Saturday, 11th March 2017

World News

Judge blocks govt from enforcing new ban on one family (CBS News)

Trump courts reluctant Republicans on new health plan (CBS News)

White House bowling: Right up their alley (CBS News)

Eye Opener: Trump silent over wiretap claims (CBS News)

Tesco chairman: White men 'endangered species' in UK boardrooms (BBC)

Officials say gay veterans group can march in St. Patricks parade (CBS News)

BREAKING: Panic at White House as intruder is arrested after breaking into grounds (Daily Star)

Intruder breaches White House grounds (CNN)

GRAPHIC PICS: Holiday horror after SHARK attack leaves Brit tourist pouring with blood (Daily Star)

Can Trump delegitimize government? (CNN)

German Police Order Mall to Stay Closed After Attack Threat (Time Magazine)

Garnier slammed for campaign featuring only white women (Daily Mail)

Miami police face off with Spring Break college students (Daily Mail)

Turkish president calls Dutch 'Nazi remnants and fascists' (Daily Mail)

Tesco chairman John Allan: White executives 'endangered' (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump is pathological liar, claims Bernie Sander (Daily Mail)

Budget backlash: White van man celebs who had the drive to succeed (Daily Star)

Limbecker Platz Mall In German City of Essen Ordered To Shut Following Tips Of Imminent Terror Attack (Huffington Post)

Turkeys President Erdogan Brands the Netherlands Nazi Remnants Over Barring Foreign Ministers Visit (Newsweek Magazine)

The Ivanka Trump effect: Women flock to plastic surgeons to copy blonde bombshell's looks (Daily Star)

Chef, 53, had sex with 13-year-old Polish girl (Daily Mail)

Tesco boss claims WHITE MEN are now an ENDANGERED SPECIES' (Daily Express)

Inside the sex and drug parties where British backpacker was kidnapped' (Daily Star)

How a 94-Year-Old Genius May Save the Planet (Newsweek Magazine)

BREXIT: Australia and New Zealand FIRST in line for British trade deal, claims NZ minister (Daily Express)

German Police Seal Off Shopping Mall After Indications of Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Shopping Mall Ordered Shut in Germany After Attack Threat (NBC News)

Turkey's president Erdogan SAVAGES Dutch as NAZI REMNANTS' amid Rotterdam rally row (Daily Express)

Shock claims Obama will start REVOLUTION with breakaway US government' to topple Trump (Daily Star)

TrumpWatch: 5 Disturbing Things From The World Of President Trump This Week (Huffington Post)

Bone by bone, Iraqis unearth a mass grave: 'We will be out there digging until no one is left' (Los Angeles Times)

Neolithic flint mine to open to public for the first time (BBC)

Malaysia Pushing for Release of Citizens Trapped in North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Father, 49, may never walk again after bucking bronco ride (Daily Mail)

South Korean President's Ouster to Trigger Shift on U.S. Policy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tesco Chairman John Allan Says White Men Are 'Endangered Species' (Huffington Post)

DEATHS, DYNASTIES, DISASTERS: S. Korean President's ouster is the latest chapter (CNN)

SHOPLIFTERS' CHARTER: Police say as long as you steal less than £100 we won't trouble you (Daily Express)

Angry and jubilant protests square off in Seoul, South Korea (CNN)

UK Politicians Call 'Fake News' On Stories They Don't Like, Aping Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Mother of Scottish toddler killed in Turkish café relieved (Daily Mail) compile a foolproof beauty guide for men (Daily Mail)

'Britain never voted for THIS' May BLASTS back over EU's demand for £52BILLION Brexit bill (Daily Express)

South Korea impeachment: Critics urge Park Geun-hye arrest (BBC)

Boy, 4, accidentally shot by 6-year-old brother, police say (CBS News)

BREAKING: German shopping centre on LOCKDOWN as police receive credible terror threat (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Cops rush to close shopping centre over imminent terror attack fears (Daily Star)

Sex robot theme parks better than Disney World' to offer raunchy getaways (Daily Star)

New £5 notes selling for over £20,000 on eBay: Have you got one of these in your pocket? (Daily Star)

Trump travel ban: Judge declines to reinstate ruling (BBC)

Trump Administration Tells Remaining U.S. Attorneys to Resign (NBC News)

Olympic Committee calls for USA Gymnastics president to resign (CBS News)

Theresa May told to cap rip-off energy bills (Daily Mail)

Dermot Murnaghan Reveals Injuries Sustained In Hit-And-Run Attack (Huffington Post)

3/10: White House touts strong jobs numbers from Trumps first full month; at one high school, no one eats lunch alone (CBS News)

German police order large mall to stay closed after attack threat (Fox News)

At one high school, no one eats lunch alone (CBS News)

