Friday, 17th February 2017

World News

Girl, 13, killed in collision during police chase in Indiana (CBS News)

Scott Pruitt: Controversial Trump environment nominee sworn in (BBC)

Mar-a-Lago members mad Trump shut down club for weekend (Daily Mail)

Car bomb kills 3-year-old, wounds 15 (CNN)

I was sprayed with liquid...very painful' agonised final words of Kim Jong-un's brother (Daily Star)

Headlines of the week: Trump holds presser, Adele sweeps Grammys (CBS News)

Nicola Sturgeon told by Brussels bigwigs Scotland CANNOT stay in the EU, Ukip claims (Daily Express)

Scott Pelley on Trump presser: He is "mad at not being boss anymore" (CBS News)

Russia spy ship gets within 17 miles of U.S. coast (CBS News)

Turkey explosion: Car bomb kills child in Sanliurfa province (BBC)

We're NOT disappointed with Trump says Kremlin (Daily Mail)

Life of Slain North Korean Fueled Notion He Could Return to Rule (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Richard Haass: What the U.S. Must Do About Russia (Time Magazine)

Republicans Brace for Town Hall Protests About President Trump (Time Magazine)

John Dickerson: "Reality is intruding" on Trumps Russia narrative (CBS News)

USA Gymnastics: Larry Nassar faces trial for abuse claims (BBC)

Sen. John McCain Says Trump White House in Disarray (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Hits the Road for Campaign-Style Rallies (Time Magazine)

Scott Pelley on why Trump is lashing out at the media (CBS News)

A Wave of Grief and Anger After a Pakistani Shrine Is Bombed (New York Times - Paywall)

France sees escalating protests after accusations of police abuse (Los Angeles Times)

Woman duped into role in Kim Jong Nams death, police say (CBS News)

Is Russia's obsession with Trump waning? (CNN)

Billionaire Samsung heir arrested in $40m corruption probe (Daily Mail)

Trump Aides Try to Reassure Europe, but Many Are Wary (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump touts progress, but how much has actually been achieved? (CBS News)

Kim Jong-nam death suspect 'thought she was in TV prank' (BBC)

Major layoffs at the State Department (CBS News)

Immigration Agents Arrested Men Outside a Church. But Officials Say It Was Just a Coincidence (Time Magazine)

State Dept carries out layoffs under Rex Tillerson (CBS News)

Now Britain CANNOT trade with half the world' Juncker lays into the UK over Brexit vote (Daily Express)

No one seems to want body of Kim Jong Uns half brother (CBS News)

Car Bombing in Southeastern Turkey Kills 3-Year-Old Child and Wounds 15 (Time Magazine)

Car bomb in Turkish town kills 3-year-old, wounds 15 people (Fox News)

A LOT of damage' Juncker fears Brexit DOMINO EFFECT as he prepares to downsize' Brussels (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Protestors clash with French police again over brutal police rape (Daily Express)

'They knew what they were voting for' LBC host shreds Blair in savage attack over Brexit (Daily Express)

Girlfriend buries man she called the love of my life' after death in New Year house fire (Daily Express)

"48 Hours" probes murder of Fla. doctor killed with hammer (CBS News)

Chicago Girl's Alleged Killer Beaten in Courthouse Attack (NBC News)

Could Trump Take Us Back to the Moon? (NBC News)

Trump Touts Jobs, Manufacturing at Boeing Factory (NBC News)

The Worldwide Struggle to Translate Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: Massive car bomb blast kills child, 3, as cops launch investigation (Daily Star)

Could Russia's Trump Honeymoon Be Over So Soon? (Newsweek Magazine)

Boris Johnson dismisses Tony Blair's 'condescending campaign' to reverse Brexit (Daily Star)

Malaysia want Kim family DNA in exchange for brother's body (CNN)

South Korea to announce Kim Jong-Nam's death on speakers (Daily Mail)

North Korea Demands Body of Kim Jong-un’s Slain Brother (New York Times - Paywall)

