Tuesday, 7th February 2017

World News

Japan spokesman: Trump criticism of currency policy off base (Fox News)

Nixed travel ban leads to emotional reunions at U.S. airports (CBS News)

Politico reporter: Trump administration is "flailing" with list of "underreported" terror attacks (CBS News)

Trumps travel ban could head to Supreme Court (CBS News)

Fans turn out for parade celebrating Patriots Super Bowl win (CBS News)

Homeland security secretary says travel ban should have been delayed (CBS News)

President Trump Vowed to Investigate Voter Fraud. Then Lawmakers Voted to Eliminate an Election Commission (Time Magazine)

What to Know About the 3 Judges Ruling on President Trump's Immigration Order (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump strikes with outrageous claims media ignored 78 terror attacks' (Daily Star)

Victory for Theresa May as MPs back Brexit plan (Daily Star)

Amnesty International accuses Syria of hanging thousands of prisoners, dumping bodies in mass graves (Los Angeles Times)

Conway: Media covers Trump more than terror (CNN)

Mom: White House using daughters death to "promote Islamic hate" (CBS News)

Bercow DISMISSES MP fury over his attack on Trump (Daily Mail)

Thousands Left Without Power After Tornadoes Wreak Havoc on Louisiana (Time Magazine)

Trump Policies Scare Away Geniuses, Execs Say (NBC News)

Syrian family, sent back after travel ban, finally reunited in U.S. (CBS News)

Has Trump done enough to limit business conflicts of interest? (CBS News)

Trumps false media accusations distracting from travel ban fight? (CBS News)

Trump faces opposition for U.K. state visit (CBS News)

Judge to hear arguments over Trumps travel ban (CBS News)

Where is Tom Bradys Super Bowl jersey? (CBS News)

Candidate for German Chancellor Finds a Rallying Cry: Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Decades of History Behind Arguments Made by President Trump's Labor Secretary Pick (Time Magazine)

Tornado touches down in New Orleans (CNN)

As Court Hearing Looms, Trump Says Travel Ban Essential for U.S. Security (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Falsely Claims the U.S. Murder Rate Is the Highest in 45 Years (Time Magazine)

Israeli Allies Criticize the Retroactive Legalization of Thousands of West Bank Settlements (Time Magazine)

Trump Foe Rosie O'Donnell Says She'd Take On 'SNL' Role (NBC News)

White terror v. Muslim terror: Why doesn't Trump mention it? (CNN)

Charm offensive? Trump woes Abe (CNN)

Was it worth it? Left-wing Scottish alliance vote against Brexit - but it's MEANINGLESS (Daily Express)

Iran’s Supreme Leader Thanks Trump for Showing America’s ‘True Face’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran's Khamenei Says Trump Has Exposed U.S.'s 'Real Face' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Japanese PM Shinzo Abe is Preparing for Meeting U.S. President Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Beats Vladimir Putin as Most Mentioned Name in Russian Press: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Twitter intensifies its campaign against hate and abuse (Daily Mail)

Google, Facebook, French media team up against "fake news" (CBS News)

Experts back Trump's tough line on China trade (Financial Times - Paywall)

DHS Chief Admits Failures in Travel Ban Rollout (NBC News)

Tory Health Minister Slammed For Dismissing Closures Of NHS Walk-In Centres (Huffington Post)

Buddhist Monk Held After Millions of Meth Pills Found in Monastery (Newsweek Magazine)

19 Things Nintendo's President Told Us About Switch and More (Time Magazine)

Watch Live: Trump White House Daily Press Briefing for Feb 7 (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran leader says Trump has shown 'real face of America' (Daily Mail)

President Trump still in position to cash in on businesses (CBS News)

All obese NHS staff should wear 'I'm fat' badges (Daily Mail)

Romania top court strikes down Swiss franc 'mortgage' loan (Fox News)

Sean Spicer: 'I don't think the President owns a bathrobe' (BBC)

Trump Vows To Find Out' Nature of Separatist Forces in Ukraine (Newsweek Magazine)

Al Qaeda Leader Who Was Secret Yemen Raid Target Taunts Trump (NBC News)

Bundesbank Chief Rejects Trump Aide's Criticism (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

More Than 650,000 People Have Joined a Campaign to Impeach President Trump (Time Magazine)

Details revealed about U.S. woman found dead on Panama island (CBS News)

U.K. lawmaker says Trump should be denied "honor" of state visit (CBS News)

