Thursday, 26th January 2017

World News

Mexicos president cancels meeting with Trump (CBS News)

Border Patrol chief out a day after Trump border wall decree (CBS News)

Tonight: Mary Tyler Moore: Love is all Around (CBS News)

Judd Hirsch on "Superior Donuts," Mary Tyler Moores legacy (CBS News)

British Parliament palace in desperate need of repairs (CBS News)

Trumps Mexico border wall faces serious hurdles (CBS News)

Dick Van Dyke on Mary Tyler Moores legacy (CBS News)

Rep. Gabbards meeting with Syrian president raises questions (CBS News)

GOP leadership: Were on the "same page" as Trump (CBS News)

Will Trump presidency impact Doomsday Clock? (CBS News)

Theresa May rips up decades of Cameron and Blair policies (Daily Mail)

Dick Van Dyke on Mary Tyler Moore: "She was the best there ever was" (CBS News)

Trump seeks Mexican import tax to pay for border wall (BBC)

Mexican president cancels meeting with Trump (CBS News)

Palestine CONFIRMS it received $221m from Obama despite LAST DITCH block attempt by Trump (Daily Express)

Melania vs Ivanka: Most popular Trump revealed in new poll the result will surprise you (Daily Star)

Senior diplomat resignations accepted as Trump team enters (Daily Mail)

Voter fraud probe: Trump to go ahead (CNN)

Theresa May Praises President Trump's Term as A New Era of American Renewal' (Time Magazine)

May Faces Tricky Balancing Act in Talking Trade With Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump to Call for 20% Tax on Mexican Imports to Pay for Border Wall (NBC News)

Theresa May says she'll get on with Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Shia LaBeouf returns to Trump protest after assault arrest (Daily Mail)

The Interpreter: British Alignment With Trump Threatens European Order (New York Times - Paywall)

What Does It Mean When the President Praises Torture? (NBC News)

Trump Calls For a 20 Percent Tax on Mexican Goods to Pay For Wall (Newsweek Magazine)

Ivanka Trump may change Israel's Jewish conversion rules (Daily Mail)

President Trump's First Week (of 208) in Pictures (Time Magazine)

Conway Claims Tiffany Trump Not Registered to Vote in 2 States, Despite Records (NBC News)

How Mary Tyler Moore Saved Us From My Mother, the Car (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit in 137 words: Bill unveiled to MPs (Daily Star)

Trump Candidacy Grounded Coveted China Project (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mexico’s President Cancels Meeting With Trump Over Wall (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump: 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for wall (CNN)

BREXIT THREAT: EU exit could be BLOCKED by 'unavoidable' referendum in Republic of Ireland (Daily Express)

Trump Backs Import Tax to Pay for Border Wall (New York Times - Paywall)

Theresa May Invokes Memory Of Thatcher And Reagan As She Woos Trump (Huffington Post)

Piers Morgan's Trump memo to Theresa May (Daily Mail)

Mexico and US waging WAR over Donald Trump's wall as Theresa May arrives for meeting (Daily Star)

Mexican president cancels visit after Trump says stay home (Daily Mail)

Artist Abandons Costly Colorado Project in Protest of President Trump (Time Magazine)

Charles Manson pictured for first time since health scare (Daily Mail)

U.S. Suspending Refugee Resettlement Interviews in Anticipation of Trump Action (Newsweek Magazine)

His Predecessor Gone, Gambia’s New President Finally Comes Home (New York Times - Paywall)

Chinese relish chance to channel Trump in fake tweets (CBS News)

Human-animal hybrid embryo is created for the first time (Daily Mail)

Anne Frank Center Says Donald Trump Is Driving the U.S. Off a Moral Cliff' (Time Magazine)

Why Doomsday Is Closer Than You Think (Time Magazine)

Bowling, Selfies, Executive Orders: The Trump Family's White House Instagrams (Time Magazine)

