Tuesday, 25th April 2017

World News

Police bust cockfighting ring, recover 100 roosters (CBS News)

Man upset with wife kills baby and himself on Facebook Live (CBS News)

U.S., North Korea face off in high-stakes game of chicken (CBS News)

Ivanka Trump gets icy reception at W20 meeting talking about father (CBS News)

Marine Le Pen says rival Macron doesn't love France (Daily Mail)

N. Korea has been taunting US for years, is Trump taking the bait? (CNN)

Another judge deals Trump immigration agenda setback (CNN)

Victim says strangers apologised to him before acid attack (Daily Mail)

Macron and Le Pen attend ceremony for slain policeman (Daily Mail)

Schizophrenic stabbed man to death outside Islington home (Daily Mail)

ISIS Fighters in Iraq Killed by Wild Boars Before They Can Ambush Locals (Newsweek Magazine)

Relative of Imprisoned Iranian-Americans Appeals to Trump for Help (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Le Pen: I am not the National Front candidate (CNN)

Japanese to get 10-MINUTE warning if North Korea attacks (Daily Mail)

Trump Blocked From Withholding Funds From Sanctuary Cities (Newsweek Magazine)

Lindsay Graham: President Trump Won't Let North Korea Build Missile That Could Hit U.S. (Time Magazine)

Take time off work to care for elderly parents (Daily Mail)

We're ever so sorry' Acid victim reveals thugs' APOLOGY before attack (Daily Star)

General election 2017: Voters in Porthcawl weigh up options (BBC)

Here Are President Trump's 3 Biggest Achievements in His First 100 Days (Time Magazine)

Here Are President Trump's 3 Biggest Setbacks in His First 100 Days (Time Magazine)

Warrington man spared jail over attack on wife with hammer (Daily Mail)

Obama treads carefully in first public speech since leaving W.H. (CBS News)

North Korea holds drill marking military anniversary (Daily Mail)

Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, France, Ivanka Trump: Your Morning Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea lashes out as tensions grow with U.S. (CBS News)

Writers Guild authorizes strike for first time in 10 years (CBS News)

Officer who dragged Dr. Dao off flight tells his side (Daily Mail)

Did Trump just cave on the border wall? (CNN)

The White House Says Trump Signed More Executive Orders So Far Than FDR. That's Wrong (Time Magazine)

North Korea could do the UNTHINKABLE' Horror nuclear war warnings to US (Daily Star)

Ivanka Trump visits Berlin's Holocaust memorial (Daily Mail)

Japan has only 10 minutes to take cover after North Korean missile launch, officials say (Fox News)

Russian Senator: U.K. Will Be Wiped Off the Face of the Earth If It Uses Nuclear Weapons (Newsweek Magazine)

Ivanka Trump in Berlin: Angela Merkels way into White House? (CBS News)

Up to 50 men assault armored car company in Paraguay and reportedly make off with $40 million (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Blames Canada in Latest Trade Tiff (NBC News)

Marine Le Pen's Bid to Lead France Hinges on Low Turnout (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Ivanka Trump Gets Cool Reception in Berlin (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Bear bites off Palestinian boy's arm in West Bank zoo (Daily Mail)

Russia-linked hackers targeting French election, security firm says (CBS News)

Sir Rod Stewart's proud moment as son Liam scores first ice hockey goal for GB (BBC)

Google Fights Back Against Fake News After Trumps Upset Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Groans and hisses in Berlin as Ivanka Trump defends her father as champion of women, families (Los Angeles Times)

Trump backs down on border wall funding (BBC)

Imprisoned in North Korea: The Cases of 3 Americans (New York Times - Paywall)

German crowd hisses and boos Ivanka Trump (CNN)

Trump Tries to Get It Right at the Holocaust Museum (Newsweek Magazine)

German Crowd Boos Ivanka Trump as She Defends Her Father as "Tremendous Champion of Supporting Families" (Newsweek Magazine)

MP ex-hubby of selfie queen Karen Danczuk shows off SIZZLING new girlfriend (Daily Star)

Kim Jong-un's ski resort in North Korea is empty (Daily Mail)

