Friday, 28th April 2017

World News

North Korea test-fires another missile (CBS News)

Elderly woman beat killer with walking stick during attack (CBS News)

Friendly fire may have killed 2 Army Rangers in Afghanistan (CBS News)

North Korea carries another failed missile launch (Daily Mail)

Police shoot woman in burka in London to 'foil plot' (Daily Mail)

North Korea test missile as US calls for sanctions (Financial Times - Paywall)

Theresa May will urge Scots to back her (Daily Mail)

Tillerson: US willing to take military action against N Korea (CNN)

Watch Live: President Trump Holds a Rally in Pennsylvania (Time Magazine)

US official: North Korea fires test ballistic missile (CNN)

North Korea Test-Fires Another Ballistic Missile (NBC News)

North Korea Test-Fired Another Missile, South Korea Says (Time Magazine)

What are U.S. military options against North Korea? (CBS News)

North Korea crisis: North 'test-fires ballistic missile' (BBC)

Burka-wearing woman is dragged off London bus (Daily Mail)

Acid attack bores hole in Jamie O'Hara's cousin's head (Daily Mail)

Full Transcript: President Donald Trump's Speech Fires Up the NRA (Newsweek Magazine)

Meet the woman with £6,000 of potions in her cabinet! (Daily Mail)

North Korea Test-Fires Another Ballistic Missile, Heightening Tensions With U.S. (New York Times - Paywall)

Here's What Labour's Official General Election Campaign Logo Will Look Like (Huffington Post)

President Trumps first 100 days in 100 seconds (CBS News)

Sen. Bernie Sanders on govt shutdown, North Korea, Trump tax proposal (CBS News)

We the People: Americans share their letters to President Trump (CBS News)

The First 100 Days of President Trump's Critics Went Surprisingly Well (Time Magazine)

Headlines of the week: Tensions with North Korea, Trumps massive tax cut plan (CBS News)

North Korea test-fires a ballistic missile that breaks up in flight, US officials say (Fox News)

BREAKING: North Korea fires ANOTHER BALLISTIC MISSILE' despite warning from China & Trump (Daily Express)

Trump the best troll in all of politics (CNN)

When America went to war in Korea the first time (Daily Mail)

Legal Marijuana States May Be Safe From Jeff Sessions for Now, Colorado Governor Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump says he thought being president 'would be easier' (Daily Mail)

We went to North Korea. You asked hundreds of questions. Here's what we found (Los Angeles Times)

European Union leaders may welcome a united Ireland after Britain's departure via Brexit (Los Angeles Times)

Chinese woman had larvae burst out from under her skin (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump reveals what he misses MOST now he's President (Daily Star)

Here's What's Coming to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO in May (Time Magazine)

Woman finds incredibly RARE 'squashed' £1 coin which could be worth a FORTUNE (Daily Star)

London police stop man jumping from North Circular bridge (Daily Mail)

Facebook acknowledges election manipulation (CBS News)

Head Transplants: Sergio Canavero Says First Patient Will Be Chinese National, Not Valery Spiridonov (Newsweek Magazine)

Nasa megarocket Trump promised delayed until at least 2019 (Daily Mail)

President Trump Called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas' Again (Time Magazine)

Trump lagging behind Obama on illegal immigration crackdown (CNN)

U.S. Presses for Tougher Global Action on North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea crisis: Rex Tillerson urges international response (BBC)

Tillerson lays out pressure campaign for North Korea at UN (Daily Mail)

General election 2017: Key Corbyn allies not selected by Labour (BBC)

North Korea warns it is on brink of nuclear war with USA (Daily Mail)

Trump Again Calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' (NBC News)

White House turns to U.N. to pile pressure on North Korea (CBS News)

Trump to NRA: 'Eight-Year Assault' on Gun Rights Is Over (NBC News)

Boris Johnson hits out at North Korea at the UN (Daily Mail)

Married detective had sex with suspect in police station (Daily Mail)

Theresa May brands North Korea a global security risk (Daily Mail)

U.S. strike on N. Korea could trigger "catastrophic retaliation" (CBS News)

Chilling CCTV shows sicko grab woman he raped before marrying Harry Kane's pregnant cousin (Daily Star)

Royal Navy's nuclear submarine hits water for first time (Daily Mail)

President Trump's Next 100 Days May Look a Lot Like the First 100 (Time Magazine)

Paul Nuttall DENIES Brexit vote has killed Ukip (Daily Mail)

