Saturday, 21st January 2017

World News

Womens March, in Washington and around the world (CBS News)

Women descend on D.C. to push back against new president (CBS News)

History of protests in the nations capital (CBS News)

Ashley Judd speaks at Womens March on Washington (CBS News)

Protests against President Trump break out across the U.S. (CBS News)

Highlights from President Donald Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

America Ferrera speaks at Womens March on Washington (CBS News)

Chapecoense plays its first match since tragic plane crash (Daily Mail)

Theresa May to use first Trump summit to tackle sexism (Daily Mail)

Golf at billionaire's course for Obama on first day (Daily Mail)

A look at the rich history of protests in Washington, D.C. (CBS News)

Women's rallies kick off around the world (CNN)

Women's March on Washington brings thousands of protesters (Daily Mail)

A Petition for President Trump to Release His Tax Returns Has Enough Support for a White House Response (Time Magazine)

Trump begins Day Two with prayer service (CNN)

Europe's far-right leaders speak on Trump (CNN)

Walk With the Women's March on Washington in This 360-Degree Hyperlapse (Time Magazine)

U.S. Under Trump Won't Send a Delegation to Syria Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

President Trump Accused the Media of Lying About His Inauguration Crowd Size. He's Wrong (Time Magazine)

Trump Tells CIA: 'I Am So Behind You' (NBC News)

Thousands of women march on London against Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

DONALD TRUMP RALLY MASSACRE: 20 dead as violence erupts at pro-Trump event (Daily Express)

From Washington to Antarctica: Women's Marches Around the World (Time Magazine)

Four Italy hotel avalanche survivors are rescued (Daily Mail)

Inside Washington D.C.s legendary 9:30 Club (CBS News)

Touring Washington D.C.s revamped food hall (CBS News)

Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Cleared by Justice for Advisory Role (Newsweek Magazine)

Duff Goldman claims that Trump 'plagiarized' his cake (Daily Mail)

Mass protests: Global marches against Trump (CNN)

Donald Trump protests: Washington leads global rallies (BBC)

Donald Trump rally massacre: 20 dead as demonstrators clash with cops (Daily Star)

Chapecoense: Brazilian team play their first game since plane crash (BBC)

Cities Around the World Flooded by 'Sister Marches' (NBC News)

President Trump Is Trying to Make Up With the CIA (Time Magazine)

Melania Trump Channels Jackie Kennedy, Kellyanne Conway Evokes...Paddington Bear? (Newsweek Magazine)

President to Americans: Carnage stops now (CNN)

Mexico: President Pena Nieto, Trump have phone conversation (Fox News)

Trump takes over: How world is reacting (CNN)

Boris Johnson warns Donald Trump deal must 'work for UK' (Daily Mail)

Ralph Lauren shares soar after Melania Trump outfit (Daily Mail)

I'm Here to Fight Back.' Elizabeth Warren Rallied Women Against President Trump (Time Magazine)

Theresa May to meet US President Trump 'next week' (BBC)

President Trump gets mixed reviews over tone of inaugural address (CBS News)

Trump has first dance with Melania at inaugural ball (Daily Mail)

Experience President Trump's Inaugural Address in 360-Degrees (Time Magazine)

May will visit Trump next week (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump misspells Tweet to Americans (Daily Mail)

Michael Moore Rips President Trump and a Newspaper at the Women's March on Washington (Time Magazine)

Brazil's Alcacuz jail where 26 inmates were killed (Daily Mail)

The EU is BRAINWASHING YOU, AfD leader blasts as she praises Trump as beacon of HOPE (Daily Express)

On Day One, Trump Opponent Goes Underground (NBC News)

Leaders Abroad, Joyful or Wary, Face Uncertainty of Trump Era (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea NUKE ATTACK: Donald Trump prepping defences as missile launch looms (Daily Star)

Women's March: UK protesters join anti-Donald Trump marches (BBC)

The Women's March on Washington Is Too Big to Actually March (Time Magazine)

More survivors pulled out of Italys avalanche-hit hotel (CBS News)

Bob Schieffers thoughts on President Trumps inaugural address (CBS News)

Trump's America First phrase has anti-semitic history (Daily Mail)