Here's How President Trump Says Mexico Could Pay for the Border Wall (Time Magazine)

Theresa May Unveils Bill to Initiate ‘Brexit’ Process (New York Times - Paywall)

First week: Trump vs. previous presidents (CNN)

Refugee Bana Alabed begs Trump to save Syrian kids (CBS News)

Refugee Bana Alabed begs Trump to save Syrias children (CBS News)

Corbyn faces ANOTHER round of resignations over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Watch first snowmobile double backflip (CNN)

President Trump's Labor Secretary Outsourced Jobs (Time Magazine)

Read Mexican President Enrique Pe a Nieto's fiery speech about Trump's order to build a wall (Los Angeles Times)

Trump 'will handle US-UK trade talks' (BBC)

Trump slams Mexico as leader cancels trip (BBC)

Iranian Film Star: I'm Boycotting Oscars Over Trump (NBC News)

Trump says meeting with Mexican leader would be 'fruitless' (CNN)

Why the Trump-Ryan Lovefest Is Heating Up (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Donald Trump Cant Win the "War on Coal" (Newsweek Magazine)

Study reveals why an acid trips last so long (Daily Mail)

Mexican President Enrique Pe a Nieto cancels planned meeting with Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Here's What to Know About President Trump's 3 Supreme Court Finalists (Time Magazine)

Thai police hunting two suspects of killing of British man (Daily Mail)

President Trump Takes His First Ride on Air Force One (NBC News)

Rights advocates warn of backlash if Trump pursues torture (Fox News)

Gambia's new president finally returns home (Financial Times - Paywall)

Theresa May unveils law that will trigger Article 50 (Daily Mail)

With Trump presidency, will Doomsday Clock move closer to midnight? (CBS News)

Donald Trumps Executive Orders: More Symbol Than Substance (Newsweek Magazine)

Eye Opener at 8: Mary Tyler Moore remembered (CBS News)

How Mary Tyler Moore inspired a generation of working women (CBS News)

'Had we taken the oil, you wouldn't have ISIS' - Trump (CNN)

Planet Earth's Doomsday Clock' Lurches Closer to Midnight Thanks to President Trump (Time Magazine)

Armed thugs force man to sell Mercedes for £850 in Spain (Daily Mail)

Theresa May Shrugs Off Criticism Of Her Donald Trump Trip, Declaring Opposites Attract' (Huffington Post)

Frank Gardner: What if Trump tries to bring back torture? (BBC)

Texas citys mayor weighs in on "offensive" border wall plan (CBS News)

Twitter's Search Algorithm Thinks Trump Has Tiny Hands (Newsweek Magazine)

I Survived The Rwandan Genocide - I Know Why Holocaust Memorial Day Is So Important (Huffington Post)

Trump outlines plans for Mexico border wall, immigration (CBS News)

BREAKING: Theresa May has landed in America to meet Donald Trump (Daily Express)

Photos of Mallory's first Mount Everest climb up for sale (Daily Mail)

Border Patrol Chief Leaves Agency a Day After President Trump Announced Mexico Wall Plans (Time Magazine)

Tulip Siddiq Quits Labour Frontbench In Protest At Jeremy Corbyn's Order To Vote For Brexit (Huffington Post)

Labour table NINE amendments to Article 50 Bill including right to REJECT Brexit deal (Daily Express)

How LSD Binds to the Brain, and Why Trips Last So Long (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit Briefing: Beer Is Going Up, And Less Important News (Huffington Post)

British pork injected with BLOOD from pregnant horses in disgusting find (Daily Star)

Eye Opener: President Trump tackles immigration (CBS News)

Mexico President Nieto Cancels U.S. Trip after Trump Pursues Border Wall Construction (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Orders for Deportations, Border Wall Face Many Obstacles (NBC News)

Angela Merkel's New Challenger On the Left May End Up Helping the German Right (Time Magazine)

Is Trump hoping to seize Iraqs oil reserves? (CBS News)