EU holds off halting Turkey membership talks (Financial Times - Paywall)

Pentagon: Friendly Fire May Have Led to Army Ranger Deaths (NBC News)

U.S. Calls for New Sanctions on North Korea at U.N. Security Council Session (Time Magazine)

North Korea's army: 1.2M men, obsolete equipment and nukes (Fox News)

Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Went Up During President's Trump First 100 Days (Time Magazine)

Willesden shooting: Police foil 'active terror plot' (BBC)

Obama: Obamacare now more popular than Trump (CNN)

ISIS fighters APOLOGISED after attack on Israeli soldiers (Daily Mail)

Theresa May holds trade talks with Shinzo Abe as she hails Britain and Japan relationship (Daily Express)

EU emphasises unity on Brexit as leaders gather (Financial Times - Paywall)

Why Trump Decided to Back Off Nafta Threat (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

President Trump May Not Be Getting Much Done. But He's Putting on a Good Show (Time Magazine)

Inside a North Korean home (CNN)

What is Fentanyl, the Drug Linked to Thousands of Deaths in North America? (Newsweek Magazine)

Sec. Tillerson to UN Security Council: 'Act Before North Korea Does' (NBC News)

Macedonia's ruling party accused of staging parliament attack (Financial Times - Paywall)

Another victim dies after truck terror attack in Stockholm (CBS News)

Arkansas executes 4th inmate in 8 days (CNN)

May 'more in touch' with Scots than STURGEON and 'Robertson could LOSE his seat' (Daily Express)

Woman shot, 6 others arrested in London anti-terror raid (CBS News)

Trump Grumbles that U.S. Loses Tremendous Amount Of Money' Defending Saudi Arabia (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Demands U.S. Ally South Korea Pay For Missile Defense Against Kim Jong Un (Newsweek Magazine)

Trumps First 100 Days Show a President Obsessed With Fake News and Twitter (Newsweek Magazine)

Beast raped an 81-year-old woman just yards from door (Daily Mail)

Trump NRA Speech Live Stream: President to Discuss Second Amendment, Gun Rights in Atlanta (Newsweek Magazine)

Tillerson Keeping ‘All Options’ Open if Diplomacy With North Korea Fails (New York Times - Paywall)

John Dickerson looks back on Trumps first 100 days (CBS News)

Tory MP Jack Lopresti calls in police over leaked emails (Daily Mail)

Politicians berated on Question Time over dull election (Daily Mail)

Trump to hit 100 day mark with dozens of executive orders (CBS News)

The Latest: Albanian Parliament elects leader as president (Fox News)

Drugs mule Michaella McCollum jets off to Spain again (Daily Mail)

Burka-clad woman 'carrying DETONATORS' dragged off London bus in shock vid (Daily Star)

Americans Are Worried About North Korea, Polls Find (Newsweek Magazine)

French election 2017: Le Pen CLOSING GAP on Macron in second round race, latest poll shows (Daily Express)

Miami police officer accused of terrorizing 19-year-old woman (CBS News)

Eye Opener: Trump says "major conflict" with North Korea is possible (CBS News)

China Will Keep Russia Close In Communication Over North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

UK's May to Japan's Abe: investors will like post-Brexit UK (Fox News)

Erdogan: 'Fresh page' for US relations with Trump (Fox News)

Woman 'last seen in 1999' may be victim of sinister' plot (Daily Mail)

100 days that changed America (CNN)

REVEALED: The Queen will not do THIS for the first time in 43 years (Daily Star)

Caitlyn Jenner Tells U.S. President Donald Trump He Can Learn From Her Memoir (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea carrot and stick, and Trump at 100 days (CBS News)

Trump sounds like he really misses not being President (CNN)

News Analysis: Trump on North Korea: Tactic? ‘Madman Theory’? Or Just Mixed Messages? (New York Times - Paywall)

Obese woman jilted by her fiance is now a beauty queen (Daily Mail)

Massachusetts teen survives falling 200 feet off cliff in Switzerland (Fox News)

Massive Brawl Engulfs Macedonia's Parliament, 100 Injured (NBC News)

Mexican Economy Maintains Growth in First Quarter (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Controversy surrounds Arkansas 4th execution in 8 days (CBS News)

Labour Selects Sikh Woman Preet Kaur Gill To Fight Crunch Bellwether Seat In General Election (Huffington Post)

Boris's £200m 'Garden Bridge' over Thames is killed off (Daily Mail)

