Friday, 7th April 2017

World News

U.S. "prepared to do more" after Syria strike, envoy says (CBS News)

Stockholm attack: 4 killed, 15 injured after truck plows into store in terror attack (CBS News)

Spicer tweets out photo of Trump being briefed on strikes (CBS News)

Russia cuts "deconfliction" hotline with U.S. after strikes (CBS News)

Manhunt underway for suspect in Sweden truck attack (CBS News)

How Stockholm became a terror attack target (Daily Mail)

Russian protection failed to prevent US airstrike in Syria (Daily Mail)

Syria Missile Strikes: What Can Trump Do Now? (NBC News)

4 Dead After Truck Hits Crowd in Sweden 'Terrorist' Attack (NBC News)

Sen. James Risch: U.S. Strikes in Syria Are a Turning Point for the World (Time Magazine)

President Trump sees push back from far-right supporters over U.S. airstrike in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Sweden's PM weeps at the scene of Stockholm terror attack (Daily Mail)

DoD releases satellite images of Syrian airfield hit by US (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN: Trump was right to bomb Assad (Daily Mail)

Stop the War coalition protest against Trump airstrikes (Daily Mail)

U.S: We could hit Syria more, are probing Russian gas role (Daily Mail)

The Evolving Constitutional Power Behind President Trump's Syria Airstrikes (Time Magazine)

U.S. Strike on Syria Shakes Up ISIS Fight (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syrian villagers near U.S. missile strike know the sound of battle but never as horrific as this (Los Angeles Times)

Melania Trump and Peng Liyuan visit a Florida school (Daily Mail)

Twitter forces US to drop demand for Trump critic's details (BBC)

KATIE HOPKINS: I'd like to support bombing Assad (Daily Mail)

U.S. missile strike in Syria dashes hope of improving ties with Russia (Los Angeles Times)

Four Dead in Stockholm Truck Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump’s Strike on Syria Has All Sides Asking: What Next? (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump to make China state visit, says top US diplomat (BBC)

Netanyahu leads praise of Trump airstrikes on Syria (Daily Mail)

Syria Strike Puts U.S. Relationship With Russia at Risk (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian girl, 7, tweets support for missile strikes (CBS News)

Impact of U.S. strikes on Syria air base (CBS News)

What message is Trump sending with Syria attack? (CBS News)

Trump Aims to Push China on Trade, North Korea at Summit (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

U.S. Probes Possible Russian Role in Attack by Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syrians mock Assad slogan with faux Trump propaganda (Daily Mail)

The Grim Logic Behind Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Read Nikki Haley's Remarks to the United Nations Following U.S. Airstrikes on Syria (Time Magazine)

US investigates possible Russia role in Syria chemical attack; Pentagon says missile strike caused 'severe damage' (CNN)

Syria war: US warns of 'more' after missile strikes (BBC)

Intel, not just heart-wrenching pictures, convinced US to act on Syria (Fox News)

Young People in China Arent Living With Their Parents Unlike American Millennials (Newsweek Magazine)

Inside Trumps decision to strike Syrian air base (CBS News)

Sen. Rubio on U.S. strike on Syria air base, removing al-Assad (CBS News)

How Trumps strike on Syria impacts foreign relations (CBS News)

Syrian Refugee Hassan Akkad Confronts Anti-Donald Trump Stop The War Protesters At Downing Street (Huffington Post)

Russia says U.S. strike on Syria violated international law (CBS News)

Angered by U.S. anti-missile system, China takes revenge (CBS News)

Trump's Syria Strike Sends 'Critical Message' to Enemies (NBC News)

Downing Street backs US missile strike on Syrian air base (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton called for the US air strike hours earlier (Daily Mail)

U.S. missiles hit Syria air base behind chemical attack (CBS News)

LA girl with childhood Alzheimer's in race against time (Daily Mail)

Trump's Approval Rating Likely to Get Boost from Syria Strike (Newsweek Magazine)

In South Africa, thousands from all races march against President Jacob Zuma, but unity remains elusive (Los Angeles Times)

