Thursday, 11th May 2017

World News

North Korea: Hermit country seen from space (CBS News)

Trump calls Democrats reaction to Comey firing "a disgrace" (CBS News)

White House moves to find interim FBI director (CBS News)

FCC "strike force" losing war against robocalls? (CBS News)

W.H. deputy press secretary on Trumps decision to fire Comey (CBS News)

Sen. Rand Paul on Comey firing, Russia foreign minister at W.H. (CBS News)

In farewell letter, James Comey says "I will be fine" (CBS News)

Southampton man ignores Theresa May when she knocks door (Daily Mail)

EDL protests in abuse case against 27 men and two women (Daily Mail)

U.K. Labour Party May Take Sharp Left Turn With Election Manifesto (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudi Arabia Paid Veterans To Lobby Congress Against 9/11 Lawsuit Bill (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korea’s New President and China Move to Soothe Tensions (New York Times - Paywall)

Time interview: Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, others get 1 (CNN)

Jack Monroe Withdraws Southend West General Election Candidacy (Huffington Post)

FBI acting boss Andrew McCabe stands by Russia probe (BBC)

Palestinian leader hails Trump's Mideast peace efforts (Fox News)

Labour manifesto leak: Not our document, says Welsh party (BBC)

From Leader to Defendant, Brazils Lula Faces Corruption Charges (Newsweek Magazine)

Acting FBI director contradicts White House claims employees had lost faith in fired chief James Comey (CNN)

U.S., China Space Race To Hunt, Mine Asteroids In Next Five Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Labour manifesto unanimously agreed - Jeremy Corbyn (BBC)

New South Korean Leader Casts Doubt on 'Comfort Women' Deal (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

General election 2017: Labour selects most female candidates (BBC)

Disastrous 14 hours for Labour after 2017 manifesto leak (Daily Mail)

Acting Director Disputes White House Claim that FBI Lost Confidence' in Comey (Time Magazine)

FBI Probe Into Clinton Emails Prompted Offer of Cash, Citizenship for Confession, Russian Hacker Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Opinion: Russia is playing games with Trump (CNN)

FBI Russia Investigation Will Continue, Acting Director Andrew Mccabe Tells Senate Intelligence Committee (Newsweek Magazine)

Poster of pope and 'devilish' Trump kissing appears in Rome (Fox News)

Why does Labour want to control National Grid? (BBC)

John McDonnell told Labour voters to back 'insurrection' (Daily Mail)

Labour manifestos: 2017 v1983 (BBC)

James Comeys farewell, Putins response, and deadly selfies (CBS News)

Analysis: White House story on Comey is unraveling (CNN)

Donald Trump kisses Pope Francis in mural in Rome (Daily Mail)

Happening now: Live updates on FBI Comey's firing (CNN)

No, Donald Trump Did Not Invent Priming the Pump (Newsweek Magazine)

Former FBI Agent: Donald Trump Was Right to Fire James Comey (Time Magazine)

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Threatens Korean-style War' Against CIA And Other Dens of Evil on This Planet' (Newsweek Magazine)

Sir James Dyson wins vacuum cleaners appeal at European Court (BBC)

How To Vote In General Election 2017 Without Getting Arrested (Huffington Post)

Woman plans to marry man from Australia she met on Tinder (Daily Mail)

US envoy seems to criticize Comey firing (CNN)

Video: Motorcyclist in China survives fiery crash with truck (Fox News)

How Israel Used Weapons and Technology to Become an Ally of China (Newsweek Magazine)

CIA sets up unit to deal with N Korea threat (CNN)

NBC News' Lester Holt to Interview President Trump (NBC News)

Watch Live: Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee (Time Magazine)

Who Leaked Labour's Draft Election Manifesto? (Huffington Post)

Moment BBC man injured by Corbyn car (BBC)

North Korea could launch nuclear weapon IN DAYS, experts reveal (Daily Star)