Pope in Egypt Live Stream: Watch Pope Francis Make The First Papal Visit to Cairo in 20 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Dozens injured as riot erupts in Macedonian parliament (CBS News)

British woman and boyfriend hit by an avalanche on Everest (Daily Mail)

Moscow political activist hospitalized after chemical attack (Fox News)

US aims to squeeze North Korea at UN (CNN)

Albanian parliament speaker Meta to be elected president (Fox News)

Trump fears 'major, major conflict' with North Korea (BBC)

Trump Plays North Korean Game of Risk (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

American History According to President Trump (Time Magazine)

Kim Jong-un giggles like a maniac watching largest-ever' North Korean artillery drill (Daily Star)

Donald Trump's First 100 Days Set To Autotune Is Rather Brilliant (Huffington Post)

London police foil 2 terror attacks on same day, officials say (Fox News)

Anthony Joshua & Wladimir Klitschko face off ahead of heavyweight boxing showdown (BBC)

Arkansas executes fourth death row inmate in eight days (Daily Mail)

Are Navy SEALs in North Korea? Submarine used by crack soldiers moves in on Kim Jong-un (Daily Express)

REVEALED: Why May's Brexit pleas to European leaders will be SHUNNED at EU get-togethers (Daily Express)

Zidane says people should stop Le Pen in French election (Fox News)

Trump takes key U.S. ally by surprise on trade, missile defense (CBS News)

The Morning Brief: Trump's North Korea Warning, Pope Francis' Egypt Visit and NASA's Saturn Journey (Time Magazine)

Watch Live: U.N. Security Council Meets Over North Korea Threat (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump's First 100 Days: Hillary Clinton Would Be in Awe, Says Russian Senators (Newsweek Magazine)

Sturgeon's bid for special Brexit deal was REJECTED as it 'would damage British trade' (Daily Express)

Peru Two mule Michaella McCollum jets out on ANOTHER holiday days after job centre visit (Daily Express)

EU summit to assess Ireland's future in wake of Brexit (Fox News)

Trekker rescued after 47 days in Nepal celebrates birthday (Fox News)

First Read: Trump's First 100 Days By the Numbers (NBC News)

Audiobook projected into space for the first time (Daily Mail)

Nip slip TV babe strips off for most outrageous stunt EVER in naked cooking show (Daily Star)

An award-winning app may reduce asthma attacks (Daily Mail)

Britain's new £1bn NUCLEAR attack submarine emerges from dock and it is MASSIVE (Daily Star)

Will Donald Trump attack North Korea? US President warns 'MAJOR conflict' is possible (Daily Express)

John McCain: President Trump Knows Striking North Korea Is Last Option' (Time Magazine)

Tracking President Trump's Flip-Flops (NBC News)

General election 2017: UKIP needed to stop Brexit 'backsliding' (BBC)

Donald Trump Will Be the First Sitting President Since Reagan to Address NRA (Time Magazine)

Trump Thought Job 'Would Be Easier,' Misses Driving (NBC News)

Germany: Mistakes made in case of soldier planning attack (Fox News)

Kim Jong-un's FINAL WARNING: North Korea warns conflict is inching towards EXPLOSION' (Daily Express)

Qaddafi Was a Hero,' Says Africa's Longest-Serving President (Newsweek Magazine)

Erdogan to return to Turkey's governing party on May 2 (Fox News)

'Active Plot' Foiled as Police Raid London Home Amid Heightened Terror Fears (NBC News)

Trump Warns of Possible 'Major, Major Conflict' With North Korea (NBC News)

NFL draft first rounds winners, losers, surprises (CBS News)

Want to lose weight? Eat off a red plate (Daily Mail)

Met police throw Jewish audience members from Labour event (Daily Mail)

UK economy slows as Brexit weighs on consumers (Fox News)

US President is being shaped by power (CNN)

How 'The Simpsons' tackled Trump's 100 days (CNN)

President Trump's Top Tweets of All Time Show a Stark Divide (Time Magazine)

Read the Top 10 Tweets of Trump's First 100 Days (Time Magazine)

Trump: South Korea should pay for $1B missile defense system (CNN)

Swedish teacher, 66, dies after Stockholm terror attack (Daily Mail)

The Latest: Thai police get arrest warrant for Red Bull heir (Fox News)

Nigel Farage ROWS with German TV host after claims Britain is 'EVENLY DIVIDED' over Brexit (Daily Express)

