Sunday, 22nd January 2017

World News

President Trump says media lied about inauguration crowd estimate (CBS News)

The Trump administration is in full swing (CBS News)

At least a dozen dead in Ga. following severe weather (CBS News)

Israel hard-liners push for settlements with Trump in office (CBS News)

Joshua Kushner attends Jared's swearing in at White House (Daily Mail)

‘Gambia Is Back Again,’ but Its New Leader Is Still in Senegal (New York Times - Paywall)

Ben Stein on President Trump (CBS News)

No ordinary field trip at inauguration (CBS News)

At least 12 dead in Georgia storms (CNN)

Scientists name moth after DONALD TRUMP (Daily Mail)

Madonna Defends Anti-Donald Trump Speech at Women's March: I Do Not Promote Violence' (Time Magazine)

White House in Early Talks to Move U.S. Embassy From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (Newsweek Magazine)

Gambia's defeated leader leaves country (CNN)

Trump to begin renegotiating NAFTA with Mexico, Canada (CNN)

Dalai Lama hopes Trump and Putin will work together (Daily Mail)

Trump Greets FBI's Comey, Says 'He's More Famous Than Me' (NBC News)

What democracy looks like: Women's March on Washington (CBS News)

Donald Trump makes changes in the Oval Office (Daily Mail)

Trump Team Welcomes Alternative Facts in Assault on Media (Newsweek Magazine)

Historic Womens March on Washington (CBS News)

Donald Trumps historic inauguration (CBS News)

In Trump presidency first, drone strike targets al Qaeda (CBS News)

Donald Trump Had a Very Good' Conversation With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Time Magazine)

TERROR: Police officer gunned down outside UK petrol station (Daily Express)

Theresa May 'won't be afraid' to challenge Donald Trump (BBC)

Conway says Trump isn't going to release tax returns (Daily Mail)

Trump attack on media sets tone for presidency (Financial Times - Paywall)

May Says She Won't Back Down From Challenging Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump may have BROKEN THE LAW by deleting tweet (Daily Mail)

Trump blasts celebrities and protesters from Women's March (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump becomes first US president ever to feature in a PORN VIDEO (Daily Star)

Read Aziz Ansari's SNL Monologue Taking on Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

US storms: At least 15 dead in Georgia and Mississippi (BBC)

Theresa May vows to confront Trump over importance of Nato (Daily Mail)

'Despicable': Ex-CIA Boss Rips Trump Speech at Memorial (NBC News)

Cubans Newly Blocked at U.S. Border Place Hopes in Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Reversing Campaign Pledge, Trump Won't Release Tax Returns After Audit: Adviser (NBC News)

Trump aide defends crowd size claim (CNN)

Portraits of Dissent: Inside the Women's March on Washington (Time Magazine)

British Prime Minister Theresa May Is Coming to America to Meet Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Official White House bio showers Trump with accolades (Daily Mail)

Theresa May confirms she'll meet Donald Trump on Friday (Daily Mail)

Israel's Netanyahu to Speak to Trump Sunday (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Foreign diplomats 'depressed' by Trump (CNN)

Israel approves settlement homes following Trump inauguration (BBC)

Trump State nominee raises doubts on Colombia peace (Fox News)

Hackers claim to take down oil company website over soccer (Fox News)

Trump first strike on Obamacare raises tensions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Aziz Ansari Hits Lower-Case KKK Backing Trump on Saturday Night Live (Newsweek Magazine)

Conway: Trump will not release tax returns (CNN)

Trump reacts to mass protests with conciliatory tweets (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway Invents 'Alternative Facts' Amid Inauguration Crowd Row (Huffington Post)

Church of England may turn blind eye to gay clergy sex (Daily Mail)

Courage Beyond The March (Huffington Post)

White House press secretary hits out at fake reporting (Daily Mail)

He For She: The Women's March (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump, God and the Depth of Faith (Time Magazine)

Pope: I'll judge Trump after we see what he does (Daily Mail)

At least 32 killed and 50 injured in Indian train crash (Daily Mail)

'We Will Not Go Away!': Millions of Women March Worldwide (NBC News)

Sean Spicer: Who is President Trump's spin doctor? (BBC)