Clacton transgender man loses virginity with bionic penis (Daily Mail)

John McGuinness in hospital with suspected leg break after North West 200 crash (BBC)

'Prime The Pump' Invented By Donald Trump Says Donald Trump (Huffington Post)

Stephen Colbert Is Pretty Confident' Trump Fired James Comey to Stop Russian Investigation (Time Magazine)

General election 2017: Labour manifesto draft leaked (BBC)

Malaysia Football Chief Fears Team will be Poisoned when it plays North Korea in Pyongyang (Newsweek Magazine)

General election 2017: Labour's draft manifesto unpicked (BBC)

Macron Inundated With Applications for Election Candidates (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Republicans Are Worried President Trump's Firing of James Comey Will Stall Their Agenda (Time Magazine)

'Great meanness:' Trump says combative WH 'could be my fault' (CNN)

Tony Blair: Not Everything Trump Says About His Media Coverage Is Unfair (Newsweek Magazine)

EU Raises Growth Forecasts but Cites Threats From Brexit, Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Morning Brief: James Comey Says Goodbye, Betsy DeVos Gets Booed, Michael Parks Dies (Time Magazine)

Election 2017 poll tracker: Who is in the lead? (BBC)

Chinese man pulls a bus with rope attached to his privates (Daily Mail)

North Korea claims it foiled CIA plot to kill Kim Jong-Un (Daily Mail)

Devon man posted 101 revenge porn photos of estranged wife (Daily Mail)

China Gathers for Silk Road Summit (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Is More Unpopular in France Than Vladimir Putin (Time Magazine)

He Made the FBI Political: Kevin McCarthy Defends Trump Firing Comey at California Event (Newsweek Magazine)

The Latest: UN envoy cautions against soft Syria partition (Fox News)

Kosovo president consults politicians on setting polls date (Fox News)

Calamity Corbyn Moment Labour leader's car DRIVES OVER BBC cameraman (Daily Express)

Putin on ice ... Russian President boosts action-man image (CNN)

General Election 2017: Vote For The Most Weird, Wonderful And Downright Awkward Moment So Far (Huffington Post)

A growing competition: China and the U.S. space program, year by year (Los Angeles Times)

Jeremy Corbyn's car RAN OVER my foot' Labour leader's vehicle in collision with cameraman (Daily Star)

Stephen Colbert Presents Trumps Letters Firing Comey (Newsweek Magazine)

Labour Student Activist Tayyib Nawaz Forced To Resign Over Anti-Semitic And Homophobic Tweets (Huffington Post)

Day after FBI chief's firing: You couldn't make it up (CNN)

U.S. Issues $10 Million Bounty for Ex-Al-Qaeda Leader in Syria (Newsweek Magazine)

China auto sales shrink in April as demand cools sharply (Fox News)

Jeremy Corbyn Facing Pressure To Toughen Up Labour Manifesto Message On Immigration (Huffington Post)

James Comey farewells FBI staff and colleagues in letter (Daily Mail)

Macron in a spin as MPs try to force him to REBEL against Brussels and Germany (Daily Express)

UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform (Fox News)

Former Aden governor declares south Yemen political council (Fox News)

Comey's Goodbye Letter to FBI Staff Urges Them to Remain Independent (Newsweek Magazine)

Private Prison Company Geo Group Gave Generously to Trump and Now Has Lucrative Contract (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin Denies Involvement in Comey Firing, Then Hits the Ice and Scores Six (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn Pulls Out Of Labour Election Poster Launch After Draft Manifesto Leak (Huffington Post)

New South Korean President Moon Jae-in Won't Find Reengaging Kim Jong Un Easy (Time Magazine)

Donald Trump Fired James Comey for Insubordination: Aides (Newsweek Magazine)

'The Brexit leader we need DOESN'T exist' Voters savage state of Westminster elite (Daily Express)

Leaked Labour Manifesto branded Back To The 70s' By Brexit-Backing Press (Huffington Post)