BREXIT BEGINS: Article 50 could be triggered by Theresa May NEXT WEEK, Irish PM hints (Daily Express)

The Papers: Spotlight on May and Tories over Budget (BBC)

Sex robot THEME PARKS with LIFELIKE cyborgs set to open across the globe (Daily Express)

Conglomerate Feels Heat From China's Anger at South Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trumps controversial first 50 days (CBS News)

May 'could face Tory REBELLION if she fails to give Parliament final say on Brexit' (Daily Express)

British ranch owner gunned down FORETOLD an attack by callow youths armed to the teeth' (Daily Express)

Sussex Police get Polish lessons to break down barriers (Daily Mail)

President's ouster caps months of discontent in South Korea, but will it change anything? (Los Angeles Times)

WHAT'S NEXT: New president may talk to N. Korea (CNN)

Michael Flynn Was Paid to Represent Turkey’s Interests During Trump Campaign (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump’s Immigration Orders May Be Affecting Canada, U.S. Official Admits (New York Times - Paywall)

PIERS MORGAN: Obama deported millions & killed thousands (Daily Mail)

PETER OBORNE: Two men who tarnish our trust in democracy (Daily Mail)

Why women can't resist men sporting bushy beards (Daily Mail)

Men say the key to more enjoyable sex is circumcision (Daily Mail)

Headteachers say Budget cuts could mean shorter school day (Daily Mail)

Eurocrats demand May devolves more powers to CORNWALL' after 'NEGLECTING Cornish culture' (Daily Express)

Murdered British Army officer foretold attack in Kenya (Daily Mail)

Caremark staff 'strip for £2-a-minute online sex calls' (Daily Mail)

After Warily Circling, Trump and Angela Merkel Prepare to Meet (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump to Ask Merkel for Advice on Putin, Ukraine in First Face-to-Face (Newsweek Magazine)

The ONE item that Kate Middleton always wears (Daily Mail)

Drug addict who killed child and aunt wished he had died (Daily Mail)

NASA reveals first images of the Trappist-1 system (Daily Mail)

White men are an ENDANGERED SPECIES' in British boardrooms warns Tesco chief (Daily Express)

Pope Francis Signals Openness to Ordaining Married Men in Some Cases (New York Times - Paywall)

North Yorks police called to school for toilet ban protest (Daily Mail)

Allies Fear Trump Is Eroding America’s Moral Authority (New York Times - Paywall)

Former ambassador to S. Korea explains political turmoil, N. Korea nuclear threat (CBS News)

Durban police search for baby abducted in South Africa 'car-jacking' (BBC)

OPINION: Women leaders get boot for corruption while men skate (CNN)

Baby sees his father for the first time with new glasses (Daily Mail)

GRAPHIC VID: Savage pack of wild dogs tear baby impala apart in SECONDS in ravenous attack (Daily Star)

Former ambassador on political turmoil in S. Korea, N. Korea nuclear threat (CBS News)

Pope Francis signals openness to having married men serve as priests (Los Angeles Times)

How the South Korean presidents ouster impacts U.S. (CBS News)

ICE Officer Convicted of Accepting Bribes and Sex for Immigration Documents (Time Magazine)

Theresa May puts brakes on Philip Hammond's 'White Van Man' national insurance hike (Daily Star)

Organic food may be killing the environment (Daily Mail)

White House May Have Violated a Long-Standing Federal Rule with Jobs Growth Tweets (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump's first month sees unemployment down and wages up (Daily Mail)

Capital One launches Eno, a gender neutral AI assistant (Daily Mail)

Ouster of South Korean President Could Return Liberals to Power (New York Times - Paywall)

White House spokesman's flag pin mishap (BBC)

Trump to Nominate Dr. Scott Gottlieb to Head FDA (Newsweek Magazine)

Louis Tomlinson's airport brawl revealed in police report (Daily Mail)

Depeche Mode dismiss claim of white supremacist (Daily Mail)

North Korea could have missile capable of striking US in 'the next few years' (Fox News)

Nigeria's President Returns Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

GOP Lawmaker Questions Whether Men Should Pay for Prenatal Care (Newsweek Magazine)

Sean Spicer Quotes Donald Trump On Jobs Report, Makes A Joke That Isn't Funny (Huffington Post)

Indonesian is whipped 100 times for sex outside marriage (Daily Mail)

U.N. Report: 2,000 Killed in Turkey Since End of PKK Cease-Fire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Mexico lawmaker draws line in sand over Trump wall (Financial Times - Paywall)

KATIE HOPKINS: Scared being killed by a right wing nutter (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump Calls Palestinian President Abbas For First Time, Extends Invite To White House (Newsweek Magazine)

Armed police surround Leicester flat due to 'armed' man (Daily Mail)

