Thursday, 20th July 2017

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Body found in trunk of car may be missing Ohio woman (CBS News)

Special Report: O.J. Simpson granted parole (CBS News)

O.J. Simpson then and now (CBS News)

Special Report: O.J. Simpson parole hearing (CBS News)

Woman accused of kidnapping slain moms kids enters plea (CBS News)

World history according to Trump (CNN)

Why airlines are pushing back amid customer complaints (CBS News)

OJ Simpson to be freed from Nevada prison (BBC)

Public Sector Workers Could See 1% Pay Cap Lifted - But Only If Other 'Savings' Are Found (Huffington Post)

OJ Simpson granted parole after nine years in prison (Daily Mail)

Lancashire police pull protester from wheelchair (Daily Mail)

Asia and Australia Edition: O. J. Simpson, John McCain, Ram Nath Kovind: Your Friday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

O.J. Simpson to make his case for freedom on live TV (CBS News)

Newsnight's Emily Maitlis' agent slams BBC pay (Daily Mail)

More Women Than Men Are Getting Involved in Politics Since Trump Won (Newsweek Magazine)

Sessions Says No Plans to Resign After Trump Comments (NBC News)

Donald Trump is Cornered and Could Curtail the Russia Investigation (Newsweek Magazine)

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole by Nevada Officials (NBC News)

For first time, most people with HIV taking meds (CBS News)

What is Glioblastoma? Senator John McCain is in for the Fight of His Life (Newsweek Magazine)

PIERS MORGAN: John McCain is a funny, tough American hero (Daily Mail)

Woman jailed for sexually assaulting friend with fake penis (CBS News)

O.J. Simpson Has Been Granted Parole. What Happens Next? (NBC News)

Trump Doesnt Have to Worry About Health Care His Genes Are Incredible (Newsweek Magazine)

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Found Dead in His Home (Time Magazine)

Wife found guiltyof murdering husband after parrot saw it (Daily Mail)

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole, To Be Freed from Prison (Newsweek Magazine)

O.J. Simpson To Be Released From Prison After Almost Nine Years In Jail (Huffington Post)

I've Done My Time.' O.J. Simpson Has Just Been Granted Parole (Time Magazine)

New details on ex-banking exec found dead at hunting estate (CBS News)

Diane Abbot Struggles To Explain How Labour Would Fund Extra Police Officers Again (Huffington Post)

Naked Attraction couple have found love after meeting nude (Daily Mail)

John McCain Cancer Is Godly Justice' for Challenging Trump, Alt-Right Claims (Newsweek Magazine)

Crime levels soar as police numbers hit lowest levels for 30 years (Daily Star)

German teenage ISIS bride is found by Iraqi soldier (Daily Mail)

Album John Lennon signed for Mark Chapman on sale for $2m (Daily Mail)

Simpson Tells Parole Board He's Led a Mostly 'Conflict-Free Life' (NBC News)

Kate Middleton's hand kissed by elderly woman in Germany (Daily Mail)

10 surprising things Trump just told the New York Times (BBC)

Sessions vows to stay on despite Trump rebuke (CNN)

Trumps Second Putin Meeting Like O.J. Simpson Getting Parole and Immediately Going Glove Shopping: Colbert (Newsweek Magazine)

Abraham Lincolns Bixby Letter Mystery Finally Solved After 150 Years (Newsweek Magazine)

Russian Senator Praises Trump for Backing Kremlin in Syria by Cutting Ties to Moderate Rebels (Newsweek Magazine)

Prince Harry could propose to next month, friends say (Daily Mail)

Friends say yoga teachers death was "senseless" (CBS News)

"Dream team" attorney on Americas fascination with O.J. Simpson (CBS News)

President Trump unloads on attorney general after recusal (CBS News)

Donald Trump Again Shows That He Knows Nothing About U.S. or World History (Newsweek Magazine)

Doctors Say a Third of Dementia Cases Could be Prevented (Time Magazine)

Chinese woman has 200 stones removed in one operation (Daily Mail)

Exonerated woman fights back after "rape fantasy" jail time (CBS News)

Family of woman killed by police wants her body back (CNN)

