Monday, 5th December 2016

World News

DA on Oakland fire probe: We will leave no stone unturned ? (CBS News)

Russia, China veto Syrian humanitarian truce at U.N. (CBS News)

Justin Ross Harris sentenced in sons hot car death (CBS News)

Trump faces backlash from China, names Ben Carson to Cabinet (CBS News)

Oakland body search resumes after building collapse fears (CBS News)

Muslim woman pushed down stairs, called "terrorist" (CBS News)

Indian Tamil leaders death leads to unrest fears (CBS News)

Death toll still rising in Oakland warehouse fire (CBS News)

Italian protesters inspired by Brexit vote are dragged away by police (Daily Mail)

Newspaper review: Robots 'to steal 15m jobs' and Brexit case (BBC)

China: Trump Team Is 'Clear' on Taiwan's Importance to Beijing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ROME RIOTS: Brexit inspires anti-EU Italian protests outside parliament as tensions flare (Daily Express)

Chinas reaction to Donald Trumps call with Taiwan (CBS News)

Italian PM Renzi to step down after referendum defeat (CBS News)

Italy hears echoes of Trump and Brexit as anti-establishment parties press their cause (Los Angeles Times)

Impact of President-elect Trumps Taiwan call, China criticisms (CBS News)

French Prime Minister Valls Announces Run for President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Trump should use Twitter (CNN)

How will Trump handle sensitive foreign policy situations? (CBS News)

Trump threatens job-exporting U.S. companies, and other MoneyWatch headlines (CBS News)

Oakland warehouse faced complaints for at least 12 years (CBS News)

Fearless man perfectly reveals what NOT to do if you miss the lift (Daily Star)

Trump meets with Al Gore on climate (CNN)

Oakland warehouse fire death toll rises to 36 (CBS News)

Manuel Valls, France’s Socialist Premier, Will Run for President (New York Times - Paywall)

How China could respond (CNN)

Odious extremists' Fury as pro-EU campaigners brand 17.4 million Brexit voters FASCISTS (Daily Express)

Mourinho and Ronaldo 'hid millions' from tax man (CNN)

Horrifying footage shows driver mow down petrol station worker after stealing fuel' (Daily Star)

France's Socialist prime minister Manuel Valls announces candidacy for presidency (Daily Mail)

Oakland Fire Exposes Silicon Valley's Ugly Housing Crisis (NBC News)

Scottish Santa worker stabbed to death in Lapland attack (Daily Express)

Nearly 300 American Muslims Sign Open Letter to Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

H stens Vividus mattress promises to give you perfect night's sleep for 25 years (Daily Mail)

Justice suspends president of Brazil's Senate from duties (Fox News)

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls to step down, run for president (Fox News)

'Don't panic!' Germany calls for calm and says Italian referendum 'is no reason to talk of an EU crisis' as euro recovers after hitting 20-month low (Daily Mail)

Live Briefing: Italy Considers What’s Next After Matteo Renzi Loses Referendum (New York Times - Paywall)

What to Know About the Oakland Warehouse Fire Victims (Time Magazine)

The messy truth about the gulf between Trump and Clinton voters (CNN)

Brexit on trial: Britain's Supreme Court begins hearing (CBS News)

Russia, China vote against Aleppo ceasefire (CNN)

Criminal probe underway in Oakland warehouse fire (CBS News)

Police: Fake news led man to pull gun (CNN)

Occasional smokers have 64% higher risk of early death (Daily Mail)

Theresa May to receive letter from 200 company bosses calling for early Brexit (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn and Lib Dems slammed for not being on 'Team UK' over Brexit (Daily Mail)

40 Tory MPs prepare to back a Labour motion that demands May publish her Brexit plan (Daily Mail)

Al Gore Meets Trump for 'Extremely Interesting' Conversation (NBC News)

Here's How Trump Could Decide Fate of Pipeline Dispute (NBC News)

Oakland Fire Toll Climbs to 36, 'Absolutely' Will Increase (NBC News)

Brexit plans face Supreme Court test (CNN)

What a difference a weekend makes! Millionairess arrested after 'man-handling' a stewardess on Virgin flight takes a stroll down Sandy Lane Beach with tycoon lover (Daily Mail)