Trump Rattles South Korea by Saying It Should Pay for Antimissile System (New York Times - Paywall)

My 100 Days of Covering President Trump (NBC News)

Saudi Reformers Push For Reopening Of Cinemas For First Time Since 1980s (Newsweek Magazine)

Pushed to back of ANOTHER queue? Australia to wrap up EU deal BEFORE Brexit trade talks (Daily Express)

Trump Remarks on Trade, Missile Defense Rattle South Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump on being President: 'I thought it would be easier' (CNN)

Eating soy may ease inflammatory bowel disease (Daily Mail)

Take THAT Project Fear: Bank to hire THOUSANDS of staff in Brexit Britain (Daily Express)

100 days of Trump tweets (CNN)

U.S. Floats Talks With North Korea, Shuns Regime Change (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Violence Erupts as Nationalists Storm Macedonian Parliament (NBC News)

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Are Not Reason Enough to Start a War (Time Magazine)

Trump Admits He Thouught Being President Would Be Easier' (Newsweek Magazine)

S Korea balks at Trump's $1bn demand for Thaad (Financial Times - Paywall)

German Parliament Passes Partial Burqa Ban (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May says Tories need BIG WIN as she blasts Merkel for EU's tough Brexit stance (Daily Express)

Nigeria says president still in charge amid health concerns (Fox News)

How US President describes himself (CNN)

Trump on his first 100 days: 'I thought it would be easier' (CNN)

Iran summons Pakistani envoy over attack on borders guards (Fox News)

Students welcome election of NUS chief with 'jazz hands' (Daily Mail)

How To Stop A Newborn Baby Crying With One Sound: Dad's 'Amazing' Trick Isn't A One Off (Huffington Post)

Woman Shot In London Counter-Terror Raid (Newsweek Magazine)

UK economy slows down to 0.3% growth in first quarter (Daily Mail)

Trump Says He Thought Being President Would Be Easier' (Time Magazine)

President Trump: I miss my old life (CNN)

Donald Tusk's Brexit ULTIMATUM: No negotiations until UK 'sorts out Ireland' (Daily Express)

Nigeria's President Buhari Taking Things Slowly' After Medical Leave (Newsweek Magazine)

Asian countries to express 'grave concern' on North Korea (Daily Mail)

Australian police reveal they broke new metadata laws (Fox News)

China won't confirm US claim of new pressure on North Korea (Fox News)

EU's interests will come FIRST Eurocrat insists election will NOT change Brexit approach (Daily Express)

Protesters attack Macedonian lawmakers after vote (Daily Mail)

Nazi ship wreck may have carried art found close to Crimea (Daily Mail)

Macedonian Protesters Storm Parliament After Ethnic Albanian Elected Speaker (Newsweek Magazine)

History of the first 100 days (CBS News)

RBS reports first quarter profit as turnaround continues (BBC)

Trump says 'major' conflict with North Korea possible (Daily Mail)

Arkansas executes fourth inmate in eight days (Daily Express)

Woman shot in counterterror operation (CNN)

The Latest: Macedonian president calls emergency meeting (Fox News)

Donald Trump tackled by The Simpsons again will more shocking predictions come true? (Daily Star)

BBC Question Time: Theresa May Excoriated By Calm Oxford Man Over Election And Jeremy Corbyn (Huffington Post)

President Trumps first few months in office (CBS News)

Katie Hopkins' Ramadan Tweet Investigated By Police In Wake Of London Terror Arrest (Huffington Post)

Trumps accomplishments in first 100 days (CBS News)

Donald Trump Spurns Taiwan Call, Says Chinas Xi Jinping Doing an Amazing Job (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman dies after Stockholm truck attack; death toll now 5 (Fox News)

British Police Shoot Woman in Anti-Terror Operation (Time Magazine)

Trump wary of 'major conflict' with N. Korea amid calls for talks (CNN)

China threatens North Korea with sanctions if nuclear tests persist, Tillerson says (Fox News)

Mariella Frostrup invites woman to share her maritial home (Daily Mail)

Navy head says North Korea crisis is worst he's seen (Daily Mail)

Whitehall Terror Plot Suspect 'Reported To Police By His Family' (Huffington Post)

UK police shoot 1, arrest 4 others in counter-terror raids (Fox News)

Thai police say pursuing arrest warrant for Red Bull heir (Fox News)

Yemen's president fires minister, Aden governor (Fox News)

