Monday, 13th March 2017

World News

Toddler killed after hoverboard catches fire (CBS News)

ISIS is trapped in western Mosul as fighting continues (CBS News)

Pa. toddler becomes first U.S. death from hoverboard fire (CBS News)

Death toll over 60 in Ethiopia garbage dump collapse (CBS News)

Brexit bill: Lords pass landmark legislation on leaving EU (BBC)

U.K. Parliament Clears Way to Brexit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Geert Wilders clashes with Dutch PM Rutte in TV debate (Daily Mail)

"Carlos the Jackal" on trial for 1974 grenade attack (CBS News)

Randy Domino's sex girlfriend faces police action but lover let off for bizarre reason (Daily Star)

Hanging Gardens of Babylon REVEALED as ISIS jihadis 'find' site in freak accident (Daily Star)

Trump healthcare plan 'will strip insurance from 14 million' (BBC)

Your Guide to Who Attended President Trump's First Cabinet Meeting (Time Magazine)

Porn star quits sex industry after drug gave him 12 hour erection (Daily Star)

President Trump's Lawyers Plan a White House Legal Attack on Federal Agency Power (Time Magazine)

UK Parliament gives government power to begin Brexit (Fox News)

House of Lords peer compares Brexit to HITLER & blasts May for OBEYING will of the people (Daily Express)

Brexit Voting MPs Adopted Doctrine Of 'Hitler, Mussolini And Stalin', Says Lib Dem Lord Taverne (Huffington Post)

Sturgeon wants to rush through another vote before Brexit (Daily Mail)

Samsung's Galaxy S8 will be a FLOP, analyst claims (Daily Mail)

Trump to Host Chinas Xi in April at Mar-a-Lago (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Made 3 Big Promises on Health Care. The Budget Office Just Undercut All of Them (Time Magazine)

Turkey-Netherlands row: Dutch ambassador barred (BBC)

Spicer: Trump didn't mean wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping (CNN)

Turkey bans Dutch ambassador, cuts diplomatic ties (CNN)

Egyptian Prosecutor Orders Release of Hosni Mubarak, President Toppled in 2011 (New York Times - Paywall)

Boris Johnson Talks About New Royal Yacht Amid Brexit And Scottish Referendum Tensions (Huffington Post)

Reporter’s Notebook: Turkish Attempt to Close Gap With the West Seems to Widen It (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Pushes GOP Healthcare Plan as Opposition Mounts (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS cornered and desperate in Mosul (CBS News)

Teen refugees selling sex on the streets (CNN)

Iraqi forces fight back against ISIS in Mosul (CBS News)

Merkel postpones Trump meeting until Friday over weather (Daily Mail)

Businessman killed his friend when he crashed his dinghy (Daily Mail)

Nigerian Vice President Says He Has Buharis Approval for "Practically Everything" (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit Article 50 Bill Clears Parliament, Giving Theresa May Legal Power To Begin Leaving The EU (Huffington Post)

BREXIT BEGINS: Britain ready to LEAVE EU as Lords and MPs agree on Article 50 (Daily Star)

Trump adviser makes first foray into MidEast talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Brexit delay as Downing Street rules out triggering Article 50 until 'end of March' (Daily Express)

Exclusive: Former Mugabe Ally Joice Mujuru on Her Plan to Unseat the President (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Adviser on Mideast Visits Region for Meetings With Netanyahu and Abbas (New York Times - Paywall)

Nonprofit floats child sex dolls as treatment for pedophiles (Fox News)

'Staggering' Death Toll Of British Racehorses Revealed Ahead Of Cheltenham Festival (Huffington Post)

Erdogan insults highlight EU's Turkish dilemma (Financial Times - Paywall)

Geert Wilders, a Professional Outsider, Prepares for Dutch Elections (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africa ready to greenlight plans to expand rhino horn trade (Fox News)

Syria War Death Toll Hits 321,000 With Further 145,000 Missing: Monitor (Newsweek Magazine)

Hoverboard blamed for sparking fire that killed 3-year-old (CBS News)

Oranges target of Turkish anger in Netherlands row, and YouTubers go #RedOut for Red Nose Day (BBC)

