Friday, 24th February 2017

World News

Iraqis seek funds to restore cultural artifacts recovered from ISIS (CBS News)

Britains conservative pol Nigel Farage exults over Trump and Brexit wins at CPAC (CBS News)

Kim Jong Nam killed by VX, police say (CNN)

Iraqi forces push into western Mosul in fight against Islamic State extremists (Los Angeles Times)

Sock company Bombas gives back with "bee better" mission (CBS News)

Was Trump right about Sweden? (Daily Mail)

Rare look at how U.S. forces are assisting in fight against ISIS (CBS News)

President Donald Trump will duck star-packed Oscars party to avoid rants (Daily Star)

VX nerve agent used to kill N. Korean dictators half-brother, police say (CBS News)

In rare appearance, Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon speaks at CPAC (CBS News)

Trump Wants NASA to Put a Crew on Rockets Debut Flight (Newsweek Magazine)

Majority Say Congress Should Probe Contact Between Trump, Russia: Poll (NBC News)

Singer Eric Church fights back against ticket scalpers (CBS News)

Trump advisers Bannon and Priebus at CPAC: Unified team? (CBS News)

Headlines of the week: McMaster named natl security adviser, Kim Jong Nams death (CBS News)

China or bust: Rooney's career dilemma (CNN)

GMP taser blind man in gun blunder (Daily Mail)

Rory McIlroy: Golf with Trump was 'not endorsement' (BBC)

Trump Puts Regulation Monitors in U.S. Agencies (Newsweek Magazine)

Cardiff car crooks sold luxury motors to undercover police (Daily Mail)

The Despotic Dynasty: A Family Tree Of North Korea's Kim Clan (Time Magazine)

Cayman Islands could pull back veil of secrecy for business (CBS News)

Forced out of town, ISIS retaliates with suicide attack on residents (CBS News)

Nic Robertson: Trump is costing the US friends (CNN)

Czech Is Sentenced to Prison for Trying to Join ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Police scrambled as 'screaming man makes bomb threat inside Trump Tower' (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Screaming hotel guest threatens to 'detonate a bomb' at Trump Tower (Daily Express)

Franch police probe 'anti-Semitic assault' (CNN)

'Bigger, bolder, stronger:' Trump pledges military boost (CNN)

Flat sale advert triggers a visit from the police (Daily Mail)

A look inside the U.S. role in the battle for Mosul (CBS News)

Trump promises border wall 'soon, way ahead of schedule' (BBC)

Cops find £1m stash of cash in back of London black cab (Daily Star)

Attacks near Syria town captured from ISIS kill 60 (Fox News)

Storm Doris: Woman killed by debris in Wolverhampton named (BBC)

ISIS 'now trapped': Military base retaken (CNN)

Can Mexico expect less-hostile days after this week's visit by two Trump secretaries? (Los Angeles Times)

Blind man Tasered as cane mistaken for gun in Levenshulme (BBC)

Former Trump Aide Says Wind and Solar Research Will Be Cut (Time Magazine)

Poll reveals how Hispanics in U.S. view Trump presidency (CBS News)

TrumpWatch: 5 Things Donald Trump Did This Week You Need To Know About (Huffington Post)

Role of VX Nerve Agent in Kim Jong Nam's Death Raises Global Alarm (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

New questions as cops say chemical weapon killed Kim Jong Nam (CBS News)

Kim Jong Un's brother was killed by banned NERVE AGENT (Daily Mail)

Dozens Killed in Syria Car Bombing (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eye Opener at 8: Kim Jong Nam killed by VX nerve agent, police say (CBS News)

FRENCH ALPS HORROR: British man dies after crashing while skiing off-piste in Val D'sere (Daily Express)

Silver sniper takes his ISIS kill tally to 321 victims (Daily Mail)

Dozens of migrants fight with police after trying to get onto UK-bound lorries in Calais (Daily Express)

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump With Fake Positive News About Him (Time Magazine)

Suicide bomber kills 51 near Syria town taken from ISIS (Daily Mail)

Women in sports ad strikes nerve in Arab world (Daily Mail)

Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back (New York Times - Paywall)

Nerve agent found on face of N. Korea leaders assassinated half brother, police say (CBS News)

The Man Steve Bannon Compared to President Trump, as Described in 1925 (Time Magazine)

Un-professional protesters; Trump in the House; Immigration guidelines (CBS News)

Tributes to university worker killed during Storm Doris (Daily Mail)

Trump Signs Another Executive Order to Further Slash Regulations (NBC News)

U.S. Flexes Its Military Muscle Off China (NBC News)