Shock Brussels plot to DESTROY UK: EU to say UNITED IRELAND could join bloc after Brexit (Daily Express)

Holyrood ERUPTS as shameless Sturgeon tries to claim independence ISN'T her first priority (Daily Express)

Asia and Australia Edition: Damascus, Trump Tax Cut, North Korea: Your Morning Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

'Merkel is a HARD-BOILED EGG' Rees-Mogg backs PM to break German's shell in Brexit talks (Daily Express)

British police shoot 1, arrest 4 others in counter-terror raids (Fox News)

Woman Shot And Three Arrested In North London Anti-Terror Raid (Huffington Post)

Trump says he would consult with China's Xi before speaking to Taiwan (CNN)

Man kicked off Delta flight for using bathroom before takeoff (CNN)

Trump struggles to deliver on his toughest campaign promises (CNN)

China pumps billions into North Korea (CNN)

Trump Warns That ‘Major, Major Conflict’ With North Korea Is Possible (New York Times - Paywall)

The Latest: Philippines investigates secret police jail (Fox News)

Trump aims to negotiate new NAFTA (CBS News)

6-year-olds science podcast takes off (CBS News)

Pennsylvania miners waiting for Trump to fulfill his promises (CBS News)

Philippines charges 2 police for deaths of drug suspects (Fox News)

Angry nationalists storm Macedonian parliament (CNN)

Facing a Backlash on Killings, Philippine President Duterte to Find Solace in ASEAN (Time Magazine)

Majority of Trump Voters Think the President Is Doing a Good Job, Poll Finds (Time Magazine)

Michelle Obama makes first public appearance in Florida (Daily Mail)

Man Outside U.K. Parliament Carrying Knives Is Arrested (New York Times - Paywall)

The art of impersonating Trump (CNN)

Crash test dummies may get heavier to protect heavier Americans (CBS News)

Tory MP blasts Question Time panelists for comparing Donald Trump to Kim Jong-un (Daily Express)

Donald Trump creeps up on marine at White House (Daily Mail)

Macedonian Lawmakers Are Bloodied in Attack on Parliament by Nationalists (New York Times - Paywall)

Donald Trump accused of doing NOTHING' in first 100 days amid tensions with North Korea (Daily Express)

Trump tower fated not to rise in Indonesian isle of the gods (Fox News)

Trump: Major Conflict with North Korea Possible, Seeks Diplomacy (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Says a Major Conflict' With North Korea Is Possible (Time Magazine)

Trump on Kim: I hope he's rational (CNN)

Tillerson: China threatened to sanction North Korea over another nuclear test (CNN)

Moment British cancer sufferer kicked off BA flight (Daily Mail)

EU Says National Front May Have Misspent as Much as €5 Million (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Admiral says N. Korea crisis at worst point hes seen (CBS News)

Soldier arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning attack (CBS News)

BREAKING: Donald Trump warns 'MAJOR CONFLICT' is 'ABSOLUTELY' possible with North Korea (Daily Express)

N. Korea's new video of mock attack on US (CNN)

Police officer caught on camera allegedly using excessive force (CBS News)

Tony Blair backs Theresa May to win the election (Daily Mail)

Taunton police probe death of man who took Spice (Daily Mail)

Melania Trump wears edgy military-inspired suit (Daily Mail)

Rex Tillerson: China Is Trying to Stop North Korea's Nuclear Tests (Time Magazine)

Armed police shoot woman during anti-terror raid in north London (Daily Star)

Senate Confirms Alexander Acosta to Labor Department, First Hispanic in Trump Cabinet (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump report card: His best, worst and what to do next (CNN)

Theresa May takes tour of battleground seats to Derbyshire (Daily Mail)

Nick Clegg's wife attacks David Cameron over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Dramatic moment gunshots' heard as masked anti-terror cops shoot woman in raid (Daily Star)

Delta Kicks Man Off Plane for Going to Bathroom: Video (NBC News)

The people too 'disillusioned' to vote in election (BBC)

London anti-terror raids: Woman shot, 4 arrested, police say (Fox News)

Expats, exports, security: The things worrying the EU about Brexit (BBC)

North Korea Releases New Video Showing the White House Under Attack (Time Magazine)

Consumer confidence 'stable' amid General Election and Brexit (Daily Express)

Highland school to shut for four days after it has become riddled with fleas (Daily Express)

Armed police SHOOT woman during anti-terror raid in London - four others arrested (Daily Express)

