Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

World News

Blackpool man dies after meeting brother for first time (Daily Mail)

Dutch police cancel rock gig after Spanish warn of terror (Daily Mail)

Man starts fight with driver after he hit his car it ends in savage one punch KO (Daily Star)

Science Envoy Quits With 'IMPEACH' Message for Trump (NBC News)

Giraffe gets revenge for lifetime of abuse with SAVAGE death stomp on lion's head (Daily Star)

Princess Diana's Death Made Prince William Old Before His Time (Newsweek Magazine)

Evil ISIS fanatics celebrate Barcelona terror attack and vow to 'END the world' (Daily Star)

Donald Trump softens tone to urge 'a new unity' (BBC)

Egypt Criticizes Trump Administration Aid Cutbacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Twisted ISIS fanatics praise Barcelona terrorists in video (Daily Mail)

Bernie Sanders Voters Helped Trump Win and Heres Proof (Newsweek Magazine)

Bus With Gas Containers Found Near Canceled Rotterdam Concert (NBC News)

Asia and Australia Edition: Afghanistan, North Korea, Egypt: Your Thursday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

President Trump Made a Confusing Reference to Clean Coal.' Here's What He Probably Meant (Time Magazine)

Mosaic from 1,500 years ago discovered in Jerusalem (BBC)

DNA from headless torso matches missing journalist (CNN)

Rotterdam concert canceled after terror warning, van with gas bottles found (Fox News)

President Trump Calls For Unity After Fiery Political Speech (Time Magazine)

Big Economies Are Growing in Sync for First Time in Years (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

US diplomats in Cuba suffered brain injury in sonic attack (Daily Mail)

BIG SMACK AND FRIES: 'Drunk' woman has WORST excuse for McDonald's fight (Daily Star)

Bulletin Board: Readers Voice Criticism Over Coverage of Swedish Journalist’s Death (New York Times - Paywall)

Death of Philippine Teenager Stokes Opposition to Duterte’s Drug Crackdown (New York Times - Paywall)

Germany: West Shouldn't Start a War With North Korea (Newsweek Magazine)

Chingford fire: Homes evacuated after huge blaze erupts at Poundland store in north London (Daily Express)

Joe Arpaio Says He's 'Humbled' by Possible Trump Pardon (NBC News)

A Very Different Donald Trump Shows Up in Nevada (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton memoir: My 'skin crawled' when Trump stood behind me (CNN)

Knowle woman ordered to rip down treehouse in garden (Daily Mail)

Poll: Most Americans Believe Donald Trump Is Dividing the Country (Time Magazine)

Jon Snow Warns Brexit And Donald Trump Distracted Journalists From Issues Around Grenfell (Huffington Post)

Is Trump Wagging the Dog? How Bush, Obama and Clinton Used War or Military to Distract From Problems at Home (Newsweek Magazine)

Angolans Vote for First New President in 38 Years (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

TV builder from C4 game show 'assaulted police officers' (Daily Mail)

Former CIA Agent Wants to Buy Twitter to Keep President Trump From Using It (Time Magazine)

North Korea could sell NUKE WEAPONS to Syria and Iran to raise cash after sanctions (Daily Star)

Inside Bangkok's 'ghost' towers abandoned 20 years on (Daily Mail)

After his divisive rally, Trump calls for healing in Nevada (CNN)

Donald Trump on Charlottesville: What Does It Mean to Topple a Statue? (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump Will Resign and It Will Happen Suddenly,' Predicts Keith Olbermann (Newsweek Magazine)

Netherlands TERROR threat: Pop concert evacuated as police swoop on Rotterdam venue (Daily Express)

News Analysis: For Help in America’s Longest War, Trump Tilts Political Balance Toward India Over Pakistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Kim Jong-Un steps up North Korean missile programme (Daily Mail)

Headless body found in Copenhagen is missing Kim Wall (Daily Mail)

New North Korea photos reveal hidden details of missile program (CNN)

Taliban Kill 7 in Attack on Afghan Army Convoy (New York Times - Paywall)

Saudi police release teenager detained for doing Macarena (BBC)

Trump says his aggressive rhetoric for North Korea worked (Daily Mail)

Container ship makes tip while on the North Atlantic (Daily Mail)