Jovenel Moise Sworn In as Haiti's New President (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump falsely accuses media of underreporting terror acts (CBS News)

Where Will Trump Side in the Fight on Legal Immigration? (NBC News)

'New fool of the White House': Al Qaeda leader mocks Trump (CNN)

More affordable housing promised in White Paper (BBC)

Why did White House cite "underreported" attacks that were widely covered? (CBS News)

Trump Plan to Visit Britain Sets Off Political Dispute (New York Times - Paywall)

Terror distraction; Ban legal battle - CBS News Brief, Feb. 7, 2017 (CBS News)

Eye Opener: Trump accuses media of not covering acts of terror (CBS News)

What Could Happen Tuesday With President Trump's Immigration Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Was Reportedly Rattled That a Woman Played Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live (Newsweek Magazine)

This Hilarious Kid Documented Her Dad's Emotional Super Bowl Journey (Time Magazine)

Legal showdown: Appeals court to hear challenge to travel ban (CNN)

NUS Calls On Students To Walk Out Of University In Protest Of Donald Trump's 'Racist Agenda' (Huffington Post)

Iran rebuff: Trump shows US 'true face' (CNN)

'Appalled': Romanian president slams corruption bill that stirred mass protests (CNN)

Christie Brinkley, 63, back in SI Swimsuit issue (CNN)

Germany official rebuts Trump administration currency claim (Fox News)

Bercow's backtrack? Speaker apologises after he tries to ban Donald Trump from Parliament (Daily Express)

Appeals Court to hear travel ban (CNN)

Homeland Security Chief Regrets How Travel Ban Was Rolled Out (Time Magazine)

Why President Trump's Cabinet Slowdown Matters (Time Magazine)

Israeli Pol Thanks Trump Voters, Others Not So Much (NBC News)

Donald Trump rejects complaints of cozy Russia ties (Daily Mail)

Irans Supreme Leader Khamenei: Donald Trump Reveals Americas Real Face (Newsweek Magazine)

Op-Ed Contributor: President Duterte Is Repeating My Mistakes (New York Times - Paywall)

Another Patriots Player to Boycott White House Visit (NBC News)

Tom Brady and Gisele arrive in Boston after Super Bowl win (Daily Mail)

Such a big hand' Theresa May pokes fun at the size of Donald Trump's 'TINY' hands (Daily Star)

The Housing White Paper Is Good News For London (Huffington Post)

Mutant cat with two heads is born in China (Daily Mail)

Melania Trump Missing Out on Making Millions, Suit Says (NBC News)

Syria's Assad Thinks Trump is 'Promising' in War on ISIS (NBC News)

Speaker John Bercow defends his comments on Donald Trump (BBC)

Claudio Ranieri: Leicester City back Italian coach despite poor form (BBC)

John Bercow Defends Speech Banning Donald Trump From Parliament (Huffington Post)

Biotech industry leaders lambast Trump travel ban (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cultural Boycott Against Israel's Batsheva Dance Company Mixes With Anti-Trump Messages (Newsweek Magazine)

Child sex offender found dead in Nottingham prison (Daily Mail)

Mother of backpacker slain in Australia criticizes Trump (Fox News)

Listen Live: Court Hears Arguments on President Trump's Immigration Ban (Time Magazine)

Theresa May Mocks Donald Trump's Hands At Tory Donor Bash (Huffington Post)

Man saves suicidal wife by grabbing her PONYTAIL in China (Daily Mail)

French boy Yanis found dead after punished by parents (Daily Mail)

Jovenel Moise sworn in as Haiti's new president (Fox News)

Turkey says Erdogan and Trump to hold telephone conversation (Fox News)

The Morning Brief: Betsy DeVos Vote, Immigration Ban Hearing and Christie Brinkley in SI (Time Magazine)

Trump Says Media Doesn't Want to Report Terror Attacks (NBC News)

Abe drums up business pledges to woo Trump (Financial Times - Paywall)

Granddad the world's oldest fish is put down aged 90 (Daily Mail)

Barack Obama Went from the White House to Whitecaps on Billionaire Richard Branson's Private Island (Time Magazine)

Euthanasia Drug Found in Dog Food, Triggering Recall (NBC News)

Sinosphere: Donald Trump’s Tweets About a Judge Find a Critic in an Unlikely Place: China (New York Times - Paywall)

Kylie Minogue Wins In Legal Battle Against Kylie Jenner Over Trademark (Huffington Post)