North Korea warned by ally China to STOP nuclear blasts, Rex Tillerson claims (Daily Express)

World's 'WORST food' revealed and it's from North Korea (Daily Star)

May facing grassroots REBELLION as Tories draw up REMOANER SHORTLIST' for constituencies (Daily Express)

The History Behind President Trump's Problem With the Ninth Circuit Court (Time Magazine)

U.K. Police Detain Man on Terrorism Suspicions Near Parliament (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Secret cell' found crammed in Philippine police station (Daily Mail)

President Trump's Tax Plan Is Going to Be a Long Slog (NBC News)

President Trump Creates Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Office at the VA (Time Magazine)

Selfie that shows woman with TWO faces terrifies Twitter (Daily Mail)

In act of defiance, Venezuela may become first country to withdraw from Organization of American States (Los Angeles Times)

Masked men attack Macedonia MPs in parliament (Financial Times - Paywall)

Merkel's Brexit stance shows need for Tory poll win - May (BBC)

After 100 Days, Donald Trump and the GOP Still Don't Get Along (Time Magazine)

North Korea says 'we will NEVER stop nuclear tests (Daily Mail)

North Korea vs. the world: Tensions are rising (Fox News)

Macedonia protests: Demonstrators attack lawmakers, storm parliament after leadership vote (Fox News)

NJ baby aged 18 DAYS appears to suck milk from bottle (Daily Mail)

President Trump Presses a Button in the Oval Office to Get a Coke (Time Magazine)

Protesters attack Macedonian lawmakers after leadership vote (Fox News)

United settles with passenger dragged off plane (CNN)

Will Trump, Putin Ever Meet? May Showdown Possible, Report Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Passenger dragged off United Airlines plane wins settlement (BBC)

Theresa May Thinks EU Members Are 'Lining Up' To Disrupt Brexit (Huffington Post)

David Dao, United Passenger Dragged Off Plane, Settles for Undisclosed Sum (Newsweek Magazine)

This photo of Donald Trump and kids is epic (CNN)

Richard Engel on Trump's 100 Days as Seen From Abroad (NBC News)

China vows military drills as U.S. rolls out THAAD system in South Korea (CBS News)

Britain airbrushed out of EU maps two years before Brexit (Daily Mail)

Suspicious packages sent to MSPs at Scottish parliament (Daily Mail)

Joe Biden Reminds Students: It's Rape If a Woman is Drunk (Newsweek Magazine)

Man shot by police amid 'threat' at Berlin hospital (Daily Mail)

Trump gives Pentagon power to determine U.S. troop levels in Iraq, Syria (CBS News)

Theresa May Was Asked About Boris Johnson's 'Mugwump' And Her Response Wasn't A Parody (Huffington Post)

Brexit Fight Looms Over Role of EU Courts (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Armed man arrested on suspicion of terrorism near U.K. Parliament (CBS News)

Merkel warns Britain over Brexit illusions' (Financial Times - Paywall)

White House in North Korean crosshairs in video mock-up (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump enjoys date with baby Theo after Germany trip (Daily Mail)

China vows weapons tests as U.S. grapples with "grave" North Korea threat (CBS News)

Wife chops off her husband's PENIS in the Philippines (Daily Mail)

Syria blames Israel for missile attack near Damascus International Airport (Los Angeles Times)

Analysis: Finally, crystal-clear clarity in French election (Fox News)

Trump renews US threat to withdraw from Nafta (Financial Times - Paywall)

EU members stress unity heading into Brexit talks (Fox News)

Rachel Johnson joins Liberal Democrats over Brexit (Daily Mail)

Terror arrest near Houses of Parliament (BBC)

Jimmy Carter asked to steer clear of North Korea (Financial Times - Paywall)

What Does Putin Really Think About North Korea? (Newsweek Magazine)

Ivanka Trump factory pays workers $1 an hour (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump DOES have his finger on the red button (Daily Mail)

Colchester hairdresser wins legal battle against police (Daily Mail)

What President Ronald Reagan Told the NRA in 1983 (Newsweek Magazine)

Stunning pictures of 1969 first moon landing (Daily Mail)

Police in Scotland warn lawmakers over suspicious packages (Fox News)

Draghi fends off German critics and keeps stimulus (Financial Times - Paywall)

Ukip's Paul Nuttall reveals he WILL run for Parliament (Daily Mail)

