Thursday, 10th November 2016

World News

New details emerge about contacts between Trump camp, Moscow (CBS News)

Donald Trumps Muslim ban was quietly removed from his website (CBS News)

How Trump first family breaks the mold (CBS News)

Demonstrators across U.S. protest against President-elect Trump (CBS News)

President Obama jokes about plans after leaving office (CBS News)

Tom Barrack: Youll be "shocked" by how good Trump is (CBS News)

Cliff Richard makes his first appearance on the BBC even though he's SUING it (Daily Mail)

Trump Election Pushes U.S. Mideast Allies to Ponder Alternatives (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Thousands protest against Trump in 25 cities (CNN)

Trump's Vow to Get Tough on China Could Be First Step to Trade War (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Prince Alwaleed bin Talai who declared Trump 'a disgrace' swiftly backtracks (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Should Speak Out Against the Recent Surge in School Bullying (Time Magazine)

REVEALED: How Hillary Clinton could STILL win the election (Daily Star)

Millions on Medicaid Could Lose Coverage Under Trump (Time Magazine)

In Capitol Hill Meetings, Trump Reveals Top Priorities (NBC News)

Trump Could Trigger Recession, Economists Say (NBC News)

Paddy Power loses $4.5m after Donald Trump's shock election win (Daily Mail)

Trump Team Focuses on High-Level Appointments (NBC News)

Croydon tram crash: First victim named as Dane Chinnery (BBC)

Melania Trump travels to Washington, D.C. to meet President Obama (Daily Mail)

Trump and Obama meet in the White House after shock election win (Daily Mail)

Obama welcomes Cleveland Cavaliers (CNN)

Paris reacts with anger to city's first migrant camp near Gare du Nord Eurostar hub (Daily Mail)

Read Aaron Sorkin's Emotional Letter to His Wife and Daughter After Trump's Presidential Win (Time Magazine)

Canadians lash out at celebrities threatening to move to their country after Trump win (Daily Mail)

Were these bouncing dogs the inspiration for the John Lewis Christmas advert? (Daily Mail)

Cadbury's Christmas advert lorry looks VERY similar to Coca Cola's (Daily Mail)

Biff the boxer is the real star of this year's John Lewis Christmas ad (Daily Mail)

REVEALED: Donald Trump's SUPER BEAST billionaire to ride in pimped out Prez-mobile (Daily Star)

What Trump's said about world (CNN)

Christmas crackers? (BBC)

Trump Election Leaves Refugee Advocates Fearful and Uncertain (Newsweek Magazine)

Apple's Tim Cook and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg craft messages of unity after election (Daily Mail)

Russia was in contact with Donald Trump AND Hillary Clinton's campaigns during election (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump tells Theresa May: UK is special place (BBC)

Sophie Wessex shows off her maternal side at a school in London (Daily Mail)

Interpol Names Chinese Police Official as Its New President (New York Times - Paywall)

Video shows piglet sent flying by its mother's snout while nursing (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet at White House (BBC)

Election Could Still Result In Trump-Clinton Tie: Analyst (Newsweek Magazine)

Record Number of People Sign Up for Obamacare After Donald Trump Elected President (Time Magazine)

Taiwan to become first nation in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage (Daily Mail)

Obama: Historic Trump meeting was 'excellent' (CNN)

More Americans voted for Clinton (CNN)

Russian Officials Were in Contact With Trump Allies, Diplomat Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Footage shows Jamie Lee 'speed flying' down mountain in Swiss Alps (Daily Mail)

So, What's Happening in This Photo From the White House? (Time Magazine)

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Trump voter kicked viciously in head by Clinton-voting gang for US election (Daily Star)

Trump, Ryan meet for first time since historic win (CNN)

Video shows pug leaning out of a car window to catch water drops (Daily Mail)

It's Not Just Canada: New Zealand Immigration Sites See Spike in U.S. Traffic After Donald Trump Win (Time Magazine)

Obama Gives President-Elect Trump a White House Welcome (NBC News)

