Thursday, 2nd March 2017

World News

Nicaraguan woman thrown into fire during exorcism, dies (Fox News)

Full Video: Jeff Sessions recuses himself from investigation of Russia-campaign ties (CBS News)

Full video: On Navy ship, President Trump talks military, terrorism (CBS News)

Melania Trump visits children at New York hospital (CBS News)

State Department officials speak out about Trump administration (CBS News)

U.S. launches strike in Yemen a month after raid that killed SEAL (CBS News)

With volunteers and U.S. tanks, Estonia tells Russia its "ready to fight" (CBS News)

Sessions recuses himself over Trump-Russia claims (Financial Times - Paywall)

May to Warn Scots That Ditching U.K. Would Risk Living Standards (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Parents' desperate court battle to let their baby son live (Daily Mail)

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions quits Russia probe (BBC)

Drunken student, 18, accuses man of raping her (Daily Mail)

Iraqi State Hid Training Camp in Tunnel (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syrian army says its retaken control of historic town of Palmyra from ISIS (CBS News)

Billionaire Steve Wynn on new role as RNC finance chairman, President Trump (CBS News)

Attorney General Sessions Recuses Himself From Probe Of Russian Election Interference (NBC News)

Read Jeff Sessions' Comments Recusing Himself From Trump Campaign Investigations (Time Magazine)

Ivanka Trumps influence on president hard to miss (CBS News)

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Investigations (Newsweek Magazine)

Alistair Brownlee: 'I may not compete at Olympics again' (BBC)

Sessions and Russia: What You Need To Know (NBC News)

Rare Jaguar Sighting in Arizona, 60 Miles North of Mexican Border (Newsweek Magazine)

This Billionaire Advising President Trump Could Make Millions Off a New Ethanol Policy (Time Magazine)

Trump aides told to preserve Russia-related material relevant to probe (CBS News)

Gayle King says Oprah Winfrey is "never" running for president (CBS News)

US AG Sessions won't oversee any inquiries into Russia and Trump campaign (CNN)

Trump's Russia Crisis: A Timeline (NBC News)

Malaysia to free North Korean arrested in Kim killing (Daily Mail)

Hollywood actress looks unrecognisable as an elderly man (Daily Mail)

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Step Aside From Russia Investigation (Huffington Post)

Democrat Accuses FBI Of Holding Back Info on Russia Probes (Newsweek Magazine)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Trump Campaign Investigations (Time Magazine)

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Inquiry (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Stands by Sessions Amid Russia Contacts Storm (Newsweek Magazine)

Watch Live: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Speaks Amid Russia Controversy (Time Magazine)

What President Trump's Proposed EPA Budget Cuts Mean for Your Health (Time Magazine)

American Suspicion of Russia Is Older Than You May Think (Time Magazine)

Senators Urge Trump Administration to Fight Hate Crimes (Time Magazine)

Trump: I have total confidence in Sessions (CNN)

How to Use Tech to Fight Back in the Trump Era (Newsweek Magazine)

'Total' Confidence: Trump Backs Sessions Amid Calls for Recusal, Resignation (NBC News)

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions urged to step aside from Russia probe (BBC)

Egyptian Court Clears Way for Hosni Mubarak’s Release (New York Times - Paywall)

Le Pen Stripped of Immunity in ISIS Twitter Case (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump warns enemies they are in big, big trouble' as he launches new warship (Daily Express)

Bill Clinton Gave Misleading Answers Under Oath. Here's What Jeff Sessions Thought About That (Time Magazine)

EU and Russia warn on growing tension in Macedonia (Financial Times - Paywall)

President Trump Says He Has Total' Confidence in Jeff Sessions (Time Magazine)

State Dept. Official Praises Mexican Efforts in War on Drugs (New York Times - Paywall)

'I Will Recuse Myself' If Necessary, AG Says Amid Russia Controversy (NBC News)

ISIS vows to shed rivers of blood' as chilling video threatens violence against CHINA (Daily Star)

