Monday, 10th April 2017

World News

Video shows man pulled from seat, dragged off United flight (CBS News)

High-profile Chicago judge shot and killed (CBS News)

Whats next for Syria after chemical attack, airstrikes? (CBS News)

Ohio man jumps off court balcony to his death before trial (Daily Mail)

Birmingham police force CHILDREN to ground at GUNPOINT (Daily Mail)

U.S. officials: Russia knew in advance about Syria gas (Daily Mail)

Police are filmed dragging man off United Airlines flight (Daily Mail)

Tense: Inside the closed-door UN deliberations on Syria (CNN)

Theresa May speaks to Trump over the war in Syria (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump unmasked: What First Daughter's shock makeover REALLY means (Daily Star)

Sergio Garcia: Golf champ credits sexy bride after Masters victory (Daily Star)

Donald Trumps Approval Rating Relatively Flat After Syria Airstrikes (Newsweek Magazine)

Man Who Fatally Shot Texas Deputy Killed Himself the Next Day (Time Magazine)

G-7 ministers aim to press Russia to stop backing Assad (Los Angeles Times)

United CEO Apologizes After Video Shows Man Dragged Off Flight (NBC News)

Officials identity US soldier killed in Afghanistan operation against ISIS (Fox News)

Syria war: US missiles 'took out 20% of aircraft' (BBC)

Former ambassador to Syria: U.S. cant change Assad regime (CBS News)

Iran Joins Russia in Denouncing U.S. Strike on Syria, but Stops There (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian man who lost family in chemical attack speaks out (CBS News)

Spicer Seeks to Clarify 'Barrel Bomb' Remarks on Syria (NBC News)

ISIS attack targets Christians and Egypts leader (CBS News)

This state leads nation in road rage incident involving guns (CBS News)

Trump administration split on future of Syrian president (CBS News)

This Passover, Donald Trump is Being Cast as the Slave-Holding Pharaoh (Newsweek Magazine)

Roof Pleads Guilty to State Murder Counts for Charleston Church Shooting (Newsweek Magazine)

Muslims respond to call for blood donations in Egypt after Palm Sunday attacks (Fox News)

At home and abroad: Populist supporters abandon Trump (CNN)

4/9: Deadly Palm Sunday bombings in Egypt; Man fights to save urban farm from eviction (CBS News)

Michael D'Antonio: Intrigue in the House of Trump (CNN)

Divergence in Americans' views of U.S. strike on Syria (CBS News)

North Korea, Syria and decades of chemical weapons (Fox News)

Russia Knew About Syria's Chemical Weapons Strike Before It Happened: U.S. Officials (Time Magazine)

North Korea ATTACK imminent? Panic as Kim broadcasts coded messages to secret agents' (Daily Star)

London attack victim PC Keith Palmer laid to rest (Daily Mail)

Stockholm terror truck suspect used Whatsapp to boast about attack (Daily Star)

Dylann Roof Pleads Guilty to State Charges (NBC News)

Stockholm terror attack victim helped asylum seekers (Daily Mail)

Chemical weapons attack latest in litany of Syria atrocities (Fox News)

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Egyptian Church Bombings (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

New York Becomes Only State to Offer Free Four-Year College (NBC News)

Trump to sell attack planes to Nigeria (CBS News)

Judge opens 1st case on Assad regimes alleged war crimes (CBS News)

PC Keith Palmer: Funeral for officer killed in London attacks (BBC)

San Bernardino School Shooting: Two Killed And Two Injured In Murder Suicide Shooting (Huffington Post)

Spotify executive killed in Stockholm attack (CNN)

Sweden police chief faces probe over extremist comments (Daily Mail)

Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Pleads Guilty to State Murder Charges (Time Magazine)

Watch: United Airlines Has Man Dragged From Overbooked Flight (Newsweek Magazine)

Mother-of-two primary school teacher found dead with man (Daily Mail)

The man who lost everything to a silent bomb (CBS News)