Israel and Lebanon: A Path to Peace, Led By Trump (Newsweek Magazine)

Will O.J. Simpson be freed? (CNN)

OJ Simpson makes appeal for parole in Nevada (BBC)

Watch Donald Trump Change His Tune From Easy to Difficult on Repealing Obamacare (Newsweek Magazine)

Mother of missing Charlene Downes to sue police (Daily Mail)

Ex-EastEnders' Paul Nicholls must pay Thai hospital bill (Daily Mail)

Did Baltimore police officer plant evidence in drug arrest? (CBS News)

Where Are O.J. Simpsons Kids Now? Daughter Arnelle Simpson Expected to Attend Dads Parole Hearing (Newsweek Magazine)

Exclusive first look at TED Global 2017 speakers (CNN)

Why Washington and Republicans Need John McCain (Newsweek Magazine)

Russian Plot to Elect Trump Included Jill Stein, According to Latest Gleeful Twitter Theory (Newsweek Magazine)

Lack of Progress at U.S.-China Talks Raises Stakes for Trump (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Radio presenter Jane Garvey blasts BBC's gender pay gap (Daily Mail)

India's new president is lowest caste member (CNN)

Why is O.J. Simpson in Prison? What We Know About His Nevada Parole Board Hearing (Newsweek Magazine)

I'll Be Back Soon.' John McCain Thanks Well-Wishers After Cancer Diagnosis (Time Magazine)

Will Nevada board grant O.J. Simpson early release? (CBS News)

Experts say Senator McCains cancer is aggressive, hard to treat (CBS News)

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty (Time Magazine)

BBC pay: What else did we learn? (BBC)

Watch John McCain Strongly Defend Barack Obama During the 2008 Campaign (Time Magazine)

Half Of Expelled School Pupils 'Suffer From Mental Health Problems', Say Analysts (Huffington Post)

More People Would Still Vote For Trump Again Instead of Clinton (Newsweek Magazine)

Why a midwife shared a photo of blood-stained trousers (BBC)

Diane Abbott blunders AGAIN as she fails to explain how Labour will fund more police (Daily Express)

Car sends gatepost flying through window in police chase (Daily Mail)

Chris Evans 'asked mum for advice' after BBC salary reveal (BBC)

Largest crime rise in England and Wales for 10 years (BBC)

Why Is Boots More Concerned About Anti-Contraception Sexists Than Women Who Need The Morning After Pill? (Huffington Post)

Polish man kept woman as sex slave for seven weeks (Daily Mail)

Are American Muslims Patriotic? Why Don't They Assimilate? (Newsweek Magazine)

Somerset farm in planning row with council for 58 years (Daily Mail)

How many are you guilty of? Top 25 social media sins revealed (Daily Star)

Trump vs. Obama: Golf Course Outings Piling Up Six Months Into Donalds Presidency (Newsweek Magazine)

Putting Department Of Health In Charge Of Contaminated Blood Inquiry 'Akin To Asking South Yorkshire Police To Lead Hillsborough Probe' (Huffington Post)

There'll be an EXPLOSION' Barnier warns of EU meltdown if Britain doesn't pay Brexit bill (Daily Express)

OJ Simpson - the spectacular fall of 'The Juice' (BBC)

Trump Is So Rich He Thinks Health Insurance Costs $12 Per Year (Newsweek Magazine)

India Elects President From Caste Once Known as ‘Untouchables’ (New York Times - Paywall)

We Love This Job.' Jeff Sessions Says He Won't Resign Despite Trump Criticism (Time Magazine)

British woman is jailed for having consensual sex in Dubai (Daily Mail)

Hebden Bridge woman says vaginal mesh ruined her life (Daily Mail)

Japans First Lady Akie Abe Mysteriously Couldnt Speak English When She Met Donald Trump at G20 (Newsweek Magazine)

Will O.J. Simpson Get a Reality TV Show If He Is Freed? (Newsweek Magazine)

O.J. Simpson asks for early prison release (CNN)

Why the end of a CIA program is a win for Russia (CNN)

