Sunday, 15th January 2017

World News

John Kerry makes peace with man who tried to kill him (CBS News)

Paper compares Trump inauguration to The Twilight Zone ? (CBS News)

Margaret was spellbindingly sexy, but even she couldn't tame Snowdon: An explosive biography, based on hours of interviews with the man himself (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump declares Brexit as great thing' and pledges a rapid trade agreement with Britain during interview (Daily Mail)

It Can Power a Small Nation. But This Wind Farm in China Is Mostly Idle. (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump takes swipe at EU as vehicle for Germany' (Financial Times - Paywall)

Beijing again dismisses Trump's China policy suggestion (CBS News)

ISIS truck killer Anis Amri may have been high on cocaine and ecstasy when he ploughed through a Berlin Christmas market killing 12 people (Daily Mail)

Trump Team Mulls Moving Press Room Away From Oval Office (Newsweek Magazine)

Outgoing CIA chief rips into Trump over tweets, Russia (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Says Brexit Will Be A 'Great Thing' As Pound Falls (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump says UK 'doing great' after Brexit vote (BBC)

Pound falls ahead of Theresa May Brexit speech (BBC)

Reopening the Silk Road: Train will travel mammoth 7,500mile journey from China to London as an ancient trading route is revived for a new era (Daily Mail)

CIA Director Brennan Warns Trump to be Careful With Loose Rhetoric (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump promises to do a deal' with BRITAIN to help 'make Brexit great' (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Trump promises US trade deal and says Brexit will be GREAT for UK (Daily Express)

Michelle Obama's Legacy: The First Lady Through the Years (NBC News)

Vet, assistant mauled to death by 3 lions on Jordan reserve (Daily Mail)

Outgoing CIA Chief Rips Into Trump on Russia Threat (NBC News)

Man City have problems in attack as well as defence - Phil Neville (BBC)

'They're killing it!' Fox is mauled to death by a pack of ferocious hounds in a shocking clip captured by anti-hunt campaigners (Daily Mail)

Theresa May To Star In US Vogue Magazine Photoshoot (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump, attack me on Twitter, please (CNN)

Israel, Palestinians Warned Against Solo Steps Contrary to Two-State Solution (Newsweek Magazine)

Rep. Lewis' Popularity Soars Amid Trump Boycott (NBC News)

An Opening to Set the Brexit Narrative (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Number of Democrat lawmakers boycotting Trump's inauguration swells to 19 (Daily Mail)

Trump and Melania stand-ins take part at huge inauguration dress rehearsal (Daily Mail)

Powers at Paris Meeting Send Signal to Trump on Israel (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

CIA head John Brennan warns Trump to watch his tongue (BBC)

Camels that have got the hump: Animals wrestle against each other in front of thousands of fans at annual Turkish festival (Daily Mail)

Fashion trends of Americas first ladies (CBS News)

'The great sexed-up dossier King': Piers Morgan clashes with Alastair Campbell on Peston on Sunday after accusing Tony Blair's former spin doctor of 'snarling' at him during debate about Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Democrats Inauguration Boycott Spreads Amid Lewis-Trump Spat (Newsweek Magazine)

Russian spies targeting Boris with blackmail file, ex foreign office minister claims (Daily Star)

Egypt drops case against mob that attacked Christian woman (Fox News)

Kremlin says cyberattacks against Russia increase (CBS News)

Theresa May to star in spread in US Vogue magazine (BBC)

Hitler may have faked his own death according to new TV documentary (Daily Mail)

Avatar porn BETTER than real sex will replace human romps within 10 years, claims expert (Daily Star)

Will Trump 'evict' the press? (CNN)

China Rejects Donald Trump's Suggestion to Negotiate With Taiwan (Time Magazine)

35 words Trump needs to get right (CNN)

Aslef Union boss behind Southern Rail strikes pledges to bring down Theresa May (Daily Mail)

Chris Cox of Bikers for Trump says more than 5,000 members will attend inauguration (Daily Mail)

Pop star arrested after strip club bouncer attack (Daily Star)

More Democratic Lawmakers Refuse to Attend Inauguration (NBC News)

Mass GP Resignation May Save The NHS (Huffington Post)

Israel-Palestinian conflict: Summit warns against unilateral actions (BBC)

Death Toll of Brazil Prison Riot Rises to 25; Decapitations Are Seen (New York Times - Paywall)

Pakistani villagers attack Qatari prince's hunting party (Fox News)