Is Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner going to be White House chief of staff? (Daily Mail)

The Kremlin says victory for Hillary Clinton would have sparked World War Three (Daily Mail)

Post-US Election Racism Documented By Shaun King Of Black Lives Matter (Huffington Post)

White House Offers Details on Trump-Obama Meeting (Time Magazine)

Simon Schama launches into impassioned rant about Donald Trump's election (Daily Mail)

Philip Hammond warns Trump amid fears he will launch trade wars to protect America (Daily Mail)

Tom Barrack: Expect a "softer, kinder" Trump in Oval Office (CBS News)

Why We Will Survive President Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Is this why Prince Philip hasn't had the flu in 40 years? Those born before 1968 are 'resistant to a key strain' (Daily Mail)

Nicola Sturgeon vows as she rejects the 'diplomatic silence' over Trump (Daily Mail)

Melania's 'Proud' Hometown Hopes Trump Win Puts It on Map (NBC News)

Second night of Trump protests planned in US (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump's victory is a reminder to those in Britain who defy the will of the people (Daily Mail)

As President, Will Trump Still Be Tweeting at 3 A.M.? (NBC News)

Meet America's new first family (CNN)

Trump hails bond between US and UK as he speaks to Theresa May for the first time (Daily Mail)

Seth Meyers tears up speaking about Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton on his Late Night show (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener at 8: Trump to meet with President Obama (CBS News)

Muslim Women Attacked in 2 States Hours After Trump Win (NBC News)

Security operation springs up around Trump tower as no-fly zone is launched (Daily Mail)

See President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump Meet for the First Time (Time Magazine)

In Nigeria, Biafra Separatists Are Celebrating Donald Trump's Election (Newsweek Magazine)

US election: Donald Trump meets Barack Obama at White House (BBC)

'John Lewis' reacts to hilarious tweets as Christmas advert drops (Daily Star)

Read President Obama and Donald Trump's Remarks on Their White House Meeting (Time Magazine)

How Americas next first family is "breaking the mold" (CBS News)

Campaign data analyst on Trumps path to victory (CBS News)

Your future house on Mars: First ever Martian show home reveals what life would be like on the red planet (Daily Mail)

Why Donald Trumps Election Victory Isnt a Black Swan Event (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump win spices up US-Mexico clash (CNN)

Brad Pitt's first post-split 'interview' (CNN)

Donald Trump Met Barack Obama For The First Time - And It's At The White House (Huffington Post)

A Conversation with Alessia Cara on Feminism, Donald Trump and Taylor Swift (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Adviser: U.S. Should Extradite Coup Suspect Fethullah Gulen to Turkey (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS video shows Russian children execute 'spies' in threat to Putin (Daily Mail)

Democrats face uncertain future as Clinton concedes (CBS News)

President-elect Trump to meet with Obama at White House (CBS News)

GOP to target Obama legacy with President-elect Trump (CBS News)

Obama Should Award Medals of Freedom to Gay Marriage Champions (Time Magazine)

Tel Aviv Diary: Will Trump Allow More Settlements? (Newsweek Magazine)

Over 70 Nations Have Been Led by Women. So Why Not the U.S.? (New York Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener: Protests erupt following Trumps victory (CBS News)

How Will Donald Trump Govern? (Time Magazine)

Ed Miliband's Reaction To Donald Trump And Theresa May Meeting Shows How Cool He Can Be (Huffington Post)

All aboard for Wembley! England take the train to the game as they bid to close in on ticket to the World Cup by beating Scotland (Daily Mail)

Prince Harry makes first appearance since confirming Meghan Markle relationship (Daily Mail)

People Are Imagining What It's Like When Donald Trump Met Barack Obama (Huffington Post)

Prince William shows his paternal side as he bonds with children on a visit to Kensington Memorial Park - whilst brother Harry does the same across town (Daily Mail)

Art Students Produce Brilliantly Crafty Budget John Lewis Christmas Advert (Huffington Post)

