Monday, 8th May 2017

World News

Sally Yates, James Clapper testify on Russian 2016 election meddling -- live updates (CBS News)

Fourth U.S. citizen detained in North Korea (CBS News)

Emmanuel Macron crushes Marine Le Pen to win French presidency (CBS News)

Condoleezza Rice on French election, North Korea and Trump (CBS News)

Centrist Emmanuel Macron wins French presidency (CBS News)

North Korea says it detained another American (CBS News)

Why South Koreas Election Matters (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea threat, relationship with US at stake in South Korea's presidential election (Fox News)

Sen. Lindsey Graham: It Was Russia, Not Some 400-Pound Guy' That Hacked the 2016 Election (Time Magazine)

French Expats Voted Abroad, Then They Celebrated (Newsweek Magazine)

Emmanuel Macron celebrates victory with raunchy dancers (Daily Mail)

S. Koreans vote for new president to succeed ousted Park (Fox News)

Yates Contradicts Trump Administration on Warnings About Flynn's Contacts With Russian Ambassador (Newsweek Magazine)

Obama warned President-elect Trump about hiring Michael Flynn (CBS News)

Asia and Australia Edition: Emmanuel Macron, Afghanistan, South Korea: Your Morning Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump tweets about Michael Flynn ahead of Sally Yates testimony (CBS News)

Is THIS why women are more prone to asthma? (Daily Mail)

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh visits Gaza, addresses hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners (Fox News)

Five big takeaways from France's presidential election (Los Angeles Times)

Party leaders to take part in BBC election programmes (BBC)

Obama advised Trump not to hire Flynn - sources (CNN)

Trump travel ban challenge in appeals court (CNN)

Obama warned Trump about hiring Michael Flynn (BBC)

No, Trump Supporters, the San Francisco Chronicle Didnt Prove Your Point About Paid Protesters (Newsweek Magazine)

Emmanuel Macron: Tough task ahead after victory in France (BBC)

Why Trump ignored all those who told him to stay away from Flynn (CNN)

Veteran who killed her service dog on camera found dead (CBS News)

Somalia explosion: Car bomb rocks Mogadishu, at least 8 killed outside cafe (Fox News)

Opportunity Knocks for Trump in the Middle East; Answering Will Be Hard (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

'Currency of ALL Europeans' EU commissioner hails Macron 'mandate' to strengthen eurozone (Daily Express)

Acting Attorney General Fired by Trump Testifies on Flynn Saga (NBC News)

Trump Travel Ban Arguments Heard by Appeals Court (New York Times - Paywall)

6 reasons why Europe may have turned a corner (CNN)

Trump Casts Sally Yates as Democratic Operative Before Senate Hearing on Michael Flynns Russia Ties (Newsweek Magazine)

French Voters Defy Putin’s Meddling, but You’d Hardly Know It in Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea's mystery islands: Man-made keys could be new nuclear launch sites (Fox News)

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet: Has Le Pen blown her chance? (CNN)

Tiffany Trump Admitted to Georgetown Law School, Just Miles Away from the White House (Newsweek Magazine)

A Global Trump Movement? France Election Signals No (New York Times - Paywall)

Pregnant British woman killed scooter crash in Thailand (BBC)

Why Israel Is Moving to Downgrade the Arabic Language (Newsweek Magazine)

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron falls over live on TV (Daily Mail)

Relatives of Palestinian Family Killed in West Bank Arson Attack Sue Israel For $2.8 million (Newsweek Magazine)

Food Unwrapped shows why clotted cream is yellow (Daily Mail)

North Korea 'could be preparing EMP strike on US' (Daily Mail)

KATIE HOPKINS on Emmanuel Macron's election victory (Daily Mail)

French Election Results Unlikely to Be Knockout Blow for Europes Far-Right (Newsweek Magazine)

Macron's wife gets government role after election win (Daily Mail)

Teacher suspended over Trump pi ata on Cinco de Mayo (CBS News)

General election poll: Tories open up RECORD 22 point lead (Daily Mail)

