Tuesday, 13th December 2016

World News

Inspiring teen goes right back to work after car accident (CBS News)

Ta-Nehisi Coates on impact of the first African-American president (CBS News)

Trumps secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson criticized for ties to Putin (CBS News)

Cease-fire deal reportedly reached in war-torn Aleppo (CBS News)

Aleppo has fallen to Syrian regime control, Russia says (CBS News)

Syrian rebels say Aleppo cease-fire reached (CBS News)

The blind man that convinced Google to launch a self driving car firm (Daily Mail)

Nepal man has 2 stone tumour removed from his face after successful surgery (Daily Mail)

Europe Hopeful Trump Won't Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle 'buy Christmas tree' near Kensington Palace (Daily Mail)

Kanye West and entourage arrive at Trump Tower but is he visiting Donald? (Daily Mail)

Aleppo Cease-Fire Clears Way to Evacuate Areas of Syrian City (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Rebels Withdrawal Marks the End of Years of Bloodshed Over the Battle of Aleppo (Newsweek Magazine)

Bournemouth 1-0 Leicester City (BBC)

President Obama Signs Cancer Moonshot Bill on Bittersweet Day' (Time Magazine)

Rebel groups announce ceasefire in Aleppo after Syrian forces 'massacre 82 civilians in their homes' during 'the century's worst humanitarian tragedy' (Daily Mail)

Aleppo battle ends as Syria rebel deal reached (BBC)

Prince Harry spotted buying Christmas tree with Meghan Markle (BBC)

Briton who grabbed gun at Donald Trump rally in 'bid to kill him' is jailed for a year (Daily Mail)

Kansas woman who graduated college at 95 dies (CBS News)

This is How Much Weight College Students Gain Over 4 Years (Time Magazine)

What the WikiLeaks Cables Tell Us About Trump's Secretary of State Pick (Newsweek Magazine)

Met Police have received 106 allegations of sex abuse at 32 London football clubs (Daily Mail)

Here's Where Trump's Secretary of State Pick Will Influence Foreign Policy (NBC News)

Trump delays revealing family biz plans, and other MoneyWatch headlines (CBS News)

Why Russia Is Excited About Donald Trump's Pick for Secretary of State (Time Magazine)

Kanye West Explains Why He Met With Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Unarmed 73-year-old with dementia shot dead by police (CBS News)

Russia's U.N. ambassador says all military action in Syria's eastern Aleppo has ended (Los Angeles Times)

Meet Rex Tillerson, Vladimir Putin's Pal and Donald Trump's Nominee for Secretary of State (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghan vice president accused of ordering sexual abuse of a rival he beat up in public (Los Angeles Times)

Sick children transported from hospital beds to visit Santa for Christmas (Daily Mail)

Trump is the new JFK says Bill Gates: Microsoft boss says new president will unite country through innovation as the pair meet (Daily Mail)

Puerto Rico police charge man fed 11 puppies to caiman (Fox News)

Kanye West Emerges in Public at Trump Tower (NBC News)

This is what Aleppo looked like before the war (CNN)

Rex Tillerson: Trump's secretary of state (BBC)

Rick Perry selected to be energy secretary (CNN)

BREAKING: Major explosion injures two police officers and leaves one in critical condition (Daily Express)

Louise Maloney from Greater Manchester goes missing after work Christmas party (Daily Mail)

Syrian forces have control over eastern Aleppo, Russia says (CNN)

Tunisian Captain in Deadly Migrant Shipwreck Jailed for 18 Years (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia says fighting in Aleppo over as UN decries 'worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century' (Fox News)

Football referee violently attacked during match as riot police step in (Daily Star)

‘A Complete Meltdown of Humanity’: Aleppo Civilians Gunned Down as They Flee (New York Times - Paywall)

Middlesbrough taxi driver confronted about sobbing girl in back of his cab by passer-by (Daily Mail)

Here's What Celebrities Had to Say About Kanye West's Visit to Trump Tower (Time Magazine)

Unarmed Grandfather With Dementia Shot by Police (NBC News)