Taylor Swift New Album: Title 'Reputation' Hints At Troublesome Few Years (Huffington Post)

World War 3 fears MAPPED: Shocking map reveals rising tensions between global powers (Daily Express)

Rabbis Wont Call Trump for Jewish High Holidays Because of Charlottesville Response (Newsweek Magazine)

US commander visits Yemen border for firsthand look at war (Fox News)

President Trump Could Still Pardon Joe Arpaio. Here's How That Works (Time Magazine)

British doctor attacked in St Lucia slams police response (Daily Mail)

She Gave Voice to the Weak.' What to Know About Slain Journalist Kim Wall (Time Magazine)

Man gets 18 years in UK prison for bomb in airport luggage (Fox News)

Woman who had Yorkshire Terrier seized will see police (Daily Mail)

Rocket and Submarine Inventor Under Scrutiny in Disappearance of Swedish Journalist (New York Times - Paywall)

Democracy In North Carolina Could Disappear. Is Your State Next? (Time Magazine)

Man finds woman he ghosted is his new boss (Daily Mail)

Russia warns against new sanctions on North Korea (Fox News)

Daniel Kammen's Resignation Letter To Donald Trump Contains Hidden Message (Huffington Post)

President Trump Science Envoy Quits With a Not-So-Hidden Message (Time Magazine)

Who is Peter Madsen, the man linked to journalist Kim Wall's death (Fox News)

French journalist Marl ne Seguin dies after horse bolted (Daily Mail)

Sussex man held in Turkey for smuggling ancient coins (BBC)

Illinois woman left with loose skin says trolls target her (Daily Mail)

Hillary Clinton Regrets Not Calling Donald Trump a Creep' (Newsweek Magazine)

Kim Wall: Headless body identified as missing journalist (BBC)

Chief Constable of Cheshire Police is suspended from duty (Daily Mail)

How a Shadowy Imam Evaded Scrutiny and Forged the Barcelona Cell (New York Times - Paywall)

President Trump Returns to Form (Time Magazine)

Man arrested in French car attack had radical beliefs (Fox News)

Ethiopian man beaten in Warsaw in apparent racist attack (Fox News)

U.S. Military Disputes ISIS Assault Death Toll, Calls Militants Most Evil and Brutal Enemy in History of War (Newsweek Magazine)

Valerie Plame Wilson wants to buy Twitter and ban Trump (Daily Mail)

Cyclist Charlie Alliston guilty over pedestrian's death (BBC)

Trump Pee Tape' Dossier Researcher Tells Investigators He Stands By' Explosive Allegations About Russia Links (Newsweek Magazine)

Royal Navy involved in standoff with trawler at Gibraltar (Daily Mail)

PornHub helps best man with speech to stitch up groom (Daily Mail)

Barcelona Attack: Charlie Hebdo Publishes Controversial Anti-Islam Cover Art (Newsweek Magazine)

ISIS Accused Of Beheading 11 in Libya As Jihadis' Strength Grows in North Africa (Newsweek Magazine)

Can Democrats Ban Trump From Twitter Through This $1 Billion Crowdfunding Campaign? (Newsweek Magazine)

New form of gravitational wave may have been found (Daily Mail)

Trevor Noah Says Donald Trump's Afghanistan War Strategy is Like His Position on Nazis: Unclear.' (Time Magazine)

Pregnant woman fined by traffic warden in Ellesmere Port (Daily Mail)

Flamefest sex festival death not treated as suspicious (Daily Mail)

Venezuela President asks Pope to stop Trump 'invading' (Daily Mail)

'Why didn't she wear a seatbelt?' Diana's sister haunted by unanswered question over death (Daily Express)

What technology does North Korea need to nuke the US? (Daily Mail)

West Midlands Police officers plotted to steal drugs (Daily Mail)

Cyclist Charlie Alliston Cleared Of Manslaughter Over Mother-Of-Two's Death (Huffington Post)

'No remorse' Cyclist on illegal bike CLEARED of killing woman but is slammed by judge (Daily Express)

Cyclist who knocked down and KILLED mum-of-two found GUILTY and could face jail (Daily Star)

Two more men arrested in Finnish terror attack, police doubt identity of main suspect (Fox News)

