Thursday, 22nd December 2016

World News

Australian Christmas Day terrorist attack foiled, police say (CBS News)

Dashcam footage shows truck speeding toward Berlin market (CBS News)

North Pole warms near melting point this Christmas week (CBS News)

Will Trump ban Muslims from entering the U.S.? (CBS News)

Trump tweets on U.S. nuclear weapons (CBS News)

Congress: Snowden is in contact with Russian intelligence (CBS News)

Trump calls for veto of U.N. resolution on Israeli settlements (CBS News)

Okla. football coach fakes out media over claimed meeting with Trump (CBS News)

A novel approach: Fighting painkiller addiction at home (CBS News)

Amid manhunt, Berlin suspects worrisome past raises questions (CBS News)

Berlin terror suspect was jailed for burning down Italian migrant centre (Daily Mail)

Christmas Day terror plot to attack Federation Square, Flinders Street train station and St Paul's Cathedral foiled after raids (Daily Mail)

Manhunt for Berlin terrorist intensifies as officers arrest four of his friends (Daily Mail)

Passenger kicked off flight for allegedly heckling Ivanka (CNN)

Report: Israel asked Trump to press US on settlement vote (CNN)

Berlin attack suspect's fingerprints in truck suggest he drove it (Los Angeles Times)

Australia thwarts thwart possible X-mas attack (CNN)

The benefits of having grandchildren: Grandparents can enjoy 5 extra years of life if they occasionally care for them (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump tweets that US should 'expand its nuclear capability' (Daily Mail)

Horrifying new footage shows moment lorry speeds towards Berlin Christmas market (Daily Star)

Melbourne Christmas Day 'terror attack' foiled, say Australia police (BBC)

Now Trump hints at CANCELLING the F-35 saying he's asked rival Boeing to 'price-out a comparable F18' (Daily Mail)

Berlin suspect had ties to ISIS network (CNN)

Trump team asks for info on programs promoting gender equality (CNN)

Questions over how police missed Berlin attack suspect's ID in truck for 24 hours (Daily Mail)

Manhunt intensifies for Berlin truck attack suspect (CBS News)

Queen Elizabeth proceeds with Christmas travel plans after delay (CBS News)

Search for clues into Mexicos fireworks market explosion (CBS News)

Can YOU spot the Christmas tree? Festive fir hidden in a snowy Prague scene may be the trickiest seasonal puzzle yet (Daily Mail)

Vladimir Putin leads tributes at ceremony for Russian ambassador to Turkey (Daily Mail)

Vote on Settlements Delayed By Egypt After Israeli Pressure, Trump Tweet (Newsweek Magazine)

Lorena Bobbitt 23 years later: 'Battered' wife who cut off 'abusive' husband's penis still dealing with her infamy despite leading a quiet life with her daughter, 11, and longtime partner (Daily Mail)

Killer sawed off mother-of-three's head and carried it through streets after battering and stabbing her to death and dumping body parts in bin (Daily Mail)

Trump isn't waiting until Inauguration Day (CNN)

Caught on dashcam, the horrifying moment German truck attacker hurtles towards Berlin Christmas market at 40mph before careering through crowds killing 12 (Daily Mail)

Trump and Putin seek to boost nuclear capability (CNN)

Raids foil planned Melbourne Christmas terror attack, police say (Fox News)

Birmingham gang of thugs launch a vicious attack on a man on his own driveway (Daily Mail)

Putin and Trump call for stronger nuclear forces (Financial Times - Paywall)

Australian police say they prevented bombings on Christmas (Fox News)

The Radio City Rockettes Will Perform at Donald Trump's Inauguration (Time Magazine)

Russian woman among the first generation to grow up after Glasnost reveals all (Daily Mail)

Baby joy for Sonali Mukherjee in India whose skin 'melted away' in acid attack (Daily Mail)

BA crew Christmas strikes suspended (BBC)

Delta passengers refute YouTuber Adam Saleh's claims he was kicked off flight (Daily Mail)

What Shackleton's men dreamed of for Antarctic Christmas dinner 108 years ago (Daily Mail)

Theresa May urges Britons to enjoy Christmas as usual after the Berlin attack (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Horrifying moment truck crashes into Berlin Christmas market in ISIS terror attack (Daily Express)