Syria army retakes ancient Palmyra from ISIS (Daily Mail)

Melania Trump reads Dr Seuss to sick children in hospital (BBC)

Ex-Egypt President Mubarak Gets a Final Acquittal in Protesters' Deaths (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Violent ISIS images: Le Pen loses immunity (CNN)

Body of 80-year-old woman was found at London allotment (Daily Mail)

Three skiers killed and five injured in Italian Alps (Daily Mail)

'We are STILL HERE' Chilling video of jihadi wandering around BELGIUM released by ISIS (Daily Express)

Man buried alive for three days... with social media (BBC)

Trump muddies the waters on import tax plan (Financial Times - Paywall)

North Korean diplomat says Kim Jong Nam was killed by a heart attack, not a nerve agent (Los Angeles Times)

Fox News Exclusive: Jailed ISIS fighters await death, boast of killing hundreds (Fox News)

Donald Trump Changed His Tone But Not His Message: Be Afraid (Time Magazine)

U.S. Reviews North Korea Options, Including Force (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'It'll be war on the water' European fisherman reacts as Britons say HANDS OFF our stocks (Daily Express)

Trump Win Probably Didn’t Cause Canadian Immigration Website’s Crash (New York Times - Paywall)

Read a Transcript of Paul Ryan's Press Conference on Jeff Sessions (Time Magazine)

SNP has independence tunnel vision - May (BBC)

Three skiers killed in Italian Alps avalanche, rescuers say (Fox News)

Sweden Reinstates Conscription, With an Eye on Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Frances Le Pen Loses EU Immunity Over ISIS Tweets (Newsweek Magazine)

'Unexploded WW2 bomb' is discovered in north London (Daily Mail)

President Trump Gives Speech Aboard Aircraft Carrier: Watch Live (Time Magazine)

Sessions and Russia, Vatican "stonewalling" and Syrian war crimes (CBS News)

On edge: Two transgender women killed (CNN)

Eye Opener: Sessions fails to disclose contact with Russian ambassador (CBS News)

Donald Trump Hails Scottish-Born Canadian Immigrant Alexander Graham Bell As A Great US Inventor (Huffington Post)

Russia: The problem Trump can't escape (CNN)

Philippines police killed thousands, falsified evidence in drug war: report (Fox News)

5 Surprising Ways Theresa May Is Beating Jeremy Corbyn On Social Media (Huffington Post)

'World-class diplomat:' Russia denies its envoy is spy (CNN)

Dog owner appears in court after animal attacked neighbour (Daily Mail)

ISIS Fighters From Chinas Uighur Minority Vow to Shed Blood at Home (Newsweek Magazine)

Modernist architect in court battle over 'barricade' (Daily Mail)

Driver stops bus to prevent woman from jumping off bridge (Daily Mail)

Democrats demand Jeff Sessions resign and GOP says recuse (Daily Mail)

What Sessions said about Russia ties during confirmation hearings (CNN)

After Trump Win, Anti-Soros Forces Are Emboldened in Eastern Europe (New York Times - Paywall)

Deaf woman 'interrogated over nationality' at NHS hospital (Daily Mail)

Here's Exactly What Jeff Sessions Said About Russia at his Confirmation Hearing (Time Magazine)

Dutch man attaches motorbike to giant swing (Daily Mail)

US launches first military action in Yemen since Navy SEAL Ryan Owens killed (Fox News)

Stephen Colbert Blasts Trump's Surprisingly Presidential' Speech to Congress (Time Magazine)

Republicans urge Attorney General to step aside from Russia probes (CNN)

Eight Iraqi men found guilty of gang-raping German woman (Daily Mail)

2 Transgender Women Killed in New Orleans Within 48 Hours: Police (Time Magazine)

Indian woman horrifically branded with hot tongs (Daily Mail)

Here Are All the Members of Congress Calling on Jeff Sessions to Resign or Recuse Himself (Time Magazine)

The Top Democrat in Congress Called for Jeff Sessions to Resign as Attorney General (Time Magazine)