Could Barack Obama's last act as president be pardoning Hillary Clinton? (Daily Mail)

2 Women in Hijabs Say Men Who Attacked Them Invoked Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Wales will NOT wear poppies on shirts in World Cup 2018 qualifier against Serbia (Daily Mail)

Canada Is Open to Renegotiating Free Trade With Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Fortune's Businessperson of the Year (Time Magazine)

Schmooze her but don't touch her' Farage warns Trump not to GROPE Theresa May (Daily Star)

Interactive chart shows the value of tasks including housework and childcare (Daily Mail)

Don't Panic About President Trump The Real Power in U.S. Politics Lies Elsewhere (Newsweek Magazine)

Will Marine Le Pen win the French election after Trump and Brexit? Latest odds and polls (Daily Express)

Brits to face 'rise in racist attacks' in wake of Donald Trump win (Daily Star)

Welcome to the AWKWARD office: Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet at the White House (Daily Star)

From President to POTUS: What Happens to the Trump Brand? (NBC News)

Searching for America Outside of Trump Tower in New York City (Newsweek Magazine)

The REAL reason why McDonald's Coca-Cola drinks taste so good (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump cosies up with Theresa May in first phone call inviting her to visit ASAP' (Daily Star)

Why Poppy Wearing is None of FIFA's Business: Damian Collins MP (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Invites Theresa May To Visit His White House 'As Soon As Possible' (Huffington Post)

U.S. Allies in Asia Work to Keep Security Pacts After Trump Win (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

NBC Special Report: Obama Meets Trump at White House (NBC News)

Obama, Trump Expected to Set Differences Aside for First White House Meeting (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trumps Israel Adviser: We Will Go Ahead With Embassy Move to Jerusalem (Newsweek Magazine)

John Lewis' Christmas ad campaign is finally here starring a Buster the boxer dog (Daily Mail)

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Predict the Future With an Election Animal House Parody (Time Magazine)

NAMS study shows that women DO have better memories than men (in middle age, at least) (Daily Mail)

FRONT OF THE QUEUE - Donald Trump invites Theresa May to US as soon as possible (Daily Express)

Why This Year's Rockefeller Center Tree Is So Special (NBC News)

Hillary Clintons Voter Gender Gap Largest Since Exit Poll Surveys Began (Newsweek Magazine)

QUIZ Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Peter Griffin? (Huffington Post)

Nigel Farage tells Theresa May he can be Britain's conduit to Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE: New President meets Barack Obama in show of unity (Daily Express)

Jeremy Corbyn Compared To Donald Trump By Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry (Huffington Post)

Emily Thornberry says there's 'SIMILARITIES' between Trump and Jeremy Corbyn (Daily Mail)

The internet responds to John Lewis Christmas advert with hilarious memes (Daily Mail)

Read Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Response to Donald Trump's Election Win (Time Magazine)

Opinion: Election is over, now focus on Syrian children (CNN)

How entertainment world predicted win (BBC)

Lock Clinton up? Maybe not, Giuliani and Christie say (CNN)

Yes, Americans Really Did Crash Canada's Immigration Site as Donald Trump Won (Time Magazine)

Conan O'Brien Has an Optimistic Take on the Election (Time Magazine)

JK Rowling first edition attracts 'intense bidding' at auction because of typo (Daily Mail)

Ed Balls Says 'Strictly Come Dancing' Can 'Bring People Together' Amid US Election Shock (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Will Call Theresa May 'Later Today' - After Speaking To 9 Other World Leaders (Huffington Post)

American babe offers herself to Scotsmen in desperate attempt to flee Donald Trump's US (Daily Star)

Russia maintained contacts' with Trump team (Financial Times - Paywall)

Stephen Colbert Is Struggling to Accept Donald Trump as President: This Sucks' (Time Magazine)

'American Psycho': Foreign Papers React to Trump Win (NBC News)

Divers go face-to-face with Great White sharks to snap selfies (Daily Mail)