Trump fires back at Democrats over Russia (Financial Times - Paywall)

British Firms Await Brexit Plans, Poised to Relocate (New York Times - Paywall)

Hertfordshire woman with dementia plans holiday with her husband 'to create memories' (Daily Mail)

Yorkshire man stabbed to death in his own home pictured as arrests are made (Daily Mail)

Kerry urges Trump administration to attend Syria peace talks (Fox News)

Pound Set For Fresh Turmoil As Theresa May To Signal 'Clean Break' From EU In Brexit Speech (Huffington Post)

Alec Baldwin mocks Donald Trump over Russian golden shower scandal on SNL (Daily Mail)

Russia Dismisses U.S. Claims of Risky Flight Maneuvers Over Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Democrats to boycott Trump inauguration (CNN)

Opinion: Protesting inauguration is just the start (CNN)

Trade deal with the US could be sealed within THREE MONTHS of Donald Trump taking office, says Nigel Farage (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Inauguration Trolled By Scottish Sunday Herald Newspaper (Huffington Post)

Bloke claims HE invented Oreo Creme Egg two years ago as Cadbury unveils new choc (Daily Star)

Iran Refuses to Renegotiate Nuclear Deal Under Trump Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Cadbury's Oreo Creme Egg was 'invented' by a man 2 years ago he claims (Daily Mail)

Rep. John Lewis Would Not Invite' Donald Trump to Visit Selma (Time Magazine)

May urged to CALL STURGEON'S BLUFF and hold second indy ref - as experts predict 'NO' win (Daily Express)

Economic Impact to South Korea May Save Samsung Leader From Arrest (Newsweek Magazine)

BBC to adapt John le Carre novel for new TV series (BBC)

Bahrain Executes 3 Shiites Convicted in Deadly Attack on Police (New York Times - Paywall)

Morse code torch signal helps man who broke his leg (BBC)

Russia Claims Increased Cyber Attacks On Its Systems From Abroad (Newsweek Magazine)

Bahrain Executes 3 Convicted in Deadly Bomb Attack on Police (Time Magazine)

Watch Alec Baldwin Mock Donald Trump's Latest Press Conference on Saturday Night Live (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump In First British Newspaper Interview With Michael Gove For The Times (Huffington Post)

Katie Hopkins tears apart 'London boy' over nonsensical Brexit remark in savage LBC rant (Daily Express)

REVEALED: ISIS was planning SECOND Nice attack as investigators find chilling plot (Daily Express)

Adolf Hitler FAKED death in Berlin bunker and escaped for freedom' (Daily Star)

Max Mosley: I have no vendetta against press (BBC)

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Will Shut Down in May (Time Magazine)

Theresa May is more trusted to run the NHS than Jeremy Corbyn (Daily Mail)

Philip Hammond says Britain will turn into a 'tax haven' after Brexit (Daily Mail)

Rep. Lewis: I Would Not Invite Trump to Selma (NBC News)

FIRST PIC: Baby abducted at birth 18 years ago meets REAL parents for first time (Daily Star)

Race Against Time to Protect Climate Science Data From Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Brawl in Brussels: Trump set for CLASH with Juncker over EU army plans (Daily Express)

George Michael investigators hunt for visitors to his home days before his death (Daily Mail)

'Your idea of leaving is to stay' Andrew Neil slaps down Tim Farron over Brexit farce (Daily Express)

Merkel warns of protectionism ahead of inauguration (Financial Times - Paywall)

PETER HITCHENS: For once Trump is right - these sordid claims stink (Daily Mail)

Bahrain executes Shia convicted of fatal bomb attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

'We have to stand up for OURSELVES' Farage SLAPS DOWN May for waiting on EU permission (Daily Express)

Thorpeness cliff collapse: Cordon in place after death (BBC)

Greenford woman conned grandmother to leave her home whilst 'gas leak was fixed' (Daily Mail)

60s Unlikely Social Coalition Offers Lessons for Trump Opposition (Newsweek Magazine)

Labour MP claims Britons voted Brexit because 'scapegoating migrants was EASIEST option' (Daily Express)

Portuguese 'rent boy' accused of stabbing British lover to death with a spear (Daily Mail)

Theresa May to unveil Brexit plan (CNN)

City braced for turmoil and further swings in the pound over Theresa May's 'single market exit' (Daily Mail)

Theresa May secretly posed for photoshoot for American Vogue (Daily Mail)

