Wednesday, 7th December 2016

World News

Listen: CBS Radio reports on Pearl Harbor attack from Dec 7, 1941 (CBS News)

Pearl Harbor aircraft awaits restoration at Smithsonian (CBS News)

Feds: Death threats made against Sandy Hook victims parent (CBS News)

Italian premier resigns, but president asks him to stay (CBS News)

Why is Aleppo so important in Syria? (CNN)

New ISIS video shows British hostage John Cantlie talk about Mosul airstrikes (Daily Mail)

Even the Royal Family Wax Figures Can't Escape Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters This Holiday Season (Time Magazine)

Newspaper review: MPs back PM on Brexit timetable (BBC)

Trump taps wrestling CEO for cabinet team (CNN)

Champions League: Who can Arsenal, Man City and Leicester face? (BBC)

Nearing Defeat, Rebels Seek Talks on Fate of Aleppo (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump taps ret. gen. for Homeland Security (CNN)

The Brexit blockers: 89 MPs vote to defy the will of the British people (Daily Mail)

Trump's China envoy pick has ties to President Xi (CNN)

Michelle Obama: I went to bed before Trump won (CNN)

Donald Trump still considering Mitt Romney for secretary of state (CBS News)

Trump Picks GOP Oil Industry Ally Scott Pruitt to Lead EPA (NBC News)

Syrian rebels on the cusp of losing Aleppo as humanitarian crisis deepens (Los Angeles Times)

Thomas Cook flight kicks off 'drunk passengers' from Turkey flight (Daily Mail)

Forget a white Christmas Xmas will actually be the WARMEST one on record (Daily Star)

Heysham cannabis addict smothered his seven-month-old son to death (Daily Mail)

Horrifying footage shows monster eagle throwing innocent goat off a cliff for no reason (Daily Star)

Veteran Makes First Return to Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later (NBC News)

Warehouse fire search ends after 4 days; death toll 36 (CBS News)

Survivors recall Pearl Harbor attack, 75 years later (CBS News)

Venezuelan man has entire head tattooed to look like Captain America's enemy (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Picks Obama Administration Climate Change Skeptic to Head EPA (Newsweek Magazine)

MPs back government's Brexit timetable (BBC)

Coronation Street stars betray ITV bosses by declaring they prefer BBC over Christmas (Daily Star)

'World's fattest woman' leaves home for the first time in 25 years to have weight reduction surgery after reaching nearly 80 STONE (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump responds to being named Times Person of the Year (CBS News)

Pearl Harbor aircraft heads to Smithsonian (CBS News)

Cancer patients should avoid CHOCOLATE as it is found to make tumours spread (Daily Mail)

Derbyshire cyclist died after he was knocked off his bike on 'deathtrap' road crossing (Daily Mail)

US markets skyrocket since Trump victory (CNN)

Manchester man caught launching racist rant at a doorman outside an amusement arcade (Daily Mail)

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories' Is the Best Show No One Is Watching (Newsweek Magazine)

REVEALED: The full list of 89 MPs who voted AGAINST Brexit in Article 50 Commons clash (Daily Express)

Brazil's top court reinstates defiant Senate chief (Fox News)

Footage shows lorry driver run red light before killing mother and daughter on crossing (Daily Mail)

Ken Clarke and dozens of SNP politicians among 89 MPs who voted against Brexit (Daily Express)

Dozens of creatures found dead in upstate New York home (CBS News)

U.K. Resists Pressure to Disclose Brexit Negotiating Tactics (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man guilty of harassing Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger (BBC)

China's President and Trump's Ambassador Pick Go Way Back (NBC News)

Thousands Pay Tribute at Pearl Harbor 75 Years After Attack (NBC News)

A joyous reunion amid death and despair in Aleppo (CBS News)

Food Banks Launch Appeal As Christmas Demand Trebles (Huffington Post)

Gun and note found near Rashaan Salaams body in park (CBS News)

Brexit Vote: 89 MPs Refuse To Back Triggering Article 50 In March - But Government Wins (Huffington Post)