Trump begins process of rolling back Obamacare (CBS News)

Bombshell alien news IMMINENT as Trump vows to 'unlock mysteries of space' (Daily Star)

The World Is Worried About President Trump (Time Magazine)

How can President Trump heal the nations divide? (CBS News)

Biggest foreign policy challenges facing President Trump (CBS News)

John Dickerson on President Trumps inaugural address (CBS News)

Italy bus crash leaves dozens dead (CNN)

John Kerry Joins Women's March on Washington While Walking His Dog (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump protests: 'Why I've decided to march' (BBC)

Donald Trump prays for his presidency at service in D.C (Daily Mail)

Goofy moments at Trump signing (CNN)

Protests break out over President Trump around the world (CBS News)

Spanish hunter arrested after 2 agents killed during check (Fox News)

Women's March on Washington: Thousands Rally on National Mall in Defiance of Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Stephen Colbert on President Trump's Inauguration: The Country is a Turd Storm' (Time Magazine)

Embarrassed Barron Trump snatches hand away from Melania (Daily Mail)

Hotel bar CCTV captures something truly terrifying (Daily Star)

Donald Trump's Inauguration: The View From Moscow (Time Magazine)

Opinion: Donald Trump's appalling battle cry (CNN)

Avalanche Death Toll in Italy Reaches 5 as Search of Hotel Rubble Continues (New York Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener: Donald Trump assumes power as Americas 45th president (CBS News)

Michael Moore goes on bizarre rant as ONE MILLION Donald Trump protesters flood Washington (Daily Express)

Inauguration and Women's March, By The Numbers (Newsweek Magazine)

Celebrities Tweet Support for the Women's March on Washington (Time Magazine)

Extraordinary Crowds Swamp Washington for Womens March (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump is making the peso great again (Fox News)

Trump Inspires Cheers, and Alarm, Around the World (New York Times - Paywall)

Newspapers Around the World Mark Donald Trump's Inauguration (Time Magazine)

World Leaders' WAGS: Meet the beautiful babes behind our rulers (Daily Star)

President Trump Is About to Visit the CIA After Weeks of Acrimony (Time Magazine)

Did Trump quote BANE in his inauguration speech? (Daily Mail)

Anchor calls inauguration audience 'ice cream of America' (Daily Mail)

Theresa May 'confident' of US trade deal despite President Trump's 'America first' plan (Daily Star)

Here's What President Trump Wants You to Call Him (Time Magazine)

Italy avalanche: Four more rescued from Rigopiano hotel (BBC)

Thousands of Women Have Descended on Washington to Protest President Trump (Time Magazine)

Vonn wins first race since return from injury (CNN)

Nine Rescued, At Least Five Dead in Italy Avalanche (Newsweek Magazine)

See the Women's Marches Taking Place Around the World in Solidarity With Washington D.C. (Time Magazine)

The Justice Department Says President Trump Can Hire His Son-in-Law Jared Kushner (Time Magazine)

How Donald Trump Differs From European Nationalists (Time Magazine)

Trump to develop ELITE' Cyberwarfare team to go toe-to-toe with Putin's hackers (Daily Star)

Caitlyn Jenner rocks navy gown at inauguration ball (Daily Mail)

Patriots' Fans Throw a Flag on Brady, Belichick's Support for Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Pussy Grabs Back: Women Protest Trump With Art (Newsweek Magazine)

16 killed in fiery bus crash on Italian highway (Fox News)

SNL writer deletes tweet targeting Barron Trump (Daily Mail)

How Russia Plans To Trump U.S., Become Superpower (NBC News)

Melania and Ivanka Trump dazzle in inaugural ball gowns (Daily Mail)

Sister Marches Against Donald Trump Erupt Worldwide (Newsweek Magazine)

'In This Together': Women March in Cities Around World (NBC News)

More Than 200 Arrested During Inauguration Day Protests in Washington D.C. (Time Magazine)

In pictures: Global marches against Trump (BBC)

Inaugural address: Trump's full speech (CNN)

Trump pledges to put America first in first speech (Daily Mail)

Did Trump build bridges on inauguration day? (CNN)

Women's March: Thousands join UK anti-Donald Trump marches (BBC)

