Tuesday, 15th November 2016

World News

Trump adviser Steve Bannon draws criticism (CBS News)

Why Trumps appointment of Stephen Bannon is controversial (CBS News)

Sen. Bob Corker on Trumps controversial White House pick (CBS News)

Obama tries to reassure Europe on final international trip (CBS News)

W. Va. official on leave after racist Obama post (CBS News)

Trump voters speak out about election results, protests (CBS News)

Aide To Theresa May Drawn Into Row Over Election Expenses In South Thanet (Huffington Post)

‘We Have a Fake Election’: China Disrupts Local Campaigns (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump gets first Presidential Daily Brief (CNN)

Barack Obama warns of rise of 'crude nationalism' (BBC)

In Czech Republic, Some Hope a Trump Could Bring Star Power (New York Times - Paywall)

Ivanka Trump 'uses Trump first President-elect interview to hawk bracelet she is wearing' (Daily Mail)

School bus driver scolded for favoring Trump fans (CBS News)

Lucy Hale warns ministers might spend MONTHS overhauling EU laws BEFORE triggering Brexit (Daily Mail)

Trump and Turkey (BBC)

University of Saarland reveal why you should ALWAYS drink red wine when you smoke (Daily Mail)

Council chiefs are slammed for spending thousands of pounds taking a teenager to court for giving a pigeon one of her chips (Daily Mail)

New York apartment complex Trump Place will drop name after outcry from residents (Daily Mail)

Russia bombards Syria hours after Putin speaks with Trump (Fox News)

What message is Obama sending with "flattering" remarks on Trump? (CBS News)

Merkel to seek 4th term in post-Brexit, Trump win Germany (CNN)

Prince Harry wears bracelet identical to one worn by Meghan Markle during visit to London charity NAZ (Daily Mail)

Abroad in America: A Reporter Retraces His Steps Through Trump Country (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Workers to Lose in China Trade War (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Person Killed After Shooting at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport (Time Magazine)

Violent clashes between police and anarchist protesters in Athens as Obama begins his final foreign tour before handing over to Trump (Daily Mail)

Police and Protesters Clash as President Obama Visits Greece (Time Magazine)

Trump Granddaughter's Poetry Recital Captivates China (NBC News)

Greg Hall reveals the shocking health dangers of getting tattooed (Daily Mail)

3 Cows Stranded After New Zealand Earthquake Are Rescued (Time Magazine)

Meet the LGBTQ Voters Who Backed Trump (NBC News)

Just The Flight reveals airports that are furthest and nearest to their namesake cities (Daily Mail)

Labour's John McDonnell clears the path for Theresa May for Brexit plans (Daily Mail)

Android handsets may be secretly sending users' texts to China every 72 hours (Daily Mail)

City firms could leave UK if Theresa May opts for 'hard' Brexit, warns Mark Carney (Daily Mail)

Alkahest reveals blood from human teens has anti-aging effects in old mice (Daily Mail)

Ministers disown 'leaked memo' that claims Theresa May has no plan for Brexit (Daily Mail)

Obama: Trump played on globalization fears to win election (CNN)

Republicans Unanimously Re-Nominate Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House (Time Magazine)

Extreme eczema sufferer has clear skin for the first time in her life (Daily Mail)

Drunk Brexit supporter who smashed a burka sculpture weeps in court (Daily Mail)

North Korea begs China to stop calling Kim Jong Un fat (Fox News)

BREAKING: 'Shooter on the run' at major airport one person shot (Daily Star)

BREXIT BOOST: Google announces £1BILLION investment to defy Remainers' gloom (Daily Express)

Can Trump really bomb the s*** out of ISIS? (CNN)

Donald Trump's Name Will Be Erased from 3 New York Buildings to Appeal' to Renters (Time Magazine)

Trump faces calls to take DNA test following sensational claims he was born in Pakistan (Daily Star)

Oxford Brookes University lecturer fights for £1m house in divorce battle with wife (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump wins appeal to keep 81ft flagpole at Scottish golf course (Daily Mail)

