Monday, 14th November 2016

World News

ISIS calls Macys Thanksgiving parade "excellent target" (CBS News)

Light sentences for 2 of 3 ISIS conspirators in Minnesota (CBS News)

Bernie Sanders on how Donald Trump won presidency (CBS News)

Trump under fire for hiring Breitbarts Steve Bannon (CBS News)

Trump and Putin 'will try to mend ties', Kremlin says (BBC)

Theresa May uses first Mansion House speech to warn about immigration politics (Daily Mail)

What the hell is this? Night sky flashes blue and green as earthquake hits New Zealand (Daily Star)

Greece, Seeking Dose of Stability, Is Rattled by Trump’s Win (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump and Vladimir Putin have first phone call since win and Obama prepares to face media (Daily Mail)

U.S. Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan, Prosecutor Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Strong aftershocks rattle New Zealand following deadly earthquake (CBS News)

Trump and Putin discuss future (CNN)

New Zealand earthquake (CBS News)

New Zealand military to rescue tourists stranded by huge quake (CBS News)

Despite 'Concerns,' Obama Hopeful for Trump Presidency (NBC News)

Trump appointment raises white nationalist' fears (Financial Times - Paywall)

Democrats' First Big Decision Since the Election: Choosing a New Leader (Time Magazine)

New Zealand quake: Calm presenter guides listeners as quake hits (BBC)

Donald Trump Says He'll Bring Back Coal. Here's Why He Can't (Time Magazine)

Tories battle as Theresa May rejects Farage's offer to act as Trump go-between (Daily Star)

President Duterte vows to crush ISIS if they enter the Philippines (Daily Mail)

IN FROM THE COLD: Brussels panic as Trump and Putin begin 'new era' of US-Russia relations (Daily Express)

Donald Trump and Marla Maples' Tiffany & Co wedding registry racked up a bill of $23,000 (Daily Mail)

Trump to supporters: Quit the harassment (CNN)

Bob Evans from Birmingham is given one last Christmas party by daughter (Daily Mail)

Obama to confront Trump triumph at news conference (CNN)

Donald Trump believed to be descendant of Rurik the Viking who established Russia (Daily Mail)

Trump election: Controversial strategist Bannon defended (BBC)

Liberland president says he has not been allowed to enter because of threats by CROATIA (Daily Mail)

How Donald Trump Is Bringing the Alt-Right to the White House (Time Magazine)

Sorry, Lady Gaga, but blocking Trump is mission impossible (CNN)

Eye Opener at 8: GOP uniting behind Trump (CBS News)

Supermoon may trigger serious flooding in Florida (CBS News)

Brown University Alumni, Faculty Call for Sanctuary' From Trump Deportations (Newsweek Magazine)

US soldiers killed in suicide bombing at Bagram Airfield identified (Fox News)

Israeli minister: Trump election is time to 'reset' policies (Fox News)

Chelsea Manning Petitions President Obama for Shortened Sentence (Time Magazine)

Nicola Sturgeon says to Donald Trump that ties can be 'strengthened' if he promotes equality (Daily Mail)

Girl, 2, killed in Molotov cocktail attack on Indonesian church (Fox News)

President-elect Trump on protesters, Obama meeting (CBS News)

President-elect's first big decision (CNN)

Nigel Farage Attacks Theresa May For Call To Stop Third-Wheeling Her Relationship With Trump (Huffington Post)

The NATO countries not spending enough on defence to warrant Trump using US forces (Daily Mail)

Surviving an ISIS attack (CNN)

Well that's one way to make friends: Naked photographs emerge of 24-year-old Ukrainian minister in charge of integrating' the country with Europe (Daily Mail)

ISIS' Abu Omar Khorasani declares Donald Trump 'a complete maniac' (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener: Trump speaks to a divided nation (CBS News)

Watch Peanut the Baby Panda Take Her First Adorably Clumsy Steps (Time Magazine)

PIERS MORGAN: The award for the worst election loser goes to every millionaire celebrity (Daily Mail)