Junior doctor tells man his elderly mother is doing to die (Daily Mail)

Trump 'white hot' before firing FBI chief (CNN)

North Korea will seek extradition of anyone involved in alleged Kim assassination (Fox News)

Trump and Putin to meet in July (CNN)

North Korea says it will seek extradition of plot culprits (Fox News)

South Korea's New President Willing to Visit North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Wayne Rooney: Man Utd forward 'most under-appreciated player in England' (BBC)

Comey called Trump 'crazy' after Obama wiretapping claims (Daily Mail)

China Discusses Nuclear Threat With New South Korean President (Newsweek Magazine)

S. Korea's Moon to send delegation to China amid frayed ties (Fox News)

Has Terminator Trump sowed the seeds of his own downfall? (Daily Mail)

Before amateur hockey game, Putin reacts to Comeys firing (CBS News)

CIA Sets Up a Mission Center to Address North Korea Threat (Time Magazine)

James Comey asked DOJ for more resources for Russia investigation (CBS News)

News Daily: Labour manifesto leak (BBC)

Newspaper headlines: Labour general election leak leads front pages (BBC)

Putin responds to firing of FBI director (CBS News)

Shock survey: SNP at risk as Tories set for 'best ever' election result in Scotland (Daily Express)

SNP dealt fresh independence blow as North Sea oil revenues turn negative for first time (Daily Express)

White House cites Clinton investigation as cause for Comey firing (CBS News)

Acting FBI director takes over Russia investigation (CBS News)

Trump's Republican party more dangerous than North Korea and ISIS', Noam Chomsky hints (Daily Express)

Senate Democrats call for special prosecutor after Comey firing (CBS News)

Republican Senators Are Questioning Trump's Firing of James Comey (Time Magazine)

Questions abound after Trump fires Comey (CBS News)

Trump to meet Turkish president at White House (CBS News)

BUILD THE WALL: Donald Trump fired FBI's Comey 'to distract from border wall delays' (Daily Express)

Trump, Top Russian Envoy Don't Discuss Alleged Meddling in U.S. Election (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea warns 'hundreds of millions' in US will DIE if 'Trump doesn't prevent war' (Daily Express)

Asia and Australia Edition: James Comey, South China Sea, Moon Jae-in: Your Morning Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Bye-bye Blue House as S. Korean leader shuns imperial home (Fox News)

What South Korea election means to North, US (CNN)

8 dead, 20 injured after moderate quake in far western China (Fox News)

With Awkward Timing, Trump Meets Top Russian Official (New York Times - Paywall)

Read Former FBI Director James Comey's Farewell Letter to Colleagues (Time Magazine)

Cop allegedly fired for not shooting suicidal man sues city (CBS News)

Memo From Turkey: After Trump Vows to Arm Syrian Kurds, the Next Move Is Erdogan’s (New York Times - Paywall)

South Carolina teacher accused of locking autistic boy in closet (CBS News)

BREAKING: Eight dead as earthquake DESTROYS buildings in China 800 people effected (Daily Express)

Erdogan's authoritarian style and pragmatic foreign policy turn some Turkish Islamists against him (Los Angeles Times)

Trump campaign changes privacy policy after CBS News questions (CBS News)

Kim Jong-un reveals secret footage of US missile system in spycraft taunt to South Korea (Daily Express)

Paul Ryan: Former FBI Director James Comey Was Compromised' (Time Magazine)

Trump 'considered firing Comey since taking office' (BBC)

That Popular Hostel in Berlin? North Korea Owns It, and It’s Closing (New York Times - Paywall)

Man declared dead by IRS resurrected by U.S. senator (CBS News)

MAC on... Jeremy Corbyn's election tactics (Daily Mail)

Dollar drops as markets lose faith in Donald Trump's leadership after FBI's Comey sacking (Daily Express)

Eastbourne man decapitated self with homemade guillotine (Daily Mail)