Anti-Trump protests held across the United States (Daily Mail)

Trumps First Act: Rolling Back Obamacare Regulations (Newsweek Magazine)

States, Cities Plan Robust Defense of Climate Science in Donald Trump Era (Newsweek Magazine)

Baby boy fifth killed in Melbourne CBD car attack (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump drawn as KING KONG as cartoonists slate President in world's newspapers (Daily Express)

Donald Trump's Conflicts of Interest Leave Him Vulnerable (Time Magazine)

Richard Spencer punched in face by protester in Washington (Daily Mail)

BBC under fire after tweeting Donald Trump 'had been shot' (Daily Mail)

'Big Hugs': Four More Rescued from Snow-Buried Hotel (NBC News)

'My p**** is not up for grabs' Charlotte Church joins UK Trump protest as riots break out (Daily Star)

Putin and Trump joke about NUCLEAR WAR in 'world leaders WHATSAPP group' (Daily Star)

PIERS: Your ten stunning minutes of talk shook the world (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump's inauguration in newspapers around the world (Daily Mail)

President Trump signs first orders in Oval Office (Daily Mail)

Russia's Vladimir Putin ready to meet President Trump (Daily Mail)

4 more survivors pulled out of Italy's avalanche-hit hotel (Fox News)

Desperate Merkel begs Donald Trump to revive EU trade deal after scrapping TTIP (Daily Express)

JUSTIN WEBB: Trump will restore pride (Daily Mail)

Police official says 3 policemen killed in Taliban assault (Fox News)

'Trump injured by gunfire' Shock BBC tweet reports shooting of US President (Daily Star)

More Than 200 Arrested in D.C. Inauguration Protests (NBC News)

Donald Trump and Melania mocked for 'bizarre' first dance (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump 'INJURED IN GUNFIRE', BBC says in shock MISTAKE (Daily Express)

Change and Challenge: The Inauguration of Donald Trump (CBS News)

Celebrities react to Donald Trump inauguration (Daily Mail)

16 Killed in Fiery Bus Crash on Italian Highway (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump begins overhaul as first executive orders signed (BBC)

Sixteen killed in bus crash in Italy (Daily Mail)

Clinton supporter Warren Buffet reassures world American economy will THRIVE under Trump (Daily Express)

Analysis: Trump Promises a Presidency Like No Other (NBC News)

President Donald Trump: Not business as usual (CBS News)

Was there a Trump Twitter glitch? (BBC)

Trump's fashion on display at inaugural ball (CNN)

Why Donald Trump Should Stop Fighting with the CIA (Newsweek Magazine)

Avalanche survivors cried out 'angels, angels' (CNN)

President Trump delivers blueprint for America in inauguration speech (CBS News)

BBC Northampton Twitter Account Issues Donald Trump Shot Tweet After 'Hack' (Huffington Post)

Watch Live: The Women's March on Washington (Time Magazine)

Karen Pence criticized for her inauguration ball gown (Daily Mail)

Italy school bus crash and fire leaves 16 dead (BBC)

Eight ways Trump presidency makes history (BBC)

Trump protest riots: White supremacist PUNCHED in the face during live interview (Daily Star)

Trump Threatens to Corrode the Ethical Core of the Military (Newsweek Magazine)

We began this revolution with Brexit' Farage claims Trump will do quick trades with UK (Daily Express)

The world trembles: Putin 'ready to meet Trump' to talk smashing ISIS and NATO aggression (Daily Star)

Bye bye ISIS: Donald Trump gives death cult 30 DAYS before he bombs the s*** out of them' (Daily Star)

Is Ivanka Trump REAL First Lady? Blonde bombshell to be 'most powerful woman in world' (Daily Star)

1/20: President Trump pledges to puts focus on the American people; High school students teach their own lesson with trip to D.C. (CBS News)

More than 200 arrested in DC protests (CNN)

Donald Trump Latest: Theresa May FRONT OF THE QUEUE as President kills off EU trade deal (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Inauguration: Defence Secretary Michael Fallon Congratulates General 'Mad Dog' Mattis (Huffington Post)

Awash in migrants, Italy steps up deportations for relief (Fox News)

