Thursday, 5th January 2017

World News

Will Trump overhaul U.S. intelligence agencies? (CBS News)

Hundreds arrested, police officer killed in Mexico gas price protests (CBS News)

Hate crime charges in attack live-streamed on Facebook (CBS News)

U.S. intel officials stand by Russian hacking allegations (CBS News)

U.S. intel sees multiple motives behind Russian hacking (CBS News)

U.S. takes action against son of Osama bin Laden (CBS News)

Secret Report Shows Just How Badly Belgium Mishandled Hunt for ISIS Operatives (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pictured: Hero police officer killed stopping major terror attack by two Kurdish terrorists armed with machine guns (Daily Mail)

I'm a Woman with a Disability Who Voted for Donald Trump. Here's Why (Time Magazine)

Video shows rabid bobcat attack wildlife officer (CBS News)

Theresa May to meet with Donald Trump in the spring (Daily Mail)

Breathalyzer lock laws cut drunk-driving deaths, study shows (CBS News)

3 Teens, 1 Woman in Facebook Torture Video Face Hate Charges (NBC News)

Four charged with hate crime for Chicago Facebook Live attack (BBC)

Chicago attack condemned by Black Lives Matter campaigners (BBC)

Why Jimmy Fallon's Stunts Won't Work at the Golden Globes (Time Magazine)

Trump Picks Former U.S. Senator as Director of National Intelligence (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump picks national intel director (CNN)

Donald Trump Picks Former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats as Intelligence Director (Time Magazine)

Swiss wade into complaint against WWF over tribe's rights (Fox News)

Turkey car bomb and gun attack on courthouse in Izmir (BBC)

President-elect Trump considers intelligence agencies overhaul (CBS News)

M62 police shooting: Investigator claims victim held gun to woman's head days before death (Daily Star)

Russian hacking claims: US spy chief promises Putin motive (BBC)

Kuwait Shows Depth of Opposition to Austerity in the Gulf (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Video shows Sereno the horse appearing to CRY at his owner's funeral in Brazil (Daily Mail)

Britain to be plunged into ICE AGE in The Day After Tomorrow' climate collapse (Daily Star)

After verdict, Israeli military at odds with politicians (Fox News)

Court hearing for U.S. man held in Venezuela postponed yet again (Fox News)

More Than 800 Tanzanian Girls Circumcised Last Month Despite Police Crackdown (Newsweek Magazine)

M62 police shooting: Firearm charges for man (BBC)

Drug smugglers throw cannabis overboard as they flee from police in Bay of Gibraltar (Daily Mail)

'I was FORCED to cover up' Woman made to wear hijab by family becomes 'sugar baby' (Daily Express)

Top intel officials reject Trump view on alleged Russia hacks (CNN)

Cleveland police chief apologises to journalists for hacking their phones (Daily Express)

4 held over alleged NYE sex attack (CNN)

Man takes cops to court over alleged assault caught on video (CBS News)

Woman gives kidney to NHS for saving husband (BBC)

U.S. Intelligence Leaders Push Back on Trump Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Kaine: Trump is Putin's 'lawyer' (CNN)

Mothers share extreme advice after woman complains about bed-hogging husband (Daily Mail)

Walsall Manor Hospital paramedic faces being struck off for watching man die (Daily Mail)

Transgender Man Sues Catholic Hospital for Rejecting His Surgery (Time Magazine)

London man ditches his 'dad bod' and HALVES his body fat with simple lifestyle tweaks (Daily Mail)

Theresa May Branded 'Theresa Maybe' In The Economist's Withering Verdict On 'Britain's Indecisive Premier' (Huffington Post)

Zimbabwe quietly sells dozens of elephants to China (CBS News)

Israeli police make arrests over Elor Azaria threats to judges (Daily Mail)

Stunning WAG shows true colours as Chelsea title bid stutters at Tottenham (Daily Star)

Video shows Nuneaton man struggle with simple logic question for two minutes (Daily Mail)

When is Epiphany 2017? Date, meaning, why Christians celebrate the feast day (Daily Express)

Transgender woman found dead in cell at HMP Doncaster (BBC)

Theresa May appoints new EU ambassador who blocked Eurocrat plans for an EU army (Daily Mail)

M62 police shooting: Yassar Yaqub died of gunshot wounds (BBC)