Tim Naftali: How close was Comey getting to the truth? (CNN)

Man lost eight stone by drinking his own wee every day (Daily Star)

Labour manifesto leak: 'These are popular policies' (BBC)

Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn's Labour 'will NOT deliver Brexit without securing deal with EU' (Daily Express)

Labour Manifesto: Jeremy Corbyn 'to REFUSE to commit to reducing immigration' (Daily Express)

Alistair Darling urges Tories to vote Labour in key constituency (Daily Express)

Election chief ranted against Tories on Facebook (Daily Mail)

Senate Panel Subpoenas Former Trump Aide Michael Flynn for Russia-Related Documents (Time Magazine)

National Archives Examining' Employee Training After Nixon Library's Trolling Tweet About James Comey (Time Magazine)

Elderly man kills self, leaves note with location of wifes body (CBS News)

James Comey's Firing Has People Calling for an Independent Prosecutor. What's That? (Time Magazine)

Russia's foreign minister has cordial talk at White House against a tumultuous backdrop (Los Angeles Times)

FBI Directors Are Appointed for 10-Year Terms. Here's Why (Time Magazine)

9 Policies In The Leaked Labour Manifesto That Are Brand New (Huffington Post)

China Slams U.S. Lawmakers Who Visited the Dalai Lama in India (Newsweek Magazine)

Putin says Russia has 'nothing to do" with Comey's firing (Daily Mail)

PIERS MORGAN: Trump was RIGHT to fire drama queen Comey (Daily Mail)

Trump Russia meeting: Lavrov praises Trump and Tillerson after talks (BBC)

Here's What Labour's First General Election Campaign Poster Will Look Like (Huffington Post)

After Trump Win, More Americans Jews Applying to Reclaim German Citizenship (Newsweek Magazine)

What Other Countries Are Doing About the North Korea Threat (Newsweek Magazine)

Chinese man finds parents with help of facial recognition (Daily Mail)

Surrey man took up-skirt pictures of women in supermarket (Daily Mail)

Last living Nuremberg prosecutor speaks out against war (Daily Mail)

Trump’s Mixed Signals on South China Sea Worry Asian Allies (New York Times - Paywall)

With Trump as President, the Nixon Presidential Library Grasps at Redemption (Newsweek Magazine)

Morale takes a hit: Firing sends shockwaves through FBI (CNN)

Source close to Comey: Russia probe was only part of why FBI director was dumped (CNN)

Matt Drudge Warns Trump Presidency in Big Danger From Leaks (Newsweek Magazine)

Iran Leader Vows ‘Slap in the Face’ for Election Disruptions (New York Times - Paywall)

Readers Speak Out on South Korea’s New Leader (New York Times - Paywall)

General election 2017: Labour pledge £20bn for English schools (BBC)

Chinese vice president visits conflict-scarred Burundi (Fox News)

James Comey Committed Atrocities, White House Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Salford thug who stabbed man in the back for fun is jailed (Daily Mail)

Mexico Slams Report on Violence Highlighted by Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

North Korea 'reveals satellite images of THAAD missile' (Daily Mail)

Archbishop of Canterbury to pray for Trump on Mideast peace (Fox News)

North Korea Preparing Sixth Nuclear Test, Won't Wait For U.S. To Strike First, Ambassador Warns (Newsweek Magazine)

Mexico: Video of soldiers killing detained man sparks uproar (Fox News)

Is China Provoking North Korea, U.S.? New Missile Tested Near Peninsula (Newsweek Magazine)

Czechs rally against country's president, finance minister (Fox News)

MAC on...the Labour Party campaign launch (Daily Mail)

Deso Dogg, the rapper who cheated death, humiliated the Pentagon and seduced an FBI translator (Fox News)

New Zealand Sentences Man That China Accused of Large-Scale Graft (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chinese man jumps into a well to fix a broken pipe (Daily Mail)

Russia probe: James Comey sought more resources - sources (CNN)