Supreme Court Brexit case: 'No need' for MPs to get final say (BBC)

Russia and China block Syria truce in UN vote (Fox News)

Georgia Dad Sentenced to Life in Son's Hot Car Death (NBC News)

Brexit Supreme Court Challenge 'Like Watching Paint Dry,' Says Iain Duncan Smith (Huffington Post)

Cardiff woman killed in a car crash as her passenger made a 999 call (Daily Mail)

Edward Snowden is worried about Russia handings him over to Trump (Daily Mail)

Chinese buy President Xi and David Cameron visit pub (BBC)

Justin Ross Harris Sentenced to Life in Prison for Toddler's Hot Car Death (Time Magazine)

Fake US embassy in Ghana shut down after operating for years (Fox News)

Justin Ross Harris sentenced to life for son's hot car death (BBC)

BREAKING: Man 'wielding machete' at Seven Sisters tube station (Daily Express)

Who is responsible for deadly Oakland inferno? (CBS News)

Watch cities evolve over 32 years (CNN)

Barnsley petrol station worker is mowed down as she tries to stop 2 men without paying (Daily Mail)

So THAT'S why he needs an army EU's Juncker predicts WW3 after Italian referendum result (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Terror fears as machete-wielding man shuts down London Tube station (Daily Star)

What is Supreme Court Brexit case all about? (BBC)

U.K. Government's Brexit Plan Heads to Supreme Court (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

France election: PM Manuel Valls to run for president (BBC)

White House weighs in on Taiwan call (CNN)

Glasgow Man posts hilarious pictures of stranger who fell asleep on him on the subway (Daily Mail)

Trump adviser: 'If China doesn't like it, screw 'em' (CNN)

French Grand Prix to return after 10 years (CNN)

China flew nuclear-capable bombers around Taiwan before Trump call with Taiwanese president (Fox News)

Meet Italy's Donald Trump (CNN)

Iran High Court upholds billionaires death sentence (CBS News)

Gina Miller arrives at Supreme Court for latest stage of Brexit legal battle (Daily Mail)

Amazon drivers held 'hostage' by man who missed his delivery slot (Daily Mail)

President-elect Trump questioned on Taiwan call, China tweets (CBS News)

Mexico president creates 4 new protected biological reserves (Fox News)

Trump faces pushback from base over possible selection of Mitt Romney (CBS News)

Oakland fire victims father: "It feels so painful right now" (CBS News)

Iranian is almost stabbed to death after fellow asylum seekers 'discovered he was GAY' (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener: Search continues for Oakland fire victims (CBS News)

Oakland fire battalion chief on "arduous, slow" recovery effort (CBS News)

London Underground drivers call off planned strike action (BBC)

Trump Call Gauged Positively, but Cautiously, in Taiwan (New York Times - Paywall)

Ukrainian Prime Minister Dismisses Eurovision Host Rumors as Propaganda' (Newsweek Magazine)

PM facing Brexit revolt from 40 Tory MPs in Commons' showdown this week (Daily Express)

Who is Lord Neuberger? Meet the Supreme Court President - the top judge in Brexit case (Daily Express)

Even Smoking One Cigarette a Day Can Lead to Early Death (Time Magazine)

Trump Transition: Ivanka Trump to Meet With Al Gore; Ben Carson Picked for Housing Post (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump cabinet: Ben Carson nominated for housing secretary (BBC)

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key Resigns (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Liverpool man who stabbed love rival is given lowest possible sentence (Daily Mail)

Matteo Renzi resignation: Italy president mulls next move (BBC)

Donald Trump Plans to Review Dakota Access Pipeline After He Takes Office (Time Magazine)

Liberation of ISIS-Held Mosul Possible' Before Trump Takes Office, Says Pentagon Chief (Newsweek Magazine)

All 3.2 Million EU Citizens In UK Will Need New Documentation After Brexit (Huffington Post)

Paola Saulino promised sex to everyone that voted NO in Italian referendum (Daily Mail)

How might China react to Trump tweets? (BBC)

Malaria caused 'widespread death' in ancient Rome: DNA evidence from skeletons reveals a deadly form of the disease hit the empire 2,000 years ago (Daily Mail)