Activists of Syria's Aleppo share tormented goodbyes online (Fox News)

Iran President Orders Development of Nuclear-Powered Ships (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Briton jailed over Trump death plot (BBC)

British Man Jailed Over Attempt To Shoot Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Won't Meet the Press Just Yet (Time Magazine)

Amir Khan's parents hit back at his 'unacceptable' model wife for flashing flesh (Daily Star)

Five years to ruins (CNN)

What Melania Trump must prove in Daily Mail defamation lawsuit (CBS News)

L'Autre Pied - 'Grinch' thieves steal £700 Christmas tree from top London restaurant (Daily Mail)

Mars Delight fans sign a petition to get the discontinued bars back on the shelf (Daily Mail)

Syrian rebels agree to withdraw from Aleppo (Financial Times - Paywall)

Durham student accused of raping a woman claims 'they were on the verge of intimacy' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's Business Interests Around The World Mapped (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Man who tried to ASSASSINATE Donald Trump jailed (Daily Star)

Trump picks Tillerson as US secretary of state (Financial Times - Paywall)

Liverpool soldier dressed as Santa comes home for Christmas to surprise his children (Daily Mail)

Putin "ready at any moment" to meet Trump (CBS News)

Arrest made in connection with attack on woman at German subway station (Fox News)

Trump rewrites US foreign policy on the fly (CNN)

Yaya Toure admits drink driving charge but Man City star insists he doesn't drink (Daily Mail)

John Dickerson on Trumps secretary of state pick (CBS News)

Ukrainian man killed his aunt and uncle and their son and boiled them in saucepans' (Daily Mail)

Manchester, Glasgow and London airports most likely to experience Christmas delays (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump picks former Exxon boss Rex Tillerson to lead State Department (Daily Mail)

Migrant boat captain jailed for 18 years (CNN)

Mob breaks into police station to kill man accused of stabbing kids (CBS News)

Who is Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson? (CBS News)

Trump chooses oil executive Rex Tillerson as secretary of state (CBS News)

The incredible moment that a man solves a Rubik's cube in less than FIVE SECONDS to set a new world record (as the previous champion sits next to him and grins through gritted teeth) (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: President Obama Signs the 21st Century Cures Act (Time Magazine)

Kunduz Journal: Tending to the Living and the Dead in a Battle-Torn Afghan City (New York Times - Paywall)

Chelsea woman cleared of trying to uncover witness in her son's murder trial (Daily Mail)

Brazil's Temer, Trump agree to work together to improve business relations (Fox News)

UN drops Wonder Woman as figurehead (CNN)

One of Putin's top enemies in Russia is running for president (Fox News)

Drunk man screams 'touch me touch me' at cop before arrest (Daily Star)

'CRISIS MODE' Sweden prepares for WAR with Russia amid fears Putin is readying an attack (Daily Express)

19-Year-Old With Knife Arrested at Trump Tower (NBC News)

George Osborne's Aleppo Speech To Commons Warns Of 'Price Of Not Intervening' (Huffington Post)

Saudi woman who faced death threats for removing hijab could get lashed instead (Fox News)

Trump picks ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state (CBS News)

Obama defends decision to order probe of alleged Russia hacking (CBS News)

Syrian Rebels Announce Agreement With Russia for Cease-Fire in Aleppo (Time Magazine)

U.N. Drops Wonder Woman as an Ambassador (New York Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener: Donald Trump makes pick for secretary of state (CBS News)

Jerusalem mayor hopes Trump will move US Embassy to the city (Fox News)

73-Year-Old Man With Dementia May Have Been Waving Crucifix When Cops Fatally Shot Him: Family (Time Magazine)

'No one will love you now' Woman scarred after jealous ex throws boiling water in face (Daily Star)

Political Rival Accuses Afghanistan Vice President of Torturing Him (New York Times - Paywall)

After Days of Mourning, Washingtonians Are Rallying Against President-Elect Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Being A Samaritan On Christmas Morning Is One Of The Best Things I've Ever Done (Huffington Post)