Trumps 100 Days: How to Make Sense of the Economic Policy Roller Coaster Ride (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. Holds War Games With Allies As North Korea Vows to Wipe Enemies Off the Earth (Newsweek Magazine)

'Dirty Dancing' remake: First look at the new 'Baby' (CNN)

Economy to terrorism: Daunting to-do list for next French leader (CNN)

Trump faces his first budget showdown (CNN)

In France, These Young Voters Dream of a President Le Pen (New York Times - Paywall)

'Should've run aggressive campaign like Trump' Marine Le Pen's father blasts his daughter (Daily Express)

Melania Trump lookalike is IDENTICAL to First Lady and she's cashing in big time (Daily Star)

Ivanka Trump has awkward foray into diplomacy (Financial Times - Paywall)

What North Koreas Military Looks Like Compared to the U.S. (Newsweek Magazine)

Macron v Le Pen: What are their visions for France? (BBC)

Trump's North Korea Obstacle: Sanctions Are Unevenly Enforced (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Hot Mugshot Guy: Photos Released From Jeremy Meeks' First Photohoot With Man About Town (Huffington Post)

Israel president accuses Le Pen of Holocaust denial (Daily Mail)

Thailand Outraged as Man Broadcasts Daughters Murder on Facebook (Newsweek Magazine)

Tougher Law Enforcement Marks Trump's First 100 Days (NBC News)

Macron Campaign Hit by Hackers With Possible Russian Links (NBC News)

Labour election candidate Afzal Khan reported to police (Daily Mail)

Trump pokes fun at his own ambassador (CNN)

Trump Promises: 'We Will Never Be Silent in the Face of Evil Again' (NBC News)

Will Emmanuel Macron Be Able to Run France? (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Police say ISIS-linked group with links to Brussels attack busted (CBS News)

How Trump works: A network outside the White House (CNN)

Banded mongooses more likely to attack female relatives (Daily Mail)

Melania Trump in the White House: How She Compares to Michelle Obama During First 100 Days (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump voters clash over his shifting views (CNN)

Trump puts border wall on hold as lawmakers try to avoid govt shutdown (CBS News)

President Trump Backs Down on Border Wall (Time Magazine)

Trump takes credit for 500k jobs (CNN)

Watch: US submarine arrives in South Korea (CNN)

President Trump Calls Holocaust Deniers Accomplices to Evil' (Time Magazine)

France Honors Xavier Jugelé, Police Officer Killed in Champs-Élysées Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

She's Back: Hillary Clinton's Last 100 Days (NBC News)

Thai Man Posts Video of Himself Killing Baby Daughter on Facebook (Time Magazine)

Eye Opener: U.S. pressures North Korea as tensions rise (CBS News)

Message to Seoul? North Korea conducts live-fire exercise (CNN)

Meet the Small Businessman Who Took on Trump and Won (NBC News)

Senators Summoned to White House for North Korea Strategy Briefing (Newsweek Magazine)

Are Your Favourite Fashion Brands Paying Workers Living Wages? Only 34 Out Of 100 Are Committed To Doing So (Huffington Post)

NHS nurse who faked injuries in scam is struck off (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump lands in Germany after Merkel invite (Daily Mail)

North Korea standoff, federal budget battle, and Big Labors backing (CBS News)

North Korea Holds Drill With Live Fire: Seoul (NBC News)

Terror in Brussels: Cops arrest eight suspected ISIS militants with links to bombings that killed 32 (Fox News)

Terrorism in America: U.S. Capital to Hold Terror Attack Drill with Full-Scale Exercise (Newsweek Magazine)

China warns Kim Jong-un Pyongyang faces 'GREAT LOSSES' if North Korea tests another nuke (Daily Express)

Thai man kills baby on Facebook Live then takes own life (BBC)

Japanese man arrested for living in roof above toilet (Daily Mail)

Stephen Colbert Thanks Donald Trump for 100 Days of Higher Ratings (Newsweek Magazine)

Obamacare is Only Getting More Popular Under Donald Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Schoolgirl who wrote to Google lands first job age seven (Daily Mail)

Why has Trump Imposed Timber Tariffs on Canada? (Newsweek Magazine)

