Sunday, 12th March 2017

World News

Iraqi forces fight back against ISIS in Mosul (CBS News)

White House intruder charged (CBS News)

Putin aide says Russia frustrated with Trump administration (CBS News)

May Enters Brexit Process in Strong Position, Though Threats Loom (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Denmark postpones meeting with Turkish PM (CNN)

Dutch Leader Takes Populist Turn to Fend Off Far-Right Party (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Miami Ink American Cocker Spaniel Best in Show Crufts 2017 (Daily Mail)

Trump Tried to Speak to Bharara Before Dismissal, Sources Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Many artifacts smashed by ISIS fanatics were fakes (CNN)

Bharara may have been fired over plan to investigate Trump (Daily Mail)

Exploitative orangutan boxing show in Bangkok criticised (Daily Mail)

MOTD2 analysis: Why an 'ugly win' mattered so much to Liverpool (BBC)

Mom to sue after son is shot dead by police on soccer field (CBS News)

Iraqi helicopter fires at ISIS targets in besieged Mosul (Daily Mail)

Taxpayer fury as police handed extra funding to look for missing Madeleine McCann (Daily Star)

Banksy's Walled Off hotel opens in Israel (Daily Mail)

Opinion: Don't expect Trump to get impeached like Park (CNN)

Trump Team Makes Healthcare Pitch With Attack on Nonpartisan CBO (Newsweek Magazine)

McCain: Trump should clarify wiretap claim (CNN)

Trump Voters Hit Hardest by GOP Health Care Plan (NBC News)

Is the House GOP healthcare bill the "win" President Trump needs? (CBS News)

ISIS Linked to Foiled Shopping Center Attack, Germany Says (Newsweek Magazine)

HMP Featherstone prisoner beaten in attack inside cell (Daily Mail)

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Shocking daylight attack shows thugs stomping on victim's face repeatedly (Daily Star)

PETER HITCHENS: The Thought Police are right behind YOU... (Daily Mail)

David Davis: We do have a Brexit Plan B (Daily Star)

Trump under pressure to fill top enforcement jobs (Financial Times - Paywall)

Speaker Ryan says hes seen no evidence of President Trumps wiretap claims (CBS News)

Calls for Trump to Retract Wiretapping Claims With Any Evidence Due Monday (Newsweek Magazine)

Bob Geldof booted off stage after Brexit rant (Daily Mail)

The McCanns welcome extra funding for Maddie search as police chase new lead (Daily Express)

Has Trump Followed Through on Promise to Donate Salary? (NBC News)

Crufts 2017: Best in Show prize won by Miami the American Cocker Spaniel (Daily Express)

Iran hands out death penalty in reformist crackdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

How Volunteering With Help Refugees UK Helped Relieve My Depression And Made My World Bigger (Huffington Post)

Violent police takedown caught on camera (CBS News)

Trump fires high-profile prosecutor (CNN)

Strong growth for top Chinese investments in UK (Financial Times - Paywall)

Fury as UK foreign aid money is spent on funding Palestinian 'terror schools' (Daily Express)

Brit volunteering in the fight against ISIS crowdfunds 'third tour' (Daily Star)

Andrew Marr Loses It With Camera Crew On Sunday Show (Huffington Post)

Watch: Alec Baldwins Trump Faces an Alien Invasion on SNL (Newsweek Magazine)

Intruder arrested after breaching White House grounds (CBS News)

More great white sharks lurking off Cape Cod, data shows (CBS News)

Heseltine says Tories 'appalled' by Brexit despite polls (Daily Mail)

Davis demands MPs overturn Brexit Bill defeats by Lords (Daily Mail)

Italian Job actor's death 'shock to all' (BBC)

FARAGE RETURNS? Ex Ukip leader reveals he would stand in South Thanet again (Daily Express)

Toys R Us recalls children's rattle ball in the UK (Daily Mail)

Fire kills 3-year-old girl, leads to death of responding firefighter (CBS News)

South Korea's ousted leader moves out of palace, apologizes for 'not fulfilling my duties' (Los Angeles Times)

'I'm not Harry's dad' Hewitt opens up ahead of 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death (Daily Express)

Trump associate plays down contact with alleged hacker (CNN)

German minister says threatened attack on mall linked to ISIS (Fox News)

Quora: How the ACLU is Fighting Trump in Court (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africas ANC Targets Corruption, Infighting to Salvage Support (Newsweek Magazine)