Kim Jong-un and CULT OF DOOM: Shock link between North Korea and 'Jesus Christ' terrorist (Daily Star)

Police Chief, Officer Charged In Fatal Shooting of Florida Retiree (NBC News)

Conservative Supporters Cheer as Trump Attacks Fake News' (Newsweek Magazine)

Blind Man Tasered By Greater Manchester Police Officers Who 'Mistook Cane For Gun' (Huffington Post)

Liverpool man died of meningitis before daughter was born (Daily Mail)

Today show staffer 'leaked infamous Trump and Bush tape' (Daily Mail)

Trump Renews Attacks on Press, Sources (NBC News)

Bungling cops taser BLIND man after mistaking walking stick for gun (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Always Had Plenty to Say About the Oscars Before He Was President (Time Magazine)

Trump gone? Shock as United States council votes to IMPEACH President (Daily Star)

What the Trump Administration's Bathroom Memo Means for Transgender Kids (Time Magazine)

Iraq Air Force Bombs ISIS in Syria for First Time (NBC News)

Hard sell: Can Trump be the new Reagan? (CNN)

£1m holdall found in the back of a London taxi (Daily Mail)

President Trump Says It's Time for Americans to Get Off of Welfare' (Time Magazine)

President Trump Just Boasted About Winning Polls at CPAC. He Lost 6 Times (Time Magazine)

What's Next in the Grassroots Fight Against President Trump (Time Magazine)

Brazil sees pre-carnival parties start with police clashes (Daily Mail)

Kind estate agent walks old lady home during Storm Doris (Daily Mail)

President Trump Is Still Talking About Sweden (Time Magazine)

'He dropped $250k onto the crowd' Bobby Lashley talks Wrestlemania 23 with Donald Trump (Daily Star)

Kim Jong Un's Sibling Was Killed With 'Most Toxic Weapon Ever' (NBC News)

What's nerve agent that can kill in minutes? (CNN)

Psychiatrists debate diagnosing Trump (CNN)

VX Nerve Agent Found in Kim Jong Nam Death Is Among World's Most Deadly (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Marine Le Pen refuses to be questioned by French police (Financial Times - Paywall)

In Kim Jong-nam’s Death, North Korea Lets Loose a Weapon of Mass Destruction (New York Times - Paywall)

VX, Sarin: How do nerve agents kill? (CNN)

'All I've done is kept my promises' Trump pushes Mexico wall in firm immigration speech (Daily Express)

Argentinian police officers filmed having sex in their car (Daily Mail)

Iraq launches airstrikes on ISIS in Syria (CNN)

Kim Jong-nam killing: 'VX nerve agent' found on his face (BBC)

Video shows fake police 'pranksters' STRIP-search man (Daily Mail)

Moment a man tells his mother his wife is pregnant (Daily Mail)

Ex-Guantanamo ISIS bomber 'used £1m payout to fund terror' (Daily Mail)

'Cartels make ISIS look like choir boys' Narcos pull victims' tongue THROUGH slit throat (Daily Star)

Trump Goes on Attack, Via Twitter, Against FBI (Newsweek Magazine)

Video of smoking iPhone 7 goes viral, and magicians to cast midnight 'spell' on Trump (BBC)

The Saturday Profile: In Bulgaria, a Businessman Who Talks (and Acts) Like Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

Police say Kim Jong Un's half brother was killed with a nerve agent. What are the clues to this bizarre international mystery? (Los Angeles Times)

Two kids in car hit in drive-by shooting, killing one, police say (CBS News)

First Read: The GOP Congress Looks to Trump for Direction (NBC News)

The Morning Brief: Kim Jong Nam, Caitlyn Jenner and the 2017 Oscars (Time Magazine)

Student posts naked selfies in raunchy bid to wind up Donald Trump (Daily Star)

What to Know About VX Nerve Agent, the Deadly Substance That Killed Kim Jong Nam (Time Magazine)

Lawmaker: Trump lawyer pushed Ukraine deal (CNN)

Man gets face transplant after suicide attempt (CNN)

Kim Jong-Nam Killed By 'Weapon Of Mass Destruction', VX Nerve Agent, Malaysia Officials Reveal (Huffington Post)

Kim Jong-nam death: 'No decontamination' at airport (BBC)

Kellyanne Conway Is Overstating How Much Trump Has Done for Women in the White House (Time Magazine)

Iraqi forces try to strike a deal with local ISIS fighters (Daily Mail)

In Kim Jong-nam Killing, a Common Migration Tale Takes a Dark Turn (New York Times - Paywall)

Las Vegas Billionaire Tells Republican Donors: Trump Will Be Best-Ever President for Israel (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump wants nuclear weapon supremacy (CNN)