Watch Live: Trump Administration Defends the Travel Ban in Court (Time Magazine)

Reclaiming the Colors of the French Flag (Time Magazine)

Autonomous 'capsule robot' explores colon for first time (Daily Mail)

Merriam-Webster Just Reminded Donald Trump About the Difference Between Counsel' and Council' (Time Magazine)

Swedish Minister reveals RELIEF 'over EU's survival' as Macron secures victory in France (Daily Express)

What's next? Macron eyes next election (CNN)

Why grandparents need child care training (CNN)

Facebook Warns of Fake News in Promotional Campaign Ahead of U.K. Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Paul Nuttall Gets Two Dedicated BBC Shows Ahead Of The Election - But The Greens Have None (Huffington Post)

South Korea's presidential election could change its relationship with the United States. Here's why (Los Angeles Times)

Trump pressures Senate to sign onto House health care bill (CBS News)

Obama warned Trump about hiring Flynn, sources say (CNN)

Trump Lawyer: Travel Ban About National Security, Not Religious Discrimination (Newsweek Magazine)

Iranian Coal Miners, Furious Over Deaths, Confront President (New York Times - Paywall)

President Trump Will Unveil List of Conservative Judges For Lower Courts (Newsweek Magazine)

France's Macron bids to lure bankers from London to Paris (Daily Mail)

Watchdog Group Sues Trump Administration, Seeking Legal Rationale Behind Syria Strike (New York Times - Paywall)

Somalia explosion: Car bomb rocks Mogadishu, at least 5 killed outside cafe (Fox News)

Returning to spotlight, former President Obama defends Obamacare (CBS News)

Full Scottish council election results published (BBC)

Pepe the Frog Has Been Killed Off by Its Creator (Newsweek Magazine)

General election 2017: Could UKIP's immigration policy work? (BBC)

In a divided France, challenges await President-elect Macron (Fox News)

Trump and Tillerson Must Confront Authoritarians About Human Rights, says Condoleezza Rice (Newsweek Magazine)

Emma Watson wins MTV's first gender-neutral acting award (CNN)

Obama Warned Trump Against Hiring Mike Flynn, Say Officials (NBC News)

How the Macron Campaign Fought Back Against Putins Hackers in the Final Hour (Newsweek Magazine)

Health care costs, Kushners sister, and Macron takes France (CBS News)

Life Expectancy Is Lower in Some Parts of U.S. Than Iraq, the Philippines and North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

Twitter debates whether Macron or Trudeau is 'hotter' (Daily Mail)

Brit mum YouTube star killed in truck smash while six-months PREGNANT in Thailand (Daily Star)

French election 2017: Meet Brigitte Macron, the new first lady (BBC)

Macron Victory Eases Path for Stronger Euro (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

How Macron faces a battle to govern without party support (Daily Mail)

Macron won the battle, but far right is not crushed (CNN)

Emmanuel Macron to insist on tough Brexit negotiations (Daily Mail)

The reality: Macron must work with Trump (CNN)

Macron warned abandoning Calais border agreement with UK would be a DISASTER for France (Daily Express)

'Aleppo girl' has message for Macron in new tweet (Fox News)

Why Today Marks Grateful Dead Day (Time Magazine)

Emma Watson wins MTV Awards first 'gender free' category (Daily Mail)

Record numbers of French vote for nobody (CNN)

General election 2017: Welsh Labour campaign launched (BBC)

Emmanuel Macron's Victory Could Be Good News For Brexit Talks, Experts Say (Huffington Post)

Victory speech: Macron addresses nation (CNN)

May and Corbyn grilled in Question Time election special (Daily Mail)

North Korea targeting university for elites? (CNN)

Emmanuel Macron's French Election Win Sours the Mood in Moscow (Newsweek Magazine)

Syston health worker killed herself after partner's abuse (Daily Mail)

S Korea vote to replace impeached Park (CNN)

Emmanuel Macron: French president-elect to fight 'forces of division' (BBC)

