Monday, 28th November 2016

World News

11 injured in Ohio State University attack; suspect dead (CBS News)

Attack at Ohio State University (CBS News)

Rebel forces lose key parts of Aleppo (CBS News)

Where does Cuba go from here? (CBS News)

Did Ohio State suspect act alone? (CBS News)

Cops: Suspect dead after throwing womans body from car (CBS News)

Rose on Fidel Castros death and future of Cuba (CBS News)

Mixed feelings for Cuban-Americans after Fidel Castros death (CBS News)

Ohio State University facing active shooter situation (CBS News)

11/27: Cuba mourns death of Fidel Castro; Inside the Vaticans high-tech TV operation (CBS News)

Trumps team split on Romney as potential secretary of state (CBS News)

Post-Castro death celebrations continue (CBS News)

Ohio State University assailant dead and multiple people injured at Columbus campus (Daily Mail)

Ohio State Attack: Suspect Posted Rant Before His Attack (NBC News)

Donald Trump's Line on Cuba Unsettles Latin America (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

After Fidel Castros death, new questions about Cubas future (CBS News)

Fidel Castro honored by thousands in Havana's Revolution Plaza (Daily Mail)

Generations of Cubans respond differently to Fidel Castros death (CBS News)

Fidel Castros death may mark turning point for U.S.-Cuba relations (CBS News)

Ohio State attack sparks terrorism investigation (Financial Times - Paywall)

Uni student banned from class after cop claims her 'short skirt will distract men' (Daily Star)

Trump 'irritated' by aide's Romney attacks (CNN)

'Rude and Disrespectful': Delta Bans Trump Supporter for Life (NBC News)

Donald Trump Debuts a Brand New Version of His Famous Red Hat (Time Magazine)

From milk to lightbulbs, Fidel Castro reshaped life in Cuba (Fox News)

What to Know About Ohio State University Attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan (Time Magazine)

Syria rebels' hold on eastern Aleppo collapses as government troops move in (Fox News)

Trump Meets Petraeus as Battle Over Secretary of State Continues (NBC News)

White House rebuts Trump vote fraud claim (BBC)

South Africa's Zuma Under New Pressure (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kellyanne Conway manages to sneak away from Team Trump for family vacation (Daily Mail)

Generational differences as Cubans respond to Fidel Castros death (CBS News)

Syria Seizes Parts of Aleppo From Rebels (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Jill Stein claims Pennsylvania voting machines could have been 'hacked' in last-ditch legal bid for state-wide recount as Trump aides calls her scheme 'ridiculous' (Daily Mail)

Tree surgeon in Oxford bled to death when his chainsaw cut his throat (Daily Mail)

Fidel Castro death: Cubans queue to pay their respects (BBC)

Motorist with parking fine at Asda claims every ticket issued is illegal (Daily Mail)

Self-Proclaimed Donald Trump Voter Goes on Bizarre Rant in Art Store (Time Magazine)

British diver claims Adolf Hitler's sunken treasure is aboard sunken Nazi vessel (Daily Mail)

Dear journalists: Stop taking Trump literally (CNN)

Ex-Coach Barry Bennell In Hospital Amid Investigation Into Youth Football Sex Abuse Claims (Huffington Post)

Angels cheer as they jet off for Paris ahead of 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (Daily Mail)

6 now dead from thunderstorm asthma (CNN)

Donald Trump Is Failing His Crash Course in Leadership (Time Magazine)

Dogwalker who stumbled across a mystery 'space poo' jelly substance claims it is proof ALIENS exist (Daily Mail)

Syrian forces capture major Aleppo neighborhood in blow to rebels (Los Angeles Times)

Outrage as Brit neo-Nazi leader taped saying 'Hitler wrong to show Jewish people mercy' (Daily Star)

Dementia sufferer was found 'naked and choked to death by his own hospital gown' (Daily Mail)

First Commercial Flight From Miami to Havana Takes Off (NBC News)

Zika Virus Arrives in South Texas (NBC News)