O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing: Watch Live Stream As Former Star Seeks Release From Prison (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump's FBI Pick Just Cleared This Major Hurdle (Time Magazine)

OJ Simpson may get paroled today, but who is he? (BBC)

Trump's first six months in office by the numbers (CNN)

Cecil the Lion's son Xanda killed by hunter - two years after father's death shocked world (Daily Express)

Tips from Federer, skydiving: Top golfers ready for the Open (CNN)

OJ Simpson caught masturbating in cell could impact parole (Daily Mail)

Mysterious leak at Folkestone church solved after 75 years (Daily Mail)

Nurse calls Ryanair first aid 'shambolic' after tea spill (Daily Mail)

Grenfell Tower Fire 'Was A Result Of Putting Profits Before People' Campaigners Say In Statement (Huffington Post)

First aider who collapsed during lesson saved by trainees (BBC)

Indonesian caves snapshot of 5,000 years of tsunamis (Daily Mail)

Boys Are Being Denied A Vaccine That Prevents Cancer. Why Is This Being Allowed To Happen? (Huffington Post)

Busted's Charlie Simpson Reveals Wife Anna Barnard Is Pregnant With Their Second Child (Huffington Post)

Lowest Caste to Highest Office: 'Untouchable' Elected President of India (NBC News)

Woman who wore fake penis, tricked blindfolded friend into having sex with her sentenced (Fox News)

John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Glioblastoma. What Is That? (Time Magazine)

Chris Evans Asked His 91-Year-Old Mum For Advice After His BBC Salary Was Revealed (Huffington Post)

BBC Pay: Female staff hit out at gender pay gap (Daily Mail)

Why the British Still Talk About the Dunkirk Spirit' (Time Magazine)

Princess Charlotte performs her first curtsy in Poland (Daily Mail)

The Morning Brief: John McCain Cancer, O.J. Simpson Parole and Waste (Time Magazine)

Why Trump's Attacks on His Justice Dept. Are a Problem (NBC News)

Afghan official: Taliban ambush police convoy, killing 2 (Fox News)

Why are the bones of artist Salvador Dali being exhumed today? The answer is surreal... (Daily Express)

Hindu nationalist leader Kovind chosen India's new president (Fox News)

BREAKING: Woman caged for posing as man to dupe friend into sex with fake penis (Daily Star)

Trump regrets picking Sessions after he stepped aside from Russia probe (CNN)

Serial killer victim ID'd after 40 years (CNN)

Polish lawmakers to vote on law to control top court (Fox News)

Police nab gang accused of multiple kidnaps at casinos (CNN)

Colbert to Trump: Meeting Putin Again Is Like O.J. Simpson Going Glove Shopping on Parole (Time Magazine)

Remains Found Likely Belong to 10th Victim in Arizona Flooding (Time Magazine)

WhatsApp is being targeted by China's censors, experts say (CNN)

U.S. Victory Against ISIS In Iraq Must Not End With Trump Abandoning Baghdad (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman freed from ISIS captivity returns for revenge (CBS News)

BBC pay gap broken down show-by-show (Daily Mail)

Grenfell fire cops say scene 'so EXTRAORDINARILY big' 9/11 terror experts called to help (Daily Star)

Spanish banker's death was suicide, officials say (Fox News)

Jimmy Bullard in half price' MOTD presenter offer as Gary Lineker BBC wage row rages (Daily Star)

La Course 2017: GB's Lizzie Deignan second as Annemiek van Vleuten wins first stage (BBC)

POSH POO PROTEST: Top pupil covers elite school with TURDS in sick outcry (Daily Star)

Why Borough Market Always Bounces Back (Huffington Post)

From Seed to Smoke, Uruguay Is Now First Nation to Oversee Pot Sales (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

BBC Salaries Sun Front Page Prompts Dan Walker To Explain What He Is Paid For (Huffington Post)

Why Those in Positions of Power Should Stop Using the Term 'Ghetto' (Huffington Post)

BBC Top Earners' Salaries: Jeremy Vine Makes Poignant Message For His Daughters (Huffington Post)

Manchester United: Why Jose Mourinho's Transfer Window May Have Ended With Romelu Lukaku (Newsweek Magazine)