Abaord the fastest long-range private jet, you can ring in New Years twice (CNN)

Frantic rescue effort as quake death toll nears 100 (CBS News)

Twitter users share their creative Christmas pick-up lines (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Brexit SUPPORTED by parliament as MPs back triggering Article 50 by March (Daily Star)

Matteo Renzi Resigns, Ending Italy’s 63rd Government in 70 Years (New York Times - Paywall)

BREXIT VICTORY: Remoaner plot CRUSHED as MPs vote to APPROVE triggering of Article 50 (Daily Express)

Sandy Hook Truther Arrested After Making Death Threats Against Shooting Victim's Parent (Time Magazine)

Labour's Brexit betrayal is blasted by Theresa May's PMQs stand-in David Lidington (Daily Mail)

Man says cops beating kept him from seeing dying mom (CBS News)

Michelle Obama says she went to bed after finding out Trump won on election night (Daily Mail)

U.S. jet crashes off Japan on Pearl Harbor anniversary (CBS News)

WHY IT MATTERS: Rebel-held Aleppo on the brink of collapse (Fox News)

In West Bank, Fatah vote shows politics an old man's game (Fox News)

Israelites in Egypt may have turned hieroglyphs into letters 3,800 years ago (Daily Mail)

Survivors mark 75 years since Pearl Harbor attack (CBS News)

Chelmsford couple found dead 'may have been overcome by carbon monoxide fumes' (Daily Mail)

Sheriff blasts criticism against handling of ex-NFL players shooting death (CBS News)

South Korean President Park Seen Likely to Be Voted Out (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump named Time 'Person of the Year' beating Hillary Clinton and Beyonce (Daily Mail)

At least 36 people rescued after ship sinks off Yemen; more than 20 still missing (Los Angeles Times)

Trump prepares to make two more Cabinet appointments (CBS News)

Could THIS be the cure for Alzheimer's disease? Flickering LED lights found to reduce toxic clumps in the brain (Daily Mail)

Paris takes cars off the streets as smog cloud covers the city (Fox News)

Syria rebels call for Aleppo ceasefire (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump picks Iowa governor as China ambassador (Financial Times - Paywall)

Supreme Court Brexit case told Scotland should get say on Brexit (BBC)

Chinese man steals baby in busy square as grandmother left her (Daily Mail)

Trump Named TIME Person of the Year 'For Good or Ill' (NBC News)

US pilot missing after ejecting from Marine Corps jet off Japan (Fox News)

From a man who had sex with a bin liner to the woman who fed her husband's penis to a duck: The most bizarre sexual behavior from around the world revealed (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Names Retired Gen. John Kelly as Homeland Security Chief (Time Magazine)

Putin's SNOWtroopers: Video shows machine gun wielding Russian soldiers being trained to fire rocket launchers from snowmobiles in sub-zero temperatures (Daily Mail)

REVEALED: Last words of murderer on death row (Daily Star)

How Donald Trump Broke With the GOP Again (Time Magazine)

Trump Chooses Gen. John Kelly to Lead Homeland Security (NBC News)

Trump Transition: Terry Branstad Tapped for China Ambassador, General John Kelly for Homeland Security (Newsweek Magazine)

Aleppo battle: Syria rebels call for truce to evacuate civilians (BBC)

New Rogue One Clip Teases the Chilling Power of the Empire (Time Magazine)

Moment armed police carrying assault rifles raided a car wash after being tipped off that illegal immigrants were working there (Daily Mail)

Grumpy feline does not feel like sharing his Christmas haul (Daily Mail)

Someone call 911! Two drivers are seen having a furious argument after one of them parks his Porsche in the middle of the road and goes shopping (Daily Mail)

Pearl Harbor Day: The date lives in infamy (CNN)

Taxi to hospital? One of UK's biggest ambulance services are now using cabs to ferry patients due to a vehicle shortage (Daily Mail)

Give A Little Extra This Christmas (Huffington Post)

Student accused of raping a drunken undergraduate laughed as he attacked her and held her down like a ragdoll', court is told (Daily Mail)

