Monday, 17th April 2017

World News

Cleveland murder raises questions about violent videos on Facebook (CBS News)

Viral moment as Melania seems to nudge Trump for anthem (CBS News)

Man accused of killing five at mall found dead in jail (CBS News)

North Korea problem is "coming to a head," McMaster says (CBS News)

Shark kills teen girl surfing off Australias coast (CBS News)

Multi-state manhunt for suspect who posted murder on Facebook (CBS News)

Details revealed about the missile in failed N. Korea test (CBS News)

Prince Harry's 'total chaos' after Princess Diana's death (Daily Mail)

Election Observers Question Turkish Referendum Result (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Manhunt for Facebook homicide suspect (CNN)

Trump congratulates Turkey's Erdogan on controversial win (Daily Mail)

Turkey referendum was held on an 'unlevel playing field' (Daily Mail)

At 117, Jamaican woman likely just became world's oldest (Fox News)

'Gotta behave': Trump warns North Korea (Daily Mail)

King Kong Becomes the First Giant Ape to Lose a Fight to a Dead Turtle (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Why Prince Harry Is Talking About His Mother's Death (Time Magazine)

What will Trump do if NK conducts a nuclear test? (CNN)

At Easter Egg Roll, The Trump White House Finally Starts Reading Books (Newsweek Magazine)

Melania Trump nudges Donald to put hand on heart (Daily Mail)

North Korean envoy at UN warns of nuclear war possibility (CNN)

Video shows woman stuck after she used hand as plunger (Daily Mail)

Can a Spandex T-shirt ward off back pain? (Daily Mail)

Man Accused of Killing Five in Mall Massacre Found Dead (NBC News)

UK sent £4m in aid to North Korea over six years (Daily Mail)

Prince Harry reveals struggle after mothers death (CBS News)

U.S. developing options on North Korea (CBS News)

Smaller turnout expected for White House Easter Egg Roll (CBS News)

Christopher Hill on North Korea tensions, nuclear threat (CBS News)

Referendum passes to give Turkeys president more power (CBS News)

Arkansas' legal fight to kill death row prisoners (Daily Mail)

Pills found strewn throughout Prince's home after death (Daily Mail)

Celebrating Easter in an Iraqi Town That Has Lost Its Christians (New York Times - Paywall)

Pence warns North Korea not to 'test' Trump, says the 'era of strategic patience is over' (Los Angeles Times)

Vote in Turkey on Powers for Erdogan Reveals Sharp Divisions (New York Times - Paywall)

Melania gives secret reminder to Donald Trump during national anthem (Daily Star)

North Korea 'will test missiles weekly', senior official tells BBC (BBC)

Cleveland Facebook Live gunman hunt continues (Daily Mail)

North Korea threatens WEEKLY missile tests (Daily Mail)

Pence visits DMZ: US will drop 'failed policy' (CNN)

Turkey referendum: Erdogan dismisses criticism by monitors (BBC)

North Korean commandos ready to kidnap Americans, says defector (Fox News)

Bullying, Rape, Suicide... Here's Why I Think '13 Reasons Why' Is One Of The Most Authentic High School Drama Series To Date (Huffington Post)

There's a new world's oldest woman (CNN)

$50K Reward as Cops Hunt Man Who Posted Killing on Facebook (NBC News)

Obit: Man died peacefully after falsely told Trump was impeached (CNN)

Why We Must Continue To Care About Chibok (Huffington Post)

'Gotta behave' Trump's message to North Korea despot Kim Jong-Un amid WW3 fears (Daily Express)

Manhunt for Accused Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Now a National Search With $50K Reward (Newsweek Magazine)

'Still Under Audit': Trump Returns Won't be Seen on Tax Day (NBC News)

Cleveland Facebook suspect Steve Stephens hunted in five states (BBC)

Pictured: Sauna where two died when door handle came off (Daily Mail)

Horror as young man accidentally hangs himself (Daily Mail)

PR Issues Mount for United After Bride and Groom Say They Were Kicked Off Flight (NBC News)

BREAKING: Nine schools locked down as Facebook Live killer spotted (Daily Star)

The Internet Can't Get Over Melania Nudging President Trump During the National Anthem (Time Magazine)

Police say they contacted Facebook video murder suspect (CBS News)