Republicans Under New Pressure After Trump Fires Comey (Newsweek Magazine)

Tory politicians won't face charges over election expenses (Daily Mail)

Iran leader warns election agitators "will be hit with a slap" (CBS News)

'House of Cards' stars: Trump crazier than our show (CNN)

M.M.A. Fighter’s Pummeling of Tai Chi Master Rattles China (New York Times - Paywall)

Comparing the Trump and Nixon scandals (CNN)

Erdogan calls on Trump to reverse decision to arm Syrian Kurdish fighters (Fox News)

Germany to close hostel linked to N Korea (CNN)

South Korea's new president takes office, signals willingness to engage in talks with North Korea (Los Angeles Times)

South Korea uses Game of Thrones video for election news (Daily Mail)

Son drags his father on glass-bottom bridge in China (Daily Mail)

After Trump Grand Jury News, Everything We Know About the FBI Russia Investigation, Subpoenas and Comey (Newsweek Magazine)

Paul Callan: In firing Comey, Trump is playing with fire (CNN)

South Korea’s New President, Moon Jae-in, Promises New Approach to North (New York Times - Paywall)

After Comey Firing, Trump's Hour of Reckoning (Newsweek Magazine)

Sean Spicer Had a Meltdown After Trump Fired Comey, Hiding in Bushes and Demanding Darkness (Newsweek Magazine)

South Korea's new leader willing to visit the North (CBS News)

General Election Candidates In My Area: When Will I Know Who's Running? (Huffington Post)

IHT Retrospective Blog: 1892: China Complaint On U.S. Immigration Bill (New York Times - Paywall)

Body of County Cavan man who killed his family is exhumed (Daily Mail)

General election 2017: Policy pledge tracker (BBC)

ANOTHER Labour frontbencher gets in a muddle over figures (Daily Mail)

Man who drove car into sea in Cornwall arrested (BBC)

Who is Comey? FBI director made enemies left and right (CNN)

FBI subpoenas Flynn associates (CNN)

You're fired: All the people axed while investigating Trump (CNN)

Police arrest man after VW Golf is driven into the sea' (Daily Mail)

Seat by seat: Which leader is the web's most-searched? (BBC)

Europe Edition: James Comey, Emmanuel Macron, Russia: Your Wednesday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump considers sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan (CBS News)

Analysis: Comey firing is Trump's most dangerous move yet (CNN)

Trump authorizes arming Kurds, despite Turkish objections (CBS News)

South Korea's new leader faces some big challenges one named Trump and one named Kim Jong Un (Los Angeles Times)

Was the Soviet James Bond Vladimir Putin's role model? (BBC)

Pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, green spaces: An unusual election platform for a politician in Iran (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Approves Plan to Arm Key Ally in Battle for Syria (NBC News)

Jonathan Cristol: Dealing with N. Korea is not an option (CNN)

Liberal Moon Jae-in is winner in South Korea's presidential election (Los Angeles Times)

Juliette Kayyem: Clapper - Putin did it to demean Clinton and help elect Trump (CNN)

Mexicans were afraid Trump would bring disaster. So far, his bark is worse than his bite (Los Angeles Times)

China is tightening the screws on Taiwan. Here are the ways it is exerting pressure (Los Angeles Times)

Five big takeaways from France's presidential election (Los Angeles Times)

South Korea's presidential election could change its relationship with the United States. Here's why (Los Angeles Times)

Le Pen concedes as Macron wins in a landslide; he will be youngest president in French history (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea detains another U.S. citizen amid rising tensions, state media reports (Los Angeles Times)

General election 2017: How many people are registering to vote? (BBC)

Hamas selects popular Gaza politician Ismail Haniyeh as its new leader (Los Angeles Times)

Latest election news via Facebook messenger (BBC)

China signals new era as first homegrown jetliner takes off (Los Angeles Times)

General election 2017: How do I register to vote? (BBC)