Austria Says Islamist Hackers Took Down Parliament Website (Newsweek Magazine)

NHS Health Check: How one GP practice tackled waiting times (BBC)

STONEHENGE SHOCK: Hundreds of strange monuments found in the AMAZON RAINFOREST (Daily Express)

Iran's Supreme Leader: Trump 'Shows Real Face of America' (NBC News)

French boy found dead wearing just his pants and socks (Daily Mail)

Former French president Sarkozy to face trial for fraud (Fox News)

Donald Trump's 'Unreported Terror Attack' List Contains More Typos Than Actual Unreported Terror Attacks (Huffington Post)

Mia Ayliffe-Chung: Backpacker's mum slams Trump 'terror' claim (BBC)

Good Samaritan raped drunk student in the back of his car (Daily Mail)

Child sex offender confronted by paedophile hunters found dead in prison cell (Daily Express)

Michael D'Antonio: Donald Trump, the arsonist-in-chief? (CNN)

White House chaos bothers Washington more than Trump (CNN)

Jeremy Corbyn Orders Labour MPs To Back Brexit Bill; Diane Abbott Ponders Shadow Cabinet Exit (Huffington Post)

Thousands Hanged in Assads Saydnaya Torture Prison, Amnesty Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Could Be Blocked From Speaking at U.K. Parliament (NBC News)

Vatican debated whether to invite China to organ meeting (Fox News)

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Thanks Donald Trump for Showing America's Real Face' (Time Magazine)

Britons spend 9 HOURS of their days sitting down (Daily Mail)

Drugs farm found at LEGOLAND as cannabis plants discovered (Daily Mail)

Before and after weight loss photos of super slimmers (Daily Mail)

China FX reserves dip below $3tn to hit 5-year low (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Twitter Bot Monitors Market And Donates Profits to Planned Parenthood (Newsweek Magazine)

What's wrong with Melania? First Lady lets out HUGE sigh after chatting to Donald (Daily Star)

SIT DOWN Brilliant moment ranting Alex Salmond is shouted down in Commons debate (Daily Express)

Bring back mansion blocks to fix homes crisis says govt (Daily Mail)

The Accused viewers blast mother found guilty of cruelty (Daily Mail)

China WAR with the US: Trump warned WW3 will happen if deal collapses (Daily Star)

Trump Undermines Judiciary With Attacks on Judge: Experts (NBC News)

Breaking Bad-style secret drugs den found at Legoland (Daily Star)

'Vertical forest' towers are coming to China (Daily Mail)

Mother bought bottle of gin but found it was WATER (Daily Mail)

'You don't speak for us' Yvette Cooper branded a HYPOCRITE on BBC after Trump rant (Daily Express)

John Kerry and Former Security Officials Attack Trump Travel Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Lady Gagas Super Bowl Performance Was Not Explicitly Political, But it Was Political Nonetheless (Newsweek Magazine)

Federal and State Lawyers Will Square Off In Court Over Trump's Travel Ban (Time Magazine)

US commando raid BOTCHED: Al-Qaida warlord taunts Trump as a 'fool in the White House' (Daily Star)

Pink Dismisses Lady Gaga Super Bowl Performance Similarities: She Killed It (Newsweek Magazine)

Australia, China vow to deepen ties on trade (Fox News)

Missing Celeste Smith from Cornwall found safe and well (Daily Mail)

Russia's Athletics Ban Extends Beyond 2017 World Championships (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump says terror attacks 'under-reported': True? (BBC)

EU court opinion goes against Belgium in asylum case (Fox News)

WARNING TO TRUMP: China flexes military muscle with 500-WARSHIP Navy looming on horizon (Daily Express)

Kanye deletes Trump meeting tweets (CNN)

How an uninhabited island chain splits Japan and China (CNN)

Op-Ed Contributor: Labor Leaders’ Cheap Deal With Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

EU to Discuss Mideast Peace With Trump Officials (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Netanyahu Presses for More Sanctions Against Iran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

High-Stakes Court Fight Over Trump Travel Ban (NBC News)

55% of Brits do not know when Union Jack flown upside down (Daily Mail)

NHS Health Check: Short GP consultations crazy, say GPs (BBC)

Detroit River revolutionary war relics found (Daily Mail)

ENORMOUS crocodile caught floating down river with DOG in its jaws (Daily Star)

Your aid millions to help the elderly in China (Daily Mail)

