Friday, 9th June 2017

World News

Trump accuses Qatar of funding terror at "very high level" (CBS News)

Woman plunges down open cellar door (CBS News)

London Attacker Wasn't Hiding in Plain Sight---He Wasn't Even Hiding (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

General Election exit polls see Tories lose majority (Daily Mail)

Machete attack in London's Russell Square (Daily Mail)

Trump: I would speak under oath on Comey (BBC)

Is Trump secretly recording conversations? (CNN)

Protestors demonstrate against Theresa May (Daily Mail)

PM Theresa May vows to stay on after major blow in U.K. elections (CBS News)

Retired Adm. McRaven on Comey testimony, Navy SEAL lessons (CBS News)

Bob Schieffer on "extraordinary" Comey testimony (CBS News)

Headlines of the week: Comey testifies, terror in London (CBS News)

CNN Dumps Reza Aslan Over Trump Piece of S--- Tweet (Newsweek Magazine)

Battered at Polls, U.K.'s May Seeks to Retain Power (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

May to form 'government of certainty' with DUP backing (BBC)

Election results 2017: 20 things you may have missed (BBC)

CNN Cancels Reza Aslan's Show Following Anti-Trump Tweets Over London Attack (Time Magazine)

Theresa May says she will seek coalition after bruising election (CBS News)

Theresa May faces bleak future after General Election 2017 (Daily Mail)

Trump: I'm willing to testify under oath about Comey claims (CNN)

John Curtice Won The General Election 2017 Battle Of The Pollsters Live On TV (Huffington Post)

Wounded May soldiers on as election shock complicates Brexit (Fox News)

Why Theresa Mays election win was a loss (CBS News)

Trump Calls on Qatar to Cease Funding Terror (NBC News)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Has President Trump Kept His Promises? F No' (Time Magazine)

Trump: James Comey Lied and Ill Testify to That Under Oath (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: Final election result comes in as Labour win AGAIN (Daily Star)

President Trump Just Directly Contradicted His Secretary of State (Time Magazine)

Actress Salma Hayek Discusses Her New Movie and Getting Asked Out by Trump on The Daily Show' (Newsweek Magazine)

Lord Buckethead is election hero after dabbing on stage next to Theresa May (Daily Star)

Cops swoop as men on mopeds attack man with machete in central London' (Daily Star)

Jeremy Corbyn's Critics Admit They Were 'Wrong' Following General Election 2017 Result (Huffington Post)

President Trump Confirms His Commitment to NATO's Article 5 Mutual Defense Pact (Time Magazine)

Trump slams Comey's testimony as 'false statements' (Daily Mail)

President Trump Says He's 100%' Willing to Testify Under Oath About James Comey (Time Magazine)

Will the DUP demand a soft Brexit from Theresa May (Daily Mail)

General Election 2017: Seven Brilliant And WTF Things You May Have Missed (Huffington Post)

Election results 2017 LIVE: May FINALLY focuses on Brexit as she vows to stay 5 more years (Daily Express)

Why UK PM May's troubles have only just begun (CNN)

3 UN peacekeepers killed in attack in northern Mali (Fox News)

What next? What shock result means for the UK (CNN)

Trump pushes back after James Comeys testimony (CBS News)

Trump hits back at Comey and 'lies' (BBC)

Adm. McRaven on Comey testimony and 10 life lessons (CBS News)

The Comey Cloud is Still Here (Time Magazine)

The British Election That Somehow Made Brexit Even Harder (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Aide Reprimanded for Tweeting About Primary Election (Time Magazine)

Bernie Sanders Could Have Won, U.K. Election Suggests, on Strength of Youth Turnout (Newsweek Magazine)

David Cameron emerges after Theresa May loses the majority (Daily Mail)

Furious protesters descend on Downing Street in bid to make Theresa May resign (Daily Star)

Warning: UK invasion of toxic caterpillars pose danger to humans (Daily Star)

Theresa May could be deposed in weeks and months ahead (Daily Mail)

