Friday, 14th April 2017

World News

Officials say Trumps approval wasnt needed to drop massive bomb (CBS News)

Newcastle United 1-1 Leeds United (BBC)

The U.S. Military Bombed ISIS in Afghanistan, But the Taliban Are Winning the War (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea hits back at Trump ahead of Day of the Sun (Daily Mail)

9-Year-Old Little Miss Flint' Says President Trump Failed to Keep' Promise to Fix Water Crisis (Time Magazine)

Young British woman killed in Israel stabbing (Daily Mail)

President Trump Declines to Label China as a Currency Manipulator (Time Magazine)

US defends 'mother of all bombs' that killed 36 militants (CNN)

The Trump Administration Has a New North Korea Strategy: Maximum Pressure' (Time Magazine)

Vladimir Putin wades into North Korea NUCLEAR crisis as China issues chilling warning (Daily Star)

The Saturday Profile: A Trump Tower Neighbor Is the Point Man for Europe’s Populists (New York Times - Paywall)

Border Patrol and ICE Are Losing Officers, Recruits and Can't Keep Up With Trump Executive Order (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump backtracks on campaign rhetoric (CBS News)

United pilots "infuriated" by dragging of passenger (CBS News)

North Korea 'on verge of WAR' as Defcon nuclear threat warning ramped up to level FOUR (Daily Star)

What George will wear on his first day at school (Daily Mail)

San Francisco Seeks Ban on Trump 'Sanctuary Cities' Order (NBC News)

The U.S. Contemplated a Nuclear Confrontation in North Korea in 1953. We Can Learn From That Moment (Time Magazine)

Breaking Down All Of The Trump Familys Travel Costs And Lavish Expenditures (Newsweek Magazine)

Was U.S. strike on ISIS a message to North Korea? (CBS News)

Headlines of the Week: U.S.-Russia tensions, United PR disaster (CBS News)

Russia claims 'growing evidence' gas attack was fake (Daily Mail)

Why most concept cars never make it to production (CBS News)

Luntz on United Airlines fallout and Sean Spicers apology (CBS News)

How Capitol Hill Is Reacting To The ISIS Bombing (CBS News)

Weekend weather: Rain, wind and even snow... happy Easter (Daily Express)

North Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike (CBS News)

‘Mother of All Bombs’ Killed Dozens of Militants, Afghan Officials Say (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. strikes ISIS with "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Wisconsin Fugitive Who Mailed Manifesto to Trump Is Caught (NBC News)

China Warns of ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ in U.S.-North Korea Standoff (New York Times - Paywall)

What North Korea is trying to accomplish with its provocations (CBS News)

Man gets attacked by scorpion on United flight (CBS News)

Defcon nuclear threat level INCREASED as North Korea on verge of starting World War 3 (Daily Express)

Panetta Warns Trump: 'Be Careful' With North Korea (NBC News)

Meet The Americans on the Front Line If North Korea Goes to War (NBC News)

Russia plotting to use HONEY TRAPS to snare British and US soldiers at border, army warns (Daily Express)

The Tax March Is Different From Other Trump Protests. Here's Why (Time Magazine)

United passenger stung by SCORPION (CNN)

Adam Baidawi photographs North Korea (Daily Mail)

BREAKING: US successfully test drops NUCLEAR gravity bomb (Daily Star)

Jerusalem stabbing: British woman killed in tram attack (BBC)

MOAB strike: US military defend use of massive bomb in Afghanistan (BBC)

The Man Who First Fueled Donald Trump's Paranoid Politics (Time Magazine)

World Championship 2017: Favourite tag is an 'advantage' - Judd Trump (BBC)

Brit exchange student named as young woman stabbed to death in horror Good Friday attack (Daily Star)

North Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear attack (CBS News)

U.S., Afghan Forces Assess Damage to ISIS From Massive Bomb (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

After attacks, Egypt's Pope curbs Easter celebrations (Fox News)

Russia and Iran Unite in Support of Syria's Assad (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Islamic State has fewer than 1,000 fighters in Afghanistan. So why did Trump drop the 'mother of all bombs'? (Los Angeles Times)