Iran's president attacks rival's background in judiciary (Fox News)

Prisoner of North Korea: An American safe at home shares his ordeal (Fox News)

Move over Macron Celebs with VERY young and much older lovers (Daily Star)

Emmanuel Macron's French Presidential Victory 'Not The End Of The Far Right In Europe' (Huffington Post)

How To Vote By Proxy In The General Election 2017: Everything You Need To Know (Huffington Post)

John Oliver Explains Why Net Neutrality Is in Trouble Under Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Why are TV singing contests still a thing? (BBC)

11 Million Voters Backed 'Fascist' Le Pen on Record Night for Far-Right (NBC News)

Nigeria President seeks treatment in London (CNN)

Macron Wins French Presidency (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Merkel Expresses Caution on Macron Eurozone Ideas (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Emmanuel Macron Embraces E.U. to Put France ‘Back in the Picture’ (New York Times - Paywall)

South Korea: What to Know About Tuesday's Presidential Election (Time Magazine)

Why the Macron Hacking Attack Landed With a Thud in France (New York Times - Paywall)

'France is not strong enough' Macron will NOT be able to stand up to Merkel, says advisor (Daily Express)

Why Macrons French election win matters to the U.S. (CBS News)

French President-elect Macron gears up for challenges ahead (Fox News)

Marine Le Pen Backer Places Bet Then Tries To Claim Son Hacked His Account (Huffington Post)

ISIS dealt a blow in Afghanistan after local commander killed (Fox News)

North Korea boasts of 'INVINCIBLE army' and nukes that will turn US into 'sea of fire' (Daily Star)

Todays A.M. Jolt: French Correction, Matt Harvey, Morning Joe on SNL (Newsweek Magazine)

Why arrival of sport's oldest trophy is 'explosively exciting' (CNN)

Nigerian President Buhari Increases Budget to Give Amnesty to Niger Delta Militants (Newsweek Magazine)

10 shot, 2 killed in suspected gang attack on mourners (CBS News)

Read Emma Watson's Speech After Winning MTV's First Gender-Neutral Acting Award (Time Magazine)

When is the BBC general election TV debate? When will party leaders face each other? (Daily Express)

Le Pen's young voters: 'Great things ahead' (CNN)

First Read: The GOP's Health Care Claims Don't Hold Up (NBC News)

Hungary's president urges civility in political discourse (Fox News)

Fashion hacks FRENCH women swear by (Daily Mail)

The Morning Brief: Emmanuel Macron's Win, Trump's Travel Ban and MTV Movie & TV Awards (Time Magazine)

North Korea claims it has an 'invincible army' (Daily Mail)

Macron to Take Over as President of France on Sunday (New York Times - Paywall)

10 People Shot in Chicago at a Memorial for a Man Killed Earlier in the Day (Time Magazine)

Why wealthy Chinese line up to pay $500k for U.S. visas (CNN)

UN official calls for more work with disabled in North Korea (Fox News)

Marine Le Pen dances to YMCA after French election loss (Daily Mail)

French Election: What Data Reveals About Emmanuel Macrons Win and the Divided France He Will Govern (Newsweek Magazine)

Stephen Colbert's Trump Joke Spurs FCC Investigation (NBC News)

President Trump's Travel Ban Heads to Federal Appeals Court (Time Magazine)

Bill Maher Offends Trump Supporters With Crude Ivanka Trump Incest Joke (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea's 'Hostage Diplomacy' Has a New Aim (NBC News)

Videos Show Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Snacking, Israel Says (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea claims plot reveals US state-sponsored terrorism (Fox News)

Macron Victory Leads Euro to 6-Month High; U.S. Stocks Lagging (NBC News)

US citizen detained in North Korea (CNN)

Steven Gerrard Shares Adorable First Photos Of His Smiling Baby Son Lio (Huffington Post)

Brigitte Trogneux: From Macron's teacher to first lady (CNN)

Mum fails to notice framed photo of her son is now North Korea tyrant KIM JONG-UN (Daily Star)