Photographer films pride of lions from just inches away with one incredible tactic (Daily Star)

Van Jones shuts down Trump supporter (CNN)

Obama Urges Europe to Address Debt Crisis (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

What Trump voters are saying post-election (CBS News)

LAPD chief: Cops wont help Trump deportation efforts (CBS News)

UK still has no Brexit plan (CNN)

Another Expert Has Warned Government's Brexit Strategy Is 'Chaotic And Dysfunctional' (Huffington Post)

Le Pen: Trump win helps me (CNN)

Donald Trump's $100 million penthouse could be why President-elect wants to commute to White House (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump Under Fire for Touting Jewelry After Interview (NBC News)

First swim across Dead Sea: 'Like acid burning your eyeballs' (CNN)

The U.S. still hasn't had a woman president. Here's when the rest of the world elected female heads of state (Los Angeles Times)

Megyn Kelly Says Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Asked Her What a Bimbo' Was After Donald Trump Insult (Time Magazine)

Yinongzhen town in eastern China covered in mysterious black residue (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson praises Donald Trump for being a 'liberal guy from New York' (Daily Mail)

GENERATION TERROR: Shock map reveals how much of the world is now TOO DANGEROUS to visit (Daily Express)

White South African men arrested after video of black man being forced into COFFIN (Daily Express)

Why Bannon's white nationalism should scare America (CNN)

Visiting Europe, Obama Warns Against Rise of ‘Crude Sort of Nationalism’ (New York Times - Paywall)

What exactly do you want?' SNP told they've 'increasingly little to say' on Brexit (Daily Express)

Why Teachers Shouldnt Fear Robots Taking Over Their Jobs (Newsweek Magazine)

How Donald Trump and Brexit Help Us Understand the Cultural Politics of Climate Change (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Fewer Moms Are Spanking Their Kids (Time Magazine)

Donald Trumps Trade Policy Is Easy to Achieve Repealing Obamacare, Not So Much (Newsweek Magazine)

Read President Obama's Speech Saying Donald Trump Tapped Into Economic Anxiety (Time Magazine)

Nigel Farage slams Theresa May for ignoring him as it's claimed Ukip leader to see Trump before PM (Daily Mail)

Downing Street dismisses Brexit 'divisions' memo (BBC)

Obama on Donald Trump: Don't Blame Me (NBC News)

Iran Declares Missile Program Non-Negotiable' As Trump Presidency Looms (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Adviser: No 'Free Pass' For Undocumented Immigrants (NBC News)

NATO Needs to Woo Trump And Speak Plainly to Him (Newsweek Magazine)

One of UK's youngest hackers, 17, 'targeted TalkTalk in multi-million pound data breach' (Daily Star)

Israel appoints first ambassador to Turkey since Gaza spat (Fox News)

Saudi Arabia warns Trump on blocking oil imports (Financial Times - Paywall)

Video of Trump grand-daughter Arabella perfectly reciting poetry in Mandarin (Daily Mail)

Baylor University Students Walk Woman To Class After She Was Racially Abused By 'Donald Trump Supporter' (Huffington Post)

The Rock for President? Trump faces White House challenge from WWE icon (Daily Star)

Thirteen people including 14 year old charged with murder of teenager in Manchester (Daily Mail)

These teens will launch Africa's first private space satellite (CNN)

House Republicans Pledge to 'Go Big and Go Bold' (NBC News)

Even The GOP Thought Trump Would Lose (NBC News)

China claims its first aircraft carrier is now ready for combat (Fox News)

Florida Coast surfer reveals moment he was 'sliced open' by a 6ft shark that attacked him (Daily Mail)

Why A House With This View Is Now Worthless (NBC News)

Watch Stephen Colbert Denounce Donald Trump's New Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (Time Magazine)

Dating expert reveals how the little things could be stopping you from finding love (Daily Mail)

President Obama: Donald Trump's Election and Brexit Both Reflect People's Economic Fears (Time Magazine)

Boris Johnson Defends Donald Trump As A 'Liberal Guy From New York' (Huffington Post)