Hungary's president signs bill aimed at Soros-founded school (Fox News)

High-profile case judge killed outside home (CNN)

Israel Closes Egypt Border, Warning of Imminent Militant Attack in Sinai (Newsweek Magazine)

Sweden's police chief calls for extremists to be deported (Daily Mail)

New Lawsuit Demands to Know Who is Visiting Trump at the White House, Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago (Newsweek Magazine)

Italian man divorces by claiming wife 'possessed by devil' (Daily Mail)

Former ambassador: Assad will test U.S. with more chemical attacks (CBS News)

Boris Johnson warns Russia US could strike Syria AGAIN (Daily Mail)

May holidays in Wales amid tense standoff with Russia (Daily Mail)

U.S. Rips Russia, Assad as Talks Near (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Americans Backed Trumps Syria Airstrikes, but Are Wary of Further Action: Poll (Newsweek Magazine)

Keith Palmer, Constable Killed in London Attack and ‘No. 1 Daddy,’ Is Mourned (New York Times - Paywall)

Southern EU leaders defend US strikes in Syria (Fox News)

Sweden Mourns Stockholm Attack Victims; Suspect Is Formally Identified (New York Times - Paywall)

Can "renewed harmony" with U.S. allies sway Russia on Syria? (CBS News)

Opinion: Putin is running out of options in Syria (CNN)

Eye Opener at 8: ISIS attack in Egypt (CBS News)

Video: Trump administration's U-turn on Assad (CNN)

Tributes paid to London cop killed in Westminster attack (CNN)

Powerful Iraqi Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Calls For Assad to Step Down Following Chemical Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Touts Win as Gorsuch Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice (NBC News)

Shame on You': Outrage After Man Forcibly Removed From United Flight (Time Magazine)

State of emergency after Palm Sunday church bombings (CNN)

Spice putting pressure on public services, Manchester police chief says (BBC)

Theresa May is NOT planning a Commons vote on Assad (Daily Mail)

How White House officials differ on next steps in Syria (CBS News)

Top Syrian Army defector not surprised by chemical attacks, says toxins still hidden despite Russia agreement (Fox News)

Egypt Enforces State of Emergency as Burials Begin for Church Attack Victims (Time Magazine)

President Trump's Biggest Accomplishment Yet (Time Magazine)

Trump approval rating after Syria strike, and armed road rage (CBS News)

Boris Johnson: Russia could face more sanctions over Syria (BBC)

Sporting greats flock to pay tribute to Garcia's Masters win (CNN)

Little gesture costs man $100k jackpot (CNN)

Eye Opener: White House takes hard line on Russia, Syria (CBS News)

Masters 2017: Why Sergio Garcia's win was so special (BBC)

After Meeting With Trump China May Offer To Drop 13-Year Ban On U.S. Beef (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. Special Forces Kill ISIS Fighters, Repel Attack in Syria (NBC News)

Stockholm terror: Sweden will 'never go back' to mass immigration, PM reacts (Fox News)

Rage, crackdown after deadly ISIS attack on Christian minority (CBS News)

London terror attack: UK police honor officer slain near Parliament (Fox News)

Graphic: Who is fighting who in Syria (CNN)

The Latest: Swedish court papers name truck attack suspect (Fox News)

President Trump Strikes Sunny Tone at Neil Gorsuch Swearing-In (Time Magazine)

Syrian chemical attack survivor praises Trump for missile strikes (Fox News)

Corbyn slams Boris for 'Cold War mentality' over Syria (Daily Mail)

German court convicts Syrian teen of planning bomb attack (Fox News)

McCain: Russia cooperated with Syria in chemical attack (Fox News)

The Police And State Agencies Must Do More To Protect Victims Of Domestic Violence (Huffington Post)

Despite Trump Criticism, U.S. Navy Pursues Expensive Fighter Jet Program (Newsweek Magazine)

Somalis in the U.S. Face Spike in Deportations as Fears Grow Under Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Rex Tillerson in war of words with Russia ahead of G7 (Daily Mail)