Trump says China is working with the U.S. on North Korea (CBS News)

Turkish opposition says referendum vote was marred, results should be thrown out (Los Angeles Times)

Prince's drug stash: Star's home found 'LITTERED with pills' when cops probed death (Daily Star)

Egypt acquits U.S. woman detained for almost 3 years (CBS News)

Perry: Don't rely on China to solve North Korea (CNN)

Mike Pence warns North Korea not to test Trump (CBS News)

Police Arrest Woman Believed to Be Pajama-Wearing Bank Robber (Time Magazine)

Prince death probe: Opioids found (CNN)

Trump Access Hollywood Photo Rejected, Then Allowed, to Promote Stanford Event on Sexual Assault (Newsweek Magazine)

White House throws annual Easter Egg roll (Daily Mail)

North Korea accuses US of creating situation for nuclear war (Fox News)

The Interpreter: The North Korea Paradox: Why There Are No Good Options (New York Times - Paywall)

FBI says suspect in Facebook murder is armed and dangerous (CBS News)

United kicks bride and groom heading for their wedding off flight (CBS News)

Video of woman getting punched at protest sparks outrage (CBS News)

Coachella Fans Used Find My iPhone' to Catch a Man Who Stole 100 Cellphones (Time Magazine)

North Korean Official Threatens Weekly' Missile Tests as White House Condemns Launches (Time Magazine)

Sean Spicers Beautifully Complicated Relationship With The White House Easter Bunny (Newsweek Magazine)

1st woman to officially run Boston Marathon does it again (CNN)

Prince Harry opens up about grief after mothers death (CBS News)

Syrian First Lady Asma Assad faces calls to be stripped of her UK citizenship (Fox News)

Boston Marathon features elite runners, formerly homeless man and puppies (CBS News)

Harry 'in total chaos' over mother's death (BBC)

The Internet Is Having a Field Day Turning Trump's Easter Bunny Moment Into Memes (Time Magazine)

Why horse racing is a sure thing for Scottish economy (Daily Express)

Trump Slams Leading Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgias 6th District Special Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Neil Gorsuch Asks His First Questions as Newest Supreme Court Justice (Time Magazine)

Killer shark tragedy as teen dies after leg torn off in sea (Daily Star)

Trump Official Says Weed Not a Factor in the Drug War (Newsweek Magazine)

US, North Korea tensions put China in a difficult position as peacemaker (Fox News)

First woman to officially run Boston Marathon (CBS News)

World Championship 2017: Shaun Murphy survives first round scare (BBC)

Pence Warns North Korea Not to Test Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Says Turkey Will Ignore Election Monitors' Referendum Criticism (Time Magazine)

Russian TV says Donald Trump scarier than Kim Jong-Un (Daily Mail)

Youths risk DEATH climbing to top of giant Thorpe Park rollercoaster after dark (Daily Star)

Brits set to blast off for space holidays - From WALES (Daily Star)

North Korea Tensions (CBS News)

U.S.-North Korea Nuclear War May Break Out at Any Moment,' Pyongyang's UN Ambassador Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump stays put as advisers cross globe to hotspots (CNN)

Shutting Down Fake Facebook Accounts Just Makes Them More Valuable (NBC News)

Danny Cevallo: Make it a crime to show killing on Facebook (CNN)

Why Did Cleveland Fugitive Upload Killing to Facebook? (NBC News)

Tough talk from Pence on the North Korean border (CBS News)

New details from Princes death to be released (CBS News)

Christians Around the World Mark Easter Holiday (NBC News)

13 People Reveal Why They Can't Sleep At Night (Huffington Post)

Sean Spicer Read an Easter Book to Kids and the Internet Was Amused (Time Magazine)

Eye Opener at 8: VP Pence warns N. Korea (CBS News)

Will Facebook change policy after video showing killing? (CBS News)

'ALL OUT WAR' North Korea will test missiles WEEKLY as WW3 fears heighten (Daily Express)

BREAKING: North Korea to test nuclear missiles 'WEEKLY' as 'all out WAR' looms (Daily Star)

Cleveland Facebook Murder Suspect's Ex-Girlfriend: He Was a Really Good Guy' (Time Magazine)

Murder probe launched after man shot at traveller site (Daily Mail)

Brazilian twins with Zika celebrate their first birthday (Daily Mail)