'Apocalyptic' situation as most of Aleppo seized by regime (CNN)

Somerset man who murdered his grandfather is jailed for life (Daily Mail)

How the World First Learned of the Attack on Pearl Harbor (Time Magazine)

Tourism a blessing and a curse for one of Italy's most famed cities (CBS News)

Trump Victory Spurs Israeli Talk of West Bank Annexation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syria rebels 'withdraw from Old City' of Aleppo (BBC)

Toddler starves to death oin Kiev, Ukraine, and his sister, two, is left alone with the body for three days after their mother left them without food to spend nine days with her lover (Daily Mail)

How Pearl Harbor Shaped the Modern World (New York Times - Paywall)

Labour says MPs are entitled to Brexit plan details (BBC)

David Davis: Second Brexit Vote Would Be Most Destructive Thing You Could Do (Newsweek Magazine)

'Footbonaut': Man vs. machine (CNN)

Tiny Snail Defeats Donald Trump in Battle Over Irish Sea Wall (New York Times - Paywall)

Lawsuit: Stanford Failed to Stop Years of Sexual Assault (NBC News)

Larry the Downing Street cat is live tweeting his version of 12 Days of Christmas (Daily Mail)

CCTV shows trick thieves use to steal from car after you have locked it (Daily Mail)

Marine Corps Jet Goes Down Off Japan on Pearl Harbor Anniversary (NBC News)

Nigeria's President Says Boko Haram Is Finished as a Fighting Force (Newsweek Magazine)

Syrian Forces Said to Drive Deeper Into Rebel-Held Aleppo (New York Times - Paywall)

Suicide Is The Leading Direct Cause Of Death Among New Mums, Report Shows (Huffington Post)

Police say boyfriend of British woman killed in Lapland 'has not clarified a motive' as he appears in court charged with her murder (Daily Mail)

Twitter goes into overdrive as Donald Trump is named Time Magazine 'Person of the Year' (Daily Star)

Luciana Berger Trial Verdict: Joshua Bonehill-Paine Found Guilty (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump is Time magazine's Person of the Year (BBC)

Theresa May says Donald Trump is 'easy to talk to' and values Britain (Daily Mail)

Fidel's death is not stopping them: First post-Castro group of Cubans lands in Miami (Fox News)

Lost Christmas parcels 'prompt two-and-a-half-hour hunt' (BBC)

Brave woman shows bloodthirsty wolf who's boss with brutal kick to the nuts (Daily Star)

President-elect Donald Trump 'SACKS security aide' after Pizzagate claims (Daily Star)

Meddling Tim Farron tells EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt Article 50 CAN be revoked (Daily Express)

For young people like me, there's only one choice as #Ghana Decides (CNN)

Donald Trump Complained At Time Magazine Three Years Running For Not Making Him Person Of The Year (Huffington Post)

Newlyweds return home to discover entire Bristol house wrapped in Christmas paper (Daily Mail)

The Dangerous Game of a President Picking Winners and Losers (NBC News)

It's Been 10 Years Since You Were Named TIME's Person of the Year (Time Magazine)

Philippines' Duterte says Trump made him feel like a saint (Fox News)

Pizza Hut reveals hidden Christmas menu item is a chocolate orange milkshake (Daily Mail)

Pfizer fined £84MILLION for ripping off NHS by hiking price of anti-epilepsy drug (Daily Mail)

Arrest over racist threats to Brexit challenger (CNN)

BBC Rejects Tory MP's Accusation It Is 'Manufacturing' Brexit Rebellion Stories (Huffington Post)

John Place appears in court charged with death of girl, 3, by dangerous driving (Daily Mail)

Woman forced her man to have a hair transplant before walking down the aisle (Daily Mail)

Wildlife killer ringleader Graham Coombes jailed after court sees 'trophy' images (Daily Mail)

Richard Thornton widow and daughters in court battle over £18m fortune (Daily Mail)

Trump takes flak for national security pick (CNN)