How One Man Scammed Free Season Tickets to the Eagles (Newsweek Magazine)

Wait, that belongs to Papa! Man clings to the roof of his father's aged Renault Clio during 80mph motorway chase in France as a thief tries to steal it (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener: Trump plans possible overhaul of spy agencies (CBS News)

CCTV shows Turkey bomb blast (BBC)

Why you shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean your ears (CNN)

REVEALED: Injuries suffered by 'drug baron Stud Badboy' in M62 police shooting (Daily Star)

Barack Obama Outlines Criminal Justice Reform Steps for Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

People Who Are Always Late Explain Why They Never Arrive On Time (Huffington Post)

Chicago police hold four over live-streamed attack (BBC)

Fertility breakthrough for cancer victims may stop women becoming infertile after chemotherapy (Daily Mail)

Jill Saward, campaigner against sexual violence, dies at 51 (Fox News)

Every gym-goer's worst nightmare: Man attempts to bench-press a huge weight only to find it's too heavy for him (Daily Mail)

Why proving a cyberattack is so damn difficult (CNN)

Trump camp denies '100 per cent false' report president-elect plans to cut CIA staff and 'restructure' agency amid fears of 'politicized' agency following Russian hacking saga (Daily Mail)

Russian Hacking Poses Major Threat to U.S. Interests: Intelligence Officials (Newsweek Magazine)

Mexico prepares to cut a deal with Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

US intelligence chiefs reject Trump hacking doubts (Financial Times - Paywall)

'Clearest photo of the murderer' Turkish newspaper blames OBAMA for Istanbul attack (Daily Express)

Brexit will let Britain halve net migration: Major report delivers devastating verdict (Daily Mail)

Netflix Ratings Revealed? These Are the Top 25 Original Streaming Shows of 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

Intelligence Officials Testify as Senate Examines Russian Hacking (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Four people arrested after footage of a young man being beaten and tortured was streamed live on Facebook (Daily Mail)

Here Are The Most Hilarious Memes of Bernie Sanders' Giant Donald Trump Tweet Poster (Time Magazine)

Turkish Police Shoot Dead Attackers After Izmir Courthouse Car Bomb Kills Two (Newsweek Magazine)

'Unprecedented' Attack: Intel Chiefs Testify After Russian Hack (NBC News)

Woman accused of robbery dies after being tied to a tree infested with killer ants (Fox News)

China to Invest $360 billion in Green Energy by 2020 to Reduce Pollution (Newsweek Magazine)

Turks arrest dozens amid rumors of U.S. role in terror attack (CBS News)

Dashcam footage shows driver being punched to the ground by another in road rage incident (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Vicarage rape woman who was first to waive anonymity dies (Daily Star)

British man dies after falling off a sea wall at a beach in Malaga (Daily Mail)

Brit bouncer brilliantly puts 'arrogant American' in his place outside nightclub (Daily Star)

Terrifying image shows 'winged creature' caught on video in Arizona (Daily Mail)

Here's Why the Cancer Death Rate Has Plummeted (Time Magazine)

Israeli police question Netanyahu again over graft suspicion (Fox News)

London man attacks shop worker because he couldn't top up his Oyster card (Daily Mail)

Essex woman who tried to blackmail police officer with rape allegations is jailed (Daily Mail)

French police 'searched a lorry hours before Eritrean stowaway was found crushed to death' (Daily Mail)

How a New Year's Detox Sent One Woman to the ER (Time Magazine)

Call this disgusting attack in Obama's back yard exactly what it is: a Trump-hating race crime against a defenseless white man by young black Americans who shame their country (Daily Mail)

China tells Trump to lay off Twitter (CNN)

Met Police reopen murder case of woman who was raped and strangled with a stocking in 1972 (Daily Mail)

Horrifying scene inside massacre nightclub (CNN)

Man City star Raheem Sterling spotted bargain hunting in POUNDWORLD (Daily Star)

Turkey nightclub attack: Police 'detain several Uighurs' in raids (BBC)

China vows to curb record spending on football (Financial Times - Paywall)

GRAPHIC PICS: Man speared through the head somehow SURVIVES (Daily Star)

Stephen Colbert Finds It Very Strange' That Donald Trump Trusts Julian Assange More Than U.S. Intelligence (Time Magazine)