House next to North Korean embassy in London up for rent (Daily Mail)

Kenyan opposition selects Odinga to contest election (Financial Times - Paywall)

Terror knife attack 'foiled' outside British parliament (CNN)

UKIP leader Nuttall to stand in election (BBC)

Rachel Johnson Joins Lib Dems In Extraordinary Rebuff To Brother Boris Over Brexit (Huffington Post)

A Woman At Work: The Surprising Parts We Don't Want To Talk About (Huffington Post)

The Trump Era Begins: The First 100 Days in Pictures (NBC News)

Paris Hilton Clarifies Reports She Endorsed Donald Trump In US Election (Huffington Post)

Woman gets stuck on top of crane (CNN)

Brexit Briefing: French Disconnection (Huffington Post)

A Poised Mexico Sees Trump Anew: a ‘Bluffer’ at the Poker Table (New York Times - Paywall)

Paul Nuttall Confirms He'll Stand In General Election 2017 But Won't Say Where (Huffington Post)

Philippines police 'keep people hidden in secret cell' (BBC)

Biggest EVER' porbeagle shark reeled in off Devon coast (Daily Mail)

High Court Orders Government To Publish Air Quality Plan It Tried To Delay Until After Election (Huffington Post)

Nawaf Obaid: Trump can end ISIS by learning from Saudi Arabia (CNN)

Ancient human ancestor 'Lucy' may have needed a midwife (Daily Mail)

Trekker lost for 47 days is found next to dead girlfriend (Daily Mail)

Promises, Promises: What Trump Said He Would Do but Hasn't (NBC News)

Fox host under fire for Ivanka Trump comment (CNN)

Merkel warns against UK 'illusions' over Brexit (CNN)

What has President Trump said about your country in his first 100 days? (BBC)

French election turns dirty at dryer factory (CNN)

Hong Kong Protest Organizers Arrested Ahead of Expected Visit by China’s President (New York Times - Paywall)

Syria Blames Israel for Attack on Damascus Airport (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. Antimissile System in South Korea Is Said to Be Nearly Operational (New York Times - Paywall)

Mexico's 'Hillary Clinton' Rips Trump Over 'Useless' Wall (NBC News)

US military expert says North Korea parade arms are fake (Daily Mail)

Nile Gardiner: Trump is confounding his critics (CNN)

Top officials emphasize diplomatic, economic pressure on N. Korea in briefing (CBS News)

Trump says U.S. will not withdraw from NAFTA (Los Angeles Times)

The Drumbeats Don’t Add Up to Imminent War With North Korea (New York Times - Paywall)

100 days: America in a time of Trump (BBC)

U.S. & South Korea conduct live-fire drills amid rising tensions (CBS News)

Full Senate, in rare move, goes to White House grounds for classified North Korea briefing (Los Angeles Times)

Mnuchin says Trump tax cuts will be the biggest in history (Daily Mail)

Trump's 100 Days: Newlyweds split over president's performance (BBC)

Iran convicted two U.S. citizens of espionage. Their relatives are pressing Trump for help (Los Angeles Times)

Euan Graham: Neither Trump or Kim wants war (CNN)

Workers at Factory Linked to Ivanka Trump Paid $62 a Week (NBC News)

Syrian chemical attack bears Assad's signature, France says (Los Angeles Times)

Election 2017: Which MPs are standing down, and who might be standing? (BBC)

Heavily armed gang storms security company in Paraguay and runs off with millions of dollars (Los Angeles Times)

Would visiting Parliament inspire you to vote? (BBC)

Groans and hisses in Berlin as Ivanka Trump defends her father as champion of women, families (Los Angeles Times)

What you need to know about the election (BBC)

General Election 2017: Lib Dems to keep 'nuclear deterrent' (BBC)

Meet the man who could become France's youngest president (Los Angeles Times)

Top Afghan defense officials resign after Taliban attack that killed more than 100 soldiers (Los Angeles Times)

Among worldwide Armenian genocide observances, Lebanon's is first among equals (Los Angeles Times)

General election 2017: What will happen to proposed laws? (BBC)

China's Xi urges Trump to use caution in handling North Korea (Los Angeles Times)

The seats that could decide the election (BBC)

North Korea has detained a U.S. citizen, potentially raising tensions (Los Angeles Times)

General election 2017: How many people are registering to vote? (BBC)

General election 2017: How do I register to vote? (BBC)

Brexit vote: How did your MP vote on the the bill? (BBC)