Britain's PM ready to challenge Trump (CNN)

'GET OVER YOURSELVES' Katie Hopkins' very valid reason why she's against Trump protests (Daily Express)

Trump team in fresh war of words with US media (BBC)

Fashion & Climate Change In The Trump Era (Huffington Post)

Theresa May under pressure over Trident missile test (BBC)

Finding Your Voice In A Pussy-Grabbing World (Huffington Post)

Meet the Men Who Joined the Women's March on Washington (Time Magazine)

Theresa May Is Grilled Over U.K. Missile Test Failure (New York Times - Paywall)

What Is The Singapore Economic Model? Labour MPs Attack Theresa May's 'Extreme Brexit' Blueprint (Huffington Post)

Retired builder, 65, knocks up a bizarre UPSIDE DOWN house (Daily Mail)

Conway: White House Spokesman Gave 'Alternative Facts' on Inauguration Crowd (NBC News)

Women's March on Washington: Empowering, Joyful and Bigger Than the 1960s (Newsweek Magazine)

Sainsbury's plans to help customers cut down on meat (Daily Mail)

Soldiers enter Gambia as president prepares to take power (Daily Mail)

What Climate Change? Trumps White House Touts Energy Plans on Web (Newsweek Magazine)

Aziz Ansari Takes on President Trump, Racism and Islamophobia in SNL Monologue (Time Magazine)

400-year-old shopping list is discovered at Knole House (Daily Mail)

Withering Donald Trump breaks silence on women's march protests before bizarre U-turn (Daily Star)

Progressives Need a Compelling Narrative in the Age of Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May Wont be Afraid to Speak Frankly in Trump Meeting (Newsweek Magazine)

Joshua Kushner was spotted at the Women's March (Daily Mail)

Watch Saturday Night Live's Shirtless Vladimir Putin Assure America About President Trump (Time Magazine)

Alex Salmond claims Theresa May is DESPERATE by wanting to do trade with Donald Trump (Daily Express)

Netanyahu to discuss Syria, Palestinians and Iran with Trump (CNN)

Mexican President, Facing Challenges at Home, to Meet With Trump on Trade, Security (Newsweek Magazine)

Pope Francis Taking Wait and See Approach With Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: At least 11 killed as massive TORNADO rips through US (Daily Star)

Travelers Should Fear Rollback of Consumer-Friendly Rules Under Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Two Days in Washington: From Trump's Inauguration to Worldwide Rallies (NBC News)

Trump claims media 'dishonest' over crowd photos (BBC)

Dave Ryding records Britain's best alpine World Cup result for 35 years (BBC)

House Set to Upend Governments Regulatory Powers (Newsweek Magazine)

REVEALED: How North Korea nut Kim Jong-un announced Trump becoming President (Daily Star)

Sean Spicer Memes Take The Absolute P*ss Out Of Donald Trump's Press Secretary (Huffington Post)

Meet Scooter, the Calf that Lay Down With the Lambs (NBC News)

'I thought we just had an election' Donald Trump blasts marches as denying DEMOCRACY (Daily Express)

Mystery tree feller chops down 200 ancient beeches (Daily Mail)

UK PM May to discuss trade, NATO in White House with Trump (Fox News)

Boris Johnson warns Donald Trump deal must 'work for UK' (Daily Mail)

Trident COVER-UP' Theresa May REFUSES to say if she knew missile went flying TOWARDS US (Daily Express)

"The genie will not go back into the bottle," say European far-right after Trump win (CBS News)

Trump Is Biggest Threat Yet to Rights: Roe v. Wade Attorney (NBC News)

Ex-CIA chief Brennan labels Trump 'despicable' (Daily Mail)

Turkish president targets cleric's schools on Africa visit (Fox News)

Pop legend Madonna in Secret Service probe over BLOWING UP White House rant' (Daily Star)

Uri Geller told Theresa May she'd be PM two years ago (Daily Mail)

Theresa May 'faith' in Trident after test 'malfunction' (BBC)

UK's May won't say whether she knew of reported missile fail (Fox News)

Theresa May Insists She Is Not 'Afraid' To Stand Up To Donald Trump On Women's Rights (Huffington Post)