Mexican president scraps Trump summit over border wall dispute (Financial Times - Paywall)

Peso and Loonie fail to blink as Trump protectionism nears (Financial Times - Paywall)

For First Time in Years, Japan Boasts a Sumo Grand Champion (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Donald Trump pledges to thrash out Brexit deal with Theresa May HIMSELF (Daily Express)

Turkey's President Erdogan Warns Coup-Plotting Terrorists' Are Active in Mozambique (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch President Trump's Speech at the GOP Retreat in Philadelphia (Live Video) (Newsweek Magazine)

Torture 'absolutely works': Is Trump right? (CNN)

Funeral for British soldier who died on an Iraqi base (Daily Mail)

'Sanctuary Cities' Vow to Resist Trump Despite Funding Threat (NBC News)

Doomsday Clock' Ticks Closest to Midnight Since 1950s, Thanks in Part to Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

This School Gives Every Child An Adorable Reassuring Note On The First Day Of Term (Huffington Post)

Mexican president says he will not attend meeting with Trump (Fox News)

More Women Are Investing in IUDs after President Trump's Election (Time Magazine)

Ramsgate man jailed for Becky Morgan manslaughter (Daily Mail)

Russia's Lavrov Warns Master of Deal' Trump That Putin Is More Than a Match at Negotiating Table (Newsweek Magazine)

The hardest man in Britain' BATTERS rival fighter in unearthed clip from new Netflix doc (Daily Star)

David Lytton Identified As Mystery Man Found Dead On Saddleworth Moor (Huffington Post)

Trump Torture Comments Spark Fear, Anger Across the World (NBC News)

Theresa May and Donald Trump and 5 Other Special Relationships' (Time Magazine)

Paul Ryan Says President Trump's Border Wall Would Cost Up to $15 Billion (Time Magazine)

Mary Tyler Moore Showed How to Live Well With Type 1 Diabetes (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Keeps Making Policy Announcements And Claims Based What He Sees On TV News (Huffington Post)

Netanyahu: Trump understands 'danger' of Iran nuclear deal (Fox News)

People Went Crazy For Meghan Markle's First Fashion Collection (Huffington Post)

Trump was NOT first 'Twitter President' (CNN)

Mexico wall: Trump questions talks over border dispute (BBC)

Paul Ryan Says Congress Will Pay for Mexico Border Wall (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump and the Media's Daily Battle: Who's Winning? (Newsweek Magazine)

British Josef Fritzl' made hidey-hole' behind fridge to conceal girl he sexually abused (Daily Express)

Jeff Bridges Has a Very Big Lebowski Approach to President Trump (Time Magazine)

May to meet Trump: 'We can lead the world again' (CNN)

Why Warren Buffett Keeps Framed Reminders of Awful Moments in Economic History (Time Magazine)

NASA scientists launch Twitter account to defend real facts' against Donald Trump (Daily Star)

Fake Donald Trump Tweets' Are Taking Over the Internet in China (Time Magazine)

Mexico stunned by Trump tweet on cancelling trip (Fox News)

Emirati man held on spying charges in Libya found dead (Fox News)

This Is Why Film Photography Is Making a Comeback (Time Magazine)

Lollipop man is BANNED from giving high-fives to children (Daily Mail)

UK Ambassador: Why Churchill belongs in the Oval Office (CNN)

Donald Trump Calls Chelsea Manning Ungrateful Traitor (Newsweek Magazine)

Mystery man of Saddleworth Moor is FINALLY identified (Daily Mail)

Chinese man dances while preparing noodles (Daily Mail)

President Erdo ans Africa Agenda: From Business to Embassy-Building (Newsweek Magazine)

Video of 'Arab looking' men who beat up British students (Daily Mail)

EU admits its lauded new border agency is FAILING as record numbers hit shores (Daily Express)

Trump test gives May euro-headache (CNN)

Becky Morgan: Man jailed for not helping drowning teenager (BBC)