Man Utd star Paul Pogba unveils new haircut but reaction NOT what he expected (Daily Star)

Pregnant woman stole shopper's purse in Manchester (Daily Mail)

Sons of US defector to North Korea threaten Donald Trump (Daily Mail)

President Trump Speaks to American Veterans After Wild Phoenix Rally (Time Magazine)

Saudi police question boy for dancing to Macarena in the street (CNN)

Darlington man who crashes at 250mph survives (Daily Mail)

Libyan official says IS beheads 11 in checkpoint attack (Fox News)

When it Comes to Charlottesville, Trump and Duke Sound Alike (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman Surprises Husband With Unexpected Pregnancy Announcement During Romantic Photoshoot (Huffington Post)

Bolton man killed himself after assaulting girlfriend (Daily Mail)

My Skin Crawled.' Hillary Clinton Describes Tense Moment During Debate With Donald Trump (Time Magazine)

Trump says he is willing to 'close government' to build Mexico wall (BBC)

Umston chef stabbed to death in home by homeless man' (Daily Mail)

Suffolk police warn children dealing drugs as young as 12 (Daily Mail)

Tammy Zywicki Left for College 25 Years Ago. She Was Found Murdered Days Later (Time Magazine)

Barcelona attack: Suicide belt found at imam's house (Daily Mail)

Former Russian ambassador to US downplays Trump relationship (CNN)

Donald Trump May Have Early-Onset Dementia Says Republican Strategist Ana Navarro (Huffington Post)

Egypt snubs Trump envoy after US cuts, delays aid (Fox News)

Clinton: 'Skin crawled' in Trump debate (BBC)

President Trump Ranted For 77 Minutes in Phoenix. Here's What He Said (Time Magazine)

Malaysian Prime Minister to Visit Trump Amid 1MDB Probe (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Former plumber builds man cave under a bridge in Valencia (Daily Mail)

Clinton Says 'My Skin Crawled' During Debate With Trump (NBC News)

North Korea WAR PLOT EXPOSED: New pictures reveal hidden details of missile programme (Daily Express)

Headless body of journalist Kim Wall had metal attached 'to make it sink,' cops say (Fox News)

Donald Trump RESIGNATION shock as 'White House holds talks about President quitting' (Daily Star)

Kim Wall: An exceptional' journalist remembered (BBC)

Trump can stay sane for approximately 24 hours (CNN)

Footie thugs issue DEATH threats to Everton fans who fear BLOODBATH before European tie (Daily Star)

President Trump Teases He'll Still Pardon Controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Time Magazine)

Automated safety systems found to prevent car crashes (Daily Mail)

Best man DESTROYS groom by getting Pornhub to reveal X-rated faves at wedding (Daily Star)

Loose Women star Saira Khan reports death threat to police (Daily Mail)

Kurds Say No Turning Back On Independence Vote As Trump Team Lobbies For Delay (Newsweek Magazine)

US Navy 7th Fleet commander to be dismissed (CNN)

The KLF: Pop's saboteurs return after 23 years (BBC)

Trump Returns to Campaign Mode and Lashes Out (NBC News)

Birmingham's two most notorious gangs banned from making rap videos in bid to end turf war (Daily Star)

US wife of Barcelona victim seeks last person who saw him (Daily Mail)

M25 closed and 3-HOUR delays after lorry crash leaves man fighting for life (Daily Star)

UNCOVERED: What the Queen REALLY thought about Diana's death (Daily Star)

What Happened to Kim Wall? Columbia-Educated Journalists DNA Matches Torso Found in Danish Waters (Newsweek Magazine)

Schulz vows to remove Trump's NUCLEAR WARHEADS from Germany in World War 3 fears pledge (Daily Express)

Hotel Workers Reveal The Most Disturbing Things They've Found In Rooms (Huffington Post)

Red pandas become parents for fourth time in three years (Daily Mail)

U.S. Has More Troops in Afghanistan Than the Pentagon Admits (NBC News)

Two Terror Suspects Held Without Bail Over Barcelona Attacks (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

The Latest: Spain: Police find bomb belt in attacks workshop (Fox News)

Oil is Angolas Trump Card for International Success, and the New President Must Bring About Reform (Newsweek Magazine)