MPs told they WILL get vote on final Brexit deal but WON'T be able to block EU exit (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Says He Really' Likes President Obama: I Love Getting His Ideas' (Time Magazine)

Pearl Harbor survivors recall fear and anger 75 years after attack (Daily Mail)

Christmas Eve boxes (BBC)

This Is What Eleanor Roosevelt Said to America's Women on the Day of Pearl Harbor (Time Magazine)

World's fattest woman who weighs astounding 78 stone goes out for first time in 25 years (Daily Star)

Trump lays out military plan (CNN)

As Vodka Sales Drop, Why Are Russians Going Off Their National Drink? (Newsweek Magazine)

Tusk BEGS EU chiefs to SIGN OFF on Ukraine deal & open Europe's doors to 50 MILLION people (Daily Express)

Labour demands Theresa May show her Brexit plans by January 2017 (Daily Mail)

Niesr finds Brexit could slash 150,000 EU citizens from net immigration to Britain (Daily Mail)

Emily Thornberry Mocks Theresa May's PMQs Stand-In Over Brexit (Huffington Post)

Football Star Rashaan Salaam Found Dead in Park (NBC News)

Donald Trump Thinks Saturday Night Live Will Be Canceled Soon (Time Magazine)

Girl Tweeting From Aleppo Draws Enormous Sympathy, but Doubts Follow (New York Times - Paywall)

He's Kanye's right-hand man (CNN)

Man arrested for 'making racist threats' to Brexit challenger Gina Miller (Daily Mail)

Iain Duncan Smith's Supreme Court Brexit Daily Mail Column Is Eviscerated In 17 Tweets By The Secret Barrister (Huffington Post)

Frenzied man BEHEADS wife in middle of packed city street 'over alleged affair' (Daily Star)

Pearl Harbor Survivors Gather for 75th Anniversary Reunion (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The journalists risking their lives to film in Aleppo (BBC)

Warriors at Peace: George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole Reunite for Pearl Harbor Anniversary (Time Magazine)

TOWERS OF MARS: Three 'mile-high buildings found in a row on the Red Planet' (Daily Express)

Irish court orders Russian oligarch's assets unfrozen (Fox News)

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy.' Read President Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address (Time Magazine)

Behind TIME's Donald Trump Person of the Year Cover (Time Magazine)

Meet the Voters Who Helped Put Donald Trump in the White House (Time Magazine)

Man arrested over threats to Brexit case's Gina Miller (BBC)

US, Western leaders calling for immediate Aleppo cease-fire (Fox News)

US JET CRASH: American fighter jet goes down off coast of southern Japan (Daily Express)

Relationship Break Ups Peak On The 11 December, Misery Just In Time For Christmas (Huffington Post)

Trump beats Hillary AGAIN: President-elect selected as Time magazine's Person of the Year (Daily Express)

Footage shows helicopter pilot manage to land chopper on moving ship (Daily Mail)

Nation Marks 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack (NBC News)

Supreme Court Brexit Challenge: Watch Live As Judges Hear Case To Trigger Article 50 (Huffington Post)

A third of the world's polar bears will disappear in next 40 years (Daily Mail)

Man charged with making terroristic threats near New York's Rockefeller Christmas tree (Daily Mail)

Gina Miller Brexit Threats Lead To Man Being Arrested On Suspicion Of Racially Aggravated Malicious Communications (Huffington Post)

How Pearl Harbor created a climate of fear (CNN)

BREAKING: Man arrested over racist threats to businesswoman behind Brexit challenge (Daily Star)

Trump says US should cancel Boeing order for new Air Force One plane because of costs (Daily Mail)

Trump Hails Military Plan: 'Mad Dog Mattis Plays No Games' (NBC News)

Russian Corporal Killed in Aleppo Shelling, Says Ministry of Defence (Newsweek Magazine)

After Aleppo falls, bloodshed may continue (CNN)

The ultimate guide to Christmas gifts for men (Daily Mail)

Did WWE Just Confuse One Of Its Black Female Athletes for Another? (Newsweek Magazine)