South Korea Election Turns Into 2-Way Race as Dark Horse Surges (New York Times - Paywall)

Man Dragged Off United Flight Stands to Gain. But How Much? (NBC News)

North Korea Threat Heats Up, but South Koreans Keep Their Cool (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Celebrate Daughter Luna's First Birthday With Adorable Photoshoot (Huffington Post)

U.S. drops "mother of all bombs" for first time (CBS News)

Why Parents Pick the Wrong Colleges For Their Kids (Time Magazine)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi first trailer released (BBC)

U.S. Drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on ISIS Caves in Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Eye Opener at 8: North Korea says nuclear program not negotiable (CBS News)

Easter delight as fire brigade rescue helpless chick stuck in a tree (Daily Star)

The First Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has Arrived. Yes, Its Amazing (Newsweek Magazine)

China: Tension Over North Korea Must Be Stopped Before It Becomes Irreversible' (Time Magazine)

U.S. commander explains use of "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Chelsea stars Willian, Pedro and Batshuayi train HARD ahead of Manchester United clash (Daily Star)

We've Never Seen Anything Like This': Why Arkansas Is Executing 7 People in 11 Days (Time Magazine)

Family of doctor dragged off United flight "deeply affected" (CBS News)

Syria crisis: A reporter's perspective from the Turkish border (Fox News)

North Korea says it's ready for war, but Pyongyang remains a city of orderly calm (Los Angeles Times)

Watch Rey Learn the Ways of the Force in the First Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Time Magazine)

Eye Opener: U.S. drops "mother of all bombs" on ISIS (CBS News)

Watch: MOAB makes impact against ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan (Fox News)

Trump privately signs anti-Planned Parenthood law (CNN)

Christians too scared to celebrate Easter fear of attack sees celebrations CANCELLED (Daily Express)

Analysts say North Korea may be preparing for sixth nuclear test (CNN)

Mike Pence heading to South Korea amid North Korea tensions (CBS News)

North Korea nuclear threat, Trump family travel costs, and taxes (CBS News)

Syrian UN envoy claims Israel is directly supporting ISIS (Daily Mail)

Countdown to WAR: North Korea prepares for 'NUCLEAR' festival TONIGHT (Daily Star)

Easter Is About Service And Hope - Let's Show It To Refugees As Well (Huffington Post)

'Powerful' USS Carl Vinson steams toward North Korea (Fox News)

The Sun's Kelvin MacKenzie Branded 'Racist' For Attack On Ross Barkley (Huffington Post)

U.S. Soldiers Deployed to Polands Border with Russia As Trump Changes NATO Views (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump signs measure targeting Planned Parenthood funding (BBC)

What Easter Has To Say To A Broken, Hurting World (Huffington Post)

United passenger stung by scorpion while eating dinner on flight (CBS News)

Trump Effect: Dems Shatter Fundraising Records (NBC News)

Footie star Marc Bartra speaks out after Borussia Dortmund bus bomb attack (Daily Star)

Why We Must Continue To Highlight The Chechen Internment Of Gay Men (Huffington Post)

Why was Jeremy Corbyn posing next to a toilet? (BBC)

China fears North Korea-US conflict 'at any moment' (BBC)

My Pregnancy Diary: The Inner Circle Of The First Trimester (Huffington Post)

Top U.S. General Says It Was Right Time to Use Huge Bomb (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Cheap Clothes Aren't Worth It (Huffington Post)

Man Who Mailed Trump Anti-Government Manifesto Arrested in Wisconsin (Newsweek Magazine)

Suspect in Stockholm Attack Was an ISIS Recruit, Uzbek Official Says (New York Times - Paywall)

What it's really like to be inside North Korea (CNN)

N. Korea gears up to celebrate birthday of country's founder (Fox News)

Marine Le Pen Blasts Trump for Backtracking on NATO Stance (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghanistan says 36 militants killed after U.S. drops 'mother of all bombs' against Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)

Is Trump getting a taste for pulling the trigger? (CNN)

Trump and Japan's Abe expand friendship as tensions mount with North Korea and China (Fox News)

MOAB strike: US bombing of IS in Afghanistan 'killed dozens' (BBC)

