Sunday, 5th February 2017

World News

Japan spokesman: Trump criticism of currency policy off base (Fox News)

Steve Young's mental struggle off the playing field (CBS News)

Frances Le Pen Launches Campaign With Broadside Against Globalization (Newsweek Magazine)

Appeals Court Rejects Bid to Restore Trump's Travel Ban (NBC News)

'France first': Le Pen kicks off campaign with attack on globalization (CNN)

Trump request for emergency ruling rejected; no halt to refugee travel (CNN)

Louvre attack suspect not talking, but his dad is (CBS News)

Appeals court refuses to reinstate US travel ban (Financial Times - Paywall)

Mellody Hobson on Super Bowl parties (CBS News)

America in PERIL: Trump lays into judges who REJECTED his appeal to reinstate travel ban (Daily Express)

Mellody Hobson: Your Super Bowl party, brought to you by global trade (CBS News)

Trump Has Every Right to Criticize Judge Who Suspended Immigration Ban: Pence (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump tells Ukraine leader hell work to "restore peace" with Russia (CBS News)

Pope prepares video message for fans attending Super Bowl (Fox News)

Marine Le Pen pays glowing tribute to Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Iran to Grant Visas to U.S. Wrestling Team, Reversing Previous Ban (Time Magazine)

Trump defends Putin: 'You think our country's so innocent?' (CNN)

Louvre terror attack: Knifeman arrested after shock machete soldier slash (Daily Star)

Former Archbishop of Canterbury blasts Trump protesters (Daily Mail)

Weve Got a Lot of Killers: Trump Talks Russia With Bill OReilly (Newsweek Magazine)

France election: Far-right's Le Pen rails against globalisation (BBC)

French candidate uses hologram to travel campaign trail (Fox News)

U.S. Travel Resumes, In a Trickle Rather Than a Flood (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iran says shipment will boost its supply of uranium (Fox News)

British naturists call for world body president to quit (Daily Mail)

Trump Gives Poland Reason to Reset EU Ties (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Le Pen vows crackdown on immigration and globalisation (Financial Times - Paywall)

Despite White House warning, Israel pushes settlement bill (Fox News)

Racist Bus Attack Caught On Camera In Salford Leads To Man's Arrest (Huffington Post)

Egyptian arrested over Louvre terror attack remains silent (Daily Mail)

Netanyahu flies to UK to seek support against Iran (Financial Times - Paywall)

PM urged to ABOLISH House of Lords if it derails Brexit (Daily Mail)

Iran changes its mind, says it will allow U.S. wrestlers after judge blocks Trump travel ban (Los Angeles Times)

Republicans decry Trump defence of killer' Putin (Financial Times - Paywall)

'This guy is a fraud': Sanders blasts Trump (CNN)

Is Trump's Travel Order Legal? How It's Being Opposed (NBC News)

Louvre attack: Friend defends 'respectful' suspect (BBC)

Police find 'human remains' near a roundabout off the M40 (Daily Mail)

One in 14 on hospital op waiting list as pressures grow (BBC)

Quora Question: How is Trump the Populist Savior of the Working Class? (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump suffers new travel ban setback (BBC)

Der Spiegel: Trump Beheading Cover About Defending Democracy (Newsweek Magazine)

Volunteers Fight President Trumps Attack on Science by Safeguarding Data (Newsweek Magazine)

Ex Goldman attack dog gets teeth into Wall St reform (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kristen Stewart's SNL opening monologue about Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

Senior immigration judge slams taxpayer-funded lawyers (Daily Mail)

OPINION: Donald Trump's most bone-chilling tweet (CNN)

Harvard-bound sisters make it to US despite ban (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pope prepares video message for Super Bowl (Fox News)

Philippines Officials Brush Off Out of Touch Church Criticism of Drug War (Newsweek Magazine)

Court of Appeal rejects bid to reinstate Trump travel ban (Daily Mail)

Watch Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Return to SNL: Prepare to Go to War' (Time Magazine)

Trump Wont Find It Easy to Kill Regulations Protecting Public Health (Newsweek Magazine)

Siri Is Ready for the Super Bowl... Are You? (NBC News)