112-Year-Old Woman Is Still Fit And Active, Despite Smoking 30 Cigarettes Every Day For The Past 95 Years (Huffington Post)

Integration: We Think We Might Have Found The Answer (Huffington Post)

Police arrest man over threats to UK Brexit lawsuit claimant (Fox News)

When To Take Annual Leave In 2017 To Get 18 Days Off Work Using Just 9 Days Of Holiday (Huffington Post)

Brexit Supreme Court hearing - day 3 (BBC)

Boy who suffered brain injuries after hanging himself with scarf dies 3 years later (Daily Mail)

Footage shows man getting blackhead squeezed from neck that's been there for 20 YEARS (Daily Mail)

Mary Berry, Mel and Sue given new shows for their loyalty to the BBC (Daily Mail)

Man jumps out of window of truck as it tips off the side of mountain road (Daily Mail)

ARTICLE 50 BREXIT JUDGEMENT LIVE: Gina Miller's lawyers blast Gov in Supreme Court (Daily Express)

Syrian Government Takes Control of Aleppo Old City: Monitor (Newsweek Magazine)

Time to Reconcile: Two Cities Unite to Overcome the Legacy of Pearl Harbor (Time Magazine)

How to Dad vlogger shows how to keep eye on children while Christmas shopping (Daily Mail)

The top contenders to be France's president (BBC)

Christmas Jumpers 2016: The Royal Family Just Won At Ugly Festive Knitwear (Huffington Post)

US election bombshell: Donald Trump could be blocked from White House after voter lawsuit (Daily Star)

Bangladesh court confirms death for Islamic group leader (Fox News)

Syrian Rebels Have Pulled Back Further as the Military Makes Gains in Aleppo (Time Magazine)

Georgia executes man convicted of killing his father-in-law (CBS News)

Dubai Ladies Masters: Caddie death causes event to be suspended (BBC)

Syrian government troops, allied militiamen seize more ground in Aleppo (Fox News)

The U.S. Will Let Taiwan's President Transit in New York City in a Rebuff to China (Time Magazine)

BMW driver leaves it too late to turn off a roundabout and crashes into the back of a truck (Daily Mail)

Senior Russian officer dies from wounds in Syria's Aleppo (Fox News)

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH: Why it's crucial that the judges who could decide the fate of Brexit ARE scrutinised (Daily Mail)

QUENTIN LETTS at the Supreme Court for the second day of Brexit negotiations (Daily Mail)

12/06: Boeing stock plunges, recovers after Trump tweet; USS Arizona memorial pays tribute to Pearl Harbor (CBS News)

Officials: Deaths of mom bear, cubs found in church parking lot "highly suspicious" (CBS News)

Trump touts Japanese moguls pledge of $50B in U.S. investment (CBS News)

Ghana president, longtime opposition leader face off in vote (Fox News)

Saudi Court Sentences 15 Men to Death for Spying for Iran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Good news for Putin...bad news for ISIS: Donald Trump reveals plans for US military (Daily Star)

Man convicted in killing of prostitute in Times Square hotel, 9 years later (CBS News)

A look at the rise and fall of South Korea's president (Fox News)

One of world's most wanted paedos caged after filming himself humiliating British girl, 13 (Daily Star)

Adviser out of Trump transition after "pizzagate" tweet (CBS News)

University of Arizona pays tribute to Pearl Harbor dead (CBS News)

No charges against white Iowa police officer who left black man paralyzed in shooting (CBS News)

Trump says Air Force One Boeing order should be cancelled (BBC)

Time to reconcile: 2 cities overcome Pearl Harbor legacy (Fox News)

Apocalypse now? Incredible footage shows fireball bigger than CAR explode over Earth (Daily Star)

The Latest: Death toll in quake rises to 25 in 1 district (Fox News)

Taiwan reacts to controversial Trump call (CNN)

Supreme Court judges have STRONG EU links & MUST be scrutinised' says Iain Duncan Smith (Daily Express)

Man Arrested Near Rockefeller Plaza With Gas Can, Matches (NBC News)

Football star found dead in park (CNN)