Russia Sends Warships Toward U.S. Navy after Syria Bombing (Newsweek Magazine)

'Everything Indicates' Terror Attack in Stockholm (New York Times - Paywall)

After the Syria Strike, It's Time to Put Putin Right on Terrorism (Newsweek Magazine)

The Pentagon Released Satellite Photos of the U.S. Airstrikes on Syria (Time Magazine)

Stockholm terror attack suspect wrestled to the floor (Daily Mail)

'Scratching their heads:' Populist supporters abandon Trump (CNN)

How Trump was able to order U.S. strikes on Syria without congressional approval (CBS News)

Terror attack in Stockholm kills four people (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria missile attack: Satellite photos show major damage to airfields (Fox News)

Russia responds to U.S. strike against Assad in Syria (CBS News)

ISIS sympathizers question motives behind Syria air strike (Fox News)

Stockholm Truck Attack Kills 4; Terrorism Is Suspected (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Strike Unlikely to Endanger Assad Rule (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Swedish police make arrest after 'hijacked' truck attack (CNN)

Syria May Have Ability to Make More Chemical Weapons: Officials (NBC News)

US missile strike could resonate beyond Syria (Fox News)

How accurate was U.S. strike on Syrian airbase? (CBS News)

World's first sex robot that feels pleasure' filmed having ORGASM' in X-rated video (Daily Star)

Syria strike sends powerful message to North Korea (Fox News)

Hundreds of people run for their lives after Sweden attack (Daily Mail)

Was the U.S. Missile Strike on Syria Legal? (NBC News)

'ESCALATING war' Thornberry blasts Trump for launching strikes 'without ANY evidence' (Daily Express)

Stay out of our way' US soldiers at risk as Russia AXES emergency hotline (Daily Star)

Congress reacts to Trumps strike on Syria (CBS News)

Police in Norway to carry weapons after Stockholm attack (Fox News)

Satisfaction and Fear of Reprisals in Syria After Missile Strike (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. missile strike in Syria, Congress budget battle and Obamacare answers (CBS News)

Syrian-Born U.S. Mayor: Trump's Missile Strikes 'Brings Joy' to Millions (NBC News)

Twitter Drops Lawsuit Against U.S. Government Over Anti-Trump Account (Time Magazine)

Trump strikes Syria: Whats next? (CBS News)

Nancy Pelosi calls on GOP to immediately reconvene Congress after U.S. strikes (CBS News)

Tel Aviv Diary: Israelis Welcome Trump's Missiles Against Assad (Newsweek Magazine)

London terror attack victim's Kurt Cochran's sister on GMB (Daily Mail)

Rubio: North Korea Should be Worried about U.S. Attack after Syrian Strike (Newsweek Magazine)

‘Mr. President, Syria Needs Our Help’: Times Readers React to Missile Strike (New York Times - Paywall)

Men risk their lives to rescue boys in river in China (Daily Mail)

Footage shows panda breastfeeding its cub in China (Daily Mail)

Seth Meyers Trolls Trump With President Steve Bannon' Memes (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump's Threats Against Xi Jinping's Chinese Trade Policies Would Wreck U.S. Economy, Say Experts (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia Is Angry, But Don't Expect Putin to Fall Out with Trump Over Syria (Time Magazine)

U.S. Investigating Possible Russian Participation in Syrian Chemical Attack, Officials Say (Time Magazine)

Russia-US communication channel to remain open following Syria strikes (Fox News)

Donald Trump is trolling Donald Trump (CNN)

Syrian Airstrikes Leave Key Questions About President Trump's Intentions Unanswered (Time Magazine)

Bana Alabed, young Syrian refugee, tweets support for Trump's airstrikes against 'killers of my people' (Fox News)

White House Releases Photo of President Trump Getting Briefed on Syria Strike (Time Magazine)

Chemical attack: What we know (BBC)

Syria airstrike: Russia retaliates after US airstrikes (Daily Mail)