What in the World: In China, One Music Website Is Always No. 1 (New York Times - Paywall)

Can NATO Survive a Donald Trump Presidency? (Time Magazine)

TV chef says Muslim men beat him up because he looks like Donald Trump (Fox News)

Globalism: A Far-Right Conspiracy Theory Buoyed by Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

New Zealand earthquake: CCTV shows the moment it struck (BBC)

What Donald Trump's Staff Picks Mean (Time Magazine)

You want a war, you'll get one' China in stark warning to US president to be Donald Trump (Daily Star)

Some Female Clinton Supporters Mourn, Protest Trump's Win (NBC News)

Opinion: In first test, Trump makes big error (CNN)

2016 Likely to Top 2015 as Hottest Year on Record, Scientists Say (New York Times - Paywall)

American Apparel files for second bankruptcy in just over a year (Daily Mail)

The Myths Democrats Swallowed That Cost Them the Presidential Election (Newsweek Magazine)

John Oliver Lays Out What Needs to Be Done to Combat a Trump Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran Rejects Idea Trump Can Scrap Nuke Deal (NBC News)

It's Time - It's Time To Stand Up For Human Rights In A President Trump World (Huffington Post)

NFL star sits in Trump protest (CNN)

Trump planned to endorse Chris Christie (CNN)

Watch President Obama's First Press Conference Since the Election (Time Magazine)

What does alt-right do now that 'God Emperor' Trump won? (CNN)

ISIS calls US President-elect Donald Trump as 'complete maniac' who will help terror group (Daily Star)

Police and Shiites clash in north Nigeria, at least 9 killed (Fox News)

Swedish chef and TV star is attacked by a gang of Muslim men' in fast food restaurant for looking like Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Etiquette expert Myka Meier reveals the ONE question you should never ask a date (Daily Mail)

China hints at looming trade war as Trump talks to Chinese president (Fox News)

Is Merkel FINISHED? Hapless German leader can't even get own pick nominated for president (Daily Express)

Poland exhumes former president, others killed in 2010 plane crash (Fox News)

World's best airlines revealed: New Zealand takes gong for overall service (Daily Mail)

Melania Trump says she tells Donald when he overdoes it on Twitter (Daily Mail)

What Donald Trump's Staff Choices Show So Far (Time Magazine)

2016 set to be hottest year since records began (Financial Times - Paywall)

What Trump taught Americans (CNN)

Pro-Russia candidates win in Bulgaria and Moldova (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why Donald Trump Will Have a Hard Time Undoing Barack Obamas Policies (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump presidency: Your questions answered (BBC)

Can the OnePlus 3T compete with the iPhone 7? Company's most powerful handset yet may be released tomorrow (Daily Mail)

German government backs MP who compared Donald Trump to a 'hate preacher' (Daily Mail)

ECB warns on protectionism after Trump victory (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mosul families tell of desperate flight from ISIS (CNN)

Indonesia Arrests Six Over ISIS-Inspired Church Attack That Killed Toddler (Newsweek Magazine)

UN: 2016 'very likely' to be hottest year yet (CNN)

Theresa May DISMISSES calls to use Farage as a go-between with Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Accelerant was used in Wakefield fire which killed father and daughter (Daily Mail)

Modi battles to win support for currency crackdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

Michigan Cop Suspended for Flying Confederate Flag at Trump Protest (Time Magazine)

Rights Groups Fear Worsening Race Relations Under Donald Trumps Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Mother of teen who was driven to suicide by bullies breaks down in tears the moment she sees his image before explaining how 'calm' he was the night before he killed himself (Daily Mail)

Apocalypse IMMINENT' as 70 year Supermoon to bring Christ's second coming' TONIGHT (Daily Star)

Ukip Spokesman Accidentally Attacks Donor Over Remembrance Day 'Virtue Signalling' Photo (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump gives wide-ranging first TV interview as President-elect on CBS' 60 Minutes (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Contributor: How Trump Is Good for China (New York Times - Paywall)