Saudi prince sends olive branch to Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

This Is How American Students Are Dealing With Donald Trump's Win (Huffington Post)

Brits stockpile gas masks over APOCALYPSE fears after Donald Trump win (Daily Star)

Tim Cook Channels Martin Luther King Jr. to Reassure Apple Staff About Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Hillary Clinton supporters describe their despair over 2016 election loss (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's election win compared to September 11 terror attacks (Daily Mail)

Cartoonists react to the US election (CNN)

Donald Trump's cousin urges new President-elect NOT to visit him on Scottish island (Daily Star)

Nicola Sturgeon grilled at FMQs after huge u-turn on Donald Trump (Daily Express)

City accused of naming too many public squares after white people (Fox News)

Why Advertising Is A Low-Risk Investment (Huffington Post)

Markets settle down after Trump turmoil as shares rise amid hopes of business boost (Daily Mail)

Trump Win Echoes Brexit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The luxury items you can buy at bargain price from Aldi, Lidl and Tesco before Christmas (Daily Mail)

Trump's victory in maps (BBC)

Advice to Pro-Hillary Parents on Talking to Kids about Donald Trumps Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Angela Merkels Right-Wing Partners Feel Vindicated by Donald Trumps Rise (Newsweek Magazine)

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Justice Reform? (NBC News)

New Balance Backs Donald Trump So Customers Are Destroying Their Shoes (Huffington Post)

Newsweek recall 'Madam President' Hillary Clinton souvenir editions (Daily Mail)

What We Got Wrong in the 2016 Election (NBC News)

Apprentice star Omarosa reveals Donald Trump's reaction to winning the election (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage Sparks Fierce Racism Row For Branding Barack Obama A 'Creature' (Huffington Post)

John Lewis Christmas Ad's Bouncing Boxer Brings Christmas Cheer (Time Magazine)

Israeli Minister Calls for More Settlements After Donald Trump Victory (Time Magazine)

How Trump Could Erase Key Parts of Obama's Legacy (NBC News)

Christie: Trump and I Haven't Discussed a Cabinet Role (NBC News)

Who is Marla Maples? Meet President Donald Trump's glamorous ex-wife (Daily Express)

Trump Victory Spurs California Secession Movement (NBC News)

What Trump needs from NATO (CNN)

Who Is Tipped for Donald Trump's Cabinet? (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump NOT the next President? Mysterious 'psychic' claimed Obama would be final US (Daily Star)

South African parliament debates motion to remove president (Fox News)

'End of the Clinton Era': Is Hillary Done With Politics? (NBC News)

Donald Trump Won, and These Superheroes Are Not Happy (Time Magazine)

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto will meet with Donald Trump after his shock election (Daily Mail)

Trump's election victory marks 'end of liberal non-democracy' says Viktor Orban (Daily Mail)

Plot to impeach President Trump has already begun (Daily Mail)

Why Justice Ginsburg Is Wearing 'Dissent' Collar (NBC News)

Why American Women Are Urging Others to Get IUDs Before Donald Trumps Inauguration (Newsweek Magazine)

White Working Class Children Are Falling Behind On GCSEs, Sutton Trust Report Reveals (Huffington Post)

Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle shows tough side in Knight Rider remake (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Is 'Vile And Horrible' Says Former Foreign Secretary (Huffington Post)

John Lewis Christmas Advert Alternatives Show What The Story Could Look Like In Real Life (Huffington Post)

Africa's First Female President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Laments Donald Trump Victory (Newsweek Magazine)

How Americans Chose Clinton, but Got Trump (NBC News)

North Korea Vows to Further Nuclear Plans Despite Trump Win (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama faces legacy nightmare (CNN)

Nigel Farage Jokes About Donald Trump Sexually Assaulting Theresa May, Brands Obama A 'Creature' (Huffington Post)

Fears for Donald Trump - Baba Vanga says Barack Obama will be LAST EVER President (Daily Express)

Donald Trump is a mixed blessing for Chinese leaders (Fox News)