My Third-Grader's Teacher Told the Class She Supports Trump (Time Magazine)

Election results 2017: How will this minority government actually work? (BBC)

I Campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn in the Election and Here's Why So Many Young People Voted For Him (Newsweek Magazine)

General election 2017: Sturgeon says Indyref2 'a factor' in SNP losses (BBC)

Election 2017: Your questions answered (BBC)

Election results 2017: How do you get over losing your job as an MP? (BBC)

Trump Caps Infrastructure Week With Flourish (NBC News)

London Bridge attack: Spain honours 'skateboarding hero' (BBC)

Iran Rounds Up ISIS Suspects Following Deadly Attack in Tehran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Corbyn Effect: Huge Vote Share Boost Where Labour Leader Held General Election Rallies (Huffington Post)

Live Briefing: The Latest: Theresa May’s Next Move, and ‘Brexit’ Questions (New York Times - Paywall)

Was This The Young People's General Election? (Huffington Post)

When is the next general election? Latest odds of another snap election (Daily Express)

Who Are the Ultra-Conservatives Set to Prop Up the British Government? (NBC News)

What Is the Deep State? Lewandowski Rails Against Comey and Washington by Citing a Conspiracy Theory (Newsweek Magazine)

Eye Opener at 8: Theresa May loses major election gamble (CBS News)

Ministers go into hiding' and fail to back Theresa May (Daily Mail)

'Theresa May Could Be Ousted By Her Own MPs If She Goes For Hard Brexit' - How The Election Changes EU Talks (Huffington Post)

What might it cost U.K.s May to remain in power? (CBS News)

British PM loses her gamble, but vows to soldier on (CBS News)

Trump's lawyer to file complaint against Comey over memos (CNN)

Super Corals on Australia's Great Barrier Reef May Save it From Climate Change, Scientists Discover (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May's 24 hours of election clothing 'armour' (Daily Mail)

General Election: Pound plummets after exit poll results (Daily Mail)

Election results 2017: The Democratic Unionist Party (BBC)

BREAKING: Theresa May names top Tories to team after major election blow (Daily Star)

Chelsea Manning Reveals Why She Leaked Secret Military Documents in First Interview Since Release (Newsweek Magazine)

How the DUP could affect your finances as it supports May (Daily Mail)

Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland become election key (Fox News)

British Election Results in Record Number of Women in Parliament (Newsweek Magazine)

Key election summary at-a-glance (BBC)

Election 2017: What does it all mean in Scotland? (BBC)

Bob Woodward says Comey reputation "enhanced" by testimony (CBS News)

We May Finally Know What Arya Stark Is Plotting Next on Game of Thrones (Time Magazine)

Theresa May FINALLY says she's SORRY after general election shock (Daily Star)

'The winner is...' Mansfield suffers Oscars blunder moment during election count (Daily Star)

Battle of credibility between Trump and Comey after testimony (CBS News)

Eye Opener: James Comeys testimony rocks Washington (CBS News)

The DUP Opposes Gay Rights and Abortion and Now Its Propping Up the British Government (Newsweek Magazine)

British pound falls as election delivers uncertainty (CBS News)

Election results 2017: Jeremy Corbyn says May 'underestimated' voters (BBC)

British Elections: What to Know About the Democratic Unionist Party (Time Magazine)

Boris Johnson REFUSES to back Theresa May for PM (Daily Mail)

Late night let loose on Comey's testimony (CNN)

The U.K. Election Result Spells Bad News for the E.U., and Brexit (Time Magazine)

Election 2017: Images of the morning after (BBC)

Comey's Testimony on Sessions May Amount to Less Than First Thought (NBC News)

How Will The U.K. General Election Affect Brexit Talks? (Newsweek Magazine)

Why Was U.K. Election So Weird? A Muppet, a Bucket and a Fish-Finger All Stood as Candidates (Newsweek Magazine)

British PM vows to form new government and deliver 'will of the people' with Brexit (CNN)

Stand Together With The People Of London On Saturday Night (Huffington Post)

Trump claims 'total and complete vindication' after Comey hearing (CNN)