UAE serviceman killed on duty in domestic mission (Fox News)

Stop Trump Movement Gives Millions to ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Other Charities to Fight His White House (Newsweek Magazine)

First malaria vaccine to be widely tested (CNN)

Watch Live: President Trump Speaks at Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony (Time Magazine)

Ivanka Trump Booed At Women's Summit In Berlin After Defending US President Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Seth Meyers Gave Donald Trump a 100-Day Report Card and It's Not Pretty (Time Magazine)

Tory attack ad brands Jeremy Corbyn a security risk (Daily Mail)

London Marathon 2017 May Be Over But A Man In A Gorilla Suit Is Still Racing Two Days Later (Huffington Post)

Ivanka Trump Is Jeered in Berlin After Defending Her Father (New York Times - Paywall)

General Election 2017: Labour's 'day one' pledge to EU nationals (BBC)

Ivanka Trump Got Booed in Germany After Saying Her Father Supports Women (Time Magazine)

Labour is set for a 'kicking' in Wales in general election (Daily Mail)

Shark attack mum Frankie Gonsalves to be airlifted to UK (BBC)

At meat market, the far-right Le Pen backs "eating French" (Fox News)

Defeating North Korea: South unveils powerful missile radar over crazy Kim's nuke threats (Daily Star)

French people underestimating the support for Marine Le Pen, says Socialist party leader (Daily Express)

Theresa May to hold crunch talks with Japanese PM amid rising North Korea tensions (Daily Express)

Arkansas executes first death row inmate (Daily Mail)

Japan warns citizens they only have 10 MINUTES to prepare for North Korea strike (Daily Express)

Groans as Ivanka defends Trump in Berlin (BBC)

UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election (Fox News)

North Korea reportedly holds live-fire drill as US nuclear-powered sub approaches (Fox News)

Trump Open to Backing Down on Border Wall in Shutdown Standoff (NBC News)

Trump slaps first tariffs on Canadian lumber (CNN)

Adventurous pensioner sells off precious jewels (Daily Mail)

General election: What you need to know (BBC)

Rare glimpse: North Koreans celebrate 'Army day' as US sub lurks in south (CNN)

Wigan man killed himself over girlfriend's double life (Daily Mail)

10 days of DEATH: Third murderer killed in shock spree of back-to-back executions (Daily Star)

Boy, It Sure Seems Longer.' Stephen Colbert Tears Into President Trump's First 100 Days (Time Magazine)

Police arrest man 'who tried to get into Norwich Airport' (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump in Berlin to work on special relationship (CNN)

Demonic CANNIBAL alligator shocks onlookers in golf course blood bath attack (Daily Star)

Phillip May hits the phones as the election battle hots up (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump forced to defend father at G20 women's summit (BBC)

Armed cops swoop UK airport as man 'enters private area and carries out assault' (Daily Star)

The Latest: Ivanka Trump at women's event to 'listen, learn' (Fox News)

General Election 2017: Lib Dems to keep 'nuclear deterrent' (BBC)

The Latest: France's Marine Le Pen gets criticism from dad (Fox News)

OAP killed by driver who ploughed into a parked car while trying to charge her phone (Daily Express)

Christian Dior and LVMH combined by French billionaire (BBC)

Revealed: Labour's General Election 2017 Doorstep Message; Tories Are Party Of 'The Privileged Few' (Huffington Post)

US to launch lethal and ready' nuclear missile capable of hitting North Korea' TOMORROW (Daily Star)

Top Trump Controversies of The First 100 Days (NBC News)

US man accused of killing British couple dies before trial (Daily Mail)

Ongoing Tensions With North Korea Prompt Military Exercises by the U.S. and Its Allies (Time Magazine)

Macron campaign 'targeted in cyberspace' (CNN)

What War With North Korea Looks Like (Newsweek Magazine)

JAN MOIR acts as agony aunt to Emannuel Macron (Daily Mail)

Who Are North Koreas Three American Prisoners? (Newsweek Magazine)

China warns North Korea not to 'cross point of no return' (Daily Mail)