Favourite Christmas food REVEALED - and it is NOT the turkey (Daily Star)

Listeners stunned after BBC caller bashes 'sneering liberal elites' over Brexit and Trump (Daily Express)

Miley Cyrus posts Facebook video after Hillary Clinton's loss begging Trump to respect people (Daily Mail)

New York commuters take out election anger by posting messages in the subway (Daily Mail)

War with Russian if Trump drops Nato, ex-RAF chief Michael Graydon warns (Daily Mail)

'This is why I hate being single': Father-of-two bemoans his new life alone after spending a whole evening trying to light a battery-operated candle with a lighter (Daily Mail)

India v England: Ben Stokes century helps tourists take charge of first Test (BBC)

Donald Trump and Sub-Saharan Africa: What Will Change With New U.S. President-Elect? (Newsweek Magazine)

In Trump Win, China Hopes for U.S. Retreat (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Will Trump be able to achieve his vision? (CNN)

REVEALED: 5 other things The Simpsons predicted when Donald Trump was the President (Daily Star)

Turks hand out free RADISHES to celebrate Donald Trump's bombshell victory (Daily Mail)

Abe to Meet Trump to Press Japan’s Case on Security and Trade (New York Times - Paywall)

Watch: Bill Belichick Stonewalls Questions on Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

JUSTIN WEBB finds optimism while MAX HASTINGS is worried over Trump presidency (Daily Mail)

GOP Turf War Doesn't End with Election Night Sweep (NBC News)

John Lewis Christmas ad 2016: Is this viral video inspiration for Buster the dog? (Daily Star)

Why Trump won't blow up the world (CNN)

England v Scotland: Wayne Rooney to captain hosts in World Cup qualifier (BBC)

Donald Trump branded 'ignorant' and 'uneducated' in rant by Nobel Peace Prize winner (Daily Star)

In a first for Latin America, Uruguay rolls out program legalizing marijuana (Los Angeles Times)

Video shows paralysed monkeys WALK again using brain implants (Daily Mail)

Donald Trumps Presidency Will Bring Closer Ties Between U.S. and Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

Simon Schama Says Donald Trump Victory 'Not A Moment For Calm' (Huffington Post)

Why The Progress Made by Brazils Black Activists Might Now Unravel (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump backer says it is time America stops worrying about 'poor Muslim refugees' (Daily Express)

Blind clairvoyant Baba Vanga says Barack Obama will be the 'last US president' (Daily Mail)

Here's What Russians Think About 'Evil' U.S. Electing Trump (NBC News)

Michael Moore's 5-Point 'To-Do List' Following Donald Trump's Election Is Rallying Democrats (Huffington Post)

Equal Pay Day: 10 Powerful Quotes From Women About Why We Should Be Paid The Same As Men (Huffington Post)

One More Middle East Conflict: What to Make of Donald Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump's Victory Didn't Surprise Me. I Ran Away From The US To Escape The Bigotry (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Protests Outside Trump Tower And Across America Sees Demonstrators Burn Effigies Of New US President (Huffington Post)

White Evangelicals Back Donald Trump Over Previous Three Republican Candidates: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

'Not My President': Thousands Protest Trump Across Nation (NBC News)

Jeremy Paxman reveals why Reading students are boycotting University Challenge (Daily Mail)

Thousands protest Trump victory across nation (CBS News)

Trump Has Won, Now Liberals Must Wake Up (Huffington Post)

What Does Trump Mean For Women? Don't Despair - Organise (Huffington Post)

Dizzee Rascal posted 'insensitive' joke about President Obama on Twitter (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's Victory Is Some of the Best Foreign News China Could Have Hoped For (Time Magazine)

UK military warning: 'There WILL be war with Russia if Trump gets what he wants' (Daily Star)

Fears over Trump assassination calls as twitter trolls demand president elect is murdered (Daily Express)

The Vatican Is Praying for U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 Release Cheers Up Everyone After The Nightmare Of 2016 (Huffington Post)