Six Months In, How's Trump Doing on His Promises? (NBC News)

Burundi's president goes abroad for 1st time since coup plot (Fox News)

Kuwait shuts Iran cultural mission, expels some diplomats (Fox News)

Apple patents way to call police using the finger scanner (Daily Mail)

Scientists Have Discovered Why Dogs Are Humanity's Best Friend (Huffington Post)

Unveiling BBC Talent's Pay Is A Deliberate Attempt To Undermine A Great British Institution (Huffington Post)

Britain will not ignore its debts David Davis hints UK will PAY HUGE divorce bill (Daily Express)

Number Of University Students Awarded First Class Degrees Soars (Huffington Post)

Zebedee Management: UK's first agency for disabled models (Daily Mail)

ANOTHER victim of 'killer clown' is discovered 23 YEARS after murderer died (Daily Star)

Woman retakes Europe vacation photos in same spots 30 years later (CNN)

Trump Warns Mueller Against Investigation, Shares Anger at Sessions and Comey In NYT Interview (Newsweek Magazine)

Azerbaijan sentences Russian blogger to 3 years in prison (Fox News)

Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Enters a Crucial Showdown With His Foes (Time Magazine)

Defense attorneys say body cam video shows cop planting drugs (CBS News)

At the White House, Trump Isnt a Good CEO Or President (Newsweek Magazine)

Kazakhstan police officer chases runaway tyre on motorway (Daily Mail)

Supreme Court Delivers Compromise in Latest Ruling on Trump Travel Ban (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Pictured: Couple whose bodies were found in Swiss glacier (Daily Mail)

Police say they believe remains of flash flooding victim found (CBS News)

Nurses And Midwives To Pay Back Thousands More In Student Loans Than Bankers, UCU Study Claims (Huffington Post)

Governor-General reveals why he broke royal protocol (Daily Mail)

BBC Salaries And The Normalisation Of Greed In Our Time (Huffington Post)

Trump told use military force' as North Korea 'prepares for BIGGEST missile test ever' (Daily Star)

Teen on a stolen moped dies after crashing into police car (Daily Mail)

BBC Star Salaries Reveal Is Bad News For BAME Diversity (Huffington Post)

Mac on... BBC stars' pay packets (Daily Mail)

Unilever net profit soars in first half of 2017 (Fox News)

Universities where 1 in 3 students is granted a first (Daily Mail)

What are the best years in a marriage? (Daily Mail)

SHOCK CLAIM: Top German politician hails EU as a SUPERSTATE as Brexit wreaks havoc on bloc (Daily Express)

A look at why a Saudi woman's miniskirt sparked an outcry (Fox News)

Scouse woman would 'rather die' than move back to Liverpool after council offer flat there (Daily Express)

BBC pay: Male presenters could face wage cut (BBC)

Bride-to-Be Killed by Police Officer Called 911 Twice (NBC News)

Parrot witness case: Michigan woman guilty of husband's murder (BBC)

The Breakdown: Mick Fanning Is Plucked Away From a Shark. Again. Also: Why Bill Gates Visited a Cattle Station. (New York Times - Paywall)

Kim Kardashian is youngest on Forbes top earning TV celebs (Daily Mail)

Newspaper headlines: BBC becomes 'Bloated Blokes Club' (BBC)

OJ Simpson parole in jeopardy after prison officer caught him pleasuring himself in cell (Daily Star)

Baltimore police investigate video appearing to show cop planting evidence (CBS News)

Europe Edition: Donald Trump, John McCain, Golf: Your Thursday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump pressures Senate GOP on health bill (CBS News)

Trump gives Britain Brexit BOOST: UK officials to fly to US for trade deal talks on MONDAY (Daily Express)

Top Instructor Is Making Golf’s Stars Shine Brighter (New York Times - Paywall)

Perth woman reveals the secrets to a 'perfect' bubble butt (Daily Mail)

Woman makes history as Dallas first female police chief (CBS News)

Trump sets up panel to probe election fraud, with little evidence there is any (CBS News)

Cancer Doesn't Know What It's Up Against': Leaders React to John McCain's Diagnosis (Time Magazine)