BA cabin crew strike planned for Christmas Day and Boxing day is OFF, says Union (Daily Mail)

Star Wars fans would trek to Berlin massacre suspect's hometown in Tunisia until it became overrun by jihadists (Daily Mail)

Moscow parents allow their daughters to cuddle bear for perfect Christmas photos (Daily Mail)

Passengers Removed from JetBlue Flight in Ivanka Trump Incident (NBC News)

Savvy shoppers get their Christmas turkeys direct from poultry auction (Daily Mail)

Search on after cruise passenger apparently jumps ship off Florida (CBS News)

Trump Stuns Nuclear Experts With Apparent Call to Expand Arsenal (NBC News)

Dany Cotton becomes London Fire Brigade's first ever female commissioner (Daily Mail)

Berlin Market Attack Suspect's Fingerprints Indicate He Was Driving the Truck (Time Magazine)

Trump remarks on "terrible" Berlin attack, immigration policies (CBS News)

Why Heart Attacks Spike at Christmas (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump: US must greatly expand nuclear capabilities (BBC)

Ivanka Trump 'aggressively confronted by JetBlue passenger while sitting with her kids (Daily Mail)

How Germany's obsession with privacy let the Christmas market killer escape (Daily Mail)

German police launch raids as terror suspect manhunt intensifies (CBS News)

Edward Snowden feeds his girlfriend KFC in bizarre Christmas Instagram photo (Daily Mail)

U.S. privacy board in disarray before Trump takes office (CBS News)

2 countries tried to deport Berlin suspect (CNN)

The World's First Solar Road Opens in France (Time Magazine)

Queen Elizabeth departs for Christmas trip after health-related delay (CBS News)

Trump urges veto of U.N. resolution on Israeli settlements (CBS News)

WW3 fears as Donald Trump vows to go ahead with $3TRILLION nuclear weapons expansion (Daily Star)

Donald Trump: Expand Nukes Until World Comes to Its Senses (Newsweek Magazine)

Fashion world mourns as Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani passes away at the age of 66 - after a record-breaking 28 years at the helm of the iconic publication (Daily Mail)

Italy's banking system may need £50BILLION from country's government if it is to stave off collapse with world's oldest bank on brink (Daily Mail)

Sainsbury's tells customers to pick up Christmas food orders from wrong stores (Daily Mail)

Anis Amri, Suspect in the Berlin Truck Attack: What Is Known (New York Times - Paywall)

Fraudster who sat English tests for £50 a time is jailed for two and a half years (Daily Mail)

Honor and Effort: What President Obama Achieved in Eight Years (Time Magazine)

Prince Charles makes Christmas decorations with hospice patients (Daily Mail)

Sherlock's Martin Freeman has secretly SPLIT from Amanda Abbington after 15 years (Daily Mail)

Monaco's royal twins steal show at official Christmas card photo shoot (Daily Mail)

Berlin attack suspect's fingerprints have been found on STEERING WHEEL of truck used (Daily Mail)

Riot police swarm on Brit prison as 60 inmates take control (Daily Star)

Hunt for terror suspect is Europe-wide, says Merkel (Financial Times - Paywall)

Petra Kvitova to be released from hospital after knife attack (BBC)

Berlin lorry attack: Tunisian suspect's brother 'in shock' (BBC)

Why Christmas is the most TOXIC day of the year (Daily Mail)

Beijing warns on trade after Trump picks China hawk (Financial Times - Paywall)

Shaken but Undaunted, Berliners Return to Christmas Markets (New York Times - Paywall)

Berlin police install terrorist-proof concrete barriers around Christmas market (Daily Mail)

Jetblue Passengers Kicked Off Flight for Harassing Ivanka Trump (Time Magazine)

Reason Kate Middleton and Prince William are shunning Queen's Christmas celebrations (Daily Mail)

Bless you! The hilarious moment a boy's sneeze frightens a prairie dog in a zoo and knocks him off his feet (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Wants to Build Up America's Nuclear Arsenal (Time Magazine)

Berlin attack victims included Israeli, Pole and Italian (Fox News)

US placed Berlin terror suspect on no-fly list months ago, report says (Fox News)