Commonwealth Games: Durban, South Africa will not host Games in 2022 (BBC)

David Davis Says UK Will Not Deport EU Citizens After Brexit (Huffington Post)

Dutch PM denies shift to right over Turkey dispute (Financial Times - Paywall)

Dutch election polls LIVE: Updates as Geert Wilders takes on Mark Rutte in Netherlands (Daily Express)

Trump to host Xi at Mar-a-Lago (Financial Times - Paywall)

ISIS is cornered, desperate, and leaving trail of destruction (CBS News)

Former Catalan president barred from public office (Financial Times - Paywall)

Kellyanne Conway: I'm Not in the Job of Having Evidence About Wiretapping Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkey’s Relations With Europe Sink Amid Quarrel With Netherlands (New York Times - Paywall)

Jordan McCready who kicked boy to death taunts from jail (Daily Mail)

Kellyanne Conway Claims 'Microwaves With Cameras' Used By Spooks To Surveil People (Huffington Post)

Minnesota man was Nazi commander, Poland claims (Fox News)

Death toll reaches 62 in Ethiopia landfill collapse (Fox News)

Dutch Leader Takes Populist Turn to Fend Off Far-Right Party (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US sending attack drones to S. Korea (CNN)

Mexico Granted the Trump Organization More Trademarks (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump plans to host Chinese president (CNN)

Manhunt for serial sex predator after FOURTH attack as women warned to STAY AWAY (Daily Star)

Cancer photo couple: Son tells of impact of parents' death (BBC)

Trump crony on why "exchange" with DNC hacking suspect was "innocuous" (CBS News)

Brazil's President Moved Out Because of Ghosts' (Time Magazine)

Conway Mum on Explosive Wiretapping Claims (NBC News)

Why are Turkey and the Dutch feuding? (CNN)

Reality Check: Is banning Turkish rallies EU policy? (BBC)

First Read: Team Trump Makes Health Care Promises It Probably Can't Keep (NBC News)

Sunglasses-wearing sex attacker strikes for a FOURTH time (Daily Mail)

'I Stole to Feed My Family. ISIS Cut My Hand Off' (NBC News)

McCain: Trump should clarify wiretap claim (CNN)

'Carlos the Jackal' back on trial for deadly 1974 Paris attack (Fox News)

Scotland to Seek Vote on Independence From U.K. Over Brexit (NBC News)

Al Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Deadly Blasts in Damascus (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Donald Trump is Claiming Credit for Barack Obamas Successes (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkey-Netherlands row: Dutch warn citizens after Erdogan threat (BBC)

Family visiting Broadchurch cliffs dice with death (Daily Mail)

Brexit bill: Ministers expect MPs to reject changes (BBC)

Mother, 34, 'shaken like a toy' in viscous dog attack (Daily Mail)

Nicola Sturgeon to Seek Second Scottish Independence Referendum Over Brexit (Newsweek Magazine)

Nicola Sturgeon WILL seek second Scottish referendum over Brexit NEXT WEEK (Daily Star)

TrumpWatch: 5 Troubling Things From The World Of Donald Trump This Weekend (Huffington Post)

Poor Sleep Caused By Jet Lag Linked To Mental Health Problems, Say Experts (Huffington Post)

Four-year-old quizzed by police over alleged sex attack (Daily Mail)

Sturgeon plans to derail Brexit with second referendum (Daily Mail)

Banned Terror Group National Action To Launch New National Socialist Network, Charity Claims (Huffington Post)

Farron brands Corbyn 'utter shambles' as Labour leader joins hard-left protest over Brexit (Daily Express)

Landslide at landfill kills 50 (CNN)

When do MPs vote on the Brexit bill TONIGHT? What time is the Article 50 vote? (Daily Express)

People not as nice as they think, say psychologists (Daily Mail)

Trump to Meet with Top Saudi Prince to Discuss Investment (NBC News)

After a rocky start, Trump and Merkel are set to meet. Can they overcome their differences? (Los Angeles Times)

US commandos who KILLED Osama bin Laden readying to WIPEOUT Kim Jong-un (Daily Star)