Welsh man who strangled his escort lover 'was just trying to scare her' (Daily Mail)

Is Italy's referendum result the first step to leaving EU? (CNN)

'Presidential' Trump no more a uniter than candidate Trump (CNN)

Woman married her fiancée of 17 years days before dying from breast cancer (Daily Mail)

Woman's hilarious note asking her noisy neighbours to pipe down (Daily Mail)

Euro bounces back as Italian referendum result stuns the financial world (Daily Mail)

London brawl sees topless man hit repeatedly as traffic is brought to a standstill (Daily Mail)

Meghan Markle smooches another man in new movie The Dater's Handbook (Daily Mail)

Victims in British sex-abuse scandal unite, call for justice (Fox News)

ISIS declare 'catastrophic war' on day Donald Trump becomes US president (Daily Star)

Yorkshire mother claims she is being stalked by a ghost she photographed 3 years ago (Daily Mail)

Taiwan Was the First Salvo in a Looming Showdown with China Over Trade (Newsweek Magazine)

'Almost like Remainers WANT a bad deal' Moaning Labour MP taken apart over Brexit (Daily Express)

Italy's political landscape after referendum (Fox News)

Britain to sail HMS Queen Elizabeth through the South China Sea (Daily Mail)

Government Misspells 'Integration' In Response To Call For Better English Language Skills (Huffington Post)

French authorities jail man for two years after he viewed pro-ISIS materials (Daily Mail)

Kosovo cuts 2 years from Serb's jail plotting terror attacks (Fox News)

Tracking Down One of Cancers Deadliest Culprits, the Ras Family of Genes (Newsweek Magazine)

Shocking moment an L-plate motorcyclist mows down a pedestrian in London (Daily Mail)

Ghana Shut Down a Bogus U.S. Embassy (Time Magazine)

Experts reveal the bizarre ways you're adding years to your face at night (Daily Mail)

Stunning model announces oral sex tour' for all referendum No' voters (Daily Star)

Trump Picks Former Rival Carson for Cabinet Post (NBC News)

Watch Live: Jill Stein Holds News Conference Outside Trump Tower (Time Magazine)

Pakistan: Multiple deaths, injuries in four-star hotel fire (CBS News)

Donald Trump lashes out at critics on Twitter over conversation with Taiwan's president (Daily Mail)

Birmingham scaffolder who killed a man becomes boxer after getting licensed in Malta (Daily Mail)

Review: After Years in Development, The Last Guardian Is a Thing of Wonder (Time Magazine)

Three Years of Dateline Missing in America: 64 Still Missing (NBC News)

CCTV shows a man and a dog being beaten with a baseball bat in Manchester (Daily Mail)

Oakland Warehouse Fire Death Toll Rises to 36 (Time Magazine)

Boy discovers thieves have RETURNED his bike on anniversary of his father's death (Daily Mail)

First victims of Oakland warehouse party fire identified (CBS News)

European Union in CRISIS as shock Italy referendum boosts Brexit Britain (Daily Star)

Chinese Mock Trump for 'Running the Country with Twitter' (NBC News)

Oakland Warehouse Fire: Death Toll at 33, Expected to Rise (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit Supreme Court Hearing Sees Pro-Israel Leprechaun Dance Outside (Huffington Post)

Italian PM to quit after defeat (CNN)

Chinese lorry driver leaps from vehicle before it tumbles down mountain (Daily Mail)

Pregnant dancer is blasted to death with a shotgun at an Indian wedding (Daily Mail)

Japan's Prime Minister announces historicvisit to Pearl Harbor alongside Obama (Daily Mail)

'Europe hands Putin a win, Trump a headache' (CNN)

Is This the Man Who'll Lead the Trump 'Resistance'? (NBC News)

Oakland fire: What was the Ghost Ship? (CNN)

Italy faces political, economic uncertainty ahead following referendum (Fox News)

Man Who Shot NFL RB Cited in Road Rage 10 Years Ago (NBC News)

Brexit hearing live: Watch historic Supreme Court battle over Article 50 powers (Daily Star)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Worker impaled as six-foot lightning rod crashes down on him (Daily Star)

Trump 'planned call with Taiwan president for MONTHS to change US-China relationship' (Daily Mail)