Chinese man wants testicles removed to control sex drive (Daily Mail)

Neighbours 'fake signature of man to get his £320k estate' (Daily Mail)

North Korea has Stockpiles of Nerve Gas, South Korea warns (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: One-punch plasterer who killed young banker jailed for six years (Daily Star)

Nigel Farage's Piers Morgan Interview On Sex Life, Near-Death Experiences, Trump And Brexit (Huffington Post)

Trump to Add Some Muscle to U.S. Plan to Fight Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Preston takeaway man 'stole a child's bike from a garden' (Daily Mail)

China and North Korea Reveal Sudden, and Deep, Cracks in Their Friendship (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Talks With Mexico Clouded by Mixed Message (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Watch Live: President Trump Speaks at Conservative Political Action Conference (Time Magazine)

Nerve Agent Linked to Assassination of Kim Jong Un's Half-Brother (NBC News)

Ivanka Trump 'partying with Vladimir Putin' pic sparks fury but all is not as it seems (Daily Star)

Nerve agent VX used in Kim Jong Nam killing (Financial Times - Paywall)

Iraqi forces enter western Mosul, take full control of airport from Islamic State (Fox News)

'I Lasted 8 Days': Muslim Adviser Quits Trump Administration (NBC News)

What Will Trump Say at CPAC? Let's Look at His Past Appearances (NBC News)

Inside aircraft dropping leaflets over Mosul (CNN)

Kim Jong-nam: How N Korea could have used potent VX to kill (BBC)

Pence tells CPAC Trump will keep promises (CBS News)

Donald Trump Says the EU Is Wonderful (Newsweek Magazine)

Car bomb attack near Syrian town captured from ISIS kills 35 (Fox News)

North Korea lashes out, says China 'dancing to tune of US' (CNN)

Donald Trump Says He Wants the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal to Be Top of the Pack' (Time Magazine)

'Give him his job back' Daily Star Online readers back Piegate goalie Wayne Shaw (Daily Star)

Man survives having nail HAMMERED into brain in China (Daily Mail)

China seeks baby boom to counter low birth rates (Financial Times - Paywall)

Caitlyn Jenner criticizes Trump for transgender scrapping (Daily Mail)

2/23: Steve Bannon attacks media, touts Trump in rare public appearance; Adger Cowans photography in the spotlight (CBS News)

Malaysia says VX nerve agent used in killing of North Korean leader's half brother (Fox News)

Kelly and Tillerson Appear to Be Contradicting Trump in Order to Placate an Irritated' Mexico (Time Magazine)

Nerve agent was used to kill North Korean leader's half brother, police say (Los Angeles Times)

VX Nerve Agent: A Deadly Weapon, Rarely Seen (New York Times - Paywall)

Anaheim officials push for calm while police defend decision not to charge LAPD officer (CBS News)

Man with drone causes 1,500 elk to stampede in Wyoming (CBS News)

Whats behind the stock markets Trump rally (CBS News)

More than 700 foreigners held over first weekend of Trump ban (CNN)

Plane forced to turn back 90 minutes into flight after door LEFT OPEN (Daily Star)

GOP lawmakers weigh how much to back Trump in face of local protests (CBS News)

Priebus Asked the FBI to Dispute Media Reports That the Trump Team Was in Touch with Russia: Official (Time Magazine)

Trump administrations conflicting messages on deportation (CBS News)

India police arrest 'world's cheapest smartphone' firm boss (BBC)

President Trump Forces a Reckoning Among Conservatives (Time Magazine)

Trump repeats call for US nuclear supremacy (BBC)

French far-right presidential candidate praises Trump (CBS News)

Germany and Italy back Brussels hardliners on Brexit (Financial Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Two police officers SHOT' during attack in Washington DC (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Two officers in serious condition after gunman opens fire on police (Daily Star)

Mike Pence Tells Conservatives They Have a Rare Opportunity In the Trump Presidency (Time Magazine)

U.S. forces ready arsenal as push to take back Mosul continues (CBS News)

Trump hails new 'MILITARY OPERATION' immigration plans to keep 'BAD DUDES' out of the US (Daily Express)

Kim Jong-nam Was Killed by VX Nerve Agent, Malaysians Say (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea Accuses China of ‘Mean Behavior’ After It Tightens Sanctions (New York Times - Paywall)

Why you shouldn't ignore your bad back (Daily Mail)

Republicans wrestle with how much to defend Trump at home (CBS News)

Mosul airport retaken: ISIS 'now trapped' (CNN)

A Deadly Shooting in A Kansas Bar May Have Been Racially Motivated, Witnesses Say (Time Magazine)