Donald Trumps Africa Policy: Three Priorities (Newsweek Magazine)

First Steps To Starting Your Own Business (Huffington Post)

Former Rep. Mike Rogers Steps Down From Donald Trump's Transition Team (Time Magazine)

One Bull Sired 14 Percent of U.S. Dairy Cows and Gave Them All a Deadly Mutation (Newsweek Magazine)

Sainsbury's CEO Mike Coupe Reveals Bacon Could Follow Toblerone In Product Cut After Brexit (Huffington Post)

'Trump's big error in first test' (CNN)

West Virginia Official Placed on Leave After Calling Michelle Obama an Ape in Heels' (Time Magazine)

Theresa May Responds To Leaked Brexit memo (Huffington Post)

UK car dealer will only sell matching white Ferrari and McLaren together (Daily Mail)

'Knife fight' as Trump builds Cabinet (CNN)

Leaked Brexit 'Memo': Lambasted By No.10 But Hailed By Ken Clarke (Huffington Post)

What can liberals do about Donald Trump? (CNN)

Op-Ed Contributor: The Trump Effect on Tokyo (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump's election boosts Liam Fox's standing (Financial Times - Paywall)

Barack Obama rebuked Hillary Clinton for taking it easy as Trump barnstormed the nation (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump 'Purge' Rattles Transition Team (NBC News)

British man Dave Singleton, gets a huge tattoo of Donald Trump on his leg (Daily Mail)

Let Nigel Farage help build a bridge with Donald Trump, says Katie Hopkins (Daily Mail)

HK lawmakers who insulted China to appeal (CNN)

How might fast-food lover Trump change the nations diet? (CBS News)

A Spotify bug may have been running for FIVE MONTHS (Daily Mail)

Oxford University to launch first online 'Mooc' course (BBC)

Trump transition memo: What'll he do on Day 1? (CNN)

Op-Ed Contributor: How Germany Soured on Obama (New York Times - Paywall)

How Rick Santorum Helped Donald Trump Win the White House (Newsweek Magazine)

Ebola, One Year On: The Political Economy Of Life And Death (Huffington Post)

Obama Tries to Reassure Greeks About Future of NATO (Time Magazine)

Brit warships DEFENCELESS' as 'crippled' military languishes behind Trump and Putin (Daily Star)

Mulberry's Christmas advert could be the cutest festive campaign of the year (Daily Mail)

This is what an ISIS booby trapped house looks like (CNN)

Watch Live: President Obama Gives Press Conference in Greece (Time Magazine)

Barack Obama seeks to calm US allies over Trump concerns (BBC)

Obama reassures Nato on US commitment (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why women moan during sex (CNN)

Trump Peddles 'EXCLUSIVE' T-Shirts for $45 - $2,700 (NBC News)

Greg Norman For Newsweek: Why My Friend Donald Trump Will Succeed as President (Newsweek Magazine)

George Osborne takes a new swipe at Theresa May (Daily Mail)

Giant sinkhole fixed in one week (BBC)

Why I Became an LGBTI Activist in a Country Where Homosexuality Is Illegal (Time Magazine)

Leaked Memo Says U.K. Government Has No Brexit Plan (Time Magazine)

John McDonnell Says UK Must Be 'Positive' About Brexit And Pledges Labour Will Not Block Article 50 (Huffington Post)

Manchester mother died from cocktail of deadly legal highs after one puff (Daily Mail)

Clinton's Pantsuit Nation strides into Trump era (Financial Times - Paywall)

Autopsies begin on former Polish president, first lady (Fox News)

Tony Collins: Examining the Legacy of English Footballs First Black Manager (Newsweek Magazine)

World Cup qualifying terror: ISIS jihadis tried to blow up international team at weekend (Daily Star)

Christian preacher screams homophobic abuse outside a gay Lib Dem politician's house (Daily Mail)

Glasgow driver bursts ceiling pipes in his tall white van then keeps going (Daily Mail)

Theresa May uses first Lord Mayor's Banquet speech to warn about immigration politics (Daily Mail)