North Korea Detains Fourth U.S. Citizen for 'Hostile Acts' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Global markets steady on Macron's forecast French win (Daily Mail)

Pension Savers Need Straight Advice. Why the Delay? (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May Asks Voters To Give Her As Big A Mandate As Emmanuel Macron (Huffington Post)

Woman killed herself 'after being abused by boyfriend' (BBC)

All the President's Men? The Trump Team's Senate Hearings Come to Broadway (Time Magazine)

Ivana Trump Eyed For 'Celebrity Big Brother' Return, In Light Of Ex-Husband Donald's US Presidency (Huffington Post)

How Macron won the presidency (CNN)

'Was it you or Sturgeon who slipped that in?' May's hilarious quip at first minister (Daily Express)

Corruption and North Korea ignite S Korea poll (BBC)

Election BOMBSHELL: Tory MPs 'could face criminal charges before June 8 poll' (Daily Star)

Palestinian hunger strike leader Barghouti 'filmed eating' (BBC)

Facebook Aims to Tackle Fake News Ahead of U.K. Election (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Facebook is new secret weapon for election chiefs (Daily Mail)

Chapecoense: Brazilian team win first title since plane crash (BBC)

Pepe the Frog 'is killed off to avoid being a hate symbol' (BBC)

Macron may have won France's presidency, but he needs a legislative majority to govern (Los Angeles Times)

FIRST PIC: Young woman knifed to death amid London stabbing spree (Daily Star)

North Korea confirms 4th U.S. citizen detained (CBS News)

French election - the day after LIVE: Macron steps out with Hollande for WWII ceremony (Daily Express)

Pentagon Names U.S. Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia, First Since 1993 (Newsweek Magazine)

Who Are the Americans In North Korea's Prisons? (Time Magazine)

Triumphant Emmanuel Macron Readies For Transition. But He's Not the Only One (Time Magazine)

South African president asks for help finding UNICEF worker (Fox News)

Macron to be tough on Brexit after winning French election (Daily Mail)

Palestinians sue Israel over attack that killed toddler (Fox News)

South Korea’s Presidential Election: A Look at the Pivotal Issues (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea's Arrest of U.S. Citizens Is Classic Asymmetric Warfare,' Says Expert (Time Magazine)

French election results map: How France voted for Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen (Daily Express)

What's Behind Venezuela's Crippling Crisis, and Why It Matters to the U.S. (NBC News)

Who Is Brigitte Trogneux, Emmanuel Macron's Wife? France's New First Lady To Take On Education Role (Huffington Post)

UK house prices in first quarterly fall since 2012 (BBC)

EXCLUSIVE: 'Jamestown' Star Max Beesley Defends Rape Scene In Very First Episode (Huffington Post)

ISIS leader in Afghanistan was killed in raid, US confirms (CNN)

Always Pick the Wrong Line at the Checkout? Math Can Explain Why (Newsweek Magazine)

French Elections: Why Establishment Europe Shouldnt Feel Too Relieved About Macrons Victory (Newsweek Magazine)

Nigeria's President Buhari Flies to London for Medical Checkups After 82 Chibok Girls Freed (Newsweek Magazine)

What Does Macron's Win Mean For Brexit? France's New President Walks Out To EU National Anthem (Huffington Post)

Macron made FIRST phone call as President to this leader & it shows where his loyalty lies (Daily Express)

Unbowed Le Pen looks ahead to parliamentary elections (Fox News)

France's New Leader Is Young 'Knight' Who Defeated Far-Right and Married His Teacher (NBC News)

Former Barack Obama aides to testify in Russian meddling' in 2016 election (Daily Express)

Emmanuel Macron becomes Frances youngest president (CBS News)

Afghanistan IS head killed in raid - US and Afghan officials (BBC)

Le Pen's Loss - The Forward March Of Populism Halted? (Huffington Post)

The Latest: Polish president congratulates Macron (Fox News)

Emma Watson wins first gender-neutral MTV TV & Movie Award for Beauty & the Beast (BBC)

