Monday, 6th March 2017

World News

Yemen-born filmmaker to respond to Trump travel ban (CBS News)

N. Korean ballistic missiles fall 200 miles from Japan (CBS News)

3/5: White House calls for probe after Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping; Los Angeles funicular finds new life after "La La Land" (CBS News)

Retired north London accountant wins £457,000 on 20p bet (Daily Mail)

Rep. Chaffetz on Trumps unproven wiretapping accusation (CBS News)

White House challenges FBI's James Comey over Trump (Daily Mail)

Behind Trumps unproven wiretapping claim against Obama (CBS News)

Timing of North Koreas latest missile test is strategic (CBS News)

Civilians pay the price in battle to retake western Mosul from ISIS (CBS News)

How FISA plays a role in Trumps wiretapping claim (CBS News)

'Iraqi RAMBO' Meet the soldier terrifying ISIS after slaughtering 260 extremists (Daily Star)

Civilians pay the price in fight against ISIS in western Mosul (CBS News)

Trump signs new travel-ban directive (BBC)

Tens of Thousands Join Exodus From Mosul as Iraq Renews Offensive (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

ISIS murdering Coptic Christians on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula over faith (Fox News)

Watch Apis Cor 3d-print an Entire House in Just One Day (Time Magazine)

The Internet Is Freaking Out Over How Donald Trump Still Tapes His Tie Together (Time Magazine)

White House Almost 100 Percent Certain Trump, FBI Didnt Speak About Wiretap Claim (Newsweek Magazine)

Street Artist Posts Signs Across Country Reserving Vacant Lots for Trump Internment Camps (Newsweek Magazine)

France's President Hollande mocks UK's Brexit vote (Daily Mail)

British Woman’s Revolt Against High Heels Becomes a Cause in Parliament (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkish President Erdogan vows to 'make the world rise up' (Daily Mail)

Student begged to launch ISIS suicide attack in the UK (Daily Mail)

Can Trump Disclose Classified Information Whenever He Wants? (NBC News)

Born under a bad sign: Mosul residents with Islamic State birth certificates need a do-over (Los Angeles Times)

Why they're leaving: The six countries banned by Trump (CNN)

Trump signs executive order for new travel ban and Iraq isn't on it (CNN)

Don Cheadle claims President Donald Trump said the n-word (Daily Mail)

A Eureka Moment for Two Times Reporters: North Korea’s Missile Launches Were Failing Too Often (New York Times - Paywall)

Former Vice President Joe Biden Will Speak at South by Southwest (Time Magazine)

Trump travel ban: Read the full executive order (CNN)

Trump expected to sign revised travel ban (CBS News)

Why Are South Korea Offering Four Times as Much Money to North Korean Defectors? (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Has South Korea Quadrupled the Fee They Will Pay North Korean Defectors? (Newsweek Magazine)

Islamic School Rejects Federal Funding Because of Trump (NBC News)

North Korea Missile Test Stirs ICBM Fears (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

GRAPHIC VID: Horror footage shows girl's flesh HANGING OFF after gruesome escalator injury (Daily Star)

President Trump Argued His Travel Ban Should Surprise Bad Dudes.' His New Version Gives 10 Days' Notice (Time Magazine)

N. Korea missile launch: Quicker. Smarter. More dangerous (CNN)

President Trump Signs New Immigration Executive Order (NBC News)

South Korea says North Korea fired projectile into ocean (Daily Mail)

Trump Organization Struck Deal With Azerbaijani Oligarch Tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea fires ballistic missiles into ocean, South Koreas military says (CBS News)

Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador over Kim Jong Nam killing (CBS News)

Mexican fireman killed trying to turn off porno movie (Daily Mail)

President Trump's Head-Spinning Weekend (Time Magazine)

Wiretapping firestorm, renewed White House rift (CBS News)

Eye Opener: FBI pushes back against Trumps wiretapping claims (CBS News)

Nigeria Advises Citizens Against Traveling to U.S. Until Immigration Policy is Clear' (Newsweek Magazine)

Did Obama Wiretap Trump? Kellyanne Conway Thinks So But Has Absolutely No Proof (Huffington Post)

New Trump Travel Ban Addresses Flaws, but Legal Questions Remain (Newsweek Magazine)

Vladimir Putin 'seriously worried' after nuke nut Kim Jong-un fires missiles in Japan (Daily Star)

Iditarod dog race is shifted 300 miles to the north (Daily Mail)

ISIS Allegedly Used Chemical Weapons In Mosul Battle (NBC News)

What to Know About President Trump's Revised Travel Ban (Time Magazine)

Women in Photography: 34 Voices From Around the World (Time Magazine)

J.K. Rowling Just Had the Most British Insult Ever for President Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Watch Live: Trump Administration Unveils New Travel Ban (Time Magazine)