Jimmy Kimmel's Highlight Reel Digs Into President Trump on the Media (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump gives CALM speech at Boeing a few weeks after spat with its CEO (Daily Express)

Argentine ex-military chief arrested in torture, kidnap case (Fox News)

BREAKING: 'Give Trump a chance' Johnson gives his support to US President (Daily Express)

Trump turns on leakers as disclosures hit White House (Financial Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener at 8: Trump tries to take control of news cycle (CBS News)

France vows 'retaliation' if Russia meddles in elections (Daily Mail)

Pakistan 'kills 100 militants' after Sufi shrine attack (BBC)

Boris Johnson hammers Blair over bid to reverse Brexit (Daily Mail)

Trump administration turmoil on Russia may follow Pence abroad (CNN)

Trump News Conference Provokes Anxiety, Humor and Shrugs Around World (New York Times - Paywall)

Shrine attack: Death toll climbs to 88 (CNN)

State Dept. purge; Leak apps - Feb. 17, 2017 (CBS News)

Eye Opener: President Trump holds extraordinary news conference (CBS News)

If Brexit Means Brexit, Then The Hunting Ban Should Mean A Hunting Ban (Huffington Post)

When and where are the Donald Trump protests in the UK in on Monday February 20 2017? (Daily Express)

Folding Kevlar shield could protect police from gunfire (Daily Mail)

Tony Blair's Big Brexit Speech: How The Former PM Started His Comeback Tour (Huffington Post)

Comedy prank? Suspect in murder of Kim Jong Un's half-brother says she was duped (Fox News)

President Trump Loves Roundtables With CEOs. Here's Why (Time Magazine)

Stoke By-Election Candidate Barbara Fielding Arrested On Suspicion Of Stirring Up Racial Hatred (Huffington Post)

Reality Check: Four claims in Tony Blair's speech (BBC)

Paul Nuttall, Ukip Leader, Condemns 'Evil Smears' Over Hillsborough Disaster Claims (Huffington Post)

Pakistan launches military crackdown as death toll in shrine bombing rises to 88 (Los Angeles Times)

Britain's Blair Calls for UK to 'Rise Up' Against Brexit (NBC News)

Watch Live: President Trump Visits Boeing in South Carolina (Time Magazine)

Pakistan allegedly takes "revenge" on ISIS for 80 lives (CBS News)

Peers WILL water down the Brexit Bill, vows Chakrabarti (Daily Mail)

Driver who killed six in Glasgow admits dangerous driving (Daily Mail)

Tony Blair calls for people to 'rise up' against Brexit (BBC)

BREAKING: Trump considers sending 100,000 TROOPS to round-up illegal immigrants (Daily Star)

Blair gives rallying speech against Brexit (CNN)

Avalanche kills 7 army troops in Kazakhstan (Fox News)

TRUMP MARK 2? Le Pen surge closes gap as she looks to mirror Republican's charge to power (Daily Express)

UK, French prime ministers meet to ease Brexit concerns (Fox News)

14 killed in Algerian army anti-extremist operation (Fox News)

Defending Melania: Trump says treatment of first lady unfair (CNN)

Nigeria: Suicide Bombers Attack Maiduguri, Ex-Boko Haram Citadel (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump supporters praise presser (CNN)

EasyJet Passengers Cheer As Women Who Screamed Allahu Akbar' Are Marched Off By Police (Huffington Post)

How The Good Fight Was Rewritten to Be a Show About the Era of Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Chief suspect in murder of Yuusuf Warsame is KILLED (Daily Mail)

US secretary of state backs UN efforts on Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ryanair steward arrested 'trying to smuggle stolen £35,000 into Spain' (Daily Star)

As investigation swirls, body of Kim Jong Un's half-brother is unclaimed (Fox News)

US wrestler strikes gold by making Trump the 'villain' in lucha libre matches (Fox News)

The Morning Brief: Donald Trump, Tony Blair's Brexit Fight and Monopoly Thimble (Time Magazine)

Afghan official: ISIS kills 17 Afghan Army soldiers in east (Fox News)