Ivanka Trump's son Theodore claps for Donald after his stunning election win (Daily Mail)

TRUMP TSUNAMI: EU braces for 'revolution' amid Austria, Italy, France and German elections (Daily Express)

Croydon Tram Crash: First Victim Named Amid Probe Driver Fell Asleep' (Huffington Post)

Obama's oil and gas rules face fire from Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

The City Working Culture Is A Microcosm Of Why Men Don't Talk About Their Mental Health (Huffington Post)

Iranian commander criticized Trump over hharsh words against (Fox News)

Watch: John Lewis Unveils Adorable Christmas Advert for 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

Kate Bush recalls the 'terror' of her 2014 live shows (BBC)

Trump adviser says Israeli settlements not obstacle to peace (Fox News)

Obama congratulates Trump on victory as he says country MUST unite behind new president (Daily Mail)

Clinton voters burn American flag outside Trump Tower as TERROR ATTACK feared (Daily Star)

Not Our President:' Protests Against Donald Trump in Several U.S. Cities (Newsweek Magazine)

Where the U.S. Is a Rival, Trump Election Is Greeted With a Smile (New York Times - Paywall)

Starbucks brings back traditional Christmas designs (CBS News)

John Lewis's Christmas Advert 2016: #BusterTheBoxer Clip Features Vaults Cover Of One Day I'll Fly Away' (Huffington Post)

Trump's election boosts Kremlin hopes for better relations (Fox News)

Why Germany and Other EU Countries Can Now Deport Tens of Thousands of Afghans (Newsweek Magazine)

The Simpsons writer reveals why he predicted Donald Trump's presidency (Daily Star)

New Zealand Cuts Rates Amid Trump Uncertainty (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Vietnam scraps plans for its first nuclear power plants (Fox News)

I'm A Celebrity': Star's Pay Packets Leaked' Ahead Of First Show (And Carol Vorderman Has Plenty To Smile About) (Huffington Post)

'Good for us BAD for Europe' President Trump will be great for post-Brexit Britain (Daily Express)

What the media missed about the election (CNN)

Japan Says Shinzo Abe Will Meet With Donald Trump Next Week in New York (Time Magazine)

LeBron James, Cavs planned visit to White House on same day as Trump (CBS News)

Melania Trump: Meet the glam next US First Lady who posed absolutely naked (Daily Star)

Analysis: Trump Inherits an Increasingly Divided World (NBC News)

Adorable video of little boy with Down syndrome getting a haircut melts hearts around the world (Daily Mail)

US election: Can Trump keep his promises? (BBC)

Across Asia, targets of Trump rhetoric look to the future (Fox News)

Military Drills Have Been Announced In Cuba After Donald Trump's Election Victory (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump's Victory Brings Uncertainty Abroad (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

CIVIL WAR: Violent rallies sweep the nation as protesters BURN US flag after Trump victory (Daily Express)

Americans react to election many couldnt wait to see over (CBS News)

Americans react to emotionally draining presidential election (CBS News)

Watch Seth Meyers Face the Reality of a Trump Presidency (Time Magazine)

The Interpreter: Uncertainty Over Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Risks Global Instability (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama asks Americans to unite behind Trump (CBS News)

How the election polls led to the wrong conclusion (CBS News)

Trump victory met with protests (CBS News)

Cuban government makes military move in wake of Trump victory (CBS News)

Trump and Clinton pledge unity after bitter fight (CBS News)

Newspaper review: Donald Trump 'shockwaves around the globe' (BBC)

Ohio Trump supporters celebrate his upset win (CBS News)

Clinton supporters in Pa. mourn what they thought was a sure thing (CBS News)

'Late Night's' Seth Meyers Congratulates Trump Supporters (NBC News)

World reaction to Trumps election ranging from shock to joy (CBS News)

White Community in Chicago Becomes a Flashpoint for Racial Tensions After Police Shooting (Time Magazine)