Poland exhumes president, others killed in 2010 plane crash (Fox News)

CNN reporter caught in ISIS gunfire: 'We've been ambushed' (CNN)

Adult FriendFinder is HACKED: Love rats' dirty secrets may be exposed (Daily Mail)

'Mike Pence' Donations Surge For Planned Parenthood In Protest Against Vice President Elect (Huffington Post)

Watch the Enchanting First Beauty and the Beast Trailer (Time Magazine)

Conor McGregor: Who Will UFC's First Dual Weight World Champion Fight Next? (Newsweek Magazine)

Reince Priebus, Stephen Bannon Get Key Roles in Trump White House (Newsweek Magazine)

New Zealand earthquake: Massive 5.8 and 6.3 magnitude aftershocks hits hours later (Daily Mail)

3 cows stranded on patch of land after powerful New Zealand earthquake (Fox News)

Nearly 1,000 tourists stranded after deadly New Zealand quake (Fox News)

May rules out Farage as Trump go-between (CNN)

Here's What Happened the First Time a U.S. President Went to Greece (Time Magazine)

Obama will spend his final presidential trip abroad trying to reassure the world about Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Trump election: Priebus and Bannon given key roles (BBC)

Four Reasons Why the Polls Got the U.S. Election Result So Wrong (Newsweek Magazine)

New Zealand Rocked by Earthquake (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

At least Obama and Trump tried to smile (CNN)

7 Key Takeaways from Donald Trump's 60 Minutes Interview (Time Magazine)

Earth to Donald Trump: Apocalyptic climate change looms as 2016 to be hottest year EVER (Daily Star)

Department Of Health Welcomes News That Just One Person Has Been Fined For Smoking In A Car With Kids (Huffington Post)

Colombian President Plans to Bypass Voters in Bid to Secure Pact With Rebels (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump and Chinese President Hold Cordial First Phone Call (New York Times - Paywall)

TRUMP'S FIRST TEST after Obama's team agree to accept Muslim refugees from AUSTRALIA (Daily Express)

New Zealand hit by aftershocks after severe earthquake (BBC)

EU rift exposed: UK, France skip emergency summit on Trump (Fox News)

Trump's tensions with media persist after election (Financial Times - Paywall)

2016 on Course to Be Hottest Year Ever Recorded (Time Magazine)

The Presidential Election Was A Referendum on Gender and Women Lost (Newsweek Magazine)

Germany's Frank-Walter Steinmeier Set to Become Next President (Time Magazine)

Priebus: Trump Won By 'Appealing to People Like Me' (NBC News)

Donald Trump's New York Times Tweets Prompt Pleas For President-Elect To Grow Up (Huffington Post)

Will Donald Trump live in the White House? (Daily Mail)

Saturn's rings may have formed when dinosaurs roamed Earth (Daily Mail)

Philippines Duterte: If ISIS Arrives, Forget About Human Rights (Newsweek Magazine)

David Sillito: How the media created President Trump (BBC)

Messy truth about gulf between Trump and Clinton voters (CNN)

Boris Johnson 'positive' about Trump victory (BBC)

May says UK will champion free trade in changing world (Fox News)

This New Zealand Radio Presenter Stayed on Air During an Earthquake (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Fine With Same-Sex Marriage But Wants Pro-Life Abortion Laws (Newsweek Magazine)

Bulgarian Prime Minister Resigns After Pro-Russia Newcomer Wins Presidential Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May Tells Nigel Farage To Stop Third Wheeling Her Relationship With Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Astronomers Can For The First Time Actually See Exoplanets With New 'Exoplanet Hunter' (Huffington Post)

Theresa May to admit change is in the air in speech warning Trump's election demands (Daily Mail)

Xi urges Trump to co-operate with China (Financial Times - Paywall)

Year after Paris attacks, France stuck with "climate of fear"? (CBS News)

Tory MP Attacks Theresa May On Bedroom Tax And Disability Cuts (Huffington Post)