U.S. Military Says Islamic State Leader in Afghanistan Killed (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Emmanuel Macron wife: Who is Brigitte Trogneux, the NEW First Lady of France at 64? (Daily Express)

General election 2017: Labour proposes junk food ad ban (BBC)

Europe Edition: Emmanuel Macron, Boko Haram, Angela Merkel: Your Monday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Macron election gives a gasping EU a breath of fresh air (Fox News)

Google Doodle Celebrates Parents' Day in South Korea (Time Magazine)

Rejection: France moves away from far-right by electing Macron (CNN)

Paris rejoices over Emmanuel Macron's landslide presidential victory (CNN)

Wife: Jailed Venezuelan opposition leader says 'we can't stop' (CNN)

'Expect CONSEQUENCES' THIS is what France's Emmanuel Macron REALLY thinks about Brexit (Daily Express)

Reporter Q&A: What to watch in S. Korean presidential vote (Fox News)

Asia and Australia Edition: Emmanuel Macron, Boko Haram, Jared Kushner: Your Morning Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Got Him ISIS' Afghanistan leader wiped out in overnight raid on terror compound (Daily Star)

French election: Macron defeats Le Pen to become president (BBC)

Emmanuel Macron snubs French national anthem & walks out to EU song after election win (Daily Express)

US launch North Korean covert spy unit deployed under Kim's nose (Daily Star)

Number one issue in the South Korean election? Not North Korea (CNN)

U.S. and Afghan Special Forces Have Killed the Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan (Time Magazine)

Venezuela's ex-spy chief promotes possible presidential bid (Fox News)

North Korea says it detained another U.S. citizen (CBS News)

Appeals Court to Take Up Revised Trump Travel Restrictions (NBC News)

Sally Yates to testify about Russias attempts to interfere in election (CBS News)

Donald Trump 'using North Korea as a decoy to launch NUCLEAR strike against China' (Daily Express)

REVEALED: Lib Dem leader Tim Farron 'had a MARGARET THATCHER poster on his bedroom wall' (Daily Express)

10 shot, 2 killed in Chicago gang violence (CNN)

Le Pen concedes as Macron wins in a landslide; he will be youngest president in French history (Los Angeles Times)

When is the French parliamentary election? Could Marine Le Pen's Front National win? (Daily Express)

US using North Korea tension to 'nuke CHINA in surprise attack' (Daily Star)

C'EST LA VIE: Marine Le Pen videoed DANCING and LAUGHING despite election defeat to Macron (Daily Express)

French Election: Le Pen to rename National Front party (Daily Mail)

Facebook - the secret election weapon (BBC)

AP News Guide: What to know about South Korea's election (Fox News)

Eric Trump once said golf courses were funded by Russia (Daily Mail)

Israel says Palestinian hunger strike leader ate in secret (Fox News)

What does Marine Le Pen do now? (BBC)

French Election: Le Pen came THIRD after spoiled ballots (Daily Mail)

French put pro-EU Macron into presidency, dash Le Pen hopes (Fox News)

Macron Decisively Defeats Le Pen in French Presidential Race (New York Times - Paywall)

'The audacity' How French newspapers have reported Emmanuel Macron's election win (Daily Express)

Macron Victory in France Seen as Boost for a United Europe (NBC News)

London teens using First World War guns (Daily Mail)

Centrist Macron Wins French Presidency Over Le Pen (NBC News)

Somalia Raid Kills Shabab Leader and 3 Associates (New York Times - Paywall)

Immigration crackdown: The church defying President Trump (BBC)

Supporters Elated by Macron’s Election (New York Times - Paywall)

What your election canvasser thinks about you (Daily Mail)

General election 2017: NHS pay cap 'must be lifted' (BBC)

UK election posters: When politics gets personal (BBC)

Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election over rival Marine Le Pen (Fox News)

French Election: Macron caught practising victory speech (Daily Mail)

Support Macron to STOP Euroscepticism sweeping across Europe, German minister urges Merkel (Daily Express)