Uber pulls self-driving cars off California roads (CBS News)

Trump says Berlin attack validates his Muslim ban proposal (CBS News)

UKIP donor Arron Banks sparks fury laying blame for Berlin attack with Angela Merkel (Daily Mail)

Queen Elizabeth calls off Christmas travel plans due to heavy cold (CBS News)

Edward Snowden in Contact With Russian Intelligence, House Report Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Berlin attack: Family urge suspect to surrender (BBC)

Pregnancy changes a mother's brain for years -- study (CNN)

Troubled Berlin attack suspect sought better life in Europe (Fox News)

Fortress Britain: Huge concrete terror blocks built at Xmas market after Berlin massacre (Daily Star)

Report connects Snowden to Russian intel (CNN)

Trump Insists He'll 'Drain the Swamp' as Gingrich Walks Back 'Boo Boo' (NBC News)

Hundreds of first responders exposed to ricin, a toxin, FEMA says (CBS News)

Chance the Rapper and Jeremih Just Dropped a Surprise Christmas Mixtape (Time Magazine)

It Takes Mettle to Build the World's Tallest Christmas Tree (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump Says America Must Expand Nuclear Strength (Huffington Post)

Eye Opener: Manhunt widens for Berlin attack suspect (CBS News)

Car bombs explode at a suburban Mosul market, killing 15 civilians and 8 police officers (Los Angeles Times)

Rome mayor bans New Year's fireworks (Fox News)

Donald Trump Says He Still Wants to Drain the Swamp' (Time Magazine)

Trump and Israel on a Collision Course with Obama over UN Resolution (NBC News)

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump says America MUST ramp up NUCLEAR ARSENAL (Daily Express)

Trump Pressures Obama Over U.N. Resolution on Israeli Settlements (New York Times - Paywall)

Scottish court says woman can pursue claim against Trump (Fox News)

12 Things That Will Definitely Happen When You Go Home For Christmas (Huffington Post)

Number of Christians celebrating Christmas in Saudi Arabia growing, but religious liberty isn't (Fox News)

British trucker raises more than £50,000 for family of Polish driver killed in Berlin attack (Daily Mail)

Fatwa bans Muslims wearing Santa hats: Indonesia's killjoy imams say it is forbidden and police start to enforce 'law' (Daily Mail)

French high school pupils strip off for a very cheeky end-of year-school photo (Daily Mail)

Senegalese immigrant jailed for 30 years for murdering American woman in Italy (Daily Mail)

France unveils the world's first solar panel road: 0.6-mile stretch could provide enough energy to power entire village's street lights (Daily Mail)

'Normal Guy': Truck Suspect Trod Familiar Path to Terror (NBC News)

REVEALED: Naughty call girls offering Christmas dinner sex specials to lonely Brits (Daily Star)

Notes and sketches detail plans for the first Quality Street tins (Daily Mail)

Christmas Day SUPERSTORM: UK to be lashed by two MONSTER weather systems in 72 HOURS (Daily Express)

Death toll at Mexican fireworks market at 33, with 12 still missing (Fox News)

Homeless Women 'Inspired To Keep Fighting' After Being Given A Christmas Makeover (Huffington Post)

Israeli woman feared dead in Berlin lorry attack as husband fights for his life (Daily Mail)

Defiance, not fear, as Berlin Christmas market reopens (Fox News)

These Politicians Wouldn't Make Donald Trump's Cabinet Because They Have Facial Hair (Huffington Post)

Terrified kids overhear mum's screams as she is sexually assaulted in home (Daily Star)

Families anguish as 12 still missing after fireworks blast (CBS News)

Man designs home he controls with eyes (CNN)

Dead dog found with horror injuries in gift bag marked 'don't open until Christmas day' (Daily Star)

German Police Hunt Most Wanted Suspect (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

CHRISTMAS TRAVEL CHAOS: Millions facing transport HELL as stormy weather settles in (Daily Express)

Pictured: The father of the Berlin truck attack suspect (Daily Mail)

Germany has 7,000 terror suspects at large former UK intelligence chief says (Daily Mail)

Fog hampers Christmas travel amid Storm Barbara warning (BBC)

Non-League footballer apologises for blacking up as a sunglasses seller at Christmas party as Tranmere team are forced to undergo diversity training (Daily Mail)