At least 12 suffer serious burns after man 'hurls acid' during brawl at London nightclub (Fox News)

Spicer calls failed North Korean launch a military ATTACK (Daily Mail)

Paul Ryan Has a Lower Approval Rating Than Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

President Trump Talks Tough on North Korea (Time Magazine)

Gorsuch Asks First Questions From Supreme Court Bench (NBC News)

Turkish Referendum Was on ‘Unlevel Playing Field,’ Critics Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Couple ordered off overbooked £628 Easyjet Sicily flight (Daily Mail)

Did Melania give Trump anthem 'nudge'? (BBC)

Manhunt for gunman who posted killing video to Facebook (CBS News)

VP Pence visits DMZ and warns North Korea (CBS News)

BREAKING: North Korea says nuclear war could break out at 'ANY MOMENT' due to US (Daily Express)

Brawl at California Walmart stuns Easter shoppers (CBS News)

We Could Put Melania's Subtle Anthem Hint To Trump On Loop Forever (Huffington Post)

Snowden filmmaker learns why she was detained at airports (Daily Mail)

Drab day of drizzle ends mild Easter weekend (Daily Mail)

Trump and First Lady Welcome Thousands for Easter Egg Roll (NBC News)

Eye Opener: Multi-state manhunt for Facebook killing suspect (CBS News)

British man jailed in US for plotting ex-wife's murder (Daily Mail)

Pence sent security scrambling (CNN)

Richest man in history was a King worth £317 billion in gold (Daily Star)

Police expand manhunt for Facebook video murder suspect (CBS News)

8-Year-Old Suspected in Michigan Toddler's Death at Day Care (Time Magazine)

An 'infertile' woman with two vaginas is pregnant (Daily Mail)

'Super Liberal': Trump Blasts Georgia Democrat (NBC News)

Prince Harry: 'Chaos' after Diana's death (CNN)

Trump vs. Obamacare, "Patience" with North Korea, and Erdogans power (CBS News)

Pakistan says woman detained in ISIS plot to attack church on Easter (Fox News)

Faces of children raised under brutal North Korean regime (Daily Mail)

Kim Jong-Un's North Korea special forces military parade (Daily Mail)

Value of U.S. Dollar Down and Gold Prices Rise as North Korea Tensions Mount (Newsweek Magazine)

This Terrifying Easter Bunny Haunted Donald Trump's First Egg Roll (Huffington Post)

Prince Harry admits counselling after Diana's death (Daily Mail)

Eggs roll at White House Easter celebration (CNN)

Trim Jong-un: North Koreans have a choice of 15 haircuts (Daily Mail)

Spicer reads to kids at the Easter Egg Roll (CNN)

Russian teen blows off his own hand with home-made bomb (Daily Mail)

Pence to N. Korea: Don't test us (CNN)

Manhunt in Cleveland After Killing Posted to Facebook (NBC News)

Pakistan says woman detained in Islamic State Easter plot (Fox News)

Steve Stephens shot and killed man in a Facebook video (Daily Mail)

Man walking TIGER on lead through shopping centre has situation completely under control (Daily Star)

What to Know About Cleveland Facebook Murder Suspect Steve Stephens (Time Magazine)

Mother opens up about the death of her libido (Daily Mail)

US wipes out 2,900 ISIS militants in ONE WEEK as Trump smashes death cult (Daily Star)

Little girl flips middle-finger at mother over Easter egg (Daily Mail)

Kashmiri man tied to car 'to shield army' (BBC)

'Strictly Come Dancing' 2017: Holly Willoughby Reveals Why She'd Never Sign Up (Huffington Post)

Still no arrests one year after Prince's death (Daily Mail)

Red Arrows showcase stunning Easter display over RAF Scampton (Daily Star)

John Oliver Explains Why the French Presidential Election Is More Important Than You Think (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea and Japan: A history of relationships between the two nations (Daily Express)

'SNL' takes on Spicer the Easter Bunny (CNN)

Why thousands of Palestinian inmates won't eat (CNN)

President Trump Just Endorsed a Book Full of Empty Pages (Time Magazine)

Watch This Donald Trump Impersonator Release' His Taxes at the March (Time Magazine)

Nicola Sturgeon ordered to DELAY referendum and told she may NEVER re-join EU (Daily Express)