Saudi cleric brands cinema and pop concerts DEPRAVED in fresh rant against the West (Daily Express)

Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights legend (Daily Mail)

Cops hunt four suspects after Brit man found dead with genitals in tuna can (Daily Star)

Victim of Rochdale child sex gang speaks for the first time about her ordeal (Daily Mail)

Hassocks man arrested after bomb squad detonated suspect package in block of flats (Daily Mail)

What we know about Christopher Steele, the British ex-spy who wrote the controversial Trump dossier (Los Angeles Times)

Cops probing George Michael death hunt for mystery visitors' as family fear bad news' (Daily Star)

Brexit Could Mean Longer Airport Queues At Passport Control, Airport Operators Association Warns (Huffington Post)

Did Titanic really sink? Bombshell claims cast doubt over doomed ship's fate (Daily Star)

Woman abducted as an infant reunites with biological parents (CBS News)

The Queen steps in to walk a trusted courtier's dogs when he got too sick to look after them and may now take the dogs in after his death last week (Daily Mail)

DAN HODGES: Has Theresa May just found the missing piece of her Brexit jigsaw? (Daily Mail)

How Automation May Challenge Trump's Promises on Jobs (NBC News)

PM to reveal 'global Britain' Brexit plan (BBC)

Celebrities come under fire from Trump supporters for 'I Will Survive' (Daily Mail)

They're THWARTING the will of the people' Fury at last-ditch REMAINER PLOT to stop Brexit (Daily Express)

Ky. woman shot by officers before bodies of slain family found, police say (CBS News)

Kamiyah Mobley meets biological parents for first time since she was snatched at birth (Daily Mail)

Newspaper headlines: Theresa May's Brexit battle plan (BBC)

Undocumented immigrants voice concerns over Trump plans (CBS News)

British ex-spy behind Trump dossier seen as cool operator (CBS News)

Woman had "inclination" she may have been kidnapped, sheriff says (CBS News)

Whats ahead for Donald Trumps 10-year-old son? (CBS News)

Woman kidnapped as a newborn found after 18 years (CBS News)

SpaceX celebrates first successful launch after rocket went up in flames (CBS News)

Ex-spy hired to dig up dirt on Trump goes into hiding (CBS News)

Members of Congress choose to sit out Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

John Kerry finds Vietnam War site where he killed a man (BBC)

The trauma far tougher than Gina Miller's Brexit legal challenge (Daily Mail)

How Melania Trump dazzled her way to the (very) White House (Daily Mail)

Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Trump's inauguration after receiving death threats (Daily Mail)

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: James Longman gets a Trump roasting from his BBC chiefs (Daily Mail)

DAVID ROSE reports on his fight to save innocent man Carlton Gary from execution (Daily Mail)

End of the special relationship? UK spies say they WILL NOT share intelligence with Trump (Daily Express)

George Michael was 'hooked on pills, chocolate and coca-cola' ex-lover claims (Daily Star)

Images show the Libyan National Army's fight against jihadists (Daily Mail)

Trump 'planning one-to-one summit with PUTIN' as first presidential foreign visit (Daily Express)

Muslim prison chaplain Sikander Pathan arrested over alleged sex attack on a woman (Daily Mail)

Moor ponies are being fatally poisoned by waste from old tin mines, claims charity (Daily Mail)

'Fitbark' claims to be the way to get your FAT FIDO fitter (Daily Mail)

Suffolk man crushed to death on Thorpeness beach under a storm-hit cliff (Daily Mail)

How DID Harry Benson get Donald Trump to look like a million dollars (Daily Mail)

The BBC treated Only Fools and Horses stars as 'poor relations', claims Del Boy (Daily Mail)

Nicky Morgan heads for a new clash with Theresa May over Brexit (Daily Mail)

World's smallest self-proclaimed nation - an old WWII fort the size of two tennis courts - gets 'thousands' of citizenship requests following votes for Brexit and Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

'All talk:' Trump bashes civil rights hero John Lewis (CNN)

British spy's dirty dossier on Trump is 'garbage', says John Negroponte (Daily Mail)

Trump Calls Civil Rights Icon Lewis 'All Talk,' Sparking Backlash (NBC News)

Putin targeting BORIS JOHNSON in blackmail plot, ex foreign office minister claims (Daily Express)

EgyptAir flight may have been brought down by pilot's iPhone claim French investigators (Daily Mail)