Israeli Official Calls for Boycott of French Goods After Paris Labels Settlement Produce (Newsweek Magazine)

Who is UKIPs New Leader Paul Nuttall And What Does He Mean for the Party? (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Said to Win Michigan (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Threatens to Roll Back Obama’s Cuba Policy (New York Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener at 8: Cuba comes to terms with Fidel Castros death (CBS News)

The Time I Stood Up to Fidel Castro (Time Magazine)

Historic photograph of Fidel Castro at center of memorial (Fox News)

The Pakistan army chief who waged war on Islamist militants is stepping down. His successor will deal with Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Trump wins final state to declare (CNN)

Pilot dead after Canadian fighter jet crashes (Fox News)

Valls backs away from French presidential bid (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Has Officially Won Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes (Time Magazine)

Ohio State University attack: Suspect dead and nine injured (BBC)

Trump threatens to terminate US-Cuba thaw (BBC)

Text of oath to uphold Fidel Castro's revolutionary ideals (Fox News)

South Africa's Jacob Zuma faces a no-confidence vote as he fights for political survival (Los Angeles Times)

Syrian civil war: Is this the turning point? (CNN)

Jacob Zuma Faces Leadership Challenge in South Africa (New York Times - Paywall)

Thousands flee besieged Aleppo as Assad forces advance (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ex-lover of twin 'murdered when her sister drove her off a cliff' details pair's toxic relationship and says the two had 'very intense' fights all the time (Daily Mail)

Delta Bans Passenger for Life After Pro-Donald Trump Rant on Flight (Time Magazine)

How Donald Trump Affects Therapy Patients (Time Magazine)

Hilarious toddler shows off his dance moves (Daily Mail)

Syria conflict: Rebels lose third of east Aleppo territory (BBC)

Several injured in knife, car attack at Ohio State University (CNN)

President-elect Trump denounces recount efforts (CBS News)

Trump faces clash with business over Cuba threat (Financial Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener: Trump responds to recount efforts with voter fraud claims (CBS News)

Key Al Qaeda leader believed killed in French airstrikes over Libya (Fox News)

Niall Horan Says One Direction Will Be Back' (Time Magazine)

Horrific death rituals of ancient Brazil revealed (Daily Mail)

The 'real' workers' party: UKIP leader Paul Nuttall looks to DESTROY 'London set' Labour (Daily Star)

Clinton won popular vote, Trump won the election: Get over it (CNN)

What Fidel Castros death means for future of Cuba (CBS News)

Syrian Girl With Viral Twitter Account Narrowly Survives Bombing: I Almost Died' (Time Magazine)

Is death just an ILLUSION? Consciousness CONTINUES in alternate universe, scientist claims (Daily Express)

'We have had ENOUGH' Populist leader condemns EU for making Italians 'SLAVES' of Brussels (Daily Express)

New Ukip leader Paul Nuttall vows to pressure Theresa May over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Ohio State Lockdown Over After Attack Sends 10 to Hospital (NBC News)

Jeremy Corbyn swerves Fidel Castro funeral and sends Emily Thornberry instead (Daily Mail)

Paul Nuttall elected as UKIP leader (BBC)

Today in Trump Transition: President-Elect Peddles False Claims of Voter Fraud (Newsweek Magazine)

Castro, in Death, Casts Long Shadow Over Cuba (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Family make appeal over Gary Ferguson death in Myanmar (BBC)

What We Know About the Ohio State University Attack (Time Magazine)

Death of Castro May Pressure Trump on Cuba (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Crazy shopper bids £26,000 for one bar of rare unicorn chocolate (Daily Star)

Locals and tourists watch in fear as giant water spout strikes off of Spanish coast (Daily Mail)

Ohio State University Gives All-Clear Following Active Shooter Incident (Newsweek Magazine)

11 Wounded, Assailant Killed In Ohio State University Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Syrians in Besieged Aleppo Flee Government Forces’ Advance (New York Times - Paywall)