Will Trump Testify? Senator Chris Murphy Wants President to Answer Comey's Accusations (Newsweek Magazine)

The General Election Was A Massive Win For Diversity (Huffington Post)

How Long Can Theresa May Hold On as Prime Minister? (Time Magazine)

Analysis: Theresa May fighting to hang on after gamble fails (Fox News)

1 killed, 4 hurt in gunfire and bomb attack in Turkey (Fox News)

General Election 2017: Moments So Bizarre They Could Only Be British (Huffington Post)

This Election Woke People Up - It Is The Start Of Something (Huffington Post)

Nancy Pelosi Thinks President Trump Needs More Sleep (Time Magazine)

Where did it all go wrong for May? Tories furious at strategist dubbed election 'wizard' (Daily Express)

Watch: Seth Meyers Mocks James Comey Hearing, Says Donald Trump is Like Druggie Cousin (Newsweek Magazine)

Theresa May to stay on as British prime minister after failed election gamble (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Lawyer to File Leak Complaint After Comey Testimony (NBC News)

Spain honors London victim with highest civil merit award (Fox News)

David Davis says election disaster could cost hard Brexit (Daily Mail)

The Days Of May (Huffington Post)

END OF HARD BREXIT: The letter written by DUP calling for May to MAINTAIN free movement (Daily Express)

European press mock Theresa May's election campaign (Daily Mail)

Britons have sent a message to those who want to RIP UK apart: DUP in HUGE dig at Sturgeon (Daily Express)

It's Brexit payback' Economists lay into Theresa May over General Election nightmare (Daily Express)

Election 2017: Investors unnerved by economic uncertainty (BBC)

Why election shock undercuts UK on world stage (CNN)

Election results 2017: Paul Nuttall quits as UKIP leader (BBC)

Smug Diane Abbott wins huge 35,000 majority and TROLLS Theresa May with gloating jibe (Daily Star)

ITV is hailed surprise in general election 2017 coverage (Daily Mail)

Theresa May Is Right Not To Even Consider Entering Into A Coalition With The DUP (Huffington Post)

U.S. Pilot Shoots Down Armed Drone in Syria (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump Under Investigation Despite "Complete Vindication" Tweet (Newsweek Magazine)

Terror suspects from London face trial at the Old Bailey (Daily Mail)

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Loses Her Gamble (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

May PAID for targeting winter fuel & inheritance: Strategist blasts PM's election farce (Daily Express)

General Election 2017: Paul Nuttall resigns as Ukip leader (Daily Mail)

British and Irish Lions take on Crusaders with Farrell and Kruis handed starts (BBC)

Conservative DUP coalition: How will the deal between Theresa May and Arlene Foster work? (Daily Express)

DUP and Brexit: Do the DUP believe in Brexit after Election 2017? Hung Parliament latest (Daily Express)

Toon get another one over Sunderland - but this time during general election (Daily Star)

British politician's high-five celebration is a bust (Fox News)

Re-cap: How an extraordinary UK election unfolded (CNN)

Queen's permission sought: May visited Buckingham Palace (CNN)

Who Is Running Britain After Its Shock Election Leaves a Hung Parliament? (Newsweek Magazine)

Diane Abbott Wins 35,000 Vote Majority - Almost As Many Votes As Theresa May Received In Total (Huffington Post)

Larry the cat strangely absent as Theresa May strikes deal with DUP in speech to nation (Daily Star)

Manchester terror attack inquest: Attacker's bomb made to 'kill as many as possible' (Daily Star)

UK could end up STAYING: German MEP says election farce could lead to UNITED UK and EU (Daily Express)

Why 'Test of the Champion' is the hardest to win (CNN)

Who Is Jeremy Corbyn, the British Bernie Sanders Who Shocked the Media With His Election Result? (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn's election surge down to young voters (Daily Mail)

Trump Claims 'Vindication' After Comey 'Lies' at Hearing (NBC News)

President Trump Claims Complete Vindication' After James Comey's Testimony (Time Magazine)