Emmanuel Macron Delivers Victory Speech (New York Times - Paywall)

Emmanuel Macron projected to be Frances new president (CBS News)

Israeli Politicians Pressure Trump on Mideast Promises (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

French Election: Trump congratulates Macron for 'big win' (Daily Mail)

Le Pen 'THIRD in election as spoiled ballots & abstentions beats votes for anti-EU pick' (Daily Express)

The Latest: Macron win cheered by Paris Olympic bid group (Fox News)

French election results LIVE: Updates, latest news as Macron WINS, defeating Marine Le Pen (Daily Express)

Sadiq Khan's first 12 months as London's mayor (BBC)

Head of ISIS in Afghanistan is dead, president says (Daily Mail)

Riot police fire TEAR GAS at protesters in Paris after Macron's presidential victory (Daily Express)

Leader of ISIS Branch in Afghanistan Killed in Special Forces Raid (New York Times - Paywall)

Highlights of the French Presidential Vote (New York Times - Paywall)

French Elections: What You Need to Know About Emmanuel Macrons Victory and the Battles to Come (Newsweek Magazine)

French Election: The Moment Macron Won (New York Times - Paywall)

Angela Merkel reacts to Macron win with EU dig as she hails Franco-German relations (Daily Express)

General election 2017: Scotland's political leaders step up their campaigns (BBC)

Macron attends VE Day commemorations after French presidential race victory (Daily Express)

Topless protesters bare all in French election march against Marine Le Pen (Daily Star)

Theresa May hints France-Britain border controls could CHANGE after General Election (Daily Express)

North Korea v USA LIVE: Updates and news as Kim Jong-un threatens war with Trump (Daily Express)

How France's next President had fling with TEACHER at 15 then MARRIED her (Daily Star)

French Election: Macron supporters celebrate his win (Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage And Brexit Supporters Are Taking Emmanuel Macron's Victory Badly (Huffington Post)

ISIS chief in Afghanistan killed in April raid, US military says (Fox News)

Mexico: Fire at illegal pipeline tap near where 10 killed (Fox News)

Luck, Skill and France’s Dark History: Why Macron Won (New York Times - Paywall)

Full speech: 'We will not yield to fear,' Macron says (CNN)

Opinion: Why Macron's win is reassuring ... and yet not (CNN)

Opinion: Why Macron faces an uphill battle from here (CNN)

Top ISIS Commander in Afghanistan Was Killed in Raid Where Rangers Died (NBC News)

Profile: France's youngest ever president (CNN)

President Trump Joins World Leaders in Congratulating Emmanuel Macron on Presidential Victory (Time Magazine)

Nigeria leader leaves for medical checkups amid health fears (Fox News)

Nigeria Chibok girls: Freed 82 meet President Buhari (BBC)

Afghanistan ISIS Leader Confirmed Killed (Newsweek Magazine)

Terrorists to 'target BRITISH TOWNS' amid fears of General Election copycat attack (Daily Star)

French Election: May 'warmly congratulates' Macron on win (Daily Mail)

The Most Important Issue Affecting Us All Has Been Ignored In The Election Campaign (Huffington Post)

Why I'm Not Losing Weight For My Wedding (Huffington Post)

Brigitte Macron, Former Drama Teacher, Prepares for New Role: French First Lady (Newsweek Magazine)

French election results night... in 90 seconds (BBC)

Communist-ruled Cuba hosts first transgender mass (Daily Mail)

Ivana Trump is being wooed back to Celebrity Big Brother (Daily Mail)

Russian Link Cited in Hacked Macron Party Files (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Donald Trump Urges Senate Republicans to Not Let the American People Down' on Health Care (Time Magazine)

Marine Le Pen Concedes French Election (New York Times - Paywall)

Le Pen: French voters opted for continuity (CNN)

Who is Emmanuel Macron? Socialist ex-banker is France's youngest leader since Napoleon (Daily Express)