Convicted Polish KILLER let into UK then rapes woman in park within weeks (Daily Star)

Obama slaps Trump for inviting Russians to hack Hillary's emails to prove conspiracies (Daily Mail)

British father languished in Saudi jail for jostling police officer before allowed home (Daily Mail)

Mysterious lost Greek city dating back 2,500 years discovered under hill near Athens (Daily Mail)

'We could have done something about the situation in Syria': George Osborne condemns the West for failing to stop the slaughter in Aleppo and warns NOT intervening cost a heavy price (Daily Mail)

Runaway driver is caught on police helicopter footage weaving between traffic before crashing a stolen car into railings during a high speed chase (Daily Mail)

'It was the soundtrack to my life': Camilla Duchess of Cornwall praises BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour as she meets female influencers as she celebrates 70 years of the show (Daily Mail)

Outrage as Christian cross REMOVED from Christmas tree as 'religious symbols not allowed' (Daily Express)

U.N. says Syrian forces murdering civilians by scores in Aleppo (CBS News)

Aleksei Navalny, Putin Critic, Says He’ll Run for President of Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia Could Soon Teach Schoolchildren How to Resist Corruption (Newsweek Magazine)

'Goodbye' messages from Aleppo (CNN)

Yaya Toure: Man City player accepts drink-driving charge (BBC)

Man charged after train attack at Forest Hill train station (BBC)

Wheelchair-bound man who broke neck regains use of hands through revolutionary device (Daily Mail)

Aleppo battle: UN says civilians shot on the spot (BBC)

Trump meets Kanye West: Rapper's a 'good man' (CNN)

Jersey was a refuge for Neanderthals: Our ancient cousins sought shelter in the Channel Island for 140,000 years (Daily Mail)

Brazil Police Seek New Charges Against Lula (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Forest Hill station attack: Man charged with attempted murder (Daily Star)

'Just friends' - Trump hosts Kanye West (BBC)

Trump picks Exxon chief Rex Tillerson for secretary of state (BBC)

Russia Interfered In The EU Referendum Campaign, Claims Labour MP Ben Bradshaw (Huffington Post)

Top U.S. spy agency refuses to endorse CIA assessment that Russia hacked to help Trump win (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin Has Good Ties With Donald Trump Pick Rex Tillerson: Kremlin (Newsweek Magazine)

Gillian Simpson fights to save home after parents did not want to see her as a woman (Daily Mail)

Who Is Rex Tillerson? Donald Trump's Pick For Secretary Of State Is Making People Anxious (Huffington Post)

Japan man Thumb Tani uses coins to create impossible-looking formations (Daily Mail)

Yes, Donald Trump Just Met With Kanye West (Time Magazine)

Rick Perry Is Donald Trumps Pick for Energy Secretary (Newsweek Magazine)

A look at key events in Syria's Aleppo since March 2011 (Fox News)

Levenmouth Police in Fife use Twitter account to create mock Christmas calendar (Daily Mail)

Genius Woman Turns Fridge Into Instant Wine Dispenser (Huffington Post)

Tom Ridge and Joseph Lieberman: How Donald Trump Can Protect America from Bioterrorism (Time Magazine)

13 Most Adorable Children's Letters To Father Christmas (Huffington Post)

5 Ways the Role of U.S. Secretary of State Has Changed (Time Magazine)

Syrian girl, 7, shares harrowing final messages amid 'complete meltdown of humanity' (Daily Star)

Where are the Love Actually cast now 13 years on? (Daily Mail)

Killer Michal Cezary Podlaszczyk freed from Polish prison moved to UK and raped woman (Daily Mail)

Dutch detain man suspected of involvement in terror group (Fox News)

Danish woman risks jail time for fighting against ISIS (Fox News)

Mystery 2,500-year-old ancient city FOUND in groundbreaking discovery (Daily Star)

Kilmarnock woman posted Facebook updates as man followed her home from Christmas party (Daily Mail)

Marco Rubio Raises Serious Concerns' About Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State (Time Magazine)