Look who's talking now Gloating Diane Abbott trolls Theresa May with election tweet (Daily Express)

At least Trump would stop Hammas mob marching the streets (Daily Mail)

Delayed negotiations: Brexit talks may be put on hold (CNN)

Cheer Up, Theresa May. At Least You Beat This Bucket-Headed Intergalactic Space Lord (Time Magazine)

Election results 2017: The Jeremy Corbyn factor (BBC)

Queen LOVES Theresa May Royal Butler reveals why Tory leader is Her Maj's fav PM (Daily Star)

The 6 Big Takeaways from the U.K. Election (Time Magazine)

'The Revenge of the Young' Bruises British PM, Boosts Socialist (NBC News)

European Media Lays Into Theresa May and British Election Madness (Newsweek Magazine)

A Perplexing Election Leaves U.K. Divided and Confused (New York Times - Paywall)

BBC presenter David Dimbleby SAVAGES politician with epic put down on live TV (Daily Star)

DUP hail new influence after 2017 general election results (Daily Mail)

'Not another one' hero Brenda from Bristol has say on election result it's PRICELESS (Daily Star)

BBC News Presenter Laura Kuenssberg Drops C-Bomb During General Election Coverage (Huffington Post)

Why these are 'meals rejected by everyone' (CNN)

The Latest: Suicide attack south of Iraqi capital kill 21 (Fox News)

Lincolnshire woman slims down after her sister died (Daily Mail)

HUMILIATED: Nicola Sturgeon to consider position as leader of SNP after disaster election (Daily Express)

General Election 2017: The major political casualties (BBC)

Politics fans share photos of election results snacks (Daily Mail)

EU shows its true colours as it says it could EXTEND negotiation time to keep UK in bloc (Daily Express)

Could this explain why Wayne Rooney scores so many goals? (Daily Mail)

General Election: Exit polls causes shock on Twitter (Daily Mail)

U.K. Election Result Will Unleash Perfect Storm of Chaos' Say Business Leaders (Newsweek Magazine)

Europe Edition: Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, James Comey: Your Friday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Police deny they shot Spanish hero in London attack (Daily Mail)

DUP 'Form Deal' With Tories To Keep Theresa May In Downing Street After Shock Election Result (Huffington Post)

Record Number Of Female MPs Elected To Parliament In Historic General Election (Huffington Post)

British Election Was Full of Surprises From Beginning to End (New York Times - Paywall)

Election 2017: Record number of female MPs (BBC)

Nigel Farage Spent General Election Night Talking About Something He's Never Achieved (Huffington Post)

'Great British Bake Off' Star Ruby Tandoh Brands Jamie Oliver A 'Prick' In Attack On Non-Political Celebrity Chefs (Huffington Post)

Election results 2017: DUP and Sinn F in celebrate election gains (BBC)

Bernie Sanders Delighted' to See the Labour Party Do So Well in U.K. Election (Time Magazine)

Theresa May To Meet The Queen Amid DUP Deal As She Defies Calls For Her Resignation (Huffington Post)

Saudi football chiefs apologise over London attack tribute (BBC)

Comey watch parties held across the U.S. (CBS News)

Election 2017: The result in maps (BBC)

Election results: Theresa May 'no intention of resigning' after losses (BBC)

Brexit on the BRINK: Brussels chiefs MOCK disorientated' Brits after election result (Daily Star)

General Election: London turns to Labour and Lib Dems (Daily Mail)

UK needs "period of stability," May says as country awaits election results (CBS News)

EU commissioner says Theresa May 'lost bet' in election (Daily Mail)

Ruth Davidson and Scotland saved the Tories: Britons call for Ruth Davidson to oust May (Daily Express)

Cause RIOTS all over UK' Corbyn voters threaten violence if Theresa May doesn't resign (Daily Star)

Skittish Republicans Give Trump Benefit of the Doubt (NBC News)

APPALLING BBC bias: Reporter GLOATS UK election result could WRECK Brexit (Daily Express)