Man behind Oakland Ghost ship where at least 33 died in fire checks in to a hotel (Daily Mail)

China Amplifies Warning on Taiwan, and Trump Takes a Tougher Line (New York Times - Paywall)

Police union chief says open door policy to blame for death of teenager raped and murdered by Afghan migrant in Germany (Daily Mail)

Angela Merkel To Face Down Party Critics For Re-Election Bid (Newsweek Magazine)

Gunman Opens Fire While 'Self-Investigating' False Pizzagate Conspiracy (NBC News)

British Santa Safari Worker Killed In Lapland As Police Hold Boyfriend Over Death Following Manhunt (Huffington Post)

Pakistani police say hotel fire kills 11 in Karachi (Fox News)

High Wycombe man loses 10 STONE to stop cruel strangers calling him the pirate' (Daily Mail)

Service sector hits 10 month high despite Brexit fears (Daily Mail)

Apple invests in driverless cars following years of speculation (Daily Mail)

Brexit BATTLE begins: Supreme Court showdown as Remainers fight to block EU exit (Daily Star)

Italy faces political, economic uncertainty after referendum (Fox News)

Why Did Donald Trump Win? Just Visit Luzerne County, Pennsylvania (Newsweek Magazine)

UK government's Brexit plans in hands of Supreme Court (Fox News)

Albanian president sets June 18 for parliamentary election (Fox News)

Italian Referendum: After Matteo Renzis Resignation, What Happens Next? (Newsweek Magazine)

Norwegian minister claims single market membership outside of EU is 'win win' arrangement (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Taps Former Campaign Rival Ben Carson as Housing Secretary (Time Magazine)

Fake U.S. Embassy in Ghana Shut Down After Decade In Operation (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump attacks China in Twitter outburst (BBC)

Trump picks Ben Carson for his cabinet (CNN)

Supreme Court Warns 'Threats Of Violence' In Brexit Case 'Undermines Rule Of Law' (Huffington Post)

Islington Flooding Sees Fire Fighters Rescue Residents As Upper Street Closed (Huffington Post)

Why Trump's Call With Taiwan Strains U.S.-Chinese Relations (NBC News)

Man opens fire in restaurant hit by "PizzaGate" fake news conspiracy (CBS News)

Matteo Renzi's referendum defeat risks Italy political crisis (BBC)

Japanese prime minister Abe to visit Pearl Harbor with Obama (Fox News)

How the Trump presidency could impact South American currency markets (Los Angeles Times)

Counterfeit US embassy shut down in Ghana (Financial Times - Paywall)

Uzbekistan's acting president wins election overwhelmingly (Fox News)

Child escapes death after her mother lowered her onto train tracks to avoid fares (Daily Mail)

Trump attacks China but misses mark (CNN)

Italy hit by market volatility after crushing referendum defeat (Fox News)

Pizzagate: 'Amateur detective' OPENS FIRE in pizzeria rocked by Clinton child porn claims (Daily Star)

Scarlett Moffatt Winning I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' Hasn't Gone Down Well With Adam Thomas's Brother (Huffington Post)

How Europe has reacted to the Italian referendum no' vote (Daily Express)

Trump's Taiwan call, tweets point to flashpoints with China (Fox News)

Pakistan: Karachi Luxury Hotel Fire Kills 11, Say Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit Article 50 judgement LIVE: Supreme Court hearing as AG warns don't defy EU vote (Daily Express)

Victims of the Oakland warehouse fire (CBS News)

'What is the point?' Shami Chakrabarti hammered by Nick Robinson over Labour Brexit stance (Daily Express)

Pound To Euro Exchange Rate Soars After Italian Referendum Result Sees Matteo Renzi Quit As PM (Huffington Post)

12/4: Oakland warehouse was under investigation before deadly fire; Historic yacht used by eight presidents rots away in Virginia (CBS News)

Grandmother arranges 125,000 march for women's rights day after Donald Trump inauguration (Daily Express)

British Santa's grotto worker stabbed to death in Lapland (Daily Star)

11 Dead and Dozens Injured After an Early Morning Fire at a Luxury Hotel in Pakistan (Time Magazine)

Italian referendum: What the defeat of Renzi means for the EU and eurozone (Daily Express)