Warwick University Staff Miss Out On Wages Ahead Of Christmas Due To Student Protests (Huffington Post)

Trump Picks 'Embodiment of American Dream' as Secretary of State (NBC News)

Post Office vows there WON'T be a Christmas nightmare as 3% of branches will strike (Daily Mail)

Boy started chewing his own TOENAILS during school Christmas play (Daily Mail)

The psychological tricks shops play to get YOU to spend more at Christmas (Daily Mail)

Russia Is Happy With Donald Trump's Choice of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State (Time Magazine)

The Real Reason Charles Dickens Wrote A Christmas Carol (Time Magazine)

The £6 Christmas tree that is now 52ft tall in Worcestershire (Daily Mail)

People Are Pretty P*ssed Off About Their Disappointing' Argos Christmas Trees (Huffington Post)

How to make perfect home-made Christmas cookies every time (Daily Mail)

Russia test underwater doomsday drone' 6,000 times stronger than an H-bomb (Daily Star)

Angie Kenney receives Christmas card from mystery woman Eileen every year (Daily Mail)

Carter says 3 key Islamic State militants killed in Syria (Fox News)

Can Tillerson succeed as secretary of state? (CNN)

Father splashes $27,000 on cosmetic surgery for daughter as a Christmas gift (Daily Mail)

Mikhail Gorbachev on the Soviet Union Collapse, Democracy in Russia and Putins Popularity (Newsweek Magazine)

Most outrageous Christmas display EVER? Biblical sex toys spark outrage in erotic display (Daily Star)

Philippines' Duterte begins Cambodian state visit (Fox News)

State government trying to cover up collapsed church deaths (Fox News)

Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Grandfather With Dementia (NBC News)

'Complete meltdown of humanity' UN fury as children 'shot in the street' in Aleppo (Daily Express)

Trump names oil chief with Russia ties as secretary of state (CNN)

Trump Chooses Exxon Chief Tillerson as Secretary of State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

BREAKING: Market evacuated over suspicious package amid Christmas bomb-plot fears (Daily Express)

Heartbreaking: Couple forced apart after 65 years of marriage because of social care cuts (Daily Express)

Rade Jovanovi gives barefoot homeless woman new shoes in Serbia (Daily Mail)

Latvian Raimondas Saveikis who killed Tesco worker to be freed in THREE YEARS (Daily Mail)

House prices SURGE by 20% in Slough and Barking but FALL in Kensington and the City (Daily Mail)

Michelle Obama 'ape in heels' Facebook post: Woman 'to return to work' (BBC)

Civilians Killed In Aleppo 'On The Spot' As UN Describes 'Complete Meltdown Of Humanity' (Huffington Post)

It's RICHARD LITTLEJOHN's Mind How You Go Awards 2016 celebrating police stupidity (Daily Mail)

Police drag woman on Delta plane after 'not complying with boarding procedures' (Daily Mail)

Police Shot and Killed an Unarmed 73-Year-Old Man With Dementia in California (Time Magazine)

REVEALED: Russia training next top hackers in STRIP CLUB in baffling footage (Daily Star)

Explainer: What you need to know about Aleppo (CNN)

Syria Expands Control to Most of Aleppo (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ex-death squad hit man in Spain arrested in jihadi probe (Fox News)

Brexit Christmas dinner without Brussels UK's top 10 Xmas crackers this festive season (Daily Star)

How Donald Trumps Business Ties Are Already Jeopardizing U.S. Interests (Newsweek Magazine)

Madonna, Donald Trump Biopics and Titanic Comedy Named Hollywoods Best Unproduced Scripts (Newsweek Magazine)

Thai pardon expected to free Swiss man in 1MDB scandal (Fox News)

Mum's horror after man in wheelchair 'fractures baby's skull' in McDonald's queue (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Picks Exxon Mobil's Rex Tillerson to Lead State Department (Time Magazine)

They Want to Kill Everyone.' Syrian Regime Accused of Slaughtering Civilians as Aleppo Nears Fall (Time Magazine)

Germany, France back extending sanctions against Russia (Fox News)