President Trump Says He Respects' Vladimir Putin: What Do You Think? Our Country's So Innocent?' (Time Magazine)

OUTBURST: Donald Trump won't take any 'BULLS**T' from EU warns US ambassador to Brussels (Daily Express)

Uphill battle: Trump's lawyers lay out travel ban defense (CNN)

Trump Officials Blaming Media for EPA Turmoil, Leaked Emails Show (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch the terrifying moment woman dives off 55ft cruise ship platform (Daily Star)

President Trump Attacks Judge as White House Predicts Courts Will Restore Immigration Ban (Time Magazine)

Super Bowl Advertisers Walk Tightrope in Era of Trump (NBC News)

Super Bowl: One Photographer Remembers Where It All Began 50 Years Ago (Time Magazine)

Judge derided by Trump known for conservative views (Daily Mail)

Alleged Louvre attacker's father says son is not a terrorist (Fox News)

New Yorkers Scrub Swastikas Off Subway Train (NBC News)

Super Bowl 2017: Take a look at the most BRUTAL tackles in NFL big game history (Daily Star)

Britain vulnerable to attack after defence blunders (Daily Mail)

VC hero Johnson Beharry held by Trump travel ban at JFK (Daily Mail)

Leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen mocks Trump after raid (Fox News)

New documents show Trump retains direct tie to businesses (Daily Mail)

Don Meredith and Jack Kemp Analyze the Packers and Chiefs Ahead of Super Bowl I (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump 'avoids holding Melania's hand in public' (Daily Mail)

Super Bowl 2017: What Songs Will Lady Gaga Play? Here Are Some Educated Guesses. (Newsweek Magazine)

Quora Question: Can Trump Just Order a Border Wall to be Built? (Newsweek Magazine)

Machete-Wielding Louvre Attacker Stays Silent In First Police Interview (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump travel ban: Mike Pence defends president (BBC)

The Price is Right: Super Bowl Sunday Ads Edition (Newsweek Magazine)

The Queen of the Super Bowl? Tom Brady's incredible supermodel wife Gisele B ndchen (Daily Star)

Iran Carries Out Military Drills as Standoff With U.S. Heats Up (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

In Mexico, Trump triggers a surge in patriotism, anti-American sentiment (Los Angeles Times)

Super Bowl Commercial Prices Rarely Pay Off for Advertisers (Newsweek Magazine)

Super Bowls Journey Away From Sport to American Spectacle (Newsweek Magazine)

Johnson Beharry, Victoria Cross War Hero, Left 'Humiliated' By Donald Trump's Travel Ban (Huffington Post)

Leader of al-Qaida in Yemen mocks Trump after raid (Fox News)

Far-right official: Brexit, Trump give French reason to vote (Fox News)

Trump protests: LGBTQ rally in New York (BBC)

La La Land wins award as directors criticise Trump travel ban (BBC)

Trump attempt to reinstate travel ban fails (Financial Times - Paywall)

Philippines' Duterte warns of offensives if rebels attack (Fox News)

New guide lists mad must-have services for the super rich (Daily Mail)

'It'll be meaningful' Hillary Clinton to release book about bitter battle for White House (Daily Express)

Donald Trump's Travel Ban Rejected By US Court (Huffington Post)

UK needs a new home every five minutes to house migrants (Daily Mail)

Trumps Immigration Ban Undercuts Americas Soft Power (Newsweek Magazine)

TRUMP'S MEXICAN WAR: Meet the cartel killers the President shouldn't mess with (Daily Star)

Top celebrity secures new super injuction (Daily Mail)

Iran lifts ban on U.S. wrestling team (Fox News)

Israeli PM calls for unity against Iran before UK visit (Fox News)

Immigration Went from Being Hotly Debated to Accepted in This Town (NBC News)

Trump defends Putin over Russia killings allegations (BBC)

Appeals court rejects bid to quickly reinstate travel ban as Trump administration copes with first big setback (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump's 'Muslim' ban appeal REJECTED (Daily Star)

BREAKING: US court DENIES Trump's request to immediately reinstate Muslim' travel ban (Daily Express)

Iran lifts ban on American wrestling team (Fox News)

Trump Cabinet pick paid by 'cult-like' Iranian exile group (Fox News)