A History of Trump's Conflicting Statements on Bombing Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Who Advised President Trump To Bomb Syria? (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria Says Strike Kills 16, Damages Air Base (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Syria Strikes Draw Rare Show of Bipartisan Support (Newsweek Magazine)

US strike on Syria: An animated map (CNN)

Allies and adversaries react to U.S. attack in Syria (CBS News)

Watch the U.N. Security Council's Meeting to Discuss the U.S. Syria Military Strike (Time Magazine)

Belgium DROPS terror charges against Tunisian man (Daily Mail)

Trump's attack on Syrian airbase draws widespread praise, some criticism (Fox News)

Syrian civil war explained: How anti-Assad sentiment escalated (Fox News)

Did President Trump Do The Right Thing? (Huffington Post)

Jeremy Corbyn CONDEMNS US strikes against Assad (Daily Mail)

U.S. Launches Cruise Missiles at Syrian Air Base (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump Might Be Seen To Have "Done Something" For Syria, But He Has Done Nothing For The Syrian People (Huffington Post)

Trump Should Make America's Power Grid Great Again (Time Magazine)

Russian warship steams toward US destroyers that launched Syria strikes (Fox News)

Police in Norway to begin carrying weapons after Stockholm attack (Fox News)

Eye Opener: Trump retaliates against Syria (CBS News)

Five big risks after Trump's Syria strike (CNN)

STOCKHOLM TERROR: Moment police pounce on man after Sweden attack leaves three dead (Daily Express)

Why is Syria at War and Who is Fighting? A Brief History of the Syrian Conflict before Trumps Military Intervention (Newsweek Magazine)

This Map Shows Where the Syria Chemical Attack and U.S. Missile Strikes Took Place (Time Magazine)

Stockholm Attack Revives Memory of Botched Christmas Bomb Plot in Swedish Capital (Newsweek Magazine)

Revealed: First photos of Assad aide heading Syria's chemical weapons unit (Fox News)

Marco Rubio on possibility of Syrian chemical attack against U.S. troops (CBS News)

The Interpreter: Syria’s ‘Conundrum’: Limited Strikes Risk Entrenching Assad’s Strategy (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria airstrike: How Trump unleashed missiles accurately (Daily Mail)

Vehicles as weapons: Stockholm attack part of emerging terror tactic (CNN)

BREAKING: Manhunt launched as face of Stockholm terror attack suspect REVEALED (Daily Star)

Sweden truck attack follows string of similar vehicle assaults (Fox News)

Where Are All These Jobs Trump Promised?' Jay Leno Crashed The Tonight Show to Mock Politics (Time Magazine)

U.S. Strikes on Syria Put Xi in Tough Position for Trump Meeting (New York Times - Paywall)

SWEDEN TERROR: Manhunt after Stockholm attack police release FIRST PICTURE of suspect (Daily Express)

Did Trump Violate UN Law With Syria Missile Attack? (Newsweek Magazine)

Hot air balloons 'break cross-channel record' (BBC)

Syria and Russia: A history of Moscow's role (Fox News)

Trumps Attack on Syria Killed Four Children, State News Agency Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Hot air balloons take to the sky in world record attempt (Daily Mail)

Russia Claims Drone Footage Shows Aftermath of U.S. Strikes (NBC News)

Video shows scene after Sweden attack (CNN)

Failure to strike post-Brexit deal will hit Brussels hard (Daily Mail)

Syrian Refugee Bana Alabed Supports Donald Trump's Airstrike (Huffington Post)

Iran issues threat over US strikes in Syria (Fox News)

Jeremy Corbyn says US air strikes in Syria 'wrong' (BBC)

BREAKING NEWS: Stockholm station evacuated after lorry terror attack (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Moment man arrested by armed cops following Stockholm terror attack (Daily Star)

Arabs praise 'Abu Ivanka' aka Trump for Syria strike and #AmericaIsOverParty fears army draft (BBC)

Special Report: New details on U.S. strikes against Syria (CBS News)

Striking Bashar Assad in Retaliation for the Syria Gas Attack Is a Horrible Idea (Time Magazine)