Why Barack Obamas Legacy Lies in Foreign Policy Despite Key Failures (Newsweek Magazine)

Police detain 6 after sexual assault caught on security camera (CBS News)

Blind man straps a camera to his guide dog to capture the daily abuse he is subjected to (Daily Mail)

Israel divided over conviction of soldier (CNN)

Gruesome attack broadcast on Facebook Live (CNN)

Norway predicts Britain will opt for VERY HARD Brexit and remove itself ENTIRELY from EU (Daily Express)

Chinese woman shook her seven-month-old niece to death after she would not stop crying' (Daily Mail)

Tunisian Migrant Under Investigation in Berlin Christmas Market Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Father's fury after catching man 'taking secret pictures' of young daughter in supermarket (Daily Express)

Bernie Sanders Makes Statement With Giant Trump Tweet (NBC News)

Birmingham woman who committed suicide after vicious attack pictured as thugs jailed (Daily Mail)

Philippines' Duterte Open to Russian Navy Joint Drill (Newsweek Magazine)

UK Brexit-backer Nigel Farage to attend Trump inauguration (Fox News)

GALLERY: Heavy Smog Chokes China (NBC News)

Revolt against multiculturalism in Netherlands has been 'on the cards for decades' (Daily Express)

Seeking cash, Zimbabwe sells 35 elephants to China (Fox News)

Why President Obama Wont Pardon Edward Snowden (Newsweek Magazine)

Israeli Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter in Palestinian Death (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UK Weather Forecast: Ice And Frost Sweep Britain (Huffington Post)

Bolivia vigilantes kill woman falsely accused of stealing a car (Daily Mail)

Soft-touch universities warning Bible students they may find crucifixion UPSETTING (Daily Express)

Woman Hiding In The Food Cupboard Perfectly Sums Up Motherhood In 34 Seconds (Huffington Post)

Trump adviser: Don't listen to Assange (CNN)

The Restoration Man visits abandoned water pump station-turned family home in Berkshire (Daily Mail)

Prominent Turkish businessmen held after homes and offices raided by police (Daily Mail)

Woman police chief picked as busty teen sex scandal hits 'dozens' of male cops (Daily Star)

NHS scandal shows staff answer most serious emergencies with minimal training (Daily Mail)

Premier League terror threat: Top clubs warned to be extra vigilant' after Berlin attack (Daily Star)

Theresa May faces EU mandarin REVOLT over Brexit as MORE diplomats set to quit (Daily Express)

A Very British Brothel viewers disgusted by bizarre request from man brings in custard (Daily Mail)

Radical rulings prompt backlash against India supreme court (Financial Times - Paywall)

Turkey Says Istanbul Nightclub Attacker Probably Uighur (New York Times - Paywall)

'Ripper' Murder Of Amala Ruth De Vere Whelan In 1972 Is Subject Of Fresh Police Appeal (Huffington Post)

Apple Bows to Censors as China Takes Aim at News Apps (NBC News)

Apple Removes New York Times App in China (Newsweek Magazine)

Depraved men sexually assault woman on night of mass molestation' in horror CCTV (Daily Star)

Celebrations mark opening of giant floating walkway in China (BBC)

Flagstaff officer resigns after being caught on camera punching a woman (CBS News)

BREAKING: Terror alert amid fears suspect behind Istanbul attack has fled Turkey (Daily Star)

Drug lord' shot dead by police flew heroin into prison by drone' (Daily Express)

At least 9 killed in Baghdad car bomb attack (Fox News)

Turkey police conduct more raids in Istanbul nightclub probe (Fox News)

20ft metal soldier in Dorset is a haunting reminder of the First World War (Daily Mail)

Yassar Yaqub's Father Says His Son Was 'Unlawfully Killed' During Police Operation In Huddersfield (Huffington Post)

Sinosphere: China Rates the Best Toilets for Tourists (and Tells the Laggards to Clean Up) (New York Times - Paywall)

South African man almost loses his arm after playing with a puff adder (Daily Mail)

Gas outburst in central China coal mine kills 5, traps 7 (Fox News)

Jamshid Piruz who beheaded Dutch woman is allowed into Britain unchallenged (Daily Mail)

Lee Dixon and Judith Kerr protest against Candy Crush exec's mega-basement plans (Daily Mail)