China sends chilling nuke threat to Trump as missiles moved to closest point to US (Daily Star)

Madeleine Albright Says She's Ready to Register as Muslim' to Protest President Trump (Time Magazine)

Why Environmental Groups Are Targeting Natural Gas in the Age of President Trump (Time Magazine)

The Cracks in Donald Trumps Wall: A Popular Solution Which Wont Work (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May will gift Melania Trump a Bakewell tart (Daily Mail)

Mary Tyler Moore 'Made Women Feel Entitled to a Career' (NBC News)

Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested at His Anti-Donald Trump Art Installation (Time Magazine)

Theresa May urged to tackle President Trump on torture (BBC)

Brexit Secretary Introduces Key Bill to Allow U.K. to Leave European Union (Time Magazine)

Mary Berry Reveals Her Favourite Ever 'Great British Bake Off' Winner (Huffington Post)

Bill to begin Brexit process introduced to UK parliament (CNN)

Republicans and Trump Meet With High Expectations (NBC News)

President Trump Calls Chelsea Manning an Ungrateful TRAITOR' After She Wrote About Barack Obama (Time Magazine)

Stephanie Coontz: How 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' made waves (CNN)

Year-long riddle of mystery man found dead on Saddleworth Moor with £130 on him SOLVED (Daily Star)

A What? Here's What Britain's Leader is Giving Donald Trump (NBC News)

Labour candidate in Stoke branded Brexit a 'pile of sh**' (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Brexit process BEGINS as Government unveils Article 50 bill (Daily Express)

Theresa May to Say the U.S.-U.K. Relationship Made the Modern World.' (Time Magazine)

Elderly Chinese man tumbles down a moving escalator (Daily Mail)

President Donald Trump's ABC Interview And The 13 Most WTF Moments (Huffington Post)

British official: Britain does not condone torture (Fox News)

The Latest: British govt introduces bill to begin EU exit (Fox News)

Nigeria's Senate President Denies Plot to Take Over Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Moves Shake Deep U.S.-Mexico Relationship (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

La La Land Is the Movie the Trump Era Deserves (Newsweek Magazine)

Why is Australia Day so controversial? (CNN)

Mary Berry Hints That She Might Reunite With Mel And Sue On The BBC (Huffington Post)

Doomsday Clock to be 2 MINUTES TO ARMAGEDDON for first time in 64 years (Daily Star)

H&M's New 'Bring It' Film Shows Why We Need To Recycle Our Clothes (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump blasts WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning as 'ungrateful TRAITOR' (Daily Express)

Here's What Trump Has Done in His First Six Days (NBC News)

Waterboarding, Voter Fraud and the Wall: Donald Trumps Key Quotes From His First Interview as President (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump and May: A new "special relationship?" (CNN)

Britain in driving seat: UK tells EU they WILL have a trade deal before Brexit finalised (Daily Express)

Hamid Dabashi: Iranians not strangers to a US ban, but Trump era is different (CNN)

Donald Trump says he believes waterboarding works (BBC)

Jealous man loved stabbed Budweiser bottle into man's neck (Daily Mail)

Bangladeshi man accused of having married 28 times (Daily Mail)

UK official won't make promises on timing of Brexit plan (Fox News)

BREAKING: British prison crisis sees record suicides and nearly 70 ASSAULTS everyday (Daily Star)

Pensioner to marry homeless man she first met 40 years ago (Daily Mail)

Gambia's new President Adama Barrow returning to nation (Fox News)

Mexico Will Not Pay for Donald Trump's Border Wall, President Declares (Newsweek Magazine)

Draft executive order would halt refugee processing, suspend issuing visas (CBS News)

U.K. Government Struggling With Brexit Workload, Think Tank Warns (Newsweek Magazine)

What is the Doomsday Clock? Why the Doomsday Clock is set to move closer to midnight TODAY (Daily Express)