Trump win allows Britain to build special relationship' with US, Iain Duncan Smith claims (Daily Express)

PREPARE FOR BATTLE: War looms if Donald Trump ditches NATO, ex-RAF chief fears (Daily Express)

Russia shows enthusiasm for Donald Trumps win (CBS News)

Clinton, Ryan and Trump speak after tumultuous election (CBS News)

Exit polls explain Donald Trumps keys to victory (CBS News)

Why these photos caused violence (CNN)

Trump memorabilia selling for thousands on eBay following election win (Daily Star)

Vietnam Scraps Plans for Its First Nuclear-Power Plants (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Japan says Prime Minister Abe to meet with Trump next week (Fox News)

Dickerson on the unexpected election result (CBS News)

Thousands protest in US cities over Trump victory (Financial Times - Paywall)

Putin: We hope to cooperate with President-elect Trump (CBS News)

Calm down dear' Moaning Liberal SLAPPED DOWN on Newsnight during heated Trump debate (Daily Express)

Trump backlash sweeps America as disgruntled voters refuse to accept election result and protest in at least seven cities (Daily Mail)

Will Ex-Breitbart Exec Get a Role in Trump's White House? (NBC News)

Trump boosts Le Pen's hopes of French presidency (Financial Times - Paywall)

In Mexico, Trump's Win Goes Down Hard (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump Victory Causes 'Serious Concerns' in Middle East (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump in Position to Forge New U.S.-Russia Relationship (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Where else could a Trump-like phenomenon win at the ballot box? (CBS News)

Trump expected to dilute financial reforms (Financial Times - Paywall)

SEATTLE SHOOTING SPREE: Five gunned down near anti-Trump protest just hours after victory (Daily Express)

5 shot as gunman opens fire near Donald Trump protest (Daily Star)

Putin pleased as Trump win stuns world (CNN)

SHOCK CLAIM: The EU MUST develop its own army now Trump is President, historian claims (Daily Express)

The world according to Trump: Some sane, some crazy, these are the President elect's policies (Daily Mail)

US Election 2016: Asia markets bounce back after Trump win (BBC)

Europe's Populists Hail Trump's Win (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump's promise to ban all Muslims disappears from his website hours after election win (Daily Express)

Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore share crying Statue of Liberty picture to protest Trump (Daily Mail)

Australian leader says Trump agrees alliance is important (Fox News)

ISIS and al-Qaida welcome donkey' Donald Trump victory and hint at new US terror attack (Daily Star)

ABC's Virginia Trioli called on to be sacked by viewers after she said Donald Trump supporters should take IQ test live on air (Daily Mail)

What Trump's win means: 15 takes (CNN)

'Just like Brexit' EU bureaucrat Martin Schulz compares Trump win to historic British vote (Daily Express)

Can Trump fulfill his campaign promises on immigration and trade? Mexico hopes not (Los Angeles Times)

'Not My President'': Thousands Protest Donald Trump Across Nation (NBC News)

'Brain wi-fi' reverses leg paralysis in primate first (BBC)

Russian Miss Universe congratulates Donald Trump with sexy throwback pic (Daily Star)

ASDA and ALDI among the best for Christmas sandwiches (Daily Mail)

Republicans congratulate President-elect Donald Trump after US election win (Daily Mail)

Video shows topless Argentinian woman driving along a busy dual carriageway (Daily Mail)

What classified info will Trump get? (CNN)

GUY ADAMS on the rise of wheeler-dealer extraordinaire Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

ISIS jihadis brand Trump a DONKEY' who will destroy the US as they celebrate election win (Daily Express)

World reacts to Donald Trumps election win (CBS News)

David Davies slams BBC over 'biased' coverage of Trump's election (Daily Mail)

Did Donald Trump shut down Snapchat? (Daily Star)

EU leaders offer Trump congratulations after victory sent shockwaves across continent (Daily Mail)

Katy Watson: Mexico wakes up to reality of Trump (BBC)

China: Trump's first trip will be awkward (CNN)