With Malia Obama and Tiffany Trump Starting School, A Look at What College Is Like For Presidents Kids (Newsweek Magazine)

Donald Trump-Shaped Donald Trump-Orange Ecstasy Pills Seized By Police (Huffington Post)

Trump Gives Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wink and a Nod on Pardon (NBC News)

North Korea's new SUPER MISSILE exposed by Kim Jong-un in chilling pics (Daily Star)

Donald Trump Slammed For 'Denouncing' Journalists More Than Neo-Nazis (Huffington Post)

Violinist performs again 30 years after horror smash (Daily Mail)

Deadly bombing in Afghanistan day after Trump speech (Fox News)

Watch: CNNs Don Lemon Says Trump Is Unhinged, Petty and Lied Directly to the American People After Phoenix Rally Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

Images Appear to Show Plans for New North Korean Missiles (NBC News)

Saudi police arrest teenage boy for dancing in the street (Fox News)

Trump Rally in Phoenix Gets Thumbs Up from Alt-Right White Nationalist (Newsweek Magazine)

USS John S. McCain: US Navy sacks Joseph Aucoin as fleet commander (BBC)

U.S. Navy to Relieve Admiral of Command After Collisions (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Spain attacks: Police study material from latest raids (Fox News)

Navy Dismisses Commander of 7th Fleet after Deadly Crash (NBC News)

Russia vows INEVITABLE RESPONSE' against US over claims Moscow HELPED North Korea (Daily Star)

May could send RAF spy planes and drones to Afghanistan (Daily Mail)

North Korea Ramps Up Rocket Program, but Holds Back on Hostile Rhetoric (Time Magazine)

Chef on Grindr 'knifed to death in flat by stranger heard SINGING after killing' (Daily Star)

Prince William and Harry reveal reaction to Diana's death (Daily Mail)

Sky News journalist wants London landmark toppled (Daily Mail)

North Koreas Kim Jong Un Orders More Warheads Rewarding Rocket Scientists with Special Bonus (Newsweek Magazine)

Cops: DNA from headless torso matches Swedish journalist Kim Wall (Fox News)

Sex festival ARREST: Man detained on drug offences after mystery death at Flamefest (Daily Star)

What happens when you die: Man who had near death experience describes afterlife (Daily Express)

Kim Wall: Headless Torso Found In Copenhagen That Of Missing Swedish Journalist, Police Confirm (Huffington Post)

Trump adviser Kushner in Cairo for talks on Mideast peace (Fox News)

The Latest: Police: Headless torso found with piece of metal (Fox News)

The Queen 'deeply hurt' by criticism over Diana's death (Daily Mail)

Headless Torso Found at Sea Matches DNA of Missing Swedish Journalist (Time Magazine)

North Korea WILL SELL nuclear weapons to Syria and Iran under US sanctions, warns expert (Daily Express)

Police: DNA of headless torso matches Swedish journalist (Fox News)

Missouri governor halts death row inmate's execution (Daily Mail)

Headless body confirmed to be missing journalist as cops reveal limbs were CUT OFF (Daily Star)

Boy, 4, from UK crushed to death playing football in horrific holiday tragedy (Daily Star)

North Korea Hints It Is Developing More Advanced Ballistic Missiles (New York Times - Paywall)

Anti-Trump protester gets shot in 'the groin by riot police firing rubber bullets' (Daily Express)

U.S. Officials Say Navy Commander Will Be Removed in Wake of Accidents (Time Magazine)

Moroccan Man Admits Deadly Stabbing Attack in Finland (New York Times - Paywall)

74 injured as train derails in north India (Fox News)

North Korea ready for WORLD WAR 3 as Kim Jong-un orders cronies to develop MORE missiles (Daily Express)

President Trump Goes on the Attack, Again (Time Magazine)

BREAKING: Armed cops fire tear gas at protesters outside Trump rally (Daily Star)

The U.S. Imposes Secondary Sanctions on Chinese and Russian Firms Over North Korea (Time Magazine)

The Papers: Princes speak out about Diana's death (BBC)

Thomas Cook selling Tunisia holidays since terror attack (Daily Mail)

Donald Trump threatens to 'close down US government' to build border wall with Mexico (Daily Express)