Thai police seek S. African, Briton in death of British man (Fox News)

U.S Army soldier opens up about Melania Trump dance (Daily Mail)

Mexico calls to SUE America over Donald Trump's wall - as talks could be cancelled (Daily Express)

Trump's Great Wall: Mexico won't pay for it...but here is how Donald can FORCE them to (Daily Star)

Trump's Wall Is Being Met With Skepticism and Unease on the U.S.-Mexico Border (Time Magazine)

Trump voices support for waterboarding (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump on waterboarding: 'We have to fight fire with fire' (CNN)

Mexicos president laments Trumps decision to build border wall (CBS News)

Enrique Pena Nieto hits back at Trump's Mexico wall (Daily Mail)

1/25: Trump unveils executive orders on immigration, border wall; Remembering Mary Tyler Moore (CBS News)

Theresa May warns MPs they can't stop Brexit (Daily Mail)

Brexit in a week. What if Trump ran Britain? (Daily Mail)

'Behind UK in hour of need' Trump vows trade deal with Britain and US to 'LEAD WORLD' (Daily Star)

Women are ousting men from man caves to create she sheds (Daily Mail)

Zimbabwe Stands Still as President Vacations Off the Grid (New York Times - Paywall)

Friendships can start at first sight scientists say (Daily Mail)

Trump supporters leave huge tip after attending inauguration (CBS News)

May tells Trump let's lead the world together once again (Daily Mail)

Joss Whedon is slammed for calling Ivanka Trump a dog (Daily Mail)

Eurozone has 18 MONTHS: Man tipped as Trump's EU ambassador warns of swift Euro collapse (Daily Express)

Why this rat was publicly shamed in China (CNN)

President Trump signed an order to build the long-promised wall along U.S.-Mexico border (CBS News)

President Trump takes aim at "sanctuary cities" (CBS News)

'Lets MOVE ON' Donald Trump urges Americans to unite and FORGET about Hillary Clinton (Daily Express)

Mexico: We will not pay for Trump border wall (BBC)

Trump goes after sanctuary cities with executive order (CBS News)

Trump orders investigation of his debunked claim of widespread voter fraud (CBS News)

Trump says "torture works" and U.S. may use it against terror suspects (CBS News)

President Trump threatens federal intervention in Chicago (CBS News)

It's very, very scary' Donald Trump admits fears over nuclear apocalypse (Daily Star)

President Trump Says He Believes That Torture Works (Time Magazine)

Sanctuary cities weigh the cost of defying Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Repeats Unproven Claims and Attacks Critics in His First Extended Interview as President (Time Magazine)

President Trump says feds may intervene in Chicago (CBS News)

'Angry' Democrats Use Tactic of Delay to Thwart Trump Agenda (NBC News)

CBS News to air tribute to Mary Tyler Moore (CBS News)

Mary Tyler Moore dies: She changed TV for women (CNN)

Is Ivanka Trump Jewish? In Israel, she has a trump card (Fox News)

Trump defunds sanctuary cities, orders wall construction (Daily Mail)

Spain backs early trade talks in Brexit negotiations (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump waterboarding comments muddle May's US trip (Financial Times - Paywall)

Draft of Trump plan to halt refugee flow to U.S. causes alarm, but some welcome the idea (Los Angeles Times)

Christo abandons river art project in Colorado; doesnt want to deal Trump administration (CBS News)

Trump to 'WITHDRAW from climate & environmental accords along with UN funding CUTS of 40%' (Daily Express)

Trump picks on voting rolls in 2 states (CNN)

Brussels CANNOT stop Theresa May & Trump starting trade talks, EU Brexit negotiator claims (Daily Express)

How Mexico Border Wall Would Measure Up to World's Barriers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Activists Gather in New York City to Protest President Trump's Immigration Orders (Time Magazine)

Castro: Cuba can work with Trump if sovereignty respected (Fox News)

Mexican President Vows to Protect Immigrants in U.S. (NBC News)