Photos show how dogs are set on each other in Kyrgyzstan (Daily Mail)

U.K. Minister Calls on Parliament to Pave Way for Swift Brexit Trigger (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Damascus death toll rises to 74 (CNN)

Diesel vans pump out 23 times more toxins than allowed under UK law but face NO penalties (Daily Express)

Maoist Rebels Ambush and Kill 11 Police Officers in India (New York Times - Paywall)

John McCain on President Trump's Russian Connections: Lot of Shoes to Drop' (Time Magazine)

David Davis urges MPs 'not to tie PM's hands' over Brexit bill (BBC)

South Korea's Ousted Leader Returns Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Al Qaeda-linked group claims deadly attack in Syrian capital (Fox News)

Two fans crushed to death at Argentina concert (Daily Mail)

New Approach May Allow Doctors to Attack Alzheimers Protein (Newsweek Magazine)

Tensions Rise as Turkish President Warns That Dutch Will Pay The Price ? (Time Magazine)

Frances Macron Endures Anti-Semitic Attack by Political Rivals (Newsweek Magazine)

Sizzling fantasy babes turn out in force at UK Comic Con (Daily Star)

Scarlett Johansson Takes on Ivanka Trump in Saturday Night Live Perfume Perfume Ad (Time Magazine)

Mass Grave of Shiite Inmates Killed by ISIS Found in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Netherlands ban Turkish ministers as dispute escalates (Fox News)

GCHQ spies warn Russian hackers could disrupt UK elections (Daily Mail)

Alec Baldwin Deals With Alien Invasion in His Saturday Night Live Return as Trump (Time Magazine)

'She's 40 years out of date' Farage shuts down Remainer Soubry during heated Brexit clash (Daily Express)

Five men arrested after teenager stabbed to death in Essex (Daily Mail)

Ousted South Korean President Starts Life as Private Citizen (Newsweek Magazine)

Neighbours 'heard screaming' as young man stabbed to death in brutal killing (Daily Star)

Sunday Show Round Up: Government Are Preparing For 'No Deal' In Brexit Negotiations (Huffington Post)

Erdogan Calls Dutch ‘Nazi Remnants’ After Turkish Minister Is Barred (New York Times - Paywall)

Ousted South Korean President Expresses Defiance Toward Corruption Allegations (Time Magazine)

Britain Has Brexit Backup Plan if EU Divorce Talks Fail (Newsweek Magazine)

Impeached former South Korean President says 'sorry' (CNN)

Mrs May's Brexit Brigade has only one option left (Daily Mail)

UK warned over Brexit talks failure (CNN)

£50 BILLION bill to quit EU? We politely say no, end of story says John Redwood (Daily Express)

Sessions Tough-on-Crime Tactics Have a History of Failure, Scholars Say (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korea's Park leaves presidential palace after impeachment (BBC)

Erdogan attacks Netherlands as Turkish row escalates (Financial Times - Paywall)

Foreign truck drivers clogging up UK lay-bys to dodge hefty EU 'rest fines' (Daily Express)

Threatened attack on German mall linked to ISIS, reports say (Fox News)

Trump Jr. Steps Back Into Politics, Says Has 'Zero Contact' With Dad (NBC News)

Why India's elections matter to world (CNN)

Israel warns ISIS will carry out chemical attack in Europe within MONTHS (Daily Star)

Park Geun-hye, Ousted South Korean Leader, Leaves Presidential Palace (New York Times - Paywall)

Ousted South Korean President Cheered As She Leaves Residence (NBC News)

Brexit secretary deflects manifesto pledge questions (BBC)

The Trump slump? Tourists say they're scared to visit the United States (Los Angeles Times)

'Waffle, Charm And Delay' Lord Heseltine Tears Into Boris Johnson's Brexit Interview (Huffington Post)

Why are British taxpayers funding Palestinian schools which promote TERRORISM? (Daily Express)

Remainer MP's have NO CHANCE of blocking Brexit blasts David Davis (Daily Express)

Defenders Say Fired Prosecutor Bharara Was 'Draining the Swamp' (NBC News)

South Korea's ousted leader leaves presidential palace (Fox News)

UK minister tells lawmakers not to delay Brexit (Fox News)

Trump Dumps Due Process to Target Any and All Immigrants (Newsweek Magazine)

3/11: Intruder arrested after breaching White House grounds; Skydiving dogs tackling South Africas poaching problem (CBS News)