Stay or go? Some question whether May can remain leader (CNN)

'EastEnders' Makes Election Gaffe As Kathy Beale Makes Shock Voting Admission (Huffington Post)

U.S. Foils Hezbollah Plot To Attack American, Israeli Targets in New York and Panama (Newsweek Magazine)

Saudi Arabia Football Team Snub Minute's Silence For Victims Of London Terror Attack (Huffington Post)

General election 2017: SNP lose a third of seats amid Tory surge (BBC)

Waugh Zone Special: 2017 General Election Results (Huffington Post)

U.K. and European Lawmakers React to Britain's Shock Election Result (Time Magazine)

Theresa May should resign, Labour's Emily Thornberry says (Daily Mail)

NSA Contractor Accused of Leaking Russian Election Report Held Without Bond Over Disturbing Notes (Newsweek Magazine)

General Election 2017 Result: Celebrities React To Hung Parliament (Huffington Post)

The UK General Election Result Explained For Non-Brits (And Actual Brits Who Don't Like Politics) (Huffington Post)

Why celebs obsess over this (CNN)

General Election Results: Amber Rudd clings by 300 votes (Daily Mail)

Jeremy Corbyn High-Fives Emily Thornberry's Chest As General Election Results Reveal Labour Triumph (Huffington Post)

U.K. Voters Deliver Stunning Setback to Leader May (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Election results 2017: New dawn for Labour? (BBC)

General Election Results: SNP tipped to lose 22 MPs (Daily Mail)

Election 2017: What is DUP - Who are the Democratic Unionist Party would could join Tories (Daily Express)

Were Deeply Sorry!: Saudis Apologize Over Minutes Silence Snub For London Victims (Newsweek Magazine)

Five Things We've Learnt From The 2017 General Election (Huffington Post)

Why We Should Boycott Gay Pride in Tel Aviv (Newsweek Magazine)

UK election: Theresa May reportedly has no intention of resigning despite Conservatives losing majority (Fox News)

BREAKING: Election count STOPPED in this controversial seat (Daily Star)

UK Election 2017 Result: John McDonnell Says Labour Wants To Form A Minority Government (Huffington Post)

Family are 'proud' of hero PC injured in London attack (Daily Mail)

BBC presenter drops C-bomb discussing Theresa May's shambolic election result (Daily Star)

Election results 2017: What does it mean for Brexit? (BBC)

'We are READY to serve' Jeremy Corbyn makes pitch to be next PM after election result (Daily Star)

What You Need To Know About The U.K.s Shock Hung Parliament Election Result (Newsweek Magazine)

Arrest over London terror attack (BBC)

UK 2017 Election In Five Headlines (Huffington Post)

Election results 2017: More pressure on pollsters (BBC)

Election results 2017: Could DUP be Westminster kingmakers? (BBC)

The story of election night in pictures (BBC)

Pound To Euro And Dollar Exchange Rates Plummets Following Election Results (Huffington Post)

Revenge of the REMAINERS: Election results reveal London elites made Tories PAY for Brexit (Daily Express)

'Brexit in the BIN' & Thersea May 'could be UK's shortest serving PM' George Osborne mocks (Daily Express)

Bars across U.S. packed for Comeys testimony (CBS News)

Met Police make arrest over London Bridge attacks (Daily Mail)

Quentin Letts: Why teabags are the work of Lucifer! (Daily Mail)

Theresa May: UK needs a period of stability (CNN)

Who Won The General Election 2017? Hung Parliament Confirmed As Theresa May Humiliated (Huffington Post)

Theresa May's voice CRACKS in speech to Tories as her future as PM hangs in balance (Daily Star)

Moment BBC announces election will end in hung Parliament (BBC)

BREAKING: Theresa May REFUSES to quit despite Tory backlash over 'disastrous' election (Daily Star)

The best one-liners from David Dimbleby on election night (BBC)

Theresa May won't survive election claims George Osborne (Daily Mail)

Election 2017: How the night unfolded (BBC)

News Daily: General election special (BBC)