Steve Rosenberg: Russian media no longer dazzled by Trump (BBC)

Trump Administration Backs Off Talk of Closer Russia Ties (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Thai police empty-handed so far in search for prominent monk (Fox News)

Ryanair steward arrested boarding flight with £35,000 (Daily Mail)

Samsung Chief Jay Y. Lee Arrested on Bribery Allegations (Newsweek Magazine)

Lily Allen mocked for CELEBRATING pound drop after tweeting troubled bank's Brexit report (Daily Express)

Tony Blair's new mission is to change minds on Brexit (Fox News)

Black Guns Matter founder claims firearms can cut violence (Daily Mail)

Medieval jousting enthusiast killed himself at home (Daily Mail)

Daddy Came to Play.' Jimmy Fallon Did His Own Donald Trump Press Conference (Time Magazine)

My Murdered Son Was Let Down By Police - Please Help Families Like Mine (Huffington Post)

How North Korean mountain and myth may have inspired murder (Fox News)

Unique Proust footage discovered 95 years after his death (Daily Mail)

Brexit red lines: Romania says its citizens must get to stay in Britain as part of EU deal (Daily Express)

Donald Trump slams BBC again (Daily Mail)

Justin Bieber Investigated By Police For 'Headbutting Man At Pre-Grammys Party' (Huffington Post)

Mozambique: Storm Dineo Kills Seven and Destroys 20,000 Homes (Newsweek Magazine)

Last words of assassinated Kim Jong-nam are revealed (Daily Mail)

Tony Blair Says Theresa May Must Build 'Strong Relationship' With Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Oxford police 'strongly suspect' man died in explosion (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Trolled As Media Accountability 'Study' Gets Hijacked (Huffington Post)

How Trump hat became iconic (CNN)

Tony Blair Returns to the Limelight with Bid to Reverse Brexit (Time Magazine)

Trump attempts to regain control with campaign-mode reboot (CNN)

BBC host CUTS OFF French politician for talking of his Brexit sadness 'we've done that' (Daily Express)

Farage TAUNTS Blair at Ukip conference after former PM says Brexit can be BLOCKED (Daily Express)

Montenegro women protest cuts in state aid for mothers (Fox News)

Tony Blair Blames Jeremy Corbyn And 'Savage' Eurosceptic Media For Brexit (Huffington Post)

WWE wrestling star's sudden death shocks fans around the world (Daily Star)

Killer leopards fight gigantic black mamba snake in death battle (Daily Star)

German business chief hits back at Trump carmakers' attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

AP Interview: Sweden PM: Brexit deal in 2 years 'very tough' (Fox News)

39 Suspects Killed as Pakistan Vows to Avenge Shrine Attack (NBC News)

Tony Blair Calls on Britons to Rise Up' Against Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea athletes quizzed on assassination of Kim Jong-nam with shocking results (Daily Star)

Cambodian analyst arrested on charge of defaming premier (Fox News)

Car bomb in Baghdad claimed by Islamic State kills 59 (Fox News)

UAE says 2 Emirati soldiers killed in Saudi-led war in Yemen (Fox News)

Trump Forced Me to Eat Meatloaf at White House: Christie (NBC News)

Islamic State Claims Southern Pakistan Bombing That Killed at Least 70 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump Brings Up 'Nuclear Holocaust' While Talking Russia (NBC News)

Pakistan: ISIS Claim Responsibility for Suicide Bomb That Killed 77 at Sufi Shrine (Newsweek Magazine)

French victim of alleged police rape thanks supporters (Fox News)

15 Band Names Inspired By Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump is wasting his time complaining about the media: Australian Prime Minister (Daily Express)

Jets player facing assault charges, Pittsburgh police say (CBS News)

Probe Widens in Killing of Kim Jong Un's Half Brother (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Russia backs Marine Le Pen for President saying she will make things MESSY' for EU (Daily Express)

President Trump plays defense at news conferece (CBS News)

'For goodness sake' Pro-EU MP scolded as he defends Blair's Brexit attack (Daily Express)