'No sex attacks' in Bangalore - police (BBC)

Why celebrities love automobiles (CNN)

Outrageous hypocrisy: As the ex-Blair henchman who corrupted the Civil Service lectures Mrs May on ethics, PETER OBORNE finds his jaw hitting the floor (Daily Mail)

Turkish anti-terror police conduct more raids in club probe (Fox News)

Israeli arrested for threatening convicted soldier's judges (Fox News)

Trump continues to question U.S. intelligence on Russian hacking (CBS News)

M62 police shooting: Dad breaks silence as protesters demand 'justice for Yasser' (Daily Star)

Severe weather warning: Britain colder than ICELAND as temperature plummets to -8C (Daily Star)

Apple pulls New York Times app from China app store (BBC)

Violent assault live-streamed on Facebook in Chicago, police say (CBS News)

Why does Trump prefer Russia to China? (CNN)

CES 2017: LG's super-thin TV lies flat against the wall (BBC)

Afghan assaults cops after being let into UK UNCHALLENGED despite murdering Dutch woman (Daily Express)

Taiwan protests Vietnam deporting fraud suspects to China (Fox News)

Quirk may shield U.S. coast during busy hurricane season (CBS News)

Donald Trump 'could launch military strikes on North Korea this year' (Daily Star)

F*** white people' Black youths kidnap and torture white man on Facebook Live (Daily Star)

Four Arrested After Video of a Man Being Beaten Was Streamed on Social Media (Time Magazine)

Trump and U.N. Leader Discuss ‘Cooperation’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Authorities arrest man who dined with Christmas market attacker (CBS News)

Desperate Tony Blair to splash £10MILLION on new campaign to BLOCK Britain quitting EU (Daily Express)

The fast life and violent death of Stud Badboy: Supercar loving father-of-two shot dead by police with a firearm in his Audi 'was a major player drug dealer, flew Class As into prison via drone' and described himself as 'adventurous' on his dating profile (Daily Mail)

Mexico’s New Foreign Minister Was Advocate of Visit by Donald Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Barack Obama calls for seamless transition for US military to Trump (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Continues to Challenge U.S. Intelligence Reports of Russia Hacking (Time Magazine)

Why are Russian warships in Manila? (CNN)

Do you stop at the Nag's Head? Curious police horse looks like he's about to board a double-decker after his rider got onboard to help a sick man (Daily Mail)

Only a fool would deny our top bosses rich rewards. But Mrs May MUST tackle fats who don't deliver (Daily Mail)

Taliban-inspired killer who decapitated woman allowed into UK unchallenged (Daily Star)

Transgender woman and her male lover 'murdered their flatmate for perverted pleasure' (Daily Mail)

China starts the new year smothered in smog (CBS News)

Wife of American Man Missing in Afghanistan Says He Was Abducted (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump has US intel on edge (CNN)

Israeli soldier convicted of manslaughter in Palestinians death (CBS News)

Top U.S. intelligence officials will make the case on Russia hacking to a skeptical Donald Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico Appoints Politician Forced to Resign After Donald Trump Visit as Foreign Minister (Time Magazine)

Theresa May HUMILIATES BBC by giving her first televised interview of 2017 to Sky News (Daily Express)

Austrian Police Investigate More Than a Dozen Reported Sexual Assaults on New Year's Eve (Time Magazine)

Luis Videgaray, Key to Trump Visit, Named Mexico Foreign Minister (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Living near highways may cause dementia (CNN)

Tony Blair starts new organisation that will battle against Britain leaving EU (Daily Mail)

Theresa May tells Brussels give us FULL border control or we WILL QUIT the single market' (Daily Express)

Britain reveals DRAGONFIRE: UK warships and tanks to be equipped with LASER cannons (Daily Star)

Caroline Bayley: Mexico and Mr Trump (BBC)

Video of New Year attack on woman in India's tech hub prompts police probe (Daily Mail)

Turkish investigators identify nightclub attack suspect (CBS News)

Syrian A-list actor who fled to America to escape the war and ended up working as a Domino's pizza man is set to star in a film with Nicole Kidman (Daily Mail)

Robert Clarke who tried to join fight against ISIS is spared jail over safety (Daily Mail)