'SNL' Says Goodbye to President Obama With a Song (NBC News)

Will Trump Try to Erode Digital Freedoms? (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May Dodges Four Questions About Whether She Knew Trident Missile Misfired (Huffington Post)

Theresa May 'not afraid' to tell Trump when things unacceptable (BBC)

Piers Morgan Ripped Apart By Anushka Asthana Over Women's March Comments (Huffington Post)

ISIS FIGHTBACK: Death cult launch SLAUGHTER OFFENSIVE ahead of bloody Trump showdown (Daily Star)

DAN HODGES: Theresa May faces risk from man next door (Daily Mail)

Chapecoense: Brazilian team play first game since plane crash (BBC)

Gambian Leader Jammeh Leaves Capital on Guinea President's Plane (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkey's president interested to hear Trump's policies on Mideast (Fox News)

As Trump takes office, Israel pushes ahead with settlements (Fox News)

New Bulgaria president pledges post to continuity, democracy (Fox News)

At Least 32 Killed in India Train Derailment (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Theresa May Will Visit Donald Trump This Week In Major Diplomatic Victory For The UK (Huffington Post)

UK's May to discuss trade, NATO in White House with Trump (Fox News)

REVEALED: The documentary President Donald Trump never wanted you to see (Daily Star)

Return of the BREXPATS: Brits in Spain may be forced to come home after hard Brexit (Daily Star)

President Donald Trump Returns Bust Of Sir Winston Churchill To Oval Office (Huffington Post)

Pope Francis says hell wait and see to judge Trump (CBS News)

Geri Horner Names Newborn Baby Boy After Her Close Friend George Michael As She Shares Adorable First Pic (Huffington Post)

Women descend on D.C. to push back against new president (CBS News)

Massive march turnout prompts change of plans in Chicago (CBS News)

Womens march on Washington: Top Moments (CBS News)

Turkey's president eager to hear Trump's policies on Mideast (Fox News)

"I know something is happening": Voices from the Womens March (CBS News)

Theresa May will visit Trump next week (Daily Mail)

Women's Marches attract celebrities around the world (Daily Mail)

1/21: Trump blames media for rift with intelligence community/ Chinas government wants country to be soccer powerhouse (CBS News)

Theresa May to BLAST Trump at the White House for his 'unacceptable' comments on women (Daily Express)

Protesters burn Donald Trump statue and mock president with fake Mexico wall (Daily Star)

Women's March on Washington's best signs (Daily Mail)

Anti-Trump demonstrations held in cities around the globe (CBS News)

The EU is BRAINWASHING YOU, AfD leader blasts as euro branded 'failed CRIMINAL experiment' (Daily Express)

Massive crowd gathers for Womens March on Washington (CBS News)

Womens March on Washington draws protesters from all over U.S. (CBS News)

Womens March, in Washington and around the world (CBS News)

Officials: At least 23 killed, 50 injured as train derails in India (Fox News)

Gambia's Defeated Leader Leaves Country, Ends Standoff (NBC News)

The Subject of an Iconic Protest Photo Returns for the Women's March (Time Magazine)

DONALD TRUMP RALLY MASSACRE: 20 dead as violence erupts at pro-Trump event (Daily Express)

BREAKING: At least 26 people dead and 50 injured after train derails (Daily Star)

Theresa May to use first Trump summit to tackle sexism (Daily Mail)

KATIE HOPKINS on the Women's march on Washington (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage will be 'close adviser' to Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: At least 26 dead & 50 injured after horror train crash as nine carriages derail (Daily Express)

Donald Trump prays for his presidency at service in D.C (Daily Mail)

British Prime Minister Theresa May to visit Trump Friday (CBS News)

Around the globe, protests greet President Trump (CBS News)

Women's rallies fill streets across the world (CNN)

Why I March: Meet the People of the Women's March On D.C. in 360 (Time Magazine)

Not a Single Arrest in Massive D.C. Women's March (NBC News)

'We Are America': Women's March Spotlights Fiery Rhetoric (NBC News)

Chapecoense: Brazilian team play their first game since plane crash (BBC)

US protests: More than 1 million walk against Trump (CNN)