Tony Blair in BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Ex-PM back to STOP us leaving EU (Daily Star)

Trump dismisses Russia allegations (CBS News)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Says He'll Quit If a Rival Can Prove Embezzlement Claims (Time Magazine)

Tropical cyclone kills 7 in southern Mozambique (Fox News)

Afghan official: Taliban attack kills 5 policemen in east (Fox News)

Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong arrested in South Korea (BBC)

Major militant attacks in Pakistan over the past 3 years (Fox News)

Trump casts wide blame for Flynn firing, deflects again on Russia (CBS News)

Kim Jong-nam murdered by CROSS-DRESSER with poisoned GLOVE in five seconds' (Daily Star)

Seth Rogen tweets at Donald Trump Jr (Daily Mail)

Trump calls Russian meddling a "ruse," denies improper contacts (CBS News)

Book author says Kim Jong Nam was tiny hope for change (Fox News)

The Latest: Pakistani raids kill 39 suspects after IS attack (Fox News)

Trump overturns regulation on coal mining debris (CBS News)

British families could save £305 a year on FOOD once UK quits the single market, MP claims (Daily Express)

Tony Blair Is Right - Pro-Europeans Must Unite And Fight May's 'At Any Cost' Brexit (Huffington Post)

Shrine attack: At least 75 killed in Pakistan (CNN)

Kremlin reportedly ordered state media to tone down Trump coverage (Fox News)

Family, friends describe 'nice girl' embroiled in Kim case (Fox News)

UAE says Emirati soldier killed in Saudi-led war in Yemen (Fox News)

Left-wing MEP hails Labour politicians for DEFYING Corbyn in Parliament's Brexit vote (Daily Express)

Brexit campaigner brands the House of Lords UNDEMOCRATIC' in heated Question Time debate (Daily Express)

Pakistan detains dozens after 75 killed at Shiite shrine (Fox News)

Trump vows new immigration order (CNN)

Fact check: How much has President Trump achieved? (CBS News)

Microsoft blames Brexit for price rises of laptops (Daily Mail)

Samsung heir arrested in corruption scandal (CNN)

7 Hong Kong police get 2 years' prison in activist's beating (Fox News)

A South Korean Court Has Approved the Arrest of Samsung's Heir (Time Magazine)

South Korean court approves arrest of billionaire Samsung heir (CBS News)

An ISIS Bombing at a Shrine in Pakistan Has Killed at Least 75 People (Time Magazine)

Is this the REAL reason Kim Jong-un had his brother assassinated? (Daily Star)

Tillerson says US may work with Russia (CNN)

Trump warns of 'NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST like no other' if US & Russia do not improve relations (Daily Express)

Md. inmate killed 4 days before rape conviction tossed (CBS News)

Trump calls Jewish magazine reporter a liar (CNN)

Suspect in death of Kim Jong Nam seen wearing 'LOL' shirt (CNN)

Man arrested at Heathrow on suspicion of terrorist attack (Daily Mail)

Pakistan: IS attack on Sufi shrine in Sindh kills dozens (BBC)

Flynn Told FBI He Didnt Talk Sanctions With Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump warns of NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST unless he makes friends with Putin (Daily Star)

Scottish writer SLAPS DOWN Labour politician's claims that referendums are divisive' (Daily Express)

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Heir, Is Arrested on Bribery Charges (New York Times - Paywall)

Kim Jong Un Sibling's Slaying: Poison Assassins Have Struck Before (NBC News)

Officials Could Propose to Trump Sending More Troops to Syria (NBC News)

Trump Defends Flynn, Blasts Media for Reporting on Russia Scandal (NBC News)

Death toll jumps to 75 in ISIS attack on Pakistan shrine (CBS News)

Donald Trump aide accuses BBC of 'fake news' (BBC)

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Bureaucrat Juncker claims negotiations will take MORE THAN two years (Daily Express)

'Pay up or we'll LEAVE' UKIP says NATO states must listen to Trump & BOOST military might (Daily Express)

Britain VOTED for it' Fury as Tony Blair set to urge pro-Europeans to FIGHT hard Brexit (Daily Express)