China Shakes Up Top Economic Team Ahead of Power Shuffle (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tillerson promotes US ties during Mexico trip (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why South Korea is getting the cold shoulder in China (CNN)

Malaysian Police Say a Nerve Agent Was Used in the Murder of Kim Jong Nam (Time Magazine)

Some Witnesses Say Kansas Shooting was Racially Motivated (NBC News)

'I wouldn't say no' Trump may hold historic meeting with Kim Jong-un (Daily Star)

VX Nerve Agent was Used in Murder of Kim Jong Nam, Says Malaysia (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea Mocks China for 'Dancing to U.S. Tune' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Kim Jong-un's brother killed WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION (Daily Star)

Kim Jong-un's regime close to COLLAPSE as China 'moves troops to North Korean border' (Daily Star)

Trump Supports Two-State Solution, But Says Its Up To Israelis, Palestinians (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump vows to maintain US nuclear weapons dominance (Financial Times - Paywall)

Nerve agent found on Kim Jong Un's brother, police say (Fox News)

Ministers 'must tell public' about drone strikes on ISIS (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: Chemical used in Kim Jong-un brother killing identified as NERVE GAS' (Daily Express)

Pentagon Plan to Defeat ISIS Looks Beyond Iraq, Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump talks tough on Russia and China as he promises MORE nukes in new WW3 arms race (Daily Star)

Trump Might Increase Enforcement of Recreational Marijuana, Says Spicer (Newsweek Magazine)

L.A. Cop Fired Into Ground, Not at Teens, Authorities Say (NBC News)

U.S. diplomatic foray to Mexico unlikely to quell tensions or clear confusion over Trump plans (Los Angeles Times)

Woman killed and husband left for dead in South Africa (Daily Mail)

Mexico to US: We don't agree (CNN)

'Treated like s***' Ministry of Defence doesn't BOTHER to enforce Armed Forces Covenant (Daily Express)

Man lends stranger his car keys to get to a funeral (CBS News)

The Interpreter: Trump Deportation Order Risk: Immigrants Driven Underground (New York Times - Paywall)

Black police group believes Met funding cuts are attempt to silence the criticism of force (Daily Express)

Kim Jong Nam's Mysterious Death: What Poison May Have Killed Him? (Newsweek Magazine)

Two Swedish politicians say Trump was right about crime (Daily Mail)

Daveigh Chase 'left dying man outside LA hospital' (Daily Mail)

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces recapture Mosul airport and military base (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Wants to Make U.S. Nuclear Arsenal 'Top of the Pack' (NBC News)

Trump Accuses Chinese of Being Grand Champions of Currency Manipulation (Newsweek Magazine)

Gove says Trump is a 'narcissist' who may quit presidency (Daily Mail)

Intel officials concerned about effort to justify Trump travel ban (CNN)

Iraqi Forces Close to Controlling Mosul Airport (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

More U.S. troops may be needed to accelerate fight against ISIS (CBS News)

Some Latinos Believe Their Situation Is Worsening Under President Trump (Time Magazine)

Storm Doris: Woman killed as UK hit by winds reaching 94mph (BBC)

Study reveals man made multiple migrations to the Americas (Daily Mail)

Pyongyang mocks China for 'dancing to the tune of the US' (Daily Mail)

Mexico foreign minister vents 'irritation' at Rex Tillerson (BBC)

PIERS MORGAN: Which star will win Biggest Trump Hater (Daily Mail)

Conservatives Praise Trump Amid Rising Tensions at CPAC (Newsweek Magazine)

'LOL assassin' in selfie days before Kim Jong-nam killing (Daily Mail)

Steve Bannon's three goals for the Trump presidency (BBC)

Canadas Trudeau and Trump Talk Border Control, Softwood Lumber (Newsweek Magazine)

Mexico Expresses Worry and Irritation to Trump Envoys (Newsweek Magazine)

Birmingham mother who killed daughter detained indefintely (Daily Mail)

British ISIS suicide bomber 'funded by the taxpayer' (Daily Mail)

Most of Mosul Airport Is Taken by Iraqi Forces in Push Against ISIS (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Says Border Tax Could Boost U.S. Jobs (Newsweek Magazine)

Man charged for Quran burning (CNN)

Trump Says He Wants to Expand Nuclear Arsenal, Make U.S. Top of the Pack (Newsweek Magazine)

Billionaires, Corporations Helped Fund Trump Transition (NBC News)

Danish Man Who Burned Quran Is Prosecuted for Blasphemy (New York Times - Paywall)

Islamic State battle: Fierce gunfight outside Mosul airport (BBC)