US submarine arrives near North Korea amid nuke test fears (Daily Mail)

Strangers 'said sorry' before acid attack (BBC)

Andrew Fisher: The man who will write Labour's manifesto (Daily Mail)

Emmanuel Macron can be the 'French JFK' say EU allies (Daily Mail)

Pressure on North Korea ratcheted up amid nuke test possibility (CBS News)

French election 2017: Second round faces MASS ABSTENTION as voters plot BOYCOTT (Daily Express)

US to hold massive emergency exercise ready for attack TOMORROW (Daily Star)

French Vote Fuels Hopes for Growth (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man bailed over Mike Samwell car theft murder case (BBC)

American monitor killed in Ukraine identified (CBS News)

Trump faces his first budgetary cliff (CNN)

10 killed as minibus is blown up by roadside bomb in Pakistan (Daily Express)

When is the postal vote deadline? How get a postal vote for the UK general election 2017 (Daily Express)

Trump's First 100 Days: Chris Christie Gives Him a B' Grade (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Is Historically Unpopular. Will It Matter? (NBC News)

Arkansas Carries Out First Double Execution in the U.S. in 17 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Ivanka Trump in Berlin to talk women's economic empowerment (Fox News)

Fewer Americans Think President Trump Keeps His Promises, Poll Shows (Time Magazine)

North Korea Holds Live-Fire Drills as Trump Calls For Tougher Sanctions (Time Magazine)

President Trump Kept Fewer than Half of His 100-Day Promises (Time Magazine)

France honors police officer killed in Champs-Elysees attack (Fox News)

Is Trump backing himself into a corner on North Korea? (CNN)

Specialists explain rising importance of North Korea holiday (Fox News)

Ivanka Trump Makes First Official Foreign Trip as Presidential Adviser (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain will be 'WIPED OFF EARTH' by RUSSIA in revenge nuke attack, warns top Putin crony (Daily Star)

How a Nation Reconciles After Genocide Killed Nearly a Million People (New York Times - Paywall)

25 dead in Maoist attack on police convoy in India (CNN)

British Labour Party Charts a Middle Way on Brexit Ahead of General Election (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea Stages Long-Range Artillery Drills (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea carries out 'large-scale' artillery drill (CNN)

U.S. Nuclear Submarine Arrives in South Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

This Election Is A Once In A Lifetime Chance To Vote For Real Change (Huffington Post)

Trump Administration Considers Ban On Laptops On Flights From European Airports: Reports (Newsweek Magazine)

'He has NO VISION' Academic bashes Macron saying Le Pen will win NEXT French election (Daily Express)

North Korea tensions: US submarine arrives in South Korea (BBC)

North Korea reveals WHERE nuclear war with fanatic' US will break out (Daily Star)

Obama reminds us how unlike Trump he is (CNN)

China mobilises troops as North Korea warned it's at the 'point of no return' (Daily Star)

Why Marine Le Pen Has Resigned as National Front Leader (Newsweek Magazine)

100 years of love, loss in Japan (CNN)

Wendy Thompson who killed an OAP jailed for over 2 years (Daily Mail)

'He's a dead man walking' Rhys Jones' killer fears revenge attack over TV drama (Daily Express)

General election 2017: Where UK's parties stand on Brexit (BBC)

Open Britain Attack List Of Brexit-Backing MPs Drawn Up Ahead Of General Election (Huffington Post)

Victoria Hogg spared jail for key attack on boyfriend (Daily Mail)

North Korea reportedly conducts massive live-fire drill amid tensions (Fox News)

Europe Edition: Emmanuel Macron, Syria, North Korea: Your Tuesday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Two killed in month just yards from Prince George's school (Daily Mail)

USS Michigan nuclear sub heads to South Korea (CNN)

American killed in Ukraine identified (CNN)

ECB unlikely to signal stimulus end, despite French optimism (Fox News)

Marine Le Pen STEPS DOWN as Front National leader hours after election boost (Daily Express)

North Korea celebrates as South Korea, US keep watch (Fox News)

Trump Presses U.N. on North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US sub with dozens of guided missiles arrives in South Korea (CNN)