Trump: 'Cancel order' on Air Force One (CNN)

Rare Christmas note from Queen Elizabeth to Prince William up for auction (Daily Mail)

Brexit breakdown (BBC)

Trump vows to DESTROY ISIS and devote ALL the nation's military power to pummel jihadis (Daily Express)

College Football Legend Rashaan Salaam Has Been Found Dead in a Colorado Park (Time Magazine)

2m more people in working families are now below the poverty line than ten years ago (Daily Mail)

Ship Capsizes Off Yemen With Nearly 60 People Aboard (New York Times - Paywall)

Former Heisman Trophy winner found dead in Colorado park (CBS News)

'We ARE leaving the single market' Government's Brexit plans are clear, Oliver Letwin says (Daily Express)

LeBron James, some teammates say no to Trump hotel (CBS News)

A Man in New Jersey Accidentally Bought a Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $1 Million (Time Magazine)

Trump Threatens to Cancel Air Force One Order (NBC News)

Aleppo fighting continues as Syrian government, Russia warn rebels to leave city (CBS News)

Royal security scare as drunk' man bursts in on Queen (Daily Star)

Democrats Move to Divide Donald Trump From GOP on Coal and Steel (Time Magazine)

Pregnant women found to be dying because doctors miss 'clear symptoms' of heart disease (Daily Mail)

Shock crackdown by City watchdog wipes £1.3bn off spread betters (Daily Mail)

'I think Donald Trump felt betrayed' (BBC)

Why bird flu means your free range Christmas turkey may have spent its life indoors (Daily Mail)

Pearl Harbor survivor, 103, recalls 'human torches' (BBC)

Antarctica shows troubling signs of climate change (CBS News)

How police in UK missed the chance to halt Paris attackers: Man in the Hat was not a major threat, MI5 said while EU laws made it hard to stop him travelling (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Police at 'Ghost Ship' Weeks Before Fire (NBC News)

Man City v Celtic: Supporter arrested for throwing burger at police horse (BBC)

Obama Warns Trump Against Reversing Terrorism Gains (NBC News)

Death Penalty Trial of Accused Church Shooter to Begin (NBC News)

Danger grows as Syrian and Russian forces move in on Aleppo (CBS News)

Donald Trump very easy to talk to, says PM Theresa May (Daily Express)

Brexit Day Historic moment as MPs to vote on EU exit TODAY after May challenges remoaners (Daily Express)

Historian admits he was WRONG to back Cameron and reveals he should have voted Brexit (Daily Express)

PET WARNING: Millions of dogs in danger of owners sharing festive food this Christmas (Daily Express)

Remain supporters put to SHAME as survey shows one in five did not vote (Daily Express)

Man who died when tent was struck by lightning was on dream round the world holiday (Daily Express)

Pakistan Military Court Sentences Terrorist to Death (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Michael Fallon, the British defense secretary, talks terrorism and Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Relief for eight-months-pregnant Instagram star as her missing boyfriend is found in hospital A&E (Daily Mail)

Trump wants to cancels Boeings deal for Air Force One (CBS News)

Conjoined twins Eva and Erika Sandoval start surgery with 30% risk of death (Daily Mail)

Bulgarian orphan's transformation from brink of death to adoption by American couple (Daily Mail)

President Barack Obama Defends Record on National Security (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit Supreme Court hearing: Day two (BBC)

Guard of ALPACAS in Berkshire fend off thousands of turkeys from foxes (Daily Mail)

Read the Full Transcript of President Obama's National Security Speech (Time Magazine)

Slum Britain: 50 Years On revisits the children who shocked Swinging Sixties Britain (Daily Mail)

The day after: Americans react to Pearl Harbor (CNN)

Novak Djokovic splits with coach Boris Becker after three years (BBC)

President Obama: Stigmatizing Muslims Feeds the Terrorist Narrative' (Time Magazine)

2,300-year-old jaw bone found in South Ronaldsay gives clues about Orkney's Iron Age man (Daily Mail)

Trump touts $50B investment by Japanese (CNN)