Lin-Manuel Miranda: How to Be an Artist in the Donald Trump Era (Time Magazine)

Kim Jong-un's student prisoner will spend Christmas in North Korean gulag (Daily Star)

Berlin attack: Who is Anis Amri? (CNN)

Barely a flicker of emotion as Sgt. Blackman won't be going home for Christmas (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Picks Kellyanne Conway to Serve as Counselor to the President (Newsweek Magazine)

Baltics Journal: Who Tossed On the First Tinsel? Two Baltic Capitals Disagree (New York Times - Paywall)

Hundreds of People Just Won Spain's $2.4 Billion Christmas Lottery (Time Magazine)

Worries About More Leaks in the Trump Era (Newsweek Magazine)

Tolerance and Unity Cannot Become The Next Victims of Terror Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

A grateful gift: Sons save up for years to surprise mom with special Christmas present (Fox News)

Berlin shops LOCKED DOWN and trains off as cops investigate bomb scare (Daily Star)

Pope in Christmas speech blasts Vatican resistance to reform (Fox News)

Berlin shopping centre in LOCKDOWN as police swoop over terror alert (Daily Express)

Drinker who bit off part of barmaid's EAR in pub toilet attack because she had barred her is jailed for more than five years (Daily Mail)

Trump Names Conway as Counselor, Hails 'Amazing Insights' (NBC News)

Truck Attack Market Reopens Suspect Still at Large (NBC News)

Saddam Hussein's daughter praises Trump for his 'political sensibility' (Daily Mail)

And The Muslim Ladies Sang A Christmas Carol (Huffington Post)

Mother is sexually assaulted in her own home by a stranger (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Has Named Kellyanne Conway Counselor to the President (Time Magazine)

Christmas Encounter With Other Brian (Huffington Post)

TERROR ALERT: Now Italy ramps up security and BANS trucks from entering cities (Daily Express)

French airman, 96, tells of his unconscious fall into Nazi Germany on Christmas Eve (Daily Mail)

Queen, Philip set off for Christmas trip after delay (Fox News)

Muslim businessman erects tallest Christmas tree in Baghdad as symbol of solidarity (Fox News)

Sweden's Dr Anal' could be practising again after he was struck off (Daily Mail)

Slovenia Returns Croatia's Box of Christmas Chocolates Over Land Dispute (Newsweek Magazine)

Congo Bishops Urge Settlement of Political Crisis Before Christmas (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

People Are Signing Up for Obamacare in Record Numbers Despite Donald Trump's Pledge to Repeal It (Time Magazine)

Man 'who gunned down delivery driver' claims he assassinated Donald Trump (Daily Star)

Christmas Brought To You By Victims Of Modern Slavery (Huffington Post)

Romania delays nomination of first female Muslim leader (Fox News)

British Conservative Social Club Accepts First Woman Member in 134 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Israeli, Italian and Polish Citizens Were Among Victims of Berlin Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

New acting dynasty? Three siblings take over television and stage in the SAME Christmas period and have surprised their parents with their shared acting passion (Daily Mail)

Dog lover splashes out £1,250 on 100 Christmas gifts for her two pets (Daily Mail)

Winners of Spain's 'El Gordo' $2.4B lottery take home $418K each (Fox News)

Is resting your head on a BOX the best way to sleep on a plane? Rocket scientist spends two years inventing bizarre travel accessory (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Christmas shopper seriously injured in town centre crash (Daily Star)

The science behind why you should stop stalking your ex on Facebook this Christmas (Daily Mail)

Taliban Attack on Lawmaker's Home Kills Eight (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Seeing Berlin attacked, Nice relives truck rampage horror (Fox News)

Yes, Donald Trump is Making Terrorist Attacks More Likely. Here's How (Time Magazine)

Thug is caught on camera launching himself at a woman and kicking her in the back in a horrific random attack which sends her flying (Daily Mail)

5 Terrible Phone Habits We Should All Try To Kick Over Christmas (Huffington Post)

Berlin Attack Victims: Israeli Woman Identified As Dead While Her Husband Is Seriously Wounded (Huffington Post)

Women Reveal The Things That Turn Them Off When Going To A Guy's House For The First Time (Huffington Post)