Dad, twin 16-year-old daughters killed in shooting; mom wounded: police (CBS News)

Madagascar cyclone death toll rises to 50, authorities say (Fox News)

Brexit Fans Flames of Secession in Scotland (NBC News)

Spanish police arrest a 'very dangerous' British fugitive (Daily Mail)

Madeleine McCann: Police get cash boost (CNN)

Eastern European lorry drivers take breaks in UK laybys (Daily Mail)

The land of sleeper cells': Why ISIS experts warn against travel to Turkey this summer (Daily Express)

Crufts 2017 LIVE: Latest updates, winners and live stream of dog show (Daily Express)

David Davis Tells MPs Not To Change Brexit Bill Ahead Of Votes (Huffington Post)

South African baby girl abducted in Durban found safe and well (BBC)

The Budget Was An Opportunity To Show A Post-Brexit Vision, But It Failed To Deliver (Huffington Post)

2 people hospitalized from herbal tea, officials say (CBS News)

Drunken man steals forklift, crashes it, police say (CBS News)

Trump confronts alien invaders on 'SNL' (CNN)

Turkey-Dutch relations deteriorate after Turkish visits banned (CBS News)

Dutch police CLASH with Turkish protesters after Erdogan calls government Nazi remnants' (Daily Express)

Growing number of ISIS fighters regret joining terror group (CBS News)

Millions face death in African famine crisis (CBS News)

Blair did offer to help Trump in Middle East peace deal (Daily Mail)

The Papers: May 'has no Brexit plan B' (BBC)

Death toll in Guatemala fire rises to 39 (Fox News)

British jihadi 'could fly from UK despite being stopped' (Daily Mail)

BREXIT GLOOM: Sadiq Khan claims economy will FALL OFF A CLIFF' after two years (Daily Express)

Derided Nightly Show signs Jason Manford as presenter (Daily Mail)

Malala Yousafzai receives offer to study at UK university (Daily Mail)

Former captive journalist warns of 'SECOND ISIS turning up in LONDON with Kalashnikovs' (Daily Express)

Going to bed late makes you fat, experts say (Daily Mail)

China says it uses death penalty sparingly (Fox News)

Leaderless: Waking up to life without a president (CNN)

Theresa May's formal Brexit plan thrown into chaos (Daily Mail)

British economy will 'fall off cliff' without Brexit deal (Daily Mail)

Tesco chairman calls white men 'an endangered species' (Daily Mail)

Icy white hair is the latest celebrity hair trend (Daily Mail)

Do NOT stick two fingers up at voters' IDS warns MPs in final bid for clean Brexit (Daily Express)

Chameleon snatches insect off frog's back (Daily Mail)

Trump casts long shadow over Dutch election (CNN)

Alistair Burt and Jeremy Lefroysay say Brexit won't stop (Daily Mail)

My Shop: Why did the chicken restaurant cross the road? (BBC)

'Civil war' breaks out in White House over trade (Daily Mail)

Whats behind stock market surge after Trump election? (CBS News)

Fears for the future of Britain's mighty police horses (Daily Mail)

Madeleine McCann police funds extended for six months (BBC)

'That's an understatement' Ridge GRILLS Starmer over Labour's Brexit IMPLOSION (Daily Express)

Madeleine Bombshell: Police net closes in on just one man who is key to the mystery (Daily Express)

Tupac death REVEALED': Rapper shot dead in police-orchestrated drive-by' shock claims (Daily Star)

Baby, three-months, becomes youngest person to SUE the police (Daily Star)

Trump woos lawmakers to support Obamacare overhaul (CBS News)

Intruder arrested on White House grounds (CBS News)

Haiti Says Final Farewell to Former President Preval (NBC News)

Lincoln City fans set off smoke bombs at tube station (Daily Mail)

Haitians Bid Farewell to Former President Rene Preval (Newsweek Magazine)

Tracking Great White sharks (CNN)

OPINION: After firing Preet Bharara, President Trump beware (CNN)

Trump: 'Troubled' Intruder Breached White House Grounds (NBC News)

Why did people assume an Asian woman was the nanny? (BBC)

Donald Trump is pathological liar, claims Bernie Sander (Daily Mail)

White House: Intruder arrested on grounds while Trump at residence (BBC)

Tesco chairman: White men 'endangered species' in UK boardrooms (BBC)

Iraqi forces push to drive ISIS out of Mosul (CBS News)