President Trump says media isnt reporting terror attacks (CBS News)

Police find hundreds of drug packets printed with Donald Trump's FACE across them (Daily Express)

North Korea vows to launch MORE missiles at ANY TIME in defiance of Trump (Daily Star)

Super Bowl 51 commercials take political slants (CBS News)

The name on everyone's lips: Donald Trump (CNN)

Saluting NATO: Trump vows support (CNN)

Chinese judge labels Trump 'public enemy of the rule of law' (Fox News)

Abe to Tout Japan's U.S. Investment Plans in Trump Meeting (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump claims terror attacks not reported by media (CBS News)

Newspaper headlines: John Bercow 'silences' Donald Trump (BBC)

Appeals court weighs judges block on travel ban (CBS News)

Patriots fans feel vindicated after Super Bowl comeback (CBS News)

Missing Columbia University grad found dead in Panama (Fox News)

Poland set for legal action against NORTH KOREA after illegal business revelations (Daily Express)

The Future Is Female': Watch Hillary Clinton's First Public Remarks Since Donald Trump's Inauguration (Time Magazine)

Appeals court to hear arguments on travel ban reinstatement (CBS News)

Trump claims media is covering up terror attacks, citing no evidence (CBS News)

Rare white lion cubs unveiled at German zoo (CBS News)

Donald Trump scolds media for failing to report on Islamic terror attacks in Europe' (Daily Express)

Israel passes law legalizing thousands of settlement homes (Fox News)

North Korea threatens to FIGHT BACK after South Korea, Japan and US carry out joint drills (Daily Express)

Kanye West Deletes Trump Tweets (NBC News)

Leader of New Zealand's central bank to step down this year (Fox News)

He even returned the Churchill bust' Congressman SAVAGES Bercow & hails 'pro-UK' Trump (Daily Express)

US Justice Department defends 'lawful' Trump travel ban (BBC)

Republicans to bring down DeVos pick? (CNN)

Oops! Boston Globe early edition makes wrong call on Super Bowl (CBS News)

Israeli parliament retroactively legalizes thousands of West Bank settlement homes (CBS News)

HuffPo's new editor to woo Trump voters (CNN)

Lady Gaga breaks down in tears after Super Bowl show (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump WON'T speak in Parliament on UK state visit (Daily Mail)

Task Force Urges Better U.S. Engagement With China (New York Times - Paywall)

Will Trump Address U.K. Parliament? Not if Commons Speaker Can Help It (New York Times - Paywall)

Where travel experts go on vacation (CNN)

WAR READY: Trump deploys TANKS to Estonia as NATO builds up HUGE army on Russian border (Daily Express)

New Zealand leader has 'sensible, polite' talk with Trump (Fox News)

Hackers Take Down, Expose Thousands of 'Dark Web' Sites (NBC News)

Poland could take migrants BACK from UK to gain close relations with post-Brexit Britain' (Daily Express)

NHS Health Check: Voices from the NHS frontline (BBC)

NHS Health Check: 'How NHS changed our lives' (BBC)

Cops seize thousands of heroin packets featuring Donald Trump's face (Daily Star)

QUENTIN LETTS sees red mist come down from Speaker's chair (Daily Mail)

Amnesty: Thousands hanged at Syria prison (BBC)

New England Patriot Devin McCourty Also Won't Visit the White House Because of President Trump (Time Magazine)

Amnesty Report Accuses Syria of Executing Thousands Since War Began (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Court Will Hear Arguments Tuesday on Trumps Travel Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Elderly woman occupied an NHS bed for 6 MONTHS (Daily Mail)

Trump Claims Terror Attacks All Across Europe Go Unreported (Newsweek Magazine)

Scottish Labour on Corbyn collision course as leader vows to vote AGAINST Article 50 (Daily Express)

IPSO rules against Express EU Poll (Daily Express)

CRUELTY CRUSADE: Outrage as Government TURNS DOWN tougher sentences for animal abusers (Daily Express)

Nigel Farage's wife hits back at reports of his French live-in lodger (Daily Star)

Patriots star James White on "surreal" Super Bowl victory (CBS News)

Justice Department Files Brief Defending President Trump's Immigration Ban (Time Magazine)

Nearly 100 Companies File Legal Brief Opposing Trumps Travel Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Spicer: Trump doesn't own a bathrobe (CNN)

Trump's formidable foe: Corporate America pushes back (CNN)