Romanian Tourist Injured in Westminster Terror Attack Dies (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Photos of the scene after a fatal truck attack in Sweden (Fox News)

U.S. launches cruise missiles against Syrian regime target (CBS News)

Woman knocked from bridge into river during London attack has died (CBS News)

What Trump's Syria Strike Means for Russia and Assad (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria calls US attack 'reckless irresponsible behavior' (Fox News)

MSNBC Host Brian Williams Hails 'Beautiful' Navy Ship Warheads Attacking Syria (Huffington Post)

Terror charges dropped against Belgium high-speed driver (Fox News)

Russia Suspends Cooperation With U.S. in Syria After Missile Strikes (New York Times - Paywall)

Derbyshire toddler suffers facial injuries in dog attack (Daily Mail)

Woman dies weeks after London attack (CNN)

Syria war: World reaction to US missile attack (BBC)

The Saturday Profile: A Former First Lady Presses On for a Tolerant, Feminist Islam (New York Times - Paywall)

China urges 'restraint' after U.S. airstrike on Syrian airfield (Los Angeles Times)

Oil prices leap after US strike on Syria (CNN)

Trump Launches Missile Strikes on Syria Base Over Chemical Attack (NBC News)

US strike undermines fight on terror, Russia says (CNN)

Syria's President Bashar Assad Condemns U.S. Air Strike: A Reckless and Irresponsible Act' (Time Magazine)

Syria strike prompts Russia to shut down communication channel with US (Fox News)

About 20 Syrian jets destroyed in missile strike, defense officials say (Fox News)

Four Big Questions After Trump's Syria Strike (NBC News)

The Morning Brief: U.S. Missile Attack on Syria, Neil Gorsuch Vote and New Job Numbers (Time Magazine)

Russia Pledges to Increase Effectiveness' of Syrian Air Defenses (Newsweek Magazine)

Syrian ally Iran blasts U.S. missile strikes as 'dangerous, destructive and a violation of international law' (Los Angeles Times)

News Analysis: On Syria Attack, Trump’s Heart Came First (New York Times - Paywall)

Mortar attack kills 3 civilians in Somalia's capital (Fox News)

Jeremy Corbyn: US Syria attack 'wrong' without UN backing (BBC)

Putin calls US airstrikes on Syria an 'act of aggression' (Daily Mail)

China Calls for Calm After U.S. Missiles Strike Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria airstrike: US alerted Russia minutes before attack (Daily Mail)

Russia Suspends Air Deal, Slams U.S. 'Aggression' (NBC News)

Syria strikes: International community reacts to US bombing of airfield (Fox News)

Khan Sheikhoun, Town Where Chemical Attack Killed 86, Hit in Another Airstrike (Newsweek Magazine)

SAS mission to destroy Assad's chemical arsenal in Syria 'ABORTED at last minute' (Daily Express)

Syria airstrike: Trump explains his reasoning for attack (Daily Mail)

Putin hits back at Trump: Cruise missile WARSHIP sent to Syria hours after US strike (Daily Star)

Hillary Clinton Explains Why She Really Lost to Trump (NBC News)

What is the U.S. Tomahawk Missile Used in the Syria Airstrike? (Newsweek Magazine)

Exclusive: Somalia's Ex-President Urges Trump to Collaborate' to Fight Al-Shabab (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria and Russia issue rebuke after U.S. airstrike (Los Angeles Times)

US fires missiles at Syrian base (Fox News)

Farage lays into Trump after US strikes Syrian regime (Daily Mail)

The US is policing the world' Le Pen SAVAGES Trump over airstrike on Syrian base (Daily Express)

Uruguay becomes the first country to sell cannabis (Daily Mail)

Oil Prices Jump After U.S. Launches Missile Strike in Syria (NBC News)

Norway Is Building the World's First Tunnel for Ships (Time Magazine)

Norwegian PM visits China as part of restoration of ties (Fox News)

'Miracle' Teen Troy Mackinlay Left With 85% Burns After House Fire Leaves Hospital For First Time (Huffington Post)

