Monday, 5th June 2017

World News

U.K. police name 2 of 3 London attackers (CBS News)

Rachid Redouane's wife arrested in terror raids (Daily Mail)

On World Stage, Trump Remains Disruptor-in-Chief (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Family of London Bridge terrorist ask to 'grieve in peace' (Daily Mail)

Manchester attack survivor to swap her Little Mix tickets (Daily Mail)

Police looking for accomplices in London terror attack (CBS News)

London stays resilient despite terror attack (CBS News)

London Bridge terrorist was 'a Moroccan living in Dublin' (Daily Mail)

British Police Name Two of Three London Attackers (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Two London attackers named by police (BBC)

Ariana Grande headlines emotional Manchester benefit concert (CBS News)

Trump Slams London Mayor Khan a Second Time After Terror Incident (Newsweek Magazine)

American was hit in the head as London cops shot terrorist (Daily Mail)

Sadiq Khan holds vigil for London Bridge attack victims (Daily Mail)

President Trump Keeps Muddying His Defense of the Travel Ban (Time Magazine)

Trump Promotes Original ‘Travel Ban,’ Eroding His Legal Case (New York Times - Paywall)

BREAKING: Explosives found in London Bridge terror attack van (Daily Star)

London Bridge commuters are flanked by armed police (Daily Mail)

Trump Pushes Air Traffic Control Privatization (NBC News)

BREAKING: London Bridge terror police 'examining molotov cocktails found in van' (Daily Express)

Liam Gallagher blasts Noel after One Love Manchester gig (Daily Mail)

Theresa May says Sadiq Khan is doing an excellent job (Daily Mail)

After London Attack, Theresa May Finds Her Record on Terrorism Under Scrutiny (New York Times - Paywall)

London Bridge attack: Killer slipped through police's net (Daily Mail)

How One Photographer Is Challenging Our Perceptions of Black Men (Time Magazine)

WH: Trump won't try to block Comey from testifying (CNN)

Another Debate for Trump? London Tweet Prompts Invite From Gun-Violence Prevention Group (Newsweek Magazine)

What Trump said about pulling out of climate change deal (Daily Mail)

London Bridge attack: Waiter stops terrorist from entering (Daily Mail)

Trump renews feud with London mayor over terror attack (BBC)

London attack: Crowds gather for vigil to honour victims (BBC)

London Attack Suspect Known as Abs Appeared in Film About Extremists (New York Times - Paywall)

UK police release names, photos of assailants who killed 7 (CNN)

Ivanka Trump heads to the Ford's Theatre Gala with Jared (Daily Mail)

Bradford boy may have played Good Kids High choking game (Daily Mail)

Manchester tram-riders sing Oasis anthem after One Love (Daily Mail)

Cosby's lawyers attack accusers' credibility (CNN)

What Will Comey Say? Trump Won't Use Executive Privilege to Block Senate Testimony (Newsweek Magazine)

130 imams refuse to bury London attackers (CNN)

Lauren Booth claims drugs are to blame for terror attacks (Daily Mail)

Security guard dances all night' at One Love Manchester (Daily Mail)

After London Attack, Muslim Religious Leaders Refuse to Hold Funeral Services for Suspects (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump doubles down on attacking London mayor Sadiq Khan (Daily Mail)

UAE, Saudi, Bahrain cut ties with Qatar over terror funding claims (CNN)

Londoners show they will NEVER be broken in vigil for London Bridge terror attack victims (Daily Star)

Photo of man fleeing London attack with beer in hand goes viral (CBS News)

BREAKING: Motorway service station in lockdown amid terror alert (Daily Express)

Trump says he's calling it a 'travel ban' (CNN)

How To Win A General Election (Huffington Post)

Is Trump OK? President's Mental Stability a Serious Problem, Conservatives Say (Newsweek Magazine)

London Bridge Terror Attack: British Policing 'Arrogant' For Not Arming More Officers, Ex-Marksman Says (Huffington Post)

North Korea holds MOCK ATTACK and practises sinking aircraft carriers amid WW3 fears (Daily Express)

Scottish hero tells of attack horrors (Daily Express)

President Trump criticizes London mayor after terror attack (CBS News)