Donald Trump Takes to Twitter, Calls for Cancelling Boeing's Deal for Air Force One (Newsweek Magazine)

Kerry Says Talks With Russia on Aleppo Will Continue (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Brazil Senate President Calheiros Won't Abide by Ruling Suspending Him (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

White House challenges Trump's Air Force One claim (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kerry presses Russians on solution for Aleppo (Financial Times - Paywall)

Toxic air hits home in one of worlds most polluted cities (CBS News)

Family of missing RAF man Corrie McKeague pledge five-figure reward for finding him (Daily Mail)

El Salvador to investigate death threats against justices (Fox News)

Baby Jesus stolen from nativity in Perth is found (BBC)

EU's Brexit Negotiator Puts Tight Timeframe on U.K. Leaving the Bloc (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WikiLeaks reveals emails from President Erdogan's son-in-law 'proving ISIS connection' (Daily Mail)

ISIS throws man off roof for being gay; mob pelts corpse with rocks (Fox News)

UK man found guilty of funding Brussels, Paris bombing suspect (CBS News)

West Sussex woman jailed after her lies caused an innocent man to go to jail (Daily Mail)

Particles from birth of the solar system found on rooftops in Paris, Oslo and Berlin (Daily Mail)

A look back on Pearl Harbor (CNN)

Donald Trump Slapped Down By Boeing And White House For Wildly Inaccurate Figure (Huffington Post)

India mourns death of politician who inspired such devotion that her fans set themselves on fire (Los Angeles Times)

How Donald Trump Capitalized on Americas Victimhood Culture (Newsweek Magazine)

Remembering Pearl Harbor, 75 Years Later (NBC News)

Riots rage in Athens after peaceful march over teen's death (Fox News)

Muslim restaurant gets into the Christmas spirit (CNN)

Gambia court releases on bail opposition supporters (Fox News)

EU to UK: 'Keep calm' and Brexit (CNN)

Theresa May Forced To Publish Brexit Plan - But It Won't Have Any Detail (Huffington Post)

Footage shows mass brawl between Middlesbrough clubbers and bouncers (Daily Mail)

Greek Court Acquits Former Statistics Chief (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Corbyn ally 'Red' Len McCluskey forces union leadership election two years early (Daily Mail)

Samsung Galaxy S8 to kill off headphone socket AND home button (Daily Mail)

Saudi Court Orders Executions for 15 Accused of Spying for Iran (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudis sentence 15 to death for spying for Iran (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bizarre video from Houston shows a barber cutting hair using a MEAT CLEAVER (Daily Mail)

Iran’s President Says Donald Trump Can’t Tear Up Nuclear Pact (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Has a Tough Act to Follow and the Stats Show It (NBC News)

Facebook video shows boy showing off incredible flexibility (Daily Mail)

PM 'will publish plan for Brexit before Article 50' (BBC)

Oldest Known Pearl Harbor Survivor Returns to Honor the Fallen (NBC News)

Iran: We Won't Allow Trump to 'Tear Up' Nuclear Deal (NBC News)

11 People Explain The Worst Things About Christmas (Huffington Post)

Grandparents who want to care for granddaughter they had not known existed lose High Court fight (Daily Mail)

Southwark mother who kept shotgun under her baby's COT is jailed for 14 years (Daily Mail)

How One Young Man In Nepal Proved 2016 Wasn't Completely Hopeless (Huffington Post)

Cancer Took My Daughter On Christmas Day - Now I Focus On Making It A Happy Day For Other Families (Huffington Post)

Bentley in China nearly kills man when it rolls down a ramp and crashes into wall (Daily Mail)

EU's top negotiator Michel Barnier says there MUST be Brexit deal by October 2018 (Daily Mail)

Nobel winner dumps green card over Trump (CNN)

Saudis sentence 15 from alleged spy cell to death (CBS News)

Trump, Brexit and European populism are the same (CNN)

Why Donald Trump May Get Away With Flouting the Constitutions Gifts Clause (Newsweek Magazine)

Star Wars superfan completes replica of Millennium Falcon after TEN YEARS (Daily Mail)