16 Killed as Teens' School Trip Ends in Fiery Bus Crash (NBC News)

Italy avalanche rescuers find eight people ALIVE in hotel (Daily Mail)

Hillary fearful at inauguration according to body language (Daily Mail)

Don's first day: President Trump signs BOMBSHELL first policy orders in major shake-up (Daily Star)

How will his family influence President Trump? (CBS News)

President Trump: Not business as usual (CBS News)

BREAKING: School trip horror as 16 dead, 39 injured in bus crash in Verona, Italy (Daily Express)

Italy avalanche: Ten found alive in Rigopiano hotel after two days (BBC)

Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh Agrees to Step Down (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

My Way' President Trump shares 'awkward' first dance with Melania at Inaugural Ball (Daily Star)

Eric Trump on dad : "I could not be more proud of him" (CBS News)

Watch: Trump signs executive orders on first day as President (CBS News)

Putin silent as Donald Trump becomes president (CBS News)

Chinese express doubts about US relations under Trump (Fox News)

More survivors of Italy avalanche rescued (CBS News)

Newspaper headlines: President Trump's 'message to the world' (BBC)

Dozens of groups in Washington protest Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

Hundreds of thousands turn out for Donald Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

What to expect from Trumps first days in the White House (CBS News)

Champagne corks pop in Moscow for Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

Bob Schieffer on Trumps historic inauguration (CBS News)

China partially CENSORS' and FORBIDS streaming of Donald Trump's inauguration (Daily Express)

Riot police tear gas masked mob of Trump haters (Daily Mail)

Rescuers pull out avalanche survivors from Italian hotel (CBS News)

World leaders react to Donald Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

Trump connections under investigation for Russia ties (CBS News)

Trump's inaugural speech 'gatecrashed' by soldiers (Daily Mail)

British foreign secretary 'positive and optimistic' on Trump (Fox News)

Theresa May congratulates Trump on taking office (BBC)

BBC uses wrong subtitles during live inauguration (Daily Mail)

Sights and sounds from Donald Trumps inauguration speech (CBS News)

John Dickerson on Trumps prickly inaugural speech (CBS News)

Trump speaks to his supporters in defiant inaugural address (CBS News)

Trump inauguration: Children who support the president (BBC)

Inauguration performances throughout the years (CBS News)

One person shot in Seattle after violent clashes between Trump supporters & protesters (Daily Express)

What they wore on Inauguration Day (CNN)

I did it MY WAY' President Trump celebrates with Melania at historic inauguration ball (Daily Express)

Wisconsin voters hopeful as Trump takes office (CBS News)

Kellyanne Conway wears "revolutionary" inauguration coat (CBS News)

Presidential inaugural ball: Trumps enjoy first dance (BBC)

Trump Celebrates at Inaugural Balls, Says 'Now the Work Begins' (NBC News)

Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill greet Mike Pence (Daily Mail)

What the crowd thought of Donald Trumps inaugural address (CBS News)

Trump signs executive order on Obamacare (CNN)

Barack Obama tweets from his old Twitter handle (Daily Mail)

Turkey's Parliament Approves Enhanced Powers for President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Nations React to Inauguration With Good Will, Uncertainty (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Italy Avalanche Rescue Team Pulls 10 People to Safety (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump inauguration: Violent protests in Washington DC (BBC)

Oops! George W. Bush struggles with his poncho at Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

Watch President Trump and First Lady's First Dance (NBC News)

Winston Churchill bust RETURNS to Trump's Oval Office after it was REMOVED by Obama (Daily Express)

Driver of Limo Torched During Inauguration Protests Recalls Ordeal (NBC News)

How'd Trump do? CNN analysts react (CNN)

President puts freeze on new regulations (CNN)

Day 1: 2 Trump Cabinet picks sworn in (CNN)

President Trump Signs Executive Order on Obamacare (NBC News)

QUENTIN LETTS sees Washington worthies squirm (Daily Mail)

Former President Barack Obama delivers his final remarks at Joint Base Andrews (CBS News)

Thousands of Britons hold protests against Trump (Daily Mail)

President Trumps inauguration crowd was smaller than Obamas (CBS News)

Absent Trump is main talking point at World Economic Forum (Fox News)