Cut foreign aid to save the stricken NHS: Demand is made by three quarters of voters in the first major poll of the A&E winter crisis (Daily Mail)

Woman and man arrested on suspicion of murder after Gomersal man is killed at his home (Daily Mail)

PM Theresa May to Call for National Unity in Brexit Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

Broadway Star Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Trump Inauguration (Newsweek Magazine)

'I'm too sexy to work in a garage' Notorious Octomum claims she is too beautiful for job (Daily Star)

Beijing Replies to Trump: One China Policy 'Non-Negotiable' (NBC News)

Theresa May Calls For Unity Ahead Of Brexit Negotiations (Huffington Post)

BREXIT PLAN: Theresa May will take the fight to the EU on ending free movement on Tuesday (Daily Express)

Turkey threatens to shut down UK and US airbases crucial to fight against IS (Daily Express)

Far-Right group Britain First tells fans: Don't behave like yobs (Daily Express)

Bionic penis man can't wait to meet a sex robot after 31-year dry spell (Daily Star)

Trump's explosive inauguration: USA fears drone gas ATTACK on historic day (Daily Star)

China warns Trump over 'One China' policy comments (CNN)

Moodys to pay nearly $864M to settle claims it inflated ratings (CBS News)

Here Are the Democrats Boycotting Donald Trump's Inauguration (Time Magazine)

China nationals arrested over club massacre (CNN)

Drawing on dozens of previously untold eyewitness accounts, a groundbreaking book sheds new light on the full horror of the death camps (Daily Mail)

All the fun of the Flair: The kids like it, the wife loves it and just sitting in it makes our man happy. But there is a catch ...and it's staring him in the face (Daily Mail)

American becomes Taiwans first cheese maker (CBS News)

Man Utd v Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp expects Old Trafford 'fight' (BBC)

Mexico arrests man linked to murder of Honduran activist (Fox News)

Washington Marchers Vow to Defend Civil Rights Under Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexiteer Ted Malloch tipped to become Donald Trump's ambassador to the EU (Daily Mail)

John Lewis: Trump slammed for attack on rights icon (BBC)

SpaceX Launches First Rocket Since Explosion (NBC News)

Whats Trumps China Policy? Conflicting Messages Sow Confusion (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraq makes swift gains against ISIS in Mosul (CBS News)

Thorpeness cliff collapse kills man (BBC)

American becomes first cheese maker in Taiwan (CBS News)

3 Doors Down Fans on How They Feel About the Band Playing Trumps Inauguration (Newsweek Magazine)

Nicole Kidman Clarifies Her Comments About Donald Trump: I Believe in Democracy' (Time Magazine)

Sarah Wollaston accuses Theresa May of dishonesty over £10billion NHS pledge (Daily Mail)

Mexico warns Trump on tariffs (CNN)

Disciplinary charges brought against cops involved in black boys death (CBS News)

Another suspected mastermind in Bangladesh attack arrested (Fox News)

John Lewis, Questioning Trumps Legitimacy, Among Dems Skipping Inauguration (Newsweek Magazine)

Jennifer Holliday Backs Out of Inauguration Performance (NBC News)

Obama and His Movement Prepare to Challenge Trump (NBC News)

Every U.S. Presidential Inauguration Since McKinley, In Photos (Newsweek Magazine)

Manchester cafe explosion: Man left with burns (BBC)

Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Donald Trump Inauguration Performance (Time Magazine)

Peterborough woman sues council after they failed to look into her rape claims (Daily Mail)

Russian model sues married man after he kicked her out for not sleeping with him (Daily Mail)

Trump CIA, State Picks Deny Climate Change is a Security Threat (Newsweek Magazine)

Democrats Slam Donald Trump for Attacking Civil Rights Leader Rep. John Lewis (Time Magazine)

Wolverhampton nurse claims traders dug up her garden without permission then billed her (Daily Mail)

Trump Says Hed Drop Obamas Sanctions if Russia is Helpful (Newsweek Magazine)

Human Rights Watch Slams Brexit And Brands Donald Trump 'A Threat To Human Rights' (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump's National Security Adviser and Russian Ambassador Already in Contact (Time Magazine)

Trump Supports Obama Move to Ease Sudan Sanctions: Foreign Minister (Newsweek Magazine)

'Flash crash' in November driven by inexperienced traders and Brexit doomsters (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Slams Civil Rights Leader Rep. John Lewis for Critical Comments (Time Magazine)