Chemical clue to why seabirds eat plastic (BBC)

What Trump promises to deliver (CNN)

Trump Adviser: 'End of the Beginning' Reached in Transition Plan (NBC News)

Tell each other what you want, enjoy the first time naked together and don't be afraid to try new things: Sex expert JOAN PRICE on how older people can play a full (and fun) part in the Second Sexual Revolution (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson RIDICULED Donald Trump a year before US election (Daily Mail)

Al Gore Says He Hopes to Work With Donald Trump to Fight Climate Change (Time Magazine)

Elite supporting Clinton will lead to Ordinary Americans triggering Millennial Armageddon (Daily Mail)

World resigned, wary of unpredictable Trump (CNN)

Nigel Farage 'to meet Trump this week' after declaring wish to work for new US President (Daily Express)

High School Students Stage Walkouts to Protest Trump (NBC News)

EDL crash London anti-Donald Trump protest comparing next US president to HITLER (Daily Star)

Donald Trump's visit to UK as president won't be eagerly anticipated by David Cameron (Daily Mail)

Is Africa on Donald Trump's radar? (BBC)

Trump win raises questions about US pledge in climate change deals (Daily Mail)

Mac on... Donald Trump's election victory (Daily Mail)

Bernie Sanders Says Donald Trump Tapped Into the Anger of a Declining Middle Class' (Time Magazine)

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 Video Revealed As Buster The Boxer' (Huffington Post)

Trump boost for our EU exit: We will get better deal with new US President as key ally (Daily Express)

Now Obama 'to make last-ditch attempt to PARDON Hillary Clinton' before Trump presidency (Daily Express)

Majority of white working class boys failing to get good GCSEs (Daily Express)

Grovelling Jean-Claude Juncker BEGS Donald Trump to 'remain partners' with crumbling bloc (Daily Express)

Donald Trump facing ASSASSINATION' calls already as US rejects new President (Daily Star)

Donald Trump rape accuser DROPS case claiming new President assaulted her when she was 13 (Daily Star)

'F*** Trump' Fury as Clinton voters RIOT after shock Donald Trump election win (Daily Star)

Teary Hillary Clinton on US election defeat: 'This is painful and will be for a long time' (Daily Express)

SHOCK CLAIM: Nostradamus predicted audacious' Trump's victory - and now world could end (Daily Express)

Navy tests recovery of Orion capsule as it prepares for first Mars mission (Daily Mail)

Drinks trolleys are BACK for Christmas with sales up by almost 200 per cent (Daily Mail)

In Israel, pro-settlement advocates and rivals of two-state solution are emboldened by Trump victory (Los Angeles Times)

The Obamas Will Meet With the Trumps at the White House (Time Magazine)

Trump team moves to reassure world on transition (Financial Times - Paywall)

Abroad in America: In New York, Deep Confusion Stands in Contrast to Elation After Donald Trump’s Win (New York Times - Paywall)

Dow hits closing record high as stocks soar after Donald Trump's US election win (Daily Mail)

BT names Alan Steadman from Dundee as time service's first Scottish voice (Daily Mail)

Why the Latest Cancer Drugs May Not Be As Successful As They Seem (Time Magazine)

Melania Trump wears a $4k Ralph Lauren ensemble as her husband wins election (Daily Mail)

EU presses Turkey on human rights and other issues; President Erdogan demands membership decision (Los Angeles Times)

What Donald Trump's Win Means for the Dakota Access Pipeline (Time Magazine)

Theresa May congratulates Donald Trump on his US Election win (Daily Mail)

Mexican president reacts to Trump's win (BBC)

Newspapers Around The World React With Shock To President Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump's US Election win generates reaction from world leaders including Putin (Daily Mail)

Racist Donald Trump and Nazi Graffiti Found in Philadelphia (Time Magazine)

South Park Already Riffed on Donald Trump's Presidential Win (Time Magazine)

J.D. Vance: Why Elites Didn't See the White Working Class Coming (Time Magazine)

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