KATIE HOPKINS on Trump's inauguration (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump and Tiffany wear white to inauguration (Daily Mail)

The 2017 Presidential Inauguration of Donald J. Trump (CBS News)

Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy at inauguration (Daily Mail)

Some Trump Supporters at Inauguration Warm to Some Obama Ideas (Time Magazine)

White supremacist PUNCHED IN FACE by protester in violent attack after Trump inauguration (Daily Express)

Theresa May could fly out to Washington to meet with Donald Trump as soon as NEXT WEEK' (Daily Express)

Survivors pulled from avalanche hotel after two days (BBC)

Capitol Hill Stayed Friendly Behind the Scenes at Inauguration (Time Magazine)

Chapecoense: Brazilian team prepare for first game since plane crash (BBC)

As Trump Takes Oath, Protesters Pledge to Keep Fighting (NBC News)

Troops Enter Gambia as New President Is Sworn In (New York Times - Paywall)

World v Trump on global climate deal? (BBC)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: A president like none before (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Signed Order to Prepare for Repeal of Obamacare (Time Magazine)

Trump inauguration: President vows to end 'American carnage' (BBC)

Work begins NOW: Trump IMMEDIATELY signs executive order 'to ease burden of Obamacare' (Daily Express)

World landmarks recreated with Lego (BBC)

Cartoonists' takes on inauguration (CNN)

This Is What It Takes to Protect the President (NBC News)

Donald Trump's National Celebration of Patriotism Won't Be the First (Time Magazine)

HUMILIATION for BBC after showing 'WRONG SUBTITLES' during Donald Trump's inauguration (Daily Express)

How Donald Trump Just Raised Many Mortgage Bills (Time Magazine)

Italy Cheers as Boy Pulled From Rubble of Avalanche, Along With Others (New York Times - Paywall)

Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump share personal photos (Daily Mail)

Trump's inauguration turnout is lower than Obama's 2009 (Daily Mail)

'I'm very honoured' President Donald Trump leads STANDING OVATION for Hillary Clinton (Daily Express)

Melania Trump left red-faced after awkward encounter with Michelle Obama at White House (Daily Express)

Did Bill Clinton 'eye up' Donald Trump's wife Melania at inauguration ceremony? (Daily Express)

WATCH: Mum and son pulled ALIVE from avalanche hotel with dozens feared dead under rubble (Daily Star)

Donald Trump protests see 80,000 on UK Women's March as Charlotte Church waves vagina sign (Daily Express)

Viewers SAVAGE BBC Newsnight for Obama BIAS as Donald Trump described as 'JOKE' (Daily Express)

Is this the end of TTIP? Trump REMOVES deal with European Union from White House website (Daily Express)

WASHINGTON RIOTS: Chaos as TEAR GAS and GRENADES thrown at Trump inauguration protesters (Daily Express)

London protest against Donald Trump turns violent after President's inauguration parade (Daily Express)

Nigel Farage 'to become close unofficial ADVISER' to President Trump, US governor says (Daily Express)

Nigel Farage lands role as political commentator on Fox News during Trump's inauguration (Daily Express)

Global protests on Donald Trump inauguration day (BBC)

Opinion: Trump inaugural speech among 'most radical' ever (CNN)

Obama Appointees Still Running Things In Some Offices (NBC News)

As Trump era dawns, Texas Supreme Court reconsiders work benefits for same-sex couples (CBS News)

Meet the Trumps: A New and Unconventional First Family (NBC News)

Taking the Pulse of Black America at Inauguration (NBC News)

Oxford woman in her 20s killed after chemical incident (Daily Mail)

Meet the Inner Circle of Donald Trump's Inner Circle (Time Magazine)

Inside Trump Tower, A Saloon Cheers The New President (Newsweek Magazine)

Masters 2017: Barry Hawkins knocks out world number one Mark Selby to reach semis (BBC)

Obama last strike kills over 100 al Qaeda (CNN)

Obama flies off from DC with blast at his successor Trump (Daily Mail)

Canadians Going to Trumps Inauguration Turned Away at U.S. Border (Newsweek Magazine)

Barack Obama's last day as 44th president (BBC)