Pharmacy worker, 20, tells how boyfriend who charmed her over Christmas dinner then subjected her to terrifying hate campaign as he is jailed for 19 months (Daily Mail)

Gold-plated Trump iPhones for super rich (CNN)

Storm Barbara AND Storm Conor to wreak havoc on Christmas Day in double mega storm (Daily Star)

Trump appoints China critic Peter Navarro to trade post (BBC)

Europe continues to scramble to find Tunisian suspect in Berlin attack (Fox News)

Watch the heart-warming moment a blind toddler sees Shrek, Donkey and Kung Fu Panda for the first time (Daily Mail)

Putin tells military to be ready for threats at Russian border (Fox News)

GRAPHIC VID: Depraved crowd cheer as Las Vegas strippers rip clothes off in violent brawl (Daily Star)

Spain DISMISSES Nicola Sturgeon's bid to keep Scotland in the EU single market (Daily Mail)

David Beckham Lip Synced Cruz Beckham's Christmas Single, Proved He's Embarrassing Like Every Other Dad (Huffington Post)

World champions reveal tricks to be the best at Christmas board games (Daily Mail)

Bake Off fans sneer at US version of former BBC show as viewing figures flop (Daily Mail)

Babies prove dreams REALLY do come true at Christmas (Daily Mail)

Last Posting Dates For Christmas 2016 For Argos, Tesco, Amazon, Asda And More (Huffington Post)

Single Dad Who Took Hairstyling Lessons Turns Daughter's Hair Into Incredible Christmas Creations (Huffington Post)

Berlin Attack: Tunisian Suspect's Father Says Anis Amri Was Radicalized in Italian Prison' (Newsweek Magazine)

Joyful and Eerie Photos of Christmas in Black and White (Time Magazine)

Pope denounces resistance to reform in Christmas greeting (Fox News)

M6 CLOSED: Horror crash sparks Christmas traffic mayhem (Daily Star)

South African explorer to be first to circumnavigate the globe via both poles (Daily Mail)

Europe Scrambles to Find Tunisian Suspect in Berlin Attack (Time Magazine)

Berlin attack: Tunisian fugitive 'had been under surveillance' (BBC)

BREAKING: German police arrest Berlin terror suspect Anis Amri's associates in dawn raids (Daily Express)

AfD leader Hugh Theodore Bronson blames political correctness for ISIS Berlin attack (Daily Mail)

Cat forgotten and abandoned for years by Alzheimer's-suffering owner is found covered in horror matted fur 'dreadlocks' (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Anti-terror cops arrest four 'connected with Berlin Xmas market attack suspect' (Daily Star)

Swede claims to be first man wheelchair to reach South Pole (Fox News)

U.S.-based Muslim cleric rejects links to killing of Russian envoy's (Fox News)

VIDEO: Chilling footage shows Berlin terror suspect in city just miles from attack site (Daily Star)

EU PARALYSIS: Brussels dealt hammer blow which could KILL OFF all future trade deals (Daily Express)

Explosion at Australian Christian Lobby Not Religiously Motivated Say Police (Newsweek Magazine)

Suspect in Murder of Two Women May Be Serial Killer (NBC News)

New Yorkers' terror fears over low-flying plane but was actually on a mission for Trump (Daily Star)

Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda Christmas Opening Times 2016 (Huffington Post)

Man With Suspected Terror Links Sought Over Berlin Truck Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

University of Tromso scientists find women fail to realise they've had a heart attack (Daily Mail)

Home ownership by 25-year-olds halves in 20 years (BBC)

Trump speaks to reporters (CBS News)

BERLIN TERROR: Blundering German police only NOW find key evidence as attacker runs free (Daily Express)

Editorial: Investigate Russian Hacking the Right Way (New York Times - Paywall)

Berlin lorry attack: Two Brits among the injured (Daily Star)

The Latest: Turkey frees relatives of Russian envoy's killer (Fox News)

Photos show Mexico firehouse market devastation where explosion killed (Daily Mail)

Police that raided Sir Cliff Richard's home were looking for child porn (Daily Mail)

12/21: Donald Trump stands firm on campaign stance after Berlin attack; Military members surprise reunions with families at home (CBS News)