U.K. Snap Election Leads to a Hung Parliament (Time Magazine)

Election 2017: The seats still to watch out for (BBC)

Comey recounts conversations with Trump in Senate testimony (CBS News)

Americans hit bars across U.S. to watch Comeys testimony (CBS News)

Election Results 2017: Joyous Clive Lewis Gives The Ultimate Election Night Response (Huffington Post)

British shock: PM May's election gamble appears to backfire (Fox News)

Leon Panetta: Trump meeting one-on-one with Comey a "serious breach" (CBS News)

The Latest: UK police arrest London attack suspect in raid (Fox News)

North Korea slams Trump for pulling out of Paris Climate Agreement (Fox News)

John Dickerson on the "contest of character" between Trump and Comey (CBS News)

Who Is Lord Buckethead, Theresa May's Main Maidenhead Opposition, Kind Of? (Huffington Post)

General Election: Can exit polls be trusted? (Daily Mail)

Comeys testimony fills in Russia investigation details (CBS News)

UK election: How a government would be formed if there is no majority (Fox News)

Paper review: Britain on 'knife edge' at exit poll (BBC)

BREAKING: Brexit talks 'could be delayed' over shock election result (Daily Star)

UK elections: Hung parliament could jeopardize Brexit plan (Fox News)

A look at the law after James Comeys testimony (CBS News)

Election 2017: When do we find out who won the General Election? (Daily Express)

Boris Johnson tipped to become next PM after Tory election nightmare (Daily Star)

UK election: Theresa May's future in doubt as Conservatives set to lose majority (Fox News)

British pound dives on fears of U.K. election results (CBS News)

General Election 2017: SDLP and UUP lose Westminster seats (BBC)

Why no new tweets from Trump? (CNN)

Election results 2017 MAPPED: Which party and MP has taken each seat, live updates (Daily Express)

Election 2017: Pound under pressure amid Labour surge (BBC)

General election 2017: Why did Theresa May call an election? (BBC)

Senior Tory politicians WITHDRAW support for Theresa May's stable' leadership (Daily Express)

Election Results 2017: George Osborne's Most Brutal Election Night Attacks On The Conservative Party (Huffington Post)

Election Results 2017: Canterbury won by Labour for first time (BBC)

Election 2017: Nigel Farage hints at return to frontline politics to secure Brexit (Daily Express)

Will Theresa May Resign? Kay Burley Asks Prime Minister The Question Everyone Is Asking (Huffington Post)

With election results still coming in, Britain's Labor Party leader calls on Prime Minister Theresa May to step down (Los Angeles Times)

Jeremy Corbyn Celebrates a Strong Election Night With One of the Worst High Fives Ever (Time Magazine)

Al Jazeera suffers cyber attack after independence vow (Daily Mail)

Comey Briefed Senators on Third Sessions Meeting with Russians: Source (NBC News)

UK election: Theresa May's future in doubt as Conservatives forecast to lose majority (Fox News)

May has put Brexit AT RISK: Farage warns UK faces SECOND EU referendum with Corbyn (Daily Express)

Theresa May in Danger of Losing Her Majority in U.K. Parliament (New York Times - Paywall)

Corbyn: Time for May to go (BBC)

E-cigarette vapour may prevent mouth ulcers from healing (Daily Mail)

UK Election 2017 Result: Jeremy Corbyn Demands Theresa May Resign As Prime Minister (Huffington Post)

Election timeline: When will the final result be announced? (Daily Star)

Theresa May will resign as PM on this one condition (Daily Star)

Election Results 2017: Anti-Feminist Philip Davies' Loss In Shipley Causes Everyone To Rejoice (Huffington Post)

BREAKING: Theresa May claims Tories will provide Britain with post-election 'stability' (Daily Express)

Asia and Australia Edition: James Comey, Theresa May, Iran: Your Morning Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Nick Clegg Loses His Seat As Sheffield Hallam Election Result Sees Ex-Lib Dem Leader Kicked Out (Huffington Post)