Groom raped woman in a park hours before wedding (BBC)

Malaysia Rescinds Visa-Free Travel for North Koreans (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Never met them:' Watch Sessions deny contact with Russians (CNN)

Trump Ratings On First Address To Congress Don't Beat Obama (NBC News)

Tory war chest swells by £3.6MILLION (Daily Mail)

Corporations Back Transgender Student in Supreme Court Case (NBC News)

Donald Trump May Visit The Queen At Balmoral During State Visit To UK (Huffington Post)

Three skiers killed and five injured as huge avalanche hits Brit holiday hotspot (Daily Star)

U.N. probe says Syria, Russia deliberately "obliterated" civilian areas (CBS News)

Jeff Sessions Controversy Could Impact U.S.-Russia Relations, Kremlin Says (Time Magazine)

South Africa Deputy President Accuses ANC Youth League of Spreading Fake News' (Newsweek Magazine)

Republicans Call on Sessions to Recuse Himself From Russia Probes (NBC News)

North and South Korea Give China a Double Headache (New York Times - Paywall)

At least 8 killed in Ukraine coal mine blast; 20 missing (Fox News)

Bramcote schoolboy found dead as a woman is arrested (Daily Mail)

Stowmarket man stabbed wife to death then hanged himself (Daily Mail)

Theresa May to trigger Article 50 despite Lords defeat (Daily Mail)

Live coverage: Trump speaks aboard aircraft carrier (CNN)

How Can A Woman Survive Ebola And Then Die In Childbirth? The shame of Global Health Governance (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump saved Miss USA's life by putting her in rehab (Daily Mail)

Australia Backs WTO as Trump Calls for Trade Shift (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

McIlroy shocked by 'blow back' from golfing with Trump (CNN)

I Had No Idea What I was Going to Do.' Alec Baldwin Winged His First Donald Trump Impersonation (Time Magazine)

ISIS fighters try hiding among Mosul families as refugee rates surge (Fox News)

Syrian forces capture Palmyra from ISIS for second time, government claims (Fox News)

Duterte May Be Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, Rights Group Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Tank cover which killed woman 'was showing signs of decay' (Daily Mail)

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions under fire over Russia meetings (BBC)

Instagram goes wild for handsome Samoan man in tourism ad (Daily Mail)

Indonesian president vloging lunch with Saudi king (BBC)

Sweden to bring back conscription amid tensions with Russia over Baltic military action (Daily Express)

American Man Allan Evans Claims He Is The Rightful King Of England (Huffington Post)

Tory aide charged with 'raping woman inside MP's office' (Daily Mail)

White House Has Three Options on Russia (And All of Them Are Bad) (NBC News)

Casey Anthony May Have Accidentally Killed Her Daughter, Former Trial Judge Says (Time Magazine)

Assassins Didn't Kill Kim Jong Un's Half-Brother, Regime Says (NBC News)

Germany arrests Syrian 'extremist' accused of war crimes (Daily Mail)

Groom raped woman in UK park just hours before MARRYING pregnant fiancee (Daily Star)

Nigerian Court Throws Out Half of Charges Against Biafra Separatist Nnamdi Kanu (Newsweek Magazine)

Judge: Casey Anthony 'May' Have Accidentally Killed Daughter (NBC News)

EU lifts Le Pen's immunity from prosecution after ISIS tweets (Fox News)

AG Sessions Had Contact With Russian Envoy During Campaign (NBC News)

Marine Le Pen Loses E.U. Parliamentary Immunity in ISIS Photo Probe (Time Magazine)

'You've done it again' LBC listener shreds Sadiq Khan for 'calling Brexit & Trump racist' (Daily Express)

The Oscars Acceptance Speech Moonlight Director Barry Jenkins Would Have Given (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korean Suspect in Kim Jong Nam Killing to Be Released (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Lack Of Right-Wing University Lecturers Is A Threat To Free Speech On Campus, New Report Claims (Huffington Post)

Ballot selfies come closer to reality in another state (CBS News)