Emmanuel Macron Projected To Defeat Marine Le Pen In French Presidential Election (Newsweek Magazine)

Macron Has Won a Historic French Election. Now, the Hard Work Begins (Time Magazine)

French election: What next for Macron after win? (BBC)

In South Korea, Election Looms as Ex-President Sits in Jail (New York Times - Paywall)

Marine Le Pen says Front National will be NO MORE as she concedes defeat (Daily Express)

'Five more years of FAILURE' Nigel Farage mocks Emmanuel Macron's election win (Daily Express)

Polling Agencies Project Emmanuel Macron Will Be France's Next President (Time Magazine)

Emmanuel Macron's Victory Over Marine Le Pen Prompts Wave Of Relief From UK (Huffington Post)

Five reasons why Macron won the French election (BBC)

What does President Macron mean for Britain and Brexit? (Daily Express)

'A new chapter for France' Macron becomes president after beating Le Pen in election race (Daily Express)

Marine Le Pen in crushing defeat as far-right loses French election battle (Daily Star)

Macron and Le Pen Face Off in Pivotal French Election (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea detains another U.S. citizen amid rising tensions, state media reports (Los Angeles Times)

Getting lost could be the first sign of Alzheimer's (Daily Mail)

North Korea Detains Another American on Suspicion of Hostile Acts (Newsweek Magazine)

Paris Braces for Election Result (New York Times - Paywall)

North Korea 'detains US citizen Kim Hak-song' (BBC)

General election 2017: How many people are registering to vote? (BBC)

'The end is near for US' North Korea set for 'final sacred WAR' on Kim's order (Daily Star)

German president says Israel ties solid despite recent spat (Fox News)

French Voters Express Hope, Anger and Frustration (New York Times - Paywall)

Netanyahus Stalling Peace Strategy is a Test for Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea Detains Another American, State Agency Says (New York Times - Paywall)

General election 2017: Conservatives pledge to end mental health 'injustice' (BBC)

Trump Wants to Rebuild America? 8 Places to Start (NBC News)

General Election 2017: Tax policy expert on Labour's tax plans (BBC)

French Presidential Election: Emmanuel Macron Leads Polls, But Turnout Starts Lower (Newsweek Magazine)

The French Election, in Pictures (New York Times - Paywall)

French presidential frontrunners campaign says it was hacked (CBS News)

Michael Jackson sent letters predicting he would be killed (Daily Mail)

Authorities vow to investigate hacking attack in French presidential campaign as voting begins Sunday (Los Angeles Times)

General election 2017: Lib Dems pledge winter fuel cuts to protect pensions (BBC)

Hamas Names New Leader (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

What to know about France's presidential hopefuls, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen (Los Angeles Times)

Hamas selects popular Gaza politician Ismail Haniyeh as its new leader (Los Angeles Times)

Trump's splashy debut on first foreign swing (CNN)

Latest election news via Facebook messenger (BBC)

Defiant French valley welcomes refugees (CNN)

China signals new era as first homegrown jetliner takes off (Los Angeles Times)

First overseas foray for Trump will take him to sensitive turf: Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican (Los Angeles Times)

Here's why the latest Syrian cease-fire plan may be fatally flawed from the start (Los Angeles Times)

Obama endorses Macron in French presidential race: 'He appeals to people's hopes and not their fears' (Los Angeles Times)

Given his abysmal human rights record, if Rodrigo Duterte was not Philippines' president would the U.S. let him in? (Los Angeles Times)

PHOTOS: Continued violence against embattled President Nicolas Maduro has left 33 dead in Venezuela (Los Angeles Times)

You've got the munchies and you're in North Korea. Don't worry we're here to help (Los Angeles Times)

France's Macron and Le Pen slug it out in no-holds-barred debate before Sunday's presidential election (Los Angeles Times)

In South Korea, a former golf course is now an unlikely bulwark against North Korean attack (Los Angeles Times)

Why natural wonder disappears (CNN)

Why you shouldn't take your hotel soap (CNN)

28 reasons why British design is the best (CNN)