Marie Stopes abortions signed off after just a phonecall (Daily Mail)

Moscow's trouble with Trump (CNN)

How Your Smartphone's Camera Will Change the World (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump To Sign New Muslim Ban That Excludes Iraq This Time, Kellyanne Conway Says (Huffington Post)

Outgoing French President Francois Hollande Says Ultimate Duty Is to Prevent Marine Le Pen Victory (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump's New Travel Ban Halts U.S. Entry For 6 Muslim-Majority Nations (Time Magazine)

Britain's youngest lottery winner, 21, sells her house (Daily Mail)

Life in the GERMAN trenches of World War One (Daily Mail)

Iraqis Tell of Islamic State Brutality in Mosul (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Wirral toddler found dead at a house in Birkenhead (Daily Mail)

North Korea Fires Four Missiles Into Water, South Says (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

South Lakes Safari Zoo: Council refuses owner licence (BBC)

Live updates: President Trump today (CNN)

Iraqis strip to prove they're not ISIS bombers in Mosul (Daily Mail)

Hilarious chaos ensues after woman's pants fly off on funfair ride exposing her naked bum (Daily Star)

Trump presidency shifting political forces in Mexico toward the left (Fox News)

'Do not undermine NATO' Boris Johnson fires warning shot to EU over Brussels army plans (Daily Express)

President Trump's Advisers Say He Really Believes Obama Wiretapped Him (Time Magazine)

Trump wiretap: FBI chief Comey 'rejects' allegation (BBC)

N. Korea fires 4 missiles toward Japan (CNN)

South Lakes Safari Zoo REFUSED Licence After 500 Animal Deaths In 4 Years (Huffington Post)

The Morning Brief: President Trump's Claims, Marines' Photo Probe and Adele's Marriage (Time Magazine)

Israeli Minister: Trump Administration Warned of Immediate Crisis If West Bank Annexed (Newsweek Magazine)

'I will make the world rise up' Turkish president's astonising threat after Germany snub (Daily Express)

Basejumper jumps off 400ft tower in Utah (Daily Mail)

Britain's youngest EuroMillions winner moves back in with mum after selling £185k house (Daily Star)

North Korea Has Expelled Malaysia's Ambassador as Tensions Over Kim Jong Nam's Death Mount (Time Magazine)

N. Korea Fires Banned Ballistic Missiles Into Japanese Waters (NBC News)

North Korean Ambassador Leaves Malaysia (New York Times - Paywall)

Nurse struck off for 'grave failures' over death of girl (Daily Mail)

FBI: Retract wiretapping claim (CNN)

South Korean Probe Accusations Could See Park Geun-hye Prosecuted (Newsweek Magazine)

Malaysia Expels North Korean Ambassador Over Kim Jong Nam Murder (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ex-president against Twitter now tweets (CNN)

Mother who lost weight gets her bingo wings cut off (Daily Mail)

Why Does Donald Trump Think Barack Obama Spied on Him? (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Is About to Issue a Revised Travel Ban (Time Magazine)

North Korea Launch Could Be Test of New Attack Strategy, Japan Analysts Say (New York Times - Paywall)

TrumpWatch: 5 Disturbing Things From The World Of Donald Trump This Weekend (Huffington Post)

Sessions fallout: Trump angry at staff (CNN)

The day of Trump toilets and condoms in China may have just ended. Here's why that's controversial (Los Angeles Times)

The seedy world of the Oscar winning Afflecks (Daily Mail)

Former Premier League striker bit off a man's ear (Daily Mail)

North Korea Fires Missiles into Japanese Waters (Newsweek Magazine)

North Koreans offered £700,000 cash BOUNTY to help crush Kim Jong-un's brutal regime (Daily Star)

Women's World Cup: BBC wins rights to show 2019 tournament (BBC)

South Korea’s President Should Be Indicted, Special Prosecutor Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Builder unscrews house scaffolding from BOTTOM (Daily Mail)

ISIS fighters blown up while booby-trapping Mosul house (Daily Mail)

Christian doctor is struck off for downloading child porn (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump filmed going BALLISTIC at senior staff inside Oval Office in explosive video (Daily Star)

David Letterman calls Donald Trump crazy (Daily Mail)

Brexit won't cut immigration says House of Lords (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Has an Angry Weekend, Beset by Multiple Frustrations (Time Magazine)

Is this why Melania Trump looks so MISERABLE with Donald? (Daily Star)

China Flexes Its Muscles as Trump Presses 'America First' Agenda (NBC News)

Analysis: Does Obama Have Grounds to Sue Trump for Libel? (NBC News)

Castro slams Trump over wall and immigration policy: Truce developed by Obama at risk? (Daily Express)

Barack Obama steps out amid wiretapping claims in DC (Daily Mail)

North Korea fires ballistic missiles, South Koreas military says (CBS News)