Isis Uighurs threaten rivers of blood' in China (Financial Times - Paywall)

President vlogs lunch with Saudi king (BBC)

Kim Jong-nam Died of Heart Failure, North Korea Suggests (New York Times - Paywall)

Melania Trump destroyed on Twitter for RIDICULOUS reason (Daily Star)

Woman had sex with three school football players after helping with team photoshoot' (Daily Star)

30 Tory MPs Could Rebel Against Theresa May To Guarantee EU Citizens Right To Remain, Peer Claims (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: North Korea claim Kim Jong-nam died of HEART ATTACK not chemical weapon (Daily Star)

Can Donald Trump Press The Nuclear Button? (Huffington Post)

Xi Jinping, Seeking to Extend Power, May Bend Retirement Rules (New York Times - Paywall)

Millionaire rogue landlord parks £200k car outside court (Daily Mail)

British MPs Think the U.K. Should Re-engage With Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

Malaysia to Deport North Korean Official and Cancel Visa-Free Travel (Newsweek Magazine)

Defcon warning analysts tell Donald Trump to develop MORE nuclear weapons for WAR (Daily Express)

Britain may pay MORE to EU after Brexit: MP Oliver Letwin makes embarrassing admission (Daily Express)

Traders in south India state pull Coke, Pepsi products in anger at PETA (Fox News)

Mark Duggan's Family Continue Legal Fight Against Finding He Was Lawfully Killed (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump's State visit likely to be delayed until October (Daily Express)

British medical students joined ISIS killed in Iraq (Daily Mail)

North Korean Suspect in Kim Jong Nam Murder Case to Be Released (Time Magazine)

Kim Jong Nam: N Korean man to be freed (CNN)

Leading House Democrat Nancy Pelosi Calls on Jeff Sessions to Resign (Time Magazine)

Malaysia Cancels Visa-Free Entry for North Koreans (Time Magazine)

WH Ethics Office: Conway's 'Commercial' for Ivanka Trump Was Inadvertent (NBC News)

Timeline: Trump campaign, his White House and Russia (CNN)

Democrats Demand Sessions Resign Over Russia Meetings (NBC News)

Jeff Sessions Says He Never Met With Russian Officials' to Discuss Campaign (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump plans to 'assassinate Kim Jong-un' to prevent nuclear war (Daily Star)

Why Traders In This South Indian State Are Shunning Coca-Cola and Pepsi (Time Magazine)

Questions about Trumps foreign policy left unanswered in speech (CBS News)

As Russia looms, Estonia civilians volunteering to strengthen countrys defenses (CBS News)

Trump Taj Mahal casino sold to Hard Rock, two N.J. investors (CBS News)

Trump honors fallen SEAL after deflecting blame for his death (CBS News)

Trump rally takes Dow over 21,000 points (CBS News)

Trumps speech was presidential, but whats next? (CBS News)

President Trump may LOSE war in South China Sea', military experts claim (Daily Star)

Do NOT boycott Russia World Cup 2018 in protest at Vladimir Putin, British MPs warned (Daily Express)

Kim Jong-nam death: North Korean detainee to be released (BBC)

Pentagon protocol: Missions may be greenlit without Trump (CNN)

Trump saluted SEAL widow after deflecting blame for his death (CBS News)

Kim Jong Nam murder: Malaysia to release, deport North Korean suspect due to lack of evidence (Fox News)

Malaysia ENDS visa-free travel with North Korea after Kim Jong-nam's assassination' (Daily Express)

U.N. Report on Aleppo Cites Syria, Opposition Forces in War Crimes (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Eastern U.S. braces for storm system that killed 3 in Midwest (CBS News)

In Mosul, Residents Rebuild as Iraqi Forces Fight Islamic State (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Michigan voters weigh in on President Trumps speech to Congress (CBS News)

US launches spy satellite amid nuclear face-off with North Korea and Iran (Daily Star)

ISIS chief killed in MASSIVE boat explosion as terror group 'close to defeat' (Daily Star)