Why did millions join secret Facebook group Pantsuit Nation? (BBC)

Woman, 53, jailed for killing her cheating millionaire husband after being taunted by his younger mistress who sent her videos of them having sex breaks down in first interview from behind bars (Daily Mail)

A Message to President-Elect Trump About Upholding Freedom in the Muslim World (Newsweek Magazine)

Oxford student given just 6 months to live to travel the world after his friends raised £30k (Daily Mail)

Glance of international courts around the world (Fox News)

Martin Lewis Reveals Remain Campaign Led To Death Threats (Huffington Post)

Obama Races to Protect His Legacy From Trump (NBC News)

Why Donald Trump Protests Show a Polarized Nation in Need of Political Renewal (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Hawks T-Shirts For Donations (While Supplies Last) (NBC News)

Jaguar Takes on Tesla With First Electric Car (Newsweek Magazine)

Data company predicted Trump and Brexit (CNN)

Michelle Obama 'ape in heels' post causes outrage (BBC)

Oxford Students Raise £30,000 To Help Terminally Ill Friend Matt Greenwood Travel The World (Huffington Post)

Barack Obama: Donald Trump Will Honor NATO Commitments to Reassure World Leaders (Newsweek Magazine)

'In Trump we trust': British fan of The Donald gets president-elect's FACE tattooed on leg (Daily Express)

Inside the Largest Harry Potter Meet-Up in the World (Time Magazine)

Nigel Farage Urges Theresa May To Sack UK's 'Fanatical Europhile' Ambassador To The US (Huffington Post)

Trump and Vladimir Putin have first phone call since win and Obama prepares to face media (Daily Mail)

Donald Trumps Right-Hand Man Steve Bannon and His History of Attacks Against Women (Newsweek Magazine)

Betsy Duncan Smith reveals her shock after six months of gruelling chemotherapy (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: China Wants to Resurrect Word ‘Comrade.’ But Its Meaning Has Changed. (New York Times - Paywall)

EU facing painful awakening' as Trump win threatens sending bloc to UNKNOWN' (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Seeks Top Security Clearance for His Children: Reports (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump's Victory Could Jeopardize Roe v. Wade Abortion Ruling (Time Magazine)

Why Nigeria's Shiite Conflict Is Flaring Up Again (Newsweek Magazine)

Bernie Sanders Says 'Maybe' He Could Have Beaten Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Supermoon in pictures: Stunning photographs of November 2016 supemoon from around world (Daily Express)

UN chief 'sure' Trump will reconsider climate change stance (Fox News)

Why Thinking With Your Hands Helps Problem-Solving (Newsweek Magazine)

The Simpsons had THIS hilarious response after predicting Donald Trump will be president (Daily Star)

Why Frances Outdated Integration Model Makes Minorities Invisible (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin seeks improved US ties in call with Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Nation-state democracy is BACK' Gloating Farage says 2016 has been a FANTASTIC year (Daily Express)

Italian town offers Robert De Niro ASYLUM after comment he would quit USA if Donald Trump became president (Daily Mail)

Trump Team Asked About Possible Security Clearance for Kids (NBC News)

Theresa May DISMISSES calls to use Farage as a go-between with Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

NO BREXIT PLAN: Theresa May clueless' over Britain's EU exit, leaked memo reveals (Daily Star)

Up to 100,000 landslides after New Zealand quake (CNN)

Are YOU wasting your money on IVF? Consumer watchdog reveals clinics are misleading customers by spruiking success rates as high as 90 per cent (Daily Mail)

Even Nicola Sturgeon's own advisors have told her Brexit demands are MEANINGLESS (Daily Express)

New Balance distances itself from white supremacist site after Trump statements (CBS News)

Paige Williams: Why England youth international chose the Italian dream (BBC)

Easyjet profits tumble after year of 'challenges' (BBC)

Doug Baldwin: Seattle Seahawk Raises Alarm Over Donald Trump Victory (Newsweek Magazine)

New Zealand earthquake: Enormous cracks in hill show devastating impact (Daily Mail)