8 Hospitalized After Ohio State University Attack (Time Magazine)

First commercial U.S.-Havana flight lands as country mourns Fidel Castro (Fox News)

Fidel Castro Funeral: Putin Declines Invite, Obama and Others Ponder (Newsweek Magazine)

Baby wakes from coma after father fought French doctors to keep on life support (Daily Mail)

South African president in battle to continue in office (Fox News)

Here's How Trump Vowed to Deal With 'Bad Dudes' Like Kim (NBC News)

Trump falsely claims 'millions voted illegally' (CNN)

Neo-Nazi youth leader faces prosecution 'after telling meeting that Hitler was too soft' (Daily Mail)

Mike Chillit claims he's found MH370 debris near Mauritius using GOOGLE EARTH (Daily Mail)

A Japanese Skating Rink Froze 5,000 Dead Fish in the Ice. People Were Not Happy (Time Magazine)

Thousands of Cubans pay respects to late dictator Fidel Castro (Fox News)

Aleppo family says goodbye on Twitter (CNN)

Donald Trump Threatens to Terminate' Cuba Deal (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Active shooter storms Ohio State University as students told 'Run Hide Fight' (Daily Express)

Syrian Troops Capture Additional Areas of Rebel-Held Aleppo (New York Times - Paywall)

Ohio shooting: One dead as attackers storm campus where students told 'run, hide, fight' (Daily Star)

For children of Cuban exiles, Castro's death opens door to a world long off-limits (Fox News)

Trump Takes to Twitter to Threaten Cuba (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump tweets he WON popular vote when 'people who voted illegally' are subtracted (Daily Mail)

What's next for Nigel Farage? Ex-UKIP leader 'off' to US ahead of 'secret talks' (Daily Star)

Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Will Represent Himself in Death Penalty Trial (Time Magazine)

10 dead as residents in 1 Somali town resist al-Shabab taxes (Fox News)

French presidential race heats up: A look at the candidates (Fox News)

South Africa's New HIV Vaccine Trial Hopes to Be the Final Nail in the Coffin' (Time Magazine)

7 Bizarre Ways the CIA Tried to Assassinate Fidel Castro (NBC News)

Trump claims millions voted illegally in presidential poll (BBC)

Farage out UKIP has a new leader (CNN)

Myanmar Leader Calls Off Trip as Pressure Grows Over Rohingya (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Paul Nuttall to Be New Leader of UK Independence Party (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump ally: Romney is an egomaniac (CNN)

Pro-Syrian Forces Take Aleppo Neighborhood as Hundreds Flee (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Cambridge University Denies 'Cover Up' Allegations Over Anti-Semitic Abuse Claims (Huffington Post)

Giant spider attacked by dozens of bees who STING it to death (Daily Mail)

Fidel Castro claimed he lived on £20 a month but had luxury homes and mistresses galore (Daily Mail)

Thousands show up to pay homage to Fidel Castro in Havana's Revolution Plaza (Fox News)

A Trump White House Preview: Feuds, Turmoil And Conspiracies (NBC News)

Prince Harry awkwardly bows head during minute's silence for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (Daily Mail)

UKIP Chooses Paul Nuttall to Replace Nigel Farage as Leader (New York Times - Paywall)

Son's heartbreaking tribute to his mother found dead in woodland in Wirrall (Daily Mail)

Fury in streets of Korea as million-strong crowd demands leader steps down (Daily Star)

Trump Casts Doubt Over Millions of Votes in Election He Won (NBC News)

Labour Attacks New Ukip Leader Paul Nuttall For Wanting To Privatise The NHS (Huffington Post)

US braced for new influx of Cuban immigrants in wake of Fidel Castro's death (Daily Mail)

The Queen's best friend Margaret Rhodes's death is a blow to Her Majesty (Daily Mail)

French PM Manuel Valls Hints He Could Run Against Hollande for President (Newsweek Magazine)

The Latest: Thousands lining up early to pay homage to Fidel (Fox News)