Jeff Sessions Spoke With Russian Ambassador Twice During Trump's Campaign, Justice Department Says (Time Magazine)

Jeff Sessions, Donald Trumps Attorney General, Did Not Disclose Russia Contacts (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman stripped naked, thrown into fire for exorcism, dies (CBS News)

Tiny filaments in rock may be oldest known fossils (CBS News)

American man claims he's the rightful king of England (Daily Mail)

Oprah Hints at White House Run Against Trump (NBC News)

Immigration Hardliners Look Favorably on Trump's Speech (NBC News)

Donald Trump could use MILITARY FORCE against North Korea' that will be OVERWHELMING' (Daily Express)

REVEALED: Trump has only found £16million in existing funds to build US-Mexico wall' (Daily Express)

Ivanka Helped Set the Tone for Trumps Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

'We will shed blood like rivers' Now ISIS threatens CHINA in shocking execution video (Daily Express)

Man hits snooze button, avoids being impaled by tree (CBS News)

Why President Donald Trump Changed His Tone (NBC News)

California man dies of injuries after attack by neighbors dogs (CBS News)

Trump may visit Queen in Balmoral in October (Daily Mail)

White House Aides Instructed To Preserve Materials in Russia Probe (Newsweek Magazine)

Dreamer' Detained After She Urged President Trump to Protect Her (Time Magazine)

Cabinet Members Lobby Trump to Take Iraq Off Travel Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Texas Supreme Court hears case challenging benefits for same-sex couples (CBS News)

Aydin Dogan, Turkish Media Tycoon, Is Ordered to Appear in Court (New York Times - Paywall)

War ready? Donald Trump prepares MAJOR upgrade to army tanks as part of 'historic' budget (Daily Express)

Liam Fox warns Brussels against a 'dangerous' trade war (Daily Mail)

Defiant Theresa May plans to trigger Article 50 in TWO WEEKS' despite Lords defeat (Daily Express)

It's my money' Gina Miller threatens to drag Theresa May into FRESH Brexit court battle (Daily Express)

Trump slump? US tourism industry fears downturn (BBC)

Manhunt for knifeman after man stabbed outside BBC Radio 2 studio (Daily Express)

Senate Dems Call For Trump Tax Returns Attracts Some GOP Support (Newsweek Magazine)

Frida Ghitis: Stop gushing over Trump's speech (CNN)

Leaked report says Trump has WTO rulings in sights (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump Supports NATO, But Senate Holds Up Expansion (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraq's offensive against Islamic State militants in western Mosul sends thousands on trek for safety (Los Angeles Times)

Report: Ancient palace found under shrine destroyed by ISIS (CBS News)

Indian woman suffers acid attack while on the train (Daily Mail)

Boris Johnson demands Russia end illegal Crimea annexation (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN: The real Donald Trump finally stood up (Daily Mail)

Dow Closes at All-Time High After Trump's Speech to Congress (NBC News)

Top al Qaeda Leader Killed in CIA Drone Strike (Newsweek Magazine)

Kim Jong-un's 'holiday beach paradise' exposed as North Korean hell hole (Daily Star)

Cam'ron Is Now Pro-Snitching Under Trump in This Daily Show Video (Time Magazine)

Bomb error: Russia hits US-backed forces (CNN)

Al Qaedas number two killed in drone strike in Syria (CBS News)

Man Stabbed Near BBC Radio 2 Studios As Armed Police Storm Street (Huffington Post)

Trump's Russian honeymoon may be over as Moscow media put him in the deep freeze (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Wants to Highlight Immigrant Crime. Democrats Aren't the Only Ones Booing (Time Magazine)

Scientists May Have Just Discovered the World's Oldest Fossils (Time Magazine)

Woman convicted of £20 note theft says life 'turned upside down' (BBC)

How long has it been since Trump attacked someone on Twitter? (CNN)

Scientists may have found the world's oldest fossil (CNN)

Manchester man tied up by cabin crew during meltdown (Daily Mail)