British Stockholm attack victim named Chrispin Bevington (Daily Mail)

Syria war: G7 seeks united front on Assad and Russia (BBC)

Ford unveils a new police car for high-speed chases (CNN)

South China Sea: Philippine president says no 'offensive weapons' will be placed in waters (Daily Express)

Memorial for dog killed in Stockholm attack, and Arabella Kushner serenades Chinese leader (BBC)

England star Ross Barkley punched in savage attack in Liverpool bar (Daily Star)

Russia Begins Submarine Cruise Missile Drills in Baltic Sea (Newsweek Magazine)

German police find 847 pounds of cocaine in cases of bananas (Fox News)

PC Keith Palmer's Funeral Sees Thousands Line Streets Of London To Pay Respects To Murdered Police Officer (Huffington Post)

Uganda charges, jails academic for insulting the president (Fox News)

Egypt terror ensnares Israel as Sinai border crossing closed (Fox News)

Pope Francis Will Go Ahead With Egypt Visit Despite Deadly ISIS Bombings (Newsweek Magazine)

Video Shows Man Forcibly Removed From Overbooked United Flight (Time Magazine)

Sweden honours terror attack victims with minute's silence (Daily Mail)

John McCain Says U.S. Urgently Needs Syria Strategy as Top Officials Disagree on Assad (Newsweek Magazine)

Efailwen man who burned down his £250,000 house is jailed (Daily Mail)

Syria is virtually guaranteed to break up Trump and Putin (CNN)

Ford Is Redesigning Its Hybrid Sedan For High-Speed Police Pursuits (Time Magazine)

US-backed Syrian fighters pressing IS gunmen in north (Fox News)

Trump visitor logs subject of law suit (CNN)

Stockholm Attack Puts Focus on Terrorists From Central Asia (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Morrisons ban Welsh man buying 165 Easter eggs (Daily Mail)

Hazel Irvine's top matches bush during Masters (Daily Mail)

Syria's allies claim US crossed their own 'red lines' with missile strike (Fox News)

Why empty suit shops and barber's chairs could spell trouble for Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea to risk wrath of Donald Trump with NUCLEAR launch within 15 days' (Daily Star)

The Real Reason Syrians Are Changing Their Social Media Profile Pictures To Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Team Trump Offers Mixed Messages on Syria (NBC News)

Sergio Garcia Wins Masters in Playoff (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Masters 2017: Rickie Fowler & Matt Kuchar feature in shots of the tournament (BBC)

Iran calls on Syria to ensure Trump 'regrets his attack' (Daily Mail)

Stockholm Attack Suspect Is ISIS Sympathizer Who Partied and Drank (Newsweek Magazine)

Liverpool man arrested on suspicion of murdering 'new mum' (Daily Mail)

Judge in Spain begins investigation of Syrian war crimes (Fox News)

Trump administration states different priorities on Syria (CNN)

1 state making state colleges tuition-free for middle class, poor (CBS News)

Russia Slams U.K. for Lack of Global Influence and Diplomatic Understanding (Newsweek Magazine)

Egypt attacks: Survivors detail harrowing accounts of twin bombings (Fox News)

NSA McMaster: Donald Trump Will Pursue Twin Goals of Removing Assad and Defeating ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Manhunt Intensifies for Fugitive Who Stole Guns, Mailed Manifesto to Trump (NBC News)

John McCain Says the Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Was Partly Trump's Fault (Time Magazine)

Russia Swells Navy Activity to Cold-War Levels: Admiral (NBC News)

UK police to honor officer slain in Parliament attack (Fox News)

Downing Street Refuses To Back Trump's Stance On Further Syria Airstrikes (Huffington Post)

President Trump Is Exaggerating About the Fight Against ISIS (Time Magazine)

Trump Aide Drew Libya Partition Map on a Napkin:' Report (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S.-led Coalition and Syrian Allies Fend Off ISIS Attack on Joint Base (Newsweek Magazine)