Nigeria's T.B. Joshua Explains Unfulfilled U.S. Election Prophecy (Newsweek Magazine)

Angela Merkel's Reaction To Trump Win Beats May Hands Down (Huffington Post)

Trump could WIPE OUT the EU - populist tide could be HAMMER BLOW to Brussels, Lord says (Daily Express)

LGBT protester on why vice president scares her more than Trump (BBC)

New Zealand Earthquake Sees Newsreader Vicki McKay Stay Totally Calm During Broadcast (Huffington Post)

2016 Will Probably Be The Hottest Year On Record Confirms World Meteorological Organization (Huffington Post)

Being Right Sucks: Watch How The Simpsons Reacted to Predicting Donald Trumps Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson Hails Donald Trump's Election Victory As A 'Moment Of Opportunity' (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Election Pledges Will Weaken NATO (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump to NASA: 'Stop looking at Mars, I want you to find ALIENS' (Daily Star)

China's leader speaks to Trump (CNN)

Biden v Trump (BBC)

Farage's astonishing coup as he became the first foreign politician to meet Trump (Daily Mail)

2016 'very likely' to be world's warmest year (BBC)

English Teacher Shares Message Of Love With Her Students After Donald Trump Win (Huffington Post)

ISIS scumbag surrenders to Iraqi soldiers after Mosul offensive in incredibly tense clip (Daily Star)

Harry Potter Play Wins First Major Theater Award (Newsweek Magazine)

Cute piglets splash around in delight as they take their first soak (Daily Mail)

John Oliver Still Can't Believe Donald Trump Is President (Time Magazine)

Queen's Brian May can't stand noisy leaf-blowers, writes DOMINIC LAWSON (Daily Mail)

'Billions of Dollars of Damage' in New Zealand Quake (NBC News)

2016 on track for hottest year on record (Fox News)

New Zealand earthquake: resident reveals moment she was tossed out of bed (Daily Mail)

New Zealand earthquake predicted' eight days before it struck and blamed on 'supermoon' (Daily Mail)

Trump slams NY Times again (CNN)

Sex with robots will be 'mind blowing': Expert says androids could one day improve your skills (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Polish minister: Trump not additional EU trouble (Fox News)

Boris Johnson is set for tense talks in Brussels after SNUBBING crisis meeting on Donald Trump's dramatic victory and hitting out at 'whinge-o-rama' by EU politicians (Daily Mail)

China's Xi tells Trump cooperation is only choice (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump says he will 'immediately' deport two to three million illegal immigrants with criminal records (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump denies she will be part of Donald Trump's administration (Daily Mail)

New Zealand earthquake: Incredible video shows cows stranded on a tiny clifftop (Daily Mail)

US election bombshell: Four pro-Democrat states could LEAVE USA and join Canada (Daily Star)

Nigel Farage: British Tories Have Angered Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump win prods European diplomats to seek greater role (Fox News)

Is Trump softening on campaign promises? (CBS News)

Who Is Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump's New Chief Strategist And Senior Counsellor? (Huffington Post)

Report: German coalition agrees on Steinmeier as president (Fox News)

Myanmar says 34 people killed after they attacked troops (Fox News)

Donald Trump and Chinas Xi Jinping to Meet at an Early Date (Newsweek Magazine)

Fossil fuel emissions have stalled: CO2 levels remain flat for the third year running as China reduces its coal use (Daily Mail)

Is Donald Trump's Tough Plan on Immigration Cracking? (Time Magazine)

Analyzing Trumps first senior staff appointments (CBS News)

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to Promote Trade (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cows stranded after New Zealand quake (BBC)

Donald Trump's Meeting with Nigel Farage Leaves Britain's Leaders Red-Faced (Time Magazine)

Horrifying moment violent woman brutally attacks cowering dog with a shoe and vicious kicks... before throwing out the tenant who filmed her (Daily Mail)

Theresa May to wage WAR with the Queen in shock Royal powers axe (Daily Star)