General Election Results 2017: Lib Dem Jo Swinson Beats SNP's John Nicolson (Huffington Post)

Branson calls Trump 'naive' for exiting Paris climate accord (Fox News)

General Election 2017 Results: Tom Watson Says Voters Backed Jeremy Corbyn's 'Honesty And Integrity' (Huffington Post)

16 of the Funniest Tweets About the U.K. Election (Time Magazine)

Islamic State Members in Deadly Tehran Attack Were Recruited in Iran (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

General Election 2017: Guide to how night will unfold (Daily Mail)

General Election Results: Exit polls suggest major shakeup (Daily Mail)

Election Odds See Jeremy Corbyn Become The Bookies' Favourite To Be Next Prime Minister (Huffington Post)

Lily Allen BEGS young lefties to 'protect' Corbyn from 'another Blairite coup' if May wins (Daily Express)

Shock, joy and nerves: the minute we saw the exit poll (BBC)

Election 2017: Nick Clegg will lose his seat of Sheffield Hallam, Lib Dem source claims (Daily Express)

'Mayhem,' 'shock:' Papers react to early results (CNN)

Election 2017: Boris Johnson 'sounding out move to usurp Theresa May as Prime Minister' (Daily Express)

Election Results 2017: Emily Thornberry Hailed As 'Queen Of Sass' After Owning David Dimbleby Interview (Huffington Post)

Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd may lose her seat (Daily Star)

General Election Results 2017: First Newspaper Front Page Show Shock At Exit Poll (Huffington Post)

Terror attack victims confronted assailant, ran to help (CBS News)

Election results 'could spell the END for Brexit' - UKIP leader Paul Nuttall says (Daily Star)

'Taxi For Theresa' : One Tory Voter Perfectly Sums Up Conservative's Election Night Exit Poll (Huffington Post)

Election 2017: Dimbleby takes on sound systems and flies (BBC)

What the U.K.'s Newspaper Front Pages Are Saying About the General Election (Time Magazine)

Who Will Be Next British Prime Minister? Theresa Mays Position May Be Untenable If Exit Polls Hold (Newsweek Magazine)

General election 2017: Davies' caution over Tory exit poll (BBC)

How UK's results weaken Brexit talks (CNN)

Feds: Doc may have performed genital mutilation on 100 girls (CBS News)

SNP meltdown? Deputy leader Angus Robertson 'on course to lose seat', exit poll suggests (Daily Express)

Video shows London terror attack (CBS News)

Election 2017 vote LIVE - Latest news updates at polling stations Labour V Conservatives (Daily Express)

Sturgeon set for humiliation as exit poll predicts heavy SNP losses in General Election (Daily Express)

Election 2017: Pound PLUNGES after shock exit poll indicates hung parliament (Daily Express)

Who will win Election 2017? Theresa May V Jeremy Corbyn as exit poll released (Daily Express)

ELECTION RESULTS LIVE: Tories expected to LOSE majority in close call (Daily Star)

Blow to Sturgeon as SNP set for crushing losses in general election (Daily Star)

'Vote slap for Theresa May' Mocking German newspapers LAUGH at UK for election debacle (Daily Express)

Theresa May to stand down? Calls for PM to quit after shock exit poll predicts Tory losses (Daily Star)

Own goal of the season' Gary Lineker and Scotty T mock Theresa May in exit poll shock (Daily Star)

Jeremy Corbyn could become PM Shock exit poll suggests (Daily Star)

Election 2017: Newcastle BEATS Sunderland to declare election result first in 25 YEARS (Daily Express)

U.S. shoots down drone that fired on U.S.-backed forces (CBS News)

Election results 2017: How to judge who's had a good night (BBC)

What election result could mean for Brexit (CNN)

Comey says Trump did direct him to drop Flynn probe (Daily Mail)

'Hung Parliament' trends in Britain after the exit poll (BBC)

U.S. Says It Shot Down Drone That Attacked Fighters in Syria (New York Times - Paywall)

Winners and losers from fired FBI chief Comey's testimony (CNN)

Dramatic video shows moment police shot London attackers (CBS News)

