Wednesday, 14th June 2017

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Fire in London high-rise (CBS News)

Deadly blaze tears through London high-rise (CBS News)

Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi address House after Alexandria shooting (CBS News)

Was cladding to blame for spread of London tower fire? (Daily Mail)

Moment baseball gunman opened fire on Republicans (Daily Mail)

London fire: Video shows harrowing images of tower (Daily Mail)

Harrowing first video from INSIDE the blazing tower (Daily Mail)

BREXIT BOOST: Britain would be '£156 billion a year better off WITHOUT a deal with EU' (Daily Express)

London High-Rise Fire Kills at Least 12 (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Chinese medicine may prevent heart disease and diabetes (Daily Mail)

London fire victims are removed from Grenfell Tower (Daily Mail)

American student freed from North Korea in coma (CBS News)

Taxpayers' £11m to company of London tower fire (Daily Mail)

Deadly fire tears through London apartment tower (CBS News)

London fire: Firefighter reveals hell he faced at Grenfell (Daily Mail)

KATIE HOPKINS: Jail those to blame for the Grenfell fire (Daily Mail)

Child's heartbreaking note is found outside Grenfell Tower (Daily Mail)

London fire: Twelve dead in Grenfell Tower blaze (BBC)

Fears for death trap' tower blocks ACROSS BRITAIN after London inferno (Daily Star)

Fire checks on refurbished blocks after London Tower blaze (Daily Mail)

Iraqi Christians Face Death Sentence as Trump Prepares Mass Deportations (Newsweek Magazine)

Hero firefighters rescue man trapped for 12 HOURS in Grenfell Tower inferno (Daily Star)

President Trump says Alexandria shooter has died from injuries (CBS News)

Victoria Derbyshire hugs shaken witness of London fire (Daily Mail)

How Safe Are Old Buildings? What The Deadly London Fire Tells Us About High-Rises in England (Newsweek Magazine)

Brexit battle: The cabinet is at war over Britain's EU exit (Daily Star)

Russia and U.S. Military Forces Are Now Battling ISIS in Raqqa, but Not As Allies (Newsweek Magazine)

Death toll rises to 12 in London apartment building inferno (Fox News)

London residents demands answers in deadly high-rise blaze (Fox News)

Tory MPs will 'pull the pin' on hand grenade if they feel Theresa May betrays Brexit (Daily Express)

Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Sanctions Against Russia for Election Meddling (Time Magazine)

London fire: Baby dropped from tower is caught by man (Daily Mail)

Former Fire Minister Jim Fitzpatrick On Grenfell Tower Fire: 'Finger Is Pointing At Government' (Huffington Post)

Criticism Builds as Theresa May Prepares to Form New Government (New York Times - Paywall)

London fire: Group posted warning on Grenfell Tower (Daily Mail)

At least 12 killed in London tower blaze (CNN)

Top House GOP leader shot at congressional baseball practice (CBS News)

Why You and Your Colleagues Need a Group Ritual (Time Magazine)

History of fire safety concerns ahead of London high-rise blaze (CBS News)

LONDON INFERNO: 'No-one on top 3 floors survived' 12 dead, 78 injured as fire STILL rages (Daily Express)

Trump administration will press Central American countries and Mexico to keep their people at home (Los Angeles Times)

Trapped mum streams harrowing video from INSIDE flat as flames engulf London tower block (Daily Star)

Grenfell Tower Fire: Theresa May Promises 'Proper Investigation' (Huffington Post)

The Latest: Londoners help fire survivors with food, clothes (Fox News)

London tower fire: Fears faulty fridge was to blame (Daily Mail)

'Majority of Brits REGRET Brexit referendum vote' Labour MEP lashes out at Theresa May (Daily Express)

Trump Credits Heroic Police for Saving Lives During 'Brutal Assault' (NBC News)

London Fire: 'It's incredible we survived' (BBC)

Fire reported at partly flooded Mexican refinery (Fox News)