Donald Trump considers banning laptops on UK FLIGHTS in antiterror move' (Daily Express)

Faye Dunaway Speaks for the First Time About the Oscars Best Picture Mistake (Time Magazine)

The Latest: S. Korea says pressure on North will be maximum (Fox News)

Macron targeted by hackers, cyber firm says (CNN)

Obama remind us how radically different he is from Trump (CNN)

27 people killed in bus-trailer truck collision in Kenya (Fox News)

Obama makes first public appearance since leaving office (CBS News)

As 100-day mark approaches, Trump tries to brush off campaign vows (CBS News)

Trump's LARGEST nuclear sub arrives in South Korea as China agrees action MUST be taken (Daily Express)

Marine Le Pen, New Orleans, Arkansas: Your Monday Evening Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Report: French candidate targeted by hackers (CNN)

Boris Johnson 'will be MAIN face of Tory General Election campaign in bid to woo voters' (Daily Express)

BREAKING: North Korea stages 'largest EVER firing drill' in chilling warning to the US (Daily Star)

BREAKING: North Korea conducts nation's 'LARGEST firing drill EVER' amid WW3 tensions (Daily Express)

North Korea quiet amid expectation of missile follow-up (Fox News)

EU minister DENIES meddling in French election as European leaders congratulate Macron (Daily Express)

North Korea attack: Kim's nuclear missiles ready and aimed at US' (Daily Star)

Asia and Australia Edition: France, North Korea, Trump’s 100 Days: Your Morning Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump calls WAR COUNCIL and declares NOW time to act on North Korea (Daily Star)

People In Japan Are Being Told They Have Just 10 Minutes to Prepare for a North Korean Missile Attack (Time Magazine)

The Latest: US, Japan, S. Korea envoys discuss N. Korea (Fox News)

France elections: Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader (BBC)

Police Reports Blame United Passenger for Injuries He Sustained While Dragged Off Flight (Time Magazine)

North Korea vows to leave NO MAN ALIVE' in chilling World War 3 threat to Donald Trump (Daily Express)

Tony Blair BEGS Corbyn to fight against hard Brexit as Labour faces election ANNIHILATION (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Calls for New United Nations Sanctions on North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Open to Kicking Border Wall Fight to Fall (Time Magazine)

Arkansas Executes First of Two Condemned Inmates Scheduled for Tonight (NBC News)

US to North Korea: We will attack if you do any of THESE five things' (Daily Star)

Japan panic buying Cold War bunkers ready for NUCLEAR WAR with North Korea (Daily Star)

General suggests Russia supplying Taliban with weapons (CBS News)

Lord Mandelson claims Emmanuel Macron is an HEIR TO BLAIR' after uniting French centrists (Daily Express)

Melbourne woman tries to take off her charcoal face mask (Daily Mail)

Chinese President Xi Jinping Urges Donald Trump to Avoid Aggravating' North Korea (Time Magazine)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: EU elites mustn't ignore French vote (Daily Mail)

Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France’s Macron (New York Times - Paywall)

Comic Relief let off by watchdog despite 345 complaints (Daily Mail)

North Korea vows to 'leave NO MAN ALIVE' as US war fleet nears peninsula (Daily Star)

Angela Merkel plots for the EU to LEAPFROG Britain in a trade deal with Donald Trump (Daily Express)

Trump sends BIGGEST nuclear sub to stop North Korea firing nuke TODAY (Daily Star)

Trump to astronaut: 'Better you than me' to drink urine (CNN)

French candidate married his school teacher (CNN)

Trump Adviser Gorka Abruptly Leaves 'Fake News' Panel (NBC News)

US and South Korea conduct joint WAR SIMULATION' amid nuclear tensions with Kim Jong-un (Daily Express)

Could going low-carb help you fight off diabetes? (Daily Mail)

Let the rocket FLY' Le Pen's strategist defends her decision to step down as party leader (Daily Express)

PIERS MORGAN on Donald Trump's first 100 days in office (Daily Mail)

French mayor brands voters 'a***holes' for backing Le Pen (Daily Mail)

French media reacts to 'earthquake' election result (Daily Mail)