First US transgender hate crime conviction (CNN)

Police: Taliban attack home of Afghan lawmaker in capital, killing 8 (Fox News)

Tragedy as woman and child die in raging house fire days before Christmas (Daily Star)

Tom Rawstorne shows YOU how to make your own smoked salmon this Christmas (Daily Mail)

Last-minute Christmas bargains you can find in supermarkets (Daily Mail)

Ore Oduba Shows Off His Seriously Impressive Post-'Strictly Come Dancing' Body (Huffington Post)

California officials take Ubers self driving cars off the road (CBS News)

Berlin Terror Attack Suspect Anis Amri Watched By Police For Six Months (Huffington Post)

Why the U.N Is Right to Worry About the Trump Administration (Newsweek Magazine)

Ivanka Trump told by artists to take their work down from her walls (Daily Mail)

German police had monitored Berlin attack suspect (CBS News)

Russian cyberattack targets Ukrainian power grid; U.S. next? (CBS News)

The Latest: Israeli national confirmed among Berlin dead (Fox News)

Europe scrambles to find Tunisian suspect in Berlin attack (Fox News)

US-based cleric rejects links to Russian envoy's killing (Fox News)

Mind my baubles Moment mass brawl breaks out at Christmas market sending trees flying (Daily Star)

Footballer slammed for 'blacking-up' at club's Christmas party (Daily Star)

Trump Answers Reporters' Questions for 74 Seconds (NBC News)

2016 as viewed from the barber's chair - from Brexit to Trump (BBC)

Newspaper headlines: Europe's most-wanted man 'slipped off radar' (BBC)

Berlin attack suspect was radicalised by Germany's 'ISIS leader' (Daily Mail)

Trump has 'political sensibility,' says Raghad Hussein (CNN)

There are no perfect Christmas presents for the over 40's (Daily Mail)

After years fleeing IS, tragedy hits Iraqi family in Mosul (Fox News)

Footage shows two Georgia police officers being shot (Daily Mail)

Search on for missing after fireworks blast (CNN)

Mexicans mourn dead, seek relatives, after fireworks blast (Fox News)

Cat struggles under 1kg urine-soaked fur after years of neglect (Daily Star)

The Berlin Attack Is Prompting High Security in U.S. Cities for the Holiday (Time Magazine)

Military Aircraft Over NYC Training to Protect Trump (NBC News)

Woman stabbed to death by stepson after "gloating" over Cowboys win, police say (CBS News)

Russian hacks into Ukraine power grids a sign of things to come for U.S.? (CBS News)

Fireworks market explosion leaves 33 dead (CNN)

Merry Christmas from the moon (CNN)

Trump names fierce critic of China to lead trade council (CBS News)

Europe attacks put new focus on foreign policy under Trump administration (CBS News)

Polish Trucker's Death Brings Berlin Tragedy Close to Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Romania to appoint first Muslim, first female, as prime minister of the EU member nation (Daily Express)

Berlin Attack Sets Off Hunt for a Tunisian in Germany (New York Times - Paywall)

Royals to miss Prince Charles's Christmas Radio 4 feature because Queen wants to watch speech (Daily Mail)

YouTube star: I was kicked off flight for speaking Arabic (CNN)

Trump team floats tariffs (CNN)

Manhunt widens for Berlin terror suspect (CBS News)

Joan Collins' top Christmas tips as told to CRAIG BROWN (part 2) (Daily Mail)

Germany's privacy laws strike again as Berlin suspect cannot be fully identified (Daily Mail)

Tunisian asylum seeker, 23, suspected of carrying out Berlin massacre was arrested THREE times this year amid fears he was planning a terror plot - but police let him go and are now offering 100,000 euros to anyone who finds him (Daily Mail)

Suspect in Berlin Truck Attack Was Deemed 'Potential Risk' (NBC News)

Despite Fatal Blast, Mexicans Clamor to Rebuild Fireworks Market (New York Times - Paywall)

'ISIS influenced' Berlin Christmas market suspect NOT WORKING ALONE', claim German media (Daily Express)

Trump Taps Peter Navarro, Vocal Critic of China, for New Trade Post (New York Times - Paywall)