There will be NO 'cherry picking' parts of EU membership after Brexit says Theresa May (Daily Express)

Paul Nuttall to call for VAT on household fuel bills to be SCRAPPED to feel Brexit benefit (Daily Express)

UKIP Brexit spokesman Gerard Batten hints he WILL stand to become MP in upcoming elections (Daily Express)

Labour are behind the Hillsborough smears on Paul Nuttall, Nigel Farage claims (Daily Express)

Mike Pence plans to pour oil on troubled Trump waters as he visits Europe (Daily Express)

Maddie McCann parents blast cash-in' claims ahead of 10th anniversary of disappearance (Daily Star)

Police remove nightmare passengers who shouted Allahu Akbar' on easyJet flight (Daily Star)

Samsung boss arrested in corruption scandal (Daily Express)

Donald Trump press conference: Highlights (BBC)

Trump launches stinging attack on media (BBC)

ISIS claims responsibility for car bomb that kills dozens (CBS News)

Samsung heir apparent is arrested in South Korean corruption scandal (Los Angeles Times)

Trump to BBC: Here's another beauty (BBC)

CCTV footage shows London robbers attack woman (Daily Mail)

Congressional Black Caucus Says Trump Ignored Letter Asking for Cooperation (NBC News)

Another Donald Trump Failure: Not Calling White Supremacy Terrorism' (Time Magazine)

In Arab world, fresh doubts about the chances for a Palestinian state (Los Angeles Times)

U.N. Ambassador Haley Says Trump Supports Two-State Solution (Newsweek Magazine)

Kim Kardashian West May Return to Paris 5 Months After an Armed Robbery (Time Magazine)

Trump slams Russia claims, hits at media at combative news conference (CNN)

Trump says Flynn did nothing wrong in Russia calls (Financial Times - Paywall)

Scores Killed in Suicide Attack on Shrine in Pakistan (NBC News)

Mother claims rats have made her and her children move (Daily Mail)

Real leaks, fake news: Trump attacks 'out of control' press (CNN)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has kept a low profile so far. On Thursday, he spoke up (Los Angeles Times)

Melania Trump WILL be moving into the White House (Daily Mail)

'LOL assassin duped into murdering Kim Jong Un's brother' (Daily Mail)

Trump lashes out at media (CNN)

Trump and his aides offer mixed messages on Russia (Los Angeles Times)

Trump to Announce New Travel Ban Order Next Week (Newsweek Magazine)

Fact Check: Trump Claims His Electoral College Win Was Biggest Since Reagan (NBC News)

Trump to black reporter: Set up meeting with black lawmakers (CNN)

Justice Department Opposes New Hearing for Trump Travel Restrictions (NBC News)

Embroiled in Controversy, Trump Denies Aides Had Contact with Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS suicide bomb kills 75 at famed shrine in Pakistan (Daily Mail)

Islamic State claims responsibility for blast that kills more than 70 at Sufi shrine in Pakistan (Los Angeles Times)

FBI Arrests Man for Planning Dylann Roof-Style Attack (NBC News)

Immigrants Skip Work, School to Protest Trump Policy (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Had The Most Extraordinary Press Conference Of His Life, Clearing A High Bar (Huffington Post)

YouTube star PewDiePie rejects anti-Semitism claims (BBC)

Pakistan Shrine Bombing Kills Scores in Worst Attack in Months (New York Times - Paywall)

Baghdad Car Bomb Kills Scores in Shiite Neighborhood (New York Times - Paywall)

Defense chief speaks out on working with Russia (CBS News)

ISIS bombings kill dozens in Iraq and Pakistan (Fox News)

Israel Welcomes the Return of the U.S. Superpower Under Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Scene of Horror at Pakistan Shrine Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump Says Russia Leaks Are 'Real' But News Is 'Fake' During Extraordinary News Conference (Huffington Post)

U.N. Envoy Says U.S. Still Backs Palestinian State (New York Times - Paywall)