Aftershocks and Flooding Batter New Zealand In Earthquake Aftermath (Time Magazine)

One In Ten Children Have A Mental Health Problem - Helping Them Must Remain Top Of The Agenda (Huffington Post)

Amir Ali Qureshi reveals why it's not safe to let your children run loose in the playground (Daily Mail)

Report: UK government said to have no plan for Brexit (Fox News)

'NONSENSE' Farage loses cool with May and No10 for refusing to let him aid in Trump talks (Daily Express)

Trump's grandchild goes viral in China (CNN)

Boy and girl horrified to find romping mum in bed with one of her own STUDENTS (Daily Star)

Cows stranded on island of grass after New Zealand earthquake rescued (CBS News)

New Zealand earthquake: Kaikoura evacuations under way (BBC)

Leaked Brexit Memo Says Tories 'Have No Plan' (Huffington Post)

How Donald Trump's Nationalism Won Over White Americans (Newsweek Magazine)

Heartbroken mother of 15-year-old who hanged himself 'after months of bullying' reveals her anger with health and education system that 'let down my beautiful boy' (Daily Mail)

BREAKING NEWS: New Zealand rocked by ANOTHER earthquake in TWO days (Daily Express)

ICC prosecutors: U.S. armed forces, CIA may have committed war crimes (CBS News)

Infowars Conspiracy Theorist Says Trump Made Thank You Call (NBC News)

Blogger reveals how she turned to make-up after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour... and she now has over a million people tuning in to see her incredible lip creations (Daily Mail)

11/14: A look at Trump on the issues: before and after the election; Remembering PBS News anchor Gwen Ifill, dead at 61 (CBS News)

Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon already 'at war over Secretary of State pick' and claims emerge that Trump underestimated transition to White House (Daily Mail)

New Zealand begins rescue of tourists stranded by earthquake (Fox News)

Trump team defends controversial pick for top White House role (CBS News)

ICC prosecutors: US forces may have committed war crimes (Fox News)

Source: Trump kids may get top clearance (CNN)

Donald Trump's new secretary of state revealed (Daily Star)

Newspaper headlines: Brexit plans and Farage's relevance (BBC)

Putin, Trump speak by phone, discuss future efforts to improve ties (CBS News)

Trump and Putin to JOIN FORCES against Islamic State following breakthrough phone call (Daily Express)

Motor Trend's car of the year is ... (CNN)

Trump set to appoint former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State (Daily Express)

Obama suggests Hillary DID NOT DO ENOUGH to become President during her election campaign (Daily Express)

Boris Johnson branded shameless' for supporting Turkey's EU application after Brexit (Daily Express)

'Sniping' Sturgeon blasted by OWN party over petulant response to Donald Trump's election (Daily Express)

Defcon nuclear threat REDUCED to safest level following Donald Trump victory (Daily Express)

Security clearance for Trump children? (CBS News)

The Latest: 9-story New Zealand building in risk of collapse (Fox News)

Obama addresses Trumps most important challenges (CBS News)

New China Data Shows Mixed Economic Picture (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Conor McGregor makes feelings on Donald Trump VERY clear (Daily Star)

IN FROM THE COLD: Brussels panic as Trump and Putin begin 'new era' of US-Russia relations (Daily Express)

Donald Trump wants top-secret clearances for his kids - even though Ivanka says she doesn't want to be on his staff (Daily Mail)

Obama's parting insult to UK: Outgoing leader calls Merkel 'closest ally' and slams Brexit (Daily Express)

UK faces 60bn Brexit bill as Brussels gets tough (Financial Times - Paywall)

China says aircraft carrier now ready for combat (Fox News)

The West vs the REST? Iran and China sign MILITARY DEAL as Tehran prepares Putin agreement (Daily Express)

Mexico weighs grim prospect of deportation wave under Trump (Fox News)

China harasses independent candidates for low-level offices (Fox News)

Obama: Give Trump a chance (CNN)

China executes farmer who killed official with nail gun (Fox News)

Drinking one pint of beer a day raises the risk of contracting prostate cancer (Daily Mail)