In Arizona, Trump Shows He Cant and Wont Be President (Newsweek Magazine)

Get Jeff Flake Some Pepto. Trump Is Giving Him Heartburn (NBC News)

BREAKING: Armed police fire TEAR GAS at protesters after Trump rally turns violent (Daily Express)

'Europe must WAKE UP' Polish MPs launch blistering tirade on EU after Barcelona attack (Daily Express)

Trump's Afghanistan plan: Can it actually work? (CNN)

McMaster lobbied Trump with Afghanistan miniskirt photo (Daily Mail)

Tillerson Praises North Korean 'Restraint' (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Trump and Human Rights: U.S. Expected to Withhold up to $290 Million in Aid to Egypt (Newsweek Magazine)

Police Fire Pepper Spray as Protests at Trump's Rally in Phoenix Turn Unruly (Time Magazine)

North should 'take control' of transport, says Grayling (BBC)

Trump's Afghanistan policy: The view from Islamabad (CNN)

President Trump Lashes Out at Media for Condemning His Comments on Virginia (Time Magazine)

North Korea photos suggest new solid-fuel missile designs (Fox News)

What an Afghanistan Victory Looks Like Under the Trump Plan (New York Times - Paywall)

UVA Police Issue Warrants for White Nationalist Figure Cantwell (NBC News)

Divers Find Remains in Search of U.S. Navy Ship Damaged in Collision (New York Times - Paywall)

Journalist killed in Mexico at least 9th this year (Fox News)

Teenager arrested by Saudi Arabian police for dancing the Macarena in the middle of street (Daily Express)

Mexican journalist becomes ninth slain this year (Fox News)

U.S. Sanctions Chinese, Russian Firms for Aiding North Korea (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

Man Who Won Millions Rigging Lottery System Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison (Time Magazine)

Lawyers: DNA shows man facing execution tonight is innocent (CNN)

Fighting North Korea with balloons, TV shows and leaflets (Fox News)

Battle of Stalingrad in colour 75 years later (Daily Mail)

Adam Boulton labels Bruce Forsyth's death inconsequential (Daily Mail)

Terror charges for 2 Barcelona suspects (CNN)

TERROR THREAT: ISIS warns jihadis STILL in Barcelona despite police claiming group caught (Daily Express)

News Analysis: Trump Seeks a Clear Victory in a Murky War (New York Times - Paywall)

Barcelona attack suspects appear in court (Daily Mail)

Asia and Australia Edition: Instant Divorce, North Korea, Afghanistan: Your Wednesday Briefing (New York Times - Paywall)

Beijing blasts US as Chinese & Russian firms hit with NEW sanctions for aiding North Korea (Daily Express)

Kim Jong-un comes out of hiding to check border with South in preparation for World War 3 (Daily Express)

16 Years of War in Afghanistan, in Pictures (New York Times - Paywall)

Gang suspected in killing of El Salvador police officer (Fox News)

7 things Donald Trump shouldn't talk about in Arizona tonight (but probably will) (CNN)

Death at sex festival: Man 'may have been killed by a barbecue' at Flamefest (Daily Star)

Tony Blair praises the Queen for her reaction following Diana's death (Daily Express)

William and Harry reveal how Prince Charles helped them cope with Diana's death (Daily Express)

Annual migration from outside EU could remain at over 150,000 for five years (Daily Express)

Theresa May to 'send more RAF planes and drones into Afghanistan' after Trump war cry (Daily Express)

Prince William reveals SHOCK at 'grief-stricken' mourners after Diana's death (Daily Star)

Red pandas become parents for the FOURTH time in three years in major boost for species (Daily Express)

Phoenix Mayor Calls on Trump to Apologize at Rally for Charlottesville Comments (NBC News)

Barcelona attack: Police raid homes of terror suspects (Daily Mail)

Pervert PR guru Max Clifford suffers heart attack in jail (Daily Mail)

2 Barcelona Suspects Are Charged With Terrorism Offenses (New York Times - Paywall)

Spain Terror Suspects Bought Knives, Ax After Van Attack (NBC News)

Disabled woman is sexually assaulted on a bus in Morocco (Daily Mail)

President Trump Focuses on Immigration as Controversy Over Charlottesville Looms (Time Magazine)