Trump Travel Ban Weakens National Security, Foreign Policy Experts Argue (Newsweek Magazine)

Find out how far £299k stretches in the UK property market (Daily Mail)

Why Navy SEAL, civilians died in raid (CNN)

Fantasy obsessives flock to Comic Con to show off costumes (Daily Mail)

President Trump Praises Arrest of Troubled Person' Who Climbed Fence at White House (Time Magazine)

European East-West Divide Widens Ahead of Brexit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'I Stole to Feed My Family. ISIS Cut My Hand Off' (NBC News)

White House Intruder Arrested Near Trumps Residence (Newsweek Magazine)

Bodies of ISIS fighters litter the streets of west Mosul (Daily Mail)

Why U.S. Antimissile System in South Korea Worries China (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Property Taxes Are the Most Hated Levy in America (Newsweek Magazine)

Can Trump delegitimize government? (CNN)

German Police Order Mall to Stay Closed After Attack Threat (Time Magazine)

Florist boss shot as he dropped his child off at nursery (Daily Mail)

Why We Shouldn't Know Our Own Passwords (Time Magazine)

Limbecker Platz Mall In German City of Essen Ordered To Shut Following Tips Of Imminent Terror Attack (Huffington Post)

Turkeys President Erdogan Brands the Netherlands Nazi Remnants Over Barring Foreign Ministers Visit (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Are These Rebels Having So Many Babies? (NBC News)

Wind sweeps US scientist off his feet (BBC)

German Police Seal Off Shopping Mall After Indications of Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

TrumpWatch: 5 Disturbing Things From The World Of President Trump This Week (Huffington Post)

South Korean President's Ouster to Trigger Shift on U.S. Policy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Tesco Chairman John Allan Says White Men Are 'Endangered Species' (Huffington Post)

UK Politicians Call 'Fake News' On Stories They Don't Like, Aping Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Mother of Scottish toddler killed in Turkish café relieved (Daily Mail)

Dermot Murnaghan Reveals Injuries Sustained In Hit-And-Run Attack (Huffington Post)

ISIS defector reveals how terror groups propaganda draws recruits (CBS News)

ISIS kills "anyone who argues with them," says defector (CBS News)

German police order large mall to stay closed after attack threat (Fox News)

Sussex Police get Polish lessons to break down barriers (Daily Mail)

President's ouster caps months of discontent in South Korea, but will it change anything? (Los Angeles Times)

BT forced to hive off the broadband and phone cable firm (Daily Mail)

The mysterious death of a live-streaming gamer (BBC)

North Yorks police called to school for toilet ban protest (Daily Mail)

Cause of Russian ambassadors death wont be released (CBS News)

EU prepares for Britain to trigger start of Brexit (Financial Times - Paywall)

Depeche Mode dismiss claim of white supremacist (Daily Mail)

Nigeria's President Returns Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Sean Spicer Quotes Donald Trump On Jobs Report, Makes A Joke That Isn't Funny (Huffington Post)

Mexico lawmaker draws line in sand over Trump wall (Financial Times - Paywall)

White House civil war breaks out over trade (Financial Times - Paywall)

ISIS fanatic bragged about planning attack with emoji (Daily Mail)

Tourists among victims of ax attack at German train station (Fox News)

Why Medicaid Is So Hard for Republicans (NBC News)

The kids steal the show during dad's live interview (CNN)

Michael D'Antonio: Working for Trump is an embarrassment (CNN)

'Old slavery mentality' is making a comeback in lawless Libya, migrants say (Los Angeles Times)

CNN's Nic Robertson: Trump might push Europe over the edge (CNN)

South Korean president Park Geun-hye ousted (Financial Times - Paywall)

South Korea's president is removed from office as court upholds her impeachment (Los Angeles Times)

Number of immigrants caught at Mexican border plunges 40% under Trump (Los Angeles Times)

French police on the hunt for poachers who killed a white rhino in a zoo (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State attack on military hospital in Afghanistan kills 30 (Los Angeles Times)

Will South Korea's impeached president be removed from office? Court to announce verdict Friday (Los Angeles Times)

Trump talks tough on Iran, but can he bring jailed Americans home? (Los Angeles Times)

Why 'Homeland' Star Mandy Patinkin Is Furious (NBC News)

Iraqis relieved to be left off Trump's new travel ban (Los Angeles Times)

A Better Way to Walk On Ice: Watch a Stuntman Show How (NBC News)