NFL Sunday night football roundup: Cowboys beat Steelers, Eagles win (CBS News)

Iraqi women throw away their niqabs after being liberated from ISIS in Mosul (Daily Mail)

Editorial: A Troubling New President for Interpol (New York Times - Paywall)

Barack Obama and Donald Trump Have More in Common Than You Might Think (Newsweek Magazine)

Pro-Russia politician in clear win in Moldova, results show (Fox News)

Iraqi Christians Wounded in ISIS Attack (NBC News)

Tampa Bay receiver Mike Evans sits for anthem to protest Trump election (CBS News)

Aftermath of New Zealand quake (BBC)

See Damage After Deadly Earthquake in New Zealand (NBC News)

Comparing 2011 and 2016 New Zealand earthquakes (Fox News)

Theresa May Under Fire For Dismissing Nigel Farage Donald Trump Relationship (Huffington Post)

What's he doing? Italian diplomat SLAMS Juncker for saying Trump must be TAUGHT what EU is (Daily Express)

Sick ISIS guide urges brainwashed killers to use trucks to maximise deaths (Daily Star)

Dangerous driver jailed for a year after his camper van flipped on M6 (Daily Mail)

Russian Allies Are Expected to Win Presidential Elections in Moldova and Bulgaria (Time Magazine)

11/13: Trump names chief of staff, discusses campaign promises on "60 Minutes"; Wheelchair-bound traveler makes the impossible possible (CBS News)

Ed Balls MOCKED after branding Farage the WORST person to represent the UK to Trump (Daily Express)

Lottery winner who promised 'great year for family caged for hitting wife and kid (Daily Star)

Popular Pain Relievers May Pose Risk, New Study Finds (NBC News)

Nation's First Offshore Wind Farm to Start Sending Electricity (NBC News)

At least 2 dead in New Zealand quake (CNN)

For Draghi, Trump complicates already tough call on stimulus (Fox News)

Trump election: EU leaders expect 'strong partnership' with US (BBC)

A Terrorist Attack at an Indonesian Church Has Killed a Toddler and Wounded Three Others (Time Magazine)

ISIS crumbling after Iraqi soldiers recapture city of Nimrud (Daily Star)

Trump fraud case ruling could come soon (CBS News)

How is China reacting to election of Donald Trump? (CBS News)

Trump team plays down fears of US trade war with China (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mark Zuckerberg DENIES fake news on Facebook swung the election for Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Bataclan reopens as Paris observes one-year anniversary of attacks (CBS News)

Will Donald Trump also be tweeter-in-chief? (CBS News)

Powerful earthquake hits New Zealand (CBS News)

EU Plans to Hold Firm on Global Issues in Wake of U.S. Election (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

France marks one year since Paris attacks killed 130 (CBS News)

Tsunami follows large, deadly quake in New Zealand (CBS News)

A Second Powerful Earthquake Has Hit New Zealand's South Island (Time Magazine)

A Trump survival guide? (CNN)

Prosecutors to question South Korean president (CNN)

Now Russia calls for better relations with the US when Trump is sworn in as President (Daily Express)

I'm going to think about it' Trump CONFIRMS he could investigate Clinton over emails (Daily Express)

Trump election: Up to three million migrants 'to be targeted' (BBC)

Aerial footage of New Zealand earthquake damage (BBC)

Elderly care home resident killed when a blaze tore through his flat in Cumbria (Daily Mail)

Ancient city reclaimed from ISIS (CNN)

Paris honours the 130 killed at seven sites during terror attacks year ago (Daily Mail)

Anti-Trump protests continue days after election (CBS News)

Top politicians condemn EU fat cats for organising 'emergency meeting' over Donald Trump (Daily Express)

German officials order Donald Trump NOT to ignore Putin's actions over Crimea and Syria (Daily Express)

Syrian Rebels Brace for a Trump Cutoff, and Look for a Silver Lining (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump goes after The New York Times via Twitter (CBS News)

New Zealand's South Island hit with magnitude 7.4 earthquake (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Powerful quake rocks New Zealand just hours after fatal tremor (Daily Star)