Bodies of a couple are found inside a car in Chelmsford 'following a chemical spill' (Daily Mail)

Harry Wentworth-Stanley to spend Christmas sailing 3,000 miles in brother's memory (Daily Mail)

Aleppo girl is tweeting from hell again (CNN)

German Court Upholds Nuclear Exit but Orders Compensation for Power Companies (New York Times - Paywall)

Robin nests in Liverpool Cathedral Christmas tree (BBC)

Skydiver killed when he is blown off course and smashes into a metal roof (Daily Mail)

British Rebecca Johnson stabbed to death at Lapland where she gave tours to meet Santa (Daily Mail)

Civilians caught in middle as Russia enables Aleppo siege (CBS News)

Sick plans to ASSASSINATE Donald Trump and vice-prez Mike Pence uncovered (Daily Star)

How China's President is changing the travel industry (CNN)

Barnier urges UK to be realistic about Brexit deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Footage shows ISIS militant surrendering to Kurdish soldiers as they storm Mosul base (Daily Mail)

Video shows THREE SUNS appear over St Petersburg in rare phenomenon (Daily Mail)

Roman Polanski Extradition Request Rejected by Poland’s Supreme Court (New York Times - Paywall)

Farmer avoids jail after walker is trampled to death by his cows in Wiltshire (Daily Mail)

Reality Check: Is Christmas dinner going up or down? (BBC)

Tony Blair warns the world is in 'peril' after election of Trump and shock anti-establishment vote in Italy (Daily Mail)

US Great British Bake Off viewers go crazy for Mary Berry's accent (Daily Mail)

White men only? Brexit case and legal diversity (BBC)

Sinosphere: China’s Currency Didn’t Really Drop, Despite Jitters Over Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Iranian is almost stabbed to death after fellow asylum seekers 'discovered he was GAY' (Daily Mail)

Russian troops on the ground in Aleppo as civilians remain vulnerable (CBS News)

Years without knowing (BBC)

Death of Tamil Nadu’s Leader Leaves Power Vacuum in Southern India (New York Times - Paywall)

Supreme Court Justice Removes Brazil’s Senate Leader Amid Graft Case (New York Times - Paywall)

Populism: What next after Trump and Brexit? (CNN)

Japanese leader Shinzo Abe to visit Pearl Harbor with Obama (Los Angeles Times)

Russia Says Talks With U.S. Will Discuss Deal for Aleppo Rebels (New York Times - Paywall)

Who is South Korea's President Park? (BBC)

Italy hears echoes of Trump and Brexit as anti-establishment parties press their cause (Los Angeles Times)

Shinzo Abe to Become First Japanese Leader to Visit Pearl Harbor (New York Times - Paywall)

Britain’s Supreme Court Hears Legal Challenge to ‘Brexit’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Global Health: Yellow Fever Epidemic in Africa Shows Gaps in Vaccine Pipeline (New York Times - Paywall)

Watch cities evolve over 32 years (CNN)

Trump Call Gauged Positively, but Cautiously, in Taiwan (New York Times - Paywall)

Yorkshire mother claims she is being stalked by a ghost she photographed 3 years ago (Daily Mail)

France 'sexy Santas' perform erotic dancing routine at Christmas festival (Daily Mail)

How the Trump presidency could impact South American currency markets (Los Angeles Times)

What in the World: Caught With Your Pants Down? Must Be Christmas in Catalonia (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran says it won't walk away from the nuclear deal that Trump has threatened to 'dismantle' (Los Angeles Times)

China struggles to make sense of Trump and his phone call with Taiwan (Los Angeles Times)

Trump's call with the Taiwanese president was his latest break from diplomatic norms (Los Angeles Times)

Trump speaks with Taiwanese president, possibly provoking China (Los Angeles Times)

Gambia's president said he'd rule for a billion years. But voters decided otherwise (Los Angeles Times)

Trump picks retired Marine Gen. James Mattis as Defense secretary (Los Angeles Times)

Postcard From the Hajj: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Checking Mecca Off My Bucket List (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)