Trump makes defiant America first' pledge (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why Donald Trump's Showmanship Couldn't Save the Inauguration (Time Magazine)

Day One In Donald Trump's America (Time Magazine)

BBC presenter's awkward Michelle Obama gaffe (Daily Mail)

Trump be forced out of owning his D.C. hotel on Monday (Daily Mail)

Brazil investigates plane crash that killed judge overseeing massive 'Car Wash' corruption case (Los Angeles Times)

Could Trump Shut Down a Russia Hack Probe? (NBC News)

President Trump hit with ethics complaint (CNN)

Hillary Clinton in white pantsuit for Trump inauguration (Daily Mail)

Power to the people: Trump's full inaugural speech (Daily Mail)

Liberals Plot Revenge as Donald Trump Assumes the Presidency (Time Magazine)

President Trump: Scenes from the Inauguration (NBC News)

Anti-Trump protests around the world (CNN)

The first commercial fusion reactor could be ready by 2027 (Daily Mail)

What to Know About the Inaugural Balls (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Held a Very Godly Inauguration (Time Magazine)

Russias hopes for incoming Trump administration (CBS News)

Fear, concern but also Champagne - the world reacts to Donald Trump's inauguration (Los Angeles Times)

Joy as more rescued from avalanche-hit Italian hotel (CBS News)

Trump, Obama's inaugural crowd sizes (CNN)

Video appears to show Bill Clinton ogling Ivanka Trump (Daily Mail)

Empathy and education in the age of Trump (BBC)

LIVE: Parade underway as Trump makes his way to WH (CNN)

Michelle Obama's Reactions Were The Highlight Of Trump's Inauguration (Huffington Post)

Survivors found in Italian hotel buried by avalanche; rescuers cry 'Bravo' (Los Angeles Times)

Tipping Point fans furious as show is cancelled for Trump (Daily Mail)

Trump inauguration speech: 'Angry', 'authentic', 'primal' (BBC)

Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia marks inauguration (Daily Mail)

Trump inauguration: A few fast facts from the speech (BBC)

Donald Trump inauguration speech was angriest ever' (BBC)

Van Jones: 'The world is now adrift' (CNN)

At his inauguration prayer, Donald Trump received bible passage about building a wall (CBS News)

US President Donald Trump's first speech (BBC)

Trump honors Clintons (CNN)

New chord: US President Trump's message to the world (CNN)

Donald Trump's White House Immediately Deletes Climate Change Page And Pledges 'America First' Drilling (Huffington Post)

World leaders react to inauguration: Russia aims to fix relations that 'fell apart' (Fox News)

Rescuers find 10 survivors at Italian hotel two days after avalanche (Fox News)

Obama crowd picture gaffe (BBC)

Trump Administration Archives Key Obama White House Website Content (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope Francis to President Trump: Guide Your Decisions by Ethical Values, Show Concern for Poor (Newsweek Magazine)

Defeated Gambian president agrees to step aside, official says (Fox News)

Theresa May spends Donald Trump's inauguration at school (Daily Mail)

Dozens Arrested in Anti-Trump Protests Around Inauguration (NBC News)

What the World Is Saying About Trump's Inauguration (NBC News)

Obama Speaks Before Last Flight From Joint Base Andrews (NBC News)

Trump Sworn In as President, Outlines Populist 'America First' Vision (NBC News)

27 Things Wrong With President Donald Trump's Inauguration Speech (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump's New Twitter Account Uses Photo From Barack Obama's Inauguration (Huffington Post)

China, wary of Trump, cracks down on inauguration coverage (Fox News)

Obama may have saved Chelsea Manning's life (CNN)

Twitter transfer: Trump gets @POTUS (CNN)

Read President Donald Trump's Full Inaugural Address (NBC News)

Cautious optimism in Russia as Trump takes over (CBS News)

Donald Trump: 'America first, America first' (BBC)

George W. Bush had trouble with poncho at inauguration (Daily Mail)

Trump holds to dystopian vision of the America he inherits (Financial Times - Paywall)

Letters Clinton wrote to George W. Bush and Bush to Obama (Daily Mail)

Can Trump deliver on promises? (BBC)