Some House Republicans Back Trump's Steve Bannon Pick (NBC News)

West Nile May Take Its Time in Killing (NBC News)

Now EU fat cats decide to go ahead with Iran nuclear deal Trump branded 'a DISGRACE' (Daily Express)

County Down teen left voicemail saying 'help me' shortly before house fire death (Daily Mail)

Critics jab safety pin movement amid Trump fears (CBS News)

Government is failing UK workers over Brexit - McDonnell (BBC)

May MUST use Nigel Farage to keep the 'special relationship' with Trump, says former aide (Daily Express)

BREXIT ON THE BRINK? Leaked memo reveals Whitehall tensions over Britain's EU exit (Daily Express)

Shamed MP Keith Vaz is given new House of Commons role (Daily Mail)

11 ways Joe Biden could punk Trump (CNN)

US envoy says climate deal is bigger than any one head of state (BBC)

How a professor in China predicted Trump's victory more accurately than most U.S. pollsters (Los Angeles Times)

Who stole Dame Joan son's £50,000 artworks? Artist left embarrassed after three pieces go missing as they were shipped to one of his collectors (Daily Mail)

Hague: U.S. Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan, Elsewhere (Newsweek Magazine)

Joe Biden, President Obama memes take Internet by storm (CNN)

New Zealand surveys damage (CNN)

US forces may have committed war crimes in Afghanistan, international prosecutors say (Fox News)

Obama: Trump Will Get Quick Wake-Up Call in White House (Newsweek Magazine)

Japan searches for Trump advisers ahead of Abe talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israel’s Right, Cheering Donald Trump’s Win, Renews Calls to Abandon 2-State Solution (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump and Marla Maples' Tiffany & Co wedding registry racked up a bill of $23,000 (Daily Mail)

New Zealand Plans Rescue of Tourists Stranded by Earthquake (Time Magazine)

76 Experts Urge Donald Trump to Keep Iran Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Chelsea Manning asks Obama to commute her sentence (CBS News)

Swedish chef 'savagely beaten by gang of Muslim men for LOOKING LIKE Donald Trump' (Daily Express)

REVEALED: Donald Trump DAZZLED by Theresa May's charm' during the pair's first phone-call (Daily Express)

Sam McKnight's new book Hair reveals confessions and stories behind styles (Daily Mail)

George Osborne warns Theresa May that she has no direct mandate from public (Daily Mail)

The people of a small Slovenian town are excited that Melania Trump is about to become first lady of the United States (Los Angeles Times)

Students Across the U.S. Stage Walkouts to Protest Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

World set to break annual heat record again (CBS News)

ICC: U.S. Forces and CIA Operatives May Have Tortured Detainees in Afghanistan (Time Magazine)

Brexit Will Make UK Less Appealing To Donald Trump, Claims Alastair Campbell (Huffington Post)

HS2 rail line to give UK 'smartest' railway in the world (Daily Express)

BBC presenter describes Brexit as a 'protest vote' and claims Brits REGRET voting to leave (Daily Express)

Donald Trump's top team will 'run ideas' past Nigel Farage BEFORE talking to Theresa May (Daily Express)

Police probe why firefighters took over an HOUR to get to fatal blaze (Daily Express)

Brexit court challenge raises 'difficult and delicate issues' says Lady Hale (Daily Express)

Murray wins in first match as No. 1 (CNN)

Mary Jo White to leave as SEC chair in January (Financial Times - Paywall)

ACLU and Planned Parenthood See Unprecedented' Rise in Donations After Donald Trump's Election (Time Magazine)

A 3D-printed mask may minimise snoring and make sleepless nights a thing of the past (Daily Mail)

Twitter erupts with hilarious memes imagining Joe Biden's last laugh at the White House (Daily Mail)

Microsoft Garage releases iOS app Color Binoculars that lets colourblind see the world (Daily Mail)

News presenter Jon Snow takes our health quiz and reveals his nightmare scenario (Daily Mail)