Turkey recaptures Syrian town of al-Bab from Isis (Financial Times - Paywall)

Bernard-Henri Levy: Clearly, Trump administration has problem with Jews (CNN)

Mexico is bracing for long battle with Trump administration, foreign minister tells lawmakers (Los Angeles Times)

Courgettes are BACK in supermarkets (Daily Mail)

Wayne Rooney: Manchester United striker staying after links with China (BBC)

Fierce clashes as U.S.-backed forces battle ISIS for airport (CBS News)

Naomie Harris: 'Daniel Craig could be back as Bond' (BBC)

FBI Interviews Reveal Bomb Plot Role of Al-Qaeda Chief Killed in U.S. Drone Strike (Newsweek Magazine)

Katherine Ryan Blasts Piers Morgan, But Has A Lot Of Time For Kim Kardashian (Huffington Post)

U.S.-Backed Troops Score Crucial Win in ISIS Fight (NBC News)

Venezuela denying trial to US man held since June, case goes to the UN (Fox News)

Accused killer of Kim Jong Un's half-brother went from singer to slayer, officials say (Fox News)

Suicidal women in China put into early grave to appreciate life (Fox News)

Germany arrests man suspected of planning Islamist attack (Daily Mail)

Paris teens block schools to protest alleged police rape (Fox News)

Man City stars revel in 'crazy' win (CNN)

Fukushima disaster survivors to move back to radioactive homes (Fox News)

Trump appointee Gary Cohn to stay clear of Goldman matters (Financial Times - Paywall)

Woman killed by flying debris as Storm Doris batters Britain (Fox News)

Grade II listed Essex police station on sale for £1.25m (Daily Mail)

German Police Arrest Man With Bomb-Making Material (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

A Look Back at Celebs Getting Political at the Oscars (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea says China 'dancing to the tune of the US' (BBC)

Newcastle man wounded after homeless men 'gutted' him (Daily Mail)

Rex Tillerson Arrives in Mexico Facing Twin Threats to Relations (New York Times - Paywall)

Staffordshire man raped woman he met on Plenty of Fish (Daily Mail)

Iraqi forces line up the corpses of 30 dead ISIS fanatics (Daily Mail)

He came, he saw -- how Ronaldo conquered China (CNN)

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Boss Would Say No to China (Newsweek Magazine)

Denmark to Hold First Blasphemy Case for Almost 50 Years After Man Burns Quran (Newsweek Magazine)

Gianni Infantino Is Not a Game Changer He's FIFA's Ultimate Company Man (Newsweek Magazine)

George Michael's boyfriend hits back at critics on Twitter (Daily Mail)

British ISIS bomber joined other extremists on aid convoy (Daily Mail)

Brit ISIS bomber reveals hatred for US Guantanamo captors (Daily Mail)

Sinosphere: China Wants to Attract More Foreigners (of a Certain Kind) (New York Times - Paywall)

Kim death: Malaysia calls for Interpol alert (CNN)

New details in mysterious death of Kim Jong Uns half-brother (CBS News)

Bao Bao, U.S.-born panda, lands in new home in China (CBS News)

Iraqi forces retake runway from ISIS at Mosul International Airport (Fox News)

At least 6 people killed in blast at upscale Pakistan market, report says (Fox News)

Trump delays travel ban as top cabinet secretaries head to Mexico (CBS News)

Kim Jong-nam Evidence Being Fabricated by Malaysia, North Korea Says (New York Times - Paywall)

New twist in Kim Jong Nam assassination (CBS News)

President Trump sends two Cabinet members south of the border (CBS News)

North Korea denies it was behind killing of Kim Jong Un's brother (Fox News)

Trump's top deputies hope to shore up ties with a suspicious Mexico (Los Angeles Times)

Mexico homicides jump by a third amid cartel infighting (Fox News)

This man wants to print a colony on Mars (CNN)

Islamic State fires cluster bombs at Iraqi government forces (Los Angeles Times)

UK Parliament debates Trump state visit (CNN)

U.S. advisors are now fighting alongside Iraqi forces in the battle for Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Baffled Sweden asks Trump to explain terror remarks (Los Angeles Times)

Gritty clashes mark what Iraq hopes will be 'the dawn of a great victory' in Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Offensive to rout Islamic State out of western Mosul is underway, as U.S. steps up airstrikes (Los Angeles Times)

SpaceX reaches for the stars and back again (Financial Times - Paywall)

Violent assault on Islamic State entrenchments in west Mosul set to begin (Los Angeles Times)

Russia: The problem Trump can't escape (CNN)

Raped 43,000 times, but fighting back (CNN)