It's cloudy... with a chance of raindeer! Father Christmas formation is spotted in the skies above Essex (Daily Mail)

Berlin attack suspect 'deserves every condemnation' if guilty of attack, says brother (Daily Mail)

Martin Bashir: One woman's Christmas in a cell (BBC)

Muslim friends spread Christmas cheer to Manchester homeless (BBC)

Berlin Christmas market suspect DESERVES EVERY CONDEMNATION' if he's guilty, says BROTHER (Daily Express)

YouTuber Adam Saleh 'kicked off a Delta flight for speaking Arabic to his mom' (Daily Mail)

First Federal Transgender Hate Crime Case Ends in Guilty Plea (NBC News)

Le Pen 'facing US enquiry after begging Russian banks to fund French presidential charge' (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Meets Boeing and Lockheed Martin CEOs to Negotiate Defense Spending Costs (Time Magazine)

The soul of Japan's Tsukiji fish market (BBC)

Millennials Twice As Likely As Over 65s To Be Spending Christmas Alone (Huffington Post)

Young home owner numbers slump as councils warn of housing crisis (Daily Express)

Berlin Christmas market attack: Manhunt for 'terror suspect linked to ISIS' (Daily Star)

UK Christmas market on lockdown after slasher attack (Daily Star)

MERKEL FACING RUIN: Everything has changed for Germany after Berlin terror, says expert (Daily Express)

Clueless Angela Merkel tried to TRAIN migrants as LORRY DRIVERS ahead of Berlin attack (Daily Express)

SNEAKY tricks to make shop bought Christmas food taste like it's homemade (Daily Mail)

Boeing chief praises Trump after meeting (Financial Times - Paywall)

Andy Woodward says police interview delay over abuse claims is 'shocking' (BBC)

Chocolate salami is the new Christmas dessert to eat this year (Daily Mail)

Belfast Christmas market stabbing sees man rushed to hospital (Daily Mail)

Marine A Sergeant Alexander Blackman REFUSED bail for Christmas (Daily Mail)

Turkey links Russian ambassador's killer to US-based cleric, State Department calls claim 'ludicrous' (Fox News)

Twitter pictures reveal what happens when Christmas gift wrapping goes wrong (Daily Mail)

Trump jobs plan to target China? (CNN)

Fireworks were the lifeblood of this community. Then suddenly, they brought devastation (Los Angeles Times)

Royal Mail customers share photos of ripped Christmas cards and opened packages (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump calls Berlin terror strike 'an attack on humanity' (Daily Mail)

Shopper fights THREE police officers among Christmas trees as he tries to escape (Daily Mail)

UN board: Convoy air attack likely carried out by Syria (Fox News)

$104K reward for Berlin truck attack suspect (CNN)

Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals the Christmas dinner traditions that are making you look common (Daily Mail)

Romania poised to have first Muslim prime minister (Financial Times - Paywall)

Alan Thicke died from 'ruptured aorta' hours after suffering a heart attack (Daily Mail)

Trump Meets U.S. Defense Contractors He Previously Criticized Over F-35 Costs (Newsweek Magazine)

Drowning toddler Brandon Gitahi is rescued from a dam by a brave police officer (Daily Mail)

Can't hear what the people around you are saying over Christmas dinner? Tilt your HEAD, say scientists (Daily Mail)

Berlin terror attack: British student was HIT by truck as it careered through centre (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Chooses Carl Icahn as Special Adviser on Regulatory Reform (Time Magazine)

Kremlin calls US-Russia ties 'frozen,' unsure about Trump (Fox News)

Suspect sought in Berlin attack considered armed and dangerous (Los Angeles Times)

Russian Ambassador's Assassination Puts U.S. in Quandary (Newsweek Magazine)

Death toll rises to 32 in Mexico fireworks blast and the cause remains a mystery (Los Angeles Times)

Queen Mathilde dazzles in gold for Christmas concert at the Brussels palace (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Belfast Christmas market on LOCKDOWN after man stabbed near busy shopping centre (Daily Express)

How an Inauguration Fundraiser With Donald Trump's Family Imploded (Time Magazine)

Europe-wide hunt under way for Berlin attack suspect (Financial Times - Paywall)

The man with many faces: Terror suspect with MULTIPLE appearances STILL evading police (Daily Express)