Uzbekistan says info on truck attack suspect sent to Sweden (Fox News)

Creepy Easter cakes will give you nightmares (Daily Mail)

Some Women Who Backed President Trump May Be Having Second Thoughts (Time Magazine)

China Warns North Korea That Tensions With U.S. Must Not Reach Irreversible Stage (Newsweek Magazine)

Charlize Theron Screamed at a Substandard Easter Bunny Like a Psycho Mom' (Time Magazine)

Britain First Hacked With Twitter, YouTube And Websites All Targeted (Huffington Post)

Children hurt after helicopter drops Easter eggs on oval (Daily Mail)

UK weather: Temperature to plummet to -2C in frosty Easter (Daily Mail)

Are Easter Pilgrims Taking the Wrong Path? (NBC News)

Mum's horror as ex 'shoves knife up her nose' in 13-hour attack (Daily Star)

In pictures: People around the world celebrate Easter (Daily Mail)

Gas tanker fire on M4 causes Easter travel GRIDLOCK (Daily Star)

Space Group Trolls President Trump from 90,000 Feet Above Earth (Time Magazine)

Russia hosts regional consultations on Afghanistan (Fox News)

Assad Says Videos of Dead Children in Syria Chemical Attack Were Faked (New York Times - Paywall)

Here's Why Easter Eggs Are a Thing (Time Magazine)

M4 traffic news: Gas tanker catches fire causing MAJOR tailbacks in Easter motorway hell (Daily Express)

Mother Of All Bombs kills 36 ISIS militants in Afghanistan (Daily Mail)

The Morning Brief: Mother of All Bombs' in Afghanistan, North Korea's Warning and Easter Sunday (Time Magazine)

West 'was told Stockholm attacker was an ISIS terrorist' (Daily Mail)

Man On United Airlines Flight Stung By Scorpion (Huffington Post)

GOT THEM ISIS jihadis BLOWN UP in death machine moments before they launch suicide attack (Daily Express)

Bahrain Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel fastest in first practice; Lewis Hamilton 10th (BBC)

Why Did U.S. Drop a Huge Bomb on Afghanistan? (NBC News)

North Koreans set to celebrate leader amid tensions (BBC)

Prince Harry flies to Toronto for Easter with Meghan (Daily Mail)

VP Pence heads to Asia amid North Korea posturing (CNN)

BOOM 36 ISIS fighters GONE: Watch the moment they were obliterated (Daily Star)

Cops launch murder probe after man killed in British city (Daily Star)

How Donald Trump Met Reality (Newsweek Magazine)

World Food Program 'horrified' as South Sudan workers killed (Fox News)

Russia, Iran and Syria issue warning to US (Fox News)

5 Donald Trump U-Turns In The Last Two Days (Huffington Post)

The moment MOAB bomb struck IS cave and tunnel systems (BBC)

Syria war: Evacuations begin in besieged towns (BBC)

Easter pop star 'Egg Sheeran' a hit (BBC)

Easter Tube Closures: London Underground Lines To Avoid This Bank Holiday Weekend (Huffington Post)

U.S. Drops 'Mother of All Bombs' on ISIS; 36 Killed (NBC News)

Nuke Test Will Happen Whenever We Choose: North Korea (NBC News)

Theology Teaches Us To Stand United In Defiance Against Terrorism (Huffington Post)

Former Defense Secretary Criticizes President Trump For Saying My Military' (Time Magazine)

WATCH: The moment ISIS secret bunkers CRUSHED as US fires mother of all bombs (Daily Express)

U.S. Drops 'Mother of All Bombs' on ISIS in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

United passenger has concussion, will file suit (CNN)

Why Aren't You Redeeming Your Credit Card Rewards? (NBC News)

Militant hideouts: Bomb hits ISIS caves (CNN)

Mother of all bombs ? killed dozens of ISIS fighters, Afghans say (CBS News)

Great British Bake Off': New Presenting Team Pose For First Official Picture Ahead Of Inaugural Channel 4 Series (Huffington Post)

Timing: Why this and why now? (CNN)

We Will Go to War If Trump Provokes Us, Says North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