Syria airstrike shows how differently Trump and Obama work (Daily Mail)

London terror attack victim Andreea Cristea dies (Daily Mail)

Some in Congress, Rebel Group Praise U.S. Strike on Syrian Airfield (NBC News)

Timeline: The Week the Trump Administration Changed Its Mind on Syria (Time Magazine)

Elderly man in racist rant against woman in Wales (Daily Mail)

The Syrian Girl Who Tweeted Aleppo's Downfall Welcomed Trump's Air Strike (Time Magazine)

Trump: Why I Launched a Missile Strike on Syria (NBC News)

World response to US strike reflects divide over Syria (Fox News)

"Q:And babies? A: And Babies." Trump Finally Realises Assad Is A Very Bad Man (Huffington Post)

Westminster Bridge attack victim Andreea Cristea dies (BBC)

Aftermath of US strike on Syria airbase (CNN)

Was Syria chemical attack a HOAX? Shock theory claims Assad DID NOT gas his own people (Daily Star)

Some of President Trump's Biggest Fans Aren't Happy About the Syria Strike (Time Magazine)

Syria Missile Attack Gets Mixed Reaction in Congress (Time Magazine)

SAS faces toughest challenge against outraged VILLAGERS (Daily Mail)

'It's not funny' Dimbleby tells off BBC QT audience for laughing at his Trump impression (Daily Express)

U.K. Terror Attack River Plunge Victim Dies From Wounds (NBC News)

Nigel Farage Has Finally Turned On Donald Trump Over Syria Air Strikes (Huffington Post)

Trump orders barrage of 59 missiles in response to chemical attack on Syrian civilians (CNN)

Passerby chases and tackles thief who stole watch in China (Daily Mail)

Mobile footage of missile strike in Syria (BBC)

UK government 'fully supports' US air strike in Syria (BBC)

How the World Reacted to President Donald Trump's Air Strike On Syria (Time Magazine)

U.S. strike targeted airfield linked to chemical attack (CBS News)

How Donald Trump launched the Syria missiles Barack Obama tried and failed to fire (Daily Express)

Corbyn CONDEMNS Trump's Syria missile strikes in defiance of Labour MPs (Daily Express)

'Mowgli girl' filmed walking upright for the first time (Daily Mail)

Greece strikes deal on reforms with bailout monitors (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump on Syria latest: How Donald Trump's strategy to end war in Syria CHANGED (Daily Express)

Syria decries "aggression" as U.S. launches missile strikes (CBS News)

What is Congress saying about the Syria missile strike? (CBS News)

Trump launches military strikes against Assad's Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Syria attack PROVES Trump will crush North Korea: 'When I make a threat, I am serious' (Daily Star)

Donald Trump's Syria Airstrike Angers Alt-Right Who Quickly Distances Themselves From US President (Huffington Post)

Hillary Clinton called on US to attack Assad airfields hours before Donald Trump struck (Daily Star)

World reaction: Who's with US on Syria airstrike and who isn't? (CNN)

Tim Tebow's first at-bat as minor leaguer one for the books (CBS News)

Turkey arrests Syrian pilot (Fox News)

Trump-Xi summit overshadowed by US strike on Syria (CNN)

What We Know About Donald Trump's Strike on Syrian Regime Air Base (Newsweek Magazine)

US missile strikes Syria: Vid shows moment sky lights up in flames as Russia RAGES (Daily Star)

Trump's attack on Syria: A decisive action, a good speech, but now what? (CNN)

Norway to Build World's First Ship Tunnel to Bypass Ocean (NBC News)

China condemns Syria chemical attack, supports investigation (Fox News)

From chemical attack to US strike: How it all unfolded (CNN)

Putin slams 'trumped-up' US strike against Syria (CNN)

The Romanian Tourist Hurt in the London Attack Has Died (Time Magazine)

Russia Pulls Out of Syria Air Safety Deal With U.S. After Strike (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump says Assad "choked out" innocent lives (CBS News)