May suffers first Brexit bill defeat (CNN)

Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen Are Teaming Up for a Book About Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS Violence, Intimidation Escalates in Egypt's Sinai (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UN: All sides guilty of war crimes in Aleppo (CNN)

'Dangerous phenomenon': Israeli man charged with trying to join ISIS (Fox News)

Reality Check: Is Trump right on US murder rate? (BBC)

PMQs: 'What The F***ing Hell Was That?' Unspun's Matt Forde Gives His Verdict On Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn (Huffington Post)

Iraqi army discovers ISIS training base 10ft underground (Daily Mail)

Gang tortured man they wrongly thought was sex offender (Daily Mail)

Women Charged With Kim Murder in Malaysia Face Prospect of Death (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Facing possible execution, alleged "LOL assassin" tearful at court (CBS News)

Surgeon 'left woman deformed with unnecessary operations' (Daily Mail)

Two British medics killed working for IS (BBC)

Norway did not violate mass killer Breivik's human rights, court finds (Fox News)

Taliban Commander Killed in Airstrike, U.S. Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Both Sides Guilty of Repeated Syria War Crimes: UN (NBC News)

John McTernan: One speech won't erase hate (CNN)

Stephen Colbert Spends Entire Monologue Mocking Trumps Speech to Congress (Newsweek Magazine)

50 nations to meet over Trump ban on family planning funds (Fox News)

Both sides of Aleppo siege guilty of war crimes: UN report (Fox News)

Court in Uruguay blocks woman from terminating pregnancy at father's request (Fox News)

Donald Trump filmed 'rehearsing' Congress speech in his car (BBC)

This Woman Came Out On Facebook In The Most Hilarious But Beautiful Way (Huffington Post)

Tel Aviv Diary: Revealed, the Blunders of the Gaza War (Newsweek Magazine)

Both Sides in Aleppo Committed War Crimes, U.N. Investigators Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Kim Jong Nam murder: Suspects charged in killing of North Korea dictator's brother (Fox News)

UN panel says evacuation of Syria's Aleppo was a war crime (Fox News)

Warren Beatty urges Academy president to clarify Oscars (Daily Mail)

North Korean Suspects in Killing of Kim Jong-nam Join Tradition of Holing Up in Embassies (New York Times - Paywall)

Women Charged With Kim Jong Nams Murder Leave Court in Bulletproof Vests (Newsweek Magazine)

Senior Al Qaeda Leader Killed in Drone Strike (New York Times - Paywall)

Roundup: How did Trump do in his first speech to Congress? (CNN)

Islamic State Video Threatens China With Homegrown Fighters (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Malaysian court charges two women with Kim Jong-nam murder (Daily Mail)

Van Jones: This is when Trump became president (CNN)

How Mexico's president saw his approval rating plummet to 17% (Los Angeles Times)

Kim Jong Nam murder suspect protests her innocence (Financial Times - Paywall)

Red, White and Blue: Democrats Give Trump an Eyeful During Speech (NBC News)

Trump brings softer tone to America First' theme (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ex-CIA agent granted partial clemency by Italys president (CBS News)

Police sharpshooter accidentally fires at French presidents speech (CBS News)

A Trump tower is opening in Vancouver, and not everyone in town is happy about it (Los Angeles Times)

Israeli watchdog report says Netanyahu's government was ill-prepared for 2014 Gaza war (Los Angeles Times)

Longing for Obama as President — of France (New York Times - Paywall)

The underground beauty salon that defied Islamic State in Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Russia breaks with Trump in U.N. veto over Syria chemical arms (Los Angeles Times)

Real-Life 'Romeo and Juliet' Killed by Snipers Live On (NBC News)

Iran celebrates an Oscar win and a chance to needle President Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State is showing stunning resistance as Iraqi troops try to breach west Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Egyptian Christians flee Islamic State violence on Sinai Peninsula (Los Angeles Times)

Mother sold girl, 12, to man aged 70 (CNN)

Victims of Duterte's war on drugs (CNN)