Mexico's president will be among the first foreign leaders to meet with Trump this month (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Press Secretary Slams Media, Disputes Crowd Size (NBC News)

Fact checking Sean Spicer's inauguration numbers (NBC News)

Ex-CIA chief slams Trump over CIA speech (CNN)

Chapecoense plays its first match since tragic plane crash (Daily Mail)

Thousands of women march on London against Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

President Donald Trump HOUNDED by FURIOUS protestors in motorcade journey home (Daily Express)

Former Gambian president flees into exile (Daily Mail)

Goofy moments at Trump signing (CNN)

Priory director steps down following damning criticism (Daily Mail)

Theresa May declares war on educational 'snobbery' (Daily Mail)

Opinion: Marching against Trump is only a start (CNN)

THE MAIL ON SUNDAY: Why we must treat Trump with respect (Daily Mail)

BLACK DOG: Maggie May in need of steel (Daily Mail)

Months, not weeks' No date set for first SHOWDOWN between Trump & Putin, Kremlin claims (Daily Express)

White House Accuses Media of Lying About Trump Crowd Size (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump's team drawing up NEW DEAL' for Britain as Theresa May plans to meet the President (Daily Express)

Twitter error: Users mistakenly forced to follow Trump (CNN)

Trump Tells CIA: 'I Am So Behind You' (NBC News)

'President Trump WILL make Britain the FIRST for a trade deal', says Boris Johnson (Daily Express)

Cyber security and Trump are topics on final day at Davos (Fox News)

First Family enjoys bowling inside the White House (Daily Mail)

Watch: Spicer slams inauguration coverage (CNN)

Ashley Judd speaks at Womens March on Washington (CBS News)

Donald Trump BATTERS Brussels with order to STOP EU Army plans or lose US Nato funding (Daily Express)

Donald Trump hopes for close relationship with Theresa May as he calls her my Maggie' (Daily Express)

Brexit Britain to remain finance capital as Trump looks to give UK access to WALL STREET (Daily Express)

First sign Brexit WILL bring Australian-style immigration plan as border controls revealed (Daily Express)

Maggie May: Donald Trump sees Theresa May as his Thatcher (Daily Star)

Specialist maths schools will ensure Brexit Britain STANDS TALL in the world', says May (Daily Express)

REVEALED: Never-before-seen photos unearthed of moment Britain won World War Two (Daily Star)

Mass protests: Global marches against Trump (CNN)

Women's March on Washington brings thousands of protesters (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump to Hold First Foreign Leader Meetings as President (Time Magazine)

White House attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds (CNN)

Donald Trump says CIA will get 'so much' backing despite his earlier criticism (BBC)

Bakery claims Trump ordered exact replica of Obama's cake (Daily Mail)

A message of hope at Washington march (BBC)

Trump Pledges Support, Aims to Bury Russia Feud in Campaign-Style Visit to CIA (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May to meet Donald Trump on Friday - White House (BBC)

Defeated Gambian Leader Ends Standoff and Boards a Flight Into Exile (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump protests attract millions across US and world (BBC)

Migrants filmed abseiling down ropes from ferry in Spain (Daily Mail)

Watch: Women march around the world (CNN)

America Ferrera speaks at Womens March on Washington (CBS News)

Hundreds of Thousands Flood the Streets to Protest During Los Angeles Women's March (Time Magazine)

NYC Women's March Brings Protest to Donald Trump's Front Door (Newsweek Magazine)

Women's rallies kick off around the world (CNN)

Trump says he is at war with media (CNN)

A Petition for President Trump to Release His Tax Returns Has Enough Support for a White House Response (Time Magazine)

Europe's far-right leaders speak on Trump (CNN)

Walk With the Women's March on Washington in This 360-Degree Hyperlapse (Time Magazine)

U.S. Under Trump Won't Send a Delegation to Syria Talks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

President Trump Accused the Media of Lying About His Inauguration Crowd Size. He's Wrong (Time Magazine)

Madonna Has a Strong Message for Critics of the Women's March (Time Magazine)

From Washington to Antarctica: Women's Marches Around the World (Time Magazine)

Crowd sizes: Comparing Trump, Women's March turnout (CNN)

Will Trump restart the drone war in Pakistan? (CNN)