Nicola Sturgeon says to Donald Trump that ties can be 'strengthened' if he promotes equality (Daily Mail)

Obama: Trump likely not to seek Iran deal changes (CNN)

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Will Step Down at the End of the Obama Administration (Time Magazine)

U.S. Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan, Prosecutor Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Read President Obama's Remarks From His First Post-Election Press Conference (Time Magazine)

Putin and Trump Talk on Phone and Agree to Improve Ties, Kremlin Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump under fire for hiring Breitbarts Steve Bannon (CBS News)

See the Best Views of the Supermoon From Around the World (Time Magazine)

This Game of Thrones Theory May Reveal Who Arya Stark Will Kill Next (Time Magazine)

ICC prosecutor: US forces may have tortured in Afghanistan (Fox News)

How Donald Trump Can Help Heal America's Racial Wounds (Time Magazine)

Trump election: 'Nobody said democracy's supposed to be easy' (BBC)

Trump and Putin 'will try to mend ties', Kremlin says (BBC)

'Supermoon' views from around the world (BBC)

REVEALED: Don't ever eat any of these six foods because they may KILL you (Daily Star)

Nigel Farage Said Donald Trump's New Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Is 'My Kind Of Chap' (Huffington Post)

ATP World Tour Finals 2016: Andy Murray beats Marin Cilic in London (BBC)

Airbnb How we Travel report reveals millennials would save for a holiday rather than a house (Daily Mail)

Racist post about Michelle Obama causes backlash (CBS News)

Trump Can Gut Obama Curbs on Drones, Torture on Day One (NBC News)

How to save 12.6 million lives a year (CNN)

Theresa May: Brexit is opportunity to make 'globalisation work for all' (Daily Express)

Putin Phones Trump to Discuss Russia-U.S. Relations, Terrorism (NBC News)

May: Britain has 'historic chance' to give leadership to world (BBC)

Bernie Sanders says Clinton's campaign failed to appeal to white working class Americans (Daily Mail)

Strong aftershocks rattle New Zealand following deadly earthquake (CBS News)

Trump and Putin talk (CNN)

Why Facebook Might Lose War on Fake News (NBC News)

China on Trump: Cooperation the "only correct choice" (CBS News)

New Zealand military to rescue tourists stranded by huge quake (CBS News)

Obama: I Think Trump Is Pragmatic, Not Ideological (NBC News)

Trump appointment raises white nationalist' fears (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why Is Tonight's Supermoon so Super? (NBC News)

New Zealand quake: Calm presenter guides listeners as quake hits (BBC)

With Odes to Military March, China Puts Nationalism Into Overdrive (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain faces an EXTRA EU Brexit bill as officials slap on surcharge due to weak pound (Daily Mail)

Chess grandmasters seek world championship title (CBS News)

Is the U.S. Abandoning The World Order It Created? (Newsweek Magazine)

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen defends his title (CBS News)

Bob Evans from Birmingham is given one last Christmas party by daughter (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump believed to be descendant of Rurik the Viking who established Russia (Daily Mail)

Parents share Father Christmas white lies they tell their children (Daily Mail)

Sorry, Lady Gaga, but blocking Trump is mission impossible (CNN)

Mary Berry shares her foodie secrets (and reveals what she'll be getting for Christmas) (Daily Mail)

Ivy Leaguers Want Their Campuses To Be Sanctuaries' From Trump Deportations (Newsweek Magazine)

Israeli minister: Trump election is time to 'reset' policies (Fox News)

SDP's Axel Sch fer is told to 'butt out' after calling on Jeremy Corbyn to block Brexit (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage Attacks Theresa May For Call To Stop Third-Wheeling Her Relationship With Trump (Huffington Post)

The NATO countries not spending enough on defence to warrant Trump using US forces (Daily Mail)

Why Are Lagos's Waterfront Communities Being Destroyed? (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS' Abu Omar Khorasani declares Donald Trump 'a complete maniac' (Daily Mail)

These cows survived the powerful earthquake in New Zealand (CNN)

What in the World: In China, One Music Website Is Always No. 1 (New York Times - Paywall)