London Bridge attack: Tributes paid to Canadian victim (Daily Mail)

Daredevil falls to death while swinging on bridge in Kiev (Daily Mail)

London attack: Vigil held to remember victims (BBC)

British police name two of the London Bridge attackers as investigation speeds forward (Los Angeles Times)

Theresa May Wants to Regulate Cyberspace After the London Attack. Will the World Follow? (Time Magazine)

Trump Won't Use Executive Privilege to Stop Comey Testimony (NBC News)

Trump lashes out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, again (CNN)

President Trump Wants Congress to Confirm His Nominees. He Should Appoint More (Time Magazine)

Trump tweets what DOJ should do to defend "travel ban" (CBS News)

Convoy of Black cabs ferry veterans to Pegasus Bridge (Daily Mail)

President Trump's Attack on London Mayor (Time Magazine)

London Bridge Terror Attack: Sadiq Khan Tells Terrorists 'Not In My Name' (Huffington Post)

London attack: Theresa May dismisses police cuts criticism (Daily Mail)

London Bridge terror attack: Police raid homes and brothel (Daily Mail)

2 London Bridge attackers named as pre-election heat rises (Fox News)

Putin's Claims on Meetings with Trump Officials, Analyzed by Experts: Hardly Believable ? (Newsweek Magazine)

Who Are Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane? Two London Attackers Named By Police, One Was Known to Intelligence Agencies (Newsweek Magazine)

We do believe we know who they are, ? police say of London terror attackers (CBS News)

London attackers named by police as profiles emerge (Fox News)

London Piccadilly EVACUATED as cops urge people to 'leave immediately' (Daily Star)

UNMASKED: Ex-TfL worker and pastry chef behind London Bridge terror attack (Daily Star)

Breitbart writer out after tweets over London attack (CNN)

BREAKING: Two London Bridge attackers identified by police in appeal for information (Daily Express)

Two London Bridge Terror Attackers Named As Khuram Shazad Butt And Rachid Redouane (Huffington Post)

London Bridge Terror Attack: James McMullan Named As Second Victim (Huffington Post)

Trump Not Doing His Job? President Blames Democrats for Empty Positions, but Won't Name Nominees (Newsweek Magazine)

The London Attack Victims: What We Know (New York Times - Paywall)

Manchester United Testimonial: What You Need to Know About Footballs Farewell Event (Newsweek Magazine)

Dancing police officer steals show at Ariana Grande gig (Daily Mail)

Eye Opener at 8: Emotional Manchester benefit concert (CBS News)

Kill Them All,' Congressman Clay Higgins Says of Terrorism Suspects After London Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

Spaniard who confronted London Bridge terrorist is missing (Daily Mail)

INTERVIEW: 'House Of Cards' Star Michael Kelly Opts For Frank Underwood's World Over Donald Trump's (Huffington Post)

18 Minutes of Chaos Ends in a Hail of Bullets: How London Attack Played Out (NBC News)

Londoners React To London Bridge Terror Attacks (Huffington Post)

London on edge after the Bridge attack (Fox News)

How people fought back in the London attack (BBC)

U.S. Middle East Strategy May Rest On Qatar Relations, But Saudi Arabia Isn't Too Happy About It (Newsweek Magazine)

Policeman fought off London attackers with his bare hands (Daily Mail)

Reporter's Notebook: After bridge attack, London knocked but not down (Fox News)

Trump Cited Weather Reports as Reason for Paris Agreement Withdrawal: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

MSC Cruises' World Class ships will carry 6,850 passengers (Daily Mail)

London terror attack: Canadian victim died in her fiance's arms (Fox News)

New Cancer Drugs Alectinib and Abiraterone May Help Lung and Prostate Disease Patients Live Longer (Newsweek Magazine)

London attack: Victim Christine Archibald 'died in fiancée's arms' (BBC)

Russias Hypersonic Missile System May Represent a Quantum Leap in Technology (Newsweek Magazine)

One Love Manchester: Dancing policeman captures spirit of city (BBC)

Brits hit back on Twitter in wake of London terror attack (Daily Mail)

Axa chief says babies may not need driving lessons (Daily Mail)

Food, fuel, flights: How Qatar may suffer (CNN)