Police Raid Thailand's Largest Temple in Search of Wanted Monk (Newsweek Magazine)

US officials set conditions on Russia thaw (Financial Times - Paywall)

With Acosta for Labor Department, Trump Avoids Wacky, Goes Mainstream (Newsweek Magazine)

Welsh teacher cleared over death of a student (Daily Mail)

Russia Demands Pentagon Explanation Of Mattis's Position of Strength Comments (Newsweek Magazine)

Two more arrests in death of North Korean leaders half-brother (CBS News)

Trudeau, Praising the E.U., Doesn’t Mention ‘Brexit’ or Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Dozens killed in Pakistan Sufi shrine bomb attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Stop Calling Trump Mentally Ill, Psychiatrist Says (NBC News)

Taobao sells 'North Korean female assassin' LOL shirts (Daily Mail)

Paul Begala: The irony of Trump whining about leaks (CNN)

Brexit Briefing: Lords Amendments, Canada Trade Deal And Champagne Price Rise (Huffington Post)

Mattis Rejects Closer Military Ties With Russia as He Reassures NATO (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Satire is Thriving in the Trump Era (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Combats the Press in Fiery News Conference (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman's Body Pulled From River Thames At Dagenham Docks, Police Confirm (Huffington Post)

Channel 5's Police Interceptors star Gavin Smith, 34, dies (Daily Mail)

Two more arrests in Malaysia in mysterious death of North Korean leader's half brother (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Asks Billionaire Feinberg to Review Intel Agencies (NBC News)

Clashes renew in Paris suburb over alleged police violence (Fox News)

Roadside bomb kills 12 in Afghanistan's Paktika province (Fox News)

Kim Jong-Un seen for first time since half-brother's death (Daily Mail)

How Will Moscow React to Donald Trumps Russia Crisis? (Newsweek Magazine)

Bercow had 4,000 letters about Trump tirade in 10 days (Daily Mail)

UK could demand share of £130bn EU assets in Brexit talks (Daily Mail)

Albania police find ton of marijuana hidden under house (Fox News)

Intelligence officials withholding information from Trump (Daily Mail)

Myanmar Army Claims It Has Ended Rohingya Muslim Crackdown (Newsweek Magazine)

Jean-Claude Juncker attacks 'highly unfriendly' Trump (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong-un's assassinated' bro's playboy lifestyle revealed as Facebook profile EXPOSED (Daily Star)

Third arrest in death of Kim's half-brother (CNN)

Turkey border gridlock signals pain for Brexit Britain (Financial Times - Paywall)

Third suspect arrested over Kim Jong Nam killing (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kim Jong Nam's death in Malaysia (CNN)

2 More Arrested in Killing of Kim Jong-un’s Half Brother, Malaysia Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Meet Kim from Blackburn, anti-IS fighter (BBC)

Alan Judd: Why Trump should make friends with spy agencies (CNN)

'Perfect' student, 23, killed when car crashed into tree (Daily Mail)

Trump, Meeting With Netanyahu, Backs Away From Palestinian State (New York Times - Paywall)

In significant shift of U.S. policy, Trump backs off two-state solution for Mideast (CBS News)

Trump and Netanyahu sidestep two-state solution for Mideast peace in their first summit (Los Angeles Times)

Trump levels dirty tricks charge against US intelligence (Financial Times - Paywall)

Clubbed to death (BBC)

Team Clinton Finds Vindication in Trump Troubles (NBC News)

Woman is arrested in death of North Korean leader's half brother, Malaysian police say (Los Angeles Times)

Poison suspected in death of North Korean leader's half brother and rival (Los Angeles Times)

What led to the demise of N Korea's Kim Jong-nam? (BBC)

Bomb kills at least 14 at pharmacists' protest in Lahore, Pakistan, police say (Los Angeles Times)

3D model built to prove Aleppo hospital attack (CNN)

A U.S. airstrike may have killed 18 civilians, 'nearly all women and children,' UN report says (Los Angeles Times)

Thousands march against Trump in Mexico City: 'Pay for your own wall!' (Los Angeles Times)