Inside Union Market, Washington D.C.s culinary capital (CBS News)

Inside Washington D.C.s legendary 9:30 Club (CBS News)

Touring Washington D.C.s revamped food hall (CBS News)

Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Cleared by Justice for Advisory Role (Newsweek Magazine)

These Aerial Photos Show the Size of Women's March Crowds in 6 Cities (Time Magazine)

President Trump Is Trying to Make Up With the CIA (Time Magazine)

Melania Trump Channels Jackie Kennedy, Kellyanne Conway Evokes...Paddington Bear? (Newsweek Magazine)

Brash, Humorous Signs Raised High at Women's March (NBC News)

President to Americans: Carnage stops now (CNN)

Mexico: President Pena Nieto, Trump have phone conversation (Fox News)

Trump takes over: How world is reacting (CNN)

Ralph Lauren shares soar after Melania Trump outfit (Daily Mail)

I'm Here to Fight Back.' Elizabeth Warren Rallied Women Against President Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump has first dance with Melania at inaugural ball (Daily Mail)

Watch: London protests against Trump (CNN)

Watch: Ashley Judd Rallies Nasty Women at D.C. March (Newsweek Magazine)

On Day One, Trump Opponent Goes Underground (NBC News)

Leaders Abroad, Joyful or Wary, Face Uncertainty of Trump Era (New York Times - Paywall)

Women's March: UK protesters join anti-Donald Trump marches (BBC)

Piers Morgan Ridicules Lily Allen And Baits Co-Host Susanna Reid After Criticising Women's March (Huffington Post)

Bob Schieffers thoughts on President Trumps inaugural address (CBS News)

Trump begins process of rolling back Obamacare (CBS News)

Biggest foreign policy challenges facing President Trump (CBS News)

Donald Trump protests: 'Why I've decided to march' (BBC)

Protests break out over President Trump around the world (CBS News)

Women's March on Washington: Hundreds of Thousands Rally in Defiance of Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Staffie who ate dead owner's CORPSE may not be destroyed (Daily Mail)

Trump vs Obama: Who had larger crowds? (CNN)

Embarrassed Barron Trump snatches hand away from Melania (Daily Mail)

Israeli leader to Iran: "We are your friend, not your enemy" (Fox News)

Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Punched During TV Interview At Anti-Trump Rally (Huffington Post)

Opinion: Donald Trump's appalling battle cry (CNN)

Eye Opener: Donald Trump assumes power as Americas 45th president (CBS News)

Inauguration and Women's March, By The Numbers (Newsweek Magazine)

Extraordinary Crowds Swamp Washington for Womens March (Newsweek Magazine)

UKIP leader to fight February election in threat to Labour (Fox News)

Ukip leader to contest Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election (Daily Mail)

Brewery backs down in renaming 'The Black Boy' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump is making the peso great again (Fox News)

Trump Inspires Cheers, and Alarm, Around the World (New York Times - Paywall)

Did Trump quote BANE in his inauguration speech? (Daily Mail)

Vonn wins first race since return from injury (CNN)

Revolutionary new science can slow down ageing (Daily Mail)

Nine Rescued, At Least Five Dead in Italy Avalanche (Newsweek Magazine)

Reconsidering the Appendix: Research Suggests it May be Useful After All (Newsweek Magazine)

Hackers in Russia claim to shut down African Cup website (Fox News)

New Gambia leader says Jammeh leaving soon for Guinea (Fox News)

Patriots' Fans Throw a Flag on Brady, Belichick's Support for Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Pussy Grabs Back: Women Protest Trump With Art (Newsweek Magazine)

AP INTERVIEW: New Gambia leader to set up truth commission (Fox News)

SNL writer deletes tweet targeting Barron Trump (Daily Mail)

How Russia Plans To Trump U.S., Become Superpower (NBC News)

Sister Marches Against Donald Trump Erupt Worldwide (Newsweek Magazine)

Trumps First Act: Rolling Back Obamacare Regulations (Newsweek Magazine)

States, Cities Plan Robust Defense of Climate Science in Donald Trump Era (Newsweek Magazine)

BBC under fire after tweeting Donald Trump 'had been shot' (Daily Mail)