Trump appeal against Seattle judge's travel ban ruling (BBC)

Thousands protest Donald Trump's travel ban in London (Daily Mail)

Trump travel ban: Iraqi family boards flight to JFK (BBC)

Seattle judge who blocked Trumps travel ban was known as conservative jurist (CBS News)

Super Bowl LI: Jason Bell's three things to look out for (BBC)

Iran issues dire warning to enemies who dont "walk the line" (CBS News)

2/4: Judge lifts travel ban, causing Trump to lash out; Jazz great teaches kids about sound of democracy (CBS News)

Mar-a-Lago protest against travel ban draws thousands (CBS News)

Tensions flaring up between Trump administration, Iran (CBS News)

Houston steps up security for Super Bowl (CBS News)

Iranian baby will travel to Oregon for life-saving surgery, hospital says (CBS News)

Protesters greet Trump in Florida (CBS News)

Falcons, Patriots set for Super Bowl showdown (CNN)

'Our roaring missiles will fall on their heads' Iran issues chilling warning to US (Daily Star)

100 years ago, US passed a similar immigration ban (CNN)

Teenage girl dies after being thrown off ride at amusement park in China (Fox News)

Rapper Eminem rips Trump (CNN)

Mom dies in house fire after saving newborn babys life (CBS News)

Prosecutors Search Home of Former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump and Putin 'MUST team up to wipe out ISIS for good', says military expert (Daily Star)

Girl, 13, dies after being thrown off ride at China park (Fox News)

Demonstrators take to the streets to protest Trump travel ban (CBS News)

London protesters call for U.K. to withdraw Trump invitation (CBS News)

Space travel altered his chromosomes (CNN)

Global protests against Trumps travel ban (CBS News)

Donald Trump slams decision to halt immigration order (Daily Mail)

BRITAIN TERROR WARNING: Risk of attack by Islamic State at new high', Sadiq Khan warns (Daily Express)

British terror attack risk reaches 'new-high' says London Mayor (Daily Star)

Peers in House of Lords 'claim £300 as taxis wait outside' (Daily Mail)

MPs scratch their heads at bid to ban clerks' itchy wigs (Daily Mail)

On 'Protest Saturday,' more demonstrations against Trump's policies rolled out around the world (Los Angeles Times)

Justice Appeals Order Suspending Trumps Immigration Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Here to stay? Paul Ryan's surprise comments on Iran nuclear dear (CNN)

DOJ Files Notice of Appeal After Judge Blocks Trump Order (NBC News)

Busty woman 'kicked off plane for showing too much cleavage' slams airline (Daily Star)

Why a 9/11 Survivor Celebrates the Suspension of Trumps Immigration Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Will travel ban battle go to Supreme Court? (CBS News)

Twins study: One went to space, one didn't. So what changed? (CNN)

George Carey blasts Trump protesters in London over hysterical' attacks on President (Daily Express)

Very bad people may be POURING into our country' Trump unleashes FURY at judge's ruling (Daily Express)

Where's the love? Donald Trump DROPS wife Melania's hand in shock cold video (Daily Star)

'Missiles will fall on their HEADS' Iran threatens Donald Trump in 'showcase of POWER' (Daily Express)

'WE WILL WIN' Justice Department APPEALS judge's block on Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' (Daily Express)

Tiki Barber breaks down Super Bowl 51 matchup (CBS News)

What numbers make up Super Sunday? (BBC)

Mike Pence Among the Big Names at the Super Bowl (NBC News)

Who Can Come to the U.S. Now That the Ban Is Halted? (NBC News)

Protests rage on across US against President Trump (Daily Mail)

Trump denounces judge who halted his immigration ban (CNN)

The quiet manor house that set Genesis free... (Daily Mail)

51 fascinating facts about Super Bowl LI (CNN)

One year later, Nigerian "witch boy" healthy, heading to school (CBS News)

Vice President Mike Pence Says Neil Gorsuch Will Join Supreme Court One Way or the Other' (Time Magazine)

Athlete takes on new mission after accident sidelines Super Bowl dream (CBS News)

Sharp awakening for President Trump (CNN)

Opinion: Trump is focused on the wrong threat for a reason (CNN)