Brexit Supreme Court Judges To Be Told They Must Not Defy The 'Will Of The Electorate' (Huffington Post)

China appeals to US to stop disrupting acquisitions (Fox News)

In Aleppo, Death Is Everywhere (Huffington Post)

Gorgeous blonde fan wears Chelsea jacket to Man United vs Everton match and here's why (Daily Star)

Save us Angela Desperate EU to call on Merkel to help save Italy's 'political centre' (Daily Express)

British woman is stabbed to death at LAPLAND: Seasonal worker is killed at festive centre where she took children to meet Santa (Daily Mail)

Euro Drops to 20-Month Low After Italy Votes No in Referendum (Newsweek Magazine)

By Speaking to the President of Taiwan, Donald Trump Lays Down the Gauntlet to China (Time Magazine)

Kangaroo puncher is an animal lover and family man (Daily Mail)

Pakistan Hotel Fire Kills at Least 11 People (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Death toll from Tenn. wildfires rises to 14 (CBS News)

Helpless fox is torn to shreds and left with its intestines hanging from its body after a pack of vicious hounds brutally savages it to death during an 'illegal hunt' (Daily Mail)

Oakland warehouse fire: 33 dead in dance party tragedy (CNN)

Mental health patient who stabbed her mother to death is suing the NHS (Daily Mail)

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key resigns (Daily Mail)

Renzi to resign after referendum defeat (Financial Times - Paywall)

Italian PM quits after resounding referendum defeat (CNN)

BREAKING: British woman stabbed to death in Lapland (Daily Express)

Fears US-Japan ties may fray under Trump (CNN)

Hotel fire kills 11: No fire exits or alarms (CNN)

Pakistan hotel fire kills at least 11 people (BBC)

Italy hit by market volatility after referendum defeat (Fox News)

Edinburgh man with 'bionic penis' has scores of women contact him for for sex (Daily Mail)

Deadly fire at Oakland warehouse (CBS News)

Israeli court sentences tycoon to 2 years in prison (Fox News)

Three Things to Know About Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, Who Rattled China by Phoning Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump Steps Up China Rhetoric as Aides Play Down Call With Taiwan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Oakland fire: Teenagers among dead as death toll rises to 33 (Daily Star)

France's left-wing prime minister Manuel Valls to launch ambitious bid for presidency (Daily Express)

Euro falls after Italian referendum news (CNN)

'Do NOT block Brexit' Attorney General warns Supreme Court ahead of Brexit ruling D-Day (Daily Express)

Italy referendum updates LIVE: Matteo Renzi QUITS as Italians vote NO in crushing defeat (Daily Express)

Washington D.C. Police Detain Man With Assault Rifle at Fake News' Pizza Shop (Time Magazine)

Italian premier announces resignation after defeat of reforms referendum (CBS News)

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, Says He Will Step Down (New York Times - Paywall)

Italy prime minister resigns after losing constitutional reform vote (Fox News)

Sturgeon's SNP facing Brexit BACKLASH as voters turn away from Independence (Daily Express)

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in surprise resignation (BBC)

Families await news in deadly Oakland warehouse fire (CBS News)

BREAKING: International cricketers caught in huge hotel fire that killed 11, injured 50 (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Pakistan cricketer saves family' after fire engulfs hotel, leaving 11 dead (Daily Express)

Mystery as Kim Jong-un restarts work on North Korean Hotel of Doom' after 30 years (Daily Star)

Trump tweets about China policies after Taiwan flap (CBS News)

Trump swipes at China on Twitter (CNN)

Thousands of Brazilians Call for Graft Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Death Toll in Fire at Oakland Warehouse Party Rises to 33 (NBC News)

Renzi's doomed Italy referendum plunges EU into crisis as euro plummets to 20-MONTH-LOW (Daily Express)

She's changing how the world sees China (CNN)

Fake US embassy in Ghana FINALLY closed down after issuing illegal documents FOR 10 YEARS (Daily Express)

Teens and Music Makers Are Among the Oakland Warehouse Fire Victims (Time Magazine)

The Oakland Ghost Ship Warehouse Was a Death Trap' Says a Former Tenant (Time Magazine)

Was Trumps call to Taiwans president a "judgment error?" (CBS News)