This Real Life Jon Snow-Sam Reunion May Offer a Clue About Game of Thrones Season 7 (Time Magazine)

Grenfell London Fire Eyewitness: People Trapped Were Screaming For Help (Huffington Post)

US accuses North Korea of a decade of cyber attacks (Daily Mail)

London fire: Grenfell Tower residents' eyewitness accounts (Daily Mail)

London fire: Grenfell tower survivor tweets her escape (Daily Mail)

No sprinklers or fire alarm in London's Grenfell Tower (Daily Mail)

5 Fires That Shaped Modern London (New York Times - Paywall)

London tower fire: Relatives hunt for missing loved ones (Daily Mail)

London fire SHOCK CLAIM: Cosmetic cladding acted as BELLOWS' turning tower into inferno (Daily Express)

The London fire and its aftermath in pictures (BBC)

Jeff Sessions Knocked Hysteria Out of Kamala Harris, Former Trump Adviser Says (Newsweek Magazine)

Historic 14 storey tower house believed to be tallest (Daily Mail)

Trump Era Gets its First Gun Hearing: House To Consider Legislation On Silencers (Newsweek Magazine)

London Fire At Grenfell Tower Sees Angry Residents Accuse New Cladding Over Horrific Blaze (Huffington Post)

Otto Warmbier Got an Extra Dose of Brutality From North Korea. The Mystery Is Why. (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Britain Still Doesnt Have a New Government Confirmed (Newsweek Magazine)

How YOU can help: Campaign launched to raise £1million for Grenfell Tower fire victims (Daily Express)

London fire: Death toll rises to 12 after apartment building engulfed in flames (Fox News)

Former CIA Analyst Warns Russia Threat Being Ignored Like Al-Qaeda Was Pre-9/11 (Newsweek Magazine)

BREAKING: Two explosions heard INSIDE London tower inferno as firefighters battle blaze (Daily Star)

James T. Hodgkinson, Congressional Baseball Shooting Suspect, Was a Bernie Sanders Volunteer Who Petitioned to Impeach Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

London tower fire: What do we know? (Fox News)

Death toll in London fire reaches 12, with authorities expecting to find more bodies in charred tower (Los Angeles Times)

Sanctions Against Russia Are Racist and Beyond Logic, Putin Ally Says Ahead of U.S. Vote (Newsweek Magazine)

London fire missing: Desperate families hunt for loved ones after Grenfell Tower inferno (Daily Star)

Sick and twisted ISIS supporters celebrate London tower block fire that killed 12 (Daily Star)

Oh Gord Gordon Ramsey's £13 million London hotel hell (Daily Star)

AG Jeff Sessions denies collusion with Russia during hearing (CBS News)

Democrats to sue President Trump over foreign business ties (CBS News)

London fire: Why are people told to 'stay put'? (BBC)

Theresa May: 10 reasons why the PM blew her majority (BBC)

This Is Why Women Don't Run for Office (Time Magazine)

London fire: Evening Standard photographer describes 'war zone' conditions (BBC)

Eye Opener: Deadly fire engulfs London high-rise (CBS News)

Borough Market reopens after London Bridge attack (Daily Mail)

Parents: U.S. student released by N. Korea is in coma (CBS News)

Nick Timothy criticises Sir Lynton Crosby for election (Daily Mail)

London Fire: Locals Praise Muslims For Helping Save Lives In Grenfell Tower (Huffington Post)

9 Trump trademarks previously rejected overturned in China (Fox News)

Grenfell Tower Fire: Rita Ora, Jeremy Clarkson And Rylan Highlight Ways To Help Those Affected (Huffington Post)

Queen's Speech set for delay as May haggles with DUP (Daily Mail)

Concerns raised about Grenfell Tower 'for years' (BBC)

Mexican mayor accused of plagiarizing House of Cards' Underwood speech (Fox News)

The London Fire: What We Know (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Aspirin Is More Dangerous for Older People (Time Magazine)