Failed Cabinet Picks Offer Guide to Trump Teams Prospects (Newsweek Magazine)

Muslim woman wearing a hijib was spat at and racially abused during London trip (Daily Mail)

Brexit Details Needed by February to Allow Scrutiny: UK Lawmakers (Newsweek Magazine)

Alleged Dhaka cafe attack planner arrested (CNN)

Indian man colects more than 50kgs of nails scattered over a road by tyre repair companies (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn Launches Attack On Theresa May Over GP Opening Hours Demand (Huffington Post)

Police bodycam captures hammer attack (BBC)

Dont Kid Yourself Donald Trump is Winning (Newsweek Magazine)

Motorist kills man beating hurt cop (CNN)

Trump open to lifting Russia sanctions (CNN)

U.K.'s Brexit Committee Adds to Pressure on May (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hammer-Wielding Offender's Horror Attack on Sussex Police Officers Caught On Camera (Huffington Post)

Iraqi forces raise flag at Mosul University in push against ISIS (Fox News)

Germany mulls parliamentary inquiry over Berlin truck attack (Fox News)

Pandas help mark Lunar New Year in China (BBC)

Key Trump advisor texts Russia (CNN)

Theresa May Frustrated Over GP Opening Hours Amid Pressure On Hospitals (Huffington Post)

Durham University student Alastair Cooke accused of raping drunk woman will NOT face retrial (Daily Mail)

States Resisting Trump Deportation Plans Can Look to the Antebellum South (Newsweek Magazine)

YouTube video shows man going sledding with his cat (Daily Mail)

Gas Price Hike, Specter of Trump Have Mexico 'Simmering' (NBC News)

Trudeau takes thinly veiled swipe at Trump (CNN)

Ealing vicarage rape victim Jill Saward's husband Gavin Drake gives raw first interview (Daily Mail)

Marine Le Pen’s Visit to New York: Trump Tower, Not Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Was RAF man who vanished into thin air abducted by terrorists? (Daily Mail)

EU Brexit negotiatior Michel Barnier seeks special relationship' with London (Daily Mail)

Man finds fox frozen in river (CBS News)

Chinese state media slams Tillerson over South China Sea (CNN)

Team in China finds 'Star Wars gibbon' (CNN)

Trump Team’s Queries About Africa Point to Skepticism About Aid (New York Times - Paywall)

Electroshock Therapy for Internet Addicts? China Vows to End It (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump cabinet differences set stage for confusion (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S., Altering Course, Moves to Lighten Sanctions Against Sudan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ex-MI6 Agent Who Wrote Trump File Was Case Officer For Poisoned KGB Spy (NBC News)

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will rule Trump's America (CNN)

Woman caught in videotaped tryst explains the art of Russian blackmail (CBS News)

Ruby seadragon filmed for the first time (CNN)

What happens when all of China goes on vacation at once (CNN)

Woman sentenced for tripping refugees (CNN)

Obama orders easing of sanctions against Sudan (Financial Times - Paywall)

China Overseas Investment Spree Set to Run Out of Steam (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump and brands: An uneasy relationship (BBC)

Abe's visit to Manila highlights rivalry with China (Financial Times - Paywall)

China billionaires whip up racehorse world (Financial Times - Paywall)

China adds spy ship to Navy fleet (CNN)

Trump's pick for secretary of State raises concern with aggressive comments about China (Los Angeles Times)

Why Trump, Tillerson could make waves for US, China (CNN)

John Mervin: Obama and the tale of US jobs (BBC)

Lady Liberty Is a Woman of Color on New U.S. Currency (NBC News)

China ups pressure as Taiwan president extends its reach in the Americas (Los Angeles Times)

Trump still says he'll make Mexico pay for his border wall, but can he really? (Los Angeles Times)

Trump nominee: Israel's capital is Tel Aviv (CNN)

Mexico's president warns that if Trump wants to talk trade, he'll have to talk security, too (Los Angeles Times)

The worst terror attack of 2016 and the victims you never saw (CNN)

Paul Wood: What's behind the Trump 'compromising' claims? (BBC)

Trump news conference: 10 things we learned (BBC)

Kremlin says purported dossier on Trump is just 'pulp fiction' (Los Angeles Times)

Trump pulling back from campaign pledge? (CNN)

Taliban claims responsibility for attack killing 30 in Afghan capital (Los Angeles Times)

This beauty queen scares China (CNN)

John Lewis on his friendship with Martin Luther King Jr (BBC)