U.K. Election Polls Latest: Did London Attack Hurt Theresa May, Conservatives? (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May clash over security (BBC)

Thief steals secret papers from West Midlands police (Daily Mail)

Facebook removes Jewish leader's video after London attack (Daily Mail)

American Shot by Stray Police Bullet, London Attack Witness Says (NBC News)

Labour 'will LOSE election despite London gains as Midlands and North turn AGAINST Corbyn' (Daily Express)

The jihadi next door: London Bridge terrorist unveiled ISIS flag in park for documentary (Daily Star)

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: We are at war after London attack (Daily Mail)

London attack: Politicians v the internet (BBC)

Top secret police records STOLEN from terror chief's car (Daily Star)

Trump Tweets in Favor of 'Original' Travel Ban (NBC News)

Tell us: What should the UK's place in the world be? (CNN)

London 'reeling:' John Oliver mocks media (CNN)

Melbourne Siege: Police Probing Gunman's Motive (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Here is the one word that will defuse EVERY marital row (Daily Mail)

Misinformation and fake photos shared after London attack (BBC)

Ariana Grande thanks the crowd and praises the city's spirit at One Love Manchester. (BBC)

Hackers working on a global 'ExplodingCan' cyber attack (Daily Mail)

Putin denies Russian interference in American election (Daily Mail)

London attack: Quiet but defiant mood at London Bridge (BBC)

Facebook wants to be hostile to terror after London Bridge (Daily Mail)

Manchester victim's mother told Ariana Grande to play hits (Daily Mail)

Melbourne siege: 3 police shot, 1 dead (CNN)

Little Mix wear 'naked' outfits at One Love Manchester (Daily Mail)

'They were stabbing everyone': How the London Bridge attack unfolded (Los Angeles Times)

ISIS claims responsibility for London Bridge terror attack (Daily Mail)

London Bridge photos taken just after attackers were shot (Daily Mail)

London attack: 'It was an unbelievable amount of blood' (BBC)

Europe Edition: London, Ariana Grande, Juventus: Your Monday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Babies may sleep longer in their own rooms (CNN)

Putin: "a load of nonsense" that Russia has damaging info on Trump (CBS News)

London terror attack: 12 arrests include women (CBS News)

Resorts World Manila attack: How a tax man turned into a murderer (CNN)

General Election 2017: How do you vote if you're blind? (BBC)

London Bridge terror attack -- live updates (CBS News)

ISIS claims responsibility for London attack (CBS News)

Trump reacts to London attack (CBS News)

Multiple arrests made in London attack aftermath (CBS News)

London victims hail from across the globe (CBS News)

How the London attack unfolded (CBS News)

Manchester tribute concert goes on (CBS News)

Ariana Grande "One Love Manchester" benefit concert (CBS News)

Election 2017: 10 things you need to know about the campaign (BBC)

London terror attack: People threw bottles and chairs at attackers, witnesses say (CBS News)

What happened in London? How the terror attack unfolded (CBS News)

Election 2017: How can you burst your filter bubble? (BBC)

How to watch Ariana Grandes benefit concert for Manchester attack victims (CBS News)

Details of the London Bridge jihadi killer are revealed (Daily Mail)

Low-Tech Terror Attacks Prove Harder to Thwart (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Radio presenter slammed for criticising dancing policeman at Love Manchester gig (Daily Star)

London attack: Police fired 'unprecedented' number of rounds (CNN)

London Bridge attack 'was revenge for RAF's airstrike' (Daily Mail)

Diner thought he would die in London Bridge terror attack (Daily Mail)

The eerie aftermath of the London Bridge attack (Daily Mail)

Civilan got caught in police crossfire in London attack (Daily Mail)

One Love Manchester: Joy shines through pain at benefit concert (BBC)

You won't break us. You won't break us, ever'; a defiant London carries on after latest attack (Los Angeles Times)

London Bridge terrorist reported for trying to radicalise kids' (Daily Star)

Banker in coma after being stabbed in London attack (Daily Mail)

Islamic State Claims London Attack (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

London terror attacks: Victims' stories emerge (Fox News)

Theresa May thanks emergency services after London attack (Daily Mail)

Piers Morgan apologises to Ariana Grande (Daily Mail)