President Trump Calls Chesapeake Bay Island Mayor and Tells Him Not to Worry About Sea-Level Rise (Time Magazine)

Does Trump Lie? Comey's Testimony More Trustworthy Than President's Word, Poll Finds (Newsweek Magazine)

Britain First Provoke Muslims Helping Grenfell Fire Families Outside East London Mosque (Huffington Post)

Germany expects no change to Brexit talks schedule (Fox News)

'Gutter politics' Corbyn BASHED for politicising London fire in shock attack on Tories (Daily Express)

Donald Trump Jr. Linked a Trump-Themed Julius Caesar' Play to Steve Scalise's Shooting (Time Magazine)

Steve Scalise: Republican House whip shot and wounded (BBC)

Camera flashes on selfies may cause epileptic seizures (Daily Mail)

Chilling pictures inside neighbouring tower block after London inferno (Daily Star)

Massive blaze in London high-rise (Fox News)

China overturns rejections of 9 Trump trademarks (Fox News)

London Fire: Grenfell Tower Disaster 'Unimaginable And Horrific', Says John Bercow (Huffington Post)

London fire: Grenfell Tower witnesses recall harrowing night (BBC)

Tower block death toll expected to rise (BBC)

U.S. Could Raise Pressure on North Korea With Sanctions on Countries That Trade With Pyongyang (Newsweek Magazine)

London fire: Beds, tea and lifts for tower block victims (BBC)

London Fire: Jeremy Corbyn Says Ministers Face Questions On Tory Council Cuts And Safety Review (Huffington Post)

London building fire: High-rise apartment engulfed in flames, at least 6 people killed (Fox News)

Borough Market reopens after London attack (BBC)

Guy Verhofstadt taunts Britain over Brexit (Daily Mail)

EU's 'Door Remains Open' to U.K., Macron Tells May (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

London Fire: Grenfell Tower's Controversial History Emerges After Devastating Fire (Huffington Post)

Who Is Steve Scalise? Republican House Whip Shot at Alexandria Baseball Game (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Plans Rollback of Obama Cuba Policy (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

London Fire: Pictures From the Scene of Apartment Block Blaze That Killed at Least Six (Newsweek Magazine)

Grenfell Tower fire MIRACLE: Baby dropped from tenth floor of blazing tower CAUGHT by man (Daily Express)

Tory MEP warns of 'real dangers' now Brussels will 'DICTATE terms of Brexit negotiation' (Daily Express)

Deadly blaze consumes 27-floor London high-rise (CBS News)

'I can't get out' Desperate Snapchat from resident stuck inside blazing tower block (Daily Star)

Cuba starts election cycle, likely last of Castro presidency (Fox News)

London fire: How are fires fought in high-rise blocks? (BBC)

Democrats in Congress plan to sue Trump over foreign payments (CNN)

Trump Delegates Pentagon to Set Afghan Troop Levels (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Revealed: Corbyn ally admits Labour WOULD concede on freedom of movement for Brexit deal (Daily Express)

Charlie Chaplin honoured with blue plaque on the London mansion block where he lived (Daily Express)

Tracey Cox on why men have more orgasms than women (Daily Mail)

North Korea Demands Women Abducted by South Korea Are Sent Back (Newsweek Magazine)

Lily Allen Offers 'Beds And Tea' To Grenfell Tower Residents Following Fire (Huffington Post)

Strangers offer food, help to homeless of tower fire (Daily Mail)

London Fire: At Least 6 Dead After Blaze Engulfs Apartment Tower (New York Times - Paywall)

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Has Been Shot in Virginia (Time Magazine)

London Fire: Residents Predicted Deadly Blaze That Left at Least Six Dead and More than 70 Injured (Newsweek Magazine)

London fire: Witnesses saw bodies of people who jumped (CNN)

Trevor Noah Says Reports of Trump's Political Suicide' Are Premature: Donald Trump Don't Die' (Time Magazine)

Republicans Wont Utter the Vulgar Phrase Trump Used to Describe Their Health Care Bill (Newsweek Magazine)