North Korea Tests China's Patience with Missile Launches During Its Biggest Political Gathering (Time Magazine)

Got Him ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's cousin captured in Mosul (Daily Star)

How the UK Wife Carrying winners pulled off their win (BBC)

Outgoing French President Hollande says 'ultimate duty' is to prevent Le Pen victory (Fox News)

James Comey asks Justice Department to reject Trump claims (Daily Mail)

North Korea: Four ballistic missiles fired into sea (BBC)

Trump administration accuses Obama of wiretapping (CBS News)

Trump issues chilling threat to North Korea after four-missile launch (Daily Star)

Hilarious pictures reveal the White House press secretary Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny (Daily Express)

North Korea Fires Four Missiles Off Eastern Coast (NBC News)

Police investigate suspected hate crime against U.S. citizen of Indian descent (CBS News)

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces push to drive ISIS out of west Mosul (CBS News)

Reports of suicide car bombs, possible exposure to chemical weapons in Mosul fight (CBS News)

Iraqi forces capture al-Hurriya bridge in Mosul from ISIS jihadis (Daily Express)

Russia mystery consumes White House (CNN)

FBI Director Asked DoJ to Reject Trump Wiretap Claim (NBC News)

North Korea fires missiles into Sea of Japan (Financial Times - Paywall)

Tony Blair denies asking Donald Trump for a job (Daily Mail)

The Two Contradictory Faces of Donald Trump: President and Provocateur (Time Magazine)

Foolish ISIS jihadis BLOW THEMSELVES UP after trying to plant bomb in defector's house (Daily Express)

Trump wiretap claim denied by ex intelligence chief (Financial Times - Paywall)

North Korea’s Launch of Ballistic Missiles Raises New Worries (New York Times - Paywall)

Thousands Displaced as Iraqi Forces Near Mosul Center (NBC News)

How US could stop a North Korean missile (CNN)

Hooligan World Cup 2018: Russian Ultras to take on English in LEGAL fan fights (Daily Star)

Trump accused Obama of tapping his phone. Here's what Congress had to say about that (CNN)

Retro Report: Trump and the Battle Over Sanctuary in America (New York Times - Paywall)

The Clintonians who voted for Trump (BBC)

White House Calls for Probe, Offers No Proof of Wiretapping (NBC News)

North Korea Has Fired an Unidentified Projectile Into the Ocean, South Korea Says (Time Magazine)

North Korea Has Fired Four Ballistic Missiles Into the Ocean, South Korea Says (Time Magazine)

In pictures: Sony World Photography Awards (BBC)

1D fan to press charges against Louis Tomlinson (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong-un fires FOUR DEADLY 'ICBM' missiles in TERRIFYING World War 3 warning to Trump (Daily Express)

Christopher A. Preble: Under Trump, America no longer represents the world (CNN)

North Korea Fires Multiple Missiles Off Coast, Seoul Says (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea fires more banned ballistic missiles, South Korea says (Fox News)

North Korea fires four banned ballistic missiles, South Korea says (Fox News)

FBI Director Comey Asked DOJ to Debunk Trump Wiretapping Claims: NYT (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkish president Erdogan compares German officials to 'NAZIS' for cancelling rallies (Daily Express)

Malaysia Expels North Korean Ambassador After Missed Meeting (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Amber Rudd insists No 10 won't rip up national security plans following Trump election (Daily Express)

Public help extraordinary' in fight against terrorism (Daily Express)

President Trump to unveil Obamacare replacement this week (Daily Express)

World War Three WARNING: North Korea launches four ballistic missiles off Japan coast (Daily Express)

FREEZING BRITAIN: North Pole air set to bring SNOW and SUB-ZERO temperatures (Daily Express)

Civilians fleeing ISIS forced to STRIP at gunpoint as siege on Mosul rages (Daily Star)

Bikini model gets off with NO jail time after scamming elderly in shock £1.6m spree (Daily Star)

BBC radio pundit called woman who rejected him a 'slag' and bit off her husband's ear (Daily Express)

Scrounging mum scraps Disney World crowdfund appeal for daughters after receiving abuse (Daily Star)

Kim Jong-un fires FOUR deadly missiles in terrifying warning to US (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Kim Jong-un fires 'ICBM' missile in terrifying warning to US (Daily Star)

Michigan asks for publics help in battle against invasive Asian carp (CBS News)

BRCA And Me: The Impact Of Screening High-Risk Women Against Ovarian Cancer (Huffington Post)

Top Dem on Senate Intel Committee says Trump tweets on wiretaps "very reckless" (CBS News)

UK won't 'slink off as a wounded animal' Hammond says (Daily Mail)

How Donald Trump is viewed by China's Communist Party (BBC)

In Israel, Lauding and Lamenting the Era of Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

White House asks Congress to look into wire-tapping claims (Daily Mail)