New Jersey dad's reaction after having first son (Daily Mail)

Nic Robertson: Trump and Tillerson learning diplomacy on the job (CNN)

Mexican tourists once flocked to the U.S. during Easter week. This year they're elsewhere and they blame Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Japan Weighs Plans for S. Korea Evacuation: Report (NBC News)

8 police officers killed by unknown gunmen in Tanzania (Fox News)

The UNHEALTHIEST Easter treats revealed (Daily Mail)

North Korea's secret spy plane programme: Covert images reveal Kim Jong-un's new war tool (Daily Express)

North Korea warns Trump on reckless' deployment (Financial Times - Paywall)

Stung by scorpion on United Airlines plane in Canada (BBC)

Syria evacuates besieged towns as nervous world ON EDGE (Daily Express)

Melania Trump accused of RUINING Easter for THIS reason (Daily Star)

Video shows Chinese missile tanks rolling towards North Korea as world waits in fear (Daily Star)

China Calls For a Halt to U.S.-North Korea Tensions (Time Magazine)

Insurers Urge Trump to Do More to Stabilize Obamacare (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Russia: Syria probe must involve many nations (Fox News)

Donald Trump to 'send 150,000 ground troops to Syria in move which WILL start WW3' (Daily Star)

Russia drops out of Eurovision contest (CNN)

United Airlines passenger 'stung by SCORPION' on flight (Daily Star)

Smitten Prince Harry spotted at Meghan Markle's house for romantic Easter getaway (Daily Express)

U.S. "Mother of All Bombs" Strike Killed Dozens of ISIS Militants: Afghan Defense Ministry (Newsweek Magazine)

China experts see low chance of Korea fighting (Fox News)

France's Foreign Minister Slams Assad's Lies and Propaganda' Over Syria Chemical Attack (Time Magazine)

The Latest: China experts see low chance of Korea fighting (Fox News)

Eurovision 2017: Russia QUITS The Song Contest (Huffington Post)

Albania police steps to prevent terror attacks during Easter (Fox News)

The Top 5 Countries Where ISIS Gets Its Foreign Recruits (Time Magazine)

Airstrike by U.S.-Led Coalition Mistakenly Kills 18 Allies in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Turkey detains 5 suspected of IS attack plan on referendum (Fox News)

BREAKING: 'North Korea WAR at ANY MOMENT' China in desperate warning (Daily Star)

U.S. Braces for Next North Korea Provocation (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

EU sets the date for Easter believe 1 in 10 Britons (Daily Mail)

'Mother of all bombs' kills 36 Islamic State militants, Afghanistan officials say (Fox News)

U.S. drops 'mother of all bombs' on ISIS in Afghanistan (Daily Mail)

Government: 36 Islamic State fighters killed by massive bomb (Fox News)

Donald Trump 'mother of all bombs' kills 36 ISIS jihadis (Daily Star)

BREAKING: Donald Trump's MOAB bomb strike killed at least 36 ISIS jihadis' in huge blast (Daily Express)

Iraqi Held After Borussia Dortmund Attack Is Suspected of ISIS Ties (New York Times - Paywall)

Japanese man arrested after young Vietnamese girl killed (Fox News)

N. Korean official: US more vicious, aggressive under Trump (Fox News)

Roughed-up United passenger will "probably" sue, lawyer says (CBS News)

North Korea 'on the brink of THERMO-NUCLEAR war', state news chillingly claims (Daily Star)

Sources: British gave US Trump associates communications with Russians (CNN)

Mike Pence Is Heading to Seoul Amid Rising Tensions With North Korea (Time Magazine)

North Korea broadcasts mysterious encrypted numbers' amid fears of nuclear weapons test (Daily Express)

Trump Allows States to Deny Funding to Planned Parenthood (Time Magazine)

Why did the US use the MOAB? (CNN)

CIA director accuses WikiLeaks of working with Russia (CBS News)

North Korean official blames Trump for rising tensions on Korean Peninsula (Fox News)

North Korean Official Blames Trump for Building a Vicious Cycle' of Tensions (Time Magazine)