A look back at the difficult week for President Trumps diplomacy (CBS News)

Chile President says wildfires now mostly under control (Fox News)

Home of ex-Peruvian President Toledo searched in graft probe (Fox News)

Shelling Resumes Ahead of Trump Conversation With Ukraine President (Newsweek Magazine)

Mattis: Iran biggest terror 'state sponsor' (CNN)

Trump Effect? Alleged Terror Mastermind Finally Arrested (NBC News)

Louvre Attackers Father: Abdullah Reda al-Hamamy is Not a Terrorist (Newsweek Magazine)

Super Bowl host takes different approach to big games security (CBS News)

Elon Musk: I'm doing good by advising Trump (CNN)

Iran shows off air defences (BBC)

Does Trump cover go too far? (BBC)

Homeland Security Suspends All Actions' Related to Implementing President Trump's Travel Ban (Time Magazine)

No to Trump: Thousands Protest President in London, Australia (Newsweek Magazine)

Who Is the 'So-Called' Judge Trump Rips Over Ruling? (NBC News)

Woman praises train guard after racist attack (BBC)

What we know so far about the Louvre attack (CBS News)

Commercials Super Bowl Spotlight Obscures Advertisings Death Spiral (Newsweek Magazine)

Der Spiegel: Trump beheading cover sparks criticism (BBC)

Spirit passenger says she was kicked off due to cleavage (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener: White House vows to fight judges travel ban order (CBS News)

Homeland Security Suspends Immigration Ban as Trump Blasts Judges Order (Newsweek Magazine)

Louvre Terror Suspect Named As Abdullah Reda Refaie El-Hamahmy (Huffington Post)

Iraqi artist protests Trump ban with graffiti (Fox News)

'Big trouble' - Trump, White House respond angrily (CNN)

Argentina’s Trump-Like Immigration Order Rattles South America (New York Times - Paywall)

Bulgaria Grows Uneasy as Trump Complicates Its Ties to Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Homeland Security Halts Acting on Trump's Travel Ban (NBC News)

Train manager tells 'drunken racist' to get off train (Daily Mail)

Louvre Museum Reopens as Egypt Identifies Machete Attacker (Time Magazine)

Dems Outside D.C. Emerge as Vanguards Against Trump (NBC News)

UN refugees agency concerned by US travel ban implications (Fox News)

James Robart: The judge who blocked Trump's travel ban (CNN)

Corporate CEOs Bullish on Revenue Growth Under Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Philippine president says he won't resume talks with rebels (Fox News)

President Trump Attacks Ridiculous' Ruling Temporarily Blocking Immigration Ban (Time Magazine)

Dev Patel: Flying Into US 'Felt Like Nightmare' After Trump Travel Ban (Huffington Post)

German magazine sparks furor with cover of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty (Fox News)

Police prob vile racist attack filmed on Manchester bus (Daily Mail)

How the NFL Will One Day Bring the Super Bowl to You (NBC News)

President Trump's Nominee for Army Secretary Withdraws His Name (Time Magazine)

TrumpWatch: The Week's 5 Flashpoints From President Trump (Huffington Post)

Super Bowl 2017: When, Where and How to Watch the Big Game (Newsweek Magazine)

Supermarkets ban online sales as rationing buying spreads (Daily Mail)

Opponents Best Legal Arguments Against Trumps Immigration Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Quora Question: Can Trump Legally Delete His Tweets? (Newsweek Magazine)

London protesters call for UK to withdraw Trump invitation (Fox News)

London Donald Trump Protest Sees Thousands Gather Against 'Sickening' Travel Ban (Huffington Post)

Eichenwald: Can Trump Tell the Difference Between Truth and His Lies? (Newsweek Magazine)

Airlines Permit Barred Passengers To Head To U.S. After Judge Rules Against Immigration Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Magazine Cover Showing Trump Beheading Lady Liberty Sparks Controversy (Newsweek Magazine)

Paris on alert after attack at Louvre museum (CBS News)

Donald Trump Travel Ban Halted By Judge As White House Set To Launch Appeal Over 'Outrageous' Decision (Huffington Post)

25 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money in 2017 (Time Magazine)