Cheese Advent Calendar: Blogger Shares DIY Instructions To Make Your Christmas A Gouda One (Huffington Post)

Meet the new UKIP leader (BBC)

Watch: Formula One World Champion Nico Rosberg's Touching Tribute (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Columnist: Fidel in All His Facets (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Looks to Fill More Administration Jobs as Recount Distraction Looms (Time Magazine)

Syrian troops capture northern parts of rebel-held Aleppo (Fox News)

UKIP's new leader announced as Paul Nuttall (Daily Star)

Paul Nuttall Elected Ukip Leader As Party Attempts To Move On From Nigel Farage (Huffington Post)

Dead fish frozen into Japanese ice rink (BBC)

Ex-Big Brother housemate Lisa Huo avoids jail despite taunting family over man's death (Daily Mail)

Nico Rosberg survives late Lewis Hamilton tricks to win first Formula One world championship despite Brit claiming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix victory (Daily Mail)

South Africa's Jacob Zuma Faces ANC Debate on His Future (Newsweek Magazine)

Amid Scandal, South Korean Officials Retreat on Controversial Textbook Plan (New York Times - Paywall)

Anti-EU UKIP picks new leader to replace Trump ally Farage (Fox News)

Syrian Army Seizes Key Aleppo Area From Rebels: Observatory (Newsweek Magazine)

Outrage as 5,000 Dead Fish Frozen Into Ice Rink (NBC News)

Home of Syrian Harry Potter Fan Who Gained J.K. Rowlings Attention Bombed (Newsweek Magazine)

Italy set to DITCH the Euro if PM Matteo Renzi becomes the latest leader to lose referendum (Daily Mail)

Melania Trump is thanked by Slovenia's president Borut Pahor for raising their profile (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Thinks The Election He Won Was Rigged (Huffington Post)

People are donating thousands to dig a huge hole and no one really knows why (Daily Star)

State weighs banning lawyers from sex with clients (CBS News)

Huge Numbers Demand the Ouster of South Korea's President In a Fifth Week of Protests (Time Magazine)

Mystery object spotted during diving trip off Canada's pacific is not a lost Cold War bomb (Daily Mail)

Fran ois Fillon: The Long Distance Driver Of French Politics (Huffington Post)

Ringleaders of 'Trojan Horse' plot to impose Islamic regimes in state schools are BACK (Daily Mail)

Rail operator ticket machines to face major redesign to stop commuters being ripped off (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump shares photo of son Theodore on Twitter to celebrate turning 8 months old (Daily Mail)

Israel bombs suspected Islamic State militant hideout in Syria (Fox News)

Tourists find Havana a virtual ghost town as Cuba prepares for Fidel Castro's funeral (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Syrian troops push into rebel-held east Aleppo (Fox News)

GPs say workload affects quality of care and one in ten say they offer 'safe' care (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage to ask Trump to 'forgive' the UK for things said about him during election (Daily Mail)

Mark Lowen: Turkey torture claims in wake of failed coup (BBC)

Syrian troops capture major Aleppo neighborhood (Fox News)

North Korea calls 3-day mourning period for Castro (Fox News)

No confidence: South African president Jacob Zuma facing vote that could see him sacked (Daily Express)

Syrian government retakes key parts of Aleppo (CBS News)

Taking Note: What Castro’s Death Means for a Child of Mariel (New York Times - Paywall)

Fidel Castro’s Sister, an Outspoken Critic, Takes No Joy in His Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Early signs of water woes in parts of the South (CBS News)

Trump keeps watch dogs on recount effort (CBS News)

Has Trump made his decision on Romney? Kellyanne Conway trashes 2012 GOP nominee, suggesting team doesn't want to hand him secretary of state for sake of party unity (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump cursing at golf course employee in Scotland re-emerges (Daily Mail)

Kaepernick's Castro comments anger fans (CNN)

Despite Fidel Castro's death, few expect rapid political changes in Cuba (Los Angeles Times)