Contractor says Trump never settled his bill for work done on D.C. hotel (CBS News)

EU's migration policy is a 'DISASTER' & US won't make same 'mistake', Donald Trump claims (Daily Express)

So WHY do you want independence? Scotland's sales to UK FOUR TIMES that of EU, worth £50BN (Daily Express)

Donald Trump says torture ABSOLUTELY' works & will fight 'FIRE WITH FIRE' against ISIS (Daily Express)

'That F****** WALL' Trump's border plans BLASTED by ex-Mexican president in Twitter rant (Daily Express)

Francois Fillon to reinstate 'real' border controls (Daily Mail)

Euro could collapse says man tipped to be US EU ambassador (Daily Mail)

#F***ingWall: Trump wall sparks hilarious tweet from former Mexican president (Daily Star)

Tony Blair embraces Jean-Claude Juncker before Brexit talk (Daily Mail)

MAC ON...Theresa May's upcoming meeting with Trump (Daily Mail)

Multiple people reportedly may be involved in murder of American news producer in Belize (Fox News)

Mexico's president may cancel summit with Trump over wall (Daily Mail)

Mary Tyler Moore dies aged 80 (Daily Mail)

Trump Immigration Orders Are 'Harmful,' Pediatricians Say (NBC News)

Hopes dim: Palestinians unlikely to be able to block settlements under Trump (CNN)

Nadal reaches first grand slam semifinal in 3 years (CNN)

Ban on axing new mums in first six months back at work (Daily Mail)

As Trump Orders Wall, Mexico’s President Considers Canceling U.S. Trip (New York Times - Paywall)

Camilla praises British wine industry during reception (Daily Mail)

Trump's bodyguard may have worn prosthetic hands (Daily Mail)

Trump: Construction of border wall could begin in months (CNN)

Idaho Man Admits to Hate Crime in Killing of Gay Man (NBC News)

How tea-maker brewed a Brexit bonanza (BBC)

Trump orders wall to be built on Mexico border (BBC)

Sick ISIS militants decapitate Donald Trump dummy and chant 'we will behead you' (Daily Star)

Trump was NOT world's first 'Twitter President' (CNN)

Why scientists are studying whales off New York's coast (BBC)

Labour's Stoke by-election pick Gareth Snell labels Brexit 'PILE OF S***' in Twitter rant (Daily Express)

Number of EU nurses coming to work in Britain DROPS 90 PER CENT since the Brexit vote (Daily Express)

Crackpot EU rule slammed for 'stopping British smokers quitting and increasing cancer' (Daily Express)

BREXIT BOOST: British manufacturer optimism SOARS as car-makers announce production high (Daily Express)

Brexit plan being held back by budget cuts and Government 'TURF WARS', says think tank (Daily Express)

Brexit will be a big test for the Civil Service as turf wars waste time and energy' (Daily Express)

Theresa May: Brexit Britain and Donald Trump can lead the world TOGETHER (Daily Express)

Trump pledges probe of voter fraud (CNN)

China's options: 4 ways Beijing could deal with Trump (CNN)

Two More National Parks Appear to Defy Donald Trump on Twitter (Time Magazine)

El Paso and Juarez know what happens when a wall divides two cities (Los Angeles Times)

Trump's order to begin wall construction opens wider rift with Mexico (Los Angeles Times)

5 Things to Know About the President Whose Portrait Donald Trump Chose for the Oval Office (Time Magazine)

Trump Expected to Order Syrian Safe Zones for Refugees (Newsweek Magazine)

What President Trump's Threat to Send in the Feds' Could Mean for Chicago (Time Magazine)

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Says She Met With Syrian President Bashar Assad During Secret Trip (Time Magazine)

Trump Border Wall Announcement Builds More Resentment in Mexico (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump and May to Talk Trade in First Meeting Together (Newsweek Magazine)

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected at the White House this week (Los Angeles Times)