Chelsea: Club Makes Decision on John Terrys Future After 22 Years at Stamford Bridge (Newsweek Magazine)

Wonder Woman dropped as UN equality champion (BBC)

Beijing lost its crown as the bicycle king. Some well-funded startups want it back (Los Angeles Times)

Post Office workers to strike for 5 days ahead of Christmas (Daily Mail)

Mince Pie Gin Is Here To Fill Your Christmas With Liquid Joy (Huffington Post)

Can you really make dreams come true just by wishing? That was the idea behind a self-help book that sold 19 million copies. And, ten years on, these women swear The Secret worked for them (Daily Mail)

Terrifying knocker' SCAM: The heartless thieves targeting YOUR home before Christmas (Daily Express)

Wonder Woman Is No Longer UN Honorary Ambassador For Gender Equality (Huffington Post)

Trump delays decision on businesses while in White House (Daily Express)

Trump to name Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, sources tell CBS News (CBS News)

Spy bosses in US dismiss CIA claim Russians tried to help Donald Trump win US election (Daily Express)

Trump dismisses claim of Russian hacking as "conspiracy theory" (CBS News)

Wrongfully convicted Tenn. man fights for compensation after 31 years in prison (CBS News)

BIG FREEZE: -20C Snow chaos to hit UK THIS WEEK in coldest Christmas ever (Daily Star)

Donald Trump to Appoint Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State (Newsweek Magazine)

2 police officers shot during traffic stop in Georgia, police say (CBS News)

Can YOU tell the Lidl Christmas dinner from the M&S festive feast? (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Contributor: What Comes After Aleppo Falls? (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump to endorse Ronna Romney McDaniel for RNC chair (CBS News)

London police search for disabled man who hit a baby in Newham McDonald's (Daily Mail)

Can you spot why people are in stitches over McDonald's new rude' Christmas coffee cup? (Daily Star)

Syrian Forces Take Over Rebel-Held Areas of Aleppo: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Philip Hammond warns Brexit could take more than two years to deliver (Daily Mail)

The Latest: UN cites reports of civilians killings in Aleppo (Fox News)

Police arrest Spaniard suspected of planning suicide attack (Fox News)

Beer writer Alice Galletly reveals her favourite drinks for Christmas (Daily Mail)

Kimberleigh Lloyd advises how to network your way to promotion at the Christmas party (Daily Mail)

Five men and a woman arrested on suspicion of terror offences across England (Daily Mail)

U.N. Chief Ban Ki-Moon Warns of Aleppo Atrocities Against Civilians (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump: 'No new business deals' during presidency (BBC)

Aleppo Video Diary: 'We Don't Deserve All This Death' (NBC News)

Aleppo Residents' Heartbreaking Goodbyes Describe The Horror Of What Is Happening In Syria's Second City (Huffington Post)

Op-Ed Contributor: What Is America Without Influence? Trump Will Find Out. (New York Times - Paywall)

FRANCE'S NO GO ZONES: Women fight back after being BANNED from streets by Muslim men (Daily Express)

'A Lot of Pain In This Country': Sanders on Why Trump Won (NBC News)

Aleppo conflict: Calls to spare lives as battle nears end (BBC)

Putin ready to meet Trump 'at any moment' (Fox News)

The simple Christmas detox tricks EVERYONE should adopt to ensure you don't pile on half a stone this December (and it's a lot easier than you think) (Daily Mail)

Lady Gaga's bodyguard offers reward leading to Berlin thug who kicked woman down stairs' arrest (Daily Mail)

Ed Sheeran is back on social media with a cryptic image (BBC)

Mont. AG office says no way to appeal 60-day jail sentence for man who raped daughter (CBS News)

Trump says he will announce pick for secretary of state Tuesday morning (CBS News)

Christmas dinner threat: Brussels could be off the menu this festive season (Daily Star)

Kerry Should Not Blame the Victims of Aleppo (Newsweek Magazine)

'It took seven years to find out why our daughter died' (BBC)

President Obama on the Daily Show: Without Proper Intelligence You Are Flying Blind' (Time Magazine)