First Trump Ignores LGBT Pride Now He Declines Invitation to NAACP Convention (Newsweek Magazine)

Skeletal remains belong to man missing for 19 years (CBS News)

New details on moments leading up to fatal police encounter (CBS News)

John McCain has brain cancer, his office says (BBC)

Trump To GOP Senators: Dont Leave Town Until Healthcare Is Resolved (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Rages at AG Sessions in New York Times Interview (NBC News)

Venezuela Could 'Become Cuba,' U.S. Lawmaker Say (NBC News)

The absolutely remarkable life of John McCain (CNN)

Sarah Vine comments on the BBC pay gap (Daily Mail)

Proof BBC names are paid more than ITV rivals (Daily Mail)

Flats with balconies made of wicker listed for top award (Daily Mail)

Is President Trump having any fun? (CNN)

Eighth person in Trump team meeting linked to money laundering investigation (CNN)

The Company Trump Saved Lays Off 338 Workers As He Celebrates Six Months In Office (Newsweek Magazine)

President Trump Ends Covert Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels, Report Says (Time Magazine)

Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer (NBC News)

O.J. Simpson parole hearing: Even freedom could carry a price (CBS News)

So that's why the BBC is keen on public sector pay rises (Daily Mail)

Cops identify John Wayne Gacy victim for first time in years (CBS News)

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer (Daily Mail)

BBC salaries: Emily Maitlis may not return to Newsnight' after Davis's higher pay exposed (Daily Express)

John McCain's Daughter: Cancer May Afflict Him in Many Ways, But It Will Not Make Him Surrender' (Time Magazine)

Teen runaway identified as John Wayne Gacy victim (CBS News)

Saudi Police Release Woman Detained for Wearing a Short Skirt (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Key witnesses: Kushner, Trump Jr., Manafort scheduled to testify (CNN)

Aggressive growth removed in surgery, doctors say (CNN)

Trump Ends Covert Aid to Syrian Rebels Trying to Topple Assad (New York Times - Paywall)

BBC's top newsreaders given the night off from presenting (Daily Mail)

Sexual offences on trains and tubes double in five years (BBC)

Indonesia Bans Islamist Group in First Use of Presidential Decree (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

President Trump Says He Wouldn't Have Hired Jeff Sessions If He Had Known About Russia Recusal (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Top US politician diagnosed with brain cancer (Daily Star)

John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer (Time Magazine)

Rosie ODonnell tweets link to "Push Trump Off A Cliff" game (CBS News)

BREAKING: Former US Presidential candidate John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer (Daily Express)

Trump Refugee Restrictions Allowed for Now; Ban on Grandparents Is Rejected (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Jr and Jared Kushner to TESTIFY before Senate over Russia allegations (Daily Express)

US President Trump's first six months: by the numbers (CNN)

BBC rich list still doesn't reveal stars' full pay packets (Daily Mail)

Even President Trump's Advisers Aren't Comfortable With His Second Vladimir Putin Meeting (Time Magazine)

Why bar staff won't serve war hero (BBC)

Trump Urges Senators to Find a Way to Pass Health Care Bill (NBC News)

Trump Has Been President for Six Months Now and It's Exhausting (Newsweek Magazine)

Digging up Dali: Why experts question artist paternity claim (BBC)

Did Baltimore police officer plant drugs? (BBC)

Iran president vows to "stand up to" U.S. over sanctions (CBS News)

How fifth Cambridge Spy John Cairncross beat the courts (Daily Mail)

Mexican Hacking Case Deserves Independent Inquiry, U.N. Envoys Say (New York Times - Paywall)

'YOU pay the Brexit bill' Furious Remainer clashes with Farage in explosive row on LBC (Daily Express)

Stars at war over BBC pay: Females presenters' anger at wage gap with male colleagues (Daily Express)

John Major wrote to Margaret Thatcher promising to keep her legacy as poll tax dismantled (Daily Express)

TOP SECRET: What Margaret Thatcher REALLY thought about Saddam Hussein and the Gulf War (Daily Star)

Humans reached Australia 18,000 years earlier than thought (Daily Mail)