British Vogue Appoints Venetia Scott As Fashion Director, And Here's Why We're Already Excited (Huffington Post)

'Fun House' Set To Return As Live London Attraction Where YOU Can Get Tickets (Huffington Post)

Yob throws brick at security guard's windscreen in London (Daily Mail)

LONDON FIRE: High-rise apartment engulfed in flames, 'significant number of people missing' (Fox News)

NBA legend Dennis Rodman sings Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-un as he revisits North Korea (Daily Star)

Inquests hear how victims were struck on London Bridge (Daily Mail)

President Trump Has No Intention' of Firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. For Now (Time Magazine)

London Fire: Muslims Breaking Ramadan Fast May Have Saved Lives In Grenfell Tower (Huffington Post)

The History of Flag Day: Why We Honor the Star-Spangled Banner on June 14 (Newsweek Magazine)

How did this happen?' Ex-fire chief blasts 'multiple failings' after London tower fire (Daily Express)

London Fire: Family Of Syrian Refugees Missing In Grenfell Tower Blaze (Huffington Post)

In pictures: Black smoke billows above London (CNN)

North Korea release: Comatose Otto Warmbier lands in US (CNN)

U.S. Blames North Korea For Hacking Spree And Warns of More Attacks (Newsweek Magazine)

London Fire: Inside Grenfell Tower where two bed flats rent for £2,000 a month (Daily Express)

'Kids thrown from windows' | Residents slam fire alarms | Property management firm statement (CNN)

Theresa May's New Advisor Failed To Review Tower Block Fire Regulations - Despite Four Years Of Warnings (Huffington Post)

Why We're All Going to Need Local Energy Independence (Huffington Post)

Jamie Oliver Offers Grenfell Tower Residents Free Food At His Westfield Restaurant (Huffington Post)

Hammond blames hard Brexit for Tory election disaster (Daily Mail)

Family Building Society launches two Brexit bonds (Daily Mail)

Eyewitnesses describe horror of London fire (CNN)

In Crisis, Society Comes Together - Inside The London Bridge Attack Site (Huffington Post)

Mum threw BABY from window as burning kids jumped from fire-ravaged London tower block (Daily Star)

DefCon level REDUCED to SAFEST rank despite North Korea WW3 threat (Daily Express)

Theresa May and DUP deal could be delayed until next week (BBC)

Post-Election Blues? Why We Are Right To Be Concerned About LGBT Equality In The Coming Months (Huffington Post)

Rex Tillerson Refuses to Give Trump Position on Strengthening Russia Sanctions (Newsweek Magazine)

What to Know About the Deadly Fire at London's Grenfell Tower (Time Magazine)

Trump calls healthcare bill 'mean' (CNN)

Trump Has No Intention of Firing Chief Russia Investigator Robert Mueller, says White House (Newsweek Magazine)

London Fire: Six Deaths Confirmed In Grenfell Tower Blaze (Huffington Post)

Watch as HERO firefighter climbs ladder ENGULFED in flames as London tower block rages (Daily Star)

Happy birthday, Mr. President Advice from Apprentice Trump for White House Trump (CNN)

Melania Trump Turns to Wine to Deal With White House Move on Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Newsweek Magazine)

Stormchaser captures beautiful sunset in North Dakota (Daily Mail)

Lecturer says we may have been blowing our nose wrong (Daily Mail)

These Three Americans Are Still Imprisoned In North Korea (Time Magazine)

Borough Market opens for first time since London Bridge terror attack (Daily Star)

Market back with a buzz after London terror attack (CNN)

Trump gives Mattis authority to set troop levels in Afghanistan (CBS News)

Tillerson: After Trump Visit, Abbas To Stop Paying Families of Palestinian Martyrs' (Newsweek Magazine)

PM 'must listen' to other parties over Brexit says Cameron (BBC)

London Fire: Touching moment BBC host consoles resident as he breaks down during interview (Daily Express)