Navy: Remains found on USS McCain (CNN)

Obama's Afghanistan Speech Got Better Ratings Than President Trump's (Time Magazine)

REVEALED: The shock pic that made Trump commit to WAR effort in Afghanistan (Daily Star)

An Old Heart Test May Help Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death (NBC News)

Barcelona attack: Suspects 'planned to hit key monuments' (BBC)

Tillerson Suggests North Korea May Soon Be Ready for Talks (New York Times - Paywall)

Who are the Barcelona suspects? (BBC)

Snake found in Queensland garden but can you spot it? (Daily Mail)

Thomas Cook resumes Tunisia holidays after beach attack (BBC)

Video shows man assembling world's biggest jigsaw puzzle (Daily Mail)

Inside the US Crackdown on Companies That Help North Korea (NBC News)

Inside the U.S. Crackdown on Companies That Help North Korea (NBC News)

Teenage chip shop worker MARRIES boss 37 YEARS her senior (Daily Star)

U.S. Commander: More Troops In Afghanistan 'Pretty Quickly' (NBC News)

U.S. Commander: More Troops in Afghanistan 'Pretty Quickly' (NBC News)

There Is No Military Path to Victory in Afghanistan (Time Magazine)

Rare cinema posters found being used as carpet underlay (Daily Mail)

How children are starving in Yemen's war (BBC)

Alabama woman survived in the woods was high on meth (Daily Mail)

Trump Arizona Rally: Start Time, Live Steam and Everything Else You Need to Know about the Presidents Speech (Newsweek Magazine)

US hits Chinese and Russian firms over North Korea (BBC)

Barcelona terror attack suspect freed by judge, three others ordered held (Fox News)

Pakistan finds itself on the defensive in Trump's Afghan war strategy (Los Angeles Times)

Woman mocked on Instagram responds (CNN)

Afghan murderer who attacked police has sentence halfed (Daily Mail)

Trump Administration Is Racist, Says Congressional Black Caucus (Newsweek Magazine)

War on Boys With Long Hair? Texas Child Sent Home From School Over Hairstyle (Newsweek Magazine)

Thousands of US paratroopers expected to arrive in Afghanistan soon (Fox News)

Headless torso found in hunt for missing reporter (CNN)

Met Police Mocked Over Notting Hill Carnival Drugs Tweet With Details Of Other Unrelated Events (Huffington Post)

Trump Has Already Killed More Civilians Than Obama in U.S. Fight Against ISIS (Newsweek Magazine)

Nottinghamshire woman caught with vodka inside sandwich (Daily Mail)

Police hunt man spotted with missing Edinburgh woman (Daily Mail)

Afghanistan war: Trump's allies and troop numbers (BBC)

Headless body found in search for missing journalist Kim Wall (Fox News)

Donald Trump's Afghanistan Strategy 'Inspired By Picture Of Women In Miniskirts' (Huffington Post)

California man disguises himself in a burka for proposal (Daily Mail)

Man walks away from UK land speed record attempt crash (BBC)

Trump’s Request for India’s Help in Afghanistan Rattles Pakistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Stormzy slams Met police for Notting Hill carnival raids (Daily Mail)

Danish Police Searching For Missing Journalist Find Headless Torso (NBC News)

Retired Army officer 'haunted' by war killed himself (Daily Mail)

Kent parents charged following death of three-week-old son (Daily Mail)

Viewpoint: Why the US should withdraw from Afghanistan (BBC)

Barcelona Attack: Younes Abouyaaqoub Evaded Capture for Days, But Can Security Services Be Blamed? (Newsweek Magazine)

Ohio woman moves into $10,000 van she converted into home (Daily Mail)

Trump-shaped ecstasy pills seized by police (CNN)

Devon woman had relationship with a 14-year-old girl (Daily Mail)

Black Caucus Could Move to Impeach Trump Over His Fitness' to Serve as President (Newsweek Magazine)

British ex-Royal Marine sells war medals to help little girl with cancer treatment (Fox News)

Who Is Joe Arpaio? Trump Could Pardon America's Toughest Sheriff' at Arizona Rally (Newsweek Magazine)

North Korea Threatens 'Absolute Force' as U.S., South Hold Military Drills (Wall Street Journal - Paywall)