Beijing Concerned as Trump Questions 'One China' Policy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Travel CHAOS as South East plagued by worst strike action for more than 20 YEARS (Daily Express)

Trump's pick for top US diplomat has close ties to Russia (Fox News)

Afghan official: Roadside bombing killed 2 police officers (Fox News)

Russia to move war machines into heart of Europe after INVITE from THIS country (Daily Star)

'Children burned alive and mass executions' as Aleppo falls to Putin and Assad (Daily Star)

Former defense secretary calls on Trump to "listen more" to intelligence community (CBS News)

Donald Trump's sons to run business empire & will make no new deals' when he takes office (Daily Express)

Trump to name secretary of state pick on Tuesday with Rex Tillerson favored for the role (Daily Mail)

Omagh care home: Elderly man tied to chair in 'torture' ordeal (BBC)

Red Cross urges parties in Syria's Aleppo to spare civilians (Fox News)

Syrian regime controls nearly all of Aleppo, but loses another city to ISIS (CBS News)

What's next if the Syrian regime takes Aleppo? (CNN)

Police say man stabs, wounds 7 children at Indonesian school (Fox News)

CIA confident Russia tried to influence U.S. election (CBS News)

FBI refuses to back CIA's claims Putin helped Trump get elected (Daily Star)

Trump Picks Rick Perry for Energy Secretary: Sources (NBC News)

Former South Korean prosecutor gets 4 years for corruption (Fox News)

'Children burned alive, tragic goodbyes and genocide' Assad's forces set to retake Aleppo (Daily Express)

Donald Trump quits business to focus on presidency (Daily Star)

Trump Cancels Announcement on Business Plans (NBC News)

Average couple has four fights a day in December experts say it takes five years to recover from divorce financially (Daily Mail)

Nearly 7 years after quake, 50,000 in Haiti still in camps (Fox News)

Donald Trump Chooses Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State (Time Magazine)

Trump to Name Oil CEO With Russia Ties for State Tuesday (NBC News)

Iran threatens US with WW3 if Donald Trump cancels nuke deal (Daily Star)

António Guterres, Sworn In as U.N.’s Next Leader, Must Factor Trump Into His Plans (New York Times - Paywall)

Watch: Woman dragged off flight by police in Detroit (CBS News)

Syrian forces nearly complete retaking Aleppo (CBS News)

Syrian Government Moves Closer to Completely Controlling Aleppo (New York Times - Paywall)

U.N. Secretary-General Alarmed' over Reports of Atrocities in Aleppo (Time Magazine)

"Terrifying" scene as thousands penned in by Syrian army advance (CBS News)

Trump can't afford to lose his fight against China (CNN)

Rex Tillerson’s Company, Exxon, Has Billions at Stake Over Russia Sanctions (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Mitt Romney SNUBBED by Donald Trump for Secretary of State post (Daily Express)

Britain accused of plotting to launch a 'MAJOR WAR' against Russia by Kremlin official (Daily Express)

US ELECTION BOMBSHELL: Russian hacking fears could bar Donald Trump from White House (Daily Star)

Why the CIA Thinks Russia Wanted Trump to Win (NBC News)

Twitter users left outraged as Christmas film Elf won't be shown on TV this December (Daily Mail)

Calls to Childline over gender fears triple in three years (Daily Mail)

Syrian man films a tank firing at his building in Damascus (Daily Mail)

'It's Hell': White Helmets Tweet Desolation in Aleppo (NBC News)

Mother slams Argos after Christmas tree she bought fails to live up to picture on box (Daily Mail)

Editorial: Flawed Choices for the State Department (New York Times - Paywall)

In Santa Claus, Indiana, Christmas is year-round (CBS News)

9 ways to escape Christmas (CNN)

China condemns Trump over 'one China' policy; state news agency calls him 'as ignorant as a child' (Los Angeles Times)

Exxon CEO as Trumps Secretary of State Puts Senators in a Tough Position (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump faces fight over oil tycoon (CNN)