Moment firefighter showered by burning debris in Grenfell (Daily Mail)

London fire: What we know so far (BBC)

London fire: Families threw children out of Grenfell Tower to safety (BBC)

Londoners React With Horror As Unprecedented Blaze Burns Tower Block To Its Very Core (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Awarded New Trademarks in China Which Could Present Further Conflicts of Interest (Newsweek Magazine)

London tower blaze: 'Hearbroken' Brits raise thousands for victims who lost everything (Daily Star)

Trump foreign payments: Democrats in Congress file lawsuit (BBC)

London Fire: Baby Thrown From 9th Floor Of Grenfell Tower Inferno (Huffington Post)

It reminded me of 9/11' Horrified witnesses recall panic at London tower blaze (Daily Star)

Tower block fire in pictures (BBC)

What we know: Fire under control, smoke still pouring into sky (CNN)

London fire: Fatalities confirmed at Grenfell Tower blaze (BBC)

Tillerson Signals Tough Trump Administration Stance on Cuba (Newsweek Magazine)

London fire harrowing pictures: Latest images from the scene as firefighters battle blaze (Daily Express)

'Detestable lie': Sessions bristles at Russia claims (CNN)

No going back: Brexit negotiator says Britain will lose rebates and opt-outs if it returns (Daily Express)

Killer tower block inferno: Fears building could COLLAPSE after huge blaze (Daily Star)

Trump Grants U.S. Military Power To Set Afghan Troop Levels: Report (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump urges senators to replace 'mean' House healthcare bill (BBC)

London fire: Video captures towering INFERNO - moment building goes up in flames (Daily Express)

Scenes From the Massive West London High-Rise Fire (Time Magazine)

Democratic Lawmakers Sue Trump Over Foreign State Payments to Businesses (Newsweek Magazine)

London Fire Updates: Grenfell Tower Blaze Causes 'Number Of Fatalities' (Huffington Post)

At Least 30 Injured After Huge Fire Engulfs 27-Story London High-rise Apartment Building (Newsweek Magazine)

London fire LIVE: Fatalities confirmed in Grenfell tower block blaze latest news updates (Daily Express)

How Otto Warmbier Made It Out Of North Korea (Time Magazine)

Adventures in Capitalism: Why Don’t You Donate for Syrian Refugees? Blame Bad Marketing (New York Times - Paywall)

London tower block inferno: What we know so far about deadly fire (Daily Star)

London Fire: Moment Grenfell Tower resident rescues little girl from 'horrendous' blaze (Daily Express)

Syrian artist depicts Trump as refugee (CNN)

Grenfell Tower Fire: Residents Warned Landlord Building Was A Fire Risk (Huffington Post)

Rodman's N. Korea trip off to uncharacteristic low-key start (Fox News)

BREAKING: Horrifying tweets of 'panicking' woman 'stuck' inside tower inferno (Daily Star)

'Lib Dems ready for Brexit compromise' Tim Farron BEGS Theresa May for seat at the table (Daily Express)

Stephen King says Trump blocked him on Twitter (Daily Mail)

Student Otto Warmbier was brutally beaten' before being released by North Korea in a coma (Daily Express)

News Daily: Huge fire at tower block (BBC)

Fear and Greed: Why Are Australians So Anxious About China? (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Congressional Democrats Are Suing President Trump Over Foreign Payments (Time Magazine)

American in coma heading home after release by North Korea (CBS News)

London fire: Hero describes battling flames to rescue people trapped inside Grenfell Tower (Daily Express)

Watch: Fire immerses high-rise (CNN)

London fire: A40 closed in both directions & Tube part suspended after Latimer Road blaze (Daily Express)

American Jailed in North Korea Returns Home in Coma (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

An eyewitness inside the tower block describes the scene inside. (BBC)

Source: State election systems at risk "before folks realized it was a real problem" (CBS News)

Major Fire in London Apartment Tower (New York Times - Paywall)