Death by China' author to lead Trump trade office (Financial Times - Paywall)

Former FBI agent on how Berlin terror attack differs from Nice (CBS News)

Killers family reportedly detained in Russian diplomat murder probe (CBS News)

How Berlin attack is "way more complicated" than Nice massacre (CBS News)

Dozens killed in Mexico fireworks market explosion (CBS News)

Man arrested and fined after decorating his home with obscene Christmas lights (Daily Mail)

Berlin attack: Polish driver was ALIVE when ISIS killer sped through Christmas market (Daily Mail)

Dispatches: On Patrol With Police as Philippines Wages War on Drugs (New York Times - Paywall)

Police Force Blackpool Resident To Take Down Christmas Lights After Complaints (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Is About to Inherit These 4 Middle East Headaches (Time Magazine)

Mexican fireworks explosion drone footage shows workers run for their lives (Daily Mail)

Trump on Berlin, Turkey Attacks: Ive Been Proven to be Right (Newsweek Magazine)

Can Donald Trump defeat jihad? (CNN)

Trump Chooses China Hawk for Trade Advisory Role (Newsweek Magazine)

Cornwall police officer Kimberley James 'hanged herself after struggling at work' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump on Proposed Muslim Ban: You Know My Plans' (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump, Seeking Ambassadors, Sorts Through Competing Priorities (New York Times - Paywall)

Police ID Tunisian Suspect Hunted in Berlin Truck Attack (NBC News)

Adam Saleh Allegedly Kicked Off Plane for Speaking Arabic (Newsweek Magazine)

Parents of Canadian hostage: first time we've seen kids (Fox News)

Pay-for-Play Questions Continue to Swirl Around Trump Team (NBC News)

Gingrich: Trump drops 'drain the swamp' (CNN)

How to Heal the Division Sowed By Terrorism Like the Berlin Christmas Market Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Post Office cash handlers announce 48 hour Christmas strike (Daily Mail)

Romania Set for First Female, and First Muslim, Prime Minister (New York Times - Paywall)

Report: German police knew Berlin attack suspect would strike (Fox News)

Video captures Mexico's fireworks explosion (CNN)

Facebook video of adults playing a 'Poop the Potato' game at Christmas party goes viral (Daily Mail)

Trump's Muslim ban IS going ahead: President-elect doubles down after Berlin terror attack (Daily Express)

Taliban Attack Lawmaker’s Kabul Home (New York Times - Paywall)

Berlin suspect is a follower of terror group linked to Tunisian beach massacre (Daily Mail)

Great grandmother dies in hospital after she was 'locked out' of her care home (Daily Mail)

Mexico's fireworks market resembles a war zone after massive, unexplained blast (Fox News)

Erdogan Says Follower of Gulen, His Rival, Killed Russian Envoy (New York Times - Paywall)

Chapecoense sign first players on loan without any cost after tragic plane crash that claimed lives of 71 people (Daily Mail)

Indonesian Police Kill Three Thought to Be Linked to Attack Plot (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Berlin Terror Attack: Tunisian Suspect, Anis Amri, Hunted Across Europe With Reward Publicised (Huffington Post)

Michael Barrymore wants £2.5m in damages after suing police who arrested him (Daily Mail)

Armed police are on alert at Buckingham Palace as security is ramped up (Daily Mail)

Why Turkish Media Is Blaming the CIA for the Russian Ambassador's Assassination (Newsweek Magazine)

Alviro Petersen: Former South Africa batsman banned for two years (BBC)

Pakistani refugee wrongly accused of Berlin attack, Naveed Baluch 'is MISSING' (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener at 8: New suspect in Berlin attack (CBS News)

Car clampings for unpaid tax are up 80% in two years (BBC)

EU warns Trump not to destroy Iran nuclear deal (Financial Times - Paywall)

Minivan Crashes Into Beijing Farmers Market (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tennis star's 5 digits slashed in attack (CNN)

Suspect in Berlin attack is just the latest Tunisian jihadi (Fox News)

New details emerge about Russian envoys assassin (CBS News)

Petra Kvitova out for at least six months after attack but should play again (BBC)

Unions, Trump Hotels Reach Deal (Newsweek Magazine)

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