Witnessing an ISIS Drone Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

US military options 'already being assessed' as North Korean war fears continue to mount (Daily Express)

Trump changing his stance on key campaign promises (CBS News)

Satellite images show activity at North Korea nuclear site (CBS News)

United States drops "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan (CBS News)

US is 'prepared to launch strike against North Korea' (Daily Mail)

'We'll fire nuke whenever we want': North Korea defiant in face of Trump airstrikes (Daily Star)

Samsung building in South Korea EVACUATED amid bomb fears (Daily Express)

BREAKING: North Korea will conduct nuclear test when Kim Jong-un 'SEES FIT', minister says (Daily Express)

Why aren't you acting? Nicola Sturgeon blasted for COMPLAINING about law she could change (Daily Express)

Assad claims Syria chemical attack was 'fabrication' in face of evidence (CNN)

Google Doodle Celebrates Pohela Boishakh, the First Day of the Bengali Calendar (Time Magazine)

Images show North Korea may be preparing for nuclear test (CBS News)

Russia Urged to Investigate Alleged Killings of Gay People in Chechnya (Time Magazine)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Cancels His Easter Egg Hunt Due to Manhunt (Time Magazine)

Syria's Assad brands gas attack claims '100 fabrication' (Daily Mail)

Eurovision Song Contest: Russia pulls out over Ukraine ban (BBC)

Jeffrey Lord: Why I compared Trump to MLK (CNN)

Shock claims Trump's 'mother of all bombs' was targeted at NORTH KOREA (Daily Star)

Asma al-Assad portrays alternate reality of life in Syria (Daily Mail)

May DISMISSES Assad's denial over deadly sarin attack (Daily Mail)

PM hails first woman officer to graduate for combat duties (Daily Mail)

US & North Korean war may break out by MISTAKE', expert claims (Daily Express)

FGM charge for Detroit doctor Jumana Nagarwala in US first (BBC)

General: Iran, Russia look to undermine US (CNN)

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: A new illegal traveller camp at Easter (Daily Mail)

British spies 'were first to notice Trump-Russia links' (Daily Mail)

Why You Should Let Someone Else Choose Your Tinder Photo (Time Magazine)

Trump won't say if he greenlit massive bomb (CNN)

New grammars told to put families earning under £33k first (Daily Mail)

'Military force WON'T work' China BEGS for calm as 'North Korea prepares for nuclear test' (Daily Express)

Scuba diver, 68, is killed by a shark off South Africa (Daily Mail)

What Tillerson argued in closed-door meetings with Russia (CBS News)

FBI ordered surveillance on Trump adviser Carter Page (CBS News)

U.S. May Launch Strike If North Korea Reaches For Nuclear Trigger (NBC News)

North Carolina Pol Under Fire for Comparing Lincoln to Hitler (NBC News)

Thomas Demetrio: Who Is the Lawyer Taking on United Airlines? (NBC News)

Why Trump is changing positions on foreign policy (CBS News)

China 'mobilises 25,000 extra troops to North Korea' & puts country on 'NATIONWIDE ALERT' (Daily Express)

U.S.-Russia relations at "an all-time low," Trump says (CBS News)

Why you should visit this unspoiled Caribbean island (CNN)

Donald Trump 'Mother of all bombs' makes North Korea 'think twice' and it's JUST THE START (Daily Express)

North Korea says thermo-nuclear war could start 'AT ANY MOMENT' and US 'on brink of WW3' (Daily Express)

Donald Trump edges closer to Russia - US soldiers land in Europe after Afghan MOAB (Daily Express)

US ready 'to launch PREEMPTIVE STRIKE if North Korea carries out NUCLEAR weapons blast' (Daily Express)

BREAKING: US moves missiles into North Korean firing range to 'launch first strike' (Daily Star)

North Korea satellite images 'PROVE Kim is preparing to launch nuke bomb' THIS weekend (Daily Star)

US drops BIGGEST non-nuclear bomb in combat for first time as Trump BLITZES ISIS (Daily Express)

US drops LARGEST non-nuclear bomb in combat for FIRST time as Trump smashes ISIS (Daily Star)

Watch MASSIVE destructive power of Mother of all Bombs just used in Afghanistan (Daily Star)