Donald Trump is 'very upset' with Amanda Knox for THIS reason (Daily Star)

Turkey's Referendum Vote Fell Short' of International Standards, Watchdog Says (Time Magazine)

Prince Harry Says He Sought Counseling Over His Mother’s Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Pence: US era of strategic patience with North Korea over (BBC)

Easter DIY fails show why you should not Do It Yourself (Daily Mail)

Trump Jr's 'fake news' T-shirt prompts response (BBC)

Easyjet forced couple off overbooked flight (BBC)

First Read: Why Trump's Poor Start Matters (NBC News)

Man uses power of social media to reunite lost pet with owner (CBS News)

More wine than water! Easter Sunday chaos pictured (Daily Mail)

Mike Pence makes surprise visit to North Korean border (Daily Mail)

Result contested as Erdogan clinches slim victory (CNN)

Brawl at Bluewater after man confronted by paedo hunters (Daily Mail)

With Few Options, U.S. Doesn’t Rule Out Talks With North Korea (New York Times - Paywall)

Turkey's Next Referendum Could Reintroduce the Death Penalty, Erdogan Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Pence Warns North Korea: Don't Test Trump's 'Resolve' (NBC News)

Watch Live: President Trump Hosts White House Easter Egg Roll (Time Magazine)

Janet Jackson Shares First Adorable Photo Of Baby Boy Eissa Al Mana (Huffington Post)

Erdogan warns opponents against challenging referendum win (Daily Mail)

Sri Lanka Death Toll Rises in Garbage Dump Collapse (New York Times - Paywall)

Police Expand Search for Murder Suspect Who Posted Gruesome Video on Facebook (Time Magazine)

Trump adviser visits Pakistan after massive airstrike (Fox News)

John Oliver Warns French Voters Not to Elect Another Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

North Koreas fate uncertain after failed missile test (CBS News)

You deal with it or I will Donald Trump gives China ultimatum over North Korea (Daily Express)

Watch April the giraffes newborn calf take first wobbly steps (CBS News)

Jumping to victory at Miami Beach (CNN)

The Beckhams' Easter Photos Are Giving Us Total Family Goals (Huffington Post)

Britain First 'Invades' Birmingham Islamic Bookshop (Huffington Post)

Turkey referendum: Vote expanding Erdogan powers 'valid' (BBC)

Traffic Fumes Pollution 'Affects Happiness As Much As Death And Divorce' (Huffington Post)

Mike Pence Reminds North Korea It Could Be in for Same Treatment As Syria and Afghanistan (Newsweek Magazine)

Inside the World's First All-Female Special Forces Unit (NBC News)

Russia and China Are Tailing' U.S. Warship En Route to North Korea Region (Newsweek Magazine)

Prince Harry Was Close to 'Breakdown' After Mom's Death (NBC News)

Newborn Easter lamb is DECAPITATED in Satanic sacrifice' (Daily Mail)

Murder at traveller site - man shot dead and woman stabbed in Wickford, Essex (Daily Express)

In Afghanistan, ‘I Feel Like a Divorced Woman Is Up for Grabs’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Litvinenko's death was 'state-sponsored', former cop says (Daily Mail)

United Airlines Reportedly Boots Engaged Couple Off Flight to Their Own Wedding (Newsweek Magazine)

Student killed in horror crash after car veers off country road and smashes into field (Daily Star)

Prince Harry Breaks His Silence on the Mental Health Problems He Suffered After Diana's Death (Time Magazine)

Mike Pence Warns Patience is Over' With North Korea, Says All Options' on the Table (Newsweek Magazine)

US warns North Korea not to test Trump's resolve (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Latest: S. Korea indicts Lotte chief on bribery charge (Fox News)

Kate Middleton attends Easter Sunday service in Windsor (Daily Mail)

London woman tests out light therapy mask to treat acne (Daily Mail)

'I couldn't look at him' Porn star opens up for first time since MMA star ex's trial (Daily Star)

'It's a SCANDAL' EU reviews Turkey membership to bloc after Erdogan wins power grab vote (Daily Express)

US send 1,000 fighter jets to North Korea's doorstep and threaten 'OVERWHELMING response' (Daily Star)