Airstrikes Don't Mean Trump Is Suddenly Compassionate or Strategic (Time Magazine)

Why Garcia's first Masters win was extra special (CNN)

Motorist is almost killed in head-on smash in Wales (Daily Mail)

South African president holds firm despite challenges (Fox News)

In Afghanistan, Russia is working with its Cold War foe the Taliban, complicating the U.S.' longest war (Los Angeles Times)

Southampton man pushed sausage through neighbours window (Daily Mail)

After Syria attack, Tillerson vows to defend innocents (Fox News)

Egypt's President el-Sissi Calls for New State of Emergency After Church Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Sweden mourns 4 killed, 15 wounded in Stockholm truck attack (Fox News)

Masters 2017: How The Golfing World Reacted to Sergio Garcia's Long-Awaited First Major (Newsweek Magazine)

Garcia wins his first Masters (CNN)

How the Spanish Press Reacted to Sergio Garcia Winning Masters 2017 (Newsweek Magazine)

Skepticism lacking in Syria strike coverage? (CNN)

Cambodian police seek shoe-throwing critic of ruling party (Fox News)

The Latest: State of emergency should start after midnight (Fox News)

Removing Syrian President is a priority, US ambassador says (CNN)

Trump pushes historic cuts in global health aid, stoking fears of new disease outbreaks and diminished U.S. clout (Los Angeles Times)

Trump considers rearranging his inner circle (CNN)

The 73 Major Championships Sergio Garcia Didn't Win Before Masters 2017 (Newsweek Magazine)

At Least Five Killed In Somalian Military Academy Suicide Bombing (Time Magazine)

Indian army says 4 suspected rebels killed in Kashmir (Fox News)

Grimsby man said 'I'll be back' as he lit a petrol pump (Daily Mail)

Israel shuts Egypt border crossing following terror warning (Fox News)

Egypt declares state of emergency after deadly church attacks (BBC)

Cocky man left with DENT in his FACE after challenging much smaller bloke to a fight (Daily Star)

Global shares mixed as attacks in Egypt add to uncertainties (Fox News)

Unilateral Action by Trump on North Korea Will Simply Add to an Already Intractable Problem (Time Magazine)

PC Keith Palmer To Be Honoured With Full Police Funeral At Southwark Cathedral (Huffington Post)

Police hunt schoolgirl who could fall into diabetic COMA after vanishing from HOSPITAL (Daily Star)

Sweden will NEVER GO BACK' to mass immigration after Stockholm terror, says shocked PM (Daily Express)

Trump primes all options to DESTROY Kim' as strike fleet closes in on North Korea (Daily Star)

G-7 Ministers Aim to Press Russia to End Its Support for Syria's Bashar Assad (Time Magazine)

London shuts down for funeral of Westminster attack police officer PC Keith Palmer (Daily Star)

Would YOU spray a six pack on your man for summer? (Daily Mail)

Mel B stopped by police for minor traffic violation in LA (Daily Mail)

Sergio Garcia wins the Masters in epic Justin Rose battle (Daily Mail)

Trump preparing full-scale INVASION of Syria': Shock claim from military expert (Daily Star)

Garcia earns first major title at the Masters after sudden-death playoff (CBS News)

Great-grandmother killed chasing her dog across the M4 (Daily Mail)

How Sergio's fiancee inspired him to win the Masters (Daily Mail)

DOMINIC LAWSON: Trump's new gameshow: Celebrity President (Daily Mail)

G-7 ministers aim to press Russia to end Assad support (Fox News)

Thousands March In Dallas Against President Trump's Immigration Policies (Time Magazine)

Chinese firm creates jobs in Trump country (CNN)

Tillerson: Russia 'failure allowed Syria chemical attack' (BBC)

Now is the time for cool heads over Putin and Trump (Daily Mail)

China navy says it foiled pirate attack on ship off Somalia (Fox News)

Running scared: North Korea FRIGHTENED' Donald Trump may attack with Syria-style missiles (Daily Express)