BRINK OF WW3: You PLANNED THIS' Putin accuses USA of plotting strike BEFORE chemical hit (Daily Express)

PICTURED: Syria airbase battered by US Trump's Tomahawk missile attack (Daily Express)

Syria: Will Russia go to war with the USA over missile strikes on Syrian airbase? (Daily Express)

US Syria Strikes 'Entirely Appropriate' Response To Chemical Attack, Says Michael Fallon (Huffington Post)

Why Missile Strikes Hit Aircraft, Refueling Areas at Syrian Airfield (NBC News)

Trump's Syria U-Turn: What Next? (Huffington Post)

Syria war: US launches missile strikes in response to chemical 'attack' (BBC)

Full Transcript: Donald Trump Speech on Bashar al-Assad and Ordering Strikes on Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

South Africans gather for nationwide protests against Zuma (Fox News)

'Be calm' China acts as PEACEMAKER amid US and Russia FURY at Syria missile strike (Daily Express)

Will US and Britain invade Syria? Trump says something should happen' to terrible' Assad (Daily Star)

4/6: U.S. strikes Syria; Washington state readies for federal marijuana crackdown (CBS News)

Russia Condemns U.S. Missile Strike on Syria as Aggression Against a Sovereign State' (Time Magazine)

Pro-Jeremy Corbyn Group Protests Against New Statesman Magazine Over Treachery' (Huffington Post)

London Attack Victim Andreea Cristea Dies, Bringing Death Toll To Five (Huffington Post)

Russia condemns US strike on Syrian air base (Financial Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump's Syria Airstrike Prompts Calls Of Hypocrisy As Refugee Ban Remains In Place (Huffington Post)

Romanian tourist injured during London attack has died (Fox News)

Syria war: Is Trump slipping into Syria quagmire? (BBC)

Romanian woman who fell into Thames dies two weeks after Westminster terror attack (Daily Express)

'Brutally ripped away' Westminster terror attack river plunge woman dies two weeks on (Daily Star)

Russia says Syria airstrike an 'aggression' by US (Fox News)

The U.S. Struck a Syrian Air Base with Tomahawk Missiles. What Are They? (Time Magazine)

Trump speaks after cruise missile launch (CBS News)

Iran DENOUNCES US missile strikes on Syria airbase after deadly chemical attack (Daily Express)

Fact Check: Trump Recycles Overstated Campaign Claims About China and Trade (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria airstrikes: Russia to suspend airspace deal with US (Fox News)

BREAKING: ISIS 'attack military base targeted by Donald Trump missile strike' (Daily Star)

Trump’s Syria Missile Strike: Here’s What Happened (New York Times - Paywall)

Heartbreaking photo of fathers goodbye to twins killed in Syria (CBS News)

U.S. launches cruise missile strike against Syria (CBS News)

US warships launch cruise missiles at Syria (CNN)

Analysis: Change of heart on Syria (CNN)

U.S. launches missile strike against Syria (CBS News)

North Korea’s Missile Test, a 9-Minute Hop, Leaves Analysts Puzzled (New York Times - Paywall)

Hillary Clinton Called for Strikes on Syrian Airfields Shortly Before Trump's Announcement (Time Magazine)

Weapons: The Tomahawk missiles US used to attack (CNN)

Trump welcomes 'friend' China's Xi for talks (BBC)

Tillerson opens door to Syria regime change (CBS News)

BREAKING: British Government FULLY SUPPORTS' Donald Trump's missile blast against Syria (Daily Express)

U.S. appears to be on the verge of Syria missile strike (CBS News)

BREAKING: Moscow condemns Trump's 'act of AGGRESSION' after US missile strike on Syria (Daily Express)

Syria Decries Aggression' as U.S. Launches Missile Attack (Time Magazine)

Russia and Iran respond to Trump's military action against Syria (Daily Star)

BREAKING: ISIS swoops after Donald Trump Syria missile strike with attack 20 miles away (Daily Express)

Key moments from the U.S.-led campaign in Iraq and Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Syria airstrikes: International community reacts to US bombing of airfield (Fox News)