Three Trump calls spook Washington (CNN)

Trump under fire for call with Taiwans president (CBS News)

Leicestershire man killed after his glider smashed into a light aircraft in the skies (Daily Mail)

Man Fires Shot in Pizzeria Named in Fake News Story (NBC News)

Melania Trump naked: Legal action over nude photos of future First Lady (Daily Star)

Fraudsters target a fifth of over-55s with savings over the past three years after new pensions freedoms make the age group more likely to be victims (Daily Mail)

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Next! Fashion Tycoon behind the high street giant marries fourth wife who is 29 years his junior (Daily Mail)

NZ PM: Why I'm stepping down (BBC)

Le Pen & right-wingers hail rejection of Renzi's Italy referendum as the 'END' for the EU (Daily Express)

Oakland warehouse fire kills at least 24 (CBS News)

Remainers brag of Brexit anarchy: Labour and Lib Dems plot ahead of Supreme Court hearing - as Attorney General warns judges not to 'stray' into politics (Daily Mail)

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key to Resign After Eight Years in Office (Time Magazine)

Millions of 'death trap' tumble dryers still not fixed a year after being identified as a fire risk after 750 blazes were linked to the machines (Daily Mail)

33 confirmed dead in Oakland warehouse party fire as dozens are still missing (Daily Mail)

Fake U.S. embassy shut down after 10 years (CBS News)

Picture Perfect: Mom Fights for Son With Down Syndrome (NBC News)

Oakland warehouse fire: At least 33 killed with more fatalities feared (Daily Express)

Another populist victory: Italian prime minister says he's resigning after referendum defeat (Los Angeles Times)

Europe in CHAOS as 'Italian Brexit' vote brings down government (Daily Star)

Trump chides China over his phone call with Taiwan (Financial Times - Paywall)

Italian PM to Resign After Referendum Fails (NBC News)

Aleppo cemeteries overrun after years of civil war and fighting ISIS (Daily Mail)

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi Quits After Losing Reforms Referendum by Big Margin (Time Magazine)

Brexit D-Day: David Davis prepares attack on the Supreme Court (Daily Star)

'It's the right time' New Zealand prime minister John Key says he WILL resign (Daily Express)

New Zealand Prime Minister announces resignation on FACEBOOK (Daily Star)

Taiwan City Planning a Makeover Says a Trump Agent Showed Interest (New York Times - Paywall)

Theresa May comes under pressure to 'get on with' Brexit from business leaders (Daily Express)

RENZI LOSES: Italian PM to RESIGN as nation says 'NO' in critical referendum (Daily Express)

Dispensing With Tip-Toeing, Trump Puts Taiwan in Play (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Quits After Losing Referendum (Huffington Post)

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key resigns after 8 years (Fox News)

How will both parties deal with a President Trump? (CBS News)

Spain floods: Man and dog rescued in Costa del Sol (BBC)

Boris Johnson says there will be 'hairy moments' but a hard Brexit is ON (Daily Mail)

PM Matteo Renzi to Resign After Italian Referendums Stinging Defeat (Newsweek Magazine)

Oakland fire: 30 confirmed dead as search continues (BBC)

Leon Panetta: Every president I know has taken their daily intelligence briefs (CBS News)

Nap to fire up energy levels, hug to calm worries and sing to stop snoring: How to change your life in just 15 minutes! (Daily Mail)

The one lesson I've learned from life: Dame Esther Rantzen on why she would like to live to 101 years old (Daily Mail)

Death toll in Oakland warehouse fire rises to 33 (Financial Times - Paywall)

Austria election: Van der Bellen promises to be "pro-European" president (BBC)

Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho defends Marouane Fellaini substitution after draw (BBC)

Dylann Roof Asks Judge to Allow His Lawyers Back on Death Penalty Case (Time Magazine)

'I used to just lie there praying?' Sir Cliff Richard reveals he slept only THREE HOURS a night for 22 months as he demands answers from the man whose false sexual assault claims forced him to endure a 'very difficult' and 'horrible' period of his life (Daily Mail)

Trump Transition: Jon Huntsman, John Bolton, Exxon CEO Among State Department Possibilities (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump lets rip at SNL again after the show ridicules his Twitter habits (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin says Donald Trump is clever, will understand new responsibilities (Daily Mail)