The Price is Right: Super Bowl Sunday Ads Edition (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch Drake Speak Out Against Trump At His Concert (Time Magazine)

Patriots star says he wont visit Trump at White House (CBS News)

Patriots Player Speaks Out Against Trump: America Was Built on Inclusiveness' (Time Magazine)

Human remains found in bags in eastern Mexican state (Fox News)

Catholic church in El Salvador calls for mining ban (Fox News)

U.S. Embassy in Iraq Reports Threat Against Baghdad Hotels (NBC News)

Judge who ruled for Brady in "Deflategate" weighs in on Super Bowl (CBS News)

Viral Super Bowl Ad Highlights Wage Gap as Cheerleaders Sue NFL (NBC News)

Speaker Bercow: Trump should not speak in Parliament (BBC)

With Pats Super Bowl Triumph, An Incredible Sports Year Comes To An End (Newsweek Magazine)

Tensions flaring up between Trump administration, Iran (CBS News)

Ban dispute: Anchor, Trump aide spar (CNN)

Israeli Parliament Retroactively Legalizes Thousands of West Bank Settlements (Time Magazine)

Trump's Travel Ban Inches Toward Possible U.S. Supreme Court Case (Newsweek Magazine)

Senate Democrats Begin All-Night Offensive Against DeVos (NBC News)

Who Will Be Hit Hardest by Trump's Policies? Trump Voters. (NBC News)

Israel passes law legalizing thousands of West Bank settlement homes (Fox News)

Donald Trump Thinks Terror Attacks Are 'Not Being Reported' In Media, Offers No Evidence (Huffington Post)

Dean Obeidallah: Donald Trump's most bone-chilling tweet (CNN)

Donald Trump leaves Super Bowl viewing party early (Daily Mail)

Child refugees being recruited by ISIS to travel to Europe (Daily Mail)

China sails warships near islands Mattis vowed to defend for Japan (Fox News)

Trump to Attend NATO Summit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Simpsons predicted Gaga Super Bowl performance (Daily Mail)

'Slow Down on the Gum': Sean Spicer Reacts to SNL (NBC News)

Global Health: Turning the Tide Against Cholera (New York Times - Paywall)

Companys website swamped after poignant Super Bowl ad (CBS News)

President Duterte Threatens to Extend Drug War and Kill Korean Gangs (Newsweek Magazine)

Gaga's Super Bowl message (CNN)

9 in 10 NHS trusts are officially overcrowded (Daily Mail)

Super Bowl: Audi's Daughter ad divides viewers (BBC)

Autistic boy, 15, found safe and well (Daily Mail)

UK Speaker 'opposes' Trump address (CNN)

Diane Abbott Under Pressure As Jeremy Corbyn Set To Order Labour MPs To Back Brexit Bill (Huffington Post)

MPs warn against a 'bend it for Beckham' rule (Daily Mail)

CV test pits Adam against Mohamed (BBC)

Lady Gaga Was Body-Shamed During Super Bowl Performance, The Little Monsters Weren't Happy (Huffington Post)

John Bercow's Extraordinary Donald Trump Attack In Full (Huffington Post)

Convicted cannibal cop killer found dead in prison (CBS News)

Draghi pushes back at Trump shake-up (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.K. Speaker Rejects Donald Trumps Proposed Speech to Parliament (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia Defends Iran After President Donald Trumps Sanctions (Newsweek Magazine)

The Secret Behind Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Drones (NBC News)

'Torture Memos' Author: Trump Has Gone Too Far (NBC News)

Kerry says Trump travel ban cannot be justified' (Financial Times - Paywall)

NHS gives BBC exclusive access to A&E (BBC)

Donald Trump Is Angry The New York Times Claimed His Staff Can't Switch On White House Lights (Huffington Post)

Ukip's Paul Nuttall: I've Changed My Mind On NHS Privatisation (Huffington Post)

Mothers and Daughters Divided by Refugee Ban Encounter the Guilt of Good Fortune (New York Times - Paywall)

Sean Spicer hits back at 'mean' SNL after impersonation (Daily Mail)

White House confident travel ban will be reinstated despite legal battle (CBS News)

Hundreds of Nigerians Protest Against Buhari Government (Newsweek Magazine)

Statue of Liberty beheaded: Der Spiegel cover rips Trump (CNN)

Donald Trump UK visit opposed by Commons speaker (BBC)

To Survive Under President Trump, U.S. Businesses Must Look to Emerging Markets (Newsweek Magazine)