General Election Results 2017: Labour Supporters Are Rushing To Celebrate Shock Exit Poll (Huffington Post)

Watch final moments of London bridge terrorist after being shot by cops (Daily Star)

Leaders of Mexico and Germany are about to meet 'in solidarity' against Trump (Los Angeles Times)

Election results 2017: Michael Gove Says Theresa May Has 'Absolute Right' To Remain Leader (Huffington Post)

Saudi soccer team refuse to stand for London victims (Daily Mail)

UK election: Hung parliament projected in shock defeat for Conservatives (Fox News)

What Is a Hung Parliament? U.K. Elections Exit Polls Predicts May to Lose Majority, so What Happens Next? (Newsweek Magazine)

These British Dogs at Polling Stations Are Keeping Calm and Carrying On (Time Magazine)

President Trump's Lawyer Made a Mistake in Describing James Comey's Testimony (Time Magazine)

Election 2017: The moment exit poll is announced (BBC)

George Osborne Says General Election 2017 Could Be 'Completely Catastrophic' For Theresa May If Exit Poll True (Huffington Post)

Somali extremists kill dozens in attack on military base (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump Jr. Goes on Tweetstorm During Comey Hearing (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Tells Evangelical Supporters: We're Under Siege' (Time Magazine)

UK Election Exit Poll Predicts a Hung Parliament.' What Is That? (Time Magazine)

British Election: Exit Polls Predict No Outright Win for Theresa May and Hung Parliament (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump to Host India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

UK Election 2017 Exit Poll Result Shock Predicts Hung Parliament, Theresa May To Fall Short Of Overall Majority (Huffington Post)

Heroic man tried to save Sara Zelenak during London attack (Daily Mail)

Russian government to closely watch James Comey testimony (CBS News)

Police make arrests, increase patrols as death toll climbs in Tehran attack (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. shoots down drone in tense battle for no man's land in Syria (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Impeachment Odds Grow After Comey Testimony Amid Rush of Bets on President's Exit (Newsweek Magazine)

General Election 2017: Keele University Students 'Turned Away' From Voting In Crucial Marginal (Huffington Post)

General Election 2017 Exit Poll Result: BBC, Sky News, ITV Survey Predicts Shock Hung Parliament (Huffington Post)

Did Donald Trump Obstruct Justice? Experts Weigh In (NBC News)

Did Comey Break the Law? Leaked Memo Raises Question About FBI Director (Newsweek Magazine)

Comey: Trump White House 'lied' about the FBI (BBC)

France's Macron Bets on Rookies to Win Parliamentary Election (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was radicalised in UK (Daily Mail)

Muslim woman cared for collapsed bus passenger in London (Daily Mail)

London Bridge attack ringleader seemed 'jolly' and 'nice' (Daily Mail)

Why Team Putin is likely pinned to Comeys testimony (CBS News)

Comey Says White House Lied 'Plain and Simple' About His Firing (NBC News)

UK elections: May holding on to lead as British voters weigh terror, Brexit and immigration (Fox News)

White House says to Comey 'the president is not a liar' (Daily Mail)

3 arrested on suspicion of terror offences in East London (Daily Mail)

Nearly 100 Girls May Have Had Genitals Cut by Doctors in Michigan, Prosecutor Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Ben Kingsley on Netflix Movie War Machine and Why We Need Political Satire (Newsweek Magazine)

9 Key Moments from Comey's Blockbuster Testimony (NBC News)

Pirate Joe’s, Maverick Distributor of Trader Joe’s Products, Shuts Down (New York Times - Paywall)

UK election has Democrats hoping they can send Trump a strong message (Fox News)

President Trump Stays Silent on Jim Comeys Russia Testimony in Remarks to Conservatives (Newsweek Magazine)

BBC video of Theresa May with 'bloodied knife' slammed (Daily Mail)

Meet James Comeys Wife, Patrice Failor, Who Lost a Dinner Date Because of Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Gave James Comey Queasy Feeling' (Newsweek Magazine)

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