Syria decries 'aggression' as US launches cruise missiles (Fox News)

Donald Trump's airstrikes against Syria 'will serve TERRORISM', official claims (Daily Express)

The Latest: Netanyahu welcomes US attack on Syria base (Fox News)

News Analysis: Striking at Assad Carries Opportunities, and Risks, for Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

US airstrikes on Syria followed international condemnation of chemical attack (Fox News)

US missiles target Syria airfield in response to chemical weapons attack (Fox News)

How Congress Reacted to Trump's Missile Attack on Syria (Time Magazine)

U.S. launches dozens of missiles in response to chemical weapons attack (Los Angeles Times)

WATCH: This is the moment Donald Trump launches 59 Tomahawk missiles against Syrian regime (Daily Express)

Dozens of U.S. Missiles Hit Air Base in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Defense secretary to brief Trump about military options in Syria (CBS News)

Trump, Xi dined while missiles struck Syria (CNN)

Chinese Grand Prix: Max Verstappen tops first practice after helicopter delays (BBC)

US Bombs Syria In First Direct Military Strike Against Assad Regime (Huffington Post)

With China meetings, Trump facing another huge test (CBS News)

Syria denies chemical attack as Trump weighs U.S. response (CBS News)

Trump administration changes its tune, again, on Syrias Assad (CBS News)

Philippines' Duterte Orders Fortification of South China Sea Islands (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump's Syria bombing HAILED by US politicians - but 'further action is needed' (Daily Express)

Tillerson condemns 'INCOMPETENT or COMPLICIT' Russia as US launches missiles on Syria (Daily Express)

VIDEO: Moment US launches Tomahawk cruise missile strike against Syria (Daily Star)

Trump considering Syria military options, says of Assad "something should happen" (CBS News)

18 Times Donald Trump Said the U.S. Shouldn't Bomb Syria (Time Magazine)

Putin spokesman: Russian support for Assad not unconditional (CBS News)

Russia has been Assad's greatest ally as it was to his father before him (Los Angeles Times)

A Timeline of the Syrian Civil War and U.S. Response (Time Magazine)

The Trump Administration Warned Russia About the U.S. Missile Attack on Syria (Time Magazine)

Transcript and Video: Trump Speaks About Airstrikes in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

The images that moved Trump to act (CNN)

Syria airstrikes: What are Tomahawk cruise missiles? (Fox News)

No child of God should suffer such horror' Trump says missile strike REVENGE for kids (Daily Star)

Initial reports indicate Syrian airbase 'almost completely destroyed' after US strike (Fox News)

What to Know About the U.S. Missile Attack on Syria (Time Magazine)

Read President Trump's Remarks on the Syrian Missile Attack (Time Magazine)

US launches missiles into Syria in response to chemical weapons attack (Fox News)

President Trump Says U.S. Missile Attack on Syria Is in Vital National Security Interest' (Time Magazine)

Honda recalls Accords in the US to check replaced air bags (Fox News)

How Trump's missile strike in Syria is really a message to Russia: 'Don't mess with us' (Daily Express)

BREAKING: Donald Trump urges 'ALL CIVILISED NATIONS TO END TERRORISM' after Syria strike (Daily Express)

U.S. Launches Airstrikes on Syrian Air Base (Time Magazine)

U.S. Launches Missile Strike on Syrian Military Airfield (Newsweek Magazine)

Experts counter Russia, Syrias explanation on chemical attack (CBS News)

BREAKING: Donald Trump launches 60 CRUISE MISSILES against Syria despite Russian threats (Daily Express)

What happened to Syria's chemical weapons? (Los Angeles Times)

BREAKING: US launches MASSIVE cruise missile strike against Syria despite Russia threat (Daily Star)

The Risks of Trumps Strike on Assad in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: Russia THREATENS Donald Trump with 'negative consequences' if he strikes Syria (Daily Express)

Doctor in Syria stood trial on terror offences (Daily Mail)

Masters favorite pulls out after first shot (CNN)