5 Times Donald Trump Definitely Didn't 'Accumulate Data' (Huffington Post)

Commons Speaker John Bercow Slams Trump 'Racism, Sexism' And Vows To Block Westminster Invite (Huffington Post)

Patriots Tight End Says He Won't Visit Donald Trump at White House (Newsweek Magazine)

Catalonia Ex-Leader Stands Trial, and Thousands of Separatists Protest (New York Times - Paywall)

Anonymous Hacker Takes Down 20 Percent of Dark Web in Child Porn Operation (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump travel ban: States urge retention of temporary block (BBC)

Lady Gaga's fans back star against Super-Bowl bodyshamers (Daily Mail)

What happens when US president and courts collide? (BBC)

Lawyers Say Restoring Trump Travel Ban Would 'Unleash Chaos' (NBC News)

Stefano Brizzi who murdered policeman found dead in jail (Daily Mail)

Couple find rare white version of a blackbird in garden (Daily Mail)

Daredevil skier hurtles down near-vertical Swiss mountain (Daily Mail)

Diplomatic Heavyweights Line Up Against Trump's Travel Ban (NBC News)

Super Bowl: How many ads were Trump targets? (BBC)

Lady Gaga wows in Super Bowl 51 halftime show (Daily Mail)

3,000 Muslim women protest face-veil ban in Vienna (Daily Mail)

Op-Ed Contributor: Isolating China Doesn’t Work (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump insists polls trashing travel ban are 'fake news' (Daily Mail)

Trump Gives Poland Reason to Reset EU Ties (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Fans compare Super Bowl upset to the 2016 election (CNN)

David Miliband: Travel ban is propaganda gift for jihadists (CNN)

Trump pledge sparks China debate on corporate tax (Financial Times - Paywall)

Postcard From Beijing: Why China Is Ripe for the Couch (New York Times - Paywall)

How much could NHS recover from foreign patients? (BBC)

500 relatives gather for drone family photo in China (Daily Mail)

Jeff Pearlman: The Super Bowl let us forget the hate for one afternoon (CNN)

Raul A. Reyes: Super Bowl immigration ads miss the mark (CNN)

The Interpreter: For Germany, Trump Poses a Problem With No Clear Solution (New York Times - Paywall)

Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins hits back at David Beckham (Daily Mail)

Kerry and Albright Ask Courts to Keep Blocking Trump’s Travel Ban (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkey Arrests Hundreds in Sweeping Raids Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

NHS Health Check: Which part of the UK is doing the best? (BBC)

Romania Protests Simmer Despite Leaders’ Promises to Back Down (New York Times - Paywall)

Your stories of what the NHS did for you (BBC)

Trump tells Ukraine leader hell work to "restore peace" with Russia (CBS News)

Iran changes its mind, says it will allow U.S. wrestlers after judge blocks Trump travel ban (Los Angeles Times)

Is Trump's Travel Order Legal? A Look at the Arguments (NBC News)

NHS Health Check: What's causing hospital delays? (BBC)

In Mexico, Trump triggers a surge in patriotism, anti-American sentiment (Los Angeles Times)

Once on the way to the U.S., Somali refugees sent back to camp (CBS News)

London protesters call for U.K. to withdraw Trump invitation (CBS News)

Global protests against Trumps travel ban (CBS News)

On 'Protest Saturday,' more demonstrations against Trump's policies are rolled out around the world (Los Angeles Times)

Human Trafficking: Flight Attendants Fight Back for Victims (NBC News)

Following up on tough talk, Trump administration adds sanctions on Iran (Los Angeles Times)

Israeli officials look ahead to working with Trump after White House statement on settlements (Los Angeles Times)

A divided European Union has one thing in common: Mistrust of Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Bowling Green massacre: Trump aide cites non-existent attack (BBC)

Trump presidency week two: Foot still on accelerator (BBC)

Aid groups see Trump's travel restrictions as 'a huge step backwards' (Los Angeles Times)

There's at least one reason why Trump might not want to alienate Australia (Los Angeles Times)

Australia doesn't want them. Trump doesn't either. Who are these refugees trapped in bleak island camps? (Los Angeles Times)

Mexican government says Trump never threatened to send troops to Mexico (Los Angeles Times)

Trump reportedly threatens to send U.S. military to Mexico in call with Mexican president (Los Angeles Times)

Thousands risk their lives to reach USA (CNN)

Raped 43,000 times, but fighting back (CNN)