Leaflet tells lads to put WEIGHTS on willies 'like man with world's biggest penis' (Daily Star)

Trump Signs Executive Orders Targeting Illegal Immigration (NBC News)

What Mary Tyler Moores Career Meant to the Womens Rights Movement (Newsweek Magazine)

Crane protesters near White House call for resistance to Trump (CBS News)

Theresa May To Praise Donald Trump As She Declares Britain And US Can "Lead Together Again" (Huffington Post)

How Mary Tyler Moore Captured a Key Moment in History for American Women (Time Magazine)

Mexican President Considering' Canceling Trip to Washington Amid Border Wall Order (Time Magazine)

Trump challenge: UK MPs urge May to push President on controversial policies (CNN)

More national parks appear to defy Trump on Twitter (BBC)

What the US-Mexico border looks like before Trump's wall (CNN)

Here's How This Man Got Nearly $100 Worth of Free Stuff on His Birthday (Time Magazine)

Trump takes credit after Dow tops 20,000 for first time (Daily Mail)

Fight fire Trump says open to torturing waterboarding ISIS (Daily Mail)

NTAs 2017: Mary Berry's Reaction To Winning Best TV Judge Was Utterly Adorable (Huffington Post)

Trump pledge to "send in the feds" rankles Chicago cops, criminals and academics (Newsweek Magazine)

US actress Mary Tyler Moore dies aged 80 (BBC)

Dow Jones finishes above 20,000 milestone for first time (BBC)

1/24: Trump spokesman restates claims of election fraud; Diverse crop of nominees highlights 2017 Oscars (CBS News)

Electrical Contractor Suing Trump Hotel for Unpaid $2 Million Bill (NBC News)

Mother asks Trump to help free son jailed in Venezuela (Fox News)

First 100 days: What executive actions has Trump taken? (BBC)

TV Legend Mary Tyler Moore Dead at 80 (NBC News)

Slayer Posts Trump Image to Instagram, Angering Some Fans (Newsweek Magazine)

Castro Warns Trump to Respect Cubas Sovereignty (Newsweek Magazine)

Sent Home for Not Wearing Heels, She Ignited a British Rebellion (New York Times - Paywall)

Official: Mexico's president 'considering' scrapping US trip (Fox News)

Dow hits 20,000 for first time (CNN)

Trump orders work to start on Mexico border wall (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do (CNN)

Trump Calls for 'Major' Probe Into Unsubstantiated 'Illegals' Vote Fraud Claim (NBC News)

From the Archives: Mary Tyler Moore and Her All-Star Team (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese man caught stealing sex doll from vending machine (Daily Mail)

Attacker stabbed man while wearing victim's wife's clothes (Daily Mail)

Trump to order inquiry into his voter fraud claims (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Should Be Taken Seriously And Literally As He Orders Mexico Wall To Be Built (Huffington Post)

Russia has "no illusions" of another "reset" under Trump (CBS News)

Actress Mary Tyler Moore Dies at 80 (Newsweek Magazine)

Zuckerberg DENIES reports preparing to run for President (Daily Mail)

Refugees See Growing Hostility in U.S. Under Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

NTAs 2017: Dermot O'Leary Teams Up With Tom Jones For Opening Number, And Simon Cowell May Have Something To Say About It (Huffington Post)

Hampshire man killed by a 70mph train as he rode scooter (Daily Mail)

Pope takes control of ancient Catholic order amid condom scandal (CBS News)

Great British Bake Off to air this year on Channel 4 (BBC)

Trump Signs Orders for Border Wall, Sanctuary Cities (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Announces U.S.-Mexico Border Wall and Immigration, Refugee Plans in DHS Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

What you should NEVER order for kids at a fast food chain (Daily Mail)

Secret Service Agent Under Fire for Trump Posts (NBC News)

Trump Could Reinstate Controversial CIA Prisons, Officials Say (Newsweek Magazine)