Super Bowl: Astronaut throws football '564,644 yards' (BBC)

Iran Tests Missiles and Radar Systems in Defiance of U.S. Sanctions (Newsweek Magazine)

Louvre Attack Casts Chill on Tourists (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EU Leaders Pledge Unity as Trump Wavers on Bloc (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump travel ban: 'President must honour ruling' (BBC)

Louvre attack being investigated as terrorism (CBS News)

'An open question': Does Sec. Mattis speak for President Trump? (CNN)

French president: Louvre attack was of a "terrorist nature" (CBS News)

Seattle judge halts Trump travel ban implementation (Financial Times - Paywall)

Snapchat: How one young star makes his money (BBC)

U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran Over Missile Test (New York Times - Paywall)

Assailant Near Louvre Is Shot by French Soldier (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Travel Ban Disrupts Work and Meetings at the United Nations (New York Times - Paywall)

Butler crushed to death by luggage lift at Burghley House (Daily Mail)

Super Bowl surprises (BBC)

New sanctions on Iran announced by Trump administration (CBS News)

U.S. Navy deploys guided missile destroyer USS Cole off coast of Yemen (CBS News)

Following up on tough talk, Trump administration adds sanctions on Iran (Los Angeles Times)

Wall Street welcomes Trump the deregulator (Financial Times - Paywall)

Israeli officials look ahead to working with Trump after White House statement on settlements (Los Angeles Times)

A divided European Union has one thing in common: Mistrust of Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Wife of Former Brazilian President da Silva Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Norwegian Ex-Premier Is Stopped at Dulles Airport Over Iran Visit (New York Times - Paywall)

Justin Trudeau, Facing Pressure to Oppose Donald Trump, Opts to Get Along (New York Times - Paywall)

Poll rating: Trump trails past presidents (CNN)

Louvre terror suspect identified as Egyptian (Financial Times - Paywall)

US announces new sanctions over Iran missile launch (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iran Treads Cautiously With Trump. So Far. (New York Times - Paywall)

Romanian held at German airport over 'terror attack plan' (Daily Mail)

Trump prepares to take axe to Wall St regulation (Financial Times - Paywall)

Will Lady Gaga go off on Trump at Super Bowl? (CNN)

Bowling Green massacre: Trump aide cites non-existent attack (BBC)

'It didn't get covered': Trump aide cites non-existent 'massacre' (CNN)

Travel Ban Drives Wedge Between Iraqi Soldiers and Americans (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump presidency week two: Foot still on accelerator (BBC)

Attack on Fed casts doubt over global bank rules (Financial Times - Paywall)

Aid groups see Trump's travel restrictions as 'a huge step backwards' (Los Angeles Times)

Trump moves towards dismantling Dodd-Frank reforms (Financial Times - Paywall)

Something Tipped Off Al Qaeda Targets: Inside Yemen SEAL Raid (NBC News)

North Korean Leader’s Top Enforcer Is Now the One Getting Purged (New York Times - Paywall)

EU looks to Merkel as leaders weigh response to Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S. Allows Limited Exceptions to Sanctions Against Russia Spy Agency (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

There's at least one reason why Trump might not want to alienate Australia (Los Angeles Times)

Emails: Feds Warned Trump Against Skipping Ethics Vetting (NBC News)

Australia doesn't want them. Trump doesn't either. Who are these refugees trapped in bleak island camps? (Los Angeles Times)

Mexican government says Trump never threatened to send troops to Mexico (Los Angeles Times)

Trump reportedly threatens to send U.S. military to Mexico in call with Mexican president (Los Angeles Times)

Super Bowl LI guide: Patriots v Falcons - Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell's lowdown (BBC)

European Council president includes United States as a threat to Europe (Los Angeles Times)

For Syrians stuck in limbo in Lebanon, Trump's ban will mean harder times ahead (Los Angeles Times)

Transgender Americans rush to change IDs for Trump era (CNN)

Has one of nature's great mysteries been solved? (CNN)

Iraqis thought they had a special relationship with the United States. Now they're furious over Trump's travel ban (Los Angeles Times)

Afghans who helped the U.S. military worry they, too, will suffer under Trump's refugee ban (Los Angeles Times)