'It fell on deaf ears' Grenfell Tower residents warned block was fire risk a YEAR ago (Daily Express)

London travel CHAOS expected as inferno rips through Latimer Road block (Daily Star)

London apartment fire: Inferno engulfs 27-story tower, 200 firefighters on scene (Fox News)

High-rise apartment building in London engulfed in flames, fear residents are trapped (Fox News)

US student Otto Warmbier arrives home in coma after North Korea release (Daily Express)

Grenfell Tower: Fears People Trapped As Fire Engulfs London Block Of Flats (Huffington Post)

North Korea releases American student reportedly in coma as Dennis Rodman returns to the reclusive nation (Los Angeles Times)

Dennis Rodman flies into North Korea again (CBS News)

Why there were really 2 MVPs in the NBA playoffs (CBS News)

New set of American defenders steps up as White House mulls Cuba policy (CBS News)

Warmbiers release from North Korea: A timeline (CBS News)

Latimer Road tower block flagged as fire risk by worried residents - 1 YEAR before blaze (Daily Star)

Trump Gives Mattis Authority to Send More Troops to Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Firefighters Are Battling a Massive London Apartment Block Fire (Time Magazine)

Why ship that sank a century ago wont be raised (CBS News)

Dennis Rodman, Frequent Visitor to North Korea, Is Back (New York Times - Paywall)

Flames seen engulfing tower block (BBC)

North Korea prisoner nearly BEATEN to death' after being sent home in coma (Daily Star)

Killer London tower block INFERNO: Several feared dead as huge blaze rips through building (Daily Star)

Otto Warmbier, Detained American, Is Evacuated From North Korea in a Coma (New York Times - Paywall)

World War 3: Putin deploys 'kill all' missile system and points it at North Korea (Daily Star)

Congress Set to Prod Trump, Who Denies Russia Meddled, to Punish Moscow (New York Times - Paywall)

Who was behind the jihadist attacks on Europe and North America? (BBC)

England v France game saw May and Macron join Mexican Wave (Daily Mail)

A soft Brexit means no Brexit: STEPHEN GLOVER (Daily Mail)

Jihadi Next Door arrested over London Bridge attack (Daily Mail)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Diluting Brexit risks Tory civil war (Daily Mail)

Here Are All the Ways President Trump Praised the GOP Health Care Bill He Just Called Mean' (Time Magazine)

UK could stay in EU despite Brexit vote, Macron says (Fox News)

QUENTIN LETTS sees the new House assemble (Daily Mail)

US considers sanctions on North Korea trade allies (BBC)

Cabinet Remainers plot with Labour to force soft Brexit (Daily Mail)

Anger as Theresa May is forced to axe human rights pledge (Daily Mail)

Why Donald Trump Was Low-Hanging Fruit for the Public Theater's Julius Caesar (Time Magazine)

Nick Clegg claims cross-party Brexit action is needed between 'clueless' Labour & Tories (Daily Express)

Sessions Testimony: Attorney General Helps Himself, Trump as Senate Committee Grills Him on Russia Investigation and Comey (Newsweek Magazine)

SHOCK CLAIM: Nigel Farage says Labour benefitted from students voting TWICE at election (Daily Express)

Why Iranian women are wearing white on Wednesdays (BBC)

Theresa May's Tories are 'on death row & face political wilderness', axed minister warns (Daily Express)

Newspaper headlines: May's Brexit plan and SAS pose as homeless (BBC)

Melania Trump's dad visits White House And he's a dead ringer for Donald (Daily Star)

Trump Called House Health Care Bill 'Mean' (NBC News)

London Fire local resident says Muslims awake due to Ramadan fast may have saved lives (Daily Express)

David Cameron urges Theresa May to embrace 'soft Brexit' after General Election hammering (Daily Express)

Sturgeon 'in denial' over indy backlash as SNP boss STILL hasn't discussed election loss (Daily Express)

Otto Warmbier, freed by North Korea in a coma, to arrive in hometown Cincinnati for urgent medical care (Fox News)