Travel chaos: Millions of holidaymakers faced travel nightmare in Easter build-up (Daily Star)

Your neighbor's house is on fire, but he hates you. Do you help? That's Israel's Syria dilemma. (Los Angeles Times)

Religious experts: Were US strikes against Syria morally justified? (CNN)

Don't call Trump's reversals on China, NATO, Syria a weakness (CNN)

Trump reverses stance on Russia, China, NATO, economy (CBS News)

Afghanistan, United Airlines, Syria: Your Thursday Evening Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

How to eat your Easter eggs without piling on the pounds (Daily Mail)

Britain gets #Fridayfeeling day early for Easter weekend (Daily Mail)

Air Force drops 'mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times)

European Court Faults Russia Over Beslan School Siege Response (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Allegedly Armed Man Who Wrote to Trump Warned of System of Greed (NBC News)

RSC Anderlecht 1-1 Manchester United (BBC)

US military drops 'mother of all bombs on IS' in Afghanistan (BBC)

Scorpion Stings Man on United Flight to Calgary (NBC News)

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan after Green Beret killed (Fox News)

Father of twins who died in gas attack denounces Assad (Daily Mail)

Syrian First Lady Asma Assad's social media posts reflect 'alternate reality,' critics say (Fox News)

Watch: 21,600-pound, GPS-guided bomb (CNN)

Trump pressures China to work with U.S. on North Korea (CBS News)

Syria chemical attack 'fabricated' - Assad (BBC)

U.S. military says misdirected airstrike in northern Syria killed 18 allied fighters (Los Angeles Times)

Dr Dao's lawyer compares United incident to Vietnam War (Daily Mail)

At a school for orphans in North Korea, the wall decor is all about tanks and ICBMs (Los Angeles Times)

Syrias Assad says chemical attack is "100% fabricated" (CBS News)

Its Not Bannon v. Kushner. Its Trump v. Common Sense. (Newsweek Magazine)

Can YOU spot luxury Easter eggs from discount versions? (Daily Mail)

Why China Remains North Korea's Biggest Ally (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump praises Afghanistan bombing - as he warns North Korea will be 'taken care of' (Daily Express)

Tributes Paid to Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Americas First Female Muslim Judge (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria claims "hundreds" killed by strike on ISIS chemical cache (CBS News)

US Air Force sends message to North Korea with display of air power (Fox News)

Why CNN isn't showing the Assad interview (CNN)

Dortmund suspect may have been Isis member' (Financial Times - Paywall)

U.S. Drops Its Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb On ISIS In Afghanistan (Newsweek Magazine)

Why a North Korean leader called a gleaming new neighborhood 'more powerful than 100 nuclear warheads' (Los Angeles Times)

Fake News Spreads to UK as Pupils Cite Trump Propaganda as Fact (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghanistan: Maryland Green Beret killed in ISIS fight remembered as hero (Fox News)

Donald Trump Is Like A QB Calling Audibles On Policy, Snoop Dogg Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Bill Behind Closed Doors (NBC News)

Syria Chemical Attack: What We Know So Far (Newsweek Magazine)

Afghanistan: ISIS activity has increased in region where bomb dropped (Fox News)

Air Force drops non-nuclear 'mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times)

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Unveils Apartment Block in Pyongyang (Newsweek Magazine)

North Carolina Lawmaker Larry Pittman Calls Lincoln a Tyrant' like Hitler (Newsweek Magazine)

Confession letters blaming Dortmund attack on Merkel found (Daily Mail)

Syrian Military Claims Hundreds Killed After U.S. Airstrike Hits ISIS Chemical Weapons Site (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea nuclear threat: Defiance on display in Pyongyang (Fox News)

US-led airstrike kills 18 'friendly fighters' in Syria (Daily Mail)

United Airlines Passenger David Dao Suffered Two Broken Teeth, Nose And Concussion, Lawyer Says (Huffington Post)

Assad's first interview after chemical attack (CNN)

Eye Opener at 8: N. Korea leader makes rare public appearance (CBS News)

United Passenger David Dao Plans to Sue Over Dragging Incident (Newsweek Magazine)