Syria conflict: Why British surgeon cannot forget this girl (BBC)

Israeli Soldier Who Shot Wounded Palestinian Assailant Is Convicted (New York Times - Paywall)

Next parcels for Theresa May dumped on woman's doorstep (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump set to move to DC house blocks away from Obamas' post-presidency digs (Daily Mail)

Mexico's new foreign minister was once called 'a wonderful man' by Donald Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Society in Britain and US could COLLAPSE in 2020s claims expert historian (Daily Star)

German man returns to Mainhausen home to find brick wall built in front of door (Daily Mail)

Obamacare Repeal Threatens Rural Hospitals and the Trump Voters Who Depend On Them. (Newsweek Magazine)

Bernie Sanders Brings Giant Printout of a Donald Trump Tweet to Senate Floor (Time Magazine)

Knife-wielding man attacks kindergarten (CNN)

From Repeal to 'Careful': Trump on Obamacare (NBC News)

President-elect Trump disputes U.S. intelligence agencies (CBS News)

Trump mocks intel agencies (CNN)

NI assembly may face recall in overspend row (BBC)

CCTV shows Berlin terrorist Anis Amri travels through Amsterdam and Brussels (Daily Mail)

Shooting Highlights Gun Concerns in China (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Shooting highlights gun concerns in China (Fox News)

Theresa May has 'almost non-existent' relationship with Angela Merkel (Daily Mail)

Indian police detain six in New Year's Eve sex assaults caught on camera (Fox News)

Israeli soldier convicted in high-profile case (CNN)

Istanbul sees gunmen open fire on restaurant days after ISIS nightclub attack (Daily Mail)

Video shows man getting teeth whitened with CAR POLISHER in garage (Daily Mail)

Oil Industry Fears Trump May Hit Them Up on Tax Reform (Time Magazine)

This Man Apparently Bought Hundreds of Newspapers in Ill-Advised Attempt to Hide His DUI Arrest (Time Magazine)

M62 police shooting: Yassar Yaqub's family attend vigil (BBC)

Britain Names Tim Barrow New Top Diplomat to E.U. (New York Times - Paywall)

Hiding, feigning death: Surviving Turkish nightclub massacre (Fox News)

Fed Policymakers Say Trump Fiscal Boost Poses Inflation Risk (Newsweek Magazine)

Israeli PM Netanyahu backs pardon for manslaughter soldier (BBC)

U.K.s May Selects Career Diplomat to Replace E.U. Envoy After Scathing Resignation (Newsweek Magazine)

Shocking video shows officer fighting teen (CNN)

Soldier convicted of fatally shooting Palestinian in case that deeply divided Israel (Los Angeles Times)

Kosovo says French police have detained its former premier (Fox News)

Mexico brings back adviser who quit because of Trump meeting (Fox News)

Donald Trump backs Julian Assange over Russia hacking claim (BBC)

Indian Police Will Investigate New Year's Assault Reports (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fed officials think Trump tax cuts could increase rates (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brexiteers demand Britain's next man in Brussels backs quitting the EU (Daily Mail)

King's College London reveals how brains take sides for decisions like Trump and Brexit (Daily Mail)

Police Killings of Unarmed Black Men Dropped by More Than Half in 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Speaks with New United Nations Chief (Newsweek Magazine)

Is Trump Right to Point Finger at China Over Kim's Nukes? (NBC News)

Britain May Be Tackling FGM But Breast Ironing Remains a Hidden Trauma for Thousands (Newsweek Magazine)

Istanbul nightclub killer 'was spirited into Turkey by sophisticated ISIS network' (Daily Mail)

Trump in 2010: WikiLeaks 'disgraceful' (CNN)

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu calls for killer soldier Elor Azaria to be pardoned (Daily Mail)

Scarborough shaken by biggest quake seen in Britain for a decade (Daily Mail)

Why Holocaust Survivors Still Need Help in the Fight for Justice (Newsweek Magazine)

Love at first sight: A refugee and a border police officer (CNN)

Tel Aviv Diary: Israelis Roiled by Guilty Verdict on Soldier Who Killed in Cold Blood (Newsweek Magazine)

Austrian police probe 'unprecedented' number of sexual assaults on New Year's Eve (Daily Mail)

Trump Mocks Intelligence Officials, Cites Assange on Russian Hacking (NBC News)