Theresa May ROASTED after 'awkward' and 'cringe' Mexican wave at England game (Daily Star)

REVEALED: Diane Abbott sidelined by Type 2 diabetes during General Election campaign (Daily Express)

Sessions says Comey shared 'concern' after Trump meeting (Daily Mail)

Theresa May takes part in a VERY awkward Mexican wave (Daily Mail)

Senate Narrowly Backs Trump Weapons Sale to Saudi Arabia (New York Times - Paywall)

David Cameron calls for 'softer' Brexit deal with Labour (Daily Mail)

Theresa May Did The Mexican Wave At The France V England Game (Huffington Post)

What is a euro clearing house and why do they matter? (Daily Mail)

House Sends VA Accountability Bill to President Trump (NBC News)

President Trump's Allies Suddenly Begin to Question Robert Mueller's Russia Investigation (Time Magazine)

Tourists pay tribute to London Bridge terror victims (Daily Mail)

Man arrested after 'he made ISIS claims on London train' (Daily Mail)

Ivanka Trump wears loose trousers to travel to Wisconsin (Daily Mail)

Sessions: Accusations of Russia Collusion 'Appalling, Detestable' (NBC News)

North Korea releases US citizen Otto Warmbier (Daily Mail)

Jeff Sessions denies secret meeting with Russia envoy (BBC)

Theresa May and Macron announce internet terror clamp down (Daily Mail)

Theresa May and Macron get tough with tech firms on terror (Daily Mail)

North Korea Releases Otto Warmbier (New York Times - Paywall)

U.S. arms sold to Saudis are killing civilians in Yemen. Now the Trump administration is set to sell them more (Los Angeles Times)

President Trump Calls House Health Care Bill Mean' (Time Magazine)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Never Been Briefed on Russian Interference in U.S. Election (Time Magazine)

Lady Brexit meets Monsieur Europe: May, Macron hold talks (Fox News)

EU impatient for Brexit talks amid UK post-election chaos (CNN)

Trump Blocks National Veteran Group on Twitter (NBC News)

For Trump's Birthday, Protesters Got Him a Plane Ticket to Russia (Newsweek Magazine)

Jeremy Corbyn To Tour 60 Tory Marginals As He Keeps Labour On 'General Election Footing' (Huffington Post)

North Korea releases Otto Warmbier, but 3 other Americans still remain behind bars (Fox News)

North Korea frees Otto Warmbier: The timeline (Fox News)

Protesters set fire to government buildings in Venezuela (Daily Mail)

North Korea Missiles Called Global Threat, but How Close Are They to Hitting U.S.? (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Is About to Impeach Himself, Pelosi Says, as Approval Rating Plummets (Newsweek Magazine)

Nick Broomfield on His Whitney Houston Documentary and Why He Doesnt Want Her Estate's Approval (Newsweek Magazine)

3 Americans Remain Imprisoned in North Korea (New York Times - Paywall)

Brexit puts 83,000 UK finance jobs at risk (CNN)

Rodman's trips to North Korea (CNN)

Otto Warmbier: North Korea releases jailed US student 'in coma' (BBC)

Poll: Trump Should Be Impeached for Obstruction of Justice, More Americans Than Not Now Say (Newsweek Magazine)

DUP says talks are 'going well' with Theresa May (Daily Mail)

Russia Could Hack 2020 Election, Too, Report Says 39 States Hit in 2016 (Newsweek Magazine)

How wrong was the election polling? (BBC)

Longtime Trump Confidant Slams Spicer Over Mueller Flap (NBC News)

Labour Party Membership Soars By 35,000 In Just Four Days - After 'Corbyn Surge' In 2017 General Election (Huffington Post)

Theresa May confirms Brexit talks will begin next week after meeting Macron in Paris (Daily Express)

Trump Lunches With Republican Senators to Push New Health Care Bill (Newsweek Magazine)

Senators reach Russia sanctions deal (CNN)