Chinese editorial calls Trump an 'ignorant child' (CNN)

Donald Trump Postpones Announcement on Future of His Businesses to January (Time Magazine)

Report: Russia also hacked GOP (CNN)

Trump gives Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn the job as his top economic adviser (Daily Mail)

Trump faces pushback over Rex Tillersons ties to Russia (CBS News)

Clinton's team demands briefing on Russian hacking in last-ditch attempt to block Trump (Daily Express)

U.N. Ends Wonder Woman Campaign for Gender Equality (NBC News)

Cathedral Bombing Leaves Egypt Alarmed, and Its President Scrambling (New York Times - Paywall)

Forest Hill Station knifeman shouting kill all Muslims' stabs a man (Daily Mail)

Stepping back (BBC)

F-f-frigid Temps From Windy City to Big Apple in Forecast (NBC News)

Morning Star Newspaper Condemned By Labour MPs For Calling Fall Of Aleppo In Syria A 'Liberation' (Huffington Post)

EastEnders' Christmas 2016 Spoilers: First Look Pictures Show The Carters And Mitchells Celebrating (Well Trying) (Huffington Post)

SNOW BOMB: Wall of SNOW to SMASH UK as deadly blizzards hit in COLDEST freeze for 53 YEARS (Daily Express)

Animal charities battle disinherited woman for a slice her dead mother's £486k estate (Daily Mail)

US intel: Russia interfered with vote (CNN)

Syrian forces claim 99% control of eastern Aleppo (Financial Times - Paywall)

Wonder Woman Dropped as U.N. Ambassador After Controversial Two-Month Stint (Newsweek Magazine)

Cyclone hits Indian city (CNN)

Opinion: No evidence Russia hacked votes (CNN)

New York City Train Tunnel Project Could Be a 3-Year Traffic Jam (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman who plied teen girl with booze before raping her and then fleeing to Ibiza jailed (Daily Star)

Republicans in Congress Break With Trump on Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria rebels retreat in Aleppo amid 'terrifying' collapse (Fox News)

How YOU can get Salma Hayek's toned back muscles (Daily Mail)

Philippines President Criticizes Times Piece on Deadly Antidrug Campaign (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump's Lead in Wisconsin Widens After Recount (Time Magazine)

Philip Hammond Says 'Thoughtful Politicians' Back 'Soft Brexit' (Huffington Post)

This Woman Who Got Her Fridge to Dispense Wine Is Dominating Life (Time Magazine)

Top GOP-er breaks with Trump (CNN)

Trump slams 'out of control' F-35 program (CNN)

Donald Trump Takes Aim at F-35, the Plane That Ate the Pentagon' (Newsweek Magazine)

The Interpreter: Russia and the U.S. Election: What We Know and Don’t Know (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman kicked downstairs in Berlin subway (BBC)

Islamic State militants retake ancient city of Palmyra (Fox News)

A President Trump Excites, and Worries, Persian Gulf Leaders (New York Times - Paywall)

First exoplanet weather forecast reveals the stunning conditions 1,000 light years away (Daily Mail)

The house with 100 Christmas trees (BBC)

Victoria's Secret Red-Faced After Booting Black Woman From Store (NBC News)

Aleppo girl's mom speaks out (CNN)

IMF chief Christine Lagarde goes on trial over negligent' £338million state payout to tycoon but insists it was in the state's interest' (Daily Mail)

Chinese man shows off his frozen fringe as he embraces gruelling winter (Daily Mail)

Jihadi sympathiser who funded Man In The Hat 'was tapped up by MI5' (Daily Mail)

Muslim State Secretary for Berlin voices her backing for Sharia law in Europe (Daily Mail)

Sudan's president warns against anti-regime protests (Fox News)

Cabinet? Fiorina chats with Trump on China (CNN)

If Donald Trump Pushes on Taiwan, How China Could Push Back (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia ready to boost Serbian defense to counter NATO (Fox News)

Man held over stabbing on train (BBC)

As Trump Speaks of Conspiracy, McConnell Backs Probes Into Russia Hacking (NBC News)