White House civil war breaks out over trade (Financial Times - Paywall)

Joshua Dobby Jailed For 12 Years For Killing Child Actor And Aunt During High-Speed Police Chase (Huffington Post)

ISIS fanatic bragged about planning attack with emoji (Daily Mail)

Wage Growth, Not More Jobs, Will Be Trump's Great White Whale (Newsweek Magazine)

Hamburg tear gas attack - Children left with burning eyes and breathing problems on train (Daily Express)

Why Trump Should Withdraw the U.S. From the U.N. Human Rights Council (Newsweek Magazine)

FBI Investigation of Russian Banks Link With Trump Organizations Server Ongoing: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Eye blink technology allows vicar sex abuse victim to give evidence (BBC)

Abu Dhabi couple jailed for sex freed and go for baby scan (Daily Mail)

Gang attack school rugby players (BBC)

Mystery of Mona Lisa: Researchers say she IS smiling (Daily Mail)

People reveal the moment they knew they'd met the one (Daily Mail)

Dusseldorf machete attack on man hours after axe rampage (Daily Mail)

Deadly protests after court removes South Korean president (CBS News)

Geeky bloke has sex with half-naked Kim K lookalike and his girlfriend WATCHES (Daily Star)

Seven nuns pictured at Seven Sisters - but some say there are nine (BBC)

Tourists among victims of ax attack at German train station (Fox News)

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Political World: I May Be Back' (Newsweek Magazine)

Belarus's President Lukashenko Tells State Servants to Put Lovers and Family to Work Fast (Newsweek Magazine)

What It Means To Be The First NUS Trans Officer (Huffington Post)

Ashby police find man's body, injured woman in home (Daily Mail)

235,000 new jobs in Trump's first full month (CNN)

Seven killed after helicopter slams into TV tower near Istanbul (Fox News)

Reaction After South Korea Ousts Leader (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea jumps on South Korean president's ouster, calling her a 'criminal' (Fox News)

Trump on Twitter: What the First 50 Days Tell Us (NBC News)

Police confirm Kim Jong Nam was killed (CNN)

Pope Francis open to having some married men become priests (Fox News)

Michael D'Antonio: Working for Trump is an embarrassment (CNN)

Trump's First Economic Report Card: A Strong 235,000 Jobs Added in February (NBC News)

Protests Erupt in South Korea After President Park Geun-hye Is Ousted (New York Times - Paywall)

'Old slavery mentality' is making a comeback in lawless Libya, migrants say (Los Angeles Times)

Has President Trump changed the media landscape? (BBC)

Pope 'open' to married men being priests (CNN)

CNN's Nic Robertson: Trump might push Europe over the edge (CNN)

Second MACHETE attack in Dusseldorf hours after axe rampage at city station (Daily Express)

Cholera reaches South Sudan's second-largest city, UN says (Fox News)

City worker who killed colleague with one punch is jailed (Daily Mail)

Police search for shooters after 2 killed in Swiss cafe (Fox News)

What’s Under Discussion at One of China’s Biggest Political Gatherings (New York Times - Paywall)

Sources: FBI investigation continues into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization (CNN)

Afghans Who Worked for U.S. Are Told Not to Apply for Visas, Advocates Say (New York Times - Paywall)

South Korean president removed from office (CBS News)

Scientist who drew up a child sex abuse manual spared jail (Daily Mail)

WATCH: Police and protesters clash (CNN)

35 girls killed in Guatemala shelter fire may have been locked in (Fox News)

South Korean president Park Geun-hye ousted (Financial Times - Paywall)

35 Girls Killed in Guatemala Fire May Have Been Locked In (New York Times - Paywall)

South Korea's president is removed from office as court upholds her impeachment (Los Angeles Times)

South Korea Removes President Park Geun-hye (New York Times - Paywall)

News quiz: How did President Putin mark International Women's Day? (BBC)

Number of immigrants caught at Mexican border plunges 40% under Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Trump's First 50 Days: Here's What the President Has Done So Far (NBC News)

French police on the hunt for poachers who killed a white rhino in a zoo (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State attack on military hospital in Afghanistan kills 30 (Los Angeles Times)

Will South Korea's impeached president be removed from office? Court to announce verdict Friday (Los Angeles Times)

Trump talks tough on Iran, but can he bring jailed Americans home? (Los Angeles Times)

'Take a deep breath': State Department holds first briefing since January and covers a lot of key issues (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea bars Malaysians from leaving the country, and Malaysia strikes back (Los Angeles Times)

The day of Trump toilets and condoms in China may have just ended. Here's why that's controversial (Los Angeles Times)

Canadian teenagers sold for sex (CNN)

Teenage refugees forced to sell sex (CNN)

Woman trafficked for sex runs for freedom (CNN)