Syria war: Thousands uprooted from rebel-held east Aleppo (BBC)

Trump clash with North Korea could have 'EXPLOSIVE OUTCOME', security chief warns (Daily Express)

Cuba bids farewell to Fidel Castro, ruler for half-century (Fox News)

Wife of Paul Briggs begs judges to let life support machine be turned off after motorcycle crash (Daily Mail)

Islamic State chemical attack horror as Syrian rebels are hospitalised by toxic cloud' (Daily Mail)

PANIC STATIONS: Secret plan to WALL OFF Europe if Turkey unleashes '3m migrant tsunami' (Daily Express)

Parents reveal their children's rude (and occasionally VERY disturbing) one liners (Daily Mail)

Hamster toy sends a happy baby into floods of tears when it lets off a squeak (Daily Mail)

Hundreds flee Syria regime advance into east Aleppo (Daily Mail)

Laurent Burnier discovers hangar in Belgium with damaged planes with ripped off wings (Daily Mail)

New Orleans violence 'out of control' says mayor after one person is killed and nine injured in shooting on famous party street (Daily Mail)

Francois Fillon wants to sack 500,000 French civil servants if elected president (Daily Mail)

Thousands in Aleppo Have Been Displaced by Syrian and Kurdish Army Movements (Time Magazine)

Woman claims she was cheated on by Sainsbury's cashier confronts 'love rat' at checkout (Daily Mail)

Marine Le Pen says Trump victory boosts her chances (CNN)

Tide of displacement: Syrian army advances in Aleppo (CBS News)

Trudeau's Castro tribute ridiculed (CNN)

World commemorates Fidel Castro (CNN)

Donald Trump responds to the death of Fidel Castro (CBS News)

French conservatives make pick for presidential election (CBS News)

One in four are refused refunds for faulty goods from High Street stores as charity warns we are being fobbed off (Daily Mail)

Nico Rosberg Clinches His First Formula One Title in Abu Dhabi (Time Magazine)

10 shot in New Orleans; 1 dead (CNN)

Donald Trump lays into 'ILLEGAL VOTERS' for giving Hillary Clinton popular vote victory (Daily Express)

For Labour's Jeremy Corbyn Fidel Castro's death came as a heavy blow (Daily Mail)

Syrian forces retake key Aleppo district (CNN)

Donald Trump caught boasting about bulldozing British homes and 'bullying' golf workers (Daily Star)

Kristina Rihanoff and Ben Cohen show off baby Mila as they talk marriage plans (Daily Mail)

South Korea’s Impeachment Process, Explained (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump attacks Clinton for backing recount effort (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cuba After Castro: How Much Change, and How Quickly? (NBC News)

Secret Islamic State documents reveal chilling terror plans against EUROPE (Daily Express)

Claims of torture after Turkey's coup (BBC)

François Fillon Wins Center-Right Nomination for French Presidency (New York Times - Paywall)

Corporate America lobbies Trump for tax reversal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nigel Farage: Donald Trump wants to give me a job, I'm off to America (Daily Express)

History in the making as first commercial flight from Miami lands in Cuba (Daily Express)

'Just let him die': Woman begs for her husband's life support machine to be turned off (Daily Star)

Trump aide: Backers 'betrayed' on Romney (CNN)

Op-Ed Contributor: The Little Fidel in All of Us (New York Times - Paywall)

Rebel hold on Aleppo appears to be collapsing as Syrian troops advance (Los Angeles Times)

'Bye': Terrified Family Tweeting From Aleppo Says Farewell (NBC News)

How Fidel Castro stood up to the U.S., and won (CBS News)

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea (Fox News)

Sleep well, Donald? Trump launches furious morning Twitter rant at Hillary, accusing her of hypocrisy for refusing to accept election result after she said she would join in Wisconsin recount (Daily Mail)

Justin Trudeau under fire after praising Castro as a 'remarkable leader' (Daily Mail)

Rosie O'Donnell defends speculating if Barron Trump is autistic (Daily Mail)