Festive brainteaser features a dolly hidden among the children's Christmas toys (Daily Mail)

Indian Police Arrest Moviegoer for Failing to Rise for Anthem (New York Times - Paywall)

Where is Liam Neesons Love Actually Character 13 Years On? The Answer Might Break Fans Hearts (Newsweek Magazine)

Attack that killed 24 at Christian church was suicide bombing, Egypt's president says (Fox News)

Cologne to deploy extra police for New Year's Eve over repeat migrant sex attacks (Daily Mail)

Moroccan asylum seeker 'followed woman into nightclub toilets and raped her in Germany (Daily Mail)

Beijing hits back at Trump over Taiwan stance (Financial Times - Paywall)

Is telling your children about Father Christmas WRONG? (Daily Mail)

Aleppo's deserted ancient city filmed from above (BBC)

'X Factor' Winner Matt Terry Releases 'When Christmas Comes Around' - Who Else Are This Year's Christmas Number One Contenders? (Huffington Post)

Populism: What next after Trump and Brexit? (CNN)

Brexit and Trump Mean Globalization Is Changing, Not Ending (Newsweek Magazine)

World's heaviest woman to have surgery (CNN)

Trump is appointing people who hate the agencies they will lead (CNN)

Wake up: Trump isn't a real populist (CNN)

US man Silas Duane Boston charged with 1978 killing of British couple at sea (Daily Mail)

Trump Transition: China Seriously Concerned' Over President-Elect's Comments (Newsweek Magazine)

Benjamin Netanyahu to Give Donald Trump Five Alternatives to Iran Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

Isis retakes ancient Syrian city of Palmyra (Financial Times - Paywall)

Children write letters to Father Christmas (and some requests will break your heart) (Daily Mail)

'Britain's best decorated Christmas house' owners spent four months decorating (Daily Mail)

Bacteria hidden in cave for FOUR MILLION years are resistant to antibiotics (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson knocks back bid from Tony Blair for MORE funding (Daily Mail)

Transgender woman reveals she was a virgin until 25 after fearing being attacked (Daily Mail)

Madonna delivers ferocious acceptance speech at Woman of the Year award (BBC)

Jimmy Fallon asks office workers to reveal biggest Christmas party fails on Twitter (Daily Mail)

Motor city (BBC)

Trump on Twitter (BBC)

C.I.A. Judgment on Russia Built on Swell of Evidence (New York Times - Paywall)

Wrap your Christmas presents like an expert (Daily Mail)

Iraqis Mourn Destruction of Ancient City at Hands of ISIS (NBC News)

Bombings targeting police kill 38 people and injure 155 near Istanbul soccer stadium (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State may be losing ground, but its recapture of Palmyra in Syria shows it is still a threat (Los Angeles Times)

Buoyed by Donald Trump Win, Jerusalem Mayor Hopes to Get U.S. Embassy (New York Times - Paywall)

Tensions rise between Trump and the CIA over Russia's hacking during the 2016 campaign (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State militants reenter ancient Syrian city of Palmyra (Los Angeles Times)

Trump to give Wilbur Ross trade policy powers (Financial Times - Paywall)

Islamic State video of captured British photographer signals a shift in the group's propaganda (Los Angeles Times)

Explosion along Cairo thoroughfare kills 6 police officers (Los Angeles Times)

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter reaffirms U.S. commitment to Afghanistan in unannounced visit (Los Angeles Times)

Vote to impeach South Korean president solves 'a lot of the chaos of the nation,' assembly speaker says (Los Angeles Times)

In the battle for control of key oil installations in Libya, a military man takes center stage (Los Angeles Times)

Why is Aleppo so important in Syria? (CNN)

South Korean lawmakers introduce motion to impeach President Park Geun-hye (Los Angeles Times)

Syrian rebels on the cusp of losing Aleppo as humanitarian crisis deepens (Los Angeles Times)

Raped 43,000 times, but fighting back (CNN)

Turkish Dam Project Threatens to Submerge Thousands of Years of History (New York Times - Paywall)