5 Obamacare Rules Trump Could Change Now (NBC News)

Donald Trump Channels Steve Bannon in Inaugural Address (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Inauguration Demonstrators Make Presence Felt in Washington (Newsweek Magazine)

President Donald Trump in Inaugural Speech Promises to Put America First' (Newsweek Magazine)

Full Transcript: President Donald J. Trump's 2017 Inauguration Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump's Inauguration Speech In Full (Huffington Post)

President Trumps New @POTUS Twitter Account Uses an Image from Obamas Inauguration (Newsweek Magazine)

Scientists Have a Nerdy Inauguration Moment With #USofScience (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump's sporting connections (CNN)

Watch Donald Trump Take Oath of Office for President (NBC News)

Philip Hammond blasts Trump in thinly veiled attack (Daily Mail)

Watch Six Fictional Characters Become President (or Mayor) This Inauguration Weekend (Newsweek Magazine)

The improbable rise of Donald Trump (BBC)

Survivors Freed After Almost 2 Days Trapped in Buried Hotel (NBC News)

Dear Mr President: Welcome to real world (CNN)

Donald Trump Becomes 45th President Of America, And UK Reacts With Horror (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump Inauguration Draws Much Smaller Crowds Than Barack Obama (Huffington Post)

Donald Trumps Inauguration Marks the Beginning of the Era of Fear (Newsweek Magazine)

Alt-Right Celebrates Trump at Deploraball, Says Media Is Next Target (Newsweek Magazine)

Over 100 Al Qaeda fighters killed in 'major' US air strike in Syria, defense official says (Fox News)

Violent protests on streets (BBC)

The Latest: Gambia military chief backs new President Barrow (Fox News)

The Obama WH's last powerful image (CNN)

Briton dies while working on World Cup stadium in Qatar (Daily Mail)

One person is killed in a suspected gas blast (Daily Mail)

Drone Strikes Under Obama Killed up to 117 Civilians Worldwide, Intelligence Report Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Inauguration 2017: Donald Trumps Day in Photos (Newsweek Magazine)

Make America Kittens Again' Chrome Extension Replaces Donald Trump With Cats (Newsweek Magazine)

Married at First Sight couple Caroline and Adam split (Daily Mail)

Amateur boxer who killed girlfriend is jailed for 12 years (Daily Mail)

How President Obama Spent His Last Day in Office (NBC News)

Man killed after 'steam explosion' on ship at Felixstowe (Daily Mail)

Trump and Melania's White House makeover (CNN)

Awash in Migrants, Italy Steps Up Deportations for Relief (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Dozens feared dead in central Italy after avalanche buries hotel (CBS News)

China GDP hits 2016 target as Trump headwinds loom (Financial Times - Paywall)

Crews work through the night in search for suvivors after avalanche (CBS News)

Trump Renews Vow for Jerusalem Embassy, a Gift of Uncertain Value (New York Times - Paywall)

Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates (New York Times - Paywall)

Brazilian Supreme Court justice, who oversaw corruption case, is killed in plane crash (Los Angeles Times)

Avalanche in Italy Buries Hotel, Leaving up to 30 Missing (New York Times - Paywall)

Obama warns "history will cast a harsh judgment" if Guantanamo facility is not shut down (CBS News)

These Adorable Boys Were All Named After Barack Obama (NBC News)

World leaders worry about what President Trump will do (Los Angeles Times)

Rescuers dig for survivors after avalanche buries hotel where at least 30 are missing in central Italy (Los Angeles Times)

At Least 20 Firefighters Killed in Tehran Building Collapse (New York Times - Paywall)

The Taliban Harbored Bin Laden. Obama Promised to Defeat Them. He Didn't. (NBC News)

Posters send powerful message to Trump (CNN)

Contrast Between Obama and Trump Is 'Unprecedented': Experts (NBC News)

50 firefighters killed in Iran as burning high-rise collapses (Los Angeles Times)

Could Trump be a game changer for Africa? (CNN)

How Trump will deal with America's longest war is anyone's guess (Los Angeles Times)

Obama Leaves Behind a Tainted Legacy on Immigration (NBC News)

This Was President Obama's 'Biggest Disappointment' (NBC News)

15 of the Best Journals by Our Reporters Around the World (New York Times - Paywall)