Barry Bennell appears in court over 12 child sex offences (Daily Mail)

NASCAR driver punches rival in FACE on camera after he claims car was rammed (Daily Star)

Brazilian president moves house because of 'ghosts' (Daily Mail)

British DJ found GUILTY of beating Bali policeman to death (Daily Mail)

Vietnam Demands China Stop Sending Cruise Ships to the South China Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

Women Who Have Sex With Women Are Being Incorrectly Told They Don't Need Smear Tests (Huffington Post)

Ethiopia: Landslide Kills 48 at Garbage Dump in Capital (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to Meet Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

'Carlos the Jackal' Faces Trial Over 1974 Attack on Paris Mall (NBC News)

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon to make 'important' Brexit speech (BBC)

Evil thug who kicked boy, 13, to death posts selfies of his FEET to impress girl (Daily Star)

Italian sex acts model sets sights on bionic penis man (Daily Mail)

38 killed as bus ploughs into crowd of pedestrians before it's pelted with rocks (Daily Express)

Spicer confronted by woman who calls Trump 'facist' (Daily Mail)

Merkel under pressure as she jets in for tense talks with Trump over £44BN trade surplus (Daily Express)

ISIS THREAT: Seven suspected ISIS jihadis arrested in holiday hotspot popular with Britons (Daily Express)

John Oliver Takes Out More Ads to Explain the Health Care Bill to Trump (Time Magazine)

Many artifacts smashed by ISIS fanatics were fakes (CNN)

Article 50 To Be Triggered 'Within Days' As Brexit Bill Returns To Commons (Huffington Post)

MPs set to pave the way for Brexit today (Daily Mail)

'She's 40 years out of date' Farage shuts down Remainer Soubry during heated Brexit clash (Daily Express)

'Suspicious' death man found in road identified as 21-year-old Albanian (Daily Express)

May Enters Brexit Process in Strong Position, Though Threats Loom (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Iraqi troops tighten their grip around ISIS in Mosul (CBS News)

Diplomatic row grows between Turkey and Netherlands (CNN)

Dozens Killed in Landslide at Ethiopia Garbage Dump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Teen says she was forced to have sex with 1,000 men over 2 years (CBS News)

Bharara may have been fired over plan to investigate Trump (Daily Mail)

Putin critic claims he was targeted TWICE by the Kremlin (Daily Mail)

Baroness Karren Brady ATTACKS Lords for placing restraints on May in Brexit negotiations (Daily Express)

ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi spotted 'walking LIKE A CORPSE' after claims he's on death's door (Daily Express)

South Korean President Park Geun-hye's advisers offer to resign after her ouster, reports say (Fox News)

Iraqi helicopter fires at ISIS targets in besieged Mosul (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong-un preparing nuclear weapon 14 TIMES more powerful' in chilling warning to Trump (Daily Express)

A Crush of People Has Killed Two at a Massive Rock Concert in Argentina (Time Magazine)

38 People Have Been Killed by a Bus After a Hit-and-Run Incident in Haiti (Time Magazine)

Stroke kills grandma after 2 hospitals turned her away (Daily Mail)

With Coming Election, the Netherlands Considers a New Relationship to Muslims (New York Times - Paywall)

'Support the Netherlands or LEAVE' Geert Wilders tells Turks to reject 'CRAZY' Erdogan (Daily Express)

Now DENMARK blocks Turkish ministers from official visit as tensions continue to escalate (Daily Express)

Syrian father describes ISIS beheadings (Daily Mail)

Has Trump Followed Through on Promise to Donate Salary? (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton's election team met with Russian ambassador', Kremlin claims (Daily Express)

Damascus death toll rises to 74 (CNN)

Massive Garbage Dump Landslide in Ethiopia Kills At Least 46 People (Time Magazine)

Bus Accident Kills 34 at Haitian Street Festival (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Westminster is defunct & I hate it' claims SNP Mhairi Black & independence will happen' (Daily Express)

Adam Johnson on suicide watch' after year in jail for schoolgirl sex attack (Daily Star)

Post-partum psychosis: Why I thought I'd killed my baby (BBC)