Russia Cool Over Prospects for Warmer Ties With U.S. (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Koreas dictator defiant amid likely nuclear test preps (CBS News)

United Airlines passenger ordeal 'worse than fall of Saigon' (BBC)

Italian beauty queen scarred for life acid attack (Daily Mail)

Target Recalls 560,000 Easter Toys Due to 'Serious Ingestion Hazard' (NBC News)

Bear is chained up and attacked by hunting dogs in Russia (Daily Mail)

Father's chilling prediction before he was killed by van (Daily Mail)

M25 Traffic Could Cause Easter Travel Chaos Over The Weekend (Huffington Post)

Opinion: A battle Trump can't win (CNN)

Incredible photos of Britain's first special forces unit (Daily Mail)

Body slammed sorority girl speaks out for the first time (Daily Mail)

Trump tweets that things will 'work out fine' with Russia (Daily Mail)

Easter Is No Celebration For Laying Hens (Huffington Post)

US-led coalition strike kills 18 allied rebels in Syria (CNN)

18 Syrian Fighters Allied With U.S. Are Killed in Coalition Airstrike (New York Times - Paywall)

China Says Its Trade With North Korea Has Increased (New York Times - Paywall)

Watch: CNN sent to secretive North Korea event (CNN)

Eltham Hill girl launched race attack on Muslim women (Daily Mail)

In Kim Jong-nam Case, Women’s Lawyers Denounce North Koreans’ Release (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump reverses course in 24 hours from Nato to China to Fed (BBC)

North Korea 'Primed and Ready' for Nuke Test: Report (NBC News)

Russia failed to prevent attack, Strasbourg rules (Financial Times - Paywall)

Soccer star gives emotional interview after bomb attack (CNN)

National Front's Paris headquarters hit by petrol bomb (Financial Times - Paywall)

The innocent babies whose mothers gave birth fleeing ISIS (Daily Mail)

Justin Jedlica creates the world's first THIGH implants (Daily Mail)

Manchester United on high alert after Dortmund bomb attack (Daily Mail)

S Korea army chief accused of ordering anti-gay probe (Financial Times - Paywall)

F1 champ reveals his first car (CNN)

Japan: N. Korea may be able to arm missiles with sarin (CNN)

Trump says the United Airlines incident was 'horrible' (Daily Mail)

World's poshest Easter eggs? (CNN)

U.S., China ramp up warnings against N. Korea ahead of celebration (CBS News)

Trump sends dollar down with warning it is too strong' (Financial Times - Paywall)

Josef Fritzl's daughter Elisabeth's first words revealed (Daily Mail)

Why millionaire's paradise failed (CNN)

United passenger makes first legal move against airline (Daily Mail)

The Interpreter: Why the Syrian Chemical Weapons Problem Is So Hard to Solve (New York Times - Paywall)

Festive fun or hopping mad: Is Easter the new Christmas? (BBC)

We're in North Korea. Want to know what it's like here? Send us your questions (Los Angeles Times)

Court Approved Wiretap on Trump Campaign Aide Over Russia Ties (New York Times - Paywall)

Mac on... Overbooking fiasco on the United flight (Daily Mail)

U.S. and Russia remain far apart on Syria after Tillerson meets with Putin and other officials (Los Angeles Times)

US and Russia seek to tackle low trust' over Syria (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump to China: Help us rein in North Korea and we'll back off on trade issues (Los Angeles Times)

Aboard the first hydrogen commuter train (CNN)

As Trump threatens world climate pact, will India keep its promises to cut emissions? (Los Angeles Times)

White House and Russia trade heated charges over poison gas attack in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

In China, the United Airlines incident unleashes frustration about treatment of Asians in America (Los Angeles Times)

G-7 ministers aim to press Russia to stop backing Assad (Los Angeles Times)

Why empty suit shops and barber's chairs could spell trouble for Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (Los Angeles Times)

Why Russia might be working with its Cold War enemy, the Taliban (Los Angeles Times)

Trump pushes historic cuts in global health aid, stoking fears of new disease outbreaks and diminished U.S. clout (Los Angeles Times)