TV chef says Muslim men beat him up because he looks like Donald Trump (Fox News)

Globalism: A Far-Right Conspiracy Theory Buoyed by Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

New Zealand earthquake: CCTV shows the moment it struck (BBC)

Channel 4's 'Tricks Of The Restaurant Trade' Reveals The Shocking Calories In Your Chinese Takeaway (Huffington Post)

2016 Likely to Top 2015 as Hottest Year on Record, Scientists Say (New York Times - Paywall)

American Apparel files for second bankruptcy in just over a year (Daily Mail)

John Oliver Lays Out What Needs to Be Done to Combat a Trump Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

It's Time - It's Time To Stand Up For Human Rights In A President Trump World (Huffington Post)

Trump planned to endorse Chris Christie (CNN)

The U.K.s FinTech Sector Is Waiting Nervously For The Brexit Outcome (Newsweek Magazine)

What does the alt-right do now that 'God Emperor' Trump won? (CNN)

Cheshire mother dies just two weeks after her son perished in a house fire (Daily Mail)

Joe Biden And Barack Obama Memes Are The Only Pure Thing Left (Huffington Post)

Etiquette expert Myka Meier reveals the ONE question you should never ask a date (Daily Mail)

'Supermoon' lights up sky around the world (BBC)

Melania Trump says she tells Donald when he overdoes it on Twitter (Daily Mail)

2016 set to be hottest year since records began (Financial Times - Paywall)

Hull family decorate their entire house into a festive grotto 7 WEEKS before Christmas (Daily Mail)

Why Donald Trump Will Have a Hard Time Undoing Barack Obamas Policies (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump presidency: Your questions answered (BBC)

Can the OnePlus 3T compete with the iPhone 7? Company's most powerful handset yet may be released tomorrow (Daily Mail)

German government backs MP who compared Donald Trump to a 'hate preacher' (Daily Mail)

A chandelier from Napoleon's sister, 18th-century clothes to wear to dinner and 15 acres per guest: Inside the real-life Downton Abbey hotel voted No1 in the world (Daily Mail)

ECB warns on protectionism after Trump victory (Financial Times - Paywall)

Rights Groups Fear Worsening Race Relations Under Donald Trumps Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Contributor: How Trump Is Good for China (New York Times - Paywall)

Conor McGregor: Who Will UFC's First Dual Weight World Champion Fight Next? (Newsweek Magazine)

Reince Priebus, Stephen Bannon Get Key Roles in Trump White House (Newsweek Magazine)

New Zealand earthquake: Massive 5.8 and 6.3 magnitude aftershocks hits hours later (Daily Mail)

Why the Discovery of Globular Clusters Could Help Us Understand How Galaxies are Created (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama will spend his final presidential trip abroad trying to reassure the world about Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Four Reasons Why the Polls Got the U.S. Election Result So Wrong (Newsweek Magazine)

New Zealand Rocked by Earthquake (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Stephen Bannon: White House role for right-wing media chief (BBC)

Trump and Xi Jinping, China’s Leader, Hold Cordial First Phone Call (New York Times - Paywall)

Analysis: Bannon Leads 'Alt Right' to the White House (NBC News)

Will Donald Trump live in the White House? (Daily Mail)

Saturn's rings may have formed when dinosaurs roamed Earth (Daily Mail)

David Sillito: How the media created President Trump (BBC)

Messy truth about gulf between Trump and Clinton voters (CNN)

Carbon dioxide emissions have levelled out in past three years as China reduces coal use (Daily Mail)

Vitiligo sufferer reveals how Instagram gave her confidence to flaunt her patches (Daily Mail)

Xi urges Trump to co-operate with China (Financial Times - Paywall)

Year after Paris attacks, France stuck with "climate of fear"? (CBS News)

Biden v Trump (BBC)

2016 'very likely' to be world's warmest year (BBC)

Cute piglets splash around in delight as they take their first soak (Daily Mail)

Queen's Brian May can't stand noisy leaf-blowers, writes DOMINIC LAWSON (Daily Mail)

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