The Papers: Syria tensions dominate front pages (BBC)

Acid attack survivors find love together (CNN)

US airstrike on Syrian airbase captured on amateur video (Daily Mail)

Europe Edition: Stockholm, Egypt, Masters Tournament: Your Monday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

US strike group heads to Korean Peninsula (CNN)

One MISTAKE' could cause war between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, military experts warn (Daily Express)

Asian shares mixed as attacks in Egypt add to uncertainties (Fox News)

Europe will answer for their treatment of Turkish citizens' President Erdogan warns (Daily Express)

ISIS claims attacks on two Christian churches in Egypt (CNN)

Church bombings kill dozens in Egypt on Palm Sunday (CBS News)

Sergio Garcia Beat Golf's Cruelty To Win The Masters (Time Magazine)

Trump administration vows to keep pressure on Syrian regime (CBS News)

Search continues for man accused of stealing guns, sending manifesto to Trump (CBS News)

WW3 fears as Boris Johnson claims Trump could bomb Syria AGAIN' amid threats from Russia (Daily Express)

Sending strike group to Western Pacific "prudent," McMaster says (CBS News)

Sergio Garcia wins Masters in play-off (BBC)

Masters 2017: Justin Rose positive on Augusta hopes after Sergio Garcia play-off (BBC)

Venezuela's Maduro blasts foe for chemical attack comments (Fox News)

BREAKING: Two critical after violent inmates attack prison officers (Daily Star)

Sergio Garcia Wins the Masters at Augusta, His First Major Title (NBC News)

Sweden Truck Attack Suspect Was Denied Residency (NBC News)

Masters 2017: Sergio Garcia receives Masters Green Jacket (BBC)

John McCain: US attack on Syria wasn't 'thorough' enough (Daily Mail)

Lancs man who tricked lover that he was a police officer (Daily Mail)

Putin's goddaughter' warns the 2018 World Cup may be cancelled' after terror attack (Daily Express)

Attacks on Christians in Egypt Undercut Sisi’s Promise of Security (New York Times - Paywall)

Masters 2017: Sergio Garcia pips Justin Rose to win at Augusta (BBC)

Norway police neutralize explosive device (Daily Mail)

Garcia wins stunning Masters duel after play-off (Financial Times - Paywall)

Egypt plunged into state of emergency as Palm Sunday church bombings kill at least 44 (Los Angeles Times)

Trump has "great confidence" Egypts president will "handle situation properly" (CBS News)

Trump 'to bomb Syria AGAIN' after Putin's World War 3 warning (Daily Star)

WORLD ON THE EDGE: Russia threatens 'REAL WAR' after Donald Trump crossed the red line' (Daily Express)

Trump in NUCLEAR gamble: US warned to change course or face North Korea WAR (Daily Star)

Heartbroken family pay tribute to Brit dad killed in Stockholm truck terror attack (Daily Star)

Care home short-staffed for weeks before blaze killed two (Daily Mail)

Coalition and rebel forces repel ISIS attack (CNN)

Palm Sunday attacks: 44 dead, more than 100 injured in church bombings carried out by ISIS in Egypt (Fox News)

Dean Obeidallah: 'SNL' gets Trump and O'Reilly just right (CNN)

Caught on Camera: Police Body Slam Woman in 'Standard Arrest Technique' (NBC News)

In Sweden, Tribute to Victims of Truck Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Alec Baldwin Proves He Was Born For 2017 Satire With Spooky Dual Bill O'Reilly Donald Trump Sketch (Huffington Post)

North Korea Can Take Syria Strikes as a Warning, Officials Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump administration warns North Korea against provocation (Los Angeles Times)

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster: U.S. Wants to Eliminate Murderous Regime' in Syria (Time Magazine)

Bombings At Two Christian Churches Roil Egypt (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian Airstrikes Unlikely to Deter Assads Campaign Against Rebels (Newsweek Magazine)

Palm Sunday Church Bombings Kill Dozens in Egypt (NBC News)