Voting ends in state election that tests Mexico ruling party (Fox News)

Police arrest 12 in east London after bridge terror attack (Daily Mail)

London terror attacks: What we know so far (Fox News)

Top US diplomat hails London mayor after Trump's criticism (Daily Mail)

One man, four wives: The new hit reality TV show (BBC)

The National Front member who fell in love with Calais Jungle migrant (BBC)

A look at what is and isn't known about the London attack (Fox News)

Ariana Grande's Manchester concert WILL go ahead (Daily Mail)

General election 2017: Muslim women centre stage in Bradford West (BBC)

London terror attack: Police reveal more details following arrests in Barking & East Ham (Daily Express)

London attack: 12 arrested in Barking after van and knife attack (BBC)

Timeline: How events unfolded in London's latest attack (Fox News)

Manchester attack: Funeral for Barra's Eilidh MacLeod (BBC)

OUR HERO: Brave Sunday Express journalist Geoff Ho tried to STOP evil London attackers (Daily Express)

Panic in east London after really inappropriate' fireworks display (Daily Express)

How air conditioning changed the world (BBC)

BREAKING: First London terror attack victim named as Canadian woman Christine Archibald (Daily Express)

FACES OF EVIL: Exclusive footage of killers CALMLY walking during London Bridge terror (Daily Express)

ISIS claims responsibility for London terror attack as details of victims emerge (Daily Express)

First London Bridge terror attack victim was dedicated charity worker for homeless (Daily Star)

London TERROR: 7 killed in market massacre as cops tell of dramatic final shootout (Daily Star)

Putin plots REVENGE calling for 'joint fight' against terrorism after London Bridge attack (Daily Star)

Evil ISIS taunt RAF claiming London attack was REVENGE for 'love from Manchester' bomb (Daily Star)

Attack after attack coming dark days are here' Terror cop warns of MORE massacres in UK (Daily Star)

Flood fear as one month's worth of rain set to hit country in next 24 hours (Daily Star)

UK election campaigns pause, for second time, after London attack (CBS News)

Detective's notes suggest suspect known to terror police (Daily Mail)

One Love Manchester: Here's All The Tributes And Touching Messages Of Unity Shared By The Performers (Huffington Post)

Manchester benefit concert is underway (CNN)

The Papers: London attack dominates front pages (BBC)

London terror attack: Brandenburg Gate lit up with Union flag as the world mourns victims (Daily Express)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Bridge Terrorist Incident That Left Seven Dead (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS claims London terror attacks that killed 7; police arrest 12 in raids (Fox News)

Australian London terror victim stabbed in the neck (Daily Mail)

London Bridge jihadi yelled 'this is for Islam' (Daily Mail)

12 arrested in London's night of terror; IS claims attack (Fox News)

London Bridge Attack: Canadian Christine Archibald Among Those Killed in Terror Incident (Newsweek Magazine)

London police fired 50 times at terrorists; ISIS claims attack without proof (CNN)

Ariana Grandes One Love Manchester concertgoers defiant in wake of London attack (Newsweek Magazine)

Attack brings out the best in London's Borough neighborhood (Fox News)

London attack: Corbyn criticises Tories in terror speech (BBC)

One Love Manchester: Ariana Grande's Return To The Stage Was A Masterclass In Defiance (Huffington Post)

Theresa May's Deal With Donald Trump Will Harm The UK Much More Than Brexit (Huffington Post) says 'what's up London' at Manchester concert (Daily Mail)

British PM May on terror attack: "Enough is enough" (CBS News)

London Terror Attack: Woman begs loved one to hold on (Daily Mail)

London Bridge security will be ramped up (Daily Mail)

One Love Manchester: Liam Gallagher Surprises Fans With Performance At Benefit Concert (Huffington Post)

One Love Manchester: Policeman Dancing With Concert Goers Perfectly Sums Up The Unity At Old Trafford (Huffington Post)

Trump criticized over London Mayor tweet (CNN)

UK election pauses, for second time, after London attack (Fox News)

Stabbed officer took on London terrorists with baton (Daily Mail)

Isis warned attack against Britain was 'definitely coming' (Daily Mail)

Body of Manchester victim, 14, is repatriated (Daily Mail)