Turkey's Erdogan Declares Victory in Referendum to Expand Presidential Powers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Erdogan claims narrow victory in Turkish referendum (Financial Times - Paywall)

The Era of Strategic Patience Is Over': Vice President Mike Pence Warns North Korea (Time Magazine)

The Latest: Pence warns (Fox News)

Guide to how ANY woman can learn to defend herself (Daily Mail)

U.S. Presses China on North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chinese economy grows 6.9% in first quarter (Financial Times - Paywall)

North Korea unveils new Lightning' commando unit to fight US Navy SEALs (Daily Star)

Helena Christensen On Why Women Must Take An Interest In Politics (Huffington Post)

In Ankara, celebrations for Erdogan mask a Turkish schism (CNN)

Prince Harry Sought Counselling After 'Total Chaos' Caused By Princess Diana's Death (Huffington Post)

EIGHT DAYS TO NUCLEAR STRIKE: North Korea REFUSES to back down after failed missile (Daily Express)

Prince Harry reveals he was close to 'breakdown' years after Princess Diana's death (Fox News)

Sexy snap of 'stunning' North Korean soldier sends Twitter into MELTDOWN (Daily Star)

Our military is BUILDING' Trump says he has 'NO CHOICE' but to build up army in WW3 hint (Daily Express)

Mike Pence Visits DMZ, Perilous Land Dividing the Koreas (NBC News)

Suspect in Facebook homicide sought (CNN)

Does this video PROVE North Korea's missiles were FAKE? (Daily Star)

4/16: U.S. developing options on North Korea; Pastor brings hip hop to church (CBS News)

China's first quarter growth beats expectations at 6.9% (BBC)

Are North Korea's missiles just painted wooden boxes? Question marks over Kim's weapons (Daily Express)

Police: Suspect kills elderly victim on Facebook Live, manhunt underway (CBS News)

Tories BEG Scottish voters to back 'ANYONE but Sturgeon' to halt independence referendum (Daily Express)

Former Trump aide advises China tycoon on contracts (Financial Times - Paywall)

Cleveland police hunt for man in Facebook murder (Financial Times - Paywall)

Trump defends China flip-flop in Easter morning tweet (CBS News)

Easter celebrations around the globe (CBS News)

Egypt Acquits U.S. Woman Detained for Three Years on Child Abuse Charges Widely Seen as Bogus (Time Magazine)

Turkey referendum: Erdogan claims win as critics vow to challenge ballots (CBS News)

Pence calls North Korea's failed missile test a 'provocation,' White House sees no need for a response (Los Angeles Times)

US & South Korea carry out chilling 'MAX THUNDER' military drills in huge warning to Kim (Daily Express)

What missile test? North Koreans munch ice-cream blissfully unaware of failed launch (Daily Star)

In New York's Easter Parade, Spectacular Costumes Meet Elegant Tradition (Time Magazine)

Found 700 years on, priest who starved to death (Daily Mail)

Mike Pence Visits U.S. Military Stationed Near the Korean DMZ Amid Tensions With North Korea (Time Magazine)

He's a good man' Tributes pour in for grandfather shot in Cleveland Facebook Live horror (Daily Express)

Erdogan's Victory in the Referendum on His Powers Will Leave Turkey Even More Divided (Time Magazine)

Cleveland Police Seek Man They Say Broadcast Killing on Facebook (Time Magazine)

DMZ North Korea: Trump's number 2 pays shock visit to Kim Jong-un's front door' (Daily Star)

Cleveland Facebook Live murderer Steve Stephens filmed 'practising' at shooting range (Daily Star)

Turkey's Erdogan Wins Referendum to Give Him More Power (NBC News)

Mike Pence makes shock visit to Korean demilitarised zone amid rising world tensions (Daily Express)

Nanette Newman on finding happiness after husband's death (Daily Mail)

Fears rise of U.S. strike on North Korea (Daily Mail)

Royal ballet school's first transgender scholar (Daily Mail)

Trump blinks first: US president CHICKENS OUT of war with North Korea (Daily Star)

Trump Supporters, Opponents Clash in Berkeley (Newsweek Magazine)

Flying car prepares for take off (BBC)

Turkey's Erdogan declares victory in referendum giving him broad new powers, but opposition calls foul (Los Angeles Times)

Cleveland: Police Looking for Steve Stephens, Man They Say Broadcast Killing on Facebook (Newsweek Magazine)