ISIS Proves Its Strength in Egypt With Slaughter of Coptic Christians (Time Magazine)

"In no way do we see peace" with Assad in power, Haley says (CBS News)

Another Trump Adviser Is Leaving Amid Ongoing Shuffle Within National Security Council (Time Magazine)

Manchester police deal with 31 Spice-related calls in 24 hours (BBC)

Pope Francis Condemns Terror, Egypt Blasts in Palm Sunday Mass (Newsweek Magazine)

Stockholm suspect was rejected asylum seeker from Uzbekistan (CBS News)

Trump removes McFarland from national security job (Financial Times - Paywall)

10 Die in Somalia Suicide Attack on New Army Chief (New York Times - Paywall)

Church Bombings Rock Palm Sunday in Egypt (NBC News)

US ramps up pressure on Russia over Syrian conflict (Financial Times - Paywall)

Watch Baldwin Spoof Trump and Bill OReillys Bromance on SNL (Newsweek Magazine)

Albania police seize 13 tons of cannabis (Fox News)

Nader Hashemi: Obama's Syria mistake is now Trump's problem (CNN)

French candidate condemns 'criminal act' by US in Syria (Fox News)

Colorado police officers body slam sorority girl in video (Daily Mail)

Suspect in Stockholm truck attack has ISIS sympathies, police say (CNN)

Sen. John McCain on Syrian Airstrikes: We Should Have Cratered the Runways' (Time Magazine)

Stockholm attack: Chris Bevington named as British victim (BBC)

David A. Andelman: Is Trump now seeking overseas monsters to destroy? (CNN)

New York, California Lead State Efforts on Climate Change as Trump Retreats (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump national security adviser KT McFarland 'to step down' (BBC)

Haley: 'Regime change' coming to Syria (CNN)

Amb. Nikki Haley: We Don't See Peace in Syria With Assad (NBC News)

Syrian refugees see glimmer of hope in Trump's policy shift (Fox News)

Palm Sunday attacks: 43 dead, more than 100 injured in church bombings carried out by ISIS in Egypt (Fox News)

Sweden terrorist 'planned to attack Parliament' but stopped by quick-thinking bystander (Daily Express)

Trump Product Endorsements Drive Consumers Away (NBC News)

Policeman slain in London attack gets Parliament honor (Fox News)

Journalist discovers husband was killed in car crash as she delivers news on live TV (Fox News)

Russian Inaction Helped Fuel Syria Chemical Attacks, Tillerson Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: U.S. Airstrikes in Syria Send a Message (Time Magazine)

Assad Allies Promise Force if U.S. Keeps Crossing Red Lines (Newsweek Magazine)

Graham: Assad Saying 'F You' to Trump by Using Bombed Airfield (NBC News)

Illinoius man rrested for punching a donkey in the face (Daily Mail)

Stockholm Suspect Was Denied Asylum and Told to Leave in ’16 (New York Times - Paywall)

Cressida Dick To Take Charge At Metropolitan Police On Monday (Huffington Post)

Colombia: Rebel bomb attack kills soldier, wounds 3 more (Fox News)

U.S. Soldier Killed in Fight Against ISIS in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Alec Baldwin Multitasked as President Trump and Bill O'Reilly in His SNL Return (Time Magazine)

Uzbek Suspect in Stockholm Attack Had Ignored Deportation Order, Police Say (Newsweek Magazine)

US special forces soldier killed in Afghanistan operation against ISIS (Fox News)

ISIS Suicide Attacks Against U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Leave at Least 12 Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

'By Proxy Russia Is Responsible For Syrian Gas Attack' Sir Michael Fallon Turns Up Heat On Moscow (Huffington Post)

Stockholm Truck Attack Suspect Identified as Rejected Asylum-Seeker from Uzbekistan (Time Magazine)

Make Trump Furious Campaign May Win Dems a Georgia House Seat (Newsweek Magazine)