The Race For World First (Huffington Post)

How Liberian Women Delivered Africa’s First Female President (New York Times - Paywall)

Sen. Susan Collins asks President Trump: turn over any evidence of wiretaps to Intel Committees (CBS News)

'Nasdrovia!': Pelosi Greets Trump Staffers at Gridiron Dinner (NBC News)

Is North Korea the United States most dangerous adversary? (CBS News)

Hats off to the beret! (CBS News)

The most extreme body modifications in the world (Daily Mail)

Air India seeks Guinness World record for all-female flights (Fox News)

Destructive, Baseless, Reckless: Washington Responds to Trump Wiretapping Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Listen to North Korea's chilling coded messages (Daily Mail)

Here's George W. Bush's Advice For President Trump (Time Magazine)

FOX Exclusive: Former Iraqi Vice President Allawi speaks on US relations, Trump (Fox News)

Family in tears as they flee ISIS-held street in Mosul (Daily Mail)

Pilot grounded in Japan on mission to fly around the world (Daily Mail)

Tory MP Warns Theresa May Against 'Catastrophic' Housing Benefit Cuts To Under-22s (Huffington Post)

Woman RAPIST press charges against Australian boyfriend (Daily Mail)

Nearly 60,000 Iraqis have fled Mosul (CNN)

Julian Zelizer: Why Trump traffics in conspiracy theories (CNN)

Incredible pictures of women serving in World War One (Daily Mail)

Russia: 1 dead, 3 detained in operation against ISIS sleeper cell (Fox News)

Turkish President Erdogan Accuses Germany of Nazi' Practices (Time Magazine)

The battlefield journey from Mosul (BBC)

Former U.S. Intelligence Chief James Clapper Denies Wiretap of Trump Tower (Time Magazine)

Quora: Look to Republicans to Lead the Trump Opposition (Newsweek Magazine)

Iraqi forces near government buildings in Mosul as fight against ISIS continues (Fox News)

'Serious concern': Mosul chemical attack (CNN)

White House Demands Congress Investigate President Trump's Wiretapping Allegations (Time Magazine)

White House Asks Congress to Probe Trumps Wiretapping Claims Against Obama (Newsweek Magazine)

Rubio: White House 'Will Have to Answer' to Wiretapping Claims (NBC News)

Donald Trump Accuses Barack Obama Of 'Tapping' Phones, But Fails To Provide Evidence (Huffington Post)

Warsaw moves to oust Tusk as EU president (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Eerie Similarities Between Alleged Trump Scandals and All the Presidents Men (Newsweek Magazine)

Global output data undermine Trump rhetoric (Financial Times - Paywall)

Here's one way of fighting terrorism that the U.S. may be rethinking under Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Evidence against Jesus' existence (CNN)

Hoping to Lure High-Level Defectors, South Korea Increases Rewards (New York Times - Paywall)

Wave of ISIS car bombs targets Iraqi troops in west Mosul (Fox News)

South Korea quadruples cash for North Korea defectors (CNN)

Experts Caution Against Cutting U.S. Overseas Military Presence (NBC News)

Mosul family reunites after war-torn separation (CBS News)

ISIS suspected of carrying out chemical attack in Iraq (CBS News)

US wages secret cyber operations against North Korea missile program (Fox News)

Tony Blair's secret White House summit to work for Trump (Daily Mail)

Iraqi boy trapped for years in Mosul finally reunited with mother (CBS News)

Analysis: The Quiet Response to President Trump's Explosive Claim (NBC News)

Travelling the world with cats and a dog (BBC)

Trump accuses Barack Obama of wire tapping his phones (Daily Mail)

In pictures: Civilians trapped under Islamic State make a perilous escape from Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

Trump steps up airstrikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen; more ground raids could follow (Los Angeles Times)

Mosul medics purge legacy of Isis from hospital (Financial Times - Paywall)

Moscows man in Washington getting Trump associates in trouble (CBS News)

Dennis Rodman talks North Korea diplomacy before an audience of cadets at West Point (Los Angeles Times)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson largely disappears in the Trump Cabinet (Los Angeles Times)

Lawmaker told off after sexist comments (CNN)

Iraqi commanders say a spot in the desert is key to winning control of the city of Mosul (Los Angeles Times)

North Korean diplomat says Kim Jong Nam was killed by a heart attack, not a nerve agent (Los Angeles Times)

Iraq's offensive against Islamic State militants in western Mosul sends thousands on trek for safety (Los Angeles Times)

China, upset over a planned missile-defense system, is taking aim at South Korea's pop stars and TV shows (Los Angeles Times)

How Mexico's president saw his approval rating plummet to 17% (Los Angeles Times)

A Trump tower is opening in Vancouver, and not everyone in town is happy about it (Los Angeles Times)

Top source: Trump believes North Korea is greatest threat (CNN)