Pets cost owners £3,500 in the first year (Daily Mail)

US on North Korea: All options are on the table (CNN)

Turkish referendum is a catastrophe for the West (Daily Mail)

Manhunt in Cleveland After Killing Broadcast on Facebook Live (NBC News)

Kim Jong-un's latest missiles reveal North Korea will have an ADVANTAGE in nuclear war' (Daily Express)

North Korea Missile Launch Fails 'Almost Immediately' (NBC News)

The woman whose phone 'misdiagnosed HIV' (BBC)

These Syrians were finally being evacuated to safety. That's when the bomb went off (Los Angeles Times)

Pence's emotional trip to South Korea (CNN)

The man who catches marathon cheats - from his home (BBC)

Erdogan Claims Vast New Powers After Narrow Victory in Turkish Referendum (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump says "someone should look into who paid for" tax return rallies (CBS News)

McMaster Says North Korea's Behavior 'Can't Continue' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Can Democrats 'make Trump furious'? (BBC)

Chilling moment Cleveland gunman shoots old man DEAD on Facebook Live (Daily Star)

Donald Trump may STRIKE North Korea' as advisor warns ALL OPTIONS are on the table (Daily Express)

Brits opt for Easter 'staycations' to avoid expensive trips abroad (Daily Express)

Cleveland Police hunt armed and dangerous' gunman after man shot dead on Facebook Live (Daily Express)

Weapons of WW3: Donald Trump's deadly arsenal that could WIPE OUT North Korea (Daily Star)

Putin moves missiles to North Korea border as Russia gets ready for WAR (Daily Star)

Prince Harry reveals he was 'very close to a complete breakdown' after Diana's death (Daily Express)

Huge manhunt after gunman goes on Facebook Live shooting spree (Daily Star)

George Michael's grave PICTURED for first time (Daily Star)

Croc hangs off elephant's trunk by JAWS after surprise attack angry herd retaliates (Daily Star)

Erdogan claims victory in vote to expand his powers (CNN)

Outlawed? Six Things You Don't Know About White House Easter Egg Roll (NBC News)

Easter celebrations around the world (CBS News)

World Championship 2017: Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Gary Wilson in first round (BBC)

Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea: A Jose Mourinho masterclass with a twist (BBC)

Turkey referendum grants President Erdogan sweeping new powers (BBC)

Examining North Korea’s Missiles (New York Times - Paywall)

Bride and groom dragged off United flight by US Marshal (Daily Mail)

Turkey's Erdogan Claims Referendum Win as Critics Cry Fraud (NBC News)

Thousands gather at the Vatican to celebrate Easter (CBS News)

Chocolate Easter Eggs of Italy (CBS News)

Supporter Accused of Assaulting Woman at Rally Blames Trump (NBC News)

Egyptian court clears American woman of child abuse charges after human rights criticism (Fox News)

Mike Pence arrives in Seoul with family in tow on Easter (Daily Mail)

Missing Arthur Roy Taylor coastal search called off (BBC)

Turkey referendum: Erdogan supporters claim victory, opposition to demand recount (Fox News)

Cops accused of hanging back from Berkeley Trump protests (Daily Mail)

Trump Makes Bannon, Kushner Play 'Apprentice' on 'SNL' (NBC News)

Erdogan Claims Victory in Turkey Vote over Presidential Powers (Newsweek Magazine)

Chocolate Easter eggs: Candy treasures (CBS News)

Why can't this boy go to school? (BBC)

Trump vs. North Korea: Whats the Next Move? (Newsweek Magazine)

Turkey Referendum Results: President Erdogan Declares Victory In Close Vote, But Opponents Contest (Huffington Post)

Indian Army Ties Kashmiri Man to Jeep and Parades Him Through Villages (New York Times - Paywall)

Pope Francis Denounces Vile' Syria Attacks in Easter Sunday Message (Time Magazine)

Christians in the Middle East Worry about Conflict and Persecution this Easter (Newsweek Magazine)

Princess Mary is a doting mother on Easter Sunday (Daily Mail)

Essex student dies in horror crash after car spun off road (Daily Mail)

US warns North Korea over nuclear tests (Financial Times - Paywall)

Elderly sailor missing after dinghy found off Welsh coast (Daily Mail)