The scene at Marine Le Pen's victory party when she won a spot in France's presidential runoff (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump's first 100 days in 100 of his own words (BBC)

Trump declares NOW is the time to take ACTION on North Korea amid further nuclear tests (Daily Express)

CORBYN HUMILIATION: Labour to be THRASHED in Wales by the Tories in latest election blow (Daily Express)

Vile killer of Rhys Jones fears Little Boy Blue show will leave him 'dead man walking' (Daily Star)

North Korea detains US citizen as tensions rise (CNN)

China's Xi Urges Trump to Be Cautious Over North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald Is Suing the Man Who Allegedly Gave Him a Seizure (Newsweek Magazine)

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Syrian Government Workers After Sarin Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Stock markets soar as Macron wins first stage of election (Daily Mail)

New film asks if JonBenet Ramsey was killed by pedophiles (Daily Mail)

News Analysis: As North Korea Speeds Its Nuclear Program, U.S. Fears Time Will Run Out (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea tensions: USS Michigan submarine to enter South Korean port (Fox News)

Marine Le Pen is stepping DOWN as party leader (Daily Mail)

Seinfeld's Larry David Had Never Heard of Steve Bannon Before Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump says U.N. must be ready to impose new sanctions on North Korea (CBS News)

Meet the man who could become France's youngest president (Los Angeles Times)

Watch Live: Ivanka Trump Speaks at W20 Summit in Berlin (Time Magazine)

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron spark war of words as presidential race hots up (Daily Star)

North Korea detains American trying to leave country (CBS News)

Man takes action after being punched repeatedly by officer (CBS News)

French voters turn away from mainstream presidential candidates (CBS News)

War in Syria: U.S. Targets 271 Scientists in One of Largest Sanctions Ever After Chemical Attack (Newsweek Magazine)

25 Police Officers in India Are Killed in Ambush by Maoist Rebels (New York Times - Paywall)

Hilarious moment a puppy meets a baby duck for first time (Daily Mail)

France urged to reject Le Pen in presidential vote runoff (CNN)

Who Will Win the French Election? How Marine Le Pen Could Become the Next Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Marine Le Pen Temporarily Steps Down As Front National Leader To Widen Support (Huffington Post)

U.S. says N. Korea trying to flex muscle with American detainee (CBS News)

Baked Potatoes: Global Warming Could Get Americans Off Couch (NBC News)

What Has Melania Trump Been Doing? Heres Everything the First Lady Accomplished in Her First 100 Days (Newsweek Magazine)

Marine Le Pen steps down as head of France's National Front party (Fox News)

Israeli president: Le Pen's Holocaust denial 'disturbing' (Fox News)

Who Is Acting Surgeon General Sylvia Trent-Adams? (Newsweek Magazine)

Euro Jumps as French Election Reshapes European Markets (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea nuclear: White House calls Senate to briefing (BBC)

Man pleads not guilty to killing 3 family members with ax (CBS News)

Watch the First Video of the New Flying Car from Google Co-Founder Larry Page (Newsweek Magazine)

Top Afghan defense officials resign after Taliban attack that killed more than 100 soldiers (Los Angeles Times)

Macron gains backing of French political establishment fearful of Le Pen (Fox News)

News Analysis: After French Vote, Mainstream Europe Breathes a Sigh of Relief (New York Times - Paywall)

Among worldwide Armenian genocide observances, Lebanon's is first among equals (Los Angeles Times)

Le Pen Calls French Parties ‘Completely Rotten’ as They Unite to Fend Her Off (New York Times - Paywall)

Pictured: Man mowed down and killed on Majorca stag trip (Daily Mail)

Carol Vorderman knocks £100,000 off her house sale price (Daily Mail)

Elderly man banned from roads after hitting Agnes Canavan (Daily Mail)

Trump wall funds demand complicates budget talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Goldsmith and McVey plot MP comeback bids in snap election (Daily Mail)

Ukip Donor Arron Banks Accused Of 'Chickening Out' After Ditching Clacton Election Bid (Huffington Post)

Tories appear to kill off their vow not to hike taxes (Daily Mail)