Having my head rubbed like a baby cured my stress: After her father died and she lost her job at a glossy magazine all in the same year, one woman tries craniosacral therapy (Daily Mail)

Shaken Europe scrambles to make post-Trump win plan (CBS News)

BREAKING: New Zealand rocked by another earthquake hours after fatal shock that killed two (Daily Express)

New President Trump rewards Stephen Bannon and Reince Priebus with top White House jobs (Daily Express)

New Zealand earthquake: Residents leave supermarket shelves bare (Daily Mail)

U.S. Fingerprints on Attacks Obliterating Yemen’s Economy (New York Times - Paywall)

I feel reborn' Iraqi women in Mosul tear off their burkas to celebrate freedom from ISIS (Daily Express)

'Stop It': Trump 'Saddened' by Supporters' Alleged Behavior (NBC News)

Reince Priebus to be named Donald Trump's Chief of Staff at the White House (Daily Mail)

SNL mocks overconfident Hillary Clinton voters in election night sketch (Daily Mail)

Iraqi women tear off their burkas to celebrate freedom from ISIS (Daily Star)

Pro-Russia Candidate Appears Likely to Win Bulgarian Presidency (New York Times - Paywall)

Theresa May will vow to TAKE BACK CONTROL of British borders after Trump's election win (Daily Express)

'A historic opportunity' Brexit Britain will step up to new global role, says Theresa May (Daily Express)

Maro Itoje and Sarah Hunter: England duo win World Rugby awards (BBC)

May facing Cabinet backlash for ordering ministers to DISMISS Farage & his links to Trump (Daily Express)

Italian right-wing leader compares himself to Trump as PM Renzi REMOVES EU flag (Daily Express)

Trump to bring back Churchill statue SHAMEFULLY removed from White House by Barack Obama (Daily Express)

Paris Remembers Victims on First Anniversary of Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'He's the Trump of Strictly': Ed Balls divides Strictly viewers after Gangnam Style salsa saves him from the dance it's revealed he'll perform a Great Balls of Fire jive in Blackpool (Daily Mail)

Moldovans elect pro-Moscow Igor Dodon as president (Financial Times - Paywall)

8,000 march against Trump (CNN)

New Zealand earthquake: Two dead following powerful tremor (BBC)

Celebrities turn against Oprah after she expresses 'hope' about Donald Trump's presidency (Daily Mail)

Female Muslim immigrant who said she voted for Trump because she was tired of 'Obama dancing around radical Islam' has been told she will be 'sent to gates of hell' for her choice (Daily Mail)

Andy Murray's cockerel Colin is killed by a fox after row with his three hen wives (Daily Mail)

Team of Rivals? Trump Picks Priebus, Bannon as Top Advisers (NBC News)

Gasps, tears as Iraqis return to church destroyed by ISIS (Fox News)

European Leaders Gather to Grapple With Donald Trump’s Victory (New York Times - Paywall)

Tale of two Trumps plays out in first appointments (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bulgarian Prime Minister to resign after his party suffer crushing presidential election defeat to Moscow-backed general (Daily Mail)

Trump Looks to Washington With Priebus Pick as Chief of Staff (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump's Lawyers Ask for Delay of 'Trump U' Trial (NBC News)

Watch Scarlett Johansson in the First Trailer for Ghost in the Shell (Time Magazine)

Ibuprofen May Not Be As Safe As You Think (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Names Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff (Time Magazine)

EU in TROUBLE as exit polls reveal pro-Putin politician set to become Bulgarian president (Daily Express)

Election 2016 by the numbers (CBS News)

President-elect Donald Trump fires off a series of gloating tweets about his enemies (Daily Mail)

Trump Vows to Deport Up to 3 Million Immigrants With Criminal Records (Newsweek Magazine)

Former air force chief poised to win Bulgaria vote (Financial Times - Paywall)

New Zealand 7.8 earthquake kills at least 2 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Will Ivana Trump become ambassador to Czech Republic? (Daily Mail)