First meeting of two girls with same genetic condition (BBC)

Draft Order Eyes Return to Overseas CIA Prisons (NBC News)

'Nat. Parks' account trolls Trump (CNN)

Why Trump Won't Move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem At Least For Now (Newsweek Magazine)

Gibraltar warns Spain is using Brexit to grab sovereignty (Daily Mail)

Alexandra Shulman: How her time at Vogue shaped British fashion (BBC)

Chinese man cycles 500km in wrong direction to get home (BBC)

Watch: First Trailer for Sky Atlantic Thriller Riviera Starring Julia Stiles and Iwan Rheon (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump White House Senior Staff Have Private RNC Email Accounts (Newsweek Magazine)

Nine-Year-Old Syrian Boy Invites America's President To His Birthday Party (Huffington Post)

Federal agents are reinvestigating Syrian refugees in U.S. who may have slipped through vetting lapse (Los Angeles Times)

Alexandra Shulman steps down after 25yrs at British Vogue (Daily Mail)

'We Will Fight Tooth And Nail To Protect Our EU Workers' Brexit Backing Businesses React To Government Plans (Huffington Post)

Gambia's new president Barrow set to return home (Financial Times - Paywall)

More Than Half of British Female MPs Threatened With Physical Violence Online (Newsweek Magazine)

Ministers plot to create 'temporary' peers to force Brexit (Daily Mail)

CCTV of bus passenger 'who stabbed man to death' (Daily Mail)

A Parade of Unanswered Questions for Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Polish Motorheads Bought Tom Hanks a Soviet-Era Car (NBC News)

Aleppo Twitter Star Bana Asks Trump to Save Syria's Kids (NBC News)

Andrea Mammone: Despite Brexit and Trump, EU still doesn't get it (CNN)

Global Trade Was on a Roll When Trump Won Presidency (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

British soldier who killed man in Belfast in 1971 is named (Daily Mail)

Why is this banned in Saudi? (CNN)

Frida Ghitis: Putin wants Yalta 2.0. Trump may give it to him (CNN)

Swede is first person to land snowmobile double backflip (Daily Mail)

Secret Service agent: I wouldn't defend Trump from bullet (CNN)

London man arrested over 'racist abuse' to Gina Miller (Daily Mail)

Russia's first president (BBC)

Indian man is filmed holding a TWO-HEADED snake (Daily Mail)

Why we should eat like Romans (CNN)

Trump on India: A 'true friend' (CNN)

Op-Ed Contributor: China Can Thrive in the Trump Era (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump to Chicago: 'Fix' Violent Crime or I'll 'Send in the Feds' (NBC News)

Trump expands anti-abortion ban to all U.S. global health aid (CBS News)

Michael D'Antonio: Why Donald Trump lies (CNN)

Editorial: Parliament Is Back in the Brexit Game (New York Times - Paywall)

Justin Rowlatt: What will Trump do about Afghanistan? (BBC)

FedEx CEO urges Trump to "rethink" trade positions (CBS News)

News Analysis: Trump Injects High Risk Into Relations With China (New York Times - Paywall)

Becoming British (BBC)

Why Trump Killed the TPP And Why It Matters To You (NBC News)

With Trump in the White House, Israel moves aggressively to build on disputed land (Los Angeles Times)

Sean Spicer: Who is President Trump's spin doctor? (BBC)

Mexico's president will be among the first foreign leaders to meet with Trump this month (Los Angeles Times)

London protests against Trump (CNN)

Fear, concern but also Champagne - the world reacts to Donald Trump's inauguration (Los Angeles Times)

World leaders worry about what President Trump will do (Los Angeles Times)

Perhaps the Largest Protest in U.S. History Was Brought to You by Trump (Time Magazine)

Britain's Theresa May Is All-In on Brexit With Lousy Cards (Time Magazine)

The Ideological Challenge at the Core of Donald Trump's Radical Presidency (Time Magazine)