Women's March London: Thousands Take To The Streets In Startling Show Of Strength (Huffington Post)

Russia's Vladimir Putin ready to meet President Trump (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump and Melania mocked for 'bizarre' first dance (Daily Mail)

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to stand in Stoke Central by-election (BBC)

At least 21 killed in Pakistan bomb attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pakistan Market Blast Kills at Least 22 People (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Analysis: Trump Promises a Presidency Like No Other (NBC News)

Was there a Trump Twitter glitch? (BBC)

Why Donald Trump Should Stop Fighting with the CIA (Newsweek Magazine)

BBC Northampton Twitter Account Issues Donald Trump Shot Tweet After 'Hack' (Huffington Post)

Women's March Protest Signs And Placards Make For Inspiring Reading (Huffington Post)

Eight ways Trump presidency makes history (BBC)

Blast in Pakistan market kills at least 20 (CNN)

Trump Threatens to Corrode the Ethical Core of the Military (Newsweek Magazine)

1/20: President Trump pledges to puts focus on the American people; High school students teach their own lesson with trip to D.C. (CBS News)

Donald Trump Inauguration: Defence Secretary Michael Fallon Congratulates General 'Mad Dog' Mattis (Huffington Post)

Hillary fearful at inauguration according to body language (Daily Mail)

Judge's Death Puts Brazil Leader on the Spot (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Putin silent as Donald Trump becomes president (CBS News)

Champagne corks pop in Moscow for Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

World leaders react to Donald Trumps inauguration (CBS News)

Trump connections under investigation for Russia ties (CBS News)

Theresa May congratulates Trump on taking office (BBC)

Trump signs executive order on Obamacare (CNN)

Nations React to Inauguration With Good Will, Uncertainty (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

President puts freeze on new regulations (CNN)

Roger Harrabin: World v Trump on climate deal? (BBC)

This Is What It Takes to Protect the President (NBC News)

Meet the Trumps: A New and Unconventional First Family (NBC News)

Barack Obama's last day as 44th president (BBC)

Trump makes defiant America first' pledge (Financial Times - Paywall)

Could Trump Shut Down a Russia Hack Probe? (NBC News)

Trump instantly hit with ethics complaint (CNN)

Gambian ruler Jammeh agrees to step down (Financial Times - Paywall)

President Trump: Scenes from the Inauguration (NBC News)

Gambian leader who once said only God could remove him cedes power under military pressure (Los Angeles Times)

Russias hopes for incoming Trump administration (CBS News)

Fear, concern but also Champagne - the world reacts to Donald Trump's inauguration (Los Angeles Times)

Video appears to show Bill Clinton ogling Ivanka Trump (Daily Mail)

Empathy and education in the age of Trump (BBC)

Van Jones: 'The world is now adrift' (CNN)

Trump honors Clintons (CNN)

Obama may have saved Chelsea Manning's life (CNN)

Cautious optimism in Russia as Trump takes over (CBS News)

Trump holds to dystopian vision of the America he inherits (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dear Mr President: Welcome to real world (CNN)

Briton dies while working on World Cup stadium in Qatar (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Columnist: Theresa May’s ‘Global Britain’ Is Baloney (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump and Melania's White House makeover (CNN)

China GDP hits 2016 target as Trump headwinds loom (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tasmanian island offering a couple a house and job to move (Daily Mail)

World leaders worry about what President Trump will do (Los Angeles Times)

Rescuers dig for survivors after avalanche buries hotel where at least 30 are missing in central Italy (Los Angeles Times)

West African forces move into Gambia to oust a defeated leader who refuses to give up power (Los Angeles Times)

Posters send powerful message to Trump (CNN)

Contrast Between Obama and Trump Is 'Unprecedented': Experts (NBC News)

Could Trump be a game changer for Africa? (CNN)

How Trump will deal with America's longest war is anyone's guess (Los Angeles Times)

South Korean judge turns down warrant request for Samsung executive's arrest (Los Angeles Times)

Artist protests Trump using human blood (CNN)

This Was President Obama's 'Biggest Disappointment' (NBC News)

15 of the Best Journals by Our Reporters Around the World (New York Times - Paywall)