Shock claim Donald Trump is 'orphan born in Pakistan' and THIS picture proves it (Daily Star)

At Least 2 Dead in Powerful New Zealand Earthquake (Newsweek Magazine)

Banks could pull out of Britain unless Theresa May secures a post-Brexit transition plan (Daily Mail)

Hundreds of ISIS fighters have made it into Europe disguised as refugees, say officials (Daily Express)

Record number of 'sumo babies' as more children labelled clinically obese before first birthday (Daily Mail)

Racist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump's Election. These Are Just a Few of Them (Time Magazine)

Trump wants trial delay (CNN)

Paris Is Quiet but Resolute as It Mourns on Anniversary of Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

New Zealand Struck by Powerful Earthquake (New York Times - Paywall)

Nine Must-Read Books in the Age of Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Out-Campaigned Clinton in Key States (NBC News)

Trump wants to deport or jail up to three million illegal migrants (BBC)

Donald Trump Eyes Crackdown On Three Million Illegal Migrants - But 'Wall' Could Be Part-Fence (Huffington Post)

Hamilton keeps title hopes alive with win (BBC)

Tyson Fury takes pop at Conor McGregor after huge UFC win (Daily Star)

Farage: 'Real opportunity' for UK business with Donald Trump (BBC)

Nigel Farage admits he WON'T be getting a job from Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Sting reopens Bataclan after Paris terror (CNN)

Britain and France snub EU's emergency Trump meeting (Financial Times - Paywall)

Eagles of Death Metal Attend Paris Memorial (NBC News)

Policy Divisions Between Trump and GOP Persist (NBC News)

Nigel Farage Dismisses Anti-Donald Trump And Brexit Protestors As 'Professionals' Too Lazy To Vote (Huffington Post)

'Come out, we won't kill you': The tense moment when ISIS fighter surrenders as Kurdish and Iraqi forces slip a noose around Mosul (Daily Mail)

At least 2 dead in powerful New Zealand earthquake, PM says (Fox News)

British ISIS jihadi's wife who poisoned a boy while plotting to take him to Syria was given taxpayer-funded legal aid (Daily Mail)

Being Funny In A Trump Presidency (Huffington Post)

Trump And Farage Own The Globalisation Backlash. They Shouldn't. (Huffington Post)

French Clear Refugees From Paris But Humane Solution Remains Elusive (Newsweek Magazine)

Jakarta Protest, Tied to Faith, May Have Deeper Links to Secular Politics (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Plans to Deport Up to 3 Million Immigrants (Time Magazine)

REVEALED: Sturgeon faces uphill battle with Donald Trump over his Lockerbie bomber fury (Daily Express)

Afghan Attacks Force Closure of U.S. Embassy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump Protesters March on for Fifth Day of Demonstrations (Newsweek Magazine)

New Zealand earthquake: UK man slept as earthquake hit (BBC)

Trump Says He'll Be 'Restrained' on Twitter, Then Slams NYT (NBC News)

ISIS Holding Firm Despite Mosul Being Surrounded by Troops (Newsweek Magazine)

Climate Changes Effects Wont Wait for a President Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits northwestern Argentina (Fox News)

Brexit Booster Farage Has Great Honor of Meeting With Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Heres Whats on Donald Trumps Climate Change Hit List (Newsweek Magazine)

Terrifying tsunami alarm sounds out across New Zealand after 7.4 earthquake (Daily Star)

US ambassador Sir Kim Darroch urges Theresa May her to get in early to tame Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Large 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits northeastern Argentina (Fox News)

Law Shields Trump From Possible Business Conflicts in Office (Newsweek Magazine)

Remembrance Sunday Led By The Queen As Theresa May Urges For Troops Fighting Isis To Be Honoured (Huffington Post)

Europe struggles to harden security in wake of attacks (Fox News)

Once an inspiration to poets and kings, one of Asia's largest freshwater lakes has been reduced to a stinking swamp due to human error (Daily Mail)