Six months of the Trump presidency in photos (CNN)

Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort Will Testify Before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Time Magazine)

BBC pay: Rows brew as Chris Evans & Gary Linekar top list (Daily Mail)

Trump threatened senator on health care (CNN)

Saudi police release Snapchat mini-skirt model (Daily Mail)

Minneapolis releases 911 transcripts of woman killed by police (CNN)

Trump administration refutes Iranian claims that U.S. father and son are merely under house arrest (CBS News)

Australian Justine Damond Made Two 911 Calls Over Feared Rape Before Police Arrived and Shot Her (Newsweek Magazine)

Sessions Restores Police Power to Seize a Suspect's Property (NBC News)

Sessions Restores Police Power on Asset Seizures (NBC News)

U.S. Military Must Leave Irans Borders And Stop Calling Us Terrorists, Revolutionary Guards Say (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump on health plan: 'Inaction is not an option' (CNN)

Should we talk about pay in the office? (BBC)

May vows to be 'fair' to public sector workers on pay (Daily Mail)

Iran pushes back against new sanctions (CBS News)

Former banking exec found dead at private hunting estate (CBS News)

Trump Raises Vote Fraud but Drops Past Claim of Millions (NBC News)

New info on bodies found in Swiss glacier (CBS News)

Trump tracker: How much has the president achieved so far? (BBC)

BBC Pay: BBC Radio 5 Live's Stephen Nolan earns £450k (Daily Mail)

Saudis release woman in viral miniskirt video without charge (CBS News)

France’s Top General Resigns in Dispute Over Military Spending (New York Times - Paywall)

Big Mac With a Side of Poop: U.K. McDonald's, Burger King and KFC Latest Fast-Food Chains Found With Fecal Bacteria in Ice (Newsweek Magazine)

Trumps War Against ISIS in Syria: Why Putin, Assad and Iran Are Winning (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump Administration to Send Thousands of ICE Agents to Target Sanctuary Cities (Newsweek Magazine)

US officer who shot woman 'feared ambush' (BBC)

Irans top diplomat on new sanctions, detained Iranian-Americans (CBS News)

Why Donald Trump and the Republicans Cant Get Anything Done (Newsweek Magazine)

Trump had second meeting with Putin at G20 (CNN)

Russian lawyer "ready" to testify about Trump Jr. meeting (CBS News)

China Showers Myanmar With Attention, as Trump Looks Elsewhere (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Is Jared Kushner By Far the Least Popular Trump Family Member? (Newsweek Magazine)

Reality Check: The gender pay gap (BBC)

Supreme Court Allows Broader Family Exceptions to Trump Travel Ban (NBC News)

BBC Salaries Revealed: How Today's Revelation Was 'Very Long Campaign' By Papers Such As The Daily Mail (Huffington Post)

Police used helicopter to film sex, nudists, prosecutors say (CBS News)

Another Victim of Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy Identified (NBC News)

BBC stars react to their salaries being revealed (BBC)

The Growing List of Lawyers Representing Team Trump (NBC News)

BBC Salaries: 5 Stark Comparisons With ITV, Channel 4 And Sky, That Reveal Top Stars Could Be Underpaid (Huffington Post)

Russia Attacked the United States, Democrat Says in Urging House to Back Trump Probe (Newsweek Magazine)

BBC Pay: Labour would impose £320,000 cap on pay (Daily Mail)

Why Did North Korean Defector in Haunting Video Return? (NBC News)

Why a longer life means a longer wait for your pension (BBC)

Misconduct trial police officer 'saved lives of two boys' (Daily Mail)

BBC pay: Male stars earn more than female talent (BBC)

Saudi police release woman in miniskirt video (CNN)

First Humans in Australia Arrived Thousands of Years Earlier Than We Thought (Newsweek Magazine)

Ike Kaveladze, Who Attended Donald Trump Jr. Meeting, Once Accused U.S. Media of Russian Witch Hunt' (Newsweek Magazine)

Watergate to Trump and Russia: A Brief History of Recent Presidential Scandals (Newsweek Magazine)