Ariana Grande Brings Message of Defiance to Concert for Manchester Victims (New York Times - Paywall)

Performers Share Messages of Love and Resilience at Ariana Grande's Manchester Benefit Concert (Time Magazine)

In pictures: London Bridge attack aftermath (BBC)

Is Donald Trump Trying to Provoke a Domestic Terror Attack With London Tweets? (Newsweek Magazine)

London Bridge attack: What powers do the police have? (BBC)

Father stabbed by Jihadis recovers after London attack (Daily Mail)

One Love Manchester: Ariana Grande Comforts Parrs Wood High School Choir Member During Emotional Performance of My Everything' (Huffington Post)

After May Britain will be battered by rain (Daily Mail)

World Bank Forecasts Global Economic Growth to Hit Seven-Year High Next Year (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

After Britain Attack, Trump Feuds With London Mayor (New York Times - Paywall)

Theresa May's 'Endless Cuts' Slammed By Ex-Counter Terror Chief Jim Gamble After London Bridge Attack (Huffington Post)

Has Trump finally found a court that will endorse travel ban? (CNN)

'They're stabbing everyone': Eyewitness accounts of London attack (CNN)

Calls for the election to be suspended after London attack (Daily Mail)

Well-wishers lay a blanket of flowers at London Bridge (Daily Mail)

Trump condemns London Mayor Sadiq Khan after terror attack (Daily Mail)

Trainee nurse reveals terrifying escape from London Bridge (Daily Mail)

Piers Morgan on Theresa May and London terror attack (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn accuses Theresa May of ignoring warnings (Daily Mail)

London Bridge terror attack: families plea for information (Daily Mail)

Mexican Voters Head to Polls in Key Gubernatorial Election (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump demands travel ban after London Bridge terror attack (Daily Mail)

Sugar Talks May Hint at Trump Approach to U.S.-Mexico Trade (New York Times - Paywall)

Syrian troops pound Daraa after rebel attack (Fox News)

London Bridge Attack: CNN Host Calls Trump a Piece of S--- for Response to Terror Incident (Newsweek Magazine)

London attack: Mother of stabbing victim recounts ordeal (BBC)

The morning after: City on edge after night of terror (CNN)

ISIS terrorists praise London Bridge attackers (Daily Mail)

London attack: Macron and Turnbull lead world condemnation (BBC)

London Bridge Attack: Bystander Caught in Crossfire as Police Shoot Dead Three Terrorists (Newsweek Magazine)

Hero threw bottles and chairs during London Bridge attack (Daily Mail)

Photos from the scene of terror (CNN)

Witnesses thought London terror attackers were helping (Daily Mail)

London Bridge: BBC's Holly Jones relives van attack (BBC)

Scenes From the London Terror Attack (Time Magazine)

Britain Reacts to the London Attack as It Knows Best With Sarcasm (Newsweek Magazine)

Pakistani police say lynching organized by student's enemies (Fox News)

London Attacks: ‘It Was Utter Horror’ (New York Times - Paywall)

Chef captures moment police fired on attackers (BBC)

Man who photographed London attackers speaks out (CNN)

PM: Election will not be delayed (BBC)

London attacks: Mayor Sadiq Khan dismisses Trump criticism (BBC)

TFL worker pens message to Londoners after terror attack (Daily Mail)

Hero: Officer hailed after tackling attackers 'armed only with baton' (CNN)

London attack: The signs of solidarity being shared online (BBC)

London attack: Armed officers 'fired 50 rounds' (BBC)

Police: Security will increase for Ariana Grandes benefit concert (CBS News)

Police arrest a new suspect in Manchester Arena attack (Daily Mail)

Video shows blood-soaked victims of London Bridge attack (Daily Mail)

London Bridge attack: Timeline of British terror attacks (BBC)

Katie Hopkins on Theresa May and London terror attack (Daily Mail)

London attack: 'You have to carry on' (BBC)

London Attack: Stand up, Stay Strong and Tell the Killers They Will Never Win (Newsweek Magazine)

'Get back or we'll shoot' Shocking moment armed police swoop on suspect running on roof (Daily Express)

Trump Education Cuts Will Undermine Economic Growth Goals (Newsweek Magazine)

