall)

CNN contributor out amid Clinton leaks (CNN)

Man who sexually assaulted vacationing American has sentence cut in half (Fox News)

Pope arrives in Sweden to mark 500 years since Protestant Reformation (CBS News)

ISIS targets children in Mosul with teddy bear bombs (Fox News)

Fear of clowns due to lack of expression under makeup says Open University psychologist (Daily Mail)

Mosul Today: Iraqi forces take last village east of Mosul (Fox News)

World War II hero declared dead more than 70 years after he disappeared (Fox News)

Latvian Police Issue Halloween Trick or Treat Contract for Children (Newsweek Magazine)

Delhi chokes under smog during Diwali (CNN)

Lithuania Issues Citizens With Third War Survival Manual in Three Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Mine explosion traps dozens in China (Fox News)

Rights Groups: Facebook Removes Socially Vital Posts Under Cloudy Policies (Newsweek Magazine)

Strangers on a Strange Election (New York Times - Paywall)

Andy Murray: How He Can Usurp Novak Djokovic As World Number One At Paris Masters (Newsweek Magazine)

Funding warning for sports governing bodies under new gender diversity code (BBC)

Leader of Malaysia, Miffed at U.S., Visits China With a Deal in Mind (New York Times - Paywall)

Deadly Gas Explosion Strikes China Coal Mine (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Panda Wrestles Man Who Broke Into His Zoo Enclosure (Huffington Post)

In dawn assault, Iraqi special forces near Mosul from east (CBS News)

How Votes Are Counted on Election Day, Explained (NBC News)

Root of Hillary Clinton Criticism Is Sexism: Former Canadian PM Kim Campbell (Newsweek Magazine)

London biker gangs bring carnage to the streets in Halloween rideout (Daily Mail)

Stoke-on-Trent have-a-go-hero brought down yob being chased by five police officers (Daily Mail)

Chinese man caught squeezing more than 20 PIGS in the boot of his car (Daily Mail)

US election just turned on its head (CNN)

Harry Reid, Other Democrats Go After FBI Director (Newsweek Magazine)

Will Trump or Clinton act on guns? (CNN)

Panda wrestles man to the ground at zoo (CNN)

Danish police find bodies of Syrian refugees in freezer (CBS News)

Novak Djokovic ready to fight as Andy Murray targets number one spot at Paris Masters (BBC)

Police Raid Paris Migrant Camp Where Numbers Have Soared Since Calais Jungle Closure (Newsweek Magazine)

Presidential Election Polls for October 31, 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

French riot police begin destroying camps full of UK-bound migrants in Paris (Daily Mail)

This man spent $9M on a license plate (CNN)

Public asked to record 'witch' markings on Halloween (BBC)

Transgender Muslim woman is hacked to death days after marrying a man in Russia (Daily Mail)

China state media: 33 coal miners trapped after blast (CBS News)

Justin Bieber is left confused as man with a broad Scottish accent tries to talk to him (Daily Mail)

Ukrainian man renames himself iPhone 7 to win the phone (Daily Mail)

Trader is killed as he tries to stop police destroying banned swordfish in Morocco (Daily Mail)

Duterte's deal with China exposes US failure (CNN)

Women and children human shields' are rescued as Iraqi forces get close to ISIS's Mosul bastion (Daily Mail)

'What did I do wrong?' Nursery teacher who was filmed slapping her pupils and threatening to parade one naked around the playground claims SHE was the victim (Daily Mail)

Mother reveals how motorist who knocked her son, 15, off his bike 'stopped to take trophy photographs' before driving off (Daily Mail)

Analysis: The Vengeful World of Donald Trump (NBC News)

Retired postman John Sullivan with history of sleepwalking killed when he set off on old delivery round (Daily Mail)

Indonesian woman becomes the latest to suffer public caning under strict Islamic rules (Daily Mail)

Gun control fight heats up in US election (Financial Times - Paywall)

Abroad in America: Venom of U.S. Election Seeps Down the Ballot — Way Down (New York Times - Paywall)

Raising my children will cost £1million (not to mention 10,950 hours of lost sleep): One mum-of-four was brave enough to tot up all the expenses (Daily Mail)

China allows fishermen access to disputed shoal (CNN)

China to show off stealth fighter (CNN)

Sinosphere: Making Online Literature Pay Big in China (New York Times - Paywall)

US election: Are Halloween masks a spooky sign? (BBC)

How Mexico combines Halloween and Day of the Dead into one surreal celebration (Los Angeles Times)

Sunbury police hunt man who left Chinese restaurant with girl thrown over his shoulder (Daily Mail)

An Iraqi band of brothers: They watch 'American Sniper' and play 'Call of Duty' - and they're out to recapture Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Life under Islamic State was strict and brutal, but some moments didn't seem so bad, Sunni Iraqis say (Los Angeles Times)

Lessons of war: David Petraeus warns that a bigger challenge awaits after Islamic State is driven from Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Under treatment for addiction, a nurse confesses to murdering 8 elderly patients (Los Angeles Times)

Putin: It's 'utter nonsense' that Russia is meddling in the U.S. election (Los Angeles Times)

Women recount horror of life under ISIS (CNN)

Were You Swept Up Under Britain’s Anti-Gay Laws? We’d Like to Hear From You (New York Times - Paywall)

Postcard From the Hajj: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Checking Mecca Off My Bucket List (New York Times - Paywall)

Postscript: One Year Later, a Tip About a Border Crossing Pays Off (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)

BBC News at One (BBC)