French far right leader Le Pen: Trump win boosts her chances (Fox News)

France remembers 130 killed in Paris attacks 1 year ago (Fox News)

Plaques unveiled to mark anniversary of Paris attacks (BBC)

Donald Trump should just grow up', Jeremy Corbyn demands (Daily Mail)

NATO chief warns that the West faces the greatest challenge to our security' if Trump abandons the military alliance in favour of partnering with Russia (Daily Mail)

What Can a Donald Trump Presidency Do to National Parks? (Newsweek Magazine)

Conor McGregor to take a break from UFC as he announces his girlfriend is expecting their first child (Daily Mail)

Paris Remains Defiant One Year After ISIS Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

New Zealand Earthquake Strikes Near Christchurch, Triggering Tsunami And Killing Two Peopl (Huffington Post)

Jeremy Corbyn: 'Donald Trump should grow up' (BBC)

Two dead as first tsunami waves hit Kaikoura after 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand (Daily Express)

Boris Johnson wins the battle of Brexit Towers after furious row with Theresa May (Daily Mail)

Americans killed in explosion at U.S. base in Afghanistan (CBS News)

ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Pakistan bombing (CBS News)

Australia refugee transfer poses test for Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

International Readers on How a Trump Presidency Could Affect Them (New York Times - Paywall)

Paris attacks suspect has become even MORE of a fundamentalist since he was arrested (Daily Mail)

Does election spell end of US as Pacific power? (BBC)

What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for the Dakota Pipeline? (NBC News)

Inside a NYC Donald Trump Protest: Fear, Passion, Fellowship (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn fans release song in bid to make him PM - and get to Christmas number one (Daily Express)

One year after Paris attacks, music returns to the Bataclan (CBS News)

More than 50 killed in Pakistan in bombing at Sufi shrine (Los Angeles Times)

Guantánamo Deal Could Lead to Prosecution in Indonesia Terrorist Attacks (New York Times - Paywall)

Paris: One Year On (New York Times - Paywall)

How Do You Tell the Story of the Paris Attacks? You Let Survivors Speak (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump’s Election Leaves Angela Merkel as the Liberal West’s Last Defender (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. delegates worry Trump will withdraw from climate change plan (CBS News)

What does a Trump presidency mean for US-Cuba relations? (BBC)

You may be dead. Check Facebook (CNN)

Will lawsuits affect Trump presidency? (BBC)

Trump picks Pence to lead new transition team (Financial Times - Paywall)

How do you draw an ISIS attack? (CNN)

The Interpreter: What Is Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy? (New York Times - Paywall)

Muslim, immigrant woman: I voted Trump (CNN)

Will Trump transform European politics? (CNN)

Reality Check: Should we give up on election polling? (BBC)

More women in Iran are forgoing marriage. One reason? The men aren't good enough (Los Angeles Times)

The homes left behind by ISIS (CNN)

Under mounting criticism, South African President Jacob Zuma survives another no-confidence vote (Los Angeles Times)

The new first family (CNN)

Why Trump won't blow up the world (CNN)

In a first for Latin America, Uruguay rolls out program legalizing marijuana (Los Angeles Times)

This boy could be one of the world's last victims of polio (Los Angeles Times)

Can Trump fulfill his campaign promises on immigration and trade? Mexico hopes not (Los Angeles Times)

Mac on... Donald Trump's election victory (Daily Mail)

In Israel, pro-settlement advocates and rivals of two-state solution are emboldened by Trump victory (Los Angeles Times)

EU presses Turkey on human rights and other issues; President Erdogan demands membership decision (Los Angeles Times)

Across the globe, caution and dismay greet Trump victory (Los Angeles Times)

Trump promised to be 'unpredictable' in foreign policy. How will that work? (Los Angeles Times)

Who voted for Donald Trump? (BBC)

US Election day 2016 (BBC)

Clinton and Trump (BBC)

Postscript: One Year Later, a Tip About a Border Crossing Pays Off (New York Times - Paywall)