London Bridge jihadis pictured dead wearing fake bomb vest (Daily Mail)

There Have Been 15 Major Terror Attacks in Europe in the Last Decade (Time Magazine)

We Must Not Be Afraid': Ariana Grande's Manchester Charity Concert Still On Despite London Attack (Time Magazine)

Haley: Trump believes the climate is changing (CNN)

After London Attack, Prime Minister Says, ‘Enough Is Enough’ (New York Times - Paywall)

London Attack: Counter-Terror Police Arrest 12 In East London Suburb (Newsweek Magazine)

Uber outrage: Taxi service criticized for surge pricing after terror attack (CNN)

People offer food and shelter to those caught up in London terror attacks (CBS News)

Trump tweets support for embattled travel ban after London attack (CBS News)

After Another Terrorist Attack, London Keeps Calm and Carries On (Newsweek Magazine)

No Safe Space for Islamist Extremists and Preachers of Hate Vows Theresa May (Newsweek Magazine)

London attack: Theresa May says 'things need to change' (BBC)

Casino attack suspect was in debt, hooked on gambling, police say (CBS News)

Did Maxine Waters Attack Journalist Michael Tracey? In a Parallel Universe, Maybe (Newsweek Magazine)

Comedian: Trump is 'trying to ruin my life' (CNN)

British police said 6 people were killed and 3 suspects shot dead in London terror attacks (CBS News)

Gun shots ring out and terror unfolds (CNN)

London Bridge attacks: What We Know So Far (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman who intends to circumnavigate the world on foot (Daily Mail)

Police identify Manila casino attack gunman (CNN)

Manila Casino Attacker Was a Gambling Addict, Philippine Police Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Election 2017 poll tracker (BBC)

London Attacked Again: Pictures From the Scene (New York Times - Paywall)

Six people die in London rampage; police fatally shoot 3 suspected attackers (Los Angeles Times)

Sniping, satire and song: The weird world of Victorian election posters (BBC)

Election 2017: What do leaders do in their spare time? (BBC)

London Bridge Attack Witnesses Describe Chaotic Scenes: Everyone Please Be Safe' (Newsweek Magazine)

General Election 2017: The EU citizens in the UK who can't vote (BBC)

"Trump or Merkel?" Ukraine beer depicts world leaders (BBC)

'Oi, COWARDS' Man relives moment he chucked stools at attackers to lead them to police (Daily Express)

Trump and his 'America First' policies have turned into a hot-button campaign issue in Germany's election (Los Angeles Times)

French president takes a stand against Trump (CNN)

Ariana Grande visits injured fans in hospital (CNN)

Is fox hunting an election issue? (BBC)

Election 2017: Five key things about the Question Time special (BBC)

Was that Manila attack an act of terrorism? Trump and Philippine officials differ (Los Angeles Times)

Election Lexicon: Glumbuckets, nudity and Star Trek training (BBC)

Does President Trump Believe In Climate Change? Aides Won't Say (NBC News)

Q&A: Answers to your election questions (BBC)

What does Trump believe about climate change? (CNN)

World leaders close ranks on climate change: 'Paris agreement cannot be renegotiated' (Los Angeles Times)

Trump quits the Paris climate accord, denouncing it as a violation of U.S. sovereignty (Los Angeles Times)

Here's what the Paris world climate agreement will do and what it won't (Los Angeles Times)

With an eye toward a Mideast peace deal, Trump puts off his promise to move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (Los Angeles Times)

Putin denies a Russian state role in U.S. election, but says 'patriotic' hackers may have mounted attacks (Los Angeles Times)

Google unveils plans for new London headquarters (CNN)

General election 2017: Where UK's parties stand on Brexit (BBC)

Train journey on the roof of the world (CNN)

Trump tweeted that China is 'trying hard' to handle North Korea. That's a generous way of looking at it (Los Angeles Times)

Ed Husain: How Islamist terror can be defeated (CNN)

NBC News' Lester Holt to Interview President Trump (NBC News)

Painkillers Raise Heart Attack Risk Within a Week (NBC News)

Trump Approves Plan to Arm Key Ally in Battle for Syria (NBC News)

Groupthink: Why Did No One Call 911 for Dying Penn State Pledge? (NBC News)