New Orleans shooting on Bourbon Street leaves one dead and nine injured (BBC)

Trump Claims Illegal Voting Gave Clinton the Popular Vote (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria war: Army makes rapid gains in rebel-held east Aleppo (BBC)

UK Championship 2016: Oliver Lines stuns Judd Trump to join dad Peter in round three (BBC)

Fillon wins centre-right French election primary (Financial Times - Paywall)

It's Trump, But It's Not Trump (Huffington Post)

Fidel Castro death: Cuban dissidents call off weekly march (BBC)

Fidel Castro remembered (CBS News)

Elian Gonzalez: Castro was a father to me (CNN)

Donald Trump Falsely Says Millions of People Voted Illegally in the Election He Won (Time Magazine)

Douglas Brinkley: Fidel Castro's shadow will continue to loom large (CBS News)

Francois Fillon Declares Victory in French Conservative Presidential Primary (Time Magazine)

Drug motive eyed in Mexico baby shower killings; 2 kids dead (Fox News)

Fidel Castro: David to Americas Goliath (CBS News)

Canadian PM Trudeau: Yes, Fidel Castro Was a Dictator (Newsweek Magazine)

Cuban-Americans Around Nation React to Death of Fidel Castro (NBC News)

Capital respects: Havana prepares for two days of tributes in honor of late leader Fidel Castro (Fox News)

Fillon the Conservative Pick for French Presidential Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Imagining Cuba's human rights situation after Fidel Castro (Fox News)

Syrian army Aleppo advance displaces thousands (Fox News)

Cuba prepares to mourn Fidel Castro (CBS News)

Brazilian leader says politicians who received illegal campaign gifts will get no amnesty (Fox News)

Mourinho sent off in Man Utd draw (BBC)

Trump and Obama Speak 'Regularly,' Conway Says (NBC News)

Trump Adviser Conway: Picking Romney for State Would be a Betrayal (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korean Leader Digs In Against Rising Calls for Impeachment (New York Times - Paywall)

Cuban-American Celebrities React to Fidel Castro's Death (Time Magazine)

Official: 85 dead in Central African Republic rebel fighting (Fox News)

Sign off the times: GCSE pupils make more spelling mistakes than their parents' generation and often cannot spell 'too', 'of' and 'said' (Daily Mail)

'I was dead for EIGHT minutes': David Ginola reveals how his life hung in the balance when he suffered a heart attack on a football pitch earlier this year (Daily Mail)

Elian Gonzalez returns to public eye to praise Fidel Castro (Fox News)

Nick Yarris who spent 23 years on death row set to be next big Netflix drama (Daily Mail)

Elian Gonzalez says Castro will always be with Cubans: 'He is the present and the future' (Fox News)

Shooting in New Orleans' French Quarter Leaves 1 Dead, 9 Injured (Time Magazine)

Nigel Farage Facing Death Threats As Ukip Leader Labelled 'Britain's Most Hated Man' (Huffington Post)

Delta Apologizes After Flight Passenger's Rant in Support of Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

TWENTY footballers say they were sexually abused by youth coaches as one victim reveals the horrors of his attacker's lair and FA launches investigation into the scandal (Daily Mail)

Texas state trooper patrolling border hit by stray bullet from gunfight in Mexico (Fox News)

Cubans Fear a Trump Future Without Fidels Protection (Newsweek Magazine)

Marita Lorenz mourns the death of her first love Fidel Castro (Daily Mail)

Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban castaway who was rescued off the Florida coast in 1999 aged five, says Fidel Castro was a father-figure-turned friend (Daily Mail)

Former child chess prodigy turned parkour fan plunges to his death aged 20 while trying to jump between balconies in Moscow (Daily Mail)

Kellyanne Conway Publicly Slams Mitt Romney as Potential Secretary of State Pick (Time Magazine)

NASAs Climate Research Will Likely be Scrapped by Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Qatar Will Arm Syrian Rebels Regardless of Trumps Policies (Newsweek Magazine)