Why Do Women 'Jump On The Bandwagon' Of Abuse Accusations? (Huffington Post)

Tame squirrel in North Carolina loves ice cream and golf (Daily Mail)

North Korea nuclear: US 'working with China' on response (BBC)

'Election Is Over!' Trump Calls for Probe Into Tax Day Protesters (NBC News)

'Election Is Over!' Trump Wants Probe Into Tax Day Protesters (NBC News)

Caso Cerrado: Transgender woman sues over 'broken penis' (Daily Mail)

McCain: North Korea Is First 'Real Test' of Trump's Presidency (NBC News)

Cartoonist Dudolf hides Easter egg in a springtime scene (Daily Mail)

Neil Gorsuch Tackles Church and State in First Week on Supreme Court (Time Magazine)

Blind Goulburn man able to see his wife again (Daily Mail)

Turkish President Erdogan Claims Victory in Historic Decision' That Greatly Expands His Powers (Time Magazine)

North Korean missile test fails (CNN)

Mother sues First Choice after she got ill on holiday (Daily Mail)

How Donald Trump Both Hurts and Helps Twitter (Newsweek Magazine)

Life in North Korea after Kim Jong-Un's failed launch (Daily Mail)

Theresa May's Easter Message Of Unity Post-Brexit Criticised (Huffington Post)

King Felipe and Queen Letizia celebrate Easter mass (Daily Mail)

'Urbi Et Orbi' Easter Message 2017 (Huffington Post)

Trump's little-known right-hand man (CNN)

These Top Democrats Could Challenge Trump in 2020 (NBC News)

Simon Cowell hits the first golden buzzer of BGT 2017 (Daily Mail)

Turkey Heads to the Polls in Historic Referendum on Giving President Erdogan Sweeping New Powers (Newsweek Magazine)

Exclusive: U.N. Deputy Secretary General on Why Democracy in Africa Has a Way to Go (Newsweek Magazine)

Thousands fill the Vatican as pope celebrates Easter Sunday (Fox News)

North Korean Missile Launch Fails, and a Show of Strength Fizzles (New York Times - Paywall)

Polling stations open in Turkey's historic referendum on reforms (Fox News)

Modern Easter Has Evolved Far From Its Ancient Roots (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea defiantly attempts another missile test, but launch ends in failure (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea Tried to Launch a Missile and It Blew up Almost Immediately: Reports (Newsweek Magazine)

Amid reminders of bloodshed and oppression across the Middle East, beleaguered Christians celebrate Easter (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea puts its long-range missiles on parade in massive military show (Los Angeles Times)

Does N. Korea have new ICBMs? (CNN)

North Korea missile test: Latest launch 'blew up almost immediately' (Fox News)

Le Pen blasts Trump for reversing stance on NATO (Fox News)

Why the Turkish Referendum Matters to the U.S. and to the World (Newsweek Magazine)

Syria car bomb: Death toll rises to 100 after explosion near evacuation buses (Fox News)

Meet the Americans on the Front Line If North Korea Goes to War (NBC News)

Sainsbury's and Asda won't stock Christian Easter egg (Daily Mail)

What it's really like to be inside North Korea (CNN)

Some Turks fear the rise of a dictatorship as a referendum nears to greatly expand Erdogan's powers (Los Angeles Times)

Former Defense Secretary William Perry on why we didn't go to war with North Korea (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea's push over the years to become a nuclear power (Los Angeles Times)

Trump administration faces few good military options in North Korea (Los Angeles Times)

Islamic State has fewer than 1,000 fighters in Afghanistan. So why did Trump drop the 'mother of all bombs'? (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea says it's ready for war, but Pyongyang remains a city of orderly calm (Los Angeles Times)

Belgian Chocolatier Turns to 3D Printer for Easter (NBC News)

Here's why Christians keep inviting you to church (CNN)

Are Easter Pilgrims Taking the Wrong Path? (NBC News)

Jonathan Cristol: Kim a battle Trump can't win (CNN)

CNN sent to secretive North Korea event (CNN)

Why these buckets sell for thousands (CNN)

Aboard the first hydrogen commuter train (CNN)

Trucker saves woman from sex trafficking ordeal (CNN)

How much damage can North Korea's weapons do? (CNN)