In India, you can no longer divorce a woman simply by saying (or texting) it three times (Los Angeles Times)

Yorkshire Ripper denies hammer attack murder of man (Daily Mail)

Attack victims came from around world to celebrate Barcelona (Fox News)

Where Is Kim Jong Un? North Korea's Leader Just Secretly Checked Out a Military Unit by the Border (Newsweek Magazine)

Polls Show Trump Cratering? Not So Fast (NBC News)

Photos show how life in North and South Korea compare (Daily Mail)

Teenager who fled North Korea's new life in Seoul (Daily Mail)

Trump Outlines New Afghanistan War Strategy With Few Details (New York Times - Paywall)

Trump Vows to Continue Afghan War. Taliban Say They're Fine With That (NBC News)

North Korea: Trump Is a Mad Guy' Who Tweets Weird Articles and Spouts Nonsense (Newsweek Magazine)

As Trump Announces Troop Surge, Here Are Six Blunders the U.S. has Made in Afghanistan (Newsweek Magazine)

China Calls U.S. Navy Arrogant' After USS John Mccain Collision Accident (Newsweek Magazine)

Woman in Kent posed as a man to trick two teenage girls (Daily Mail)

Police work to identify headless torso (CNN)

Going Back to School? Heres What Happened With Education and the Trump Administration Over the Summer (Newsweek Magazine)

Taliban warns Trump after Afghanistan announcement (Daily Mail)

Trump Has Repeatedly' Denounced White Supremacists, Says Mike Pence (Newsweek Magazine)

The War in Afghanistan: By The Numbers (NBC News)

Fife woman films large animal and claims it's a big cat (Daily Mail)

Trump voter calls him world's biggest troll (CNN)

Police kill suspected Barcelona attack driver (CNN)

U.S. Soldier Who Defected to North Korea in 1962 Has Died, His Sons Say (New York Times - Paywall)

Starved dog dumped by Kent roadside was an hour from death (Daily Mail)

Tiny nun survives attack from 26-foot python in Thailand (Daily Mail)

What? Britain's Big Ben expected to stay (mostly) silent for at least four years (Los Angeles Times)

Headless torso found in search for dead Swedish journalist (Daily Mail)

For Asians Used to North Korean Threats, Guam Is Still a Getaway (New York Times - Paywall)

US Navy 'to consider' whether crashed warships were hacked (Daily Mail)

Ryan: Trump 'messed up' US protests response (CNN)

Fort Knox opens famed vault to civilians after 40 years (Daily Mail)

Cape Cod surfers narrowly escape shark attack (Daily Mail)

Angry Trump Grilled His Generals About Troop Increase, Then Gave In (New York Times - Paywall)

Full Transcript and Video: Trump’s Speech on Afghanistan (New York Times - Paywall)

Another daft security crackdown after terror attack (Daily Mail)

Novelist Maggie O'Farrell's 17 brushes with death (BBC)

Collins unsure if Trump will be 2020 nominee (CNN)

U.S. and South Korea start military drills amid heightened tension with North Korea (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea warns of 'merciless strike' (CNN)

Last US soldier to defect to N Korea is dead (CNN)

Video shows man fall into sinkhole (CNN)

London's Big Ben falls silent for four years (CNN)

10 sailors missing, 5 injured after Navy destroyer collides with tanker near Singapore (Los Angeles Times)

'Much loved' boy killed in Barcelona attack (CNN)

US atom bomb delivery ship is found (CNN)

Trump to announce new strategy and probably more troops for Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times)

Bernstein: The Trump story we should cover (CNN)

US Governor: We want Trump to 'get it together' (CNN)

Trump applauds protests fighting 'bigotry' (CNN)

Police in Spain say attacks could have been worse as plot widens (Los Angeles Times)

Details emerge about Barcelona attack victims, including California man (Los Angeles Times)

Lebanese town looks for relief after three tough years tied to Syrian civil war (Los Angeles Times)

'Water on deck!' 'Get out!' Navy investigation details mid-ocean collision that killed seven sailors (Los Angeles Times)

At least 13 killed, 100 injured in Barcelona van attack blamed on 'jihadi terrorism' (Los Angeles Times)