2 Top Afghanistan Military Officials Resign After Taliban Attack (New York Times - Paywall)

Macron shows you don't need to be populist to be popular (CNN)

Macron - not the only young achiever (BBC)

Trump fumes over reviews as plans collide with 100-day mark (CNN)

French Presidential Election: A Good Night For The Pollsters (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump calls record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson (BBC)

Rewriting the Rulebook: Trump's Chaotic First 100 Days (NBC News)

French Markets Surge After Euro Withstands Attack From the Right (New York Times - Paywall)

General election 2017: What will happen to proposed laws? (BBC)

French Guiana Space Center Reopens after Month-long Shutdown (Newsweek Magazine)

Cardiff man fiddled £35,000 in sickness benefits (Daily Mail)

Paris protester thrown to ground during election demo (Daily Mail)

Supreme Court Declines Appeal of Man Paralyzed by Cop Shooting (NBC News)

First Malaria Vaccine to Pilot in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi in 2018 (Newsweek Magazine)

'Anomaly' blamed for £10k first class railway ticket (BBC)

France presidential election results cheer investors (CBS News)

French mavericks buck establishment, head to presidential runoff (CBS News)

'Good Morning Britain' Host Charlotte Hawkins Says Piers Morgan Is Even More Outspoken Off Air (Huffington Post)

North Korea detains U.S. man; could it be "path forward"? (CBS News)

Lib Dem membership tops 100,000 after snap election call (BBC)

Boy, 14, fights off adult attacker using jiu-jitsu skills (Daily Mail)

Aur lien Mondon: France has not escaped Le Pen just yet (CNN)

Karen Danczuk applies to run for Labour in Bury North (Daily Mail)

Macron 'to beat Le Pen with 61% of the vote in run-off' (Daily Mail)

Emmanuel Macron supporter dances like nobody is watching (Daily Mail)

Child killed as a GRENADE is set off in Russian classroom (Daily Mail)

Could oil be the key to China reining in North Korea? (CNN)

China's Xi urges Trump to use caution in handling North Korea (Los Angeles Times)

The seats that could decide the election (BBC)

North Korea warns of 'great war' as US tensions escalate (Daily Mail)

Win or lose, Le Pen is nightmare for EU (CNN)

What it's like to be gay in North Korea (CNN)

New Roger Stone Documentary Reveals Trump's Man (NBC News)

David Gergen: Trump isn't learning from his mistakes (CNN)

Trump calls Xi and Abe as N Korea tensions simmer (Financial Times - Paywall)

Three ISIS fighters 'are killed by wild boars' in Kirkuk (Daily Mail)

Macron and Le Pen to contest French run-off (Financial Times - Paywall)

China’s Leader Urges Restraint on North Korea in Call With Trump (New York Times - Paywall)

How Theresa May's Election Gamble Could Backfire (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

News Analysis: ‘This Is Deadly Serious’: French Parties Set Sights on Marine Le Pen (New York Times - Paywall)

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen Advance in French Election (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea has detained a U.S. citizen, potentially raising tensions (Los Angeles Times)

Macron and Le Pen are now in a battle for the soul of France (Los Angeles Times)

General Election 2017: Would you support a burka ban? (BBC)

France's presidential election could help shape what's next for an often bitterly divided Europe (Los Angeles Times)

Militants in army uniforms kill more than 100 Afghan soldiers at northern base, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

General election 2017: How many people are registering to vote? (BBC)

French candidates condemn terrorism as officials identify gunman in Paris shooting (Los Angeles Times)

Bomb attack on German soccer team was thought to be terror. Prosecutors now call it part of a get-rich-quick scheme (Los Angeles Times)

At least 12 people killed overnight amid unrest in Venezuela, officials say (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea on a bun: What the legendary Koryo Burger tells us about the isolated nation, and ourselves (Los Angeles Times)

South Korea faces political crisis, nuclear threat, economic fear and Trump's history lesson (Los Angeles Times)

General election 2017: How do I register to vote? (BBC)

French presidential race looks tight and a far-left Bernie-Sanders-like candidate has been surging (Los Angeles Times)

This man is building a flying car (CNN)