Death's door: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'spotted like walking corpse' (Daily Star)

Dutch election explained in tulips (BBC)

Sturgeon tells May to OBEY her Brexit demands or face indyref2 in desperate ULTIMATUM' (Daily Express)

Britain will be 'in the WORST position among trading nations without Brexit trade deal' (Daily Express)

Norway claims UK will get NO BENEFITS' from Brexit as minister looks for DEAL with May (Daily Express)

BREXIT BEGINS: Lords PASS May's EU divorce Bill paving way for PM to trigger Article 50 (Daily Express)

Russia is up to dirty tricks' claims Boris Johnson (Daily Express)

Joe Biden at SXSW Vows to Work With the Trump Administration on Cancer (Time Magazine)

'Sin City' sex confessions: X-rated Brits lift lid on trips to world's romp capital (Daily Star)

Putin aide says Russia frustrated with Trump administration (CBS News)

Trump Voters Hit Hardest by GOP Health Care Plan (NBC News)

Hoverboard Blaze Kills 2-Year-Old in First Such Fatality (NBC News)

Turkey rallies row: Germany and Netherlands harden stance (BBC)

Julian Zelizer: Trump is winning (CNN)

Trump Tried to Speak to Bharara Before Dismissal, Sources Say (Newsweek Magazine)

2 Killed in Stampede at Over-Packed Argentinian Concert (Newsweek Magazine)

At Least 38 Are Killed by Driver Fleeing an Accident in Haiti (New York Times - Paywall)

Opinion: The President who got ousted for being embarrassing (CNN)

Trump Team Makes Healthcare Pitch With Attack on Nonpartisan CBO (Newsweek Magazine)

Is the House GOP healthcare bill the "win" President Trump needs? (CBS News)

ISIS Linked to Foiled Shopping Center Attack, Germany Says (Newsweek Magazine)

HMP Featherstone prisoner beaten in attack inside cell (Daily Mail)

Rep. Steve King Tweets Support for Far-Right Dutch Politician: Culture and Demographics Are Our Destiny' (Time Magazine)

Trump under pressure to fill top enforcement jobs (Financial Times - Paywall)

Speaker Ryan says hes seen no evidence of President Trumps wiretap claims (CBS News)

Calls for Trump to Retract Wiretapping Claims With Any Evidence Due Monday (Newsweek Magazine)

Bob Geldof booted off stage after Brexit rant (Daily Mail)

Iran hands out death penalty in reformist crackdown (Financial Times - Paywall)

Manchester mother says hysterectomy made her a sex addict (Daily Mail)

What's next for South Korea? (CNN)

Jordan Frees Soldier Who Killed 7 Israeli Schoolgirls in ’97 Rampage (New York Times - Paywall)

Erdogan's Dutch Nazi' comment sparks backlash (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syrian Jihadist Network Claims Damascus Twin Bombs (Newsweek Magazine)

Bus fleeing fatal accident strikes crowd, kills at least 34 (Fox News)

Watch: Alec Baldwins Trump Faces an Alien Invasion on SNL (Newsweek Magazine)

Ethiopia rubbish landslide kills 48 in Addis Ababa (BBC)

Elephant whacks and kills trainer at Japan zoo (Daily Mail)

Heseltine says Tories 'appalled' by Brexit despite polls (Daily Mail)

Davis demands MPs overturn Brexit Bill defeats by Lords (Daily Mail)

Italian Job actor's death 'shock to all' (BBC)

South Korea's ousted leader moves out of palace, apologizes for 'not fulfilling my duties' (Los Angeles Times)

Trump aide downplays contact with 'hacker' (CNN)

German minister says threatened attack on mall linked to ISIS (Fox News)

Quora: How the ACLU is Fighting Trump in Court (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africas ANC Targets Corruption, Infighting to Salvage Support (Newsweek Magazine)

Landslide at Ethiopian Garbage Dump Kills at Least 35 (New York Times - Paywall)

John McCain on President Trump's Russian Connections: Lot of Shoes to Drop' (Time Magazine)

David Davis urges MPs 'not to tie PM's hands' over Brexit bill (BBC)