Has Trump Lost Drudge? Heads Will Roll, Conservative Warns (Newsweek Magazine)

There Was No Justice For Me As A Black Woman - This Must Change (Huffington Post)

Surrey police post selfie of a 'hot cop' posing by her car on Facebook to lure in new recruits - and is inundated with saucy comments (Fox News)

Half-buried whale corpses found on a Russian beach (Daily Mail)

Lily Allen Responds To Gender Disparity In BBC Pay List: 'Women Are Better At Everything Than Men' (Huffington Post)

Egypt's president names top judge, risks backlash (Fox News)

BBC pay report: Dan Walker makes awkward quip (Daily Mail)

Iraqis hold suspected ISIS militants in cramped, stifling prison who say they 'want to die' (Fox News)

Saudi Arabia Releases Woman Arrested for Wearing Skirt in Public (New York Times - Paywall)

Girl is first UK transgender pupil crowned a Prom Queen (Daily Mail)

BBC Salaries: 8 Noble TV Stars We Can Not Believe Didn't Made The Highest Pay List (Huffington Post)

Blind man is convicted of raping a blind woman in India (Daily Mail)

Archaeologists believe Tutankhamun's wife has been found (Daily Mail)

Missing Swiss couple found frozen in Alps after 75 years (CNN)

Reporter’s Notebook: Dodging Chinese Police in Kashgar, a Silk Road Oasis Town (New York Times - Paywall)

Woman filmed in miniskirt released without charge, Saudi police say (Fox News)

Surrey Police hit with sexist comments over female cop (Daily Mail)

BBC Publishes Pay of Top Stars, Revealing Gender Gap (New York Times - Paywall)

Why Americans are having less sex (CNN)

White House puts new sanctions on Iran (CNN)

Swiss Couple Missing for 75 Years Found in Melting Glacier (NBC News)

British woman raped on beach near Spanish music festival (Daily Mail)

Dozens Found Guilty in Thailand in Human-Trafficking Case (New York Times - Paywall)

Smiley face found carved onto a 3,700-year-old pitcher (Daily Mail)

Meet the woman dubbed 'Queen of Complaints' (Daily Mail)

Holidaymaker to pay £25k Thomson bill over poisoning claim (Daily Mail)

Bodies of Swiss Couple Buried in Glacier for 75 Years Are Identified (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump has given a glimmer of hope in Syria (CNN)

Couple found frozen in Alps after 75 years (CNN)

Chinese woman gifted cake that dispenses cash (Daily Mail)

Manchester woman on being abused by the man she called dad (Daily Mail)

With World Bank Initiative, a Change in Tone for Trump Administration (New York Times - Paywall)

Grenfell resident: 'Don't say we're picky over housing' (BBC)

German judge tells Syrian woman to remove headscarf (Daily Mail)

The Open 2017: Will Royal Birkdale see its first Open champion from the UK? (BBC)

New details emerge in cop's shooting of Australian woman (CNN)

Afghanistan Turns Away Plane Carrying Its Vice President (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump and Putin Held a Second, Undisclosed, Private Conversation (New York Times - Paywall)

As Relations Worsen, Iran Says U.S. Sanctions May Violate Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Iran Says U.S. Is Not Complying With the Nuclear Deal (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Administration Is Weighing New Sanctions Against Venezuela (New York Times - Paywall)

Dozens of brains found in Spanish Civil War-era mass grave (Daily Mail)

What we can learn from Trump's first six months of presidential tweets (BBC)

Cardiff man found dead in the wreckage of historic church (Daily Mail)

After Trump reluctantly certifies Iran is obeying nuclear deal, he slaps it with new sanctions (Los Angeles Times)

Trump administration certifies that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal the president condemned (Los Angeles Times)

Soviet Army intelligence veteran attended meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer (Los Angeles Times)

Trump returns from Paris to face growing legislative and legal problems. But first, golf (Los Angeles Times)

Another former Peruvian president is sent to jail, this time as part of growing corruption scandal (Los Angeles Times)

A year after failed coup, a Turkish newspaper is in the crosshairs of an increasingly powerful president (Los Angeles Times)

BBC News Channel (BBC)