Sinn Fein will NOT take their seats in the House of Commons as Tory-DUP deal nearly agreed (Daily Express)

Theresa May Has Just Promoted The Man Who Could Have Destroyed Her (Huffington Post)

Theresa May staying in No 10: What you need to know (BBC)

Russia shrugs off White House critique of protest arrests (CBS News)

Was Donald Trump Watching Fox News During His Latest Twitter Meltdown Again? (Newsweek Magazine)

Rodman hopes to do 'something pretty positive' in N. Korea (CNN)

North Koreas Kim Jong Un Tries and Fails to Spy on U.S. Missile Defense (Newsweek Magazine)

American college student released by North Korea after more than year in detention (CNN)

Why 'A Nasty Boy' magazine is causing a stir (CNN)

What May REALLY thinks? Is PM's latest hire to EU exit team PROOF she plans HARD Brexit... (Daily Express)

Tough new sanctions on Russia agreed on by GOP, Dem senators (CBS News)

Theresa May Is Ruthlessly Trolled By Jeremy Corbyn As Parliament Returns (Huffington Post)

Why does North Korea detain some US citizens? (CNN)

May warned of risk to Northern Ireland peace (CNN)

Mother of Australian London Bridge victim attends inquest (Daily Mail)

DUP-Tory Deal Prompts Women's Rights Groups To Send Open Letter To Theresa May (Huffington Post)

Deeply revealing: Trump holds weirdest Cabinet meeting ever (CNN)

Explosions heard in Ibiza as fire ravages Brit party island (Daily Star)

It's not a great time to visit, Mr. Trump (CNN)

William and Kate Middleton to go on Brexit charm offensive (Daily Mail)

Colorized photos show Native Americans at the White House (Daily Mail)

Why Trump's friend floated idea of firing special cousel Mueller (CNN)

Theresa May's Brexit to-do list is getting longer (CNN)

WWIII FEARS: Putin deploys 'kill-all' anti-missile system in warning shot to North Korea (Daily Express)

Reality Check: Has election changed EU views of Brexit? (BBC)

The Lion of London Bridge reveals he was homeless (Daily Mail)

New Zealand's pink and white terraces may have been found (Daily Mail)

On a Tiny Norwegian Island, America Keeps an Eye on Russia (New York Times - Paywall)

Putin rival arrested as anti-corruption protests sweep Russia (CBS News)

Europe Edition: Russia, Theresa May, Donald Trump: Your Tuesday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

What went wrong with the election polls? (BBC)

Which foreign entities are booking events at Trump properties? (CBS News)

Putin rival jailed for 30 days after protests sweep Russia (CBS News)

Theresa May docudrama heading to BBC Two (BBC)

Why is it taking so long to rid the world of polio? (CNN)

Theresa May Battles to Hold On as U.K. Prime Minister (New York Times - Paywall)

Nicola Sturgeon: Voters rejected hard Brexit (BBC)

Corpses being dumped in Iraq show signs of torture, execution and Iraqi forces may be responsible (Los Angeles Times)

Election results 2017: Who are the DUP? (BBC)

A North American rivalry that goes way beyond NAFTA: Mexico and the U.S. go for the goals (Los Angeles Times)

Here's why Vladimir Putin should fear Russia's millennials: They bypass state-controlled media (Los Angeles Times)

Trump considers reversing historic Obama-era opening with Cuba (Los Angeles Times)

Here's what you need to know about the British election (Los Angeles Times)

Theresa May vows to hang on as British prime minister, but the road ahead is rocky (Los Angeles Times)

Trump again criticizes Qatar as his aides scramble to head off crisis with the U.S. ally (Los Angeles Times)

NBC News' Lester Holt to Interview President Trump (NBC News)

Trump Approves Plan to Arm Key Ally in Battle for Syria (NBC News)

Groupthink: Why Did No One Call 911 for Dying Penn State Pledge? (NBC News)

These Scientists Want to Put 10 Million Windmills in the Arctic. Here's Why (NBC News)