South Korea's Ousted Leader Returns Home (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Al Qaeda-linked group claims deadly attack in Syrian capital (Fox News)

Two fans crushed to death at Argentina concert (Daily Mail)

New Approach May Allow Doctors to Attack Alzheimers Protein (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkish President Intensifies Dispute With European Nations: Nazism is Alive in the West' (Time Magazine)

Frances Macron Endures Anti-Semitic Attack by Political Rivals (Newsweek Magazine)

Mass Grave of Shiite Inmates Killed by ISIS Found in Iraq (Newsweek Magazine)

Netherlands ban Turkish ministers as dispute escalates (Fox News)

Turkey Vows to Retaliate Against the Netherlands in Harshest Ways (Newsweek Magazine)

Five men arrested after teenager stabbed to death in Essex (Daily Mail)

Ousted South Korean President Starts Life as Private Citizen (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain Has Brexit Backup Plan if EU Divorce Talks Fail (Newsweek Magazine)

Sessions Tough-on-Crime Tactics Have a History of Failure, Scholars Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Jordan releases soldier who killed 7 Israeli girls in 1997 (Fox News)

Trump Jr. Steps Back Into Politics, Says Has 'Zero Contact' With Dad (NBC News)

Park Geun-hye, Ousted South Korean Leader, Leaves Presidential Palace (New York Times - Paywall)

The Trump slump? Tourists say they're scared to visit the United States (Los Angeles Times)

Police spend £1million investigating Ted Heath claims (Daily Mail)

Defenders Say Fired Prosecutor Bharara Was 'Draining the Swamp' (NBC News)

South Korea's ousted leader leaves presidential palace (Fox News)

UK minister tells lawmakers not to delay Brexit (Fox News)

Trump Dumps Due Process to Target Any and All Immigrants (Newsweek Magazine)

Madagascar cyclone death toll rises to 50, authorities say (Fox News)

Trump confronts alien invaders on 'SNL' (CNN)

Turkey-Dutch relations deteriorate after Turkish visits banned (CBS News)

Skydiving dogs tackling South Africas poaching problem (CBS News)

Growing number of ISIS fighters regret joining terror group (CBS News)

Millions face death in African famine crisis (CBS News)

Blair did offer to help Trump in Middle East peace deal (Daily Mail)

Death toll in Guatemala fire rises to 39 (Fox News)

China says it uses death penalty sparingly (Fox News)

Trump's shadow over Dutch election (CNN)

Paul Callan: After firing Preet Bharara, Trump beware (CNN)

Bear killed in German zoo after it escapes from compound (Fox News)

Iraqi forces push to drive ISIS out of Mosul (CBS News)

Tensions escalate between Turkey, Netherlands over aircraft landing dispute (Fox News)

Mother of Scottish toddler killed in Turkish café relieved (Daily Mail)

ISIS defector reveals how terror groups propaganda draws recruits (CBS News)

ISIS kills "anyone who argues with them," says defector (CBS News)

German police order large mall to stay closed after attack threat (Fox News)

President's ouster caps months of discontent in South Korea, but will it change anything? (Los Angeles Times)

The mysterious death of a live-streaming gamer (BBC)

Michael D'Antonio: Working for Trump is an embarrassment (CNN)

'Old slavery mentality' is making a comeback in lawless Libya, migrants say (Los Angeles Times)

CNN's Nic Robertson: Trump might push Europe over the edge (CNN)

Dutch election: Bellwether for populism (CNN)

South Korea's president is removed from office as court upholds her impeachment (Los Angeles Times)

Number of immigrants caught at Mexican border plunges 40% under Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Brexit will put women's rights 'at risk' (CNN)

French police on the hunt for poachers who killed a white rhino in a zoo (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State attack on military hospital in Afghanistan kills 30 (Los Angeles Times)

Will South Korea's impeached president be removed from office? Court to announce verdict Friday (Los Angeles Times)

Trump talks tough on Iran, but can he bring jailed Americans home? (Los Angeles Times)

Canadian teenagers sold for sex (CNN)

How much will Brexit cost the UK? (CNN)

Woman trafficked for sex runs for freedom (CNN)