American Soldier Is Killed in Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Russia and Iran warn we WILL retaliate' after Donald Trump airstrike crossed red line' (Daily Star)

At Least 36 Killed in Bombings at Egyptian Coptic Churches (Newsweek Magazine)

Stockholm attack suspect was failed asylum-seeker; 2nd man arrested (Fox News)

WW3 fears as Russia and Iran threaten to respond to US 'aggression' after Syria strikes (Daily Express)

Tanks a bullion! Man finds gold bars buried in military vehicle (Fox News)

Norway police neutralize explosive device, arrest suspect (Fox News)

Chicago's 'Mexico of the Midwest' Fights Fallout From Fear of Trump (NBC News)

U.S. to Move Carrier Strike Group Closer to Korean Peninsula (NBC News)

5 killed in anti-India protests on Kashmir by-election day (Fox News)

Swedish anti-terror police 'pelted with stones' while investigating Stockholm attack (Daily Express)

Family devastated after British dad Chris Bevington killed during Stockholm terror attack (Daily Express)

European powers to raise pressure on Russia over Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

EGYPT CHURCH BOMBING: At least 29 dead and 71 injured after explosion at Palm Sunday mass (Daily Express)

U.S. carrier strike group moves toward Koreas (CBS News)

Baldwin's Trump meets supporters on 'SNL' (CNN)

Trump to Bannon and Kushner: Work this out (CNN)

Suspect arrested in deadly truck terror attack in Stockholm (CBS News)

Airstrikes resume on Syrian town where chemical attack killed dozens (CBS News)

Airstrikes return to Syrian town hit by chemical strike (CBS News)

BLACK DOG: Moth attack leaves Angela Smith in a flap (Daily Mail)

Masters 2017: Rose, Garcia lead into Sunday (CNN)

Dazed but defiant, Stockholm unites after attack (CNN)

Trump grandchildren sing for Xi Jinping (CNN)

U.S. Strike on Syria Brings Fleeting Hope to Those Caught in Brutal Conflict (New York Times - Paywall)

Nazi-Linked Group 'Proud' of Trump Aide Wearing Its Medal (NBC News)

Aftermath of US strike on Syria airbase (CNN)

China's President Xi Jinping makes surprise stop in Alaska (Los Angeles Times)

Many in Israel cheer U.S. attack on Syria as a welcome sign of a more assertive key ally (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. missile strike in Syria dashes hope of improving ties with Russia (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. missile strike on Syria: Who supports it and who condemns it (Los Angeles Times)

Syria crisis tests Trump's plan for a new world order (Los Angeles Times)

President Trump sees pushback from far-right supporters over U.S. airstrike in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Syrian villagers near U.S. missile strike know the sound of battle but never as horrific as this (Los Angeles Times)

China's President Xi gets an awkward front-row seat to U.S. military might (Los Angeles Times)

Four people are killed and several injured in Stockholm truck crash (Los Angeles Times)

In South Africa, thousands from all races march against President Jacob Zuma, but unity remains elusive (Los Angeles Times)

Watch This Jet-Powered Exosuit Turn Inventor Into Real-Life Iron Man (NBC News)

People seen running in streets of Stockholm (CNN)

China urges 'restraint' after U.S. airstrike on Syrian airfield (Los Angeles Times)

Syrian ally Iran blasts U.S. missile strikes as 'dangerous, destructive and a violation of international law' (Los Angeles Times)

Russia Suspends Air Deal, Slams U.S. 'Aggression' (NBC News)

Key moments from the U.S.-led campaign in Iraq and Syria (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. launches dozens of missiles at Syria in response to chemical weapons attack (Los Angeles Times)

Russia has been Assad's greatest ally as it was to his father before him (Los Angeles Times)

Here's some of what we know about the apparent chemical weapons attack in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Syria's Assad was in a strong position a week ago. A suspected chemical attack changed everything (Los Angeles Times)

Trump arrives in Florida for high-stakes summit with Chinese leader (Los Angeles Times)

The outrageous chip shot that stunned the Masters (CNN)