Trump Dines With China Leader: 'We Have Developed a Friendship' (NBC News)

President Trump Briefed on Military Options for Syria (NBC News)

Here's some of what we know about the apparent chemical weapons attack in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. Crafts Options for Syria Strike After Deadly Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump may retaliate against Syria (CNN)

U.S. Launches a Missile Attack at Syria in a Test of President Trump's America First' Policy (Time Magazine)

Hillary Clinton: 'Take out' Assad's air fields (CNN)

PHOTOS: US conducts cruise missile strike against Syria (Fox News)

Chinese Fighter Plane Spotted on Disputed South China Sea Island (Newsweek Magazine)

Duterte orders Philippine troops to South China Sea reefs (Daily Mail)

Syria's Assad was in a strong position a week ago. A suspected chemical attack changed everything (Los Angeles Times)

Trump expects GREAT FRIENDSHIP' with Chinese president Xi Jinping as leaders meet in US (Daily Express)

$315M for world's first ship tunnel (CNN)

Mark Hertling: Trump's first cold slap of reality (CNN)

Syria war: US says no role for Assad following gas 'attack' (BBC)

Gun guard at Grand National: Armed police on terror alert at Aintree for FIRST time ever (Daily Express)

8 arrested in St. Petersburg subway bomb attack (CNN)

What Melania Trump should know about China's first lady (CNN)

Russian Military Jets in Syria May Be Sold to South America (Newsweek Magazine)

Ostrich attempts to run away from a farm in China (Daily Mail)

Strike a Pose! Documentary Spotlights Dancers Who Taught Madonna to Vogue (NBC News)

Norway to build 'world's first ship tunnel' (BBC)

The U.S. is abdicating its role as the world's climate leader. Can China take its place? (Los Angeles Times)

Trump considers military strikes in Syria after gas horror (Daily Mail)

Is China stealing US jobs? (CNN)

BA co-pilot died after he was poisoned by contaminated air (Daily Mail)

Len McCluskey Had 'No Knowledge' Unite Members Decided Against Ken Livingstone Expulsion (Huffington Post)

Call to Action': Harvard Students Launch Resistance School to Combat President Trump (Time Magazine)

The Story Behind a Newspaper's Cover Photo of 7 Dead Syrian Children (Time Magazine)

Three arrested over links to Russia terror attack bomber (Daily Mail)

Survivors of Syria chemical attack grapple with fallout (Fox News)

Russia Bans a Not-So-Manly Image of Putin (New York Times - Paywall)

Frida Ghitis: Trump learns being President is not easy (CNN)

Trump takes tougher stance on apparent Syria chemical attack (CBS News)

Chemical attack probe aided by presence of victims in Turkey (Fox News)

Turkey says autopsies prove chemical attack in Syria (CBS News)

Why Donald Trump Won't Try and Oust Syrias Bashar al-Assad (Newsweek Magazine)

Tillerson: No doubt Assad is responsible (CNN)

Syrian government insists it does not use chemical weapons; US vows serious response to attack (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Doubles Down on Syria Rhetoric, Something Should Happen' with Assad (Newsweek Magazine)

‘I Buried My Own Children’: A Syrian Father’s Grief (New York Times - Paywall)

Bomb Defused in St. Petersburg as 8 Held in Connection With Metro Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

House Russia investigation shake-up (CBS News)

Pro-Corbyn Group Protests Against New Statesman Magazine Over 'Treachery' (Huffington Post)

UN strongly condemns North Korea's latest missile launch (Fox News)

U.S. Military Conducts Rare Missile Defense Test To Block North Korea Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump meets with Chinese president amid North Korea tension (CBS News)

Teen ballplayer "fighting for his life" after attack (CBS News)

Nunes to Step Aside From Russia Investigation (NBC News)

Banned Nerve Agent Sarin Used in Syria Chemical Attack, Turkey Says (New York Times - Paywall)

Yemen officials: US strike kills 3 al-Qaida fighters (Fox News)

Serbs protest for 4th day against powerful president-elect (Fox News)

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