US ready for WAR on China with 400 bases of warships, nukes, and bombers mobilised (Daily Star)

Liverpool hazardous waste plant fire can be seen from 15 miles away (Daily Mail)

Austrians Reject Far-Rights Hofer, Van der Bellen Elected President (Newsweek Magazine)

Netanyahu says Trump election has not changed 2-state goal (Fox News)

Putin expresses confidence in Trump amid concerns (CBS News)

Donald Trump vs. Alec Baldwin Redux: SNL Again the Target of President-Elects Ire (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump warns US business over offshoring (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Threatens U.S. Companies Via Twitter (NBC News)

Call could change US-China history (CNN)

Iran says it won't walk away from the nuclear deal that Trump has threatened to 'dismantle' (Los Angeles Times)

Saturday Night Live Tries to Track Down Hillary Clinton in The Hunt for Hil' (Time Magazine)

Salmond: Holyrood 'could provoke crisis' over Brexit (BBC)

Anger as French town is forced to take down a Virgin Mary statue (Daily Mail)

Let Brexit Happen. Let People Learn (Huffington Post)

Robber posing as UPS delivery man is caught on camera breaking into Texas home (Daily Mail)

Trump says companies who leave the United States and fire employees will face tax increases (Daily Mail)

Recovery Teams Search Ruins of Oakland Warehouse Fire (Newsweek Magazine)

Mike Pence: I Dont Think Donald Trumps Taiwan Call Signals Policy Shift (Newsweek Magazine)

Cuba Puts Fidel Castro to Rest: ‘A Man So Large in a Box So Small’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Motorists who cause death by speeding or using phones to be treated as manslaughter suspects (Daily Mail)

Devastated city buries president of Chapecoense soccer club (Fox News)

China Chases Silicon Valley Talent With Trump Fears (NBC News)

China plays down Trump's Taiwan phone call (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Opts Out of Villain or Hero Garb at Donors Fete (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johsnon flees Sky News interview when challenged to name the South Korean president (Daily Mail)

Pigs fly as they jump off a diving board in China (Daily Mail)

Still grieving, French man seeks clues to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery (Fox News)

Philippine vice president to quit Cabinet, stay on as VP (Fox News)

UN under fire over response to Nigeria crisis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Chinese lorry driver inches from death after train crashes into vehicle (Daily Mail)

Majority Voting Led to a Trump Presidency That Most Dont Want (Newsweek Magazine)

Quora Question: How Will Brexit Affect the National Health Service? (Newsweek Magazine)

Yvette Cooper says Ed Balls's Strictly stint is reminiscent of man in midlife crisis (Daily Mail)

Obama Can Stop a Trump Return to Torture by Releasing Abuse Files (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump call adds to tense China-Taiwan relationship (CBS News)

Muslim comedian sits next to Eric Trump on flight (CNN)

Jose Mourinho's advisers misled tax man during inquiries into £10million earnings' (Daily Mail)

China struggles to make sense of Trump and his phone call with Taiwan (Los Angeles Times)

Dear Mr President (BBC)

Trump's call with the Taiwanese president was his latest break from diplomatic norms (Los Angeles Times)

Italy's prime minister says he'll resign if Sunday's referendum on political reforms goes against him (Los Angeles Times)

Gambians Celebrate Defeat of Longtime President (New York Times - Paywall)

China Sees New Ambiguity With Donald Trump’s Taiwan Call (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump speaks with Taiwanese president, possibly provoking China (Los Angeles Times)

Gambia's president said he'd rule for a billion years. But voters decided otherwise (Los Angeles Times)

Student Sues Walden U.: 'I Wasted Six Years of My Life' (NBC News)

Trump picks retired Marine Gen. James Mattis as Defense secretary (Los Angeles Times)

What Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes to get from a Trump administration (Los Angeles Times)

In phone call with leader, Trump lavishes praise on Pakistan, 'fantastic place of fantastic people' (Los Angeles Times)

Trump assembles America's 'richest cabinet' (BBC)

Populism: What next after Trump and Brexit? (CNN)

CIA chief warns Trump that scrapping Iran deal would be 'disastrous' (Los Angeles Times)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)