It's 2017: Why Are Some Men Still Asking Their Partner's Father For Permission To Propose? (Huffington Post)

Why I'm Giving Up Instagram In 2017 (Huffington Post)

Trump names Wall Street lawyer to head SEC (Financial Times - Paywall)

NATO: Russian Aircraft Intercepted 110 Times Above Baltic in 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

Hikers stumble upon 2,000-year-old cross and menorah symbols in an Israeli cave (Daily Mail)

Video Shows Britain's Privatised Rail Network Is Run By Foreign State-Owned Train Companies (Huffington Post)

British man dies while climbing the Gaustatoppen mountain in Norway (Daily Mail)

Blogger faces race against time for second double lung transplant (Daily Mail)

Gundogan Dursan 'assaulted woman with 'Deep Sleep Pillow Spray' (Daily Mail)

CitizenAid app shows users simple steps to save lives in a bombing or mass shooting (Daily Mail)

Why Is Actor James Woods Ruthlessly Pursuing a Lawsuit Against a Dead Guy? (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Our Working Memory Directly Impacts How Efficiently We Multitask Online (Newsweek Magazine)

Popular Jewish Singer Makes Racial Slur Against Obama at Jerusalem Concert (Newsweek Magazine)

How prepared is Britain for Brexit? (CNN)

Turkey IDs nightclub attack killer (CNN)

The man who changed the way we ski (CNN)

London sisters could be tallest in Britain (Daily Mail)

Redcar woman suffered liver tumour after taking the Pill for 12 years (Daily Mail)

Russian hacking is not like the CIA's WMD fiasco (CNN)

Myanmar man hope images of his dead son highlight the plight of the Rohingya people (Daily Mail)

Turkish woman launches bizarre attack on a snowman then limps away from the scene (Daily Mail)

Welsh man lost his fingers after they became trapped in a cell door (Daily Mail)

Chinese woman deliberately runs over her boyfriend's granddaughter with her motorbike (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: Enough With the Tweets, China’s State Media Tells Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Pa. man who died hiking in Switzerland faced U.S. child porn charges (CBS News)

Manhunt still on for Istanbul nightclub gunman (CBS News)

Why you can't walk in these ancient 'ruins' (CNN)

Editorial: China Joins the Fight to Save Elephants (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkish opposition leaders lash out at government officials over safety issues after nightclub attack (Los Angeles Times)

Britain on HEAVY SNOW ALERT: Polar vortex to plunge UK into WORST January FREEZE in years (Daily Express)

Republicans dump ethics rules change after Trump rebuke (CNN)

In Graft Inquiry, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Worst Enemy May Be Himself (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Did Dinosaurs Die Out? Answer Could Be in Their Teeth (NBC News)

Pop star: I'll sing at Trump inauguration, if... (CNN)

Can Trump make peace in the Middle East? (CNN)

This is why you get worked up about politics, says science (CNN)

Trump Tweetwatch: N Korea nuclear plans 'won't happen' (BBC)

Myanmar Holds Officers After Video Purports to Show Police Beating Rohingya (New York Times - Paywall)

Sinosphere: Time-Lapse Video Shows Beijing Swamped by a Tide of Smog (New York Times - Paywall)

Facing allegations of corruption, Netanyahu questioned by Israeli police (Los Angeles Times)

Conservatives: Brexit trouble ahead for May in 2017? (BBC)

Islamic State claims responsibility for Istanbul nightclub attack that killed 39 (Los Angeles Times)

Myanmar says it will 'take action' against police after video shows beating of Rohingya Muslim villagers (Los Angeles Times)

How Trump made hatred profitable for Milo Yiannopoulos (CNN)

Protest, get arrested, get released, then start again: One woman's fight against Turkey's crackdown on dissent (Los Angeles Times)

Manhunt underway for suspect in Istanbul nightclub shooting; death toll at 39 (Los Angeles Times)

Taiwan's president calls China a 'threat,' predicts turbulent 2017 (Los Angeles Times)

Russian malware found on laptop at Vermont electric utility (Los Angeles Times)

Bought during the Cold War, Russian mansions in Maryland and New York suspected of housing spies (Los Angeles Times)

In the battle for Mosul, everybody's taking selfies - and some of them may be incriminating (Los Angeles Times)