Subdued Cuba Prepares Memorial for Castro (New York Times - Paywall)

SNL Actor Michael Che Agrees With Donald Trump That Show Is One-Sided' (Time Magazine)

Fidel Castros Reign Riddled With Contradictions (Newsweek Magazine)

Mayor of Beppu in Japan confirms construction of a bizarre 'spa-musement' park after viral video hits more than one million views (Daily Mail)

What Will Trump Presidency Mean for Women's Health? (NBC News)

Four Militants Killed in Israeli Strike in Syrian Golan Heights (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton WILL take part in Wisconsin ballot recount after Jill Stein challenges Trump win (Daily Mail)

On Fidel's Death, Cuba and Puerto Rico, Two Paths Intertwined (NBC News)

Fidel Castro's death could ensure Obama's opening to Cuba survives (Los Angeles Times)

How Fidel Castro's revolution remade South Florida (Los Angeles Times)

Viewing Fidel Castro’s Revolution: 50 Years. Three Generations. One Family. (New York Times - Paywall)

Ron Glass, 'Barney Miller,' 'Firefly' Star, Dead at 71 (NBC News)

In Havana, Fidel Castro's passing marks the end of an era (Los Angeles Times)

In Miami's Little Havana, Cubans whoop, dance and reflect as they celebrate Castro's death (Los Angeles Times)

Castro's death fuels uncertainty at home and abroad (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Cuba where Fidel Castro died is a very different place from the one he ruled for decades (Los Angeles Times)

Fillon the Favorite to Win Conservative Nomination for French President (Newsweek Magazine)

Justin Trudeau Criticized for Praising Fidel Castro as ‘Remarkable Leader’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian refugees seeking sanctuary in Bradford (BBC)

How Fake News Created the Myth of Fidel Castro as Latin Robin Hood (Newsweek Magazine)

Can Cuba move on from Castro? (CNN)

Canadas Trudeau Mocked for Wistful Remarks on Fidels Death (Newsweek Magazine)

Miami’s Cuban Exiles Celebrate Castro’s Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Socialism should die with Castro (CNN)

Two cities, opposite reactions to Fidel Castro's death (CNN)

In Havana, Castro’s Death Lays Bare a Generation Gap (New York Times - Paywall)

History will judge Castro's era, Obama says, as world leaders react to former Cuban leader's death (Los Angeles Times)

Fate of U.S.-Cuba Thaw Is Less Certain Under Donald Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Protest Against South Korean President Estimated to Be Largest Yet (New York Times - Paywall)

Fidel Castro has died at age 90 (CNN)

Miami reacts to Fidel Castro's death (CNN)

With One Castro Gone, Questions About What the Other Castro Will Do (New York Times - Paywall)

Aleppo Video Diary: Some Syrians Now Envy the Dead (NBC News)

As it advances on rebel forces in Aleppo, Syrian government looking more upbeat (Los Angeles Times)

Fidel Castro dead at 90: The revolutionary icon's influence was felt far beyond Cuba (Los Angeles Times)

Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary Who Defied U.S., Dies at 90 (New York Times - Paywall)

Lucy Williamson: French conservatives' election gets personal (BBC)

Trump seems ready to fight the world on climate change. But he's likely to meet resistance (Los Angeles Times)

In Scotland, Trump Built a Wall. Then He Sent Residents the Bill. (New York Times - Paywall)

A message from the people of Aleppo to the world (CNN)

How President Trump could help end Syrian civil war (CNN)

South Korea's political scandal leaves the country with abysmal options (Los Angeles Times)

Pastors in South Africa face criticism for unorthodox methods - like spraying worshipers with pesticide (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State is likely to fall in Mosul. The challenge will be keeping militants out for good (Los Angeles Times)

Postcard From the Hajj: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Checking Mecca Off My Bucket List (New York Times - Paywall)

Postscript